Thursday, August 14, 2008

White folks can we talk?

Honestly, you people have got to start having more babies. This shit is getting ridiculous. Now comes word that by 2042 you won't be in the majority anymore.

Now before you white folks start pointing fingers at us black folks, let me say this right now: it ain't us. It's those damn Latinos and other minorities. I mean I know us black folks have a lot of babies, but we kill each other at a very alarming rate, so it cancels itself out.

And I have a confession to make: I don't want you white folks in the minority. If you are, who the hell am I going to complain about? I can't complain about President Sanchez; not when he is brown like me. You white folks will just say I told you so. When A-merry-ca is just one big Third World cesspool, you folks will be lamenting the good old days of Mom, Chevrolet, and Apple Pies.

Apparently a lot of you are getting older and not replenishing the white fold. I know just one or two kids is cool for economic reasons, but think of your race folks. Think of your race.

And all this race mixing can't help. These interracial marriages and shit.....I don't know.
Have you been to California? I swear no one there is just black or white anymore. They have all kinds of human hybrids out there. Cool to look at maybe, but not good for the white race.

Poor David Duke, and Pat Buchanan, they invested a life time of energy trying to keep A-merry-ca pure, only for it to come to this. But hey, at least they won't be around in 2042 to see the death of their beloved A-merry-ca. The scary thing is that these young white kids running around here don't even care. Hell, they are probably contributing to this shit by hooking up with some of these hybrid humans. Do they even realize what they are doing?

Oh well, you white folks better start planning now. Get some organizations to start looking out for your interests and shit. How does the NAAWP sound? Or the White Panthers? Or the Suburban League?.....never mind. I am sure you all are quite capable of naming your own organizations. Just stay away from KKK. It's so dated.


A2daK said...

Gotta say Field, this is one of your best that I've read. Suburban League? White Panthers? Classic.

You know this stuff has the white supremacists going crazy right now.

I'll tell you what though, we probably won't see any new, cozy immigration measures for a while.

Anonymous said...

Aw, shit...I didn't realize we were so close to being a minority, and here I am with two biracial kids.

Oh, well, guess I'd better tell Mrs. Blue that we need to get a divorce so I can hook up with nice pale chick around here and get her popping out white babies ASAP.

(Truth be told, having grown up in California, I'm already used to being in the minority, since many of the parts I lived in whites were outnumbered by Asians and Latinos. Not that it seemed to put any dent in white privilege, though. I suspect that white privilege will extend well beyond 2042 even if whites end up being in the minority. The people of color still have to figure out how to pull the wealth out of the white camp and into their own...and history tells us that white folks are damn capable when it comes to holding onto their loot and influence.)

Gregory Williams said...


Woozie said...

The White Panthers and NAAWP already exist or existed, so they're dated too. The Suburban League sounds fascist so it'd be perfect for some of them though!

White power my brother!

Anonymous said...

Full circle. Returning the country to people of color.

Canadians better arm themselves now. Nearest place for the US Caucs to run. And we know how they like to just take what they want.

? said...

Honestly, you people have got to start having more babies. This shit is getting ridiculous. Now comes word that by 2042 you won't be in the majority anymore.

By the year 2050 the world's population will be 9 billion! Everyone needs to start having less kids. But alas, that will not happen and a catastrophe is right around the corner. There is a very good book called "the New White Nationalism" by Carol Swain that theorizes that as white's become more of minority they will quite possibly become more racialized. America in a way will a be the true test of multiculturilsm. As you know the history of multiculti states is a very poor one, so we will see if the country makes real diversity work or if becomes the next Balkans.

Anonymous said...

You make some very good points. And I tried ... I mean I really tried to get with the program. The truth is, I'm a queer and my race doesn't really want my genes in the pool swimming with the other genes. I will just perpetuate the problem. *hangs head*

Your driver said...

Actually, The White Panthers were (are?) a real organization formed in the '60's by radical hippies who supported the Black Panthers. There are still old White Panthers around and their ideas have not been forgotten. I gotta admit, I've got a little White Panther tattooed on my shoulder on a counta fuck the man is why. If the end of the white majority means the end of white world domination then I am ready for it.

To go further back in history though, the image of a white minority engulfed by swarthy others has been news fodder for hundreds of years. When Britain was busy trying to enslave the entire non white world, British imperialists would periodically get themselves excited about the white race being engulfed by lesser peoples. Tomorrow is another news cycle and there will be another news item about the threat from "them" who ever "they" might be today.

field negro said...

"The truth is, I'm a queer and my race doesn't really want my genes in the pool swimming with the other genes. I will just perpetuate the problem. *hangs head*"

Oh Lawd! What WILL we do with you? Oh well,looks like you will have to join the rest of us minorities. But don't worry, you will be in the majority soon.

jon,and woozie, you are right I forgot about the "White Panthers". What are they up to these days Do they realize that they will soon be a force again?

classical one, I know I was being somewhat flip, but the world population problem is a serious one.

"You know this stuff has the white supremacists going crazy right now."

I don't know a2dak, it might actually help recruiting.

And Deacon Blue, you and your lovely significant other contributed to this melting pot we find ourselves in now :)

Blaque Swan said...

Gotta say I'm see Deacon Blue's point. The rhetoric of "minority" was an easy way of describing demographics but a poor way of describing the situation.

I can already hear white denials of the pervasiveness of racism since they're as much a "minority" as anyone else. I've already read comments asserting the need for white males, since males are now a minority, to receive affirmative action in the place of white women.

Anonymous said...

You're a very talented writer man. This was hilarious. I love people who can joke about racism, because that's the right way to go about it. I'm a white dude, and I approve of this message.

Anonymous said...

