Friday, August 29, 2008


I have never been to Alaska, and I am sure it's a beautiful state with wonderful people. But Mr. Morton, WTF? Sarah Palin? Here I was, ready to keep my clothes on come November and stay the hell off Broad Street, when you go and pull a stunt like this. You must really want me to lose my bet don't you? I am sorry, I must be missing something; if you are up in a football game with time running out, don't you call conservative plays and hold the ball? Why would you throw a hail Mary pass and risk giving the other team the ball? Mr. Morton, Sarah Palin is a fucking hail Mary pass, plain and simple.

I know I know, she is only 44, she is a woman, and she is a social conservative. So she has youth, gender, and conservative cred. All traits that I am sure you thought would help you. But being 44 and a two year Governor of a state that is closer to Moscow than New York, and less people than a Philly housing project isn't going to make the experience rap against his "O" nes fly. Being a woman isn't going to get her the Hillary vote (the one hundred or so folks at PUMA not withstanding), because the last time I checked the Hillaryites wanted to keep their right to do what they want to with their own bodies. And they sure as hell loved that their girl had a ton of experience; and they would have some serious issues with the former mayor of a town of 9,000 people just two years ago, rising to the second highest office in the country. The fact that she is a gun toting, gay hating lunatic, doesn't help her either. Yeah the stories of her background is cute, and I feel for her with the disabled child, but come on now....VP?

Hey, maybe Mr. Morton wanted his ticket to be able to beat the "O" man's ticket in B-ball. I hear that girlfriend actually hit the winning shot to win her high school team the Alaska state championship. ---I have seen your game "O" man, you can't go to your right, if girlfriend can shoot the jay you might have some problems. ---But seriously, Mr. Morton has really shuffled the deck here, and as someone who thinks he was a lock to win, I don't like it. He is forcing me into the gym more often than I want to go now (I will not be embarrassed running my naked middle aged ass down Broad street), and that's a problem.

I still can't figure this shit out. Why rock the boat and take chances when you didn't have to? Why not Tim, or Mitt, or Joe? Are the rethuglican ranks that thin? Hell, why not Elizabeth or Condi?

I don't know Mr. Morton, I always heard you were a little touched, but this confirms it. The thing is, A-merry-ca will still take a white woman over a black man every time, so this might not end up hurting you so much. Might not. But damn it man, did you have to make it any closer any needed than it needed to be?

Oh well folks, just in case, I am off to the gym. If anyone has the number of a really good personal trainer in the Philly area, please give the kid a call.


Christopher said...

She looks an awful lot like a cross between a transvestite and Marie Osmond.

Listening to her was like being forced to listen to HSN. Contrary to some stereotype, I hate anything to do with shopping, so I found McCain's Quayle instantly annoying.

-D said...

One word, Field: squats.

Also, start doing those chin-ups and arm curls. You've got until November 5.


Anonymous said...

Hi Field,

I wondered how long it might be before you were going to post comments on this.

Here is what I expect to see happen:

1) This will be framed as underdog story like Rocky: a woman with fierce determination navigates the political landscape of a man's world.

2) The fact that she is a working mother of five will play into the hands of the Republicans quite nicely. (As opposed to the Yale and Harvard elites in the Democratic party.)

3) Expect to see her stand on "The Right to Life" expressed through images of her child with Down's Syndrome.

4) Expect to hear implications that the Republicans considered a working class woman with only an undergraduate degree worthy of the VP role, while the liberal elites did consider their prime female candidate worthy of the role.

I suspect the Republicans use many different nuances to spin and frame this.

All the best,


Jody said...

I have been to Alaska and I gotta say this pick is really wierd! Alaskans say they are "going outside" when they talk of leaving Alaska to go to the lower 48. Alaska is the wildest place I have ever seen, I mean as in wilderness. The largest city is Anchorage and it only has 261 thousand people... and that is almost half the state, a state that is the largest in the US! This woman grew up there. She may be a perfectly nice person (not sayin she is or isn't) but she has NO CLUE as to life in urban cities, or even rural communities across most of the lower 48. In alot of ways, Alaska is like its own country. Each citizen gets an "allowance" from the state, just for living there. Even day and night are completely different than most of experience... with summers seeing no darkness and winters seeing no light.
There is no way her political experience in this environment has prepared her for the White House... seriously, McCain is 72 and not in great health... It is not unreasonable to think she could end up president. Like I said, she could be very decent, nice (not sayin she is or isnt) I honestly don't know a thing about her, except I DO know a little about Alaska, and it is just one of those places that is the least connected, literally with the lives of most Americans.

Anonymous said...

Of course she is against affirmative action and of course she only got picked because of her gender.

Republicans: Hypocrisy you can count on.

Black Diaspora said...

Sarah Palin is not a good choice for McThusla (someone here referred to him as that once ): she will bring too much attention to his advancing age with her youthful energy, spark debate as to whether he's sleeping with her, and bring her own baggage--Did she or did she not try to get her brother-in-law fired, and does she have the requisite experience to lead if McCain succumb to a debilitating illness, or fall over dead from the rigors of the office.

With that said, I believe that she will be a tough debate opponent for Joe Biden.

If they're deferring this much to McCain's military record, and POW experience, how do you attack a woman without appearing condescending, or sexist, and risk alienating the distaff base of the party, and the undecided.

It will present a tightrope act for both Biden and Obama.

I understand that Obama's people quickly pulled back and redacted a press release previously OKed in response to McCain's choice for a running mate for fear that it would send the wrong message, and backfire.

Doc L said...

Pandering at its most obvious. This truly was a hail mary. As the BlackSnob noted on her blog, he must have gotten spooked with what the O man did last night. She thinks Hillary(who ought to be totally insulted with this choice) is a whiner. She's met McCain once. She had no idea what the VP does day to day. She sounds like the frat boy trying to pronounce nuclear.

I know he is crazy, but amazingly Rush Limbaugh(gotta keep spying in the enemy camp) even had the nerve to say that she has more experience than the O man. I shutter to think about the country should McCain have an MI. We'll see how he spins the experience argument now.

But you're right, Field. The number one beneficiary of affirmative action--white females--will somehow get the edge. The rethugs will spin this until we're all dizzy.

Biden will eat her for lunch in their debate. But he'll have to be careful--she's a woman with a special needs child. The rethugs will try to use that to protect her.

McCain's timing was pretty shrewd though. Nobody's talking about the history made last night now. What a shame. Regardless of politics,any intelligent human being would not be blind to the significance of last night--a fitting bookend to the journey started exactly 45 years before--even using the "Dreamer's" words in the most powerful speech the "Fulfiller" has given yet. Now let the new journey begin. Because we sho' 'nuf have another fight on our hands.

Christopher said...

Maybe she does things for the Old Coot that Cindy Lou won't do?

Like give him anal?

Nelson said...

Just to add to Jimbo's suggestion. When doing squats: keep your back straight, make sure your knees don't go beyond the tips of your toes, and make sure you squat all the way down into a sitting position.

Just looking out field, because now it really does look like you will be going for a jog in November.

Anonymous said...

