Friday, August 15, 2008

The White Party.

"If you look at folks of color, even women, they're more successful in the Democratic party than they are in the white, uh, excuse me, in the [laughs] Republican party."

Looks like Howard Dean, a man who is no stranger to controversy, and who has a reputation of speaking his mind, is at it again. The Reich wing blogs and bushites are all over him for his latest little comment.

Howard, I am a little curious about your "even women" comment ----as if women are an afterthought---, but other than that, I agree with you 100%.

I think we could characterize the republican party as the "white party." And many white folks would argue (present company excluded of course) that it's the exact reason that they are members of the grand ole party. Still, as is always the case with us hypocritical A-merry-cans-----especially when it comes to matters of race--, the person who calls a spade a spade (no pun intended) will always catch some flack.

The thing is, you could tell that it was a "Freudian slip", my man really didn't want to say that, but he sure was thinking it.

Still, Dean's rhetoric represents something dangerous as well, and I will tell you what it is: Howard Dean represents the white liberal wing of the democratic party, and in his mind his party is the party of blacks and women. I guarantee you, that to him, our vote is in the bag. In his mind, he doesn't have to worry about our vote, because the white folks vote republican, and the black folks vote democrat.

Black folks, we have to be careful about this, we cannot allow ourselves to be taken for granted. I know, I know, it's hard to vote republican. And personally, I would rather vote for Paris Hilton before I support a republican candidate or their platform. But we still have to explore all options and become informed about all the issues before just putting our vote down for the donkey. (An independent, a third party candidate... ) Howard Dean would not be so confident when he says that the republican party is the "white party" if us black folks didn't play easy to get. He would understand that he has to work to get us too. Hell we just can't be old reliable hanging around the bar at last call, after all the cuties have turned us down and headed home.

Yes Howard, folks of color are more successful in the democratic party. But to quote Michael's little sister: "what have you done for me lately?"


Jackson Brown said...

The political color fidelity works both ways. Could you imagine how many black women (and men) would vote for McCain if he picked Condi Rice as his VP?

rainywalker said...

What has any of them done for most of us lately?

Anonymous said...

That is why I'm a independent. I remember as a little girl that White Democrats would tell my parents to ask fellow Black friends to vote. The only time we would see a White Democrat in our hood was during voting days.
That's when I made up my mind to become an Independent voter. When Bill Clinton was acting a fool in the primaries I was not shocked one bit. Thank God I'm Independent!

Anonymous said...

If you're an "Independent" or you call yourself an Independent, but you vote Democrat 100% of the time does it really make any difference?

field negro said...

"Could you imagine how many black women (and men) would vote for McCain if he picked Condi Rice as his VP?"

JB, I know this field Negro might consider it.....wait, Mr.Morton at the top of the ticket? Second thought: not!

rainy walker I hear ya, which is why there are more and more folks like anon 12:05AM out there every day.

field negro said...

"If you're an "Independent" or you call yourself an Independent, but you vote Democrat 100% of the time does it really make any difference?"

Actually it does. It just means that the repbubs haven't been giving you something to vote for. Being Independent means that the moment the repubs give you something and the dems f**k up, you will vote with the grand ole party. Being democrat means that no matter how much the dems screw up, you won't switch.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Field, you said, "I guarantee you, that to him, our vote is in the bag.

Well, it is in the bag. Black folks will not vote GOP and would be nuts if they did. Nor will many vote for the Green Party's Cynthia McKinney, who btw is a black woman. The media has kept her a secret and the black bloggers hardly speak her name.

Or, how about Ron Paul? Now he's got some interesting views. Any blacks for him? Or how about that old seatbelt safety guy, Ralph Nader?

These are alternatives to Obama. Not as cool or charismatic, but better than McCain. If you feel that strongly against Barack getting elected, write about them. Do a sales pitch for them. Your blog has a lot of traffic, but not everyone knows about the independents.

Re: you other point. Some black guys from a Uhuru group tried to question Obama a few weeks ago along the lines of what have you done for us lately? No real debate about their concerns were addressed by him beyond denial, nor did the mainstream media follow up with it - and they won't.

Telling folks to ask the same and other questions and making demands is like blowing smoke and ignores the point this isn't realistic. Others have tried and failed and even been denounced when they use the R word - racism.

