Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Condi jones.

Well I will be damned. It seems that Condi is human after all. Now comes word that she has a crush on the brotha that most sisters (Including Mrs. Field) from California to Maine are feeling. I must admit, that it is kind of nice to know that Condi has feelings after all. Honestly, I was starting to wonder about her. Man or woman, it really wouldn't matter to me, but I wanted to see my Secretary of State with somebody, anybody. And all you people with these rumors about Condi and the frat boy need to quit it right now. You have no proof or evidence of this. You are all just making all of this lecherous and salacious shit up. And it's not fair. It's not fair to Condi. It's not fair to George. And it is not fair to Laura....

I did hear of a certain gentleman from North of the border who she was seeing some time back. But I guess nothing came of that. I wonder if the fact that she doesn't have a significant other affected her chances of being selected as a running mate for Mr. Morton?

Hey, am I the only brotha who finds Condi somewhat attractive? Maybe it's all that power. Or her smarts ( I love a smart woman). Or the way she wore the hell out of those black high top boots. Field this is so sexist, would you be blogging about who Condi has a crush on, or her sex life if she was a man? Hmmmm, let me think about that for a minute....No!

Now I don't agree with her politics, and you all know how I feel about her boss. But as the frat boy's hegemonic reign comes closer to an end, I find myself feeling Madame Secretary more and more. I want to see her with a significant other. Someone who makes her happy. I want her to get her freak on whenever she feels like it, and wake up with a smile on her face every morning. I know I know, there is something sick about this. And honestly, I can't explain it either. The woman should be tried for war crimes with the rest of the frat boy's minions, and here I am wishing that she finds sexual satisfaction, and wondering what her, ahem, diplomacy skills would be like in a more,ahem, intimate setting. (Fellows is something wrong with me?) This might seem trivial but it's serious business. Think how much more lucid the person calling the shots for our state department would be if she was....well, you know, getting some.

Hi Condi, it's me, Denzel. I was wondering if you would like to do lunch sometime? Come on Denzel, now that you know how she feels about you, take one for the Republic; make the call.


Anonymous said...

Has Condi replace the lovely Lark Voorhies?

Anonymous said...

Massa leavin' the plantation and Condi goes with the manse. All dis time she be thinkin' it love. She wrong.


Jody said...

Hmmmm I always thought she played on my team..... Not that she's my type... I like women with a concious and a sense of decency....
Actually Field, its a joke in the lesbian community that someone needs to lay Lynn Abraham.. maybe then she wouldnt be such a vicous, horrible DA parading around as a human being... but no one can bring themselves to go there.....

szechuanpork said...

Black boots and sanctions. Geez I dunno. She is cute though.

Anonymous said...

The facilitating unnecessary war portion Senorita Arroz's resume is a sexual turn off.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, I don't think you've lost it. I think that your sympathy for her is tied to something much deeper: the loneliness of being a black woman secretary in a Bush administration filled white male bosses tied to daddy Bush warmongers and "yessuh, massa" white boy cronies who, like clams, are quick to rat on each other in the climb to the top.

You know: Bush used her to "brief" him on foreign policy matters (Another way of saying he was ignorant on foreign policy issues) during workouts at the white house gym but otherwise kept her at bay. And Rumsfeld dissed her and isolated her before she even became the Secretary; and others have continued the practice...Oh, the talk of diplomacy with her at the lead, but, truth be told, these white-boy warmonger's hearts are not in it. So, despite the public persona, she remains isolated.

But, field,in a different administration, one that values diplomacy over pre-emptive war, don't you think that she could provide valuable service to our country?

Jmee said...

Damn I'm hoping Denzel don't leave Pauletta for that House Negro.......

ac said...

While I feel for Condi in her single status, and wish her happiness, I don't think she's getting Denzel under any circumstances. He and Paulette are SOLID - and damn if that doesn't make him just that much sexier? It just tells you that Condi is capable of good taste and clear and righteous thought on occasion. Maybe someday she'll come back from the dark side and use that beautiful mind of hers to bring some good to the republic.

Anonymous said...

So the Field likes the House Fräulein and wishes her happiness.


