Saturday, August 23, 2008

The "O" and Joe Show!

Now that his "O" ness has selected his Robin to be his sidekick for his version of "The Dark Night" (let's call it the dark presidency), it's time to dissect the pick. I think, to be honest, that the general consensus is that this was a good pick by the "O" man. He could have done better from a pure political standpoint (Sam Nunn anyone?), but he could have done a lot worse as well. (Hillary anyone?)

And folks, let's not get it twisted; the field doesn't think the "O" man could win these elections if he had selected Abe Lincoln himself to be his running mate. But selecting Biden won't let the beating he is going to get any worse.

So anyway, let's take a look at the pros and cons of a Biden pick, shall we?

PRO: He is a white male.

CON: He is a white male from a very Northern state.

PRO: He has a great personal story.

CON: His running mate already has a great personal story.

PRO: He is a glib passionate speaker, who speaks his mind and will do well in the debates.

CON: He is a glib passionate speaker, whose mouth might get him in trouble. It has before.

PRO: He has great foreign policy credentials, and has the fact that he is the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee on his resume.

CON: He has great foreign policy credentials, and the "O" man picking him will seem like he is trying to cover up one of his weak areas, foreign policy.

PRO: He is not Hillary.

CON: He is not Hillary, and her peeps won't like it. Get ready Denver.

PRO: He is from Delaware, and that will help him with the Southeastern part of Pistolvania and the Philly suburbs.

CON: He is from Delaware. A very small state that his "O"ness was already going to win.

PRO: He has years and years of experience in Washington.

CON: He has years and years of experience in Washington. (What about change "O" man?)

PRO: Being born in Scranton Pistolvania and Catholic should help with some of those blue collar voters that the "O" man was having problems with.

CON: Many of those voters aren't voting for the "O" man and will never vote for a brother to be their president.

PRO: He is a fighter.

CON: He is a fighter, and his running made will seem even more benign and indulgent than he already is.

PRO: He is photogenic.

CON: Well, there is the whole "hair club for men" thing.


Bob said...

The last time a VP candidate made a difference in the outcome of an election was in 1960. The last time a VP candidate made a big impression was in 1988 when Bentsen got off the best line of the election year kicking Dan Quayle's butt. If this election hinges on PA, Ohio, & Michigan, those are good stomping grounds for Biden. But we know the election hinges on something else.

vanishing point said...

I was hoping for Kathleen Sebellious,
but Obama-Biden has a nice sound.
I'll get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Go O. Go Joe.

Jody said...

Field, you just keep tryin to convince yourself, or us, that Obama isn't gonna win....
Biden is a good choice. He will go after McCain in ways that Obama will not or cannot.
See ya on Broad Street on Nov. 5th.

Kellybelle said...

You are going to run down--what was it--Broad Street? au naturel.

Biden is brilliant. Despite their gaffe-filled first appearance (did Barack really introduce Biden as "the next president?") Joe is a likeable guy, Oscar to Barack's Felix.

The there's Ed Rendell, your gov. He's gonna run Biden's Scranton roots and that kitchen table quip into the ground all over non-Philly, PA.

Biden can control his mouth when the prize is big enough. Note the absence of leaks regarding the V.P.

And Biden's got a toothy, handsome Ken doll son headed for Iraq. That's gold. Solid gold.

Barack and Biden are both tall. Americans like tall leaders. Nobody wants to see Medvedev squatting down to shake McCain's hand.

Hillary's supporters? A few more Saddleback speeches from McCain and those Coldwater-Creek-wearing, agnostic, bra-burners will get back into the fold.

Change with a Washington insider like Biden? You can't change what you don't have access to and Biden is that access.

Yes. We.Can.

Anonymous said...

I think Biden is a really good choice, especially given the choices. I strongly disagree that Nunn would've been better. Imagining him at the V.P. debates is painful. But I do agree that Hillary would've been disastrous.

Biden is an attack dog, and we definitely do not have that in bulk within the Obama Camp. And in that sense, Biden was a great choice.

Anonymous said...

Field, as a white boy, I have to say that Biden has ethnic white voter cred by the boatload. His selection means PA is locked up for Obama and lets O-man focus on Ohio.


Anonymous said...

I think you got it right Field. The "O' man couldn't win in America no matter who he picked for VP. Why? Look at the big elephant in the room: Racism! Funny, MSM talking heads tick off the reasons for the 'O' man slipping in the polls. He's 'elite', lack of experience, too intellectual, etc. etc. etc. Race isn't a factor? Regardless, I am supporting the 'O' man and I am hoping for a miracle.

