Friday, August 22, 2008

The Third World man and the heiress.

Conservatives and reich wingers love the imagery you are seeing with this post. Because it is a picture of the "O" man's half brother, and he is clearly a Third World man. Conservatives are all over his "O" ness for having a half brother who lives in a shack, is dirt poor, and lives on what is the equivalent of an A-merry-can dollar a month. "How can he have made four million dollars last year and his brother lives in a shack? What a Hypocrite." One clown from FAKE NEWS is mocking his "O" ness by having a telethon to raise money for his brother. (I sure hope he gives the guy the money he raises, otherwise he should be arrested for fraud)

Reich wing A-merry-cans love this image for another reason: it reminds other A-merry-cans of just how black his "O" ness really is. When they see the Third World man living in that shack, it reminds them that half of his "O" ness comes from a Third World man too; and we just can't elect him to be our President now can we?

I bet no one ever bothered to ask the "O" man's brother if he was fine with his life as a Third World man. Hey, I know quite a few people who live in Third World countries and who are quite happy with their life. Sure, they might not have a lot of material wealth, but believe it or not my fellow A-merry-cans, some people in this world actually believe that there is more to life than money.
Some people. Because apparently Mr. Morton's wife has been a little less than honest about her background. Girlfriend claims that she is an only child; but not so fast.

"Welcome back to the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week. In an attempt to come off as the all-American wife and mother, Cindy McCain is putting aside real family values. Cindy (or her handlers?) has shown a pattern of deceit in her attempt to fulfill the role of Stepford wife in her husband's campaign. But her most recent fabrication is quite hurtful.
Most recently, her oft-repeated assertion that she is the only child of her father, Jim Hensley, was proven untrue on all accounts. In fact, Cindy has three, count 'em, three half sisters. One, Kathleen Hensley Portalski, called in to a program on
National Public Radio this week to correct the reporter who repeated Cindy McCain's characterization of herself as an only child.
Cindy's father was married to Mary Jeanne Parks, who gave birth to Portalski before the couple's divorce. Hensley then married Marguerite Johnson, who bore Cindy McCain nine years later. Even before all this, Hensley
already had a daughter, named Dixie Burd, by a third woman. In addition, Cindy is not the only child of her mother, who had another daughter before her marriage to Hensley. So, Cindy is no one's only daughter."

Now now Cindy, at least the "O" man acknowledged his brother and actually went to visit him.

Oh well, you know what they say: "people in glass houses (and you have lots of them Cindy) shouldn't throw stones." And girlfriend, there is lots of glass in your house.


Anonymous said...

Hannity is just so low. I hope he goes over there to deliver the money himself if there is any.


Anonymous said...

Third world man and the heiress----
So where's the photo of Cindy and her sister?

Anonymous said...

Obama's half-brother was interviewed on CNN, and he said that reports of his living conditions were exaggerated, and that we wants to live in Kenya. Of course they found a neighbor (with a very bad wig) who said O should help his brother.

Anonymous said...

The corporate media has done an excellent job of protecting John Mccain's image. Why? We're only just finding out about this less than 11 weeks before the election. We should've known months ago, but I sincerely hope he keeps showing people what he's really like. I don't believe Cindy's wearing a sling because of an over aggressive handshake. I believe ol' bag of bones broke her arm. Oh well. It's really hard to have ANY sympathy for them. I just feel so sick and tired of all of this crap, all the lies and all the hidden agendas. Anyway...I'll be at the Convention next week blogging so feel free to stop by.

field negro said...

"I don't believe Cindy's wearing a sling because of an over aggressive handshake. I believe ol' bag of bones broke her arm."


Well Obamaholics, is it going to be Biden or not?

Remember to update the kid as soon as you get your text :)

La♥audiobooks said...

Why would Cindy say such a bold lie like that? Maybe she always wanted to be the only child, fantasy sometimes elapses reality. She must have had a Budweiser moment.

Field, I think these right wingers have genuine concern for those "third world" folk to have really comfortable and spectacular homes in Kenya. That way they'll keep their eyes off the white house, just in case Oman does win.

Don said...

This particular story is one that truly defines politics. I swear it does. There suddenly becomes a great concern by certain members of the media for that which, under any other circumstances, there wouldn't have been any attention whatsoever being paid. It only garners 'respect' when it can be used to prove a point against a target.

