Sunday, August 10, 2008


I want to thank a regular reader of the field's blog, for sending me an e-mail with the link to an interesting article.

Thank you Vaughn, and you are right; I don't think I will be doing my Carl Lewis imitation down Broad Street in my birthday suit.

Here is the article from the "New York Times," which was written by a gentleman by the name of Charles Blow:

"This is supposed to be the Democrats’ year of destiny. Bush is hobbling out of office, the economy is in the toilet, voters are sick of the war and the party’s wunderkind candidate is raking in money hand over fist.

So why is the presidential race a statistical dead heat? The pundits have offered a host of reasons, but one in particular deserves more exploration: racism.
Barack Obama’s candidacy has shed some light on the extremes of racism in America — how much has dissipated (especially among younger people) and how much remains.

According to a July New York Times/CBS News poll, when whites were asked whether they would be willing to vote for a black candidate, 5 percent confessed that they would not. That’s not so bad, right? But wait. The pollsters then rephrased the question to get a more accurate portrait of the sentiment. They asked the same whites if most of the people they knew would vote for a black candidate. Nineteen percent said that those they knew would not. Depending on how many people they know and how well they know them, this universe of voters could be substantial. That’s bad.

Welcome to the murky world of modern racism, where most of the open animus has been replaced by a shadowy bias that is difficult to measure. As Obama gently put it in his race speech, today’s racial “resentments aren’t always expressed in polite company.” However, they can be — and possibly will be — expressed in the privacy of the voting booth."

More here:

I think I will cut back my workouts now. And tomorrow, I think I will have a big fat cheese steak for lunch.


Jody said...

I am so tired of this bullshit arguement. FACT: Obama is the democratic nominee because a whole bunch of white folks voted for him. Period. We are statistically the majority in this country and right now the majority are overwhelmingly sick of how this country is goin. And, despite the best efforts of the pundits and pollsters... the majority of the American voters of all colors are gonna march into the voting booth come November and at the end of the day, Barack Hussein Obama is going to be our next president. Period.
So, get your ass in shape, mister. Cause I am gonna be on Broad Street. And, Im inviting all the Philly lawyers I know to join me!

SingaporeSwim said...

Only 5%? The Bradley effect is no doubt waiting in the wings.
That phenomenon may be down for the count but is still alive and kicking.

The reasons for those findings are deeper than racism. They also can be attributed to a complex of superiority, fear and our collective inclination towards the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Another thought occurred to me that those voters who will not vote for the black candidate and may not bring themselves to vote for McCain either could therefore stay home altogether. We do not pay attention to the number of whites who do not vote either as low voter turnout does cut across the board Low voter turnout typically benefits Republicans, and do not think that Obama doesn't know that fact. McCain has already pulled out of Iowa because the O man as you like to call organized the state early. Indiana may go towards McCain as there has been reports people defacing Obama campaign offices in the state. There is no question that race will be a major factor in the campaign. Indiana once had a huge KKK chapter in the 1920s before the grand wizard was convicted of rape and kidnapping of woman he was, and she got hold of some mercury which she digested that killed her while he held her capture, therefore convicted 2nd degree murder by causation. Strangely enough I read about the case in a criminal procedure class I took and very good example of causation, but I digress.

Field, I do not want running down the street in your birthday because they lock you up in a mental hospital, and we do not want that. I have a wait and see attitude about it and how effective The O man can make up the difference by getting other demographics such as college students, more blacks and latinos, and single women as that is another group that has a low voter turnout. The O man could tweak a win despite the racism, but we will see.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, call me a pessimist but I still see race as an issue. Yes, a lot of white folks voted for him but the fact that the polls have him and McCrazy almost dead even tells me that while many folks are tired of what's going on in this country, there are still quite a few who are so entrenched in racist thoughts that they will vote against their own interest before voting for a Black man.

Obama needs all types of white folks to vote for him, most that did are able to get beyond race but too many are not able to.

So while I won't tell Field to slack off on that exercise in preparation for that run =), I suspect he can eat that cheese steak tomorrow for lunch.

Ramona Z. Lear said...


Enjoy that cheese steak, because you might be right this time, brother...


p.s. I am still hoping against hope!!!