Anonymous said...

I had dinner with the most awesome brothers here in Denver for the uh....damn it! Must have been the WHINE! No one cares about Hills...seriously, it's over.

NSangoma said...

Selection of Biden Puts an Emphasis on Experience

If Biden brings experience to the table, what in the fornicate does Obama bring?

'I was against the war before being against the war was cool', whizz on that.

If Obama was then a US senator, a US senator from a state with a large Jewish constituency, he would've voted for the Iraq war too.

Obama is a whizz poor candidate if he needs a Biden or a Clinton to get him over. But, alas and alack, let us hope that Obama wins, for the alternative sucks.

? said...

Considering Biden is only worth $150,000 net he should soften the so called elitist label hoisted on the Obama campaign. On top of that you have the guy who can't remember how many houses he has eyeing Daddy Warbucks, Mitt Romney and things could be looking up in the blue collar states.

classysbf said...

I cosign with Jody and Kellybelle.
I am appalled at your cynical and defeatist attitude,Field!
McCain and the GOP have got nothing to run on but fear,and we're ALL burnt out on that!
Biden is an excellent choice in
spite of his flaws,which,compared to McCain and anyone he picks as his VP,are insignificant.

We have millions of fed up, energized voters,and today I volunteered to sign up more. One included a VERY young Iraq war soldier who just finished his last deployment-he hopes!
The young people and the soldiers in Iraq will be the REAL November surprises at the polls.
Their importance in this election has been discounted,because the youth have cell phones(which aren't tracked by pollsters)and many in the military are thought to be in the Republicans' pocket.NOT!!!
They want to get the hell OUT of Iraq,and are supporting either Ron Paul or Obama for that very reason.
So I will see you running nude down Broad Street in November,Field.Hope your workouts are going well! :-)


Anonymous said...

Field, 19 months ago you couldn't find one person, not even Michelle, who thought her husband would get even a strong 3rd place finish in the January 2008 primaries and caucuses. 19 months later, the very same people who were betting he'd never make it past Iowa, then pushed the goalposts to Super Tuesday. $55 million raised in Feb, they pushed the goalposts further on to Ohio and Texas. Then what do you know, they pushed the goalposts to the superdelegates...oops. Then the goalposts gets pushed to too black, too radical, Rev. Wright (because no other candidate running has ANY "scary" associations - btw, where the hell do Hillary and McCain go to church? Do they go?) Obama gives speech on race relations, well received(they scream "curses!") goalposts keep moving. OK, goalposts pushed to KY and WV...oh he can't close the deal with those working class white voters - who dont like niggers - that'll get him!! but wait, those pesky numbers...ok, goalposts pushed to Puerto Rico which doesn't even vote in the general election. Now he's raised well over $200 million while the other Democratic nominee left in the race is down at the Wachovia branch on Main St. cashing a check to self for $10 million dollars. OK...move the damn goalposts again. We're back to the superdelegates, that's not working , move goalposts. OK, FL and MI, and what does the Rules and Bylaws Committee do? Well thanks to the likes of Donna Brazile and Robert Wexler, they tell everybody the goalposts aren't moving a damn place today, kick rocks. So for a minute, the goalposts remained in place. But just a minute. Now zealots from every direction are mad that every goalpost got a football kicked straight thru the uprights, but the fallacy in their thinking, is they believe Obama is the one doing the kicking...he's not.

After all this, after a black man named Barack Hussein Obama has managed to somehow defy all conventional wisdom to get HERE...why are you bothering to bet on conventional wisdom?

The Mad Bomber said...

Obama's a great candidate - likely the closest thing to a populist that stands a chance of being elected in your conservative country - but this was an odd VP pick.

Biden doesn't complement Obama; he doesn't present an effective contrast; instead, he's so different that he clashes. Biden is LBJ to Obama's Kennedy. He's the consummate insider who brokers deals, believes in compromise, and in short is committed to the survival of The System. If Obama is elected, it will be because he convinces voters he can be trusted to mount an effective challenge to The System. Because he IS The System, Joe Biden cannot be counted on to help out in that fight.

field negro said...

Miranda, I co-sign with you; what the "O" man has done os far is epic and awesome. But this is still A-merry-ca.