Kofi said...

I'd heard what jody said before...

Whatever the case, I don't think she's single.

She's too trim and too stylish for me to believe that.

brotherkomrade said...

Gotta agree with my sister comrade, Jody on the gay possibility. Hell I still think she's a lesbian which makes that the only thing about her I respect. That Denzel shit is just a cover.

She's probably as big a fan of my Michelle as as I am.

Anonymous said...

I think Condi is missing an accessory with those black boots, a whip. When I see that photo of her in those boots and that black coat with the gold buttons just reminds me of a Dominatrix. Mistress Condi. The connection really isn't a farfetched idea. I think about the sense of power and control she possesses, and that could be a very attractive quality to some men who want to be controlled by such a woman. However, some men may be put off by a woman with a great sense of control. I can imagine it is lonely at the top. I believe that someone her position male or female is not ideal material for marriage because they tend not be great partners. It wouldn't matter to me if someone running for President was married or not, but someone it's important them to be married. I know that she is human, but it's not a good idea for a black woman in a white male's world to show any kind of emotion. But, there is a growing number of black women who have never been married or has children, I being one of them. This is my life at the moment, and I make the best of it by having friends and creative outlets, and one can great deal by learning about about oneself. I think if some people spent time with themselves, it would drive them nuts because we do not know how to be our best company. If we learn how that, we would be better company for others as well. I think it's too late a night for me too extensional.

Anonymous said...

Field, I've had the same thoughts about Dana Perino but that doesn't excuse her for lying to America for the Bushies.

Remember this rule: country over crushes.

Gregory Williams said...

Are you the only one, apparently not.

Is there something wrong with you, yes, on so many levels.

Why can't you just get a jones for drugs like most people.

Denzel, don't do it!

Anonymous said...

jew-Baiting Black woman in an election in the south

Anonymous said...

I don't understand it -- mr. moses says the same thing about her. I can't see it , but I guess there's nothing like a challenge, and that would be a hella chase. BTW -- you KNOW she's broke some off for Dubya before. Come on, now.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I don't think she slept with Bush. He's so stupid he would get on her damn nerves.

I read a profile about her in Vogue. She looked stunning and after I read the article (this was pre-Iraq) I thought if my single black female friends and I find it hard to date, what the heck is she going to do? I heard the lesbian rumors too. She might not be gay. Just single folks.

Field this post cracked me up. But I do like hearing that there are still some men out there who like smart women.

I used to see her cousin on TV a lot in L.A. She is a big civil rights attorney/activist. I wonder if they are close?

One of Condi's friends died in the Birmingham Church bombing. Once Bush is out of office will she write a book? I wonder how she really feels about Rove and Cheney?

Anonymous said...

Ok Field but Condi did refer to Shrub as her 'husband'. So...ew!

Bob said...

Don't mean anything. Rosie O'Donnell had a crush on Tom Cruise. Melissa Etheridge had a crush on Bruce Springsteen. & can we really do more than guess at where a 54 year old virgin is at?

Anonymous said...

"One of Condi's friends died in the Birmingham Church bombing."

For this reason alone, I measure her with a slightly different yardstick than the others.

This is the same woman who said on more than one occasion, "The Founding Fathers didn't have me in mind when they framed the Constitution."
Thought provoking.

From the Field,
Black Rose

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hold up now! Wait just a cotton picking minute. Even Granny has a crush on Denzel. Well...I ain't dead yet, I can still see.(wink)

Giving Condi major eye rollage. She better leave Denzel alone. Because that's me and Paulette's husband. Some things you just don't mess with.(smile)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW Field:

The guy in the sidebar picture that wanted to take out the President, he almost looks like Timothy McVeigh. Now, Granny is going to be suspicious over every white guy I see with crewcut--racial profiling. (wink)

field negro said...

"Has Condi replace the lovely Lark Voorhies?"


Now jody why did you go and ruin my breakfast by putting thoughts of Lynn Abraham in a sex act in my head? Lawd. Any woman in the lesbian community who takes on that task deserves a medal.

" before crushes"...Interesting. Does that mean if Lark was a Russian spy I would have to view her in a different light? Not!

