Tuesday, August 26, 2008

These should be the only damn PUMAS we are talking about.

Okay you Clintonistas, it's time to stop the madness. I got the following piece of crap again from that clown, Carolyn Kay, and I think I will have to tell her to remove my name from her mailing list......scrap that, I think I want to keep seeing the kind of crap that she and her crew keeps sending out. After all, how else would I know that shit like this is still going on? Honestly, at first I thought this whole Clinton rift was a figment of the MSM's imagination. Turns out I was wrong. This shit is real. I guess this is what not being on the ground in Denver can cause.

And I have a question: Why aren't some of you bloggers down ( or should I say up) in Denver confronting these mother fuckers and finding out their true motivations? There is something deeper than just losing an election going on here. And I don't believe Hillary one bit. Not when I read shit like this. Now maybe she will change my mind with her speech tonight, but unless she is a better actress than Betty fucking Davis, I doubt that is going to happen.

So anyhoo, here is what that deranged woman sent me:

" To be removed from this mailing list, just ask. (Don't worry girlfriend, I am thinking about it) Permanent link to MTA daily media news, direct link to today's post
Union Station protest at the MSNBC kiosk (by riverdaughter at The Confluence)We got ourselves a posse and went down to Union Station in front of the MSNBC kiosk. We protested and shouted slogans (in NPR-speak) and completely drowned out the Obamaphiles.
We had a lot of support from passersby. I was very encouraged that there were many sympathetic people. I don’t think the Obama people knew what hit them. They’ve had such a free ride for so long. No one challenged them. no one was skeptical. They have been handled with kid gloves like pampered little brats. But in the face of all of the people they’ve been calling stupid, old women, they seemed oddly subdued. Chris Matthews made an appearance and stood there silently while some of us finally got a chance to tell him how we felt to his face. The coward waited until we left before he came down from the stage to talk to the crowd.

Poll: More than half of Clinton backers still not sold on Obama (USA Today)DENVER — Fewer than half of Hillary Rodham Clinton's supporters in the presidential primaries say they definitely will vote for Barack Obama in November, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, evidence of a formidable challenge facing Democrats as their national convention opens here today. In the survey, taken Thursday through Saturday, 47% of Clinton supporters say they are solidly behind Obama, and 23% say they support him but may change their minds before the election. Thirty percent say they will vote for Republican John McCain, someone else or no one at all."So, of course, instead of honoring Hillary and wooing her supporters, they want to take away her roll call vote. On this, the 88th anniversary of the day women were granted the right to vote, they are in the process of suppressing the delegates’ right to vote for the first woman to be a viable presidential candidate. It’s almost cosmic in the level of insult.

Calling all delegates! (by Eastan McNeal at No Quarter)The Obama / DNC rumor that ABC is tossing out (no roll call vote) is just that. A RUMOR! These are the same folks, along with the AP, CNN and MSNBC that told us that Hillary dropped out, just as the last primaries were being staged. Pay no mind to the fools behind the curtains. Do not call your friend or spouse who is in Denver as a Delegate and tell them to come home, it is over. It is not! Jezz! What ever happened to fair play?There’s never, ever been any fair play where the Clintons are concerned. Think about how manipulative and insulting it is to tell the media what someone else is going to do, to make that person do what you want her to do.

Stephanopoulos: No Roll Call Vote for Clinton? (Political Radar, ABC News)"The whole idea of a roll call vote could be in flux at this point," Stephanopoulos told ABC's Charles Gibson on World News Sunday night. "The Clinton people here, they've said they wanted catharsis, they wanted that roll call, but they may not get it," Stephanopoulos said, describing the decision as one being discussed at the highest levels of Clinton's camp. "They don't want to be blamed for any trouble at this convention."Don’t you get it, Hillary? YOU’RE GOING TO BE BLAMED NO MATTER WHAT!!! May as well stand up and fight. I’d rather be blamed for commission than omission.