"I cosign with Jody and Kellybelle.
I am appalled at your cynical and defeatist attitude,Field!"

Don't be classysbf,A-merry-ca made me this way.

classical one, I know he is worth $150,000.00 which is nothing compared to his fellow senators. But did you see where FAKE NEWS try to paint him as elitist by saying his house is worth 1.3 million? Those are some scary folks.

bob, you make a good point; the VP is not as important as we are always led to believe. If Dan Quayle didn't cause the frat boy's daddy to lose coming out of New Orleans, I don't know who else could.

"...See ya on Broad Street on Nov. 5th." Honestly jody, I think I will hold a vigil for you Obamaholics election night. And I won't be doing it in my birthday suit :)

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

all well and good folk, but what happens if obama looses?
folks are already blinded by the Obamafication of America

Donald said...

Why Joe Biden?
He has 36 years of “jigging” inside the beltway...plain and simple. Change sounds great as a euphemism, but his “O”ness aint' been in congress long enough to even know where all the bathrooms are. Now “Fuck News” and the other Reich wing shills are going to latch onto this like pit viper on warm baby rabbit. Hell his “O” ness could have cloned and picked himself as a running mate and and no one in the Reich would say even THAT was a good choice either.

Obama/Biden '08
Get used to hearing, people. His “O”ness has laid down his royal flush and Mr. Morton can kiss his chances with two pair bubye.

Now a Mr. Morton/Romney ticket, two ultra rich white dudes, is going to further freak out the rest of the rank and file Reich wing religious southerners. The Neocons are scrambling and I'm sure Billy Crystal was fumbling thought his Black Berry over his morning Demitasse trying to find the number of the Diebold CEO.

rikyrah said...

He wasn't my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice.

BUt, he's not Hillpatine or Bayh.

And, there has to be something said for a White man who has spent 30 years in the Senate and still can be counted among its poorest members. I think it says he's a decent guy overall.

FN, pay folks no mind. We need your skepticism. It keeps folks like me motivated.

Jibreel Riley said...

Field are you stoned... Take a trip on the SEPTA to Wilmington "CON: He is a white male from a very Northern state" Did you attend public school Field? Delaware was South of the Mason Dixon. Either way one of your "CON'S" should of been is: he voted for the war!

The Republicans Thank you again for giving us the White House

Black Diaspora said...

Obama introduced his running mate this way:

"Let me introduce to you the next president, the next vice president, Joe Biden.

Maybe it was a gaffe, and maybe it wasn't.

I posted this on the previous blog entry:

" stating that his VP will not serve in the traditional capacity of VP's.

His VP will play a pivotal role in shaping national policy.

You get the feeling that Obama's creating a bifurcating presidency, a shared-power one, where we'll have a co-presidency of a sort.

This supposed gaffe is just more insight into how Obama plans to approach his presidency, if elected.

Jibreel Riley said...

I'm not saying Joe Biden is a racist by any means. I like the guy because he speaks his mind however I'm starting to wonder if Obama picked someone like George Wallace, Bull Connor or Joe Stalin and you people will make up a sunshine and lollipop scenario all in the name of winning. I'm starting to wonder do blacks have any sole anymore... do Democrats have any sole anymore?

This will go back to being about Obama very soon and the poll numbers will just get better for McCain. I hope after this election, blacks start to look at themselves and ask: WTF are we doing to ourselves and our neighborhoods. McCain, Obama, The Clinton are not going to end the cycle what Blacks in America go through. Blacks (well some dude from the LA Times) stated calling Obama the "magic negro " when this all got started however the joke will always be on you if you keep following these Democrats like sheep "hoping" for the Ghetto Bagger Vance to "change" things.

Young, Black, and Republican

P.S. Most of you responders I guess also went to Public School... Joe Biden is the Senator from Delaware, not PA. Delaware is more Maryland than PA. So you lock up 3 Electoral Votes you was going to already get: smart. Oh and the SEPTA Section of DEL/PA is more like New Jersey however its the "Turnpike/I-81/I-80/I-99/I-79" sections of the state you have to worry about because those Lil Coal towns that Field only visited on his grade school field trips to the Lama Farm, those places add up.

PA goes to McCain
This will be over on Nov 4 by 22:00 CST

Black Diaspora said...

Torrance, I think we can handle it. We will see Obama's losing bid as one step closer to the dream.

Our dreams have been deferred so long, that we're not going to fall apart if one more bites the dust.