First great blog from a white man who can read. Keep up the great effort.
I did my part before being dragged to the vet's office by my wife. As a father of 6 milk white freckled and sunburned kids who need a sunblock fly over before they can stand outside for 2o minutes I applaud the spanish for their serious game increasing La Raza exponentially as we speak. Babs Bush said it best didn't she when she pointed out that all the Katrina victims were disadvantaged anyway so staying in a sweltering stinking fucking sports arena was working out quite well for them. I sure hope babs has some extra barbed wire around the compound by then so none of those disadvantaged types crowd her and her own misbegotten freakish brood.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Well said, Field. It actually won't take until 2042. By around 2024, the nations minority children will outnumber white children.

It's too bad so many whites are freaking out about this and the possibility of a black president. I mean hell, why do they think we would treat them as badly as they've treated us? It's the epitome of paranoia, the same as you see in a cheating spouse who is forever suspicious of the other of cheating just because he/she does it.

Blaque Swan said...

Ken, I don't think this was a joke about "racism," but a joke at the experence of racist white people.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Great one, field. One of your best...

I'm thinking that, by 2012, it's all over for "pure" white America. I mean, it's gonna be too late for pure white America to make enough babies to outdo us hybrids. Their only hope is that Latinos brothas start killing each other like blacks. But I don't think that's going to happen. They're too busy working, sending money back home and being responsible and shit. Disappointing, huh white folks?

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, whites have a long history of kicking ass when they have a mind to. Ask whats left of the Natives. Ask nearly all of the non-western world who have all, at some time or another, been ruled by whites.
The fact is, whites arent unified at all. There are as many guilt ridden liberals as there are Archie Bunkers. As many whiggers as there are KKKers, hell probably more. If they ever become as racially aware as we are..look the fuck out!
I live by some eastern european types. russians and yugoslavians. If the average american white guy turned into these serious motherfuckers...OH LAAAAWD! weez in a heap o shit.
Balkanization is a realistic prediction here. A white population unified against us is not what we want people.


Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, whites have a long history of kicking ass when they have a mind to. Ask whats left of the Natives. Ask nearly all of the non-western world who have all, at some time or another, been ruled by whites.
The fact is, whites arent unified at all. There are as many guilt ridden liberals as there are Archie Bunkers. As many whiggers as there are KKKers, hell probably more. If they ever become as racially aware as we are..look the fuck out!
I live by some eastern european types. russians and yugoslavians. If the average american white guy turned into these serious motherfuckers...OH LAAAAWD! weez in a heap o shit.
Balkanization is a realistic prediction here. A white population unified against us is not what we want people.


Red Jenny said...

Alas, I have not taken up my white woman's burden. I am letting down my race.

Interestingly, one of the reasons for apartheid's continued strength after the growing disfavour of official racist policies (post WW2) was the paranoia about "swamping". Whites holding all the political and economic power, but as the numerical minority.

tuhmeesuh said...

*teehee* *snicker*


i love it!


ms-teacher said...

Thank god I wasn't drinking anything when I read your post for it surely would have come out of my nose.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the numbers are skewed. Hispanic is NOT a race. Hispanic can be of any race including white but Amerikkka places anyone who is not of anglo saxon protestant as NON-white. What is hell is white anyway? The irish weren't white when they first arrived in Amerikkka neither were the Italians. All of this white/non-white nonsense is utter BS and is another scare tactic to freak out pink skinned Americans.

Is anyone asking WHY this information is coming out NOW? Possibly trying to affect the Presidental election? Hmmmm.....

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Oooooh Lawwwwwwwd!


Does that mean that the BET channel will change to WET?

Anonymous said...

@Granny: "Does that mean that the BET channel will change to WET?"

Why not? Most of them are WET anyway.

Granny, what a line!

Bob said...

Hey, don't look at me, Field. My parents had four kids & that was a lot for Methodists. Talk to my Irish-Catholic friends. They're from families with six, seven, eight kids, parents didn't have two nickels left to rub together after feeding & putting clothes on the mob, endless noise, no privacy, lines outside the bathroom in the morning. They get married & swear, "We're not going through that again," & use the no-no birth control stuff.

Anonymous said...

I read about this and almost blogged it.Glad I didn't.I could not have done the "News" justice. You on the other hand handled it with your usual great wit and funny prose. LOL!
Well done!

From the Field,
Black Rose

Shady_Grady said...

These projections are primarily because of Asian/Hispanic immigration and Hispanic birth rates.

But there's no reason that immigration might not be reversed.

Also in the same NYT article that talked about the coming demographic change, there was this line

"The share of Americans who identify themselves as white, regardless of their ethnicity, will remain largely unchanged, declining from less than 80 percent in 2010 to about 76 percent when the majority-minority benchmark is reached in 2042."

So that seems somewhat paradoxical until we remember that a great many Hispanics and even Asians identify themselves as white.

From what I've read and seen in California, Florida or Texas, Hispanics in general and Mexicans in particular have no special love for Black people.

So "whiteness" will expand to include Hispanics, Central Asians, maybe even East Asians...

Anonymous said...

So "whiteness" will expand to include Hispanics, Central Asians, maybe even East Asians...

A white lie is still a lie.

field negro said...

justice4claire, way to do your part. But we need more folks like you to step up to the plate.

Yes Macdaddy, those hard working Mexicans could be a problem.

"I'm a white dude, and I approve of this message."


Granny, there is already a WET; it's called FOX. But hey,someone can start working on Ivory Magazine:)

Jody said...

My father told me that if you find yourself in the majority, think again cuz your probably wrong.
He would have LOVED this story......

Christopher said...

I grew up in San Francisco and could speak Mandarin and Tagalog conversational phrases before I learned to say "Cómo se llama usted?" Chinese food was my fast food of choice.

As I said on my blog, these demographic changes just mean the USA will resemble the rest of the world. For all of our self-importance, saber-rattling, loud Hollywood action movies, and cultural influences, America is only 5% of the world's population. 95% of the planet's 6.8 billion people live elsewhere.

I guess growing up as I did, where I did and being in a so-called "mixed relationship" these past 16 years, these sorts of demographic changes don't make me fret. They just represent another chapter in this nation's revolving history.