Shit, I talked about Obama all damn day and the vp choice for mcnuts just got Obama elected. Her prochoice anti ass isn't going to win any sympathy with me...I can not believe this mess....

Oh and Field, when your ass is streakin down the street, have the wifey take pictures...

Anonymous said...

Forget about whether on not this was a good move that will get him elected (the choice was made purely for that reason) the question is, do you trust the judgment of a man that claims "country first" and then, with his first presidential decision, cluster f**ks and picks some one that would make the US an immediate target should something happen to him (cancer does come back) and she becomes president. What are her qualifications with dealing with the complex international situations we are in (2 wars and a coming 3rd war). John McCain really thinks she is ready to lead in his place?
This means one of four things
1) John McCain is stupid and cant be trusted
2) John McCain thinks the American electorate is stupid therefore he cant be trusted
3) John McCain is now another puppet of the same people who run the Bush whitehouse so he defiantly cant be trusted
4) all of the above.

Gryphen said...

Hey Field,

Yes my friend my home of Alaska is indeed a beautiful place. We have great scenery and the most corrupt Republicans in the entire United States of America.


And if you want the straight poop on little "Miss Wasilla runner up" come on over to my blog and I will happily bring you up to speed.

I will even give you the 4-1-1 on our own little Plain scandal called "troopergate".

Anonymous said...

Dang Chris -- did you have to take it there? LOL!

Seriously, has anybody thought about the fact that given his age and health, and her age and history, she might end up being president AND pregnant?

I know Romney (not to mention Ridge, Sebelius, hell even Condi) have to be PISSED. Can you say Dan Quayle anyone?

You all are right -- Biden will have to work hard not to completely humiliate her in a debate, or risk the ire of these bitter bitches who are looking for a reason, any reason, not to vote for Obama. Knowing our boy Joe, he better start practicing now....

Anonymous said...

Meant to say Kay Bailey Hutchinson, not Sebelius

momo said...

This bitter bitch is voting for Obama, fuck you very much. A wingnut with a uterus is still a wingnut.

Anonymous said...

You gotta give it to the Republicans--they have big cajones. This is the epotime of a "quota" and anyone who is against affirmative action will have to hold their nose if they vote for McCain/Palin.

It's offensive to other Republicans who are much more experienced and possibly interested in the VP spot (Romney, Condolezza, Charlie Crist, Giuliani, Bobby Jindal, Huckabee).

As Vice President, she would also be President of the Senate and her experience with the Senate is limited, at best.

I don't think the neo-cons are going to embrace McCain's choice, but you never know... they treated Dan Quayle like he was a breath of fresh air.

field negro said...

Thanks gryphen, I will be sure to go to your blog and get the 411.

Jimbo, you and the rest of the people teasing me need to quit. Alright already,I will try snd get in the work :( (DAMN YOU MR.MORTON!!!!)

Adam, you make some good points, but at the end of the day, I think the cons outweigh the pros with her. But we will see.

momo, I am glad you are on my side :)

"Republicans: Hypocrisy you can count on."

ernesto, I like that slogan. But remember, to them, it's only hypocritical when the dems do it.

Anonymous said...

momo -- if the shoe fits, wear it -- but if you can see the light, then I wasn't talking about you.

Anonymous said...


Wish I could give you the name of a good trainer--but
I only run— or move--when chased . . . .

Palin is scary in a " I'll keep you chained to a bed if you have an unwanted pregnancy to keep you from exercising your legal reproductive rights" kind of way.

McCain done totally nutted up .

Lady Grey said...

Word on some blogs from alaska writers is Palin can leave a down syndrome baby after three days( and a pregnancy that never "showed" in the seventh month and was a sursprise to co-workers, and water that broke in CA but never saw a hospital until one speech and hours laterafter stopovers in Seattle, which surely have better hospitals for a high risk child.)...because she also has a teenage daughter who left high school for several months during the same period. Mono, her fellow students were told. Same daughter holding baby in photo ops. Holding baby in a quite maternal embrace, actually.

The child is fact, regardless of parentage, but leaving any new born,particularly a vulnerable special needs child, if there is any way to prevent it, after three days to go back to work, suggests a level of ambition,and greed only matched by McCain, and a lack of concern for "family values."

The first months after childbirth, hormonally compromised as they are with a normal baby, are particularly challenging for adjusting to a special needs child. Something doen't jibe, here.

Also. Parents don't necessarily know that their baby has down's syndrome unless they test through blood or amniocentesis--and tests are usually done on older parents in order to create the option of not having a child. Have to wonder how, and more to the point, WHY they knew or when. Of course an unexpected teen age pregnancy could be high enough risk to warrant it....

As another mother at 44, the statistics are really against having a down syndrome kid...

One of the mother's in my Lamaze group had hormone shots so she could nurse an adopted baby......

Anonymous said...

Wow...! Ya' gotta be kiddin!? This Sarah Palin is the best them repugnicans can do? And where was the busload of colored people in Dayton?
This is going to be almost embarrassing to witness the menopausal hillary brigade, brown shirt, neonazi, NRA guntotin'-biblethumpin amerikkkanz feed at the trough, and slop up the red meat of fear and apple-pie, flag waving aggressive ignorance.
How about a nationwide boycott of msm coverage of the dog and pony show about to play in Minnesota.
Thanks for this forum.
Georgia 'Flash'

Anonymous said...

McCain's pick of Palin was to get the votes from the extreme right-wing voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. Now, the right-wingers can feel comfortable that McCain has picked a VP (Palin) who has anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-conservation, NRA gun-carrying, etc. views.

She may also pick up some hardcore Hillary backers that have refused to support Obama.

Also, Palin with a 4-month old baby will be up anyway at 3:00 a.m. so she can take the 3:00 a.m. call.


field negro said...

Now now Georgia Flash, I actually saw two Negroes in the background.

Wow lady grey, thanks for the 411.I just went over to gryphen's site, and he has an interesting take as well.

field negro said...

"Also, Palin with a 4-month old baby will be up anyway at 3:00 a.m. so she can take the 3:00 a.m. call."

LMAO at that line:)

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Honestly, I think that this so called "smart card" that JM played was not so smart. In fact, I'm glad that he picked her.
I honestly thought that he was going to pull the trump card and select Kay Bailey Hutchinson to be his running mate. Although some say that Kay has the personality of a cardboard box, she is a older (66) year old woman, who has experience in state and federal government. She is a Christian. (That's how they like them.) And she strikes you like she is fair, in the middle, and open to supporting all people.

I figure the only reason why Kay is not his running mate is because she told him "no". I hear she has her heart set on being governor of Texas. I'm so glad...
Although I hate to see her be our governor, I would be messed up to see her serve as vice president to a JM residency. And that's what would've happened if she was his running mate. JM and his Republican boys would've had this race int he bag.

As for JB debating SP.. I think it's going to be okay. A white man can say things to a white woman that a black man could never get away with. So, JB will be able to handle up a lot better than BO did with HC in the debates. Nobody will accuse him of bullying her. And if they do start crying wolf, no one will pay the JM/SP crybabies any mind. At least that's what I think...

