Monday, August 25, 2008

Another RNC white out?

Hmmm, looks like up in the land of a thousand lakes the rethuglican field Negroes are getting restless. But what did they expect, that the party of Lincoln was all of a sudden going to get inclusive on them? Newsflash: A few colored folks does not make big tent make, it's a lot deeper than that.

I would like to thank my man Dave Topper for sending me the link to the following story:

"The campaign of Barb Davis White went after the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Minnesota on Tuesday, criticizing the RNC’s failure to invite any African-American congressional candidates to speak at the Republican National Convention and complaining that the Minnesota GOP has been lax in supporting Davis White’s campaign. Davis White is the Republican Party’s endorsed candidate for the 5th Congressional District, which encompasses Minneapolis and several inner-ring suburbs.

In an email sent to the RNC and posted to the Independent Business News Network, Davis White’s press secretary, Don Allen, said that he had tried to get answers from the RNC numerous times as to why no African Americans are scheduled to speak at the RNC.
He wrote that he was stonewalled and, at least one time, threatened. He accused the party of discriminating: “This ’slave mentality thinking’ i.e.; ‘Be good you Black Republicans while our White friends are in town’ does not fly with me or the tools I have in place to distribute this message ‘top-of-mind’ to the general public and national news affiliates.”

Allen said that the local GOP has not been supportive of Davis White’s campaign. “Keith Ellison is not worried and rest assured that the Minnesota GOP will put no effort into an African American Republican candidate for Congress in Minnesota with the current leadership of the GOP,” he wrote.

He charged the party with jeopardizing the 5th District: “Again, and for the last time — I will ask, what African American Congressional Candidates have been scheduled to speak at the RNC? What do we really have to loose, besides Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District?”
Minnesota’s 5th District is heavily Democratic and has voted for the DFL candidate since 1963.

What? The local GOP is not supportive of an African American candidate? I am shocked, shocked I tell you.

Look, you want to know one reason I am not so into conventions? Well I will tell you why: It's like this: I was at the rethuglican convention in the Big Easy back in 1988, when they nominated the frat boy's daddy, and the single digit IQ man, Dan Quayle. Trust me, it was not a pleasant experience. "A Thousand Points Of Light" my ass. I was one of the few dark spots in that bitch, and those "points of light" weren't looking too friendly. (Gino,you are my man, and I love you like a brother, but don't you ever put me in some shit like that again) But field that was twenty years ago, the republican party has become far more inclusive since then. Yeah, well maybe they have. But you know what? My black ass will never be around them long enough to find out. Some things you just don't ever forget.


Woozie said...

Wait, what?

Why would you--YOU--attend a GOP convention willingly? Even at the request of a friend. Did he blackmail you? Hold Lark hostage?

west coast story said...

Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha!!

Anonymous said...

There is a just-posted story from Rocky Mountain News, Police investigate possible plot to kill Obama, that may amount to nothing - they are still investigating. But it's something we'd best get used to seeing, I'm afraid. Lots of stupid, angry, weaponized yokels out there.

Anonymous said...

What, exactly did they do to you?

Anonymous said...

tfn at the RNC. Sounds like the making of a good sitcom!

I can imagine your distress at that time, but that's funny. LOL!!

Jody said...

Woozie.... you are funny! Almost as funny as thinkin of the Field having to endure a GOP convention....

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Wow. Fantastic post. As for Barb D White and other black folks like her: I hope that's a wake up and shake up call for her. If it ain't, serves her black ass right.

And about those points of light? That's the racist Rethuglican train in dark, narrow tunnel, speeding toward us - again.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, welcome, all are welcome. My feeble attempt at humor.
U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman (Conn.)
Rosario Marin, California Secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency and former Treasurer of the United States
Former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (Md.)
Gov. Bobby Jindal (La.)
U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez (Fla.)

I have no idea why she wasn't included but I doubt it was the color of her skin. No going to speculate on that. At least football starts soon.


Swiff said...

Yo Michelle KILLED IT TONIGHT!!!!! Juan Williams is all choked up and tearin up n shit! Crazy! The whole bit with the kids, the younger one was like something out of a 1990s ABC family sitcom.

Donald said...

Oh, this is a surprise...because? This reminds of the recent story I read about Black Iraqi's.?! Ever since JC Watts retired (snicker)you mean to tell me there really are Black Rethuglicans? Buwahahaha!

Swiff said...

It begins.