Anonymous said...

The Smears Against Obama..a new book...

Kellybelle said...

This reminds me of one of my favorite underappreciated movies by Mike Judge, Idiocracy. In it, all the smart, goal-oriented white people put off having children until they are settled in their careers, only to find it's too late to have children. Meanwhile, the Nascar types have mated indiscriminately since puberty, creating a nation overrun by idiot mongrels who like monster trucks.

It also sounds like the movie (and book) A Handmaid's Tale, in which the white Christian Fundamentalists in power can no longer reproduce, so they ship all the Blacks and Hispanics to cages in Puerto Rico, and keep the white non believers for baby incubators.

The real future sounds like it's gnna be a whole lot better.

La♥audiobooks said...

You know field, some of you English speaking black folks are taking this as a joke. Black people need to start pushing their children to learn another language -- particularly Spanish (Spanish should be obvious based on what's going on in the soon to be reformed Americaña). This is one of the reasons why many black people need to mind their own damn black business and black concerns instead of "fighting" for other people to be able to "cross the border". Not everyone with melanin is your friend and alias. And for those black folks who like to say "well parts of America had belong to them". I often wonder if they knew that Mexico also wanted control to make profit over the Native Amer. and African slave trade. Two different type of evil fought against each other and one of them won. That's all. And of course we already covered why the whitish looking Cubans hate Castro and had to flee. None of these people get sympathy from me.

Oh, and if we black folks think the white racist are bad.... wait.

No diga que no advierta....

Anonymous said...

Hungary has a grand ol' tradition of the Magyars, an ethnic minority, being in charge of the country. Perhaps because of this, they were traditionally nicer to minorities like the Jews.

America might wanna just think about modeling after that, neh?

Anonymous said...

Nah, Field--just call us the "WSZ Warriors"--yep, safely ensconced behind the towering gates with plenty o' "houseies" to tend to our every whim...

La♥audiobooks said...

"Apparently a lot of you are getting older and not replenishing the white fold. "

Field, I don't know. If you watch modern Sci-fi movies, you can see they have eliminated us from the fantasy equation. Some people have a suspicion that white folks have a secret plan in place to migrate to another planet with out us black and brown people. In fact, maybe the bulk of them are up there already.

I don't know....

SjP said...

NAAWP...White Panthers...Suburban League? Oh that's good! real good!

Jody said...

Its a great idea to learn spanish.... everyone should be at least bi-lingual (most of the rest of the planet is!).... however, first the proper way to say "dont say I didn't warn you" in spanish is:
"no digan que no se los adverti"

Second, maybe you should know a little more Mexican history. There are important communities of blacks that established them selves in Mexico, mostly in the gulf coast and southern Mexico. They were the slaves of EUROPEANS (French and Spanish) and when Mexico gained its independence from Spain, these former slaves created their own communities.
Third, today 90% of Mexicans are from racially and culturally mixed peoples... including Indigenous Peoples... ie: mestizos.... sure there are struggles and the same issues around race and class in Mexico as here... but to suggest that Mexicans would be "worse" is bullshit.

Foofa said...

I think it's important to keep in mind the fact that while there will be fewer 'whites' than 'minorities', the whites will still be the largest racial group. non-white hispanics will be second, followed by Blacks and Asians. Give it many more decades and that number will change. White folks don't have to be TOO scared of us yet.

David Sullivan said...

I'm not scared of whites becoming the minority. The new majority will do things the right way, right? The new majority will treat the minority like equals because they won't base their hiring decisions, distribution of wealth and general assumptions based on race like the white majority has all these years, right?


As long as people use 'you people', 'THEY' and 'them' to describe people of another race then they are just "The pot calling the kettle black" (no pun intended).

I base everyone on an individual, not group, basis. 'You' should do the same.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why they put out this story? are they trying to sound the alarm for the white race? it's sounds ridiculous, " white people will be a minority" white people are already a minority in the world. The stats seem a little suspicious...Asians will quadruple their numbers from 2% to 8% while blacks will only increase by 2% from 13% to 15% during the same period? and it won't be until 2042? No mention of Native Americans..hmmm. what are these reporters afraid of? why the need to sound the alarm?

It's embarrassing the lack of world knowledge Amerikka has, I thought everyone knew that the Chinese and Koreans put there last names first. My ears are bleeding every time I hear the announcers during the Olympics say the Chinese gymnast names. The Chinese have the last names of everyone in bigger type than their first names.Are we so ignorant?

Anonymous said...

OK, you left out a factor, Field. The next big wave in continuing US whiteness will be cloning. In fact if you look at late fertility solutions already in place {45 year old women giving birth} many of those multiple births are like cloning, and with a tweak here or there {not sci-fi but fact}cloning and non-womb birth is just around the corner.
It seems like a bizarro development, but the science is already there, the sociology just has to move into it.
Incidentally, I live in a brown country and in the census, 87% of the population claims to be white, when I doubt that 30% are.
Also, it seems very plain, as you do point out, that race is less and less a factor in couples, especially the young. So, for the society that will exist in 2042, who really cares?

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter. as long as the majority of wealth belongs to a minority of people who are and will remain majority white. i'm thinking america will be like how it is in south america, where the privileged are small in number but very rich and powerful. and all the others fight amongst themselves for the leftover scraps.

Anonymous said...

I'm linking to this post. This is funny as God-knows-what.

Dark Moon said...

I don’t see what Whites have to be afraid of. The meaning of Whiteness will be translated to include Asians and Hispanics and especially those who are inter-marry with whites at quantum rates. Asian Females have a 50% rate of out marriages followed by Hispanics, which is evenly distributed by both genders. Blacks will predictably still be at the bottom as the requisite scapegoat and boogey man.

And even if pure whites in America ever do become a persecuted minority, the greatest amount of wealth and power will still be controlled by other White men. South Africa is an excellent example of White minorities able to control the majority.