It would be hard for to believe that Obama doesn't support his brother. Especially with Obama being fully aware of how the media will swoop down upon such a story.

joy316 said...

I don't believe the handshake story either. I wonder the statistics on wives who wear slings?

I'm disapointed that my text did not come today but all signs point to the B.

Breaking--just confirmed on CNN

Anonymous said...

It should be Biden at this point but he seems unelectable without Clinton. She would have turned red states blue but the O-MAN turned her away. Oh, the tragedy of pride.


Black Diaspora said...

Obama's brother, a Kenyan, says he's proud to be Kenyan, and plans to keep it that way. And he doesn't see himself as poor.

He's studying to be a mechanic, and finds his brother's book, Dreams from My Father, inspiring.

Also, he states: "I don't want to look to him for help, I want to achieve things for myself."

Full article: here.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Heart and Joy:

Granny don't believe the handshake myth either. Nope, McCain has traits of a woman abuser.

The McCain's lives seem to be immersed in a web of lies. Lying on Mother Teresa takes the cake, and how petty can someone get plagiarizing recipes, disowning her own sisters by making up a story that she is the only child, and stealing drugs from her own company. Cindy makes Paris Hilton look like a nun. Republican sure can pick em. Hey,it must be the money.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey Field, I wrote about Obama's brother's side of the story in his latest interview. He's furious at the media spin.

I have some thoughts about the materialistic mindset of Americans in general and why this story is a potential landmine for Obama. Come check out my update and analysis.

Obama's Half-Brother George: Dirt Poor But Richer Than Many Of Us

NSangoma said...

Obama Chooses Biden as Running Mate

Sources: Obama picks Joe Biden as VP candidate

Hillary would have been the better choice, either way, biden or Hillary, yah boi is seriously in need of 'hep', as the olde folke would say.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

No, Hillary wouldn't have been a good choice at all. She carries too much baggage with her to the table and the Clintons, also, still have a legal matter out in California to clear up. She might be good at attacking folks, but her integrity is shaky. Hillary is too emotional, and has more personalities than Sybil.

Admiral Komack said...

Well Obamaholics, is it going to be Biden or not?

Remember to update the kid as soon as you get your text :)

-It's Biden.

Anonymous said...

Hillary would have been a poor choice. Under the current circumstances Biden is the best for the job. He's got the foreign policy experience that Obama's going to need during both terms to clean up the mess the MoFo from Midland will leave behind.

Hannity is a douchebag that hangs with bigots.

Constructive Feedback said...


Can we talk brother?
Black man to Black man?
I know that we have differing ideologies and thus are going to be in constant conflict but I have one PET PEEVE that I will ALWAYS seek to correct Black people when they make use of a term that they heard someone else make use of and they do so as well because of their CONDITIONING.

Filled-Negro the term "Third World" that you are using is highly OFFENSIVE to me. Think about it. WHO made up such a word? Are there any non-White nations that are NOT "Third World"? You may as well use the term "Uncivilized World", Filled-Negro. It would be just as cutting.

I just read your article Filled-Negro. The key flaw in your article is that you focused on what THE GOP SAW in the imagery of Obama's brother. You failed to make note of WHAT YOU SAW IN THE PICTURES OF AFRICA and then acting upon those images AS AN INDIVIDUAL.

You see Filled-Negro you were provided an opportunity to take a tour how YOUR BROTHERS in Africa are living (in some parts. NOT ALL AFRICANS live this way). Instead of taking this picture in and then committing to some broader mission for your life - Thinking up a means by which your COLLECTIVE EFFORTS could work to lift the standard of living for the brothers there as well as SouthWest Philly - you have chosen to be bound by your PARTISAN and IDEOLOGICAL cataract that limits your vision in life.

Do me a favor Filled-Negro - drop the reference to "Third-World"/"First World" as they are EQUAL PEOPLE to everyone else in the world. This is nothing more than an INFERIORIZATION of their human standing. No one else is going to do this for you.

Secondly please focus on what THAT PICTURE does for YOU not some damned Republicans! What you just did is akin to someone taking a picture of your cousin who lives in poor conditions and YOU reacting negatively to it because YOU have rejected and thus cut of YOUR CONSCIOUS CONNECTION to this part of your family.