DENVER (CBS4) ― CBS4 has now learned at least four people are under arrest in connection with a possible plot to kill Barack Obama at his Thursday night acceptance speech in Denver. All are being held on either drug or weapons charges.

CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass reported one of the suspects told authorities they were "going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a ... rifle … sighted at 750 yards."

Law enforcement sources tell Maass that one of the suspects "was directly asked if they had come to Denver to kill Obama. He responded in the affirmative."

Chris said...

There are black republicans running for congress? Really?

Anonymous said...

Visitng my in-laws in Pittsburgh today when the machine clicks on and it's Lynn F-ing Swann on the horn telling everyone where they cna get free tickets to the McCain rally in nearby Washington. I'm wishing Rodney harrison would come through the line and knock his lame ass clean out.

Anonymous said...

The GOP is only inclusive if your relatives have never worked in the fields, past or present. Any person of color who chooses to side with them does so at their own peril and ridicule.

Anonymous said...

No surprise. This is the same thing they did to ken whiteblackwell when he ran for gov.

After all that he did to deliver ohio to bush in '04, they left his sorry ass twisting in the wind.

No better for his dumb ass

Anonymous said...

Rocky Mountain News has kinda-sorta updated the story I linked to upthread (the same story Swiff @11:12 referenced from another news source). No real additional news was added to the original, just some names and a couple photos, basically. There could still be something to the story, but I'm starting to think that it's pretty much a couple of armed loser meth heads who got busted, who may (or may not) have copped to going after Obama, with or without "encouragement" from law enforcement. At this point, a lot of the comments posted to that story are more depressing and creepy than the story itself. Anyhoo, the local D.A. out there is supposed to hold a news conference Tuesday afternoon on the matter.

Perusing the other Convention-related stories at the RMN website, the Denver cops are clearly in hyperactive response mode - no surprise there. Given all the reports of rousting of peace demonstrators and similar types - who apparently refused to limit their protests to the "Freedom Cages" thoughtfully provided for them - I'm surprised the cops out there found the time to bust some armed meth heads, would-be assassins or not.

Lot of angry stupid armed redneck losers out there, so this could be something. Then again, with a pumped-up Denver police force, which at this point may be looking to overhype a real crime to cover up their petty harassment of peaceful activists and protesters, it may turn out to be 'just' an armed drug bust. We'll see ... eventually.

Anonymous said...

Back on topic:
Field, let me add my request to others, to hear the story of your adventures with the Republican Convention, and just how in the hell you got talked into such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Tharin Gartrell? That just sounds so made up. Sort of like Jorell's, Superman's father's, younger brother or cousin.

I followed the link and then looked up the name. Tharin is a perfectly good surname and a place name in Montgomery County, Alabama. So you can of course use it as a first name for a male child. (But it probably explains why he wants to kil someone.)

Is black a color of people, or an ethnicity or just what? On one of the links that you had where people talked about who/what they were; they mixed "races," skin colors and ethnicities or nationalities to explain themselves. Or have we ignoramuses
made up something so artifical that we don't know what we mean?

Should African Americans have spoken at the convention or black American's...and if black then red haired Americans? Italian Americans? People with incomes under and over $5 million. Does the Barb Davis-White represent more than her surface? ethnicity, race??

Because the rest of us have thrown people of a darker shade together in a heap, does that really give said people of a darker persuasion common cause? You have your 12% Field.

The more I read your blog Field, the more confused I become.

Jibreel Riley said...

You got the Clinton's to worry about... oh and Fast Eddy Rendell

Anonymous said...

But they keep saying they are the party of Lincoln. I think that is supposed to help you feel comfortable with the fact that they have your best interest in mind. They don't want any Blacks to attend because they know what we want.

You have some balls for even going. I like to keep my self esteem intact. Next time you go report back and take pictures so we know who to avoid.

Bob said...

The Repugs had the Great Black Hope, Colin Powell, & they ruined him. In fact, they had a Great Woman Hope, Elizabeth Dole, & they ruined her. I should say those two ruined themselves.

-=Topper=- said...

When I came across the story about Barb Davis White, the first thing that came to my mind was "Wayne is going to love this!".

It speaks to his theory of house and field. Like I told him in the e-mail, she's getting a little uppity. They may be house, but that doesn't mean that they have a place at the table.

And will they ever even get a place. I have watched many runs over the years, a black republican against a black democrat. The democrat wins every time.

