Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dear God.

To steal a line from my man Oliver Willis, I like to think that I am like "kryptonite to stupid". So when I saw this article I cringed at just how stupid some folks can be.

Just imagine, right now in A-merry-ca some poor soul is on his knees, praying to the creator for it to rain on the "O" man's parade.

Dear God, could you please send buckets and buckets of rain---kind of like you did back in the days of Noah-- to rain down on this uppity Negro, Osama. Dear God, we think he could be the Anti-christ here on earth; or worse, a communist. So we really need you to show him and all of his followers who is the boss. Dear God, they are talking about 75,000 lost souls in that huge house that Elway built, so there will be a nice large audience for you to display your powers.

And dear God, please don't let that uppity Negro think that he can take your place here on earth, because he already thinks that he has some of your powers. I see how people flock to him lord, and how they faint in his presence and I know it's the work of the devil. We know that he couldn't be the chosen one dear lord because, well, he is a Negro.

Thank you for hearing my prayers dear lord, and like those Negro rappers like to say: "let it rain."

You can't make this shit up. Well, you can make it up, I just did. But you and I both know that someone actually had or is having a similar prayer right now.

Steward Shepard of the Focus on the Family political arm said that was meant to be "mildly humorous". "MILDLY HUMOROUS"? No Stewart, that shit is hilarious.

"If people took it seriously, we regret it.."

Try telling that to all those people who already sent up their prayers to God.


Anonymous said...

In a weird way, I'd almost prefer it if these guys didn't try to pretend it isn't about Race,it's about qualifications, experience, etc. I think I'd respect them more if they just came right out and said it, rather than trying to sugar coat it in double-speak.

I mean they're thinking the N work while saying KneeGrow...they don't follo anyone, or maybe they do ...

Anonymous said...


Jody said...

Now wait just a cotton pickin minute! Focus on the Family has been tellin me for YEARS that I am the anti-christ!... well, not JUST me... me and all my other homo-sex-ual, lesbian, man hating, baby eating, marriage killin kith and kin.
Does this mean we are off the hook? Are we sooo yesterday's anti-christ... I feel so, so, passe!

Anonymous said...

I think we are watching the beginning of the end of the greatness of america...McCain will win--simply because it is time america bite the dust, just like the romans did. Everything built by man that rises must fall..and the decay always start from the inside.

Anonymous said...


That is the beyond the realm of stupidity. He had nothing else better to do but to ask God for something that is so petty. Does not realize that there are parts of the world are going through droughts, and it would have better to ask for it to rain where it is actually need? What a jackass.

And the arrogance in believing that God has nothing else better to do than to fulfill such an inane request. There are times when I think that if there is a God, he or she is looking down at us and just laughing. We are one big sitcom and it's probably reason why God has not smitten us because it means he or she wouldn't have anything to laugh about. Unbelievable.

field negro said...

jody, is that why we have all these murders here in Killadelphia? The Anti-Christ has been living here with us all along?

sigilius,you are scaring me.

anon. 10:30, I don't think the can pretend anymore, do you?

Dam ..pissed at this country.. why don't you say how you really feel?

hennasplace, I like how they tried to play it off as somewhat of a joke when they realized how stupid they looked. They know damn good and well that they were serious.

Jody said...

OT... (ok Im in a mood) Favorite Quote of the Day:

"Not every wrong, or even every violation of the law, is a crime. In this instance, the two joint reports found only violations of the civil service laws."
US Attorney General Mukasey

I highly suggest that attorneys now use this in court to explain to the judge why their client should not be prosecuted... your honor, you know, not every violation of the law is a crime, and my client may have done wrong, but our own attorney general says that it isn't a crime and so, hey no need to prosecute!

field negro said...

"It's true we need rain in Denver (My backyard is dying), but this guy is an idiot. Like most pseudo-christian, right-wing nutjobs, he's so confused and out of touch that he doesn't realize that Mile High will be packed with 75,000 people, come rain or shine, waiting for history to be made and praying for a reason to believe our beloved and battered country can save itself. Let it rain! Let it wash away the filth and stupidity of the last eight years!"


Those great comments were from a poster over at another blog named "Purple Patriot". And I think they actually live in Denver.

Anonymous said...

What are these people going to do when Jesus comes back and they find out he's Black?

Christopher said...

Organized religion has this pesky tendency of attracting dumb people.

Think: The Westboro Baptist Church and their "God Hates Fags" campaign.