Filled-Negro - the folks who are your ideological enemies are going to do what they are going to do - right or wrong. YOU need to focus on what YOU ARE GOING TO DO - making sure that your actions are EFFECTIVELY leading toward a FIX to the situation that is so embarrassing to you.

(Personal note - Brother you would become a better person if you were to RENOUNCE partisanship and simply LIVE AS YOU KNOW TO BE RIGHT. Your use of partisanship as your clarion call has replaced your ability to craft SOLUTIONS so instead you construct BLAME. This results in you being on a permanent ADVOCACY contest while not asking THE PEOPLE YOU ARE SEEKING TO HELP to do anything in particular in support OF THEIR OWN DAMNED SALVATION.

Have you talked to that drug dealer again and let him know that while he may get money in his pocket to feed his child - his actions will lead to the DESTRUCTION of someone else's child and thus it has a nullifying effect on his community? Why not tell the brother to think of the COMMUNITY BOND and not HIMSELF?
You need to seek out this dude come DAYLIGHT TODAY and tell him this man!!)

Constructive Feedback said...


I thought about you man and that's why I came to where you hang out.

I saw two pieces of news that had direct impact on you.

Did you see ABC Nightline last night? They focused on "Killadelphia" (Their word, not mine). They talked about the police crackdown on the streets that allowed the murder rate of this fine city to go down.

'Murder and Mayhem' Decline on Streets of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Mayor and Police Commissioner Team Up to Cut Crime and 'Take Back' the City

Secondly there was ABC "20/20".
They focused on the high infant mortality rates for poor Blacks in America.


Memphis TN has an infant mortality rate like that of some other nations that do not yet have the SYSTEMS of Wealth Creation which directly translate into the STANDARD OF LIVING that the people live at which the United States has. (Side note - please notice that I was not LAZY and thus avoided the term "THIRD WORLD NATION" or "IMPOVERISHED NATIONS". These words cast these nations in to a PERMANENT trash heap. My description tells of HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM.)

What I saw on 20/20 was heartbreaking Filled-Negro. These young mothers are having premature babies who so often die and are boxed up and placed in a grave in "Babyland" the name of the cemetery which they are laid to rest.

Indeed there is a need to have a "non-judgmental" response to this situation when a pre-mature child comes into this world with NO CONTROL over the conditions by which he was made and only is in need of medical care. I fully agree with the White church lady on this point. HOWEVER, we can't look past the structure and social costs that ignorance and lack of education and lack of controlling CULTURAL NORMS play in perpetuating this situation (as well as in Southwest Philly).

Filled-Negro the kneejerk response to seeing all of this by many on your board will be the call for UNIVERSAL/FREE HEALTH CARE to all of these mothers. Then they can come in to the clinic for pre-natal care(without the guidance of a White lady from the suburbs to take them) and all will be made better. Thus this community will become CLIENTS of the system and have more healthy babies, nothing else changing and they will live happily ever after.

I was ANGERED, Filled-Negro because this view is contented by these people being "IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT". These people who now live at a higher medical standard WAS NOT ASKED A DAMNED THING to CONTRIBUTE TO THIS STANDARD WHICH THEY WILL BENEFIT FROM. Is this not an example of the INFERIORIZATION of them Filled-Negro?

How do you bring someone to salvation as you DON'T HAVE THEM PLAY A CENTRAL ROLE in the transformation?

In the 20/20 segment a White suburban church had a set of STANDARDS and saw that their 'brothers' in the ghetto were below it. They came in and launch an attempt at reforming those who are ignorant. I am happy that they extended themselves in such a way Filled-Negro. For me, however, it spoke to the greater need - the need for the COMMUNITY ITSELF to come into consciousness about the cost of continuing as they are and to PLAY THE CENTRAL ROLE in EXPRESSING THEIR STANDARD OF LIVING ON THEIR OWN BACKS.

They develop SKILLS, they begin to MANAGE THEIR OWN PEOPLE'S BEHAVIOR because they ain't gonna let things go back the way they were.

I understand that your world is Barack Obama and the Democratic Party promise that always seems to come up short. (Memphis is one of the most Democratic cities we have in America and yet these problems continue). It is time, Filled-Negro for you and other Blacks to get clear on WHAT YOU ARE GETTING OUT OF ALL OF THIS and if your people are HEALED as a result of your efforts or simply made CLIENTS of a system that their OWN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY doesn't allow them to partake in absent some inbound transfer of resources.