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't whites be cautious of who they vote for? With the Hispanic advocates suing them over every issue and winning - even when they are representing illegals, they would be stupid to ignore race.
Are blacks even concerned about the racism of the Hispanics? They should be. Study the website for MECHA. First of all, it is Communist. Second, they are the future leaders and they refuse to assimilate.
This will make everything harder for your children.
Better get involved and quit blaming the whites for everything.
The Hispanics don't say nice things about you behind your back.

SingaporeSwim said...

Many white peeps immediately disengage when the subject of racism is mentioned, especially by us.

They feel tarred & feathered by it and are fed up with our old faithful "excuse."

They claim to neither hear, see, nor speak the evil of racism.

SingaporeSwim said...

Barring any major setbacks of the John Edwards variety or worse, I know that Obie will win in November.
Racism notwithstanding, this country is not that out to lunch.
*crossing fingers and toes*

Anonymous said...

So instead of voting for a 50% black man (50% white) who is young, healthy, highly intelligent, charismatic, and has good communication skills, these morons will instead vote for a man who is in his 70s, has greatly diminished mental capability, is hot tempered, and will continue the failed policies of the Bush administration whom most of them detest.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

who cares what color he is. he is a fucking empty suit. he stole the nod from the most qualifed candidate in the history of the contest.

he is an empty suit. white, still empty. black, still empty. he is an empty suit. a fraud.

Anonymous said...

WOW. A lot of angry comments here.
I'm not white, either, but not filled with envy and bitterness.
Why is that?
Someone please take over my monthly payments to the boy in Rwanda.
You know, there are a lot of white people who are actually part Asian and part Indian and lots of other races.
Be careful who you hate.
You people really scare me.

Anonymous said...

No age discrimination against McCain....none at all.
And lots of older people cruising the net.

SingaporeSwim said...

You must not become restless like a K-9 in heat when it comes to Obama's destiny.

The majority of peeps who vote for Prez this year will vote with their interests and the country's in mind.

Anonymous said...

It's not in your interest to vote for someone who caters to the illegals. Why don't you do some research and learn how much of your tax dollars are going to them? By the way, they can self-declare their earnings to get Medicaid while citizens have to cough up their social security number - have their wage screens checked - and then can get denied any benefits.
You younger people listen to the illegals and the children of illegals and take their propaganda at face value.
Think. Study. Investigate.
It is you the older people care about. But you don't even care enough about your future to study what is going on.

szechuanpork said...

When I meet a white Dem that's not voting for Obama I'll be more convinced that's it's racism. There's just so many reasons for them not to vote for Obama it seems unlikely but still possible for a small number. It seems harder to pin racism on the independents who would be drawn to McCain on his voting record. What I hear a lot in conversations with Dems is just an uncertainty about what Obama is about. I don't understand this but whatever, they are still voting for him.

SingaporeSwim said...

Anon 9:56,
No candidate will ever have the ideal or perfect platform.

Illegals are not going anywhere and are not a paramount concern of mine.

My tax dollars not only go to illegals but to the wealthy as well.

Anonymous said...

Truely, depressing.


Jody said...

anon 9:21... we are on to your divide and conqueor game... aint gonna work. Go away. Viva La Raza! Viva Obama!

SingaporeSwim said...

1. From the tone of your 9:36 post, you are a Hill supporter. She who wanted to give illegals in NY state a drivers license.

2. As Jody points out, your 9:21 post illustrates that you are attempting to infiltrate w/a lamestream media created schism that does not exist between blacks and hispanics.

Christopher said...

I wonder how far ahead the eastcoast media elites think Barack Obama should be at this point?

Some polls show him ahead by 7 points, others 5 points.

Wait until Obama emerges from the Democratic National Convention and he basks in the glow of the post-convention bump. Shit even the Old Coot McCain may get a small bump after the GOP has it's hootenanny in September.

But this much I know and it has nothing to do with race: Barack Obama needs to stop being so nice, so reverential, when he mentions McCain. Drop the, "I respect John McCain's service to his country, but.....," please Barack, please, cut that shit out.

The Old Coot was a POW forty years ago. We all know the saga of his 5 1/2 in captivity but it was a long time ago and the Old Coot is bashing your character today. Obama has got to clip McCain in the knees and hard -- don't be afraid of going all Southside Chicago on him.