Catharsis My Ass (by Larry Johnson at No Quarter)I want to ensure you get a full taste of the “class” of the Obama team. Hillary has done everything in her power to encourage folks to support Obambi. Unfortunately, not even Hillary is that powerful. Most of us can not be swayed to back a guy who is so completely and fully unqualified to be President. Nonetheless, Hillary pressed on to support the “young God” and what did it earn her? This: [Click through to watch a disgraceful video, full of right-wing inspired hate points against Hillary.] Hillary has conducted herself with grace and intelligence (we expected nothing less). These Obama thugs? Not so much.

Monday: The Audacity (by riverdaughter at The Confluence)It really is astonishing to me that the media is missing one of the biggest stories of the whole election- the gaming of the convention itself. This is going to be one giant caucus fraud and it’s going to be shown before a huge, televised, national audience and yet, the DNC and the Obama campaign are trying to force delegates into a final official vote before the actual roll call vote. Do they think no one will notice? One reporter got a clue last night (though we’ll see if she actually follows up on it). She said something like, “Aren’t they supposed to do that on the convention floor? If the vote is official before they vote, isn’t that breaking the rules?” Ding! Ding! Ding!

When Democracy returns to the Democratic party, so will we. Until then, PUMA! (by sm77 at The Confluence)I stand by my Floridian voter’s opinion: “If a bank robber was caught stealing money and at their trial, they made a plea bargain to give most of the money back - it still doesn’t exculpate them from the crime they committed. The robber should be punished regardless. PUMA was formed to protest the DNC’s hijack of Democracy. We want Democracy back in the Democratic Party, and you will not get our support and votes until our Democratic leaders start acting Democratically again.”

Clinton supporter says she was called 'Uncle Tom' (AP)DENVER - A black delegate for Hillary Rodham Clinton says she was called an "Uncle Tom" by Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, one of Barack Obama's political mentors.
Alegre’s Corner"

Yeah you are lucky "Uncle Tom" is all he called you. I would have called you worse than that. Like fucking insane maybe. Why are you lunatics supporting a man who disagrees with you on all the major issues? Like what to put in and take out of your vagina instance?

Sorry for the strong language folks, but sometimes you just can't sugarcoat shit. Cutting off your nose to spite your face is one thing, and giving up control of your body because you lost an election primary is just as bad.


Anonymous said...

Find out what Ms. Kay what she thinks of her fellow PUMA's foray into moviemaking:


You're right, field. You can't sugar coat shit. Or good old, garden variety racism

Redstar said...

field, you probably know i'm a clinton supporter but c'mon, the PUMA's are not representative...they are the Clinton equivalent of the "Obamaholics" caricature...

You should not be quoting or linking to No Quarter ever! They are nuts over there... And The Confluence is ground zero for PUMAs...

Think it's time to unsubscribe to Make Them Accountable!

You should check out this Media Matters piece re: the press hype v. the reality of the so-called Clinton-Obama rift:


Kellybelle said...

I don't give a husky f*** about Hillary supporters who want revenge by voting for McCain. 29% of Clevelanders are living below the poverty line. That's a lot of women and children whose "voices" haven't been heard. If these heffas divide the party and lose the election, I will slap each and every one of them.

Jonne Austin said...

^^^^Word up to Kellybelle.

If you would've told me that DEMOCRATS would've done this to one of their OWN, I would've laughed in your face.

I am proud to say that while I may be voting Democrat, I am NOT a democrat and proud of it.

I don't know what will happen in four years. Who knows? What I do know is that black folks and other free thinkers, regardless of race, that feel like coming along, need to find a party that is really going to do SOMETHING for us. That WANTS to work for our votes.

This isn't just a case of racism. It's f*cking sexism and whining and f*ckery at best.

AGAIN this is why men don't believe women have the balls to TRULY lead this country. And I dare say I absolutely agree.

field negro said...

Thanks sistermoon, I have that link on my sidebar.

redstar, you have to help me with these folks, they are new to me. I guess they have been below my radar all along. Wow, but they are f*****g crazy.

