Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Fight Club"


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - "A combative Barack Obama said Tuesday that Republican John McCain 'doesn't know what he's up agains' in this election and challenged his rival to stop questioning his character and patriotism.

Obama, campaigning in a state where he hopes to become the first Democratic presidential candidate to win in more than three decades, implored his supporters to fight for the presidency.

'Our job in this election is not just 'win,' although I'm a big believer in winning,' Obama said during the rally. 'I don't intend to lose this election. John McCain doesn't know what he's up against.'

'He can talk all he wants about Britney (Spears) and Paris (Hilton), but I don't have time for that mess," Obama said.

His remarks carried forward a theme of feisty campaigning he debuted earlier in the day..."

Alright "O" man, does this mean that you are going to go (as one commenter to the fields describes it) "gully" now? Is this the South side of the Chi coming out? Well it's about damn time. I just hope it's not too late for you. I just hope, for your sake, that your opponent hasn't already defined you.

BTW, I am hearing that you might pick Joe Biden.....I am not sure how I feel about him. I know he has been a good Senator for the folks of Delaware, and he knows foreign policy, but....I mean let's get strategic here "O" man: The guy is from a tiny ass state, which you were already going to win. He is from a "blue" region of the country, and picking him will give you zero help in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Besides, the guy does have some loose lips.

But we will see. Hopefully, you haven't really made up your mind yet, and your peeps are just floating Biden out there to get the MSM all in a tizzy, and to dominate the news cycle.

And one more thing: Obamaholics, as soon as you get that message from his "O" ness on your blackberry; will you call the field and give me a heads up? Mrs. Field isn't speaking to moi right now (it's an Olympics thing) so she won't tell me.



Anonymous said...

Wasn't Biden the one who said Obama was clean and articulate? I just don't see him being chosen. He needs to choose a woman.


The Minority Militant said...


yea, i'm not so sure about biden. like you said, what good is he going to do besides add some foreign policy experience? that's why there's a secretary of state and other cabinet members to fill the ranks. this is the same cat that told kucinich "the best thing i like about you is your wife."

i know dems have a history about bashing old presidential candidates of their parties (mondale, gore, kerry), but why not kerry on the ticket again? there's an old white guy with foreign policy/military experience and a few crude remarks under his belt, but he speaks the truth even though people would rather not hear it. he might be a bit insensitive and unlikable at times, but who isn't?

just thought id run that by...i'm sure someone else has already.

Thembi Ford said...

Hey Field!
Congrats on the Black Weblog Awards Nom!

I think the VP field is especially weak this year. I'm getting the text but it won't really mean all that much to me. Meanwhile I hear McCain is choosing between Lieberman and Tom Ridge of all people...

Woozie said...

Wouldn't Obama/Clinton be some shit? Don't put it too far out there, the Clintons already said the convention would be a big week for them.

La♥audiobooks said...

"Obamaholics, as soon as you get that message from his "O" ness on your blackberry..."

Field, he's much more advance than that. They only use holy extrasensory perception to communicate.

Doesn't he look like he's whispering something serious in McSalty's ear.

"If you keep on messing with me, I'ma fck you up."


La♥audiobooks said...

Btw, I just saw Bush on your side bar and I have to share something with you. My PhD bragging supervisor said how they're glad their son isn't going to Georgia Tech... "because Bush is allowing the Russians to invade."

Everyone glanced at each other. It's true.

GD said...

No way it's gonna be Biden, Field. That's just a bone for the media, which for some reason can't get enough of the clown.

90% chance of Tim Kaine from VA. See him in action here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/8/19/81728/0732/286/570269

Anonymous said...

I don't know who it's going to be, but I'm praying Mr Morton picks Joe Lieberman.

Anonymous said...

Well Biden has said publicly it's not him so that's the end of that one. I wish Obama would get gully and open a can of whoop ass on McSlime but that's not gonna happen, not seriously. 10 Weeks and counting. I can't wait for this to be over, but I will gladly freeze my ass off to be in Washington DC for Inauguration if it's Barack and Michelle.

By the way Field, I took your advice and started a blog so feel free to visit some time.


Bob said...

Hope it's the last trip he makes to NC in the campaign. Some states he won't carry even if he wears a confederate flag pin next to the American flag pin & announces he's Jesse Helms' grandson & a Southern Baptist.

C-dell said...