Thank you macdaddy, I thought it was just me.

Granny, I think Denzel has bean cheating on you and Paula. Because Mrs. Field says that's her husband too.

"Why can't you just get a jones for drugs like most people."

LOL! Becasue Condi won't be addicting.

NSangoma said...

I remember the bombing of that Sunday School at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963. I did not see it happen, but I heard it happen, and I felt it happen, just a few blocks away at my father’s church. It is a sound that I will never forget, that will forever reverberate in my ears. That bomb took the lives of four young girls, including my friend and playmate, Denise McNair. The crime was calculated to suck the hope out of young lives, bury their aspirations. But those fears were not propelled forward, those terrorists failed.
Condoleezza Rice, Commencement 2004, Vanderbilt University, May 13, 2004

What about all the little Iraqi girls you've help bomb out of existence, kunt?

Something is wrong with dis ho, and you fool Negroes are concerned about whether she is getting deh pipe put to her doggy style or not.

Christopher said...

So Miss Condosleaza Rice is pushin' her "het" cred in the final months of the Motherfucker from Midland's administration?

Wonder why?

Everybody knows she's a big, ole lesbian.


What do you think of the Beyonce mini-controversy???

Cosmetics giant L'Oreal is denying it lightened Beyonce's skin tone in an ad and altered Ms. Knowles' features or skin tone in the campaign for Feria hair color.

They do all sorts of crazy shit in high fashion, so I'm not too sure there's any fire to this one.

Anonymous said...

I have a girl crush on Condi. I've felt her for a MINUTE. My friends consider it a character flaw. LOL! But, I have a number of reasons, including: 1) she's called slavery America's birth defect; 2) ALLA what Hennasplace said; 3)she had the NERVE to wear her Dominatrix outfit to Germany and kee-keed with the very men and women she sent to war ... and they LINED UP to get pics with their Angel of Death; 4) based on one biography, her parents ADORED her and too many little Black girls then and now wouldn't know adoration if it hit them in the head; and 5) she didn't -- like a few others -- abandon the sinking S.S. Dubya, write a book, and proceed to pimp it; instead, she's standing firm on the deck (loyalty, albeit dumb)and speaking her truth (courage). I can't say that in the revolution, I'd jump in front of her bullet (she DID act like the aftermath of Katrina mattered little re: her job description); however, I'd be available to make an impassioned plea on her behalf....

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Yes everyone is talking about the L'oreal ad. The company issued a statement saying they did not alter her looks.

Beyonce approved the ad and in case you didn't notice she does wear her hair that blond, did get a nose job and calls herself Creole. Whatever. She probably loves the ad.

I think they went crazy with the Photoshop but hey what do I know?

Woozie said...

She's a lesbian. Duh.

Condi and Laura? Or maybe even Condi and Lark? It's more likely than you think!

Mr. Freer said...

Christopher said...

Beyonce approved the ad and in case you didn't notice she does wear her hair that blond, did get a nose job and calls herself Creole.

Creole is code for "pass."

Beyonce is a mess. If she shows up at one more awards show wearing some tacky frock her Mama designed for her I'm going to puke.

Anonymous said...

Field, your post today is stupid. And for the rest of you folks out there who are saying that Rice is gay. So friggin' what if she is? And why, Field, are you so -- and everyone else -- so concerned about who the lady might be sleeping with? Who damn cares?? Jesus Christ. This is is a stupid post. Field, you must be running out of things to complain about. The post is sexist as hell. Why don't you post about who _________(fill in the blank with any prominent black, single male) might be sleeping with. Why dn't you do that? Not that it would solve anything, either. It would just be another stupid post. Just like the one you've written about Condi Rice. (And before you gets to branding me Repub or anything, I'm not. I'm just trying to figure out what the point of the friggin' post is.)

Anonymous said...

Bro, down here in DC, alot of brothas are feeling Dr.Rice. Your right, she has stood with Bush and all his non-sense and that shows a flaw in loyalty. But she is a smart, intelligent woman.(Plus, Field, you know black women swear that brothas do not like intelligent sistas!!. WE are scared of them..LMAO!!) She is the type of woman you would like to take out to a cafe and just have a good flirty, intelligent conversation with!