But why the hatred for his "O" ness? I mean come on,I don't think they have ever faught so hard against a rethuglican.

"I don't know what will happen in four years. Who knows? What I do know is that black folks and other free thinkers, regardless of race, that feel like coming along, need to find a party that is really going to do SOMETHING for us. That WANTS to work for our votes."

Amen SS. And you all know what I think will happen come November. It will be four more years of the rethugs, and I will be really pissed off.

Black Diaspora said...

Field, they're cutting off their nose to spite your face.

Now, I know that in the past some of these conventions were contentious.

But nothing is going to satisfy this blood-thirsty bunch, but the ascension of their grand priestess, Hillary Clinton.

Their chief argument that Obama is not qualified, and primary voters can't pick a candidate that can win, and can lead, is nothing more than a smokescreen.

It's a feminist attack against the male bastion, but they're too cowardly to come out and say it.

If Obama were any other man, he would still be on a sacrificial slab, with a thousand harpies swarming around him all looking to eviscerate, and castrate him.

They see Hillary as their first and last hope to crack more than a glass ceiling, but to crack the heads of men, and male dominance in Washington, DC.

And they will settle for nothing less than a Hillary candidacy, or come Hell or high-water, the destruction of the Democratic Party, and the punishment of those that deprived them of their moment in history.

Don't be surprised if this is not the beginning of a new party, founded by women for women.

Here's another sour grape, and confused position that I have seen taken up by black women.

By electing Obama, who's unfit because of his lack experience, the election of a real qualified black president will be set back for generations to come.

Obama will eff things up so bad, that no reasonable white person will ever give another black person a chance, despite their bonafides.

This, too, is a specious argument, and hides their true wishes--to destroy a little male privilege, and establish a staging area for future battles.

Now, I'm all for fair treatment
of women in all arenas of power, but I'm not ready to set aside the audacious hopes of others to make that happen at any cost.

We haven't see the last of the PUMAS, and I don't believe that Hillary Clinton will upset their plans with her speech.

If anything, she's positioning herself for a run down the road, and many of these die-hard supporters that're stinking up the convention now, will be primed and ready to do their duty, assuring that a woman will not only attack the male bastion, but succeed, even if it means turning the country over for a time to a nincompoop like John McCain, who is surely poised to continue the destructive policies that have brought us thus far.

They relish that, because it will make Hillary look pretty damn good when her turn comes again.

classysbf said...

Strong words are needed for this mess,Field. And I thank you for them.
Oh,and I appreciate the links to those articles,too.

Citizen Ojo said...

Hillary Clinton started all this madness and now we have to still hear from these crazy Clinton Supporters!!! Screw them!!!!

Jonne Austin said...

Thank you! It is an assault on the male bastion but they are shooting themselves in the foot. What can you expect from a blog by some salivating b*tch named Riverdaughter.

I am mad and I am not beneath calling a spade a spade.

Women like those are the ones that are partly responsible for the f*cked up ways our daughters see themselves TODAY.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is if Billary didn't alienate black folks with their loaded racial language, she might be the nominee.

This PUMA thing is just bitterness that a black man has a chance of becoming president before a white woman. Why won't the MSM ask them about that?

Anonymous said...

Black Diaspora. "If Obama were any other man, he would still be on a sacrificial slab, with a thousand harpies swarming around him all looking to eviscerate, and castrate him."

Black Diaspora, I'm not sure I can get with you on that one. These PUMA people only have traction because Barack is a Black man. Any other White man, they would not be doing this. There might have been some uproar, but it's really the fact that a Black man has taken the nomination from Hillary. Let's just keep it real here.


Anonymous said...

Please find out who this crying negro is on CNN talking about not voting?

Anonymous said...

Dude, calm the fuck down. This "PUMA" shit is just typical right-wing ratfuckery, and I really don' understand why anyone other than sick-fuck right-wing doucheknochers are even giving it the time of day. Sack the fuck up, motherfucker!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

The PUMA's only number about 60 shythouse rats.