If you have some new ideas, please dedicate a post to your strategy of accomplishing this what have you done for us lately? Otherwise you're pushing an agenda that makes people want to stay home on Election Day.

Anonymous said...

Bob Barr! :)

I won't vote for McCain, but someone better tell Obama to put up his dukes because I don't like voting for wimps.

Anonymous said...

Well there's some incentive to being registered Democrats in that our districts have more power as a voting block. Howard Dean's assumption has until this primary been fact. We have not asked for anything in return for our loyalty. Black women in particular. 6 out of 10 Black voters are Black women. But that ship has sailed and I believe many of us have woken up from our stupors. You've got Kwame Kilpatrick running Detroit further into the ground and I really hope he gets sent back to jail. Detroit has in excess of 10,000 homeless people per day: the majority are women and kids. Things can and will change: it's really up to us. It's just too bad that the rest of us have to suffer because so many people are idiots and vote against the best interests of this country.

Bob said...

The Democratic Party takes liberals for granted. When I was younger, I voted Democrat because I wanted universal health care, affordable safe housing, sane policies toward emergent nations, compassionate treatment of homeless, better veterans benefits (at that time, Vietnam Vets), an end to the warehousing of urban poor, changes in drug laws so minor offenses did not result in imprisonment, & so on. I used to be "liberal." Without changing my views much, I'm now a radical leftist.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I agree Howard has a psychological disconnect, but the fact remains most Blacks up here were not firmly in the Obama camp until SC. It was Not Iowa as reported, most thought that a fluke. But the SC primary revealed the true Clintons. Until then, Hillary had the Black vote.

The shift was swift and complete.

Historically Blacks do vote without expectation. The Republican agenda is not a remotely realistic alternative. It is for a select constituency that benefits from its ideology while ignoring the many.

One has to have a lot of hope to vote Democratic given our abysmal record in the White House. Blacks are not a monolithic voting block, rather, a loyal voting block or possibly a stagnant one. It is a group that must get angry before true change occurs and with this symbolic gesture, Obama, it is not likely.

The Republican party doesn't care about Blacks, never has, never will. The illusion that the Democrats do care, allows Blacks to engage in the political process and have the appearance of having an effect on the outcome of a race, a "legitimate" say, a "voice", if you will, nothing more.

The flagrant disregard that both parties as well as Independents continue to show, is the price one pays to participate in a process designed to ignore the Black voting block.
In time that will right itself, demographically.

From the Field,

Black Rose

Christopher said...


The GOP is the White party.

The White, straight, Christian, God-fearing, fag-hating, keep the Mexicans out, tie the tubes of the Welfare Queen, Toby Keith-loving, flag waving, party.

The Democrats may not be perfect -- hell, look at Nancy "impeachment is off the table" Pelosi, but the Democrats are 100% better than the Republican party.

Anonymous said...

Jackson Browne, the number of black women (or men) voting for McCain if he picked Condi as his VP would be the same number voting for him yesterday - nothing would change. For most black women I know and around the blogosphere, Obama had us at Michelle. Case closed.

As a woman though, until the GOP gets up out of my uterus, I would never ever ever consider casting a vote for people who think they are entitled to be my Gynecologist.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Howard Dean represents the white liberal wing of the democratic party, and in his mind his party is the party of blacks and women. I guarantee you, that to him, our vote is in the bag. In his mind, he doesn't have to worry about our vote, because the white folks vote republican, and the black folks vote democrat.

Black folks, we have to be careful about this, we cannot allow ourselves to be taken for granted. I know, I know, it's hard to vote republican.[/quote]


I try to empathize with you on occasion.

Here you are - a Black man living in the Philadelphia area. On paper you are living in ideal conditions. 85% Democratic city with only one or two evil Republicans in the city council. Democrats have been running things for decades.

Despite this fact and your continued efforts to EXPAND this same political machine which is failing you and your people - you know as I do that you have a very empty feeling inside of you regarding how your people's best interests are being served.

Here is your problem Filled-Negro: you ASSume that Black people have a binary choice: Democrat or Republican. You even added a third option - an Independent candidate.

Why is it, Filled-Negro, that you believe that POLITICS is the central pathway for Southwest Philly (and Overbrook) to be fixed? In my view the binary choice is actually - pursuit of the transformation of these communities via the channels of the AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM and then pursuit of the transformation of these communities via more ORGANIC means, WITHIN THE COMMUNITY itself.