I still believe that we can.

Anonymous said...

The pick of Palin is a sure sign that McSame has lost his grip. Apparently his judgment is more faulty than most of us truly perceived. He has single-handedly destroyed his footing on the experience issue, and reduced his campaign to a ideological fight.

Black Diaspora said...

Sarah Hockey

Raised on a mountain top in Alaskee,
Coldest state in the land of the free.
Raised in the woods so's she knew every tree,
Killed her a moose when she was only three.

Sarah, Sarah Hockey, Queen of the Wild Frontier.

Fought single handed through the Demo war,
Till ol' Knowles was whipped and peace was restored.
And while she was handling this risky chore,
Made herself a legend, forevermore.

Sarah, Sarah Hockey, the woman who don't know fear.

She went off to City Council and served a spell
Fixin' up the government and laws as well.
Took over as Governor, I heard tell,
And took little smack, but gave'em lots of Hell.

Sarah, Sarah Hockey, seein' her duty clear.

Servin' in Juneau, thought her politickin' done,
While the White House march had just begun.
So she packed her gear, and her trusty gun
And let out a grinnin' to follow the sun.

Sarah, Sarah Hockey, Leadin' the Pioneer.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see what Saturday Night Live does with this woman. Between the 5 kids, the funny accent, beauty queen background and the cheerleader perkiness this should be good.

Michelle Obama and the girls looked great. They looked so good walking across the stage with the wind blowing through their fresh perms:).

Also, I dont know who picked up on this but Obama on Thursday night gave Biden's wife a big kiss on the lips and she looked shocked and Biden was very annoyed. I am suprised that the media did not run with that. He must have been so nervous that he kissed her IN the lips instead of on her cheek.

Kellybelle said...

PUMAs aren't going to cotton to Miss Congeniality. She's happy, married, getting some (five kids proves it), and cute. PUMAs like their icons miserable, bitter, with chips on shoulder and thick ankles. Like Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Brother Field... good read. white women versus Black male. No more need to be said. Also this choice provides the "KayLee effect". The precious little white girl led the family out during the introduction of the VP. As an addeum.. Palin gave props to Geraldine F. and Ms Clinton. Why not give Shirley Chisholm some props?

Anonymous said...

Brother Field... good read. white women versus Black male. No more need to be said. Also this choice provides the "KayLee effect". The precious little white girl led the family out during the introduction of the VP. As an addeum.. Palin gave props to Geraldine F. and Ms Clinton. Why not give Shirley Chisholm some props? Brother Field.. that Black guy in the background never clapped or showed emotions. He {with his little sister) kept looking at his watch. He wanted to get PAID and get the hell out of there. They pay you after the event.

Swiff said...


It's stupid....they know its stupid....but they're going for it anyway. What other choice do they have? They're trying to make lemonade.

Anonymous said...

What's so funny to watch on Cable News is how the Republican pundits are trying to spin this into a positive thing.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that Sarah Palin does not the role of the VP? Granted she isn't stupid, but it's another Clarence Thomas moment. I think it's a patronizing and blatantly obvious that he wants to court the Hilary voters. However, I am not sure that may not be that easy to go to the other side.

Personally, I wouldn't take the VP slot knowing that I have child with down syndrome. Trick and that's his name will get older and she may not know of is medical needs that may require her to be around. The child has special needs that is not so easy to balance. I really do now go under the pretense that I am every woman because it gets old really quickly.

She is a trophy VP, the beauty queen, and it's obvious that attractive person get attention. I honestly believe she was not completely vetted because she was a last minute choice. They realized that after Obama choose Biden that they could not go with Mitt Romney another rich guy on the ticket. Palin has a personal story that people will sympathize with. After the child with down syndrome and her oldest child going to Iraq will get a lot of play.

McCain no longer has the inexperience argument about Obama. However, Obama will have to be careful not to use the argument or he will be in turn considered the hypocrite.

I think Biden can have a debate with Palin without coming across being patronizing as he was not that way with Hilary and was with familiar with foreign policy.

I think it was a way for people to forget Obama's speech and try to create an historic moment for themselves. However, she is not first female on the ticket, and have a feeling he will cause low evangelical voter turn out, Most of them do not believe that a woman should be a Pastor of church not to mention VP of the United State.

Swiff said...

"However, she is not first female on the ticket, and have a feeling he will cause low evangelical voter turn out, Most of them do not believe that a woman should be a Pastor of church not to mention VP of the United State."

Think again. She's anti-abortion as hell. Even in cases of rape and incest.

Anonymous said...

Hennasplace: I'd say Bush appointing Hariet Miers would be a more appropriate analogy then Clarence Thomas. Also if Barack remind bitter old white women of the young guys who passed them up for promotions then surely Palin will remind them of the younger more attractive women their ex-husbands left them for. And McThusela knows all about that kind of shit well.

Anonymous said...

" I am baby, signed, sealed delivered I'm yours.."

"..ain't know stopping us now, we're on the stoppin', no stoppin'.."

thanks granny for reminding me of CSPAN I got to hear all the hits without the sound bites, even though I had to flip back and forth to CNN because it was in stereo unlike CSPAN. I tuned in at the right time: Bill Richardson, John Lewis( I have respected him since learning of SNCC) STEVIE WONDER!! ahhh!! and an inspiring, brought me to my feet speech!!

Si se puede, si se puede

Field- jumping rope lifts the butt and pecs

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who knows that Joe Biden's son is also going to Iraq in a few months?

Grata said...

"Listening to her was like being forced to listen to HSN. Contrary to some stereotype, I hate anything to do with shopping, so I found McCain's Quayle instantly annoying".

LOL! Thank goodness I am not the only one. The woman squeeks. Her voice is very irritating. That would be a first, a Commander in Chief with an annoying voice.

RiPPa said...

Look man, McCain made his decision after being kicked in the balls by Obama's speech. He was a lil emotionl after hearing it, and was forced to sit in a dark closet in one of his 40 houses and cry himself to sleep.

He only plays a tough guy on TV, but he's really a pussy. I'm pretty sure some retired Vietnamese POW prison guard could confirm this.

After you crash 5 military aircrafts, and graduate at the bottom of your class, what do you expect. Be happy Field. Hell, he could've tapped the shoulder of some white chick who lives in a trailer park with a G.E.D.

Anonymous said...

If the American people fall for this GIMMICK, then we deserve all that comes our way. This choice was not only stupid, how about insane. The kicker, at work today I saw Democratic women worried - are you fuc~!!!!!! kidding me. Oh, but I forgot, this is the country that voted for Bush because they felt they could have a beer with him and look how that turned out. These are dangerous times and we need to WAKE UP!!!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon. McCain screwed the pooch on this one. Relax.

Bob said...

Love the lyrics, Diaspora. I know the tune.

I wouldn't underestimate this woman. Yeah, she was instantly annoying when she started to talk. Looks a bit like Tina Fey, too. But they're gonna love her in rural Michigan, Ohio & Pa, & in the suburbs of Denver & Colorado Springs. We have to hope she makes some terrible mistatement, because VP candidates tend to fly under the radar once the campaign gets going, & this is a short general campaign.