Compare that against the thousands of people who are in Denver at present, I'm wondering why these shythouse rats are continuing to get any type of attention.

They are making it worse for Hillary, should she decide to try and stage a comeback in 2012, or 2016. In fact, she'd do better to try and hang on to her Senate Seat, because she pissed off a lot of Black people she will need to win re-election to her seat, and New Yorkers are already talking about fielding a challenger to Clinton.

She'd best pack up those PUMAs and send them the hell home.

field negro said...

No problem classysbf, thanks for the link.

citizen ojo, love the pic with your handle :)

anon 11:25PM, I did not see that crying Negro. If someone finds out who he is, please let me know so that I can check him out.

Yes, I have to agree with es on this one. I think this is more about race than it is gender.

Physioprof, I will try and calm down now, but I just heard Hillary's speech and I don't feel any better.

Christopher Chambers said...

Hillary nailed it tonight. Period. barack should be very pleased...

The Love Collective said...

It's all a sham. Watch.

Anonymous said...

The crying Negro was a Negress, and I swear fore Lord she shamed us all with her claw clips virtually at her hairline. I don't know what more she could have possibly wanted to hear from Hillary that would have sway her, but after the speech she said "Obama has 2 months" to convince her.

Really, lady?


If Roe v. Wade gets overturned and we have $5/gallon gas I hope someone can show this broad's crying face to all the spiteful and small people who refuse to do the only right thing in this equation and keep McCain out of the White House.

Unbelievable. I love that so many people complained that Obama's campaign was a cult of personality, yet now that the primaries are over HIllary's cult (who often makes that claim) is pitching a hissy fit.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Ya gotta keep in mind, Field, that many of these "puma" type people have been outed as registered republicans that never gave a dime to Hillary BUT did give to McCain in 2000.

Here is a little from Crooks and Liars
"These PUMA detractors aren’t Democrats, no matter how badly the media wants to drag this out and create these fantasy dramas.  The PUMA operation is very clearly a GOP game as much as Operation Chaos:

"PUMA (originally “Party Unity My A**” and now officially a more sedate “People United Means Action”) was one of the original angry Hillary groups. Started by Darragh Murphy and depending on whose story you read Will Bowers, PUMA fed on the anger over the actions of the Democratic National Committee over the Florida and Michigan delegations. The PUMA PAC website features a graphic that now says “Obama National Committee” rather than Democratic National Committee."

As Amanda at Pandagon discovered, Murphy donated money to McCain in 2000.  She has never donated money to Clinton.  Disenfranchised Clinton supporter?  I don’t think so.  And Rumproast has documented how the PUMAs have sought to make themselves sound much larger and more organized than they are. 60 of them about to take charge of the convention?  Not bloody likely."

It is all BS just to distract from real issues. The media needs to grow up and stop playing this game.

Jmee said...

They are saying No to the BLACK MAN getting in the elusive WHITE HOUSE.

The scary thought is that these women are serious no matter how scary as F*ck they come off. They mean it, they are not going to vote for Obama.

McCain is their revenge on the Obama campaign. Good luck to these crazy arsed biznatches.

Btw Hillary did a great job tonight. If she would not have gone so negative maybe she would have been the VP nominee.

Professor Zero said...

Also: the tack NPR was taking this afternoon was that people were going to vote for McCain because of the economy. Clinton seems more working class than Obama, so she will be better for the economy than he. Therefore if they can't vote for Clinton, people will vote for McCain, out of fear for the economy. It seemed nutty and I thought it was GOP propaganda.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The PUMAs are fucking crazy. I'd give them a verbal smackdown if I were in Denver. Instead, I had to settle for an evangelican Republican at work this afternoon. ;-)

Black Diaspora said...

@anon: "There might have been some uproar, but it's really the fact that a Black man has taken the nomination from Hillary. Let's just keep it real here."