If you read the post I made before The one that is up know I talk about this. McCain has been all over Obama it is sad and pathetic. I would prefer that Obama not sink to his level, but if he does McCain will have it coming

field negro said...

heartsandflowers, congrats! I will be sure to check out your blog and give you some link love. :)

c-dell, how are things in the Northern part of the boot?

r.j., I agree, if Morton picks Lieberman he looses.

Hmmmm, the "Ice Queen" makes a comeback? Woozie, I think that would be a shocker.

Thanks Thembi! And unlike Lieberman, Ridge would actually be a good pick for Mr. Morton. It would certainly help him here in Pistolvania.

And MM through out a good name. What's wrong with Kerry?

"Hope it's the last trip he makes to NC in the campaign. Some states he won't carry even if he wears a confederate flag pin next to the American flag pin & announces he's Jesse Helms' grandson & a Southern Baptist."


Christopher said...

The latest LA Times/Bloomberg poll shows the presidential race remains tight, with Barack Obama edging John McCain, 45% to 43%.

After daily attacks by McCain on Obama, the so-called negative campaign effect, Obama's favorable ratings have sunk to 48% from 59% since June. At the same time, his negative rating has risen to 35% from 27%.

Now, we can have an academic discussion about negative campaigning and its merits or we can just accept the fact that in America, when you go negative on your opponent, it works.

While Barack Obama was "taking the high road," body surfing in Hawaii, and praising John McCain as a "genuine, American hero," McCain got one up on Obama and the polls reflect this.

I see Obama has finally started to get off his Ivy League university high horse and get down and dirty -- at least a little bit, knocking and mocking the old coot but, it's a bit like watching Miss Manners throw down with La Kiesha over a disputed man.

I've said it before and I will say it again: Obama must stop praising McCain. Never again can he say "John McCain is an honorable man," (no, Senator Obama, McCain isn't an honorable man.)

It's not too late to stop the opinion poll hemorrhaging and for Obama to pull ahead to a comfortable double digit lead, but it's down to Barack Obama and how badly he wants it.

Maybe veep-choice Joe Biden can function as Obama's attack dog, relentlessly going after McCain? Then Obama can climb back on that Ivy League university high horse he so clearly enjoys riding?

NSangoma said...

The name Evin, means that she was not raised to be one of yall. Being sent to private schools means that she was not raised to be a regular.

I ain't not one of yall; where did she lie?


Evin Cosby, was indulged a bit too much at the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert tables.

Dirty Red said...


I just saw your HNOTD and are you serious?

This Heifer actually said that?
So where is all the "black love and responsibility" the Coz always speaks about, if his own daughter admits that she grew up damn near white? Ain't that some shit?

I think that Big O will have no choice but to pick Hill-Billy. Most of her supporters have already said they will not vote for him, and with some of her delegates voting for her in the convention next week, this crazy and deranged woman might get enoungh votes to challenge his nomination. What the hell was he thinking when he agreed to put her name on the convention table?
I think it will be Hill-Billy.
I don't see how Bog O has a choice if he wants to win.

Anonymous said...

Black does not mean stoopid, unwashed, illiterate, ebonics-speaking, porch-monkey, low-class trash. Cosby worked his way out of the Philly dregs and some seem to want his kids to dive back into it. Feh! Part of the 'Merican Dream is to give your kids the opportunities you never had. Cosby did. Too many of us think it's OK that our children affect the ghetto or gangstah norms. Guess what?! All that gives the kids is the chance to work in a PA tannery.


Anonymous said...

OK, I just saw your HNOTD, dayum Cosby's spawn said that? What a wench, sounds like she indeed is a House Negro.

Anonymous said...

It's either Biden or Kaine. Probably Kaine. It won't be Hillary. Talks of her "millions of angry" supporters have been greatly exaggerated. David Shuster owned a couple of PUMA's on Hardball the other night. They don't have the money or the numbers to cause any serious threat. Shuster basically outed them as undercover republicans and idiots.

Since it won't be Hillary, he won't pick another woman because that would just be stupid. I like Biden cause he doesn't take any shit from anyone, but Kaine could probably put VA in the column for Obama for good. Biden's advantage over Kaine is that he's more well known. Kaine is a Governor though so it's a good chance that he'll get the nod. The only person I could see other than Biden or Kaine would be Richardson.

Anonymous said...