We are a resilient people: how else do you think we made it this far.

We made do with whatever part of the pig and the cow that was given us, and we thrived.

We shall continue to thrive.

Cynthia said...

I heard PA calls him their 3rd Senator. He is the epitome of the American dream. He comes from a blue collar background and he made it. Surely, this counts for more than what you have shared.

Jibreel Riley said...

Cynthia: I live also next to PA... hell Buffalo is more like Pittsburgh than New York City. Like I said the people who say "PA calls him their 3rd Senator" lives in the SEPTA Service area and can practically call themselves New Jersans

Donald said...

Considering the vast Neocon infrastructure is no longer in remember all those involved in 'stealing' the 2000 and 2004 elections. (Florida & Ohio)...Mr. Morten is on his own for 2008. Despite all the wants and machinations of his leaders & followers this election is his "O" ness to lose. black diaspora said it best..."Our dreams have been deferred so long, that we're not going to fall apart if one more bites the dust."

Anonymous said...

Just forget parties for a second. The Congress has an all time low approval rating and so far we have three of the four major candidates as almost nominees for P/VP and they're all Senators. They have a lower approval rating than Bush! It's strikes me as odd to put it mildly.
The Dems should be veto proof and that does wonders for legislative courage. Pelosi and Reid will lose their speaker positions? 2010 will be another change year because of taxes and no results.
Regardless of if Obama wins or loses, it's because of David Axelrod. Obama's fantastic 2004 speech was something to build on, not make a career of. Speech writers are not campaign advisors for a reason. I've excluded all race considerations and Hillary from the above thought.


Anonymous said...


I wouldn't say that the Republicans won the White House just yet. McCain is under more pressure to make a sage pick for his VP. He could pick Tom Ridge to counter the effect Biden would on PA, but I just remember as the guy who told every to buy duck tape during that dismal homeland security terror. In addition, Ridge is pro-choice and that does not sit well with the religious right. Mitt Romney has the same problem as he is not in the right religion, and just another rich guy who owns a few homes as well. Gov Jindell has another problem, he is not American enough. He has that exotic look for some white people. Pawlenty is boring and he isn't a good debate match for Biden.

Biden was the better choice out of all of the democrats. He is an expert on Foreign Policy and very familiar with domestic issues. He is not a wealthy person or an elitist. He is a family man by going home every night. He can speak to the masses and has national recognized. He is a better orator than McCain or another other running mate he decides to choose. I think the game changes with Biden in a sense it's going to be the economy stupid. If McCain goes with Romney it may or may not make a huge impact because one have the argument like Biden presented today that McCain does not understand the kitchen table issues. Yes Biden can put McCain in check with I was a prisoner of war story which is becoming more of a crush than a asset for him.

You should go one and take a look at the electoral map. There are 102 electoral college votes up for grabs with 260 for Obama and 176 for McCain. Colorado and New Hampshire could go with Obama. Currently, Obama is ahead in the polls in New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Montana, and Alaska which has a total of 59 electoral votes and that would put him over at least 270 needed to win the office. It's about the map. McCain would need to win all of the 102 toss votes. The map could change and will when both conventions take place. The poll in Florida is even and can go either way, but Obama has put troops on the ground in that state by opening up over 30 offices in the state, and he has money do it. Meanwhile, McCain has giving up on winning Iowa and left the state. Obama is making McCain spend money while he is building up the treasure chest because the month of September and October will prove important has McCain may run out of money by that time. McCain spent too much money too early in the game and it could cause him trouble in the end.

Hathor said...

This is off topic, but jibreel riley, why is that young, black republicans didn't push for another candidate. I notice that before McCain had become the nominee another young, black Republican was arguing for McCain. Is it hero worship? Or is it that the Republican Party is bereft of smart, young, innovative, creative persons.

Chris said...

I sincerely doubt riley has ever been to Wilmington if he doesn't think it has the Philly flavor.

Biden was a great pick, IMO. He's a great guy who has a lot of good passion and fights for those less fortunate.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Biden was an excellent pick. I've witnessed him in action on the Senate floor on CSPAN. He is straight-forward and a good guy. Granny likes him. Obama made a wise choice. But then, Obama is a wise young man.

Anonymous said...

granny, the South is so red now... There's never been a more anti gun, 'who cares about those people down there' since reconciliation. O'Biden is going down hard.


Swiff said...