Americans like toughness in the candidates. If the Old Coot successfully paints Obama as a pussy, the election is over and we will have the third Bush term.

JP said...

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified to be president because she used to fuck a former one. I guess that makes qualified to be an accountant. Let me apply for some jobs at Ersnt and Young.

Anonymous said...


It seems that you are on let's get rid of the illegal immigrants stance tonight. Generally speaking, illegal can get medical attention through hospitals that cater to individuals with no health coverage. In fact, there is a hospital in Houston, one of the best neo-natal care facilities in the country and one out of every four patients has no medical coverage. Of course, that does include a number of immigrants, but how huge that may, I do not know. If I would to break down my tax dollars for the sake of your argument, it would not be very much. People that a certain percentage of our tax dollars goes towards administrative costs Yes, 21% of the federal budget went towards Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP with nearly 2/3 of the $572Bn or $375Bn was allocated towards Medicare in 2007 which indicates that senior citizens are getting a larger share, and that makes sense has the older we get the sicker we become. We do not have an accurate number of immigrants getting medical care as many are not going to seek medical attention. I've been to the ER and no one asked me if I were a U.S. citizen. They will ask about insurance, but not necessarily your resident status.

Also, anon one can go to Budget and Policy Priorities considering Think. Study. Investigate. Which is good advice even for those who dispense it.

Anonymous said...

But what about this White Dem Fem who is voting the Green Party Ticket? The Green Party Ticket with Two Female POC?

Am I going to get slammed for racism? Certainly not sexism. Maybe idealism, which has never won an election, that is for sure.

Maybe I'll have to take some of the blame for McMoreoftheSame if my one vote is 'wasted' and he is president (gag reflex supressed) but I have voted my conscious ever since my family campaigned for Shirley Chilsom in 1972 and I'm not stopped in 2008 just because Mcwhateverhisnameis is on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Christopher! SOUTHSIDE ON HIM?? I almost fell outa my chair brotha! Now that would be funny! Represent!

Anonymous said...

Field, enjoy your cheesesteak sandwich but don't get it from Geno's unless you order it en español.

I wish Obama would go South Side on McCain. If only he were a hockey fan he'd get the message once you take him to a Blackhawks game.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they charged that hard working American for threatening O'bama.

szechuanpork said...

Christopher, "Americans like toughness in the candidates. If the Old Coot successfully paints Obama as a pussy, the election is over and we will have the third Bush term."

Obama is obviously a rugged individual. How else could he suggest we invade Pakistan unilaterally and preemptively? Obama is obviously the man of the hour.

Have you even bothered to compare the voting records of Obama and McCain? That might explain part of the polling conundrum. McCain appeals to the middle because he is the middle.

Anonymous said...

Field, at this point I'd rather read something by Kurtis Blow than Charles Blow.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I'm going to wait until late October to see how the polls are trending.

If Americans are really going to vote for McCain after everything we are learning about him, I don't know what to say.

To me the choice is very clear. Is Obama perfect? Of course not. He has flaws like everyone else. I feel strongly however that he is a better choice for President than Mr. Karl Rove will be running the country again McCain.

Bob said...

Not only do I hope Field has to run bareass down the street, I hope he does it Philly style while eating a pepperoni & provolone hoagie with a Mummer band marching behind him playing "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover."

But we'll know on election day if white folks who wouldn't vote for the geezer on the issues nonetheless voted for him because of THE Issue.

field negro said...

anon 9:21PM, unless you are a Native American, you might want to chill on that illegal immigrant talk. I mean aren't we all illegal immigrants?

singaporeswim said it best:

"Illegals are not going anywhere and are not a paramount concern of mine.

My tax dollars not only go to illegals but to the wealthy as well."

jody, I hope it won't be cold in November here in our fair city. I don't think that chilly air against my...ahem,johnson, will be a very pleasant feeling.

"Field, at this point I'd rather read something by Kurtis Blow than Charles Blow."

Now chachabowl, that was funny.

"Field, enjoy your cheesesteak sandwich but don't get it from Geno's unless you order it en español."

Don't worry r.j., I don't patronize that xenophobe. Besides, their steaks don't stack up to a hundred other joints here in the city.

GD said...

Fact is, a 5 point lead in the popular vote works out to somewhere between 115 and 200 point victory in the electoral college.