Where is your dignity and consciousness man?

Is what you are doing REPLICATABLE if you were on your own?

Anonymous said...

Oh Granny stop. It done now. McStain, McSame, whatever, will be the next President. If you want to do the battle of the biscuits outdoors within reasonable distance from Arkansas we can do that.


Black Diaspora said...

Obama let the cat out of the bag that his VP choice was Biden a couple of weeks ago. It was obviously a slip, but one nevertheless.

No one seemed to notice at the time.

Here's another theme he's put forward, but no one has yet pounced on: Obama is seeking to appease that anti-black, he-doesn't-have- enough-experience, he's-not-one-of-us crowd, by stating that his VP will not serve in the traditional capacity of VP's.

His VP will play a pivotal role in shaping national policy.

You get the feeling that Obama's creating a bifurcating presidency, a shared-power one, where we'll have a co-presidency of a sort.

An intriguing thought, that might put to rest all the other foolishness--that he's a Manchurian Candidate, a Muslim terrorist in disguise, and will use his new-found powers to destroy white privilege, and place blacks above whites.

Anonymous said...

diaspora, watch for the Clinton tears. One means by sea, etc... Obama was captured by his own hype.


Christopher said...

Hillary who?

field negro said...

Black diaspora, good point. No one actually asked the "O" man's brother how he feeels. And thanks for the link.

kit...I will be sure to check out your great site, and that post you did. I am sure I will learn something.

Yes, it's BIDEN! Thanks folks. But question: Did CNN have access to the "O" man's text too?

And yes, now I worry about the "Ice Queen" and her minions.

Unconstructive feed....speak for your yourself. I am actually a Third World man myself, and I am proud of that name. Don't let your ignorance show. Third World has to do with the economic makeup of a particular country,period. It is not a statement about the people who live there. You think like a typical reich winger.

"Filled-Negro for you and other Blacks to get clear on WHAT YOU ARE GETTING OUT OF ALL OF THIS and if your people are HEALED..."

"your people"? I am sorry, I thought you were black too. Oh well, that explains a lot.

If there was universal health care i this country that 20/20 segment would not have been done in the first place.
But I know YOU liked it; all you kept talking about was the benevolence of the good white folks :)

JP said...

Easy up on the USOC. Spearmon got DQ for the same thing allowing the Antillies runner to get that medal in first place. Thats how the USOC even knew that he stepped out. You can DQ one and not the other. They're job is defend their athletes and the rules are the rules.

Anonymous said...

This is all bullshit. I've got two half-brothers and two half-sisters (my father was a busy man). I've had zero contact over the years except when my father died & I had to work with my half-sisters on the estate (my two half-brothers were disinherited by my father). This is the sort of thing that happens in this day and age.

How do we know this guy is Obama's brother anyway? I'll bet he has several hundred "half-siblings" over there now, all looking for a handout.

Eccentric1 said...

There is wisdom in what Constructive Feedback has shared, and things that could prove interesting to discuss and consider Field.

field negro said...

"There is wisdom in what Constructive Feedback has shared, and things that could prove interesting to discuss and consider Field."

Like what? Vaugn, don't be hoodwinked by the fake one. Many of the things he espouses (like personal responsibility) are things that I have been talking about on this site for over two years. No one,and I mean no one, has been tougher on black elected polit-trick-sters who fail us, or the lack of personal responsibility by some black folks, than moi. Unconstructive just likes to hear himself talk and parrot republican talking points.

Unconstructive is a partisan and a fraud.

I did a a post on him (and that was one post too many), and broke down how I felt about him. Needless to say I won't waste anymore energy on him.

His circuitous rambling is like the elevator music you hear when you are out shopping. You hear it, but you really don't pay attention.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Unconstructive feed....speak for your yourself. I am actually a Third World man myself, and I am proud of that name. Don't let your ignorance show. Third World has to do with the economic makeup of a particular country,period. It is not a statement about the people who live there. You think like a typical reich winger.[/quote]


I am fully aware of the power that the cataract that blurs your mental vision has upon you. Just like the minstrels of the past took pride that they were awarded "Minstrel of the Year" at an awards show - they too did not have the bandwidth to step beyond the IMMEDIACY of their focus and consider the big picture of which they were stuck in the corner of.