No one wants to be associated with Blacks unless it is to gloam onto the Civil Rights Movement thus I do agree that there is no fabled kumbaya rainbow coalition of Blacks and Latinos, etc. If anything the worse kind of racism I have seen was from Latinos—come visit Little Havana and Miami in general to see the kind of balkanization that Whites seem to fear. I have never seen this “were in it together” idea that is touted on the internet. Latinos and Asians are often championing their own interests and see Blacks as toadstools to jump over.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"parents didn't have two nickels left to rub together"

Granny has not heard that saying since Moby Dick was a minnow. LOL!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Still control the wealth in America? That's funny, because when the Republicans get through destroying America, it won't be no wealth in America. Prices are study rising, people are losing their jobs left and right. I mean who do you think the rich are getting their wealth from? It's coming out of the pockets of working folks and poor folks, consumers who spend their dollars on rich folks products. If the working folks and poor folks run out of money, and don't have to spend, eventually, the rich folks money will dwindle as well, because it can't last forever, if no one else is contributing to their coffers. Rich folks are consumers too, and they can't take their money with them if they die.

Anonymous said...


I am truly having a psychological crisis after your post.

Out of white guilt (and to prove to myself and everyone around me that I was not a racist), I married a woman of color and had three children with her. My noble intention was to lift her out of her angry and self-defeating ways (and tendencies toward poverty and crime) and show her the splendor and blessedness of being married to a white man and being socially connected with (and related to)"hardworking Americans" who are the "backbone of America".

She has made so much progess since after 13 years of marriage. She no longer rolls her head and clicks her tongue when gets irritated; she no longer shouts when she is angry or excited; she no longer feels the need to say "Hi" to every other person of color in public - whether she knows them or not.

Just when I thought I was on the right track...just when I thought I was giving other people color a reason to respect and admire has all been for naught - I have "betrayed my race". All the effort, time, and energy has been misdirected.

After reading your heart-penetrating post and passionate plea, my suffering has been compounded.

Mahogany Chic said...

Whites will still be the majority if they still hold the power. The question is will they now be less likely to vote for a minority to hold on to their power? They will not go gently into that good night.

La♥audiobooks said...

David said "I base everyone on an individual, not group, basis. 'You' should do the same."

Ya know, anyone can say anything, especially if they just want to blow smoke out their @ss to throw people off, or if they think it’s the politically accepted thing to say at the moment. But when it comes down to it, does one actually practice what thy preach in their daily conscious and subconscious life.

Not asking a question.

La♥audiobooks said...

To Jody:
Excuse me Ms. Liberal white woman (based on your self declaration), don’t you ever ever ever ever try to get condescending with me. I am not from SPAIN, I DO NOT have to write or speak like European Spaniards! You want to dictate Spanish too? You’re such an expert on every body else’s f-ing history, but you don’t seem to realize there are different cultures and colonies that may speak broken English, French, Spanish etc…

What does your little story have to do with what I said about Mexicans and African slave trade? Come better than that! I dare you to prove me wrong. Is that what they taught you in school? So are you going to tell me next that the Civil war was about freeing black slaves?? Another thing, are you a Mexican? Are you Cuban? Are you Black? Can you walk in my shoes? Then what the Fck do you know about black and Mexican relations in past Mexico and present America??? And if you find any grammatical errors in my post, bite them.

"but to suggest that Mexicans would be "worse" is bullshit.

Maybe you're just right.

Jody said...

Funny you should ask.... the person writing the spanish response is my friend Fernando, a co-worker, who IS Mexican, from Mexico, and works with the Immigrant Community here in Philly and with the Mexican Gov. in Mexico on behalf of all Mexicans here in the US, regardless of status. (fyi, he is mestizo)
The "little history lesson" was from him. Point being that Mexico was colonized by Europeans who brought slaves. And, that Mexico, once independent, did not have slavery... again, Fernando's imput.

I was just offended by your post, shared it with him, and together we responded.

La♥audiobooks said...

”the person writing the spanish response is my friend Fernando, a co-worker, who IS Mexican, from Mexico,…. (fyi, he is mestizo)…..

Yes, I sensed that much, and I also figured you would pull out the minority friend race card. I don’t suppose Spanish was the "mestizo’s" native tongue, was it? Like I said, I am not a European Spaniard. And don’t you ever dictate my grammar in any language or how I should speak. That was my point.

Point being that Mexico was colonized by Europeans who brought slaves.

I don’t recall denying this. And this still doesn’t tell me how the Mexican people (in what ever governmental capacity, NATIVE populace or class) didn’t take part, or wanted some economical reaping off the African slave trade at that particular time. I'm sure Native Mexicans felt black Africans were equal and human as well.

”The "little history lesson" was from him.

Well of course, such a history lesson would come from Fernando. He is “mestizo” and not an obvious African Slave descendant after all, and I’m sure he has Mexico in his best interest being a "repesentative"? No?

Jody said...

la~msviswan.... I do not play cards. I do not have "token" friends. I have friends... and despite your historical assertions,what you were suggesting about Mexicans today is that they would be more oppressive than the historical legacy of whites in America. At least that is how I read it. That is what prompted my response and when Fernando and I talked about your post, he wanted to add his....
And in the future, I promise not to correct your grammar.

Anonymous said...

thats why i hate all people equally,asian & mexicans,your flat butts & dog hair dont make you white.let them be fat nasty over wieght trash,like the whites they so quickly emulate.fuckn sell out gooks & bean dippers can kiss my natural black ass. word life!

A.F. said...


west coast story said...

I'm a black woman and I approve of Jody's comments. Might I also add that the first black people in Los Angeles were from Mexico and had Spanish names. Where did I learn that? At the African American Museum in Los Angeles.

Also, as a footnote, I think black folks should lose the anti Latino chip on the shoulder and do it pretty soon. It's old and it's tired.

west coast story said...

I'm a black woman and I approve of Jody's comments. Might I also add that the first black people in Los Angeles were from Mexico and had Spanish names. Where did I learn that? At the African American Museum in Los Angeles.