In other words, what the O-Man has right now is enough for a freakin' electoral landslide!

Anonymous said...

What does a national poll tell you about 50 separate state elections? Why do we pay attention to a national poll when we don't have one big national election? These daily and weekly polls are just a media trickbag for their own ratings.

Christopher said...

Douchebag Quote of the Day

"I know his grandmother lives in Hawaii and I know Hawaii is a state, but it has the look of him going off to some sort of foreign, exotic place. He should be in Myrtle Beach, and, you know, if he’s going to take a vacation at this time.” - Cokie Roberts, shamelessly attacking Barack Obama on ABC’s 'This Week'

Cokie Roberts, a white, southern woman, hails from a wealthy political and cotton growin' clan, whose family at one time, owned hundreds of slaves.

Must really gall her brittle bones to be witness to a Black man just this close to becoming our next president.

Jibreel Riley said...

Bradly Affect still rings a bell? Plus when will you people get the fact that many in this country really dont want the Lake Shore Liberal as President.

Anonymous said...

Field, I hate to say it, but you're gonna be running naked.
The National polls do not count. It's the electoral college map polls that do count, and they are all showing an Obama landslide., whose owner predicted the White Sox collapse after 2005 before the season started, was on TV last week showing off his map.

Your state will go "blue" and so will likely OH, especially after McLobbyist helped kill their jobs. And that's all he wrote.

You better pray for a freak blizzard on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

hang on, I wrote it wrong. that's the one you want.

Jibreel Riley said...

I got a better map for ya... I see RED in: MI, PA and Ohio

Anonymous said...

@ Christopher, I heard that comment this morning on NPR and also was like WTF? How anyone can criticize him for going on a vacation to where he has family seems a bit silly. On the other hand we know if it was McCain no one would say jack.

Christopher said...


ABC News really has it out for Obama.

Remember in that last debates they unleashed Hillary Clinton's attack chihuahua, George Stephanopolous on Obama?

But Cokie Roberts -- a defender of both Bush and Cheney, really has it out for Obama.

Eccentric1 said...

Field, even though I sent you the article, I'm still hoping against hope. Enjoy the cheese steak and other thickening foods. But, I think you should be prepared to run just in case! Your theme music should be Born Free, by Roger Williams.

Anonymous said...

I heard Cokie Roberts' statement this morning on Morning Edition talking with Renee Montagne during her weekly analysis. I really do not understand the statement or where it was coming from because Obama was born Hawaii, his grandmother and sister live still there. Hawaii is a state and also have a level of poverty as well. Imagine if he went on vacation elsewhere, then he would criticized for not going to to see his elderly grandmother. It's Catch-22, he is damn if he does, and damn if he doesn't.

Christopher said...

Cokie Roberts is the Traveling Gnome's angry step-mother.

Anonymous said...

"who cares what color he is. he is a fucking empty suit. he stole the nod from the most [sic] qualifed candidate in the history of the contest."

If I wrote crap like that I'd post anonymously too. :-)

Obama did not have to steal the "nod", the Clinton's lost the nod without any body's help. If Hillary (who had to loan millions of her own dollars to keep her campaign afloat), could not even manage her own campaign in a financially responsible way, how do you think she would handle our nation's economy, which in case you hadn't noticed is bankrupt.

UncleTomRuckusInGoodWhiteWorld said...

One thing about these polls…I prefer ones that only do registered voters and also ones that are broken out by state, because we do not elect presidents based on popular vote, so if the majority of these type of people are concentrated in states no Democratic (especially Obama) would win (most of the South for example) it doesn’t mean too much. What I’m worried about is Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, and Nevada.

Anonymous said...

anon-what do you mean by "hispanics" Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans? Most east coast "hispanics" like me identify with being black, spanish people.You must be talking about Mexicans with your code word illegal. stop speaking for a race of people you cannot identify, and you are not apart of. " they refuse to assimilate" yes, we refuse to give up our "culture" (after slavery, what was left) we have our own minds, and will not follow the Europeans example, just because you only know one language there is no need to be jealous.

more and more white people are trying to claim they are Native Americans, I've been to the reservation and never seen one of y'all there.

Don said...