"Pistolvania", LOL.

Cassidy is that negro.

Anonymous said...

Field, you better double up on your workouts because you might be streaking on Broad Street on November 4th after all.

Go Obama/Biden '08!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


People have a choice, they can eat in the next four years with a roof over their head, or they can be obsessed with their guns or abortion or other trivial issues. I truly believe that Obama/Biden will win. Nothing and no one can persuade me to think different, because my faith is stronger than that.

MSM wants McCain to win, because they're trying to protect their money interests and yes, some of them don't want to see a black man in the WHITE HOUSE. So, they'll tell us anything to try to block Obama/Biden from winning, but it won't work.

Unknown said...

Obama and Joe Budden ftw

Swiff said...

"This supposed gaffe is just more insight into how Obama plans to approach his presidency, if elected."

That's a reach. I seriously doubt Biden will be allowed to just run wild like Cheney did. If that "gaffe" was a Freudian slip, its probably caused by the expectation that some redneck's gonna try to Grassy Knoll the brother.

Anonymous said...

Biden is a company man.

Black Diaspora said...

@swiff:"That's a reach.

No reach at all. You're the one comparing Biden to Cheney.

Obama stated that his VP would be one who challenged his views, and would have more than a traditional role in his administration--that he would be expected to be a part of the national, and international policy-making process.

Now, you may think that he's lying, but that's your problem.

Do you really believe that Obama is so concerned about being assassinated, that he revealed that concern with a slip?

Now, that's a real "reach"!

Hell, with two beautiful kids and wife, and a safe job in the Senate, I don't think Obama would risk so much just to save America from itself.

Anonymous said...

McCain/Rice in '08!!!


Bob said...

Altogether, I think Biden's a decent pick. He doesn't hurt. Like John Kennedy, Obama isn't a congressional heavyweight & needs someone close at hand who can arm-twist & bargain on the Hill. Gore was a valuable wonk to have around for Clinton. Cheney has been the puppetmaster holding the marionette strings.

field negro said...

"Field? Delaware was South of the Mason Dixon."

riley, you did say WAS right? I swear you republicans. Not only do you need economics lessons, you need geography lessons too.

chris,you are right, riley strikes me as a poser.

"McCain/Rice in '08!!!"

Anon 2:48AM, now there is a thought.

"Obama/Biden '08
Get used to hearing, people. His “O”ness has laid down his royal flush and Mr. Morton can kiss his chances with two pair bubye."

blackinusa, you should be writing the "O" man's press releases :)

Anonymous said...


I am sorry, but Delaware is a part of the 16 southern states, and considered the old south. There is a debate going on about Delaware being a southern state, but it is culturally southern. Delaware mid-Atlantic state, but a southern Atlantic south. Technically, part of the of state is along the symbolic Mason Dixon line, and Delaware remained a slave state until the end of Civil War. Delaware also had Jim Crow laws as well (deferred with my Dad). It's the south and in addition Delaware not only has the honor of being first state, and is also considered the first state of south.

I apologize for the history lesson, but it is really not a black and white answer and some people do consider Delaware not a southern state, although it is in a cultural sense and there is the map.

Now this doesn't mean I agree with Riley with his politics, but he is right about Delaware.

Back to topic, Obama choosing Biden is his way of sticking his foot out to trip McCain without losing the image of being a gentleman. Biden can be the pit bull, and if the word on the street is right about McCain choosing Romney has running mate, then Obama/Biden can make an argument about the economy and say what does to the two rich guys over there know about ordinary struggling to keep their heads above water. I think it was a wise move to pick a running mate who is not a rich guy. Americans are simple, they something they can relate to and sympathize with. They will easily understand Biden, he doesn't pull any punches. Can you imagine a debate the between Biden and Mr. Mannequin (Can anyone tell me if he has any skin?)? He was a businessman who probably laid off some people to improve the company's bottom line, and does anyone believe that blue-collar workers going to relate to Mr. Mannequin, I do not believe so.

field negro said...

"..There is a debate going on about Delaware being a southern state, but it is culturally southern."

hennasplace, I understand that debate, and I agree that Del. was considered a part of the original Southern states,(hell, they stil have NASCAR there) but I think it is culturally and geographically in the Midatlantic region now. I know some parts of the state still has some parts of a Southern identity, but Wilmington is basically a suburb of Philly. And without Wilmnington what is Del.?