And Anon@8:03 - if you do like the post, stop reading it!!


La♥audiobooks said...

That photo makes her look like she just came out the repukkklican Matrix.

"Condi and Lark? It's more likely than you think!

hahaha, woozie always crack me up.


Yes. Notice how they always try to pacify with some kind of "mental disorder/problems" for the white and Asian demented criminals. Who needs a "race card" in your wallet when you can have that type protection in your genes... I mean jeans.

Tammy said...

I thought she played for my team as well. Nevertheless, I'm gonna call bullshit on this one, Field. If Condi were a man, you'd be climbing the walls and calling her a House Negro two ways from Sunday. Instead, you are giving her all kinds of free passes. What the hell is that? Because she can wear a nice boot? Which she can't, by the way. I have to say...I'm disappointed. It's beneath you.

Prometheus 6 said...

She didn't say she had a crush on Denzel. She asked "Doesn't everyone have".

ac said...

Nsanganoma at 6:23 - uncool, uncool. You don't like the woman or her politics, fine. But to degrade a woman, let alone a sister, with those kind of names is majorly uncool. Consider yourself on notice.
See, this is the type of sexist ish you men put foward that we sisters have let slide for far too long. Expand your vocabulary and find some way of disagreeing with the woman without bringing her sexuality, chastity or sex life into it. Same goes for the rest of you pulling this nonsense to a lesser degree - you know who YOU are. Quit it.

Cluizel said...

She is wearing the hell out of those

Anonymous said...

No disrespect to AC and all the other woman, but I've been wanting to hit that (Condi) for a minute..

Anonymous said...

Dude, what's your fucking problem? She's a suck-fuck right-wing shitbag motherfucking traitor just like the rest of the Bush regime. When I look at her picture, all I think about is the death, torture, and human suffering that she caused.

C'mon, man. You can't find some nice-looking decent political operatives who can rock leather boots?

Anonymous said...

Since we are being so light today, I gotta say those boots don't match that outfit IMO. However she is wearing the hell out of them, and looks like one bad mamajama.

Gay? Nah, I don't think so. However I am one that thinks at one point her and W may have been knocking boots.

As far as Denzelm what sista doesn't think he's a cutie, though he reminds me a way too much of my Pops to say he is hot. LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're crazy Field. I don't have a particular Condi jones myself, but I suspect if she cracked the riding crop and was giving me a come-hither waggle with her finger, I might have to go over to the dark side for moment.

I think Kissinger put it best when he said: Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

We just haven't had enough women in real power positions for us guys to tune into the idea that someone who is ideologically opposed to us, not some young filly, etc. might have sex appeal because she is well put together, is smart, doesn't have ugly stamped all over her, and heads up one of the most powerful executive departments around.

Anonymous said...

So she looks decent. Is that all you got, Field?
You know she'll be facing war crimes charges.
She can get some from Radavon Karadisc in the Hague, if that makes you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Ok Field, you've gone to far and I'm begging you to come back from the edge! LOL

szechuanpork said...

nsangoma, "What about all the little Iraqi girls you've help bomb out of existence, kunt?"

Obama will be guilty as well. The terrorists hide behind the innocent because they know we're sensitive about civilian casualties.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Field- I wasn't going to comment, but.. you are a fool and a half. I appreciate the light-heartedness of some of your posts, sometimes I feel I am drowning in misery (the news) and need some escape. this post equalizes the sidebar about Lavena Johnson. there is so much negativity in this world, this post made me smile. thanks. (I'll be sure to fill out the letter and send it, thanks for including something we can actively be involved in, I hope it starts a reinvestigation into her death)

Anonymous said...

can you ever talk about a woman without

a) sexualizing her


b) ridiculing her.

well done.

Anonymous said...

Madame Secretary was dating a fine former NFL player for quite a while....and the boots are rockin...that is all.

Anonymous said...

House Negroes, no matter how important or qualified just aren't the equal of Massa or Massa's friends or Massa's white chilren.

Look at her and the Jefferson Klan that could not admit to having relatives with melanin.