THIRD WORLD is a CONSTRUCT made by EUROPEANS and accepted by UNCONSCIOUS KNEEGROWS who like things easily summarized for their mental digestion. It defines WHAT THEY ARE NOW rather than WHAT THEY SHOULD BECOME nor the PATHWAY TO GET THERE!

Why don't you just refer to them as "The Poor Colored" nations and allow them to continue to aspire for that label?

[quote]"Filled-Negro for you and other Blacks to get clear on WHAT YOU ARE GETTING OUT OF ALL OF THIS and if your people are HEALED..."

"your people"? I am sorry, I thought you were black too. Oh well, that explains a lot.[/quote]

Sometimes I forget that it is not worth having a serious debate with people who can't break through your main fortifications so they look to pick at the small knots in the wood that do nothing to compromise the INTEGRITY of the fortress.

"Your People" = the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers. YES they are a part of the galaxy of Black people and the universe of human beings bet they are not the ENTIRE SET of Black folks by no means.

If there was universal health care i this country that 20/20 segment would not have been done in the first place.
But I know YOU liked it; all you kept talking about was the benevolence of the good white folks :)[/quote]


Let me break it down to you so then you might UNDERSTAND.

EVERY SOCIETY needs to have THEIR PEOPLE ACTIVE in the performance of some trade that TRANSLATES INTO the resources received for their CONTINUED SUSTAINANCE. This same group of people must have some CULTURAL FORCES which impress upon them and CHANNEL THEIR BEHAVIOR so that certain outcomes can occur.

Your plan totally BASTARDIZES the second component.

Please watch the 20/20 video man.

You see the call for the FIRST ELEMENT of the equation above - "VALUE the lives of these BABIES as if they were YOUR OWN" and "We could EQUALIZE THE RESULTS of these children's medical outcomes if WE HAD MORE MONEY".

You see Filled-Negro this cry is a "no-fault", "Take them as they come and don't consider HOW they were made to come to us" approach. I have enough sympathy in my heart to accept that this is indeed A PART OF the solution.

At the same time you can't escape the BEHAVIOR in the community that directly leads to the instances where more of these YOUNG GIRLS will be channeled down this path:

* Casual sexual relationships
* Absent fathers in the mother's and child's life
* (In this case) the THUG FATHER (this is what the mother called him) was more interested in SCREWING THE WOMEN in the community, depositing his seed and yet PURCHASING RIMS FOR HIS CAR (again this is what the mother said - not me)

Filled-Negro I think that the main difference between you and I is that you are a "Feed them fish for the day" type of guy while I, via my EVIL CORPORATE TRAINING am a "PROCESS GUY" and I look at the "FISH PRODUCTION PROCESS" and why the process is FAILING.

Just think - the Civil Rights movement allowed me to go to a formerly all White school and LEARN about how to analyze certain problems in CORPORATIONS as I practice on my job.......yet I am NOT ALLOWED TO apply these same skills and techniques as I look upon CERTAIN COMMUNITIES who are having similar PROCESS PROBLEMS. As much as people don't want to accept the truth - BOTH COMPANIES and COMMUNITIES are COLLECTIONS OF PEOPLE!!!!! Thus the same issues of CULTURE and PROCESS that need correcting in "evil corporations" (who exploit people and oppress us all) are the same issues that a collection of people in a community who seek FAVORABLE COMMON OUTCOMES must apply to achieve this.

Filled-Negro - you are more interested in me SHUTTING UP and joining YOUR TEAM than you are in any CRITICAL ANALYSIS that I can offer that is ultimately CONSTRUCTIVE!! You claim that it is not CONSTRUCTIVE only because you are more BEHOLDEN to your ORTHODOXY than you are committed to a SOLUTION.

The best solution is to have THE PEOPLE play the CENTRAL ROLE in their own SALVATION otherwise you have created a "SERVICE PROVIDER / CLIENT" form of SUPERIOR and INFERIOR relationship.

Constructive Feedback said...


Please don't reference me even glancingly positively unless you are able to accept the attacks that will inevitably come with it.

I don't need Filled-Negro's blessing to know that my views more ACCURATELY depict a solution to the problems at hand.

[quote]Many of the things he espouses (like personal responsibility) are things that I have been talking about on this site for over two years. No one,and I mean no one, has been tougher on black elected polit-trick-sters who fail us, or the lack of personal responsibility by some black folks, than moi[/quote]


Can you detail a few PHILADELPHIA POLITICIANS and/or SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS that you have gone on the offensive against as they have FAILED the Black community in Southwest, West and North Philly?