Filled-Negro if indeed your goal is to create a better life for the drug dealer that you have befriended then why are you forced to EXIT THE COMMUNITY to seek this life for them, centrally pursuing resources that someone else has organized, confiscating it and then having them rain down upon the "unwashed" people of Southwest Philly?

Think about it - with the rights of Black folks codified now and thus little fear that a band of White Republicans are going to come down from Lancaster County and burn down more homes in Southwest Philly - don't you have the conditions of PROTECTION to begin a more INTROSPECTIVE journey Filled Negro? Instead of changing your strategy upon the overwhelming VICTORY in the Civil Rights Movement which secured these rights and provided the legal recourse to go after anyone who assaults you in the future in the context of a civil rights violation you STILL are not satisfied.

Your new "chase" is upon wholesale SOCIETAL CHANGE. You and your fellow ideologues seek to reorder the society where a central planned economy takes root. You want the government to be free to take as much money from one group based on the presence of money and to distribute it to another group because they lack money. At no time do you make note of the SYSTEMS in place which generate money for one, but more importantly, you are unwilling to address the SYSTEM that is in place in Southwest Philly and other places that serve to DESTROY CAPITAL......the very resource that you need to allow these people to live a better life. Thus your entire political ideology is a PATCH over a pothole that you are not willing to address. The freezing water from overnight will seep into the patch and its expansion will loosen the grip of the patch which you have packed firmly in place. When the sunlight shines on your patch and the water melts - that patch will be chipped away and once again you will have your hole - only bigger.

Filled-Negro I am calling on you and other "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" to STOP IT!!! Stop your focus on the REPUBLICANS and instead begin to focus on YOURSELVES!! Even when the Republicans DEPART from your midst and leave the land TO YOU TO RUN AS YOU SEE FIT.....they STILL are the central adversary in your narrative (but some how it is NOT the "Killer Thugs" who run up the body count each year).

You see Filled-Negro the way I see it - you are forced to focus on your ADVERSARY (and this includes Fox News) because your contender has so many flaws. (and you thought that it was only the evil Republicans who talk more about Obama than they do about their candidate McCain).

What better reference is there AGAINST the Democratic party and the associated IDEOLOGY (which is where the problem really resides) than to take a national tour of the various parts of the cities where their support remains the strongest?

Point blank Filled-Negro - YOU HAVE SOLD OUT the Black community. You and other BQPFRCs (and your associated Liberal White Snarling Foxes) have promoted the advancement of YOUR IDEOLOGY and YOUR PARTY over the interests of OUR COMMUNITY. As a fundamentalist the painful REALITIES that exist and increase as you gain more ground is not enough evidence to convince you of the need to do some INTROSPECTION. Instead failure, in your perverted perceptions, cause you to believe that the ADVERSARY IS MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU HAD THOUGH....this despite the fact that HE IS GONE from your midst. In truth, Filled-Negro you are ALONE BY YOURSELF and are staring the consequences of your POLICIES right in the face. You don't like what you see so you need to reach out to that life preserver - the blame game of your ENEMY.

Here is what I don't understand Filled-Negro: I grew up listening to various Black Pseudo-Intellectual types who told us that THE LAND is the central asset for any revolution to take root. Now that you have Southwest Philly, West Philly, and North Philly if this theory were true there would be abundance. Even in the context of a favorable city ideologically and politically and a favorable state for you to do your thing in you are left to resort to blaming the REPUBLICANS in the state legislature for holding you back (oh yeah - and the Republicans that run the Traffic Court that is holding up money for the schools as you tell it.)

Here is the main flaw of your ideology (and I am telling you this because I love you and don't want to see my people suffer any more):

Your ideology does not afford you the ability to achieve results THROUGH YOUR OWN PEOPLE because you are not willing to "go RIGHT" when you NEED TO as a means of cutting off unsavory options for the people you are working with. Instead of "going Right" you instead seek to PROVIDE FOR THEM with the hopes that the resources that you give to them WILL PROTECT THEM FROM THEIR OWN MISALIGNED BEHAVIOR.

Filled-Negro I can't shake my belief that people like you have an ingrained sense of INFERIORITY for the people that you are trying to HELP. You have been "blessed" (so it is said) with certain unique skills and exposure to education thus YOU OWE it to others who have "not been blessed" to protect them. In my view this entire premise if flawed.