Christopher said...

Someone needs to tell anonymous that Andrea Dworkin is dead.

Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Field, I know its sexist, but as a woman I know I am less likely to bomb a small, poor countries when I've gotten some. Or at least I'm less likely to cuss folks out. We should of thought of this sooner and I agree Denzel should take one for the team.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards admits to having an affair

so sad

NSangoma said...

field, out of respect to you baby bubba, I will hold my tongue and not respond to
ac 10:32 AM


field negro said...

"Field, you must be running out of things to complain about. The post is sexist as hell. Why don't you post about who _________(fill in the blank with any prominent black, single male) might be sleeping with."

Ahhh, because I don't care. In case you didn't notice, I happen to be a male. Now for all the female bloggers out there, please feel free to post about any black male(celebrity or not) you see fit.

Christopher, I was somewhat aware of the Beyonce story, but as someone posted above, girlfriend was quite fine with what the cosmetic company did.

Kat, I have been talking about Breck boy's affair on this site for a minute.

Kellybelle said...

I love Condi. Don't agree with her politics and hope she doesn't get caught up in W.'s war crimes, but I think she is fab.
I read somewhere that it was really important to her to marry a Black man. Just becauseyou lean right doesn't mean you can't love Black.

Anonymous said...

Kellybelle said, "Just because you lean right doesn't mean you can't love Black". I like.

Anonymous said...

I feel you....I am a woman who loves women and in the 'life' and she is screaming for punishment....she is wound up so tight a lovely session in my dungeon would fit her beautifully....paddle to the booty and a bit in her mouth....saddle up!!

Maybe she would turn human letting herself go sexually??

Doubt it. The bitch is evil. EEEVVVIIILLLLLLLLL

Anonymous said...

I personally figured she'd be with a white boy. Condi is stiff. But I ain't mad at her...Denzel is fine!

rikyrah said...

I've believed for some time that it was past time for Dr. Rice to cash in on her cache. I'm sure that there's some rich mogul out there who would love to become a 'Power Couple' with Condi. It's about time she took care of herself. Everytime I even think about the story of her calling Shrub her ' husband', I shake my head in disgust.

Anonymous said...

Lemme get this right. Condi has been the hand-maiden of the men who lied about 9/11, helped plan the Iraq war based on lies, was spotted shopping for clothes in NYC while New Orleans Hurricane Katrina victims were being neglected, and you distract your readers from this by giving her a pass by focusing on her hotness.

You just outed yourself as a traitor. It's not the first time, but it's the worse time.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey Field, I was checking out your sidebar. Congrats on the 2008 awards. You deserve every bit of them! :)


Hey there!

Condi needs to quit it!

Denzel is just soooo yesterday...

The finest man on the planet is Jeff wait...
The finest man on the planet is Armand Assante... okay...well..
The finest man on the planet is Ving Rhames!


Christopher said...

Bernie Mac died?

WTF? He was only 50. I always liked him.

Trina said...

interestingly, how do you know Condi isn't already happy and in a relationship? I am sure someone as powerful as she could keep it out of the media if she wanted to!

Anonymous said...

Ving is rather sexy, now that you mention it. =)

So sad about Bernie, as a southside Chicago girl (no, I am not a native Mainer), I have always loved me some Bernie Mac.. remeinded me of several familiy members.

Dark Moon said...

Damn the Mac is Dead.

Anonymous said...

I'll poke Condi, as long as she is wearing those SS/SM boots and no panties, I'll poke her good...hword is she likes bad boys!

field negro said...

"You just outed yourself as a traitor. It's not the first time, but it's the worse time."

And it won't be the last time;)

Chula, why was I getting hot and and bothered just reading your comments.

Thanks hugh!

I know Chris and dark moon, the Mac man is dead. That's some f****d up shit. I think I am going to watch "Kings of Comedy" when I get off the computer.

Gine said...

Hey, am I the only brotha who finds Condi somewhat attractive? I'm hoping I can fix my older brother (a linguist) up with her. He has had a major crush on the woman since. . . well, forever.

La♥audiobooks said...

"The finest man on the planet is Ving Rhames!