Also, as a footnote, I think black folks should lose the anti Latino chip on the shoulder and do it pretty soon. It's old and it's tired.

vanishing point said...

This post was very funny, but I didn't like the one yesterday, making fun of Chinese people doesn't seem funny to me, but I do take the Spanish lessons to heart, I thought it was : no me diga que no advierta: but of course, spending a short time in Mexico a few times, and a lot of time in Puerto Rico with my TiTi Rosa, I figure there's lots of ways of saying things, this is a ramble, but I always thought that Mexico was conquered by Spain Spanish, as was much of South America, & the Carribean, actually, I always thought the Spain Spanish killed a lot less native people than the England English Peeps. Ok Done

Anonymous said...

I think the field negro hit it on the head when he worried about nobody there to whine to for black problems. Youre right, president Sanchez will have no sympathy and will not be the willing participant in the blame game played by so many african americans.
My father is white and mother is from Mexico. Believe me, the "black-brown" alliance is a myth. My relatives from Mexico (and there are lots of them) have no love for the black man. This attitude carries through to most of my brown friends. If you think hispanic people will side with blacks you live in a dreamworld. We will live peacefully among whites and asians. Blacks mean chaos. Neighborhoods are fine until blacks start coming into them. Just an observation.
Whites being a minority does not bode well for blacks. We have no problem making it well known that blacks are not welcome in our neighborhoods. I live in LA. We dont care if you call us racist and we dont care if you whine and cry. I dont mind living with any race but blacks. President Sanchez will understand my point of view, he wont have a problem with it.

? said...

Even if no new growth in population or the world economy happened we would still end up destroying most of the world's ecosystems and our climate. But we are not continuing at our present pace but accelerating it substantially! If this is not remedied soon the future of my people my age and of my children will be a very bleak one indeed. Slowing global population growth is a key part in stopping the cycle of destruction.

field negro said...

Anon 7:17PM. This must be a West Coast phenomenon, where black and brown folks can't live together. Here on the East Coast I have mad love for my Hispanic brothers and sisters, and I think the feelings are mutual.

BTW, I thought it was the black folks that leave the neighborhoods in L.A. when they see the Central and South Americans coming? :)

jody & la~msv...I know you two were going at each other; but that was a GREAT exchange.

kathy, where exactly did I make fun of Chinese people? I was making a serious point about their government. I love the Chinese people. I told you: some of my best friends are Jamaican Chinese.

La♥audiobooks said...

West Coast said " Might I also add that the first black people in Los Angeles were from Mexico and had Spanish names...."

And where does that statement come in? Much less prove what? That's not really backing up Jody regarding the African slave trade issues I raised, and the succeeding Mexican participation.

"I think black folks should lose the anti Latino chip on the shoulder "

Go tell that to the black folks in certain parts of Cali (and other parts of America) who get beat up or riddled with bullets because they walked on a "Latino side walk", or looked at a Mexican "funny" at the public mall. And I guess you will teach your black children how to "habla" in order to get a job soon in America.... providing the colorism preference don't get in their way.

Jody, please don't dramatize my statement, I didn't say it like that. You're correct white Europeans of all languages historically won the championship on unspeakable inhumane brutality and total world mayhem. I would never take that away.

And yes, I'm glad you and Fernando won't think to correct my grammar in any language I speak or type in the future. These languages were imposed on ME. Like many other black people in the Caribbean (and US mainland America), we don't know our native languages to refer to. Therefore I reserve the right to say or spell any of these languages that were imposed on me through my African/Spanish/Danish/American Caribbean culture ANY which way I well please. Thanks you.

Field, I apologize for my temper. I am very sensitive about this issue.

field negro said...

"Field, I apologize for my temper. I am very sensitive about this issue."

Don't be. That's why we are here, to talk to each other. Sometimes it gets heated, and that's cool too. I love your passion.

Anonymous said...

anon-Mexicans don't kill each other in LA? hate is hate no matter what you put in between. If you hate a "race" of people on Earth you must be descendants of the fallen angels, hate the Creator for putting us all on Earth together. What you should really hate is the educational system in amerikka for not teaching true history and attributing to your ignorance. Meci was a black man; Meci or Mexi; Ica was the name of the particular spanish the Portuguese spoke and they added it to the end of all the people they enslaved. The Portuguese were the first people to enslave Africans (Al frica greek for separate or separation). but I have to agree every Mexican I met in Cali there parents were racist. I never understood, the white man enslaved you (Spaniards) yet you hate the black man. Seems like massa told you who to hate and you followed, where in history have black people oppressed the Mexican people, did we steal your land, massacre your people? I will never understand the racism Mexicans have for Blacks, like all mixed races you hate the darker shades and love the white shade, you hair came out straight my mixed child and now you think you are so different from me.

What was the saying spanish nigga, sand nigga, prairie nigga all the cans, icans.

La♥audiobooks said...

"Here on the East Coast I have mad love for my Hispanic brothers and sisters, and I think the feelings are mutual."

Field the operative word there was "Hispanic", which could mostly represent a wider rage of "black spanish speaking people" (black-hispanic), oppose to most Mexicans/South Americans who are primarily considered "Latinos" etc..

Just wanted to point that out. Trust me, Spanish speaking non-black people (and even the black ones sometimes) don't have too much flattering things to say about black people collectively. Not every grin teeth from someone with melanin is a smile.

Lola Gets said...

"The Suburban League"
that was tooo funny!


David Sullivan said...

@ La ~ msviswan: You don't know me or my subconcious. Do you know what race I am? Do you know my experience? Never make assumptions about anyone based on anything, but your first hand knowledge of that person. I've never spent a second in your shoes, so I can make no assumptions about you, but from you're comments it appears that you are an angry person.

You said, "You’re such an expert on every body else’s f-ing history, but you don’t seem to realize there are different cultures and colonies that may speak broken English, French, Spanish etc…"
You appear to be an "expert" in your own right and there is nothing worse than a hypocrite.