I DO NOT ESPOUSE "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I espouse FUNCTIONAL OUTCOMES - bytch!!!
How can a person DEMAND certain outcomes for their communities when their aggregate ACTIONS prove COUNTER to that which they demand? This has NOTHING to do with the tired phrase "Personal Responsibility"!

Focus on what you see SOUTHWEST PHILADELPHIA becoming in 10 years! Plot a course BACKWARD from 2018 TO 2008 which includes all of the STEPS that will be necessary to get there. Set up a LOGISTICAL PLAN forward. MANAGE the people who seek to BENEFIT from this more favorable outcome so that they are DOING WHAT THEY NEED TO DO ON A DAILY BASIS!!

What more is needed than this Filled-Negro?

Oh, sorry, I know! YOU must have a FUNDAMENTAL BELIEF in the PEOPLE that if they DO ALL OF THE RIGHT THINGS WITHIN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY that they will one day achieve this end or at least one that is SUBSTANTIALLY better than they have today - where they are not living for a DIRECTED PURPOSE.

[quote]Unconstructive is a partisan and a fraud.[/quote]

PARTISAN? (Ideological I will accept). But Filled-Negro - can you point to a SINGLE TIME where you saw me advocate for a PARTY on your blog or any of the blogs that I operate?

Vaughn - here is my mission plain and clear:

In my observations I have noted that before the Black community can make further measurable progression forward - all forces that are within the domain of the AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM must be vacated from our CORE OF RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS and pushed back to the PERIPHERY WHERE THEY BELONG!

Today people like Filled-Negro believe that Black people will one day PROSPER with the ascendancy of the Democratic Party. He is loathed to see that despite the fact that this same party is 85% of Philadelphia and yet we have Southwest Philly, North Philly and West Philly and their associated schools in the conditions that they are - HIS CONTINUED ADVOCACY is going to change this for the better.

You see Vaughn - Filled-Negros attack against me as a "Partisan" is actually a preemptive strike in defense of his own agenda. (Hint - talk a look at the side bars of HIS blog and then look at that which is listed on mine: WHO is the partisan Vaughn?

I did a a post on him (and that was one post too many), and broke down how I felt about him. Needless to say I won't waste anymore energy on him.[/quote]

Filled-Negro - was this the post in which you indicated that your penis was bigger than mine? (I am not making this up folks. Any long time reader of this blog can vouch for me on this one).

Vaughn - Within the radical circles of the Black community it has been said for a long time that the day that "revolution" comes within the Black community - there are going to be many BEHOLDEN BLACKS who are unwilling to participate because they are more bound to their PARTY than their racial interests. I have little doubt that the people saying this (who are leftist revolutionaries) were thinking that the Black Republicans fit this bill. In truth the body of Black Democrats who are going to be clinging to their party's leg, unwilling to be dragged away LAPS all others by at least 10 times.

In my humble opinion FILLED-NEGRO has his arms fully coupled around his party's leg. There is NO EVIDENCE that could be amassed during discovery in Southwest Philly that is going to cause Filled-Negro to expand his vision that is clouded by cataracts. He ultimately must be ROLLED OVER and then allowed to join up with the movement forward upon seeing his mistake in short-sightedness.

I do hope, however that YOU begin to accept the current evidence WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY that is controlled by people who think like you of YOUR need to change so that the community can change for the better this time.

Anonymous said...

I just find it interesting that try to give the perception that Obama is a rich person when he is a new millionaire by way of writing books. At least he earned the money through his talent of writing. I do not begrudge Obama of making the money, it's honest money. Unlike some beer heiress who did not work for the money but passed down by her father's work and building of the business. She is wealthy by default as like her husband who married into money. I have more respect for Bill Gates and Steve Jobs because they created a business.

You are right Field, Obama does acknowledges his family and visit them and probably does help them out financially whenever he can. Cindy McCain is nothing more than an over the hill, botox, leather weather barbie doll. Someone should tell her that cows do not have red, white, or yellow hides and it's a fashion no no wearing any other color in leather with the exception of black and brown and possibly tan. That's my fashion peeve.

Hathor said...