"My PhD bragging supervisor said how they're glad their son isn't going to Georgia Tech... "because Bush is allowing the Russians to invade."

Field negro and woozie, I think it would be in Obama's best interest to run far from the Hillary machine. Here's a list some people have put to gather, get your bets ready.

Bill Richardson
Al Gore
Kathleen Sibelius (this will make the feminist groups happy)
Jim Webb
Joe Lieberman
Chuck Hagel

Jibreel Riley said...

just in: McCain leads in the polls! He is even closing the gap in New York State!

Gregory Williams said...

I've been saying for awhile now to not worry,the south side will come out soon. well NcThuselah has been warned. Of course he won't listen. Shame on him.

When these two go toe to toe in a real debate situation McThuselah is done. He is going to lose it when he gets pounded in that arena. He's not a nice person and BHO knows what buttons to push.

On another note, I know it's off topic but, your boy Toby Keith is for Obama. film at eleven.

Christopher said...

Please, no Tim Kaine!

He's an Opus Dei, conservative Catholic, opposed to gay adoption, gay marriage and choice.

He's a social conservative worthy of Jesse Helmes.

No, no, no, to Tim Kaine!

Don said...

I too have heard the name Biden. I haven't really sat and read up on what Biden is and isn't about, but I do think Obama will end up making the right choice for his presidency. Hopefully.

Although Obama attempts to maintain a solid and high-road candidancy, I think anyone who has sat and listened to Reverend Wright and Michelle Obama and reside from Chitown, definitely has some gangster within him.

Doc L said...

Somehow, I don't think you'll have to wait for any of us Obamaholics to let you know. You better believe that members of MSM as well as the evil empire are on the O man's email list, so it will be out immediately, despite the fact that it's not supposed to be sent until Friday night.

I don't think it will be Biden. Not just because I actually believe him when he says he's not the guy, but the O man needs a relative Washington outsider, which is why he'll probably pick Kaine. He can't pick a woman, because it would piss off all the Hillarites. But picking Clinton would be disastrous. Nothing galvanizes the rethuglicans like the common enemy of Clinton. Folk who aren't too excited about Mr. Morton, will come out in force just to stop Clinton.

Unfortunately, Obama's attempt to run a campaign "antithetical" to politics as usual has left him no wiggle room. His Ivy league perch, while idyllic and idealistic is a very narrow precipice. To come down off of it and get down and dirty puts him at risk of being attacked for behaving like everyone else--another charge of flip-flopping, or that he can't be trusted to do what he says. We know he is capable of getting down and dirty. He did come up through the Chicago political machine after all. Perhaps he can figure out a way to do the damage and leave the gloves at the scene of the crime--using gloves that "don't fit".

The 800-pound gorilla in the room seems to be seen only by folk here and elsewhere in the "diasporic blogosphere". Obama is black, and Americans ain't ready. The so-called enlightened are really looking for any excuse not to vote for him, so they can say it wasn't because he was black. Independents considering Mr. Morton are just looking for the least of a reason to vote for him.
Americans will say they are ready for the "graying" on the White House, but what they do in the poll booth is totally a different matter.

Seems that some other folk are starting to admit this sad reality. I listen to conservative talk radio(until I'm ready to puke)so as to hear what the enemy is thinking and saying. But this morning, I heard it said that race is the real issue--which explained Mr. Morton's increasing edge in at least some polls. I was impressed that some right white folk see the reality--even though the host said he had to admit that he thought the country was past that--until now.

I just hope there are enough un-polled black folk, and progressive youth who will come out in November. I ain't holding my breath, but I'm gonna keep drinking the O-aid until there are no more refills.

On another subject. Congrats to you for your yawdie! Did anyone actually think he wouldn't demolish the field and Michael Johnson's 200 record!

Anonymous said...

la^msviswan @ 12:54..........you making that up....yes you are...please say you are...LMAO!

Field, have you ever read this book called "From Superman To Man"? Obama is the pullman porter that breaks it all down. He's got this.

Anonymous said...

Obama got the gully gully on 'em. I love it when its done so tastefully. LOL I agree...about damn time! McCain is crazy and needs a tan.

Admiral Komack said...

"Wouldn't Obama/Clinton be some shit?"

-I like Obama.
Clinton is shit.

Anonymous said...