My point was a simple one, don't use the words "you people", "they and "them" because lumping together everyone is what fosters misunderstanding, sterotypes and hatred.


Anonymous said...

I love when militant folk like bean start spouting all thi "history" stuff where nobody will ever know ALL the truth. What does it matter? How will it change the here and now? The fact is that many immigrants came here to live and work. We didnt have much so we settled in poor neighborhoods. These neighborhoods were populated with many blacks. These blacks victimized people like my grandparents relentlessly. Since we worked and they didnt, they found it easy to prey on us because they knew we wouldnt involve police given our illegal status. Lazy black men chose to take the money we worked for instead of working themselves. We eventually formed gangs as a way to protect ourselves from predatory blacks. Whites didnt rob us, asians didnt rob us. They hired us, maybe for less than we deserved but more than we could get in Mexico. Blacks robbed us. There is no love there and there will never be love there.
If you want to know where the hate comes from? there it is. Not by white propoganda or manipulation. By EXPERIENCE.
Why wont recent immigrants who have no history of racism toward blacks refuse to pick up young blacks in their cabs? Why does the Korean store owner keep an eye on black youth in their stores at all times? Why do latino contractors refuse to hire blacks? Because of the experiences they have with them. Whites cant tell us what to think. We arent puppets of media like you think. Got bad news for you, many black kids skip on fares, steal from stores, refuse to work hard and commit violent crimes at rates FAR above any other race. Sure others do it too, but nowhere near the rate blacks do it.
I dont care if you call me a racist, means nothing to me. I have to live here and I know what blacks do to communities. HELL, just look at the majority black cities. Detriot doin fine? Killy still killin? Memphrica a great place to live? I couldnt care less what labels nutjob left wingers place on me. There will be no blacks in my neighborhood. None. Any other races are cool. You want balkanization? Come to LA.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like illegal wet backs telling brothers what they need.fuck all these caTHOLIC LOVING,8TH STREET LATINA TYPE BUSTERS,YALL AINT SHIT EITHER,SWINGING FROM THE WHITE MANS PURPLE NUTSACK,LAST TIME I CHECKED,ALL YOU POOH BUTT MEXICANS HAD BIG GANG PROBLEMS & YOUR HOODS LOOK AS BAD ASS THE NIGGERS,SO WHAT THE FUCK YOU SAYN PACO? do you think for one minute crackers really dig your stankin asses,get the fuck outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

mexican macho wife beaters,drunks lazy,gang members,this shit hangs fom your HISPanic asses like dingle berries.what in the world can you possibly say to black people,truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

WOW, no racism here huh? HaHaHa.

Dont give a squirt what you think. You have trouble understanding what Im saying? Read it again. I speak two languages and I understood pretty good. You?

You want to see the future? Read the last two posts.

Latinos here for two generations have accomplished more than blacks here for centuries. Keep whining though. We arent in power yet, Im sure you can intimidate whites for a few more "programs" to help you out of whatever situation youre in. Try asking a latino city council for money to help fat ass babymamas. Try asking congressman Rodriguez to make latino companies hire blacks. Try asking President Sanchez for reparations.
Keep begging for scraps, soon youll have to work like everybody else.
We get along fine with whites, asians, muslims. No problems there. We respect each other because we work hard, have families and dont whine. Not tellin brothas anything but stay outta my community.

field negro said...

Folks, I think we have a damn L.A. gang war brewing right here in the fields.

Hey, as long as you all are repping your sets by writing and not fighting, it's all good.

The Minority Militant said...

post of the decade. haha..

Anonymous said...

anon- you need to read, Mexican gangs came from Zoot Suiters , the republican party wants to kick you out of the country but you hate blacks? Like I said Mexi- was a black man that's why there are pyramids in
South America. Africa is mostly muslim -all black.. I don't even know why I am wasting space on you your comments show your ignorance and pride in being uninformed and dumb. You need to look at pictures of Native Americans before the shite man came to Amerikka because they were dark brown. Hate from prejudice Koreans and ignorant cabdrivers is still hate. You must be an atheist or devil. It's great Mexicans don't commit crimes and are so moral like the LA mayor. It's sad that our mixed kids came out with straight hair and now think they are not black. You need to do a genealogy search. Most latonos hate Mexicans because of the terrible treatment by the spaniards, you need to READ

Anonymous said...

anon- and you believe the lie that the white man told you you cannot find out the truth about the origins of people, ignorant ass

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Nope, Field it’s not a West Coast thing, because I live on the West Coast. It’s an L.A. thing, you know, a close to the border thing. I’m in Northern California and L.A. is in Southern California. Hispanics or Latinos, whichever one wants to call them, get along well with blacks out my way. In fact, they hang together out this way, live next door to each other, and socialize together. Some of them go to the same church together and marry. I have Hispanic neighbors, family, and friends. Out my way, they live in the same neighborhoods and go to the same schools. All of my grandkids speak Spanish and learned it in the elementary school they attended, with the exception of one of my younger granddaughters who is three. She is in a special foreign language program for toddlers that teach them to speak Spanish, and she speaks it well too.

I believe that anonymous is just full of hate. “Out of the abundance of heart the mouth speaks…” I guess he/she has never looked at MSNBC’s prison documentaries, and noticed that Hispanics/Latinos are filling up prisons too. Trust me they’re not in there for their hardworking and angelical qualities either. Granny has quite a few relatives in law occupations, attorneys, criminal investigators, police, parole/probation officers, and that sit on the bench in the courthouse. Therefore, anonymous can’t paint that picture of ALL Hispanics/Latinos being these hardworking angels. All RACES commit crimes and some Hispanics/Latinos are lazy too and some of the neighborhoods look like junk yards as well.