If Obama is elected, I hope he brings his relative over to celebrate and to be at one inaugural ball that will only play Kenyan music, with the exception of Four Ruffles and Flourishes of course.

Jody said...

uncon said:

Well then, why do you keep coming back? You seem SO badly to want to tell people what they need to do. And you do it without really know what people are or are not doing.

Here's what I know. Most folks who are out there doing what they believe in to create change are the least judgemental and the least likely to tell others what to do. As an activist, I learned a long time ago that folks engage at various levels and that everyone does not need to be doin it my way, at my level of involvement for it to be as important and valuable. I appreciate the efforts of others, no matter what those efforts are.

My only concern for you Field, is his attacks have become more personal against you... kinda stalkery.... might wanna think about a restraining order cause Dude's rhetoric is escalating... Im just sayin....

field negro said...

"... you are more interested in me SHUTTING UP and joining YOUR TEAM than you are in any CRITICAL ANALYSIS that I can offer that is ultimately CONSTRUCTIVE!!

Wrong! I don't want you on my team. When playing for my team (to use a basketball analogy) you have to be able to go your left AND right. You can only go to your right. Having you on my team would only cause us to lose.

Your analysis is silly and flawed. I have told you this before: You cannot apply your stupid corporate road map that you learned in B school to the real world. I know that you are a right winger, but unless you plan to make the US a fascist state ( maybe you do) you cannot force people to adopt your spurious programs. It takes PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, pride, and self commitment. The governments job is to create an environment which makes it easier to achieve these things. Not make it easier for the wealthy and those disconnected from these communities (the same communities that you like to put down) to generate more wealth.

Sometimes a little edu-mifa-cation
is a dangerous thing. But you are typical. The scary thing is that I used to think a lot like you once. Until I realized that no matter how wealthy or successful I become, if I cant' try and help to uplift the people around me, it won't mean a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

The closer we get to this election the more hopeless I feel; dirty politics, rumors, innuendo.

Constructive- what's your point? what do you do to HELP the community? why do you need to watch 20/20 to learn of their slant on circumstances? If you do help, than others that see this will follow your example. why berate Field, point the finger at yourself, your blanket statements that everything in the hood is terrible shows you are following someone else's story line. I don't know if you noticed, I have because I travel, blacks and spanish blacks are out populating everyone. We live in areas of cities we never lived in before, our numbers are exploding.We need to have our own schools, daycare, companies. Amerikka has problems, the inner city has problems, many are working to affect change, you just rant, what is your point?

I know I am opening myself up for a vicious diatribe but I've been reading your comments for months and cannot fathom why you are so angry, bitter and nonconstructive.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feed:

NPR did a piece over a year about the infant morality rate in MIssissippi. Some Southern states are seeing the trend of infant morality rate and Memphis is one of the those states. I do not know of 20/20 did a report of the five leading causes of infant death, but some of the causes are congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities, disorders related to premature birth and low birth weight, SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, maternal complications during pregnancy which include hypertension, a weakened cervix, and early breaking dilation, and accident and unintentional injuries such as car accidents, falls , drowning, and accidents involving guns.

Those are some of the contributing factors, and many are preventable. However, it does take access to great pre-natal care to determine if their any medical problems, safety education, and parenting classes. And think of this, how many hospitals in the south have excellent pre-natal and pediatrics facilities. How long does it take to get the hospital relation to where they live? I was brought in Newark and it has an excellent trauma unit, pre-natal facility, and hopefully build up its burn unit which another hospital moved their burn unit to West Orange, a suburban area which made no sense to me when you need the unit in a urban area.

The reality is, we do not like people. We do not care if get good medical care because we move or close clinics for them to access to even medical care. Think about this, it would make more fiscal sense to have clinics than having people going to emergency room where the cost are high. I am using the we as a general because I know that many people do care. In some place in the south, medical facilities can be as far as 50 miles away. There are definitely myriad problems other than lack of education, but a breakdown in healthcare system.

field negro said...

Thanks jody, but no TRO needed against unconstructive...Trust me, at the end of the day, it will be just that,"rhetoric".

Honestly, I actually feel sorry for the guy. He is somewhat of a pathetic figure in a way. And you made a good point: I doubt seriously if he has ever lifted a finger to help his people. He likes to talk the talk but you and I both know that he ain't walking the walk.