True, not every person of faith is evil or vicious or has their head up their ass but too many do for comfort.

Admiral Komack said...

They pulled the stupid video.
God does work in mysterious ways.

Doc L said...

I can't resist extending their not funny, stupid, and deliberate analogy, and flipping it on them: Somehow I suspect the O man is Noah, and those 75,000 are also in the ark (outdoor stadium or not). It was the ones joking at Noah who drowned.

Gryphen said...

Let's not be foolish here people. Those "Focus on the Family" morons were dead serious about trying to get their God to piss all over Obama's speech.

But then when everybody started to point out how ridiculous they were they decided to pretend they were not really that pathetic.

But we all know that they were. Don't we?

Unknown said...

Stupid is, as Stupid does! Stewart tried to backpedal with that "it's a joke" nonsense and he knows, and we know he's lying!

What kills me more than Stewart's stupidity is the fact that there are some "Christians" who really did pray for that nonsense, which means to me that they don't believe that God has a plan or any power! do they for one minute think that their prayers are going to change what God has in store for the world? Whether Obama is the anti-Christ or not, doesn't God ALREADY know?

Get a clue people, God already knows the outcome of this race, he has already ordained it

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, you did a post a few weeks back and called it the silly season, or something like that. We're still in it. And this latest episode of praying for rain illustrative just how low we've become. Behind it lurks racism, sexism and homophobia so deep that we dare not call it what it is: White America, especially white fundamental christian America, hates some of "God's children"-- that's black folks, that's black men, especially-- with passion normally reserved for gang rapists and pedaphiles.

field, it's really hilarious-- until you stop and think about how it keeps us from dealing with jobs leaving the country, people being thrown out of their homes and on their ass and our soldiers walking around as sitting ducks in a country with people who hate us and shout all praises to Allah each time an American soldiers goes down.

Yeah, we're loving our stupid country to death.

field negro said...

God does work in mysterious ways.

Yes he does. And I co-sign with folks who say that these clowns were serious.

Christopher, thanks for reminding me about the Westboro Baptist folks. Are they even still around?

"Somehow I suspect the O man is Noah, and those 75,000 are also in the ark (outdoor stadium or not)."

doc 1 wouldn't it have been funny if the stadium had a retractable roof?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

It truly is the silly season. I was over at Black Snob's blog and she went off on an op-ed (I think it was the Boston Globe's) called the Audacity of Ego.

It seems some folks have a problem with Negroes who don't know their place.

Constructive Feedback said...


I agree with you that this particular group who proclaims itself to be a religious group but has acted in a way that is clearly partisan is out of line. "God don't like these type of ugly practices".

I just hope that you will also one day call out the various liberal and Black churches that are operating as an "Obama 501c3" each Sunday - virtually passing around the collection plate for the "building fund" and then passing out the plate once again for the "Obama fund".

Christopher says:
[quote]Organized religion has this pesky tendency of attracting dumb people.[/quote]

Secular society has the ability to both attract and create "dumb people".

At least "organized religion" has a RULE BOOK that someone can challenge the fraudulent player against. In the world of Secular Progressivism you guys make it all up as you go along. Instead of a reference to measure you all attack the people who disagree with you for they are the enemy and you are right.

Jody said...

UnCon...doesn't your RULE BOOK say something about Thou Shalt Not Kill. I think its one of the BIG rules.... And yet, you say you support the war.... um, that would be lots of killing....
And didn't your RULE BOOK tell the story about some dude, think his name was Jesus, who went around feeding the hungry and healing the sick? And didn't that dude do it without asking for money, yet in one of your earlier posts you said you didn't believe people had a right to health care. That hey, if they are sick and they cant afford healing, well, too bad. But wait, aren't you supposed to act like that Jesus dude? Isn't that what he told you to do.... follow him? Think he said that the only way to salvation was to follow him....

But hey, what do I know... as I said before, I am just a secular heathen, anti-christ.

Christopher said...

Christopher, thanks for reminding me about the Westboro Baptist folks. Are they even still around?


Unfortunately, the Westboro Baptist Church is alive and active.

Despite having multiple lawsuits levied against them where the litigant(s) prevailed, Fred "Freeper" Phelps marshals on.

Targeting the families of American soldiers who died in service to this country, is an example of evil and moral bareness that I can't wrap my brain around. In service to "God" and "Christ" these are the same people who could firebomb buses with little Black children aboard in the name of Christianity.