And my basic premise still stands; Del. is a blue state for purposes of this election.

field negro said...

"..There is a debate going on about Delaware being a southern state, but it is culturally southern."

hennasplace, I understand that debate, and I agree that Del. was considered a part of the original Southern states,(hell, they stil have NASCAR there) but I think it is culturally and geographically in the Midatlantic region now. I know some parts of the state still has some parts of a Southern identity, but Wilmington is basically a suburb of Philly. And without Wilmnington what is Del.?

And my basic premise still stands; Del. is a blue state for purposes of this election.

Anonymous said...


If they still have NASCAR in Delaware, that very southern, lol.

field negro said...

Yes are right about that one. LOL!

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Wilmington, DE, I can say that we (in New Castle County at least) are not southern. As Field says, it's pretty much an extension of Philadephia. And Nascar is in the souther most parts of Delaware...and EVERYTHING is slow down there...much like Southern New Jersey.

And as a Wilmington resident in Joe Biden's district...I am SO happy about the O Man's choice for Vice President.


Anonymous said...

Delaware is not considered the first state of the south. Yes a portion of the state lies below the Mason Dixon line (Kent County) but Delaware did not break with the union during the Civil War...thus making it a northern state.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just a naive optimist, and jaded after living in So Cal for 56 years, BUT, if the 18-25 yr old demographics put down the Bong and get out and actually vote, and African Americans register AND vote, then Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, AND Florida go Obama and McCain Can't the math.

field negro said...

Thanks timi, nice to hear from an actual Delawarian [sp?] dropped some history too,thanks.

Anonymous said...

We did register to vote in record numbers and Bush still won the second time!

If you look up incorporating a company, Delaware is the number one state because of their tax laws and the procedures for doing so state it is okay to incorporate a company in Delaware even if your company is not located in the EAST, or northern states.

Anonymous said...

My stepmother's aunt recently died, they drove to Delaware from Virginia. I'm on the phone with my stepmother now, part of her family grew up and still live there, she thinks it's comical that anyone would think Delaware is not an east coast state, she stated these people must have never been in Delaware or know anyone from Delaware. When she retired her Delaware family wondered why she was moving down south. I guess those people from Delaware don't know about their own state, their accents are pure east coast. Sometimes I think some of you just make stuff up to sound intelligent, must be that private school edumacation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Timi:

Now I am with Southern, NJ. I live in Northern, NJ and whenever I am riding down to the southern, somehow the tune dueling banjos seem to come to mind. I ask myself sometimes I am still in New Jersey or in a scene from the movie Deliverance.

Liz Dwyer said...

I think he's an ok choice but ultimately the election isn't going to be won because of Biden. It'll get won because of each of us organizing in our own communities. C'mon, Field! Get that Kanye workout plan going because you're gonna be running nekkid! And we want pictures. (Uh, do we want pictures?)

And by the way? Do you know this clown?

Mark said...

Mr. Field, when I heard the news, I thought to myself, I need to find out what the Field Negro thinks of this. I enjoyed your reaction, even though it was fair and balanced. I imagine that if Old Salty picks somebody like Mitt Romney for VP, Biden will be able to turn him into toast in a debate. I look forward to some interesting rhetoric. The O-man could have done worse. BTW, do you need any Obama buttons? MoveOn is supposedly sending me a whole mess of them in return for my modest donation to the campaign.

Kay said...

Hillary doesn't matter anymore. I will people would just shut up about her and allow her to fade back into the background as she so rightfully should. Why keep bringing up that Hillary nonsense?

Jody said...

los angelista.... Philip Berg is a wing-nut. He is an attorney in Philly area that practices family law. He is NOT a "prominent lawyer." I just hope the court sanctions him for filing an obviously false claim. This guy also says Barack traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport... we are talking looney tunes!
I think even Hillary and her people would avoid this guy in a room.

field negro said...

losangilsta, jody is right, that guy is a right wing quack. Don't worry about him.

Mark, Mrs. Field has some of those buttons too.

"And we want pictures. (Uh, do we want pictures?)"

I will let you know in about a month.:)

Anonymous said...

The educated Delawarese are very much in the Northern meritocratic demographic. Granted, there are some transplants that want to be a slave so they can shuffle all day, but most here are going to work.

Something about cheating them out of their labour rent that make slaves shiftless. Far besser to have cheap wage rates than the Southern aristocratic fantasy.


Donald said...