I'm worried about Obama picking a white man, it seems to me if he won, someone would try to assasinate him so the VP could be president. I wish he would pick a woman or minority so there would be less incentive to assassinate him.

BTW- quote from Evin Cosby:

“My own people used to say to me, ‘You speak like a white woman,’” said the youngest daughter of Bill and Camille Cosby at her chic new boutique, PB & Caviar, in Tribeca.

“What does that even mean, anyway? Everyone has their way of speaking and living their life. No one should be judging and assuming that because I’m black, I have to speak in that hip-hop way. That’s something I prefer not to do.”

“I always went to private schools - Bank Street elementary, Columbia Prep - so I was surrounded by people like me. Not so much African-American, but privileged. I don’t really have a connection to other people who didn’t have my lifestyle. But my dad is very into helping people from his own community in Philadelphia.”

Christopher said...

I wish he would pick a woman or minority so there would be less incentive to assassinate him.

Bean Town Chica,

This is one of my greatest fears if Obama were to choose the Borg Queen.

Nothing, I mean not even Chelsea's soul, would prevent the Borg Queen from taking the top spot and that means having Obama done away with.

Anonymous said...

So Evin Cosby says: "I don’t really have a connection to other people who didn’t have my lifestyle. But my dad is very into helping people from his own community in Philadelphia.”

So the kid says the truth and you get mad at her? Most people don't have a connection to people with different lifestyles. If you could just get people to admit that what they don't understand isn't necessarilly bad or wrong.

What you can't admit to is what you can't deal with. People of the priviledged sections of our society don't understand what other people are up against. Just clueless, unless they make a conscious effort to learn and understand--and then help.

Most apples fall close to the tree. I think that Evin will eventually be into "helping people."

SjP said...

Finally! He's beginning to take the gloves off! Absolutely Chi-town Southside coming out and about time!

BTW, I know I'm just one of thousands swooping by, but wanted to invite you to SjP's where I left you a little sumthin sumthin.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher said it best--Obama needs to go to the left--that's how he wins.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swiff said...

Biden can be the attack dog. With Obama, it's "Hope". With Obama/Biden, it's "Hope....with balls." Obama can give the great inspiring speech at the DNC while Biden uses his speech to pour gasoline on Bush's record and toss the lit cigarette.

Also, the "VP can bring you a state" thing is more myth than anything. The last time it worked for ANYBODY was JFK picking LBJ damn near 50 years ago.

I mean shit, Dick Cheney's from Wyoming. Fucking Wyoming. I dare someone to name one thing they know about Wyoming besides its state capital and Dick Cheney being from there.

Besides, there's 4 finalists by all reports:

Tim Kaine - He's from Virginia, which Obama has put into play. But he isn't that experienced either. Doubles down on your weakness. His attraction is sheer demographics.

Evan Bayh - He's from Indiana, which is a red state that's in play because the GOP is in TROUBLE. So if you think you can win a state with the VP, you can try him. But he's very boring. Would make for a poor attack dog. Shitty speech giver. And while Biden voted for the Iraq War Authorization bill, BAYH CO-AUTHORED THE DAMN THING. That alone makes me (and others) want to see him get hit by a truck rather than be VP.

Kathleen Sebeel- Sibel- Sebli- WHATEVER the fuck her name is. Her attraction is she's an old white woman not named Clinton. Yeah. The last thing Obama needs to do is piss off her supporters who are begrudgingly backing him.

If you could find someone from Ohio, that would be PERFECT, but their Senator was elected in 06, and the Governor has shown zero interest in being VP. Also, da Guv's poll numbers have been slipping and polls conducted show that he'd wouldn't help Obama for shit, proving my earlier point.

The bright side is, McCain seems actually interested in this batfuck insane LOCO crazy idea of picking a pro-choice running mate. Or someone pro-choice AND anti-gun, Lieberman. Imagine the Hannity-crowd's reaction if he did that. And if he doesn't....Romney? Biden would tear Romney a new bellybutton in any debate and leave him for dead. (sorta like Cheney did to Edwards in 04, MAN that shit was painful to watch)

Anonymous said...

I worry that the Arkansas assasination was a trial run.