What happens if it is the case that these "unblessed people" have reached their current state because THEIR PARENTS and THEIR COMMUNITY have consistently VIOLATED that which YOUR PARENTS have instilled in you to allow you to become a lawyer? Thus there are tens of THOUSANDS of "Filled Negros" that COULD HAVE BEEN but for the actions of THEIR PARENTS.


This is all about UNCHECKED BEHAVIOR which has been radiated over to the NEXT GENERATION who has received it by induction.

You see Filled-Negro your ideology is not able to "go there" and thus you are forced to NATIONALIZE that which SHOULD BE generated more locally BUT FOR the misalignment of THE PEOPLE to bring forth that standard of living which you seek UPON THEIR OWN BACKS. In fact the very expectation that the people should express this standard of living UPON THEIR OWN BACKS (or live in squalor if they fail to come to consciousness of this requirement) is an INSULT to you.

How else then do you plan to build the muscles of this same community if you don't have them to come to a certain order where their industriousness and division of labor is the well from which both their INCOME and the SERVICES that are available to them are drawn from? That group of young boys who were sitting on the steps of the place that I grew up in Overbrook SHOULD BE the next generation of doctors, housing developers or PROSECUTING attorneys who make sure that those who are GUILTY of violating the rules which the community needs to be a civilized place are held accountable under the law.

What we have, Filled-Negro is a SYSTEM of POPULAR ASSUMPTIONS held by Black people which has thus far FAILED to express the full potential of these INDIVIDUALS as their individual talents are collectively summarized into a community with a strong fabric which can provide for their own.

You see Filled-Negro - I too am a SOCIALIST. I just don't make the mistake of trying to have a "NATIONAL friends and family plan" that includes people who DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ME and want to EXIST the "Calling Circle" because they would rather apply their resources to their own interests. It is clear that the next phase of BLACK CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION needs to be in developing a network of "friends and family plans" which leverage these pooled resources to lift their own members up.

To do so at the NATIONAL level is to seek to BOIL THE OCEAN. You will be doing more WAITING than working toward that end.

Take down your Republican and Fox News References, Filled-Negro and replace them with OBJECTIVES and production targets just like I saw posted all over the place at the manufacturing plant that I visited this week. This allowed everyone to be aware of THE GOALS and also WHERE THEY STOOD in reference to these GOALS. (I didn't see a single reference as to what THEIR COMPETITORS were doing hanging on the walls.)

? said...

The Democrats have not done anything for anyone lately, let's face it. As far as independents go Nader has a real platform for change, though not a chance in hell. The Republicans are the party of the rich and then the party of not so bright religious fanatics. The Republicans have nothing to offer to anyone outside that paradigm.

Anonymous said...

Gawd that man can bloviate!

Nancy Pelosi is said to be reconsidering her position on off shore drilling. And she's from California!

It's amazing how quickly people on both sides of the aisle change their position when money changes hands.

They are all a bunch of crooks. The government is broken as the other Dean pointed out. It does not work.

Anonymous said...

I live in a state that (statewide) votes reliably Democratic, so I've had the luxury of voting third party for several election cycles now. The DNC has not gotten a penny of my money in a long time, although individual candidates certainly have. The DNC should not take white-ish, anti-war, anti-imperialism women for granted, either.

Anonymous said...

gwpriester, I am starting to come around to the opinion that we should give Big Oil all the leases they want, wherever they want. Give them the whole d@mn continent, just to prove that it won't lower the price of oil or gas.

Anonymous said...

Considering that most of the current administration has Federalist Society ties (blacks are 3/5 human-for census purposes, only), one would have to be suicidal to vote Republican. Rushbo has a fetish for pedo-boys in the Dominican Republic, Bush et al left New Orleans to drown, affirmative action now only applies to KKKristians and well-scrubbed white women, and the policies are designed to return AfAms to the days of Pullman's "George".

As craven and gutless and lickspittle the Democrats are, at least they can be emoldened by the threat of recall. Troo White Souterners only want the return of Tara.


Gryphen said...

You know what always puzzles me is where does the Republicans get so many African Americans to go on cable news shows and put out the propaganda? They literally have more black mouthpieces on air then the Democrats do.

Is that a Republican recruiting tool?