Christopher said...

(Un)constructive Feedsack opines: "Instead of a reference to measure you all attack the people who disagree with you for they are the enemy and you are right.

You dumb fucker, you're describing yourself but your lack of self-awareness prevents you from seeing it.

La♥audiobooks said...

Hey Con. Feed. I always read your comments. I respect many things you say. I'm not trying to be a smart ass or anything, but I'm just curious, who are you going to vote for? McSalty or O'holy?

Since you're a black male repub, I was just curious...

Anonymous said...

Given that the current administration is doing its level best to restrict the rights of minorities, CF should contact the FEC and make a formal complaint. Since Black churches have been under the microscope since, like ever, I think they might have learned to be well within the confines of the law. This may not hold true for the whitey-white megachurches. More than one has been recorded as campaigning for Republicans and should have lost their tax-exempt status.

Golly CF, the first viable AfAm candidate in 300 years...you think maybe the Black church has no need to prosetylyze?

Fat white guy makes racist comments and then claims he was, "just joking". Focus on the Sopranos found out that the rest of us are on to their little scam and now is the time to crawl back under the rock. ObamaLight will burn them.


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous with a capital R. It's sad but true that someone out there is praying for rain, but guess what?

Obama's gonna give his speech accepting the nomination no matter what the weather.

Yes, America's got some real stupid people.

Najmah said...

heartsandflowers said...
"What are these people going to do when Jesus comes back and they find out he's Black?"


Man, I love the posters here Field. Many thanks for what you all do.

Anonymous said...


I do not think it's the intent of organized religion to have a rule book. Human beings created rules because it's way to self-regulate and control whatever impulses that may not be socially acceptable. Religion gives many people comfort in explaining what is unexplainable, and sometimes people can go too far and become fanatics. There are fanatics on the both sides of the spectrum, and CF you tend put all of the progressive thinkers into the same group of far liberals who are fanatics as well.

However, I do not think anyone is the position to determine what is right or wrong. I was thinking the other day while washing dishes that whether a person makes a choice to do the right or wrong thing, there are still consequences that can have a positive or negative impact. I think what's more important anyone's value system is the ability of discernment. It's important to have good judgement. For example, there are some people looking for an individual to kill him or her. The group walks up to me and ask if I have seen this person, but I know if I tell the truth and say yes, they are going to kill the person. I make the decision to lie and say no to save that person's life. Is lying wrong? The black and white answer is yes, but then so is killing someone so I made the decision which wrong is better. I couldn't live with the fact that they kill the person, but I can live with lie because it saved another person's life. Sometimes it's always a good thing to be right, but it's it's important to do the best thing by having a good judgement. Right and wrong are subjective as well. It's tricky and not as simple as we like to be either. However, the guy praying for the rain is still jackass.

Dark Moon said...

It is interesting how pundits sneer at the near worshipful status that is accorded Obama in some circles, yet they turn around and use the righteousness right hand of God holy fire and damnation to promote something so inherent ridiculous and unchristian. Is this an attempt to be ironic in order to sneer at Obmaholics as sheep?
Interesting still that no one saw fit to pray for the destruction of George and Co when he was elected once again into an office that further pushed many Americans into moral and economic poverty. The unfortunate part of right ring Christian lunacy is the fact that what Jesus stood for and his actual beliefs beyond the spin put forth by Paul would have painted Jesus a flea bitten hemorrhaging socialist.

On another note, anti Obama crusaders don’t have to rely on prayers and incantations to defeat him since, Corsi is using a man made publishing machine in which he can throw enough shit out there and convert more corprophiliancs in his book Obama Nation.
The goal is to defeat Obama,” Mr. Corsi said in a telephone interview. “I don’t want Obama to be in office,
With his screed that may be all the convincing some people need not to vote and to rationalize their belief in thinking that a Minority can actually be a leader of *gasp* America.

Kristin said...

ROTFLMBAO! I am feeling a bit under the weather today and this is exactly what I need to pick me up.

Jody said...

Oh yea, Field, the side bar of the "slanty eyes" asking if this is racist.... you can't tell cuz your not Chinese... seriously?
No brainer... it is offensive. Isn't a part of our jobs as allies to all people to do our homework and be able to see outside our own experiences to expand our understanding?
Seriously?? Imagine all the white folks sayin, hey, didn't know ________ (fill in the blank) that was racist cuz I'm not black. Come on now.....