Now that I have thought about it, I am not judging Evan Cosby, I've been in her shoes. Growing up in the "hood" in Boston then moving to Ventura California in high school, going to college in San Diego and hanging in LA, I can relate. At 17, hanging in LA people would always comment I sounded "white" I didn't know my tone had changed that much,my slang, my use of parts of phrases, less bass in the voice I guess. I know they weren't implying I sounded "white" because I used correct English, because I used the same words I used in Boston. They thought I was not use to being around black folk because of the way I sounded, I could have taken this negatively and rejected blacks by viewing them as rejecting me. But I ignored the statements and tried and succeeded in assimilating back to black. Funny when I visited Boston in my twenties they thought I sounded country because of the LA accent. Sometimes we feel our own people are rejecting us because of some perceived differences and we reject our people but we have to try and ignore the comments and be head strong. When I went back to Cali they stated I sounded like a Bostonian!

Hathor said...

I am sure Bill Cosby sent his daughter to those schools thinking she might grow up to be more articulate than it appears in her statement.

Anonymous said...


That depends on how you claim someone is honorable.

Seriously, were I his speechwriters, I'd just keep trying to juxtapose the word "McCain" and "Bush" within a few words of each other, over and over.

Kellybelle said...

Isn't Joe Biden's son going to Iraq? A son in the Army almost neutralizes the POW thing and gives the dems moral authority on the war.
And if anybody brings up plagiarism, they can go all Keating 5 on McCain

field negro said...

sjp, I checked out your site. Thanks And thanks for featuring my fellow yawdie ;)

"I am sure Bill Cosby sent his daughter to those schools thinking she might grow up to be more articulate than it appears in her statement."

How true. Growing up around affluence or attending schools of privilidge doesn't mean that one has to embrace house behavior.

Some of the wealthiest people I know have been some of the most grounded.

"Most apples fall close to the tree. I think that Evin will eventually be into 'helping people.'"

ladycracker, that will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Well, one of the least fun aspects of wealth is the moochers and the hordes with their hands out.

Family mooch like you would not believe. There's always a cousin or auntie or somebody who just needs a job and could you hire them for awhile at 60 or 100k? Or they show up and expect fed, clothed and sheltered off your dime. No. Never again will I hire family for work.

The constant pleas for money can wear. "Oh, please give to the babymommy fund, the gangstah invalid fund, the illiterate peon fund, the I wants a Lexus fund, the I cants get nojob cause the Man allus gib me nottin fund, the gives me money for my mans jail fer dealin an he innocence and I needs money fund, the sit on a porch all day fund, the I can't be seen working ajob fund".....

Lordy, you learn to delist your phone, refer relatives to real employers, and sic Bubbles on the rest.

Oh, when you look for work, don't go in gangstah or hooker. Hide the stoopid tats and speak Standard English. We'd love to hire but can't justify putting a loser on the payroll. We're not Bush. Monica Goodlings/Feiths/Addingtons will get me fired


Unknown said...

Field --

New here, and glad to find your community. (Shout out to heartsandflowers: Will be visiting your blog!)

I read something yesterday that really got me dreaming on Barack's VP choice. What IF... Caroline Kennedy, O's Veep Vetter in Chief, were to pull a Cheney and select herself...?

Just the IDEA of it... Hill: Nah. Biden: Too heavily an entrenched DC insider. Kane: He'll lose progressives. Richardson: Love him; but if America might not be ready for a president of color, how ready would they be for a black AND an Hispanic on the ticket? I'm guessing v.not.

Obama/Kennedy? Stirs my soul, if only to have the leisure of a few days to keep dreaming about it.

Anonymous said...

I am a white Obama supporter and went to an Obama Campaign meeting last night in Michigan. Many of us have concluded that Obama should be way ahead now. We can't help but believe that the reason he is not way far ahead is race. Metro Detroit is the most segregated area of the country. That is why Michigan is seen as leans Dems instead of strong Dem state.

This disgusts me to no end. McCain is 4 more years of Bush and yet, folks (dare I say white folks), will vote for the same old same old.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's race. It's always been race. The sad part is Barack and Michelle are what you think most white people would see as "good black people". I guess they broke the "good negro" rules when they decided they could be President and first lady. They got all uppity abd shitt. I believe barry will win, but anyone who thought electing a black man named Barack Hussein Obama would be easy was living in a dream world. If Barry loses the only thing good that will come of it is that finally, white people will see just how racist this country still is and we black folks won't have to hear anymore crap about it being in our heads. Because the Dems should've been able to nominate a yellow dog and win this thing after the last 8 years.

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