Thursday, August 28, 2008

Negroes needed ASAP!!

"watching the RNC is so funny. Almost all the Black Republicans will be *on the stage* and they will zoom into the "other" guy in the audience 6 times a day, every day, like he's someone different. last time I was laughing hysterically by the second day. They keep showing the same 12 people of color over and over again like they are different people. From different angles, from different cameras but the same dozen non-white delegates."

I wish I could give the person who posted that funny little comment their proper credit. I saw it on one of those race forum boards. And I gotta say, it's dead on.

It should be fun watching the frat boy's Katrina Anniversary bash next week. And for the sake of the poor folks in the "Big Easy", I am hoping that we don't have a literal repeat of those sad events. You gotta believe the rethugs are praying too, but for a totally different reason. Field are you trying to say that republicans care more about how their convention comes off than the lives of poor black people? Ahhh let me think about that for a minute.....YES!

So anyhoo, it should be fun to watch the rethugs. If only to play our little game of spot the black guy. I know one thing, if you are a black person who loves face time, there will be no better place to be than in the Twin Cities next week. Look honey, it's that black guy again. He is everywhere.....You gotta love it.

I am going to try and count the black people, it should be easy. Although I am guessing that this year they might actually ship in more brown warm bodies than usual to diversify the crowd a little. They can't just have a total white out when the dems are looking so diverse at their convention; and when they nominated a black man for crying out loud! Now that I think about it; the "Rent A Negro" folks should be doing great business next week. Hi, Rent A Negro? Yes, this is Bob from the RNC. We are going to need at least fifty more Negroes for Wednesday night, do you think you can swing that? Oh, and Rent A Negro, we need them to have some acting skills as well. We want them to look really enthusiastic when those cameras are on.

Let me stop. I already catch enough flack from my rethug friends for being hard on them. But let's be honest folks, don't they make it easy for a brotha?


Kellybelle said...

That picture is priceless!
John McCain will be in the Buckeye state tomorrow with his veep pick.
What if it's Condi or Colin?

Anonymous said...

You are fucking funny.

Anonymous said...

In one of the first signs of life in the democratic convention, the organizers have passed out thousands of flags which the delegates are waving.

First step: Take back the flag.

Second state: Take back the country.


Anonymous said...

You should do a poll. Everyone guess how many visible African Americans you will see next week. I'm going for about 15.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, sign me up for that rent-a-negro gig Field..seriously.

Anonymous said...

No I say about 25. I wish they would take Ann Price Mills...I think that she is Jamaican:) cause she sure aint American.

Jody said...

I plan on watching with my friends and playing the drinking game... for every black face the camera lands on, take a shot! no shot if its the same face twice! drink if it is the same face for the third time!.... it will accomplish two things at the same time.... make watching more entertaining and drinking to make it possible to watch in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Watching Obama's acceptance speech right now... god, I love a man who can pronounce "nuclear" correctly!

brotherkomrade said...

With the amount of negroes the RNC finds, I'm sure I won't be able to get a buzz. It'll be a quarter of a buzz, like drinking two 12 packs of Schaefer beer. Playing that game will be a total tease.

Ann Brock said...

@Jody that is priceless! HA!HA!HA!

Anonymous said...

I am in tears. That was the most fantastic speech I have heard in my lifetime.

There IS hope.

Black Diaspora said...

"They keep showing the same 12 people of color over and over again like they are different people. From different angles, from different cameras but the same dozen non-white delegates."

The real tragedy, Field, is that many of them watching won't even see the ruse.

NSangoma said...


Anonymous said...

"I plan on watching with my friends and playing the drinking game... for every black face the camera lands on, take a shot! "

jody, we played a different version of that game. Every time McCain mentioned "POW" as an answer to a question, we took a drink. Needless to say, we all got smashed pretty quickly.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Just how much are they willing to pay to rental Negroes, anyway?

Anonymous said...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

exactly what I was thinking. Church bus, eleven hour drive. Forget the red wine, we're drinking brandy tonight baby.


Swiff said...

Just got back from watching the speech.


Just damn.

That brotha can give a speech. Shit's amazing. I've seen Jesse and Farrakhan and some ill-ass preachers speak....even Sharpton......and this tops everything else I've ever heard in a public speech. Period. Fuck policy, this is the nigga I want to see behind the Oval Office desk when SOME SHIT GOES DOWN and all the networks are interrupting their programming.

I'm watchin MSNBC and Pat Buchanan....Pat....f' RAVING and this damn thing. Avoid any fuckups, and you just won the election, Obama.