"Join our party and we will make you a t.v. star!"

Anonymous said...

Good post. I do agree that the Dems take the Black vote for granted but the larger isssue for me is what are we doing about it. The reality is like Kit said there are other options but how many Black folks really look at the other options? Are many of us even aware of Cynthia McKinney?

Truthfully we need to look at all candidates/parties critically. How many Black folks are voting for Obama just because he is Black? When truthfully the differences between him and Clinton really weren't that dramatic?

Personally I am an independent, I vote on issues and less on party affiliation because years ago I got tired of how the Dems just took the Black vote for granted.

Christopher said...



There's a cross-eyed brother, looks like a junior executive, total GOPer who I see on MSNBC.

He freaks me out.

Mr. D. said...

That's the problem of the two party system. You don't really have much of a choice.

What I will say is that it makes sense to register as a democrat so you can vote in the primaries. That way you can vote against a democrat without voting for a republican. My 2 cents at least.

Gregory Williams said...

Rainy has the point.

On the real side, the rethugs don't offer a choice. We know once they have your vote they fuck us hard,rough and dry. at least the dems use some lube.

Only on a local level is a third party viable at this point. and even then most are whiter than the 2 majors.

As black folk we must look at independents, BLACK independents. That way we build an alternate resource for state and national elections.

And most importantly we must support them with money. Face it that's how you compete. Doesn't take a lot per person but a lot of people come together and you get Barack. He couldn't have done it without OUR money. Now he has to get other money and because we put him in position, now he can manuver.

If you can't give money give time. Barack isn't the only one. We are the greatest of the greatest.

field negro said...

"You know what always puzzles me is where does the Republicans get so many African Americans to go on cable news shows and put out the propaganda?"

In the house :)

"Your ideology does not afford you the ability to achieve results THROUGH YOUR OWN PEOPLE because you are not willing to "go RIGHT" when you NEED TO as a means of cutting off unsavory options for the people you are working with. Instead of "going Right" you instead seek to PROVIDE FOR THEM with the hopes that the resources that you give to them WILL PROTECT THEM FROM THEIR OWN MISALIGNED BEHAVIOR."

"Misaligned behavior" which is made worse by poverty, ignorance, and a lack of social skills. All things whch your right wing friends have made worse with their social and economic policies.

You keep talking about these democratic cities. I have a news flash for you: These cities cannot do squat without money. Where does the money come from? Well, in our case it's Harrisberg, and Washington. And guess who controls the purse strings? We don't have the type of tax base here to fund the pie in the sky programs you like to talk about. And when we do try to put certain taxes in place, your right wing friends cry, Socialism.

Thr irony is that here in Philly your party controls some of the biggest money makers such as the parking auth.,traffic court, and the rest of the court system. Not to mention most of the business organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce.

So your effusive and logorrheic rambling aside,until you are actually out here trying to do something, or until you know what trying to run a city government is REALLY like; may I suggest that you run back to the repubilcan headquarters for some more talking points? Becuase the ones you have now clearly aren't working.

Omyma said...

One of the problems with democracy is that practically it can't run with any ideology very well, and when people try to do it, they end up either compromising democracy itself (as with the GOP) or compromising their ideology to attain some practical goals. Why? Because people with totally opposite points of view have to agree to get something done, and everyone's gotta bite some bullet.

So Barack is going to the right to bring in the "redneck vote". How else can he get elected? And if he gets elected, then which agenda will he really support? Looks to me like a compromised agenda, but better than what's going on now. And the GOP in fear are trying to put up these police-state measures before the next President could come in and put a stop to it.

I live in a redneck town that's a GOP stronghold even though the GOP is their ardent enemy and they don't see it. But now many tell me they're voting for Obama because he "has integrity" and principles. Note: these are formerly republican currently redneck voters. When they say "integrity" I believe they really mean it. Maybe I'm too trusting.

The problem with a 3rd party is it goes nowhere under current circumstances, so it's practically a null vote. A Barack Obama win would turn a lot of things upside down more than people realize. Nothing in a democracy can empower, I think, like entrenched power-players being turned upside down. Even if they only feel that way. Maybe then it'll start looking more like... a democracy.

Btw, thanks for an interesting post, and great site.

Powerful File said...