The Christian Right will pour $$ into McCain's campaign now & pray for a President Palin.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I'm floored by this choice. She is not ready to lead this country.

It does shore up the far right base who never liked McCain but I don't think Independents and the feminist HRC supports (not to be confused with the so-called PUMAs) are going to support someone who is so anti-choice, anti-environment, anti-science.

Then again Bush was elected twice so who the hell knows what will happen in November.

I wonder how HRC is going to play this.

La♥audiobooks said...

Oh Field, I hope I'm welcomed here. I always feel at home, even though I get into trouble at times. I just got booted off another political black 'whatabout' blog along with other people apparently. All because I sipped O'laid and had something to say about all this ruckus.

So now I will only say, I am confused about this pick as well, and I'm curious to see how it's going to play out.

"I still can't figure this shit out. Why rock the boat and take chances when you didn't have to? Why not Tim, or Mitt, or Joe? Are the rethuglican ranks that thin? Hell, why not Elizabeth or Condi? "

Good point. But you know what, I wonder if Mc picked a black female Gov. of equal or higher esteem, would the Femi PUMAs still carry on with this racial vendetta in disguise? Gender over race, yeah right. All in all, I hope the PUMAs don't try to cut their nose to spite their face.

Liz Dwyer said...

It's a supremely pander-tastic pick. Unbelievably so. But I don't think any of us should relax and think this is in the bag for Obama because of this clear display of lack of judgement. Remember, Obama is still a black man running for president and there are plenty that would rather chop off a limb than vote for someone who got their color from somewhere other than the local tanning salon. And let's not forget about the sabotaging crabs in the barrel named Tavis Smiley, Julianne Malveaux and Cornel West (they were sooo embarrassing last night) doing their part to make Obama seem like he's a dumbed down L'il Wayne.

In the meantime though, yes, get those squats and pushups going and there's a great couch potato to 5K program that'll help out in the cardio department.

Jibreel Riley said...


You Liberals are being duped into thinking this is about Hillary... because its not!
A Democrat Voter is easy to understand: either you are on the governments pay roll or your the dumb ass working hard to support your friends who are in the government pay roll.
A Republican voter, well lets just say we are more sophisticated in the way that sometimes has us lose elections like in Kansas for not being "conservative" enough. We call it getting (R)INO or Northeast Republican or Rockafeller Republicans but this pick with Sarah P blew the door off the RNC in a way that will bring everybody to the table. Our Evangelicals wing of the party is uber ecstatic. Oh and nice try with that Evangelical vs Mormon battle like its Pac and Biggie all over again, looks like you have to hold out on that kabal.
Find your Republican Friends and I'm talking conservative friends and see how happy they are. John McCain has a history of kicking us in the teeth and after the primary season us Conservatives have been wandering in the wilderness but this chick Sarah P is the truth from the start. She could be just like one of those moms from Bucks County (PA) or from Scranton. Wait till the dust settles and you see the poll numbers that will make you Liberals cringe.
The Dumb Ass Press is falling over themselves dragging this women into the ground... It will backfire (like McCain 7 houses). So what she was a small town mayor... an't there small towns in PA, Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire? Those "small towns" start to add up. Plus she is a Governor of a very important state in the union and when you are Governor everything that comes your way is your issue vs being in the Senate you can duck a issue or 11 of them. Sarah P is the future of the GOP and this is something that gets Rush, Hannity, Levin and friends excited... Huckabee and the Evangelicals excited... Romney and our fiscal end of the party excited... even our Northeast Rockafella wing excited.
You have to be a Republican to get the full scope of just what happen however keep going moonbatty dragging this women name in the mud. She stared down Feminism and gave it a Rifle Butt to the face and broke its jaw. Now its time that she shatters that glass sealing.
Obama has to hide from his past... Sarah has nothing to hide from. This pic makes ME happy. Its not about you Democrats, this pic was about ME and the rest of America.

p.s. Joe Biden is from the state that is the Caymans of America... All the BIG BANKS are in Delaware, look at your Credit Card bill. Oh and he more like the 3rd Senator from New Jersey than PA!

Anonymous said...

It's just like the bloggers said, Field. McEgo didn't want someone with him that could upstage him or be a better pick than himself. He wanted someone who would bow to him- he wanted LIEbermann but the ass-kisser wouldn't be acceptable to the NAZI base. So here we have this gal- a cynical pick whom they didn't even vet- otherwise that bizzare scandal and her pentagram would've had her removed from consideration.

Gotta love the McMorton campaign. They find new ways to lower the bar every day.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Field, "Alaska has less people than a Philly housing project...". Oh man, I'm still chuckling. You hit the problems so well!

But seriously, McCain committed hari kari to his campaign with this VP choice. I think he knows this. If not, well, it's either an age thing or he's been directed to blow up the campaign so Obama can win. By who? I don't know, maybe the Bilderberg group.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

@ Lady Grey at 9:17 PM - That information was fascinating. You're absolutely right, something really sounds fishy about the circumstances you presented.

Black Diaspora said...

Jibreel Riley said... "A Republican voter, well lets just say we are more sophisticated in the way that sometimes has us lose elections like in Kansas for not being "conservative" enough.

Although important, this election is not just about abortion and a woman's right to choose.

We can't survive another conservative assault upon this country.

If you, and your fellow conservatives, believe we're better off than we were eight years ago, and that conservatism will fix the problems that conservatism created, God help us, because another conservative president and congress will cause an implosion so loud, that it will be heard as far away as bin Laden's cave.

Anonymous said...

She locks up the Southern vote easy, not a bad choice at all.


Anonymous said...

Published 8/29/08


Interracial relationships has been on the rise for years and years now, which most logically minded people would agree that it’s a good thing, it shows that as a society we’ve manage to grow and see beyond skin pigmentation like the other lower species on the animal kingdom hierarchy. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

Great deals of people who are involved in interracial relationships are themselves racist, who suffers from internalized racism, similar to a hate mongering separatist. Often, A lot of people in interracial relationship have an infatuation for the other races and perceive the other races as being some how better or even superior to their own, they don’t like the person that their with for the individual that he/she is but rather for the race to which the partner belongs to. For example a white woman who’s involved in such a relationship with a black men, she’s not with “Jerome” for who he is but likes him for his race and vice versa, which is no different from a Neo Nazi who hates a person not for the individual he is but simply for his race. In both circumstances, no one sees the person for who they are but rather their race. As we’ve all learned, there’s a thin line between love and hate.

A recent interracial phenomenon is black women with white men, who is really nothing new, such pairing dates back since the cotton picking plantation days, but more recently it’s received a lot of attention curtsey of Oprah and Tyra Banks shows that did a segment on that topic. More and more black women are with white men, especially the “professional” black women who cries that there’s no good eligible black men, spitting out the same rhetoric that a Grand Dragon of the KKK would that “they’re in jail, most are homosexuals and most prefers white women” which is all a pile of horse manure, there’s good men and bad men in every race, such claims is used to justified their own racist sentiment and negative perception that they have toward black men and due to that they’re with other men, not because they love that individual but because they despise his black counterpart, these women are white supremacist in dark skin, they hold the same negative stereotype toward black men as that of a imperial wizard of the Klan and utters the same vile comments.