I have even known a woman of color that had field intentions but she ran as a republican. Not because it was the only way. She could have gotten the democrat nomination hands down. But she really honestly believes in the republican party.

How, why? There isn't a single republican negro in the house or senate. Not a one. You would think that would tell them something.

The land of Lincoln? Republicans it seems need an education no matter who they are. Sure Lincoln freed the slaves, minor political movement considering he had no intention of ever making them equal.

Republicans have blinders on, there is something they want to believe and that is that.

And her staff asking the GOP and the RNC why there are no African Americans scheduled to speak at the GOP convention.

You can watch the DNC and then watch the RNC. Night and day difference. I swear, the GOP is as exclusive as anything I have ever seen. The members, conservatives and the neo-cons. Sure they want small government, FOR THEM.

But even at that, the table is invitation only.

Christopher said...

Black Republicans are just regular step-n-fetch-it, Uncle Toms.

I have about as much use for them as I do Gay Republicans, which happens to be zero.

The only explanation for Black people who are Republicans is they're suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

field negro said...

Yes, some of you are right, of course. Black republican is something of an oxymoron.

And let's get something straight right now: I did not go to the entire convention. One day was enough. It was scary, actually. The looks, the feeling of being totally alone (even though I was in a predominantly Af. Am city.)To be fair to them, maybe they could look at me and tell I didn't want to be there. But still, they could have been nicer to a brotha. My friend Gino Gates (who runs a political consulting company in D.C now)had to keep apologizing for me. We were both 1L in law school at the time, and I guess he wanted to indoctrinate me early on.

Yes, Mrs. "O" did a nice job. But is there a bigger HN than Juan Williams? I swear that brotha is getting worse.

"..I'm wishing Rodney harrison would come through the line and knock his lame ass clean out."

justice4claire, that was too funny. But are you a stinking Steelers fan? Football season is coming up, I see I am going to have quite a few of you to get with.

ladycracker, come again. Seriously, I want to answer your question in a thoughtful way, and I am not sure I am understanding what you are asking.

Dave, thanks again for the link. Man you are all over your politics up in Viking country.

BTW, is that story about the possible assassination attempt true? I have had my head stuck in papers all night and I am out of the loop on that one.

Black Diaspora said...

A black republican is like trying to pin a tail on an elephant, and missing the mark.

Either the elephant will bitch slap you with its trunk, because you're stupid, or it will stomp the sh*t out of you for being a poor marksman.

You figure it out. I'm tired!

Anonymous said...

LMAO...Field @ wanting Rodney Harrison to come in and lay Juan Williams i'll have visions of that commercial where that big D-lineman goes into offices and trucks over people goofing off on the job.LOL

Anyone not touched by Michelle's speech last night has no soul and probably has the mark of the beast imprinted on the back of their head somewhere.

If no one read between the lines, Ted Kennedy basically left his hospital bed and chemo treatment to come to Denver to tell Billary get the hell up and move on, the gig is up, its not you. It was like seeing a Big Mama (or in his case Unk) who is real sick of foolishness have to come and tell everybody get it together. When old folks really call you out, and that was a call hurts more. No matter what they did in the past because you know they being truthful- they need to get into heaven.

Anonymous said...

What's this? Republicans being inclusive and racist? Stop the presses!!! What a revelation!
This woman is clueless. There's a reason why Black people vote Democrat 90% of the time. Give or take...

You saw how the Rethugs did Alan Keyes, right? This woman should be grateful it hasn't gone to that stage.

Anonymous said...

Regarding that possible assassination attempt on Obama in Denver? Never mind.

A2daK said...

Why is "Black Republican" such an oxymoron? Do you folks really believe that the Democrats have a monopoly on the cures for what ills the black community? If so, why haven't they used them? Why must the community believe in big government instead of personal growth, strong families and entrepreneurship?

If the Dems have the magic pills, what's up with our schools? Why can't 60% of black 4th graders read to sufficient levels? Why do they mandate that you send your kid to a failing public school while they send theirs to the best schools in the country? Why won't the Dems confront the teacher's unions in order to save and educate our children?

In fact, why is the black community the LEAST influential constituency for the Dems?

Of course, Obama will be the nominee. But, that's after he had to go white bread, sell out ALL of his boys and denounce any affiliation/allegiance with the civil rights movement and their leaders.

Now, I am an, independent FORMER Republican for various reasons. But, if the Dems have all of these magic pills lying around, then I'm a leprechaun.