Demographic smaographic...mark my word. Absent of any dirty election day tricks. Mr. Morten is toast. AND FOR ALL YOU WHO'VE NEVER BEEN THERE...quit guessing whether my "Blue Hen" state is North or South. Ok let me clarify, first, No I'm not from Delaware but I grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland and as a kid the Harrington Fair was most countrified thing you could do in the summer. Wilmington may be a "northern city" for what ever reason people want to make up these days. But my gran'mama said the best scrapple always came from a lil' old shack outside of Seaford, DE. Can't get no more country than that, baby.
A Merry cans young and old, middle class and poor know we've been had by these fuckers in power now and for those who think the Reich wing bastards have your best interest in heart and you make less then...oh say...5 mil. your fucking stupid and I'm calling you out. This is Reganomics for the 2000 and don't let the shiny cover fool you. In this shit the common man ain't the one who benefits.If so give me proof. I want some fucking facts and figures, because the shit I'm seeing in the news...ain't a got damn thing going on positive for the middle class and damn fingers hurt...I'm out!

Anonymous said...

"Ok let me clarify, first, No I'm not from Delaware but I grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland and as a kid the Harrington Fair was most countrified thing you could do in the summer."

lol...Harrington is pretty country.

And Seaford is in Sussex Country...that's we Northern Delawareans call "Slower Lower". lol

I grew up on the West side of Wilmington in Little Italy. So traveling south to the southern most parts of Delaware is a bit of culture shock for me. Northern New Castle County compared to the other two counties are a pretty stark contrast.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Obama and Biden represent two good, decent, hardworking family men who don't cheat on their wives and that takes responsibily in raising their children, and have intelligent wives who are graceful and elegant. Real America values...

Whereas, John McCain represents a womanizing cheat, an adulter, brute, and a closet woman abuser with a drug addict, robot, thief, and fabricator for a wife. Real heathen values... I don't know which party everyone else would want representing them, but I would want the team with real America values representing me.

I understand that McCain served in the military, that's all good, but so did millions of other men, and they didn't come home using the military like it's a shield either, nor did they dishoner it with a web of deception.

The reason McCain pisses me off with using the military for a shield is because I have family in military too, which I'm sure many others on this blog do as well. I feel like that is being disrespectful to the men in the military.

A couple of my cousins died in Vietnam. I have family over in Iraq right now. Two of them are brother's children. One of the brothers had a twin who died in Vietnam, and it is his only son that is serving over in Iraq. I have others over there on both sides of my family serving.

However, my family members that do serve in the military don't come home flaunting what they did or are doing for this country or throwing up their service to this country as if it is some type of shield that blocks them from being criticized if they lie or cheat.

Furthermore, they don't brag on their military service, most people that went to war don't like to talk about it, because it brings up too many memories of the deaths they witnessed and their friends who didn't make it back home.

To be honest with you, when a man has to brag and act tough, they are usually whimps.

A2daK said...


About your lawn jockey. Clarify your point.

Joe Biden said: “ got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,”

Now, being a lawyer yourself, I'm sure you are no stranger to "articulate" black men; or "clean" ones for that matter. You don't post pics of yourself, so I don't know about the "good-looking" part.

Joe Biden says Obama is the "first". Are you agreeing with him, protecting him or simply tap-dancing?

Betta check your own little "jig".

Donald said...

No he didn't! FN, the lawn jockey just called you out.

field negro said...

a2dak, he goes to the lawn because he is clearly a partisan, and the only reason he is pretending to be offended is because a dem. said what he did. You know as well as I do that if a rethug had said that we would have heard the sound of crickets coming from his direction.

Now I did not like the comment,and I killed Biden for it,(so I am not tap dancing) but that doesn't make him a flat out racist; just your typical out of touch older white person. I always judge poli-trick-sters by their total body of work, and their voting record. And Biden, for the most part, is alright in my book.

Wow, I think between timi and some of the others, a blue hen party broke out up in here :)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I don't believe Biden meant his comments in a negative way or meant any harm by it. McCain is your racist and he is a hope to die racist.

Donald said...

Ain't no party like a Blue Hen party, 'cause a Blue Hen party don't stop!

Whitney B. said...

Szpork and Granny,



GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Girlfriend, where have you been? I missed you.

meditations71 said...

Biden on Delaware: "You don't know my state... My state was a slave state. My state is a border state. My state is anything but a Northeastern liberal state."

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