Granny hates to keep repeating herself. However, I want to make something perfectly clear to everyone that post on this blog. ALL RACES have some of the same SHORTCOMINGS, NONE of them are PERFECT. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again. I can go down the list of shortcomings of Blacks, Hispanic/Latino, Asians, Whites, and even West Indies, and I guarantee you each one of them have the same flaws and shortcomings. Some just don’t broadcast theirs and that’s the honest to God truth. There is good and bad in all of them. Just as someone on this blog mentioned, “must be fallen angels”, there is a lot of truth in that statement for all races.

One more thing, anonymous must have forgotten that had it not been for blacks whining/complaining/ begging, or whatever, they want to call it; they had best believe that Hispanics/Latinos wouldn’t even be able to get a job in America, live in some of the neighborhoods they live in now, or enjoy some of the benefits that blacks shed their blood for. There are good and bad in all races and the ones in each race that I’ve seen that do bad things. Sometimes Granny would like to slap them (the bad ones) upside, down, backwards and knock some sense in their head. If Granny was the President, I would ship them all off to some deserted Island with no means of transportation away from it, so the rest of us decent folks could live in peace, harmony, and unity, and let the haters just hate on each other until they finish destroying one another.

west coast story said...

What Granny said. All of it.

I live in an area of Oakland with a large Latino population and some are great neighbors and some are not. Some are bigots, some are not. Just like all the other dozen or so ethnics in the area.

La what's her name is a bald faced bigot as is the IQ challenged anon(s) who responded. I look at people like that as rats in a cage. I feel sorry for you locked up in your tiny, hateful little minds. Here, have some peanuts. I really have nothing but contempt for you. You are not even good enough to shine my shoes.

La♥audiobooks said...

Granny I agree. I also respect your black and Latino observations.

David Sullivan, calm down. Why am I a hypocrite to you? I was never the one handing out color blind guilty sounding statements. What if I said you sound defensive. I'm sure you practice what you preach, but do you also self-confidently preach it to those, where it really counts? And I wonder what really propelled you choose "angry" for me, oppose to maybe conscious or even perceptive. Also, based on your profile photo, wouldn't it be obvious to guess your race, or at least your racial association, or preference? I guess you were being rhetorical again.

West coast, I don't have contempt for you. However, that last statement of yours was truly telling and somewhat projective perhaps of your own self worth as a black person even today. I would have never thought, or envisioned you, or any other black person ever having to shine shoes for anyone.

Anonymous said...

I'll let you know that I had an epiphany a fews years back while watching Barack Obama during the Abu Graib hearings.

I saw then, a decency in this man that had long since been lost in the washed-out drudgery of political workings within Washington.

As he questioned each witness, there were no political agendas, no oppurtunities to elevate his standing by maligning as the other panel members such as Hillary Clinton and John Mccain. No, this man carried out simple integrity. I was mezmerized by his honest demeanor.

In that moment of viewer's enchantment I had a sudden vision, I saw him standing behind a pulpit, in front of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and I knew then that this man would one day rise to be the next great deliverer as was Lincoln, Kennedy, and Dr. King, and I was excited because I knew that change was on the horizon.

I'm a caucasion woman.
Half of my life revolved around being a dependant child of the military, living amongst every creed and color, I've had the benefit of growing up without really seeing color, but instead, seeing the tone of hearts, the shades of good and evil.

Field, frankily speaking, I'm getting tired of this racist bullshit. Can we not evolve and move on to a better plane of existence?

Or are we going to keep wallering in shameful ignorance.

I'll never forget Brenda a black girl that I once worked with at Mt. Home AFB in Idaho. She once told me that she hated white people. I was taken aback because in my heart I knew I'd never done anything to offend her.

And so, I asked her why. I wanted to understand what it was that made her so hateful. And she told me her story.

Back in the sixties Brenda lived in Mississippi. She had six brothers and sisters, and each were forced to watch as her father was tied to a tree by white boys, lit on fire and burned to death.

This was a shock to me because I knew Brenda for two years and never had a clue of her pain. That pain has stuck with me for nearly 16 years and I will never forget her souless eyes as she told me.

People can change, cultures can change, and even nations if we can just unite and forget about the little things like whose the majority or whose the minority in this nation. We all suffer in one way or another, the future of this world does not depend on your color, it depends your commitment to change, and with alot of love for each other as we all, in the end, are brothers and sisters and we need each other by the grace of God.


Anonymous said...

no1kstate, if you happen to read this, it's in response to your comment.

I didn't mean the article was about racism, I implied that someone could read this and take it as racist. There were many jokes involving races, were there not? So I like how Field can joke about racial issues.

Everyone has a problem with everything.

La♥audiobooks said...

Ziyena, I'm not disagreeing and I'm not trying to pick a fight. But I can't help but wonder. Do white people like you, who preach the "one love" message, also so zealously do this in white dominated environments?

Could you be contracted to go to Stormfront, KKK rallies or even the average white dominated websites to spread this wonderful well needed caoching?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ anonymous 10:06. Damn, you do a good job swinging from white nuts.

Pretty big talk from a dude who comes from a group of people who's only legacy is cheap labor and running, and swimming from their problems. LOL

"We arent in power yet,"

And you never will be! Dude, you guys will NEVER run shit here! You suckas swing from white nuts. With all your bullshit talk of Aztlan and Anahuac, most of the guys in power in Latin America are 100% cracker ass blanquito Spaniards. They own you, and they didn't even have to enslave you. You pussies do it voluntarily. Now get back to mowing lawns and washing dishes.

"My father is white"

No kidding, I can smell the wet dog from all the way here. Not even the wannabe Nazi reject full blooded MexiKLANS I've slapped the life out of pander to white people like you do. But I guess you have to represent "In the name of father"

"We get along fine with whites, asians, muslims."

That's cause you mow their lawns for 10 cents an hour. If you did that for me, I'd get along with you too. LOL

"Not tellin brothas anything but stay outta my community."