Muze said...

you are a mess, field.

but i am DEF going to be playing the spot a negro game. lol.

i just finished watching the DNC and there is no way i'd want to be a republican and have to follow that.

field negro said...

First, since he was in a football stadium, let me use a football analogy. The "O" man scored a touchdown!

"Just how much are they willing to pay to rental Negroes, anyway?"

Well, I think it depends on just how good you are at playing the Negro role :)

15? No kriss, they will rent more than that.

"The real tragedy, Field, is that many of them watching won't even see the ruse."

Yes black diaspora, that is the real tragedy.

jody and brotherkomrade, I am thinking you might be on to something: the black face in the crowd drinking game. (It better be a strong ass drink)

Muze said...

...exactly what swiff said.

pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

Amazing speech, I even forgot my restless leg syndrome meds while he was talking. The repubes recycling the same few faces every few seconds reminds me of low budget porn but hey wait, one stiff and some ugly ass pussies, W. Rove, Scooter, Cheney, it's the same thing. Vegas must have an over/underline on black faces in Minnebraska next week...

field negro said...

And ava, why does Ann Price Mills have to be a yawdie? I swear those are fighting words.

Don said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Don said...

Ahhh let me think about that for a minute.....YES!

Too funny.

I've always wanted to sit down and have a long drawn out 'cut the chase' conversation with a Black Republican, and see exactly what they are thinking.

I'm curious as to how they fail to see what's clear to the majority of people.

Don said...

Your sidebar comments towards Ann Price Mills are hilarious. I'm headed to now.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that Rent-A-Negro program at the RNC convention, field. I remember twenty years ago when the Minnesota North Stars hockey team briefly had more black players in their lineup than the Minnesota Twins.

It's a funny idea, though. :)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

YES WE CAN! I kept telling some of you naysayers that Obama was tougher than what appeared to the natural eye. He reminds me of an uncle of mine, I knew that he was stronger than what MSM and McCain tried to make him out to be.

BTW, I don't care how many rent a negroes FNC gets. I said this once, and I'll say it again. Read my type...IT WON'T WORK!

Anonymous said...

I personally know one who will be there. I went to Law School with him and anytime there was something about the Republican party he got up and was in front of the camera. This might just be his chance to get some Repub points and run Pennsylvania in the future.

Get ready for Mr. St Paul Pennsylvania. Glad I moved back to CA.

Bob said...

If we all cooperate, we can come up with an actual number & maybe even some names. & no counting the black Repug commentators in the cable TV booths.

I guarantee this: They will have nothing as fabulous as Stevie singing "Signed, Sealed, & Delivered."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

McCain has put out today an ad attacking Obama's kids. Whelp, McCain is asking for it now. If he thought that Obama tore him to pieces with his acceptance speech today, he ain't seen nothing yet. McCain is out of line for that one and it tells a lot about his character. Only a low down dog would attack kids.

Anonymous said...

You need to go ahead and put your boy Juan Williams back on the lawn. Just about every conservative republican on tv last night had to give props to the speech. Even Pat Buchanan on MSNBC seemed to be drinking the koolaid. But Juan couldn't even find it in his heart to admit it was a moving speech. He was so bad even the Fox News guy was like "this negro is hating"

Anonymous said...

Granny...the guy who wrote that article is a comedian. It's not real. There is no attack ad using Obama's kids.

field negro said...

"I remember twenty years ago when the Minnesota North Stars hockey team briefly had more black players in their lineup than the Minnesota Twins."

No shit?

Yes Don, Ms. Mills has become somewhat of a celebrity.

"If we all cooperate, we can come up with an actual number & maybe even some names. & no counting the black Repug commentators in the cable TV booths."

Okay bob, let's go for it :)

Anonymous said...

rent a negro...i don't so, i will wait until after the election and rent a democrap, it'll be much cheaper then ;=}

Christopher said...

I am still on the ceiling from last night's acceptance speech in Denver.

My man, Barack Obama, delivered and then some. His precision and unflinching aggressiveness, was a thing of beauty.

Obama wiped the floor with the Old Coot and left no doubt that John McCain should be afraid -- very afraid, of the general election season.

I am humbled and in awe of Barack Obama's prowess.

A2daK said...

Last night's speech shows why even a right-wing conservative can support Obama.

Well done "O-man"! See you in the Oval Office.

Now, in regards to our schools.......

Anonymous said...

Juan Williams is a big hater. Hardly anything positive about Obama ever comes out of his mouth.

gsutiger2 said...

Classic quote from Obama "I GET IT". Loved It!

I feel bad for McCain having to come behind that. They will be doing a 48 hour image makeover on McCain to make him more visually appealing.

Najmah said...