Often these flaccid relationships are base purely on a sick fetish and lust like the Spike Lee film states it’s “Jungle Fever”, evidence of that is the racist comment that we all are familiar with that both blacks and whites say “I’ll go out with a person of another race, but I’ll never marry a person of another race”, such comments can simply be stated as being fucked up. Basically, that familiar comment means that “I can satisfy my animalistic urges with a person of another race, but I can never have a person of another race be the mother/father of my children.” One has to be a racist to hold such feelings or say such thing and too often we’ve all heard that comment being uttered and that notion has been the starting point for a lot of relationships, which is purely sick.

The worst thing is that people that are involved in interracial relationships for race sakes gives a bad name to all the good people that are with someone that they truly love and it comes out that person is of another race. The problem is not interracial relationships, it’s intra-racial racism”, because anyone who dates any race exclusively needs a shrink

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious!!! obambi gives the skreech of his life and within a couple of hours the "old fart" has everyone of you koolaid drinkers talking about his vp!!!!!

Anonymous said...

is'nt it true that a govner is the commander and chief of the state guard? and alaska's guard have been in combat in the mid east....hummm that makes little miss sara a REAL commander and you didn't think about

i don't think bambi even coached a lil leauge team????

field negro said...

jibreel, we have some very good institutions for the insane in this area. I could send you some brochures :)

"If the American people fall for this GIMMICK, then we deserve all that comes our way. This choice was not only stupid, how about insane..."

Too late, we already have.

grata, better you than the likes of moi saying what you are saying. I would be labeled a sexist for such thoughts.

kellybelle, are you trying to suggest that the PUMAS aren't "getting some"? Now what would make you think something like that?

stillpanther2, I will check out that read.
swiff, even the rethugs, as good as they are at spinning shit,can't make this lemonade taste good.

black diaspora, I love the song.

la~msv...people atill ban other people from their blogs? Wow, that's so two years ago.

But not to worry, you are always welcome in the fields. Our skin is a little thicker over here. It must be because we are always in the sun so long :)

Anonymous said...

Field, for serious training I'd suggest you cut out the sodas and up the water. Philly folks, who's going to be out there with a camera to record the man's run?


Anonymous said...

Interesting choice. Interesting opportunity for the liberals.

field negro said...

"Field, for serious training I'd suggest you cut out the sodas and up the water. Philly folks, who's going to be out there with a camera to record the man's run?"

Aviva...,that will be easy. I don't drink sodas. Philly folks, please stay away from Broad Street come November. Don't listen to Aviva032. Besides, I am moving.....

Anonymous said...

I'm with stonlyb @ 8:06pm. This was an arranged marriage that has Karl Rove's fingerprints all over it. Palin is another Bush Jr, chosen because as VP she will not rock the War on Tara gravy train (she's got her own gravy train in the form of a new pipeline construction contract that she gets to award), and as Prez she will be as easily manipulated as the frat-boy-in-chief has been.

If I were McCain, I'd be watching my back.

Anonymous said...

This will probably be the new commercial coming out of Obama’s camp now, I can just see it (it damn sure would if I was calling that shot):

Here is Gov. Palin response, when asked about V.P. talk from CNBC's Larry Kudlow earlier this year:

Palin: "As for that V.P. talk all the time, I'll tell you, I still can't answer that question UNTIL SOMEBODY ANSWERS FOR ME WHAT IT IS EXACTLY THAT THE V.P. DOES EVERY DAY. I'm used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration. We want to make sure that the V.P. slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for things that we're trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S., before I can even start addressing that question."

Then some 11th grader taking Government class in high school comes on to say what the Vice-President does.

I can not believe that McCain actually chose Political Barbie as his running mate.

Anonymous said...

jibreel- you had no comment on the lack of diversity at the RNC, question are we better off than we were eight years ago? do you like paying $4.00 for gas? Field is right there are some out programs you can check yourself into.

gsutiger2 said...

Been doing a little thinking . . .

1. Not a bad choice for JM. White sub& southern American women would love to have someone they can “connect” with. She is the closest they will get now.

2. She WILL stay in the media because of who she is – Just like Barack.

3. Are the rethuglicans forgetting the power of young voters?

4. McCain only met her once?!?! What’s up with that? & Why was he reading her paper as she was speaking? He looked VERY nervous.

5. I have faith in the Obama camp. I’m nervous for them – but I have faith. Hell, they made it this far.

6. I know this is stupid. But Palin’s husband reminds me of Jefferson Darcy on Married with Children. He looks like he is about to be a kept husband ☺.

Anonymous said...


I have to agree with Field about the institution for the insane as they are a couple of good ones in my area as well.

I am going to say this as a person who attended school at least one day. It is blatantly obvious that Sarah Palin is a token who does not even know or understand the role of the Vice President. She is a beauty queen who looks very good on TV and it's also great to tell her personal story as a hockey mom who married her high school sweetheart who happens to be an Eskimo, and help won the high school basketball championship. McCain is making some parallel to Obama's story. I think it's a mockery because McCain could die before the election never mind going into office, and people would have to vote for her. Can you imagine the hockey mom from Alaska who admits to not paying attention to foreign policy can sit across a table and deal with Prime Minister Putin who use to be head of the KGB? He will eat her just like the moose burgers she eats. How do you except woman who has a child with down syndrome can balance between that and her duties in the Washington? He picked her because she is pretty and consider to be sexist. He could picked Kay Bailey Hutchinson from TX to be his running mate, and even some conservatives are not happy with Mr. Morton as Field affectionately calls him with his choice. They were hoping that he would chose Ridge or Romney, in fact one guy came to the press conference wearing his Mitt Romney t-shirt and stated he was disappointed with the choice.

And I also think McCain did not so himself any favors by standing next to Sarah Palin while making her speech as you can obviously see the great age difference between the two. My niece who is 16 said he is too old and wonders who long he will live through a first term. Statistically speaking, he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel due to his age and the myriad health problems he has including his mentally capacity because I question that after him being a prisoner of war for five and half years. He looks like a lecherous old man standing next to this younger woman.

Now there is a question about her role as governor attempting to get her brother-in-law fired while he and her sister having a custody fight, and that means her ethnics come into play when she suppose to be this big reformer. McCain did not properly vet this woman because it's last minute choice and thought he can undercut Obama's historical moment from the previous evening and cannot out do what turned out be one of the best conventions that the democrats have put on.

I am telling it's a Clarence Thomas.

Anonymous said...

One question for you. After seeing yesterday on TV the photo of Mrs. Palin proudly posing with her AK-47 at the driving range, my brother called me and wondered what the media would have done if they had a photo of Michelle in the same pose? It sure seems like there are two standards in reporting the news of the candidates and the spouses. What do you think?
Sorry I'm still posting as anon. but I've never been a registered blogger,etc. but I never miss reading your page since I discovered you after the L.A. Times article about blogs in the Black community.

makaii from Hawaii

rikyrah said...