What the hell are you talkin bout? Not even the worst niggaz wanna live next to you guys. Why do you think South Central LA is over half Mexican now? LOL. Vato, not even the worst of the worst-- "Los Mayates" wanna live next to your kind.

"Believe me, the "black-brown" alliance is a myth."

Real brothers already know that, and wouldn't trust any of you Conquistador demon seed. Much like your white father, them far left PC brothers only deal and name check you 4 feet tall lawn mowing midgets cause they wanna get in on the action on them 25 kid having dick sucking Mexican sluts.

Not even slavery could convince brothers to run accross the border to your filthy country. I'd take Uncle Sam any day of the week over any of them Latin slum lords.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I'd like to share a story with you and everyone as well. It's a true story. I'll make a long story brief.

There were these two men, one white, and one black. The white man was a klan member and he would harrass and threaten the black man who was a preacher. Anyway, the black man instead of getting angry and doing evil for evil, he would pray without ceasing for the white man.

The white man burned the preacher's house and church down, but the preacher kept on praying for the white man. The white man winded up going to prison and while in prison he was being drawn to Christ. He became a born again Christian.

Later on he called the preacher to ask for his forgiveness and told the preacher that he had been born again. The preacher invited him to speak at his church. He accepted the invitation.

He said when he got up to speak, he looked out at all the black faces in that church and he was the only white face there. And he confessed to the congregation what he had did to their pastor and how their pastor instead hating him in return kept praying for him.

When the white man finished telling his story, a girl, crying, came running down the isle to give her life to Christ. The pastor walk over to him, with tears in his eyes, lean over and told him that he didn't know that when he prayed for him that the Lord would turn around and use him to bring his daughter to Christ. The girl that ran down the isle that day was the Pastor's daughter.

Ann Brock said...

@anonymous 2:10 you broke it down, thanks.

@GrannyStandingforTruth you are awesome!

@Field that's why I love your blog the comments are great reading and people come up in here ready to do battle.

Anonymous said...

Anytime La ~ msviswan,
but do me favor, I'll need some back up. A few good men, an ak47, and Angelina Jolie. Are you game?

I speak alot of love, but I didn't say I was stupid.


peace my friend

GrannyStandingforTruth said...



zzzzzoe said...

Teehee, this post is brilliant. You are such a good comic writer.

However I think Ta-nehisi Coates wrote about the same thing and he made the interesting point that due to human nature there will always be a "white" majority, it's just that the definition of "white" will expand so as to leave a comfortably minority group to otherize and oppress. (Just like "Italian" or "Greek" used to be almost like a separate race in America but now pretty much everyone of European origin gets to count as "white.")

La♥audiobooks said...

Ziyena said: I speak alot of love, but I didn't say I was stupid.

LOL..You're my girl. Ok, but I think we'll need more she power. Maybe we could hunt down Cleopatra Jones, Xena the warrior princess, or maybe Salma Hayek might wanna join in for the cause.

If not, we'll just get Handcock and Batman to do it.

Anonymous said...

This world belongs to all of us and as it evolves and changes , so be it.

We all need to get used to the fact that many different national grops will be living much closer together in distinct areas of this world.

El futuro nos pertenece a todos. The future belongs to everyone.

Saludos desde Panama

west coast story said...

Ana: My grandfather was from Panama. He came here in the early 1900's and he spoke with a heavy Spanish accent. I never knew him. He was not some American coming "home." His culture was Latinoamericana. I take slurs against Latinos very personally, just like I do when I hear stupidity expressed about black people.

BigAssBelle said...

cafe au lait is my favorite thing. i'll lift a cup to the future. my grandchildren are mixed. my nephew's new baby is mixed. my other nephew married a dark-skinned woman from india. what will we fight about when we're all the same color?

Anonymous said...

West Coast Story,
I also take offense at slurs against Blacks and Latinos.I have made it my business not to get into foolish conversation where the aim is to offend any religious or racial group.We can be frank without being offensive.

Everyone of us has a weak spot where it could hurt.

I remember once, I had to act crazy and defend a black gay man from some ignorant black men who were harrassing him. They wanted to beat him and kick him out of their restaurant.That was painful to watch.
The insecure is the first to lash out at others.
I am glad to know your grandfather was from Panama.


Anonymous said...

People of a lighter persuasion have always been a minority in the world.

If you read the July, 2008 issue of "Scientific American" there is an article that traces the early migrations of mankind. It should not surprise anyone that we are all come from the same source. Racism, as real as it is, is based on an artificial, false comment.

"Black in America" should make as much sense as "Red Curly Haired in America." The fact that people react to nonsense in such vicious ways seems to be par for the course.

The one segment of the population that seems to have the hardest time and the most violent reactions are our "poor" folk. Field said that he talked to a young man who felt he had no option but to do illegal things. In "The Silent Brotherhood" which is a history of that particular hate group, many of the young men that went if for that were having difficulty finding jobs and keeping them.

Helping all of our "poor" would benefit all of the rest of us as well. Float our boat higher, and people don't seem to feel as threatened and don't seem to feel the need to lash out so much.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

La~viswan and Ziyena:

Now see, that's what I'm talking about unity. Don't you young ladies leave without Granny, she got ya back. Granny shaking the dust off her Rambo outfit and combat boots and bringing my blessed oil with me. (wink)

Anonymous said...

Believe you me, white people knew this years ago and have figured out a way to maintain the power. The meaning of white will be expanded... among other tactics. Although the rate of interracial marriage and its effects should prove to be interesting with this situation.

Anonymous said...

Granny & La Viswan:

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support field negro!! LOL! The word negro has a red line under it here in the comment box like its not even a word anymore! We are trying to maintain our numbers and we would like to ask you not to impregnate any white women so that we can do it and make some white babies!

Anonymous said...

ava said...

Believe you me, white people knew this years ago and have figured out a way to maintain the power. The meaning of white will be expanded...

No, white people will maintain power because we have all the money! We might have to let the Jews in and give up the "one drop" rule but you will still have to look white!!!

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