Justice4Claire said...
"The repubes recycling the same few faces every few seconds reminds me of low budget porn but hey wait, one stiff and some ugly ass pussies, W. Rove, Scooter, Cheney, it's the same thing."

ROTFLMAO!!! You nailed it with that lil analogy pun intended.

I think we can all agree that Barack rocked the field and the Fields last night.

Another favorite line "He just doesn't know."

I can't wait till November to cast my ballot for this man and his family, for my family.

NSangoma said...

Source: Sarah Palin is McCain's VP pick

A Republican source confirms that McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

gsutiger2 said...

^^ Is that speculation?? ^^

I wouldn't be surprised if he did pick a women. He needs all the support he can get from young voters.

gsutiger2 said...

I guess it isn't :-(. Smart Move!

Anonymous said...

Picking a 1 term governor with no National Security experience to go toe-to-toe with Joe Biden is death...

gsutiger2 said...

Kriss you think? For some reason I have started to get a little nervous. I need some reassurance here!

Anonymous said...

I think so. I'm a little nervous and would have felt more comfortable with any other pick. But most of the media doesn't even know who she is. The republicans want to attack Obama's record or "the lack there of" as they claim...look at who McCain just picked. Seriously, imagine Palin in a debate with Biden over National security? Over the Economy? Come on. She's extremely conservative too. They're praying that all of these women will vote strictly cause she's a woman...ignoring her extreme views. She'll get a few...but come on.

Anonymous said...

Okay, McCain just picked Sarah Palin, Governor from Alaska as he VP.

Anonymous said...

I adore your sense of humor. Every word is soooo true in relation to the "tokens" as I and others refer to faces of color appearing in the crowd. The NRA convention was even better to watch and look for amongst the audience members. They kept showing one black man, in a suit over and over again. After all everybody knows black folk don't hunt and fish. Amazing. Simply Amazing

gsutiger2 said...

*trying to reassure myself here - bear with me*

I think the GOP has gone into a PANIC and DESPERATION to clench this.

She in no way is Hillary - HOWEVER, you know that some folks are "easily" swayed and wounds need to be licked.

Anonymous said...

McCain probably wanted to hit that ever since he laid eyes on her..Don't worry McCain's wife will keep that chick in check..She's cute and yep, she's younger..

Anonymous said...

I'm Listening to Glen Beck, he's a fkn idiot. He's talking about that milf Sarah..Saying she hunts moose and guts them , rides snow mobils, member of the NRA, husband is an oil rig worker and fishernan, son just or is about to enlist for the military, blah blah blah. just gasing her up...There is only one thing, THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IN ALASKA! She's a product of her environment. I'd be an avid hunter and fisherman too and probably be the 2nd black person to join the NRA..This is gonna be good.; 2yrs as a governor a stint as a mayor.. The white women were waiting for something like this..This is gonna get interesting..I hope Joe Biden eats her ass up and spits out the bones.

Cluizel said...

the picture killed it for That killed my focus.

browngrl77 said...

Well it looks like mcain selected a woman VP. Guess this gives the PUMAS someone to vote for.

Anonymous said...

Is it me, or does that the fact that McCain choose a woman reminds me of the time Bush I picked Clarence Thomas to sit on the Supreme Court? A token woman.

Swiff said...

I'm watching Palin's speech (HAHAHAHA, there goes the "experience" argument), and I've spotted one black in the crowd behind the podium.

You know what I call them nigras? WALDOS.

Muze said...

lmao @ swiff.



*tunes into cnn*

gsutiger2 said...

They were very desperate. I think they could have at least got a stronger women.

*Side Note - Why didn't her baby have any shoes on?!?!

Christopher said...

The Old Coot chose a veep who is pro-life, vehemently antigay and an NRA member.

Sarah Palin looks uncannily like Marie Osmond.

Listening to her just now on MSNBC, I thought I was watching the Home Shopping Network.

The Old Coot is obviously desperate.

RedLipstick said...

Let me just say that O is very smart. The speech was pure intelligence and common sense. He and Axelrod know exactly what they are doing.

I saw Juan Williams at Popeye's chicken in Rockville, MD about 2 years ago and let me just say he was acting low key while licking those fingers. Is envy one of the seven deadly sins? 'Cause it just seems like sour grapes to me.

I am thrilled with McCain's choice of Palin--this keeps things interesting!

It's time to get in the gutter folks b/c it's gonna be a hell of a fight!

Anonymous said...