If the Sarah Palin choice says anything about John McCain, outside of his utter contempt for the American people, it is that he has become a WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT.

This choice means that he has become ' their boy' without hesitation.

If this were about choosing a Republican WOMAN, there were plenty other choices of GOP women.

But, this wasn't about that.

This was about selling out to the Religious Right, because Palin is THEIR GIRL.

John McCain does not have the money of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has been out organizing McCain in every state that will be fought over in this election. It was announced only a couple of weeks ago that the McCain Campaign was BEGINNING to form a ground game. But, ground games take money. Money McCain doesn't have.

The ground game for the GOP, in the last 2 election cycles, has been done through The Religious Right. He had no way of getting them to come out and work for him.


In choosing Palin, he is once again, giving into the GOP base.

In choosing Palin, he is in bed, up to his neck, with the Dobsons, the Pat Robertsons, and all the rest of them.

Maverick my ass.

He's even more of a pawn of the Religious Right than Dubya, and I didn't think that was possible.

We need to pound on this.
Strip away that Maverick bullshit when all this pick has shown is how completely he has SOLD OUT.

Jibreel Riley said...

Like I said, this pic was not about Hillary... this was about ME!

What experience dose Obama has again?

Biden been in Washington for 35 years.

I fought this was about "hope and change"

Hypocritical much?

Jibreel Riley said...

PS: That was a M16. AK47's are a Warsaw Pack weapon.

Gas prices shot up after the Democrats got a hold of the Congress!

No free pass for Nancy and Harry

Hathor said...

Unless you are an evangelical of the ilk that uses the Republican party, I don't think the issues of man women is going to be that she supports the 2nd amendment, speaks of fiscal responsibiity, or is a socalled maverick; it is how the religious right is affecting policy. Quietly in the background policies are being put in place in the Bush administrations which affect more that a womans right to chose. Just buying a condom might considered on the same level as abortion. Black people can't afford this kind of Christianity in our government. I think if Palin is not overwhelmed with the task of presidency and many crisis, that her religious agenda will start to encroach on our liberty. It may anyway, if the evangelical embrace her candidacy. I may be paranoid, but those who see sex as only for procreation have already influenced DHHS to specify certain birth control as abortion and as such I can see all birth control classified that way, since a quiverful is what is desired by them. What next, vasectomies and tubal ligation?

It was design to block any bounce that Obama got from the convention. I think McCain knew for awhile who his choice would be. I was watching ABC this morning, barely a mention of Obama, only the major question "Who is Palin".

Anonymous said...

When I first heard of McCain's VP pick, I thought touche, brilliant move. Then I thought it was amusing and now that I have read her resume and seen the video, I am just pissed off. He is putting my life and the life of my family in the hands of a "Hockey Mom." No disrespect, but WTF. While I don't believe I would ever have an abortion, I definitely support a woman's right to choose. Has this woman ever met a world leader; she's close to Russia, has she secretly met Putin? Or is the GOP considering that a part of her foreign relations experience? But wait, she doesn't even have National experience.

Give me a fu*king break

Jibreel Riley said...

you are telling me that black people can't continue the black baby planed parenthood genocide? Newsflash: Republicans are pro-life... at least on a national level.
I know I'm not the greatest writer however use my high school education post to see clearly what I wrote. This is not about Hillary and its not about YOU either. Your a democrat, you are going to vote democrat if they guy name was Bull Connor.
This is not only about the Evangelicals dammit... it was about all America, the GOP and rest who is willing to ride with us.

Jibreel Riley said...

oh yea were is Obama foreign policy experience?

Anonymous said...

well he has actually traveled to the lower 48 states, he recently traveled to other countries to meet with their leaders. Palin has not traveled through the lower 48, has not been to urban or suburban areas. Palin does not know what the VP does, wants someone to tell her. I swear the Repubs were in office when Clinton was there and remained when Bush was there. Gas went from $1.49 to $4.07 not in just he last two years but before that aahhh what else.. so you feel comfortable if McCain dies for this lady to control the US? Now I know who to blame for the fiasco our country is in-- people that wear blinders and voted for BUSH who had executive experience. now how did his experience help our economy? the dollar? the military? so you're okay with not being represented at the RNC? Bush had never been oversees how come you're not screaming about that? Do you think Bush is a good leader?this is why I am so cynical because if Obama lead this country like Bush people would be up in arms, but Bush's complete incompetence and destruction of this country gets a pass?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how well the McCain people vetted Palin? Lots of stuff happen in Alaska that goes unreported in the lower 48. I’m waiting for the stuff to start tumbling out.

Anonymous said...


What is the point of being pro-life if we do not have the wherewithal to care for children once they are born? In addition, I do not know anyone who like abortion and I certainly do not want the government telling me if I should have a child or not have a child. It's a decision that is left the person who is carrying the child. In addition, there are time when abortion cannot be avoided for medical reason such as ectopic pregnancy where the it cannot come to term as it will kill the mother and child. In addition, I just keep abortion safe and having back ally abortion which was the problem before abortion became legal. I am also big believer in birth control which if more people used then abortion would not be an issue because it reduce the number. Unfortunately, Star Park, the black conservative did not come to that realization after she had four abortions. She was clearly using abortion as birth control. Frankly that says something more about her personal responsibility continuing getting pregnant in the first place than legal abortion. She could have gone to Planned Parenthood get information about birth control, jez.

Jibreel, it does not matter if you graduated from high school and do not understand why you may think it's negative to do so. You should not feel inadequate either. What I have problem with is your failure to read about the issues than just listen to what politicians from either the democratic or republican party. Learn about the issues before you discuss them. You have access to the Internet and you can find objective sources of information about the political issues.

Obama has a degree in Political Science with specialization in International relations from Columbia University. Sits on the Foreign Relations, Environment & Public Works, and Veterans' Affairs committees, and has made official trips to Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa before John McCain dared him to visit in July. Wikipedia has more information about Obama's bills he has sponsored while in the U.S. Senate.

Palin has admitted she has not paid attention to foreign affairs or policy which indicates to me she another uncurious person like Bush who makes decisions without knowledge of anything to make an informed decision. Another nonthinker.

Nan said...

Why did McCain pick her? Maybe she was the first one he asked who didn't say No.

Jibreel Riley said...

So your telling this Henna

I go to college for Poli Sci/ International Relations and Harvard Constitution law and this is a path to becoming president? Harvard should just have a major: Presidential Prep with a minor in: Democratic Socialism.

What part of Gov Palin dont you get. Yes I know its Alaska but its more important state than Delaware. We get Gas and Copper from Alaska, you get a bill from Delaware (look at your credit card statements).

Back to the pro-life vs pro-choice kabal... who made you the know all say all about which child is worthy to born due to the mothers circumstances? I know the true mindset and why the Feminist Movement hates Sarah Palin because she went against the thinking of the feminist movement and is on the verge of becoming Vice President of the United States.

This is like the race hustlers who dissed the Obama campaign from the beginning (however somehow this blame was placed on right wingers). The Race Hustlers they know the jig is up now would the Feminist Movement get sent back to the 2nd wave (were it should of ended)?