He is typical of those of his ilk. He likes to plan the battle, but he will be the farthest from the battle field when the shots start firing :)

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback - Why don't you start your own blog and stop filling this one with your endless bloviations. Sheesh, such a poor use of bandwidth.

If Obama had a wealthy half brother, the republicans would be all over him for being elite. The republicans are going to attack, ridicule, everything to deflect attention away from their own shortcomings. McCain has 4-12 residences. Obama has one. Mrs. McCain is worth $100 million (not sure about the prenuptial agreements but that means that McCain might be worth a large part of that), Obama made a $4 million last year. So attack Obama for owning one expensive home, deflect from the McCain family's dozen plus homes, attack Obama for making $4 million last year, deflect from the McCain household income.

The republicans will continue to attack any and everything until the democrats start fighting back big time.

I hope that Joe Byden will be the designated attack dog.

Anonymous said...


I thought you wrote post about Conservatives going after Obama having family living in a third world country and the hypocrisy of Cindy McCain in not acknowledging her half-sisters. I do not understand why the subject of infant morality in Memphis came into the topic. Not that I do not think is not important, but you didn't write about that in the post. It is difficult to follow Constructive's logic as have a hard enough time following my own sometimes. I do question myself what is Constructive doing to even help people within the community. Is going to help open up a clinic in these places where people get access to healthcare? Does know anything about OB/GYN? I think have this premise that pregnancy is a walk in the park and it isn't. It is a health risk to have a baby and medical problems can occur. Like some women develop diabetes during pregnancy. There are many factors and those factors are greatly increases when you are poor, have no health insurance, and limited access to a medical facility.

I did see a clip of the 20/20 piece and why anyone would have photograph of their dead baby on the coffee table is beyond me because I would not have that as a reminder (but it's a personal choice). However, it speaks volumes that in any case more should be done. I am not just into this blame game or having a rant, we have a problem and the question becomes what are we going to do.

GWP, construct does have a blog, but I don't anyone reads it. I tried, but it was of no use.

NSangoma said...

'I was against the war before being against the war was cool', pizz on that. If Obama was a US senator from a state with a large Jewish constituency, he would've voted for that war too.

Biden like McCain, wanted to go to war in Georgia, pizz on him too.

Where is this 1 billion dollars supposed to come from?

Where is the money to rebuild American infrastructure?

Obama is a pizz poor candidate if he needs a Biden or a Clinton to get him over. But, alas and alack, let us hope that Obama wins, for the alternative is frightening.

Anonymous said...

NSangoma said..."But, alas and alack, let us hope that Obama wins, for the alternative is frightening."

After all of that you capitulated!


saraphen said...

What I remember from reading Obama's book, "Dreams from my Father" was that his father had several wives and the assortment of half-brothers and half sisters don't all live in Kenya and don't all know each other. Consider the Daddy with many Baby-Mamas who live in very different cultures, none having a real relationship with their father. Barack tracked down several of them, and it is not surprising that most enjoy the lives they have and feel no desire to beg from their successful American half-brother.

I applaud the selection of Joe Biden. Barack can use an attack dog on his side.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Don't count on it. McCain is gone lose. BTW, I love homemade biscuits. I think I'll make some with bacon, smothered potatoes, and scrambled eggs on the side. Put some butter and homemade peach preserves in the middle of the biscuit, and wash it down with a glass of milk. Yup, and I can cook too. I'll e-mail you a plate. (wink)

NSangoma said...

Colin Powell in McCain Mix

Anonymous said...

Cindy McSame is a drug abusing, slender white female of a certain age...think osteoporosis first. When you have those tiny, teeny bones without structure, it is VERY easy to break them. A handshake will do it.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Osteoporosis, my foot! A handshake didn't do that. I've known people who were smaller than Cindy, and their arm didn't break behind a handshake. In fact, most of them were pretty strong, agile, and limber. I have people in my family skinny like Cindy.

And drugs don't have nothing to do with it, and anyway, Cindy wasn't using crack cocaine, she was using legal medication that she got illegally, and even if she had, it wouldn't cause her bones to be so brittle that they would break behind a handshake. If her bones were that brittle, she wouldn't even be able to get around or walk without help.

John McCain physically abused Cindy and that's the bottom line.

tjdevil96 said...

The republicans are really digging deep.

It will not work!

Anonymous said...

You saying that Cindy's papa had a big baby mamma problem? Not possible, dude.

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