1. She has just as much--if not more business/political experience as Barack

2. Bill Clinton was the gov of Arkansas before becoming POTUS

3. How can you vote for "Change" with Biden on the ticket?

4. Waldo's are brave---and are not the sheep that blindly follow Barack like he is a messiah---he is a tool of the Chicago Dem machine who is "clean...articulate"...who said that about your boy?

Donald said...

Anon 1:23...You even list them like "Talking Points" (1 2 3 4...). Man Rethuglicans are all the same.

west coast story said...

Sarah Palin? Omigawd, I can't stop laughing. Obama should be sending McCain flowers, candy, and an offer to have his baby because this GOP pick for VP just assured Obama's election. What the hell were they thinking? Well, at least they can't hammer on Obama's "inexperience." I can't wait for the Biden/Palin debate. Oh, man, this is too funny watching repub operatives grimly defending this woman for VP.

Obama rocked last night. Loved the country and western touch at the end. Calculated but effective.

Anonymous said...

I watch the press conference and found it interesting that after McCain introduced his VP that he would stand next to her while making her speech. That is not a very goog imagine the old coot standing next to the young attractive woman. I didn't realize that people would notice the vast age difference with him standing next to her. He looks like a letch standing next to her.

This actually cuts into his argument about the O man being inexperienced and not ready to lead the country because he picked someone who has even less experience than Obama. She was chosen because she is a woman and her looks. She also plays basketball, oh boy. I think it was really grasping at straws because he could have chosen Kay Bailey Hutchinson as his VP.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Thanks for letting me know that the guy who wrote that article was a comedian, someone else had let me know that this morning.

However, McCain should be thanking the Lord this morning, because if that would have been the truth and not a joke or satire or whatever they want to call it, Granny was getting ready to give McCain a good word thrashing. Yeah, Granny has a big heart for children, and kids are one thing you don't mess with if you don't want to get on the bad side of Granny, because they can't defend themselves.

Once again, thank you for pulling my coat.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Granny is so proud of Barack and Michelle. I cried throughout both of their speeches, and have watched the speech six times.

I kept telling some of you that you were underestimating Obama. I knew without a doubt that he was strong, wise, and intellectually sharp. He puts me in the mind of one of my uncles, his mannerism, his intellect, and his gentleman qualities.

Obama put it on their mind and let them know that he is not playing with them and he is definitely not no pushover. He is a man who stands every inch of ground he walks on. If I were them, I'd leave well enough alone.

Swiff said...

Whoa whoa wait, Juan hated on the speech? For real? Damn, he IS jealous of Obama. That's just fucking sad.

A crab in a suit and tie. I'll bet a dub that he gets booed at his next family reunion.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I wouldn't worry about those so-called paid by Bush and McCain Hillary supporters, because those kids that have become of the age to vote in time for the election outnumber them. Nor would I worry about McCain's VP pick. They are history, and she should have kept her job as governor.

One of my granddaughters just turned 18, and she and all of her friends went and registered to vote. There are many more that MSM hasn't heard from. Obama will be the next President of the USA.

gsutiger2 said...

O.k. I am OFFICIALLY on Palin overload. Time for me to get some work done!

field negro said...

Yes, gsutiger, Palin overload indeed. But alas, the field has something to say about this as well.

Black Diaspora said...

Sarah Palin is not a good choice for McThusla (someone here referred to him as that once ): she will bring too much attention to his advancing age with her youthful energy, spark debate as to whether he's sleeping with her, and bring her own baggage--Did she or did she not try to get her brother-in-law fired, and does she have the requisite experience to lead if McCain succumb to a debilitating illness, or fall over dead from the rigors of the office.

With that said, I believe that she will be a tough debate opponent for Joe Biden.

If they're deferring this much to McCain's military record, and POW experience, how do you attack a woman without appearing condescending, or sexist, and risk alienating the distaff base of the party, and the undecided.

It will present a tightrope act for both Biden and Obama.

I understand that Obama's people quickly pulled back and redacted a press release previously OKed in response to McCain's choice for a running mate for fear that it would send the wrong message, and backfire.

RiPPa said...

I'm dying laughing at this post. Earlier today, as I watched McCain introduce the "Church Lady" as his VP. I couldn't help but notice that there was a brotha with a green Polo shirt strategically placed in the middle of the backdrop.

He was the only one, and I naturally assumed they went down to the unemployment office or that Latino day labor spot and picked him up.

Oh well, I'm glad they actually have the Rent-A-Negro store. I'd be damned if I have to look at Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson on my fuckin TV all next week, as the token negro as they do with him on Fox.

Anonymous said...

There's a couple Afrosphere bloggers going (The AAPP and I think JJ too) so we might see them on the screen. Probably more than once, and I doubt they'll be smiling.