The game of racsim has changed, I think everyone should be willing to admit that. I agree - although it's not as blatant as yesterday, it now has taken a more subtle yet clear approach. Almost to the point where it gives a more backfired effect. LOL.

Enjoyed the read.

Foofa said...

Speaking of workouts...can we get a shout out for Cullen Jones. Not only did the brother win an Olympic gold medal and contribute to a new world record but he is educating the youth about the importance of learning to swim since Black children are almost 3 times more likely to drown than whites. That's someone to talk about.

Anonymous said...

My people came here from southern Europe in the early 1900s. They didn't become "white" until sometime later. I'm voting for Obama for a number of reasons, none of which have to do with skin color or family background. I have many many issues with the "frat boy," all of which attack our country at its very core, but the one issue that goes to the heart of who we are as Americans is the use of torture. McCain was against torture before he was for it. Obama has said unequivocally that it will stop. I'll give him a lot of leeway on a lot of other issues over the next four years, if he'll just keep this one promise.

field negro said...

Natalie, you are right, major props to Mr.Jones.What he is doing has FN behavior written all over it.

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE! 95% of blacks vote for Obama and its simply because of policies. 60% of whites vote for McCain and the only explanation is racism.

Is there no end to black whining?

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE! 95% of blacks vote for Obama and its simply because of policies. 60% of whites vote for McCain and the only explanation is racism.

Is there no end to black whining?

1:34 PM
This dude is a bitch

Anonymous said...

No, anon. We're not gonna stop. Ever.

Pelmo said...

Anonymous, if your black and vote for Obama at a 95% clip it's called
black pride, but if your white and you don't vote for him then it's racism.

You think it's bad now, wait to see what happens if he gets elected and any screws ups on his part will all be blamed on racism.

Anonymous said...

No, YOU and your ilk will blame any screw ups on his part on his being black.

west coast story said...

pay attention to the line that says legal immigrants have a five-year waiting period for Medicaid. Nowhere does it say that the undocumented are eligible for Medicaid.

Keep flinging that poo. Maybe some of it will stick to.

Nick Stump said...

I'll take a break from the usual political chatter today and take out some of my old Issac Hayes vinyl. That opening wah-wah guitar part in the Shaft theme still sets my blood on fire.

God Bless you Issac. Have a sweet ride to the promised land. Your departure has made this old guitar player's world a whole lot smaller.

field negro said...

Amen Nick!

And WCS; way to call out bulls**t.

THE Chocolate Bride said...

Hello Field -

Long time reader - first time commenter.

LOVE YOU DEARLY. I'm your number fan.

Has it ever occurred to you that "the race is in a dead heat" because that's what the media & pundits WANT you to believe? Hate to go there...but this is all a CON-spiracy. Paint a picture as though Obama is struggling - make people feel as though it's not worth the time to go vote - and give McCain the White House. I aint fallin' for the okey-doke.

The very moment Obama won the Iowa primary, polls became 100% irrelevant in my world.

In all my 37 years of being on this earth, I've never participated in a freakin' poll. Who in the hell are they polling? And who died and made PUNDITS kings? Pundits are merely folk with opinions. And hell....I got one of those. Does that make me a pundit?

I hope the price of gas goes down a little that I can take a road trip to Philly come November. I'm sitting front row & center.

field negro said...

"I hope the price of gas goes down a little that I can take a road trip to Philly come November. I'm sitting front row & center."

LOL! Well chocolate bride, (BTW, I love the name) if your boy does win, and you do happen to come to Philly; I hope it's really really cold, and all you folks head for the warmth of wherever. And then I can do my quick streak in peace :)

BTW, I don't trust the polls either. Which is why I don't believe the "O" man is up by five points.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

I believe that there will be a large turnout of Democrats for Obama and fighting a racial head-wind, he'll win small. Maybe by 50electoral votes or so when he should win in a landslide if things were "fair". Things are never fair. Obama just plain outplayed Clinton. He spent 3 years building up tremendous media support for himself over Clinton in the primaries and took advantage of every stupid mistake on her part: letting MARK PENN moonlight as her campaign manager while keeping his day job as a PR MAN was the dumbest. This led to the second dumbest: doing nothing while Obama and Axelrod read the rule books for every state's primaries and/or caucuses.