Anonymous said...

Of course the RNC really doesn't care about courting black voters or supporting black republican candidates. How many times do you see a Republican in the streets of Philly trying to help or reach out to the people? Obama has to go to factories and rural white areas to court and talk white working class voters...yet McCain is losing the black vote by 90% and he only makes superficial visits to the NAACP or National Urban league. I don't see him lining up inner city schools to speak at. The RNC is a joke. They use black republicans when and only when it suits them. I'd be more receptive of black conservatives if they formed their own party then I am when I see them selling their souls and being used as puppets by the republicans so blatantly. Don't get me started on the stuff they pulled after Michelle's speech last night...doing everything they could to hate.

Oh and thanks for the shout out on the sidebar Field.

Kristin said...

What did they expect when you lie down with dogs.....

joy316 said...

My guess is that the 5th Congressional District is a "safe democratic" district. As we all know, both parties divide the country up district by district--selecting areas to give a democratic or republican majority. There are times when they choose not to run a candidate in a particular district that is assigned to the other party. I suspect that this is the case here. A token candidate in a democratic district who the GOP will not waste money on.

Anonymous said...

a2dak- I was waiting for a repub to respond, we are the rest of you? Dems may not have all the answers but at least they acknowledge us. As for education start your own school stop looking for massa to educate our children. We should pool together and have our own schools, businesses, etc. Massa broke up our families, I never understood after all the struggles, why we turned around and willingly gave him our children.

a friend of mine works with the teacher's union what would you have them do? State budgets are getting cut, the first cuts are always education. Many in my family are teachers, they are dedicated and work long, hard hours, stop blaming the teachers. I suppose you volunteer in the schools or mentor right? lead by example

Don said...

I can't imagine what it would be like to attend any GOP conventions, but I have a feeling that my experience would mirror yours. Although I imagine it would be 'something' to attend in the event of there being some inspiring Black Republican who comes from nowhere and wins the GOP nomination.

*refuses to hold breath*

and the single digit IQ man, Dan Quayle. Hilarious.

A2daK said...

Bean twn chica:

You should be careful with your false assumptions. You're right. I've spent many hours in community centers and Boys/Girls clubs talking to the kids about education, working hard and using the unique skills that God has blessed each of us with. I also coach a team of about 20 kids for youth football. In fact, I coach alongside a female coach (who's just learning the game) because there's a shortage of fathers/men available to help the boys out.

All of my community work is volunteer.

I actually agree. But, what do the teachers in your family say about your suggestion that we should start our own schools, or other Democrats for that matter? You know for certain that the largest opponents to private schools are the teachers' unions and their Democratic enablers. Whether they send their own kid to that school is irrelevant. They demand that you send yours there; regardless of its effectiveness.

All this being said, I agree that the GOP can do a much better job with promoting its message to the black community. It can also do a much better job with supporting its black candidates.

But, the illusion that the Democratic Party is the only group with solutions to help the black community, is insane.

Where are the rest of us? Well, to be honest; not many of us hang out "in The Field".

-=Topper=- said...

As a follow up on that assassination attempt.

Authorities are investigating whether a man arrested with rifles, ammunition and drugs in his truck made statements threatening Barack Obama, but emphasize he never posed a "credible threat" to the candidate or the Democratic National Convention

Oh yea the guy looks like a charmer. Sarcasm of course.

Anonymous said...

a2dak-you're right, when I decided to home school my son no one in my family believed in me. they did not offer support or help, often my stepmother would quiz my son then state oh he seems to be at the right level. I'm glad you're not just about lip-service, you were there so I decided to attack because the silence from many repubs that reply on this site to other stories is deafening. Where are there comments now that the RNC convention has no black speakers?

Our schools are failing us not in every state though and I feel many black parents expect the educational system to teach our children everything, like the 400m relay, some parents just pass the baton to a stranger and hope they meet all of their child's needs. I refused to give my son to the educational system, I know their prejudice to the black male, the male and any minority student. In Boston we are expected to achieve in other cities we are exceptional if we do. It was not a direct attack against you, you just brought up many arguments I have heard before, the dems do not have all the answers, but at least they don't completely disregard us. we were once repubs but they ignored us so we switched, I hope many latinos (repubs) will follow.

A2daK said...