Palin has maybe not paid attention to foreign affairs... you know how large is the state of Alaska? This is like going from Philly to NYC then to Erie PA, by foot. You need a bush plane, four wheeler, snowmobile to get around. I think she has a state to run or a job to do.

Like I said, were is Obama's experience. Honestly Gov Palin has more CEO experience and this is what the job is about right? Plus if the unthinkable happens to McCain thats why they have "advisers"

Anonymous said...

Yes, Alaska is a big state all right. Still the biggest, in fact. But the population is a mere 670,000 by 2006 estimates. The population of Manhattan is more than twice that. If "executive experience" were the only criteria for President, the Rethugs would have chosen Guiliani or Romney. It's not. If "successful executive experience" were the real criteria, the Rethugs would not have chosen the Frat-Boy-in-Chief. Twice. So we know that's not why Palin was selected.

Anonymous said...

"jibreel riley" don't wet your panties just yet. America don't like getting fucked by Big Oil and we don't like psycho soccer moms pushing Creationism in our schools.

Now, take a deep breath and tell me why a governor can get away with firing someone on the state payroll over a personal issue with her brother-in-law.

The last thing we need is another creepy oil whore who thinks she is above the law. We just had eight years of that shit.


Anonymous said...

The poor McCain camp is hoping for traction leading into their convention, which will probably get half the ratings the DNC got each night with its key speakers. Its not gonna work. Bush and Cheney speak on Monday and most folks would rather watch paint dry. Rudy Guiliani? The keynote speaker for the party of family values? HEH!

Political Barbie is no Michelle or Hillary, see, they can pronounce all the big words. By Wed, the media will be in a deadheat on vetting this poor woman and her family and that house of cards will start to fall. By the time McCain speaks to accept the nomination, it should probably go over about as well as that speech he gave in front of the pukey green background in front of 25 people the same night Obama clinched the Dem race in front of 25,000. Its going to be hysterical.

Anonymous said...

i can't figure out what michelle's holding in her mouth???

no joke look at her with her mouth shut it looks like she's holding something in it....;=}

Jibreel Riley said...

Big Oil vs Big Labor

I'll take Big Oil, I'm not on the state payroll

Hathor said...


you are telling me that black people can't continue the black baby planed parenthood genocide?

What does that mean?

I think you think that I think in 60's platitudes or somehow you read them into my words.

Jody said...

you can put lipstick on a pig... but its still a pig. How you can honestly think someone who has spent less than 2 years as governor of a state that has only 600,000 people, is run by the oil companies and the military, and before that was mayor of a town of 8,000 is qualified to be a heart beat away from the presidency (and with McCain, that could be a real possibility!) is beyond my comprehension... Its not like she even had opportunities to drive through her own state, much less any others. She has NO sense of the complexities of rural vs urban issues of most americans. SHE said she does not have much international knowledge! SHE said she doesn't even know what the vice president does.... PRESIDE OVER THE SENATE!!!!

Obama understands the Constitution.. he taught constitutional law. He worked in a State Legislature, in a state that has one of the largest cities in the country. He has, in the Senate, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, a track record on working on legislation on nuclear proliferation (she cant even pronounce it... she said nucular) and on ethics reform. And, he has laid out his positions and voted on education, health care, international relations and the War in Iraq. Where does she stand on ANY of those things??? You cannot say you know cause she has not said !

This was a cheap ploy to get the women's vote. As a woman, I am offended that McCain obviously thinks we think with our ovaries and not our brains.... you can put lipstick on a pig... but it is still a pig!

Anonymous said...


College is about acquiring knowledge and having a sense of curiosity. I stated his career and education. Quite frankly, no one has experience at being President of the United States, however, I do think having knowledge and curiosity is important. It's more about leadership. Palin is a governor, not a CEO. Palin graduated from college as well with degree in journalism and minor Political Science, but it's apparent that she does not carry that sense of curiosity about the world around her. People do not have an understanding about around them shouldn't be running for political office, does Bush ring any bells. Leader should inspire the people and tell them truth, and not tell them to go shopping in the middle of crisis. It's not about running, it's about leadership. Can person in the leadership role influence the rest of us to do what we need to do to have a great country? I am looking more at the skill. As I stated before, McCain should have chosen Kay Bailey Hutchison. I mean he could have just called me asked me to be VP at least I know the role of the Vice President, Palin is not familiar with the duties. Does anyone use Wikipedia? For the love Pete, how did he make this decision, oh I just chose the hot chick from Alaska? Let's face it he chose Palin for her story and her looks, and it's was one minute decision. It doesn't take Einstein to figure that out.

I am woman and do not want the government making a decision on if I should have a child or not have a child. It's the woman's choice. I am against anyone telling someone else what to do. Just like in Baltimore when the city some 16 years to into a place a program for women on welfare to either get norplants or it will not give additional money if she should have another child. I didn't like that idea because it was extortion, and it didn't solve the problem of educating women for better playing jobs. Quite frankly, we do not do a very good jobs of taking care of the children in foster care, but we care more about the one who have not been thought about yet, amazing. It was the matter of the government intervening with a woman's body. Jibreel, this is problem works both ways. Whenever it's convenient for us, we are going to tell women when or when should not have children. I choose when to have children, not the state. I am in favor birth control being covered under health insurance which is not in certain states. My insurance didn't cover my diaphragm. I am favor of making birth control readily available as it would reduce the number of abortions. However, whenever you the abortion issue come up, it also means banning birth control as pro-life people that birth control is abortion which is an irrational argument. Pro-life people do not anyone children other than white children. I remember a commercial that ran years ago by the Church of Latter Day Saints, better known as the Mormans. The slogan was "Life What a Beautiful Choice," with children running around in the fields and such. Out of all those children, I did not one African, Chinese, Indian, and Latino in the group. They were not concerned about those groups as they think breed they like rabbits anyway. I pro-life people are afraid that they group are dwindling and they wan to continue being the majority in this country. I think there is some racial undertone to the abortion issue, and it could be me being cynical.

Jibreel Riley said...

what makes the state of Illinois so special vs Alaska? How many times I need to say that Palin is a Governor = she acculity runs something and she was a mayor and so what it is a small town... there is many other small towns like her home town all over America... you should visit them sometimes ya know, you get great pies.

Like I have said before time and time again, what has Obama done, really... get into Columbia and Harvard... wow (sarcasm). Palin won on a platform on Reform, she even got beef with in the Alaska GOP (See: Sen Ted Stevens) while Obama is hanging on to Ayers, Wright, Rezko and dont even get me started about Joe "Big Bank" Biden (btw: what the fuck comes from Delaware). Ethics and Chicago dose not mix. Chicago Politics has ethics and I have from beach front propriety to sale you in Arizona (next door to John McCain house, dont worry he has seven of them so he wount be there much).

You can run out Obama's experience vs Palin's and in our quick civics lesson: The Hockey Mom from Alaska has more experience if its a town of 9000 or 900,000.

What is so evil about oil companies anyway. My major issue is the good ole SEIU (a union that will raise your taxes).