After all these years of love we have shown the master he still does not trust us. We have denied our own best intrest for the better of this country. We fought to fight in wars,to eat with you to live with younow all we ant is some trust for our years of love. Look white America we have even taken our own lifes to show you that we are one of you. Now all we want is a chance to lead as you did. See master we do love you more than we do ourselves. Thanks for listen master if there anything I could do to help out your cause like poisen my people or take a Tec9 to my comunity makes please let me know.

Shady_Grady said...

"There's a cross-eyed brother, looks like a junior executive, total GOPer who I see on MSNBC"

Ron Christie.
He is a rather funny looking dude. I think he was an assistant to Cheney or something like that.

Chris said...

"Could you imagine how many black women (and men) would vote for McCain if he picked Condi Rice as his VP?"

But she's pretty bad at her current job, why would anyone really vote for her to be vice prez? Makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

@Constructive Feedback

I have a short attention span.
You got to learn to state your case in a paragraph or two. I'll even give you three.

More than that is just pubescent masturbation.

Anonymous said...

I think George Washington has the right idea being nonpartisan as he was not affiliated with any political party. We have become so entrenched with the idea of political affiliation that it is difficult to really have an independent thought. I have a problem that two-parties have become the strangle-hold on American politics period. If you had politicians who were independent thinkers, then following the party line and talking points. I'm frustrated with people who do not seem to use critical thinking skills and discernment of what either party offers. Lewis Black said, the Democrats have no ideas, and the Republicans have bad ideas. I am registered Democrat, but giving the choice of who I had to vote for in the Presidential election the past 20 years, I have voted democratic. I am also from New Jersey, the state switches back and forth between Dem and Rep on the state level, but we haven't vote for Republican President on the national level in 20 years. As far as American-Africans concerned is that we are trouble with no matter which party has control.

I was watching the forum with Rick Warren interviewing McCain and Obama. I am sitting here listening to these I guess political analysis, and they are talking about how McCain was telling stories, and wondering are we voting for President or electing Hans Christian Anderson? I do not give a damn if he can tell a story or has an emotional connection with the American people, can lead the country and see that Pakistan is not on the border of Iraq. Rick is asking McCain about Dafur, and he is talking Rwanda in which he did not do anything about that genocide 14 years so I didn't understand why he brought it up in the first place. Go figure, unbelievable, but McCain was effective tonight even though he didn't make any sense.

Christopher said...

Thanks Shady Grady. I never knew his name. I suppose working for Cheney would make anyone's eyes cross.

La♥audiobooks said...

Jacson said "Could you imagine how many black women (and men) would vote for McCain if he picked Condi Rice as his VP?"

I don't know about that. That doesn't impress me. I'm learning the hard way, for one. Not every black sister is my sister. Too many house negro trojan horses out here to deal with.

Anonymous said...

hennasplace said... but McCain was effective tonight even though he didn't make any sense.

Please explain.

Anonymous said...

The only reason he didn't mention gays is that gays tend to be rather successful in the Republican Party, too.

We liberals need to go on the offense in this debate if we're to win.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Bush et al left New Orleans to drown, affirmative action now only applies to KKKristians and well-scrubbed white women, and the policies are designed to return AfAms to the days of Pullman's "George".[/quote]


* Evil Bush left New Orleans to drown. Hummm. Where I live there are knock down, drag out fights over ZONING in FLOOD ZONES. The "city leaders" are fearful of the damage that flood waters can do. As a result their prohibition for building in flood zones may limit the usable land for residences and business and thus OUR CITY accepts both the benefits and the consequences of its LOCAL POLICIES.

Anon - when the ENTIRE LOWER 9TH WARD is a flood zone being that it is 25 feet under water (I walked there last October with my GPS that shows the elevation) AND there is a canal about .25 miles away....the POLICY DECISION to build residential housing in this FLOOD ZONE and other bad policy decisions are the choices which lead up to this disaster.

By the way since the general talking point is that "the federal rescue FAILED in Katrina" could you tell my BY WHAT REFERENCE are you making this to? Also could you specify which day the comprehensive rescue SHOULD HAVE happened? Tueday/Wednesday/Thursday? (It actually kicked in on Friday)

* The need for Affirmative Action in education stems from the FAILURE of urban education that has left these students unable to compete.