Okay. I get it now. The Dems don't ignore blacks. They just want them to be quiet about past/existing grievances, to blindly elect them to office, willingly go to jail in disproportionate rates for identical crimes, to sacrifice their children for the sake of the teachers' unions and depend on them for ANY upward mobility in life.

Back of the line if you have the audacity to refuse these orders!!!

Even your boy Field has taped up ol' Reverend Wright on his sidebar. Regardless of validity, everyone must be quiet in order to get Obama elected. We don't need any angry black men out there scaring the fragile white voters who may vote for Obama. Next, it will "be quiet, we need to get him RE-elected".

Gotta stay in your place, you know.

Anonymous said...

For years the last, best refuge of the hillcretin or urban slack@ss was that "at least I ain't no ni**er". Now, they will have to face Reality.

I too, went on an outing with Republicans. It was a weekend on a ski boat. Not too many natural tans. Two things stood out. One was the KKKristianity that perversely pervaded the speech, food, clothing, and discussions. Second was the joy at finding a AfAm 'prize'. It was if they got FundiePoints for having a coloured person along for the day. I later learned that there is a unofficial system and all points were half that of a Jew.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Field. There is a question there, but I feel I should work it out in Word because I am so confused.

Woul you mind if I sent it to your email?

Donald said...

a2dak or Ak'bar Shabazz or is it Lawn Jockey.
What is the deal with all the rhetoric? Americans desire liberty and equality...two areas that have been hampered (some may say tampered with) since a Republican has been in the White House. It is not about making people shut up it is about making people listen and many can not do both at the same time.

Anonymous said...

bean twn

School vouchers would be nice. And did you see where California won't recognize schooled children. Nice of em.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the GOP has come SO far. I posted this gem a year ago (you even commented, Field!) when only one GOP candidate attended a forum hosted by the NAACP. The picture says it all:

I'm not sure what Barb Davis White is expecting...


Anonymous said...

I cant get over that weave job of Barb Davis White. No one should vote for her based on that reason alone. She cant be trusted to make good decisions.

Anonymous said...

a2dak, you couldn't be trying to blame the dems for the bad schools.

Not with what "every child left behind" has done.

Another rethug "idea. ROTFLMAO

field negro said...

lady cracker feel free to shoot me an e-mail. (

"I cant get over that weave job of Barb Davis White. No one should vote for her based on that reason alone. She cant be trusted to make good decisions."

Miranda, is that a weave? I thought it was her hair.

A2daK said...


Of course. I'm Ak'Bar Shabazz all day long. I got a serious laugh at Field's Lawn Jockey comment. In fact, I still get a kick out of it.

You see, my name isn't Ak'Bar Shabazz by accident or happenstance. My dad was in the Nation and changed to orthodox with Malcolm decades ago. I was born and raised in the civil rights movement. When most of you and/or your parents were whining, complaining, shufflin', smilin' and eatin' cheese, there were those of us who were, and still are, active in the community.

I like the fact that the quote is on there. Although it was made a year and a half ago, I'll defend the literal and figurative message of it all day long.

Check out the irony. Field says that EVEN HE condemned Joe Biden for saying that. So, he doesn't disagree with the point. He just doesn't like that fact that I said something about his boy.

In fact when it comes down to it, he'll dig up something almost two years old, completely out of context, and go out of his way to protect Mista.

..and I'm the Lawn Jockey.

BTW, get it right. I'm a CONSERVATIVE, not a REPUBLICAN. One doesn't equal the other.

A2daK said...


I blame the Dems for the schools because they are protecting the teachers' unions who are blocking any true improvement in the schools. Their only solution is give teachers more money.

Indianapolis spends $11,000 per student per year, Atlanta spends $13k. This amount of money can finance tuition to some of the finest schools in the country. However, our kids can't read and they want more money.

Yeah okay.

Donald said...

NOW I understand the Lawn Jockey designation.

field negro said...

a2dak, wow, who knew? Thanks blackinusa for that bit of journalism.

But you know what; you come right off that lawn, because at least you are out here in the fields trying to learn from us FN's.

Now if you could just bring some more of your brothers and sisters with you. Maybe we can have a meeting on the patio or seomething. You know,just meet halfway :)

A2daK said...

"Now if you could just bring some more of your brothers and sisters with you. Maybe we can have a meeting on the patio"

It ain't that easy. You couldn't get a lot of these folks out of the house even if it was on fire.

Anonymous said...

Field, are u kidding? Ask Mrs. Fields...some Korean beauty supply shop somewhere needs to restock.