David Sullivan said...

Dear Jesus,

Please come back to earth and tell all of these crazy, right wing, gun toteing, mega church going fuck heads that you don't sanction their egomanical proselytizing. Tell them that they don't speak for you or your dad and that if they don't cut the shit you will drown them all bibically. You did say "treat others as you wish to be treated" so I guess they all want to get rained on and flooded as thats what they wish on Mr. Obama and his supporters. Could you please answer their prayers?


Anonymous said...

For example, there are some people looking for an individual to kill him or her. The group walks up to me and ask if I have seen this person, but I know if I tell the truth and say yes, they are going to kill the person. I make the decision to lie and say no to save that person's life. Is lying wrong?

I hear ya on the subjectivity of "right and wrong." You can consider the other layers to your scenario... such as - what if the target is a child murderer? While we can admit that wisdom must prevail, what if another's "wisdom" has a perspective not our own?

Kellybelle said...

"Mildly Humorous" is what you call satire you mean.

Anonymous said...


That is not up to me, but it's for the legal system to decide his or her fate. If the person is a child murderer, I will be the first person to turn him or her into the police. Do not get me wrong, I do think that rules are important. However, what history teaches us about revenge killings, it's not best for the society because we tend to turn us into our worst selves. We learned that from lynchings in the south, and revenge groups does not think or care much about evidence. You are correct Hawa it is more about my value system, and there is no real standard value system. I know that people would love that there is one, but it isn't. However, many people need structure and stability, and it is not always conducive to real life. Believe or not most of us have our own value of right and wrong, and it's also different sometimes that of our parents. Personal value system also changes, particularly we face with something we have not experienced. It reminds of the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr which is to be commonly used at AA, but the prayer is about a more realistic view about life. It's about discernment:

God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.

I do not think you have to religious person or an alcoholic to get the point of the prayer, but we all make a choice to decide what you can and cannot change. The tricky part is figuring it out.

NSangoma said...

field negro

shirley you jest, Negroe:

If they stood there with a finger pressing their noses flat and sticking out their bottom lips; what would you think then?

The original possessors of the epicanthic eyefold are African peoples.
Yes, my eyes slant and I am as Noir as tar; I gotz the thick lips and flat nose, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the mental defect of religion does not discriminate. Check out the link below. CRAZY AND DERANGED.


La♥audiobooks said...

Sorry, not to change the subject...

but I have to tell you. I do not agree with you calling Beyonce "house negro of the day".
You should give the sister a little more credit. She worked hard to be where she's at today! She's NOT a house negro, she's a house negress instead. Thank you! lol.

NSangoma said...


Kelly Rowland was actually the best looking member of Destiny's Child. But she be too dark for yall.

You darky Negroes just be lubbin' own yall some yella. So yall got what yall wanted, a yella gal heroine.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles so yellah dat she say she creole; she so yellah dat she say she Latina; watch out now, soon she be whidte.

Anonymous said...

Focus on your own family mofos"


rainywalker said...

These people make us all look bad. God is likly laughing to.

west coast story said...

In response to US players apparently pulling their eyes back at the corners, maybe the Chinese athletes could divine a way to dramatize Americans as backward dumbasses. Unfortunately, trying to sum up that much stupidity in a single gesture might be impossible. A couple of them look brown. If that's so, could we make them the collective lawn jockeys for the rest of the Olympics? Nothing worse than going to a foreign country and cooning for Mr. Charlie. Somebody needs to stir fry their ignorant behinds.

La♥audiobooks said...

"maybe the Chinese athletes could divine a way to dramatize Americans as backward dumbasses. Unfortunately,

West Cost, they are not American. I think they re Spanish (Spain). Maybe the Chinese should demonstrate how stupid and absurd it looks to have bulls chase people through the streets. Who the fck else does that sht?

west coast story said...

My bad. I just assumed the buttheads were us. Thanks for pointing out we don't have a corner on that market.

And Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. (rim shot)

? said...

I guess the Chinese responded by taking it out on blacks and Mongolians who have been banned from bars in Bejing.

daedalus2u said...

Field, what is pretty funny is that the GOP convention is being shortened on account of rain. Not just rain, but a hurricane. A hurricane named Gustav.


WWJD? I guess the people's prayers have been answered. The Lord works in mysterious ways. The frat boy had to cancel his appearance.

Who said that God didn't have a sense of humor?

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