I marveled at a recent Black Alumni Association meeting for the college that I went to that so many Black folks were highly upset that the school had recently gotten rid of the REMEDIAL EDUCATION intake program that the majority of Black freshmen had to go through (not me) and instead focused on scouring the nation seeking high performing Black high school students and providing them with scholarships. Despite the high number of Blacks taken in through the program - they found that most failed to graduate. Their studies found that high performing students in H.S. go on to perform in college and thus they shifted to quality over quantity.

What I could not understand about the "highly upset negroes" in the alumni association is that they focused their anger at the school's decision to cut the program that accepted "handicapped Blacks" who were not prepared for the rigors of college rather than going after the FAILED PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS, ran by Democrats, who FAILED TO PREPARE THEM FOR COLLEGE.

Rest assure though Filled-Negro. During this same meeting the liberal life of my liberal friend stood up and said (I am not making this up) "When Barack Obama becomes president we will have a friend of education in office and our schools will get more resources due to the change in administrations".

After the meeting when I pointed out to her that "evil Bush" increases spending on education by $12 billion over good guy Clinton during his first budget and yet Obama proposes to spend $18 billion more than evil Bush. Where is the REVOLUTION in $18 billion spread throughout 50 states?

Not able to answer the question - they both joked that I was a "Bush defender". (Do you see what I have to deal with? Certain people don't like to be asked questions).

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I have a short attention span.
You got to learn to state your case in a paragraph or two. I'll even give you three.

More than that is just pubescent masturbation.[/quote]

Black Diaspora -

By all means skip over my posts when you see my name if it too far above your "bandwidth".

I fully appreciate that some people prefer "bumper sticker" simplicity. I am not willing to do so.

Rather than giving me "English lessons" why not affirm or refute what I argue?

Black Diaspora said...

By all means skip over my posts when you see my name if it too far above your "bandwidth".

No. Your ego is.

Anonymous said...

FN, You're right.

Some of us need to infiltrate the GOP so that we can play both parties off against one another to get what we need.

Lola Gets said...

I vote Republican on the regular. I always vote for Councilwoman Carol Schwartz whenever shes running for re-election in DC. And I would have seriously considered voting for McCain...but that was way, wayyyyy back before he started calling folks "gooks" nshit.

Off-topic: I am loving the way the Jamaicans are dominating the track! And I completely agree with you: I recall one track athlete complaining about all the blood hes had to give for their testing. Dude was like, "Im not going to be able to compete if they dont stop." I hate to sound like a hater, but I think they need to test that swimmer. Something just dont seem right in the water.


BigAssBelle said...

Johann Hari went "undercover" on a National Review cruise a while back. The resulting report confirmed what I know from growing up around the selfish elitist racist motherfuckers. They're selfish, elitist, racist, judgmental, hateful.

It's an excellent read, especially if you weren't exposed to these fuckheads from birth.

But you're right. The Dems are little better. They at least pay lip service to inclusiveness.

It's a lesser of two evils decision, in my view. My socialist candidate will never make it in this country, thus I must support the Dem just to keep from wasting that vote.

Principal v. Reality. The decision sucks. I'll keep dreaming of my democratic socialist republic and keep holding my nose with one hand while I connect the arrow for the Dem candidate.

Republican. Never. Never.

Anonymous said...

FUCK YOU, Constructive Feedback.

Bush will have the responsibility for the next fucking flood, whether it be now or 100 years from now.


I read Analog. The editor had a great comment -- "Why not move New Orleans ten miles upriver?"

So you see, you contradict yourself. And yay, I would love to hear you do somersaults saying how it WONT be McBush's fault when it rains and everyone dies. Again.

Y'all are crazy, with the idea of independents. Register Democrat -- field independents inside the party system. Primary Primary Primary. You see, folks have been brainwashed in the general -- vote straight ticket, just pull the lever. You get enough people with fire on their britches, you can get a primary to turn out different. Few enough people show up to vote in 'em anyway.

Run Republican, Run Independent, but do it under the Democratic Name. That way you got a fightin' chance.

Miss Donna Edwards knew that principle. Learn it well.

Anonymous said...

I'm a democrat... is that a big surprise?

Only because I don't want to be a Republican, and most everything else is just throwing a vote away.

Let's start our own party, bro.

...OH and hey Field, if you'd be so kind to read this article I hammed out a while back:

It'd mean a lot to me. Your mentioning "colored people" reminded me of it. Nothin' wrong with bein' black.


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