I wonder if the camera and mikes will be focused on the coming meltdown over Palin, Ron Paul, and McCain.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote] The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Just how much are they willing to pay to rental Negroes, anyway?[/quote]

It appears that YOU have set the standard rate for rental.

The machine that you support has near 100% control over the Black communities yet all you can think to do is to run an "enforcement body" (The CBC Watch) which tries to force them LEFTWARD. I bet Donna Edwards is your dream girl.

When it comes to having SOLD OUT the expressed best interests of the Black community while promoting your own IDEOLOGICAL fundamentalism - you'd do this for FREE so there is no money received from your benefactors

Constructive Feedback said...


I hope that you don't mind that my response below is a "cut and paste" from the answer given in another blog. The answer is my own words and thus I can avoid typing the same thing twice.

Cut and paste is easier because certain Kneegrows like yourself like making the same bogus arguments:

Part 1:

Remember what Howard Dean said - The Republican Party is "the White people's party".

It appears that for most "Progressive" Blacks the key times for them to push DIVERSITY, entering into "White establishments", is when they can have their presence INFLUENCE the behavior of the "White organization" and make it more acceptable to Black folks. Thus some of the same Black folks who demand that there be representation at the schools, corporate offices and newsrooms that many of these "White folks" assembled at this convention spend their working days within......don't have the same drive for DIVERSITY when it comes to THIS particular entity. In fact the blogger Plez challenged me the other day asking "Why didn't the Republicans in Clayton County (Georgia) put forth an effective alternative for the Black folks to choose from and thus prevent the school system from losing their accreditation?" - thus the REPUBLICANS are at fault for not seeking to DIVERSIFY the 100% Democratic county elected offices rather than the current occupants having fault.

Why on Earth would the band of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers seek to "smooth the rough edges" of the enemy party? Who would they attack then? The DEMOCRATS who run the cities that they live in where they are dissatisfied with the results? Come on now.

Part 2

The observation was made about the "lack of Black folks" at the Republican convention. I realize that with people like you the STATE AS IS today is evidence for you that the Republican Party:

* Is an "all White place" where White folks can feel comfortable with their own kind.

* a result of careful sculpting so that Black folks are excluded and thus Whites can advance policies that are most in their own favor, to the detriment of Blacks

* a party where the Klan members can put on their business suits and the party would have no problems associating with them.

All of these points fit the agenda of you and so many other Black operatives.

My agenda is to turn the tables on Black operatives like yourself. I seek to say "YES INDEED!!! The POLICIES of the Democrats ARE DOMINANT IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Just look at them grow."

In fact there is little competition or DIVERSITY in policy and thought within our community. The part that you all who are more loyal to your PARTY/IDEOLOGY than your racial best interests don't like is when I then LINK THIS DOMINATION OF YOUR IDEAS AND YOUR PARTY to the CONTINUED COMPLAINS THAT YOU HAVE WITHIN YOUR POLITICAL DISTRICTS.

The Black community is hostile to IDEOLOGY DIVERSITY to its CLEAR DETRIMENT!!!!

You all pervert the actions of the Republicans saying "They have FAILED to put forth a set of policies that which THE BLACK COMMUNITY SUPPORTS and in turn WOULD VOTE FOR THEM!! Thus they don't get our vote".

For those who are not "Intellectually curious" you are contented with leaving it there.

I am CURIOUS PAL!! I say "But wait a minute - you ALREADY have your policies in place in your community and you are not happy with the results YET you see yourself as a POLICY EXPERT, asking the "racist" GOP to change more toward your FAVOR....when the policies that you FAVOR have not brought forth the BENEFITS WITHIN? Why SHOULD THEY?

YOU are coming after THEIR MONEY that their arrangement has created for them. They AIN'T coming after your vote. Who needs WHOM MORE?

Last night I sat in a roomful of Black Democrats who were over my house. Interestingly enough ALL OF THESE DEMOCRATS have vacated DEMOCRATIC STRONGHOLDS where they used to live and now live in one of the most REPUBLICAN COUNTIES IN GEORGIA!! Do you think that any of them "got it" - that despite their favor of "their party's policies"......the have instead CHOSEN to live in a county that has the fruit from the opposing party - dilettante which they now consume?

PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM cause Black folks to LIE TO THEMSELVES. I am not asking you all to become Republicans I AM asking you all to drop the bigoted ideological thoughts that you have which are not working for you.

"Living like a Republican but dispensing of the guilt that it brings forth by voting for the Democrats who's policies they have escaped"

YOU need to stop lying to that man in the mirror!!


You see how snuggly this fits with your same claims Filled Negro?

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