Anonymous said...

why are you blaming the teachers union? It's the state legislatures, governors that pass the budget and allocate money for school? you lost me with: When most of you and/or your parents were whining, complaining, shufflin', smilin' and eatin' cheese, I HATE BLANKET STATEMENTS! why the superior attitude? what were the "conservatives" doing at this time? Negative words only divide, still didn't respond to the fact that there are no black speakers at the RNC you just changed the subject to blame teachers and the dems.

BTW- I live in Nevada and I home schooled my son in Boston and Las Vegas, so I don't know if Cali doesn't recognize home schooled children.

Anonymous said...

BTW- I am a Muslim and other Muslims, especially other countries do not recognize the Nation because you worship a man on the Earth (Elijah Muhammad) and a muslim is never supposed to worship any man and you don't have Ju'umah so your superior attitude because you and pops are muslim, totally missed me. The only reason to go to a mosque is to pray at Ju'umah or go to class. sorry-your garb, your flag ( Japanese inspired) not Mu-saleem

Anonymous said...

of course the authorities say those men posed no threat to Obama, despite being pulled over with rifles with scopes and body armor. but of course there no real threat. what bullshit. watch your back Barry O!

A2daK said...


Salaam. Didn't mean to disregard your point on the lack of black Republican speakers. I'm not apologizing for them by any means. The RNC's lack of support for black candidates like Steele, Blackwell, Caine, etc is one of the reasons why I left the GOP.

In regards to the Nation. I am not a member, although I remember going to the temples when I was young. Again, my father converted to Orthodox Islam decades ago when Malcolm brought the message back from Mecca. I was raised Orthodox. Surely, I worship NO man.

Conservatism is an ideology of limited government influence in citizens' lives. Obviously, today's Republicans haven't done a good job of holding the banner (another one of the main reasons I left).

I would argue that many conservatives were indeed active back in the day. If you think about it, the government was the ones who were instituting, upholding or allowing the systematic abuses to our community. There was, and still is, a large movement of reliance on oneself, family and community instead of the government.

I just don't understand how everyone all of the sudden now looks to the government for solutions. Of course, they're usually terribly disappointed.

As far as my "shufflin'" comment, I'll stand by it. I remember when black folks were telling my dad and my grandad they shouldn't run for office because it would piss off the whites. I remember how many of the hurdles were created by black folks.

Everyone acts like they've been down the whole time. But, I remember otherwise. Alot of blacks didn't support MLK until the very end. He was booed in many of the churches he spoke in. Most blacks NEVER supported Malcolm when he was alive.

Now, all of the sudden, everybody is down.

William L. Tucker, Jr. said...

I was thinking there were so many comments that reflected my thoughts here that there wasn't any need to pitch in. But I got swept up watching a2dak resurrect the 'Blacks Are a Political Monolith for Democrats' straw man, and... Hell... I couldn't resist.

Neither political party is really about ideology, a2dak. They actually represent rival economic sensibilities -- Republicans are for the wealthy, Democrats for the middle-class. So for you to attack (ostensibly) middle-class Black people for voting for candidates promoting middle-class imagery suggests a profound political naivete on your part. Either it's Blacks, Democrats, Liberals, some combination of any two, or all of all three that you don't seem to understand.

AAMOF, I question whether you really understand your own choice of conservatism, because for a Black man -- esp. one supposedly reared in the Black nationalism of the NOI -- conservatism, ideologically-speaking, makes no sense whatsoever. In its actual context 'limited government' refers to who may access gov't, not its size, scope, or the dollar amount it spends. It's a purposely anti-democratic ideology.

I won't pretend to speak for FN and other posters, but I see right through the empty, anti-gov't rhetoric to a deeply troubled soul.

Constructive Feedback said...


I hope that you don't mind that my response below is a "cut and paste" from the answer given in another blog. The answer is my own words and thus I can avoid typing the same thing twice.

Cut and paste is easier because certain Kneegrows like yourself like making the same bogus arguments:

Part 1:

Remember what Howard Dean said - The Republican Party is "the White people's party".