I don't live in the states which for me makes the election of Obama all the more essential because McCain would be happy to blow the world in two and Obama is a natural peacemaker -- that is if he didn't have to woo a racist and bellicose electorate and media.

I fully expected McCain to get the royal treatment from the press. Wasn't that obvious? If it caught anybody by surprise because of all the help Obama got from the same press versus Clinton, well, I feel bad for you but that's American innocence and nothing else.

Nobody smelled a rat when after the Clinton conceded, the prevailing narrative among Obama supporters was still that the Clinton family was the REAL enemy? For real? That wasn't reality that was the media leading Obama supporters like lambs to the slaughter. But OK, if that's how it has to be, that's how it has to be. It doesn't affect me one iota. I'm not an American anymore.

I like Obama a lot and I liked him best when he got tough with the same press which had been kissing his ass. From the moment the Jeremiah Wright story went wide until Clinton's concession, I thought Obama was picture perfect. He was strong, clear, bright, sophisticated and inspiring.

He has been lame for the last 6-8 weeks. He has to realize exactly what was written in Field Negro's post. He's facing a terrible racist head wind in this. Combine that with a reflexive American love of all things military and Obama's got a tough job ahead of him despite being the clearest choice for president I've ever seen and I'm 47.

Obama, though, cannot rely on the good sense of the American people because they have no sense. He made a decision to forsake PARTY POWER and relationships for something else, probably the very media adulation which got him to this point. If a politician doesn't use instrumental party power politics to win, he or she had better LEAD on issues instead of following on them.

Obama made his deals. He rejected the #2 man in the Senate, Dick Durbin from his own state as his senate mentor in favor of Joe Lieberman. He curried favor with the White Christian Right by way of Pat Robertson and Rick Warren. He curried favor with the media by doing the "bootstraps" okey-doke and the "reaching across the aisle" thing. He even campaigned for Lieberman over Lamont in Connecticut.

I get it. It was a strategy. It worked to get him the nomination. Now, that's not going to work anymore. It didn't work for Gore and it didn't work for Kerry. Obama has to HAVE VIEWS ON ISSUES and LEAD ON THOSE VIEWS because he has completely alienated the party structure. They're happy they have a potentially great candidate but they surely don't like that candidate's way of doing business.

He's got problems with the Clintons, problems with the Deans and is rapidly stacking all sorts of problems with the Congressional Black Caucus which never really loved him to start with.

Obama can't play vague anymore. He's got to make some choices here. Is he a right-wing Christian social conservative or isn't he? Is he a believer in fiscal prudence and monetary neutraity or isn't he? Is he a believer in war or in peace?

How can he had no opinion on Russia+Ossetia v Georgia? But find time to make a speech trashing affirmative action?

I'm not American, so I expect that Obama will be some kind of right-wing loon on social policy. The platform he has is too extreme right for like Olmert or Jean Marie Le Pen. I don't care that he's anti-affirmative action. I don't care that he's Ultra-Christian Fundamentalist. I don't care that he's anti gay rights. I don't care that he's anti-single payer health. I don't care that he's very wishy washy on a woman's right to choose. I don't care that he's a huge death penalty and punishment fanatic. I don't care about any of that. Those are American issues. My president, Martin Torrijos, has the "liberal" viewpoints on those issues and the liberal view on those policies are in effect and no one questions them. I don't have to live in a Right wing Obamaland. And down here skin color is a zero factor. Irrelevant to everything. I don't begrudge anybody's pride in Obama's story. I'm Jewish so I'm proud of Einstein. I'm Panamanian so I'm proud of Roberto Duran. Stop the presses. Who cares?

I do very much care about Obama's views of WAR and PEACE. I care about his views on the Middle East. On interventionism. On fiscal policy. On monetary policy. And every other issue that affects people outside of the US.

I want Obama to be pro-peace. I want him to be for civil rights, civil liberties, and the separation of church and state. I want him to be fiscally conservative and to signal his Fed that he wants a stronger dollar. I want him to stop borrowing money from China and Saudi Arabia.

I don't want Rice or Powell anywhere near him because they are sinister. If Rice and Powell are role models in the Black community then I'm going to start telling my son how proud he should be that he's from the same tribe which brought you Dutch Schultz and Leon Trotsky. I'll tell him in Spanish though.