Which Planet? Only if you put a paper bag over his head.

Christopher, what you mean bout Bernie dead... what? Holy SHIT. Lemme go check that out. All you haters went and stress the man out.

Lola Gets said...

Field, I am disapointed in you. Condi looks like a man. Thats right I said it - a MAN!

I think youre attracted to her because of her brains and her power. Those are intoxicating qualities...I know cause I like them too, lol.

But it cant just be her looks. She reminds me of a pug dog. Seriously. Stick with Lark.


Anonymous said...

You know she could have McCain's VP spot in one second flat if she would just accept, so don't give me that "House Negroes, no matter how important or qualified just aren't the equal of Massa or Massa's friends or Massa's white chilren." BS, Anonymous. She could have had the nomination instead of McCain if she had just run, and she would have beaten Obama in a heartbeat. America loves her. Let's just hope she changes her mind soon...
/Yeah, I have a crush on her myself...I love women with a 185 I.Q.

Unknown said...

I have always thought Condi could do with a bit of loving... she's so serious all the damn time...
field, if mrs field lets you go there i do believe you would be the man to put a sweet smile on her face...
those boots are ovah...she wears them well... mind you she has upped her wardrobe game since michelle obama became such a style icon...
she has a nice figure - she should do a bit more with it...

field negro said...

Hmmmm, marci, do you think Mrs. Field would let me give her the "red light special"?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet George W. is Condi's "Slave." She probably ties him up naked in the Oval Office with a ball-gag and pees on him.

Unknown said...

@ field..LOL..
i ask you.. would condi be able to handle it?

field negro said...

"@ field..LOL..
i ask you.. would condi be able to handle it?"

Yes, I think Condi would do just fine. :)

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ FIELD NEGRO: I'll give you credit for being a contrarian, but I respectfully disagree with some of your opinions on Rice.

The issue of her taste or lack thereof in sex partners is completely irrelevant except if she has been hypocritical from a position of power which I don't believe she has. If she was an anti-sex crusader as so many Republicans in public life are, I'd care. She may well have expressed those kinds of views from a position of power, but if so, I surely haven't heard it.

Of greater importance is that she handed in her dissertation claiming the Soviet Union was poised to take over the earth if swift action wasn't taken about a day before the Berlin Wall fell.

That's how intelligent she is. How cowardly is on display every day. You yourself cite how her contemplating her crimes for the next few years in stripes in Belgium would do the world a world of good.

My opinion on this counts for sweet fuck-all because I don't live in the USA and my features are Mediterranean not African, I suppose, but any sort of sense that she's a "role model" is kind of barbaric.

That Condi Rice is "a role model" in the US and Angela Davis is the punchline to a joke is remarkable really.

And Beyonce's a zillion times hotter besides, no matter the tint of the photoshop jpg!

zzzzzoe said...

Teehee, one of my friends dressed up as Condi in boots for Halloween - it was her boyfriend's special request!

I never really saw Condi's appeal myself, though. It's not her fault, but there's something about her face that makes her look like she's scowling all the time. It's like there's less space than usual between her eyebrows and her eyes. Well, maybe for some people, that's the turn-on :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments from all.

On another website related to "criminal justice", this subject about Dr. Rice sleeping with Don Rumsfeld was also mentioned as a possibility. Not that I care; and I think her reference to Bush was a "political husband" - not a "sexual partner".

Dr. Rice is in a difficult position as an educated black woman with international contacts, and a seat with the "big boys" in D.C., which could account for her being "stiff" or unapproachable in photos. She is a "diplomat" and represents the U.S. wherever she is.

As for her being tried for "war crimes for killing innocent Iraqi children", that "concern" was not voiced aloud with the last Iraqi leaders that were doing the same thing - killing and raping innocent Iraqi men, women and children when they asked for help from their Middle East neighbors. Or is this just another "black" thing that "Negroes" are unaware of in the U.S.? Dr. Rice did not start the war, the innocent Iraqis themselves asked for help or am I expected to believe the "evil West" myth?

P.S. -
Ving Rhames, Denzel, Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, etc. are all "Africa FINE"!


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