It appears that for most "Progressive" Blacks the key times for them to push DIVERSITY, entering into "White establishments", is when they can have their presence INFLUENCE the behavior of the "White organization" and make it more acceptable to Black folks. Thus some of the same Black folks who demand that there be representation at the schools, corporate offices and newsrooms that many of these "White folks" assembled at this convention spend their working days within......don't have the same drive for DIVERSITY when it comes to THIS particular entity. In fact the blogger Plez challenged me the other day asking "Why didn't the Republicans in Clayton County (Georgia) put forth an effective alternative for the Black folks to choose from and thus prevent the school system from losing their accreditation?" - thus the REPUBLICANS are at fault for not seeking to DIVERSIFY the 100% Democratic county elected offices rather than the current occupants having fault.

Why on Earth would the band of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers seek to "smooth the rough edges" of the enemy party? Who would they attack then? The DEMOCRATS who run the cities that they live in where they are dissatisfied with the results? Come on now.

Part 2

The observation was made about the "lack of Black folks" at the Republican convention. I realize that with people like you the STATE AS IS today is evidence for you that the Republican Party:

* Is an "all White place" where White folks can feel comfortable with their own kind.

* a result of careful sculpting so that Black folks are excluded and thus Whites can advance policies that are most in their own favor, to the detriment of Blacks

* a party where the Klan members can put on their business suits and the party would have no problems associating with them.

All of these points fit the agenda of you and so many other Black operatives.

My agenda is to turn the tables on Black operatives like yourself. I seek to say "YES INDEED!!! The POLICIES of the Democrats ARE DOMINANT IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Just look at them grow."

In fact there is little competition or DIVERSITY in policy and thought within our community. The part that you all who are more loyal to your PARTY/IDEOLOGY than your racial best interests don't like is when I then LINK THIS DOMINATION OF YOUR IDEAS AND YOUR PARTY to the CONTINUED COMPLAINS THAT YOU HAVE WITHIN YOUR POLITICAL DISTRICTS.

The Black community is hostile to IDEOLOGY DIVERSITY to its CLEAR DETRIMENT!!!!

You all pervert the actions of the Republicans saying "They have FAILED to put forth a set of policies that which THE BLACK COMMUNITY SUPPORTS and in turn WOULD VOTE FOR THEM!! Thus they don't get our vote".

For those who are not "Intellectually curious" you are contented with leaving it there.

I am CURIOUS PAL!! I say "But wait a minute - you ALREADY have your policies in place in your community and you are not happy with the results YET you see yourself as a POLICY EXPERT, asking the "racist" GOP to change more toward your FAVOR....when the policies that you FAVOR have not brought forth the BENEFITS WITHIN? Why SHOULD THEY?

YOU are coming after THEIR MONEY that their arrangement has created for them. They AIN'T coming after your vote. Who needs WHOM MORE?

Last night I sat in a roomful of Black Democrats who were over my house. Interestingly enough ALL OF THESE DEMOCRATS have vacated DEMOCRATIC STRONGHOLDS where they used to live and now live in one of the most REPUBLICAN COUNTIES IN GEORGIA!! Do you think that any of them "got it" - that despite their favor of "their party's policies"......the have instead CHOSEN to live in a county that has the fruit from the opposing party - dilettante which they now consume?

PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM cause Black folks to LIE TO THEMSELVES. I am not asking you all to become Republicans I AM asking you all to drop the bigoted ideological thoughts that you have which are not working for you.

"Living like a Republican but dispensing of the guilt that it brings forth by voting for the Democrats who's policies they have escaped"

YOU need to stop lying to that man in the mirror!!


You see how snuggly this fits with your same claims Filled Negro?

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Unknown said...


My grandmother told me that a wise man's mind may change but a fools mind never changes. At the time that I was in college a large number of HBCU presidents were republican. George H.W.Bush had given HBCU's a tremendous amount of money. He was fair and moderate. I was 18 when I registered republican because I found similarities between what the moderates discussed and the views of the Nation of Islam and Booker T. Washington. I believed that we as a people should become more self supportive. Some of the Great Society programs have crippled us to this day. Booker T Washington believed in the bootstrap philosophy combined with concentrating on agriculture and technology. Just imagine where we would be if we had concentrated on feeding the world and developing new technology. We do have A&M colleges but we have not fully utilized their capacity to create more farmers and scientists. However, I changed my party affiliation in 1992 after the David Duke election in Louisiana. Recognizing that the older moderates were leaving and that the Republican party was not the party of Lincoln.

Pay attention to Barry Goldwater in his later years.

Today I am not a democrat by default. I have a substantive discernment of my political philosophy because i have been exposed to both sides. My mind has changed.

Please include this on your blog.

two fingers

Gino Gates

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