But Obama has to win this election. And the only way he's going to be an insane McCain who's totally steadfast on his mania, is by getting out front and LEADING on issues that are important to him.

Field Negro, trust me, I may sound like a real bastard because Obama's history-making malarkey doesn't do it for me, in the absence of clarity on important issues, but I never

"...insist[] on imposing and maintaining an illusion of non-racist moral purity which provides little to no room for genuine self-examination or racial dialogue."

I'm a racist in the same way everyone else is. I'm neither Archie Bunker nor "a color-blind liberal." I'm just a lazy and selfish guy with a lot of opinions who rarely gets to write English anymore other than on the net.

BTW, I assume being a defense attorney you are aware that Obama's views on crime and punishment, wire tapping, privacy, bank privacy, etc., could not get him elected anywhere in the West for being too extreme Right.

momo said...

Polls, schmoles. I was in Chicago a few days ago with a friend who was wearing an Obama button. An older white dude came up and said he was a Republican, but he was voting for Obama. He was on his way to some kind of Republican party meeting, and she gave him the button; he said he was going to wear it there.
Just sayin'--I know of a LOT of folks who are talking like that.Lots of military families are fed up. I don't think we an break it down so easily any more.

Unknown said...

People can say whatever they'd like but there's no denying that race is a central and will be the deciding factor in this race. The world is watching and if we're not careful...we're going to show them just how far we HAVEN'T come in the past 200 years. If Barack Obama's name was "Daniel Thomas" or "Thomas Daniels" or whatever comes to mind when trying to make this point....and if he wasn't part African American (most people forget...he's just as white as he is black)..but that's right if you're black at all...this world says damn the rest - YOU'RE BLACK...But I digress...if he wasn't a black man...he would be blowing McCain out of the water right now. The race would be all but over....

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Barack Obama’s candidacy has shed some light on the extremes of racism in America [/quote]

:lol::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Obama will get 90%+ of the Black vote in America DESPITE the fact that the MACHINE that he is a part of runs their communities (ie: Southwest Philadelphia) and have eroded so many core social institutions during their reign.

Filled-Negro you are a "Non-White White Supremacist". The racial loyalties of WHITE FOLKS trumps your concern for the RACIAL LOYALTIES OF BLACK FOLKS.

Whites are RACISTS for "voting for their own kind" Blacks are CONSCIOUS for doing so.

Filled-Negro next time you talk to the "Thug In Training" drug dealer that you assist ask him the question "Please detail how you have benefited as a resident of Philadelphia with the fact that the Democrats run 100% of your city? How does this translate into your national support for them?"

You had better hope that the feds don't get this dude before November Filled-Negro. He represents one more vote for Barack Obama. If he is locked up - he won't be able to vote.

But I am sure you are working on this as a right.

Anonymous said...

If racist folks would like to see the world destroyed because they are afraid of white supremacy coming to a end, then so be it. As a person of color and being educated hard times and conflict is the norm. Sometimes you must hit the bottom before you can make it to the other words maybe suffering for all folks will help america wake up.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ ANONYMOUS: I don't live in the USA anymore and don't speak the language much except on the blogs. We often kid around in South America that it would be kind of interesting to see America actually ELECT McCain and see the whole country get flushed down the toilet, just figuring if they're stupid enough not to elect Obama who's so obviously superior in every way, they get what they deserve. But while a ruined America pays off for a little while, ultimately, it's bad for the world in terms of stability.

The damage that man has already promised you he'd cause is incalculable. McCain would make Americans pine for the golden age of W's diplomatic style!

CyberLizard said...

I heard a fascinating piece on NPR about the polling. It centered on the fact that telephone polling is conducted via land lines. When they analysed the polls in terms of who had cell phones and who had ONLY cell phones (no land line at all) and it painted a much different picture. Obama's lead jumped way up.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you found this article. It's so true and it's something that I've felt for a long time. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how, with all the polling on the economy and the war, Obama should be doing much better. So many TV talking heads wonder why he isn't performing better in the polls. It's obvious: he's black and people aren't comfortable supporting him. I dare anyone to identify any other reason that so many agree with his stands and position, his ideas and his policy, but refuse to vote for him. All those supported Hillary Clinton - who took almost identical positions to Obama - and are now supporting McCain.

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