So you are telling me, its OK for Obama to get the cliff notes but not Sarah?

Anonymous said...

Oil Companies = War, pollution and price gouging. You like that more than unions. Good for you, I don't. BTW...where do you work?

As crooked as Chicago may be, Alaska is 10x more crooked. The only reason that she got elected was because the people up there were sick of the outrageous crookedness of Frank Murkowski, the last governor. So now she's in 20 months and she is already under investigation for being crooked.

BTW...I am still interested to hear your take on Creationism in schools.

Jody said...

You OBVIOUSLY have not been to Alaska.. There is a HUGE difference between Alaska and the rest of the country. In much of the state, they don't even have roads that connect the communities... And if you don't know the difference between running a town (9,000 is not a city) of 9,000 and a city of 900,000 than you are just showing your incredible ignorance. If you don't like taxes, then stop driving on roads, no buses or subways, no military (you seem to really like your military) forget education, you don't seem to like educated people anyway... and oh yea, empty out the prisons... they can be your new neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Most of the revenue for Alaska comes from oil. Palin can afford to talk about "tax cuts". Most people in Alaska are paid to stay there anyway.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention...Alaskans have no income tax.

Susan Gray said...

Sorry dude you are just a dumb f&*k. No matter what anybody says you just don't get it. The scary part for me is that there are probably thousands of you out there who do not know how to use the brain cells God gave you. Try listening...really listening and learning something. I know it will make your head hurt...but you and your ilk are why we ended up with the Shrub TWICE!

field negro said...

Honest to god I think jibreel is
joking half the time, he has to be.

"One question for you. After seeing yesterday on TV the photo of Mrs. Palin proudly posing with her AK-47 at the driving range, my brother called me and wondered what the media would have done if they had a photo of Michelle in the same pose?"

Makaii, thanks for being a regular reader. And "what would the media have done"?

Hmmm, let me see now; they would have lost their freaking minds, that's what.:) It would have been wall to wall coverage from the FAKE NEWS folks, and not in a good way.

Powerful File said...

Anonymous said...

hennasplace said... "I think it's a patronizing and blatantly obvious that he wants to court the Hilary voters. However, I am not sure that may not be that easy to go to the other side."

I don't know, hennasplace. I think maybe you're overestimating the intelligence of some of her supporters.

Anonymous said...


I am not overestimating the intelligence because some of them will vote for McCain because they are upset. They are running on emotions and not considering the rationale of the issues. There was one voter who was voting for McCain because she does not want to vote for Obama, and didn't realize that McCain is pro-life. It's clear that this voter has been studying the issues and voted for Clinton because she was a woman.

I mean if Obama didn't become the nominee, I would not have voted for McCain. We are looking at eight years of republican administration that has managed to wage a costly war and the economy is in bad shape to put it mildly. I vote on the issues, not on how I feel. I can't afford to be touchy-feely when it come to an election

On this note, those who are loyal democrats are not going to vote for McCain,

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

That's what you get, Field, for even thinking about voting for this ancient lunatic.

His VP choice proves his lunacy.

I told all y'all to watch who McCain picked for his VP; that was going to seal the deal.

I may not care that Obama hasn't fully put forth his political platform, but My God, what he's touting has to be better than what Mr. Morton is selling with Alaskan Barbie.

I say do you lunges, squats, situps and let me know when I need to get a ticket from DC to Philly (I can get there in an hour)to see you make that run on Broad street (as well as take pictures and a YouTube video). ROFLMAO

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I heard this statement, and it's a doozy:

"Just because McCain added a vagina to his ticket doesn't mean that he's concerned about Yours."

Or some shyt like that. I thought it's spot on.

Najmah said...

momo said...
This bitter bitch is voting for Obama, fuck you very much. A wingnut with a uterus is still a wingnut.

I second that momo.

Field, you think you can get your boy Bolt to help you with some shape-up tips? If not, I watch this guy in the morning on FitTV - he's always saying 'squeeze your buttocks' and he's in really good shape. I swear, I am laughing so hard at the thought of your little run; I'd almost consider selling my tickets to Obama's February ball to see you take a birthday suit hop-n-skip!

Naj '8-is-enough' in VA.

Anonymous said...

hennasplace said... "...some of them will vote for McCain because they are upset...."

You got that right.

For the life of me, I can't see the attraction that conservatives have for McCain, or, for that matter, Dubya for two terms.

McCain will finish destroying the country, using the tried-and-true methods of Bush.

Another four years of a conservative administration (and let's hope not a conservative dominated congress), and this country is doomed.

What amazes me is that these dye-in-the-wool republicans don't get it.

I wonder, when we slip out of first place, and become bottom feeders in the world economy, and the world's respect, will they still not get it. (Mixed my metaphors, but it makes my point.)

Enjoy your posts.

Anonymous said...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said... "(I can get there in an hour)to see you make that run on Broad street (as well as take pictures and a YouTube video)".

I don't remember the exact bet, but Field creating an animation of that run down Broad street may satisfy the conditions.

Did you folks read the fine print?

Anonymous said...

I hate to interrupt the important political talk going on here with my silly nitpicking, but I'm pretty sure Alaska is closer to New York than Moscow. (I'm a dork Nazi about these things.)

field negro said...

"..but I'm pretty sure Alaska is closer to New York than Moscow"

hank nasty, I am pretty sure it is too. It's called hyperbole, and if you read me enough you will get used to it. Can we agree that Moscow is closer to Alaska than New York? ;)

field negro said...

cydwiz, I haven't drawn up the fine print yet :)

Anonymous said...

Field, Just think it will be Philadelphia in November--San Francisco runs fairly cool, but I bet the temp is still warmer than Philladelphia in November. And the atmosphere Field, they are used to this sort of thing in SF and will not necessarily be encouraging your speed with bullets.

I am still up for a charity run, Field's Free Style and Fun Run for _______. You fill in the blank and tell me where to send the check.

Anonymous said...

"Like I said, this pic was not about Hillary... this was about ME!"

Ah, so Jabreel is the sort of person Malcolm was talking about in his "Massa's House" parable, hmm? I understand now:)).

FreeBeing said...

I'm from Alaska & a bunch of us here are just waiting for the skeletons to rattle their way out of the Palin closet. Forget the ethics probe about trying to get her bro-in-law fired... There was a lotta mess happening in Wasilla (just nobody outside Alaska cared at the time because, well, it's Wasilla). I can't believe McCain is this stupid; I keep thinking that he's up to something we haven't picked up on yet. Or he is just that stupid.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Take a look at this article here. Looks like the cheating has begun. And you can expect this type of mess from other MSM. Watch, pray, and stay alert.

Anonymous said...


I get it now, thanks for breaking it down short-bus style for me :)

field negro said...

"I get it now, thanks for breaking it down short-bus style for me :)"

LOL! "Short-bus style", I like that :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, although in honesty, as a friend of mine once said, I'm the accumulation of every funny thing I've ever heard anyone else say. So someone else gets credit for it.

I like what you do here and I'll keep checking you out. Good job on NPR too, BTW.

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