Keeping it real. I've been on too many black women blogs to know that it's not just about race.

On these blogs, the screeds against Obama are so loud and shrill, I suggest that even you should thinking about insuring the family jewels.

How many white women have come this close to the presidency?

We may never know what's the driving force behind the PUMAs, but, one thing for sure, not all Black women are on the Obama train, and they make no bones about not supporting him.

Look around!

ac said...

PUMA? Everbody scroll back up and read Conneticutman1's comment again. PUMA is nothing more than right-wing fuckery - its the rethugs ya'll. They ain't democrats.

You know its all a sham when they choose to vote for McCain "in protest" rather than Cynthia McKinney - a political choice that would at least avoid going against everything they as alleged Hillary supporters believe in, ie universal healthcare, equal pay, women's rights, an end to the war in Iraq, etc.

That they never even considered voting for the black woman who represents all their views but instead would vote for someone who diametrically opposes them? That there is Rightwing fuckery plain and simple.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Something is not right about the way this whole DNC convention is being broadcasted in the MSM. They didn't show all of the speakers, and some of them were really good. The ones that were really good, they didn't show. I watched it on CSPAN, because it was shown clear through without interruptions.

I don't like way they're keeping Hillary in the spotlight as if she is the one running, instead of Obama. Even on the night he won the primaries, it was all about Hillary. They're showing McCain's ads left and right every hour on the hour, but you not seeing any of Obama's

MSM is deliberately overshadowing the whole affair, pushing Obama aside, and keeping Hillary, Bill, and McCain in the spotlight. It's the little sly wording they're using, playing with words to diminish the impact of Obama's potential to become the President. Did they ever show Obama's sister's speech?

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of the Clintons and these melodramatic PUMAs. I am a 42
yr old black woman and I don't get these people at all.

I don't believe in cutting off my nose to spite my face normally. But if they want to play, then it is on. Undermine Obama's chances of becoming president and I believe black people will do whatever we can to assure no Clinton is ever elected so much as dog catcher. Hillary can forget about the Senate, the governorship in NY or anything more than the city council in Arkansas.

Oh and fuck Bill.

And Field Negro, thank you for this site--it helps me to keep my sanity in this crazy country.

Anonymous said...

The crying woman in question is one Anne Price Mills. She claims to be a lifelong Democrat and is a Hillary Clinton delegate. See her pitiful self here: http://joemygod.blogspot.com/2008/08/idiocy-of-anne-price-mills.html

Also. These PUMAs have done a bang-up job of convincing the media that their numbers are large when in fact they are just loud and small. I frequent an Anti-Puma website (funny I know) that details every crazy-ass thing these people do. But it also exposes their delusions of grand. Check out this photo of the "massive" PUMA gathering in Denver: http://www.yestodemocracy.com/yes_to_democracy_no_to_pu/2008/08/exclusive-first.html

When you're done explore the rest of that site to witness tracking of some straight up racist PUMA foolery.

When you're done with that check out this video of MSNBC's David Shuster handing two PUMA's their asses on national television. It's quite revealing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93zl2JoRpUc

AND finally...lol. Check out these crazy women trying to convince a crowd of people (and Chris Matthews) that Barack Obama is a "registered Muslim" whatever that means: http://jezebel.com/5041661/clintons-4-mccain-crazy-takes-on-chris-matthews-has-minor-meltdown

Anonymous said...

Oh dang. Those URLs didn't automatically create clickable hyperlinks. Sorry about that. It's gonna have to be copy and paste this go round.

Anonymous said...

Black Diaspora: Just because there are some black women crying foul and refusing to support Senator Obama does not mean that race is not an issue. I know you could not be implying that black folks are not capable of exacting the same racist nonsense that has been used against us to one of their own. It's called self hatred. And black folks are the best at hating themselves.

I put my four limbs on it that these women, whether they are black or white, would not be having this much of an issue getting over the Clinton loss if the man she lost against was white. Frankly, I am sick of it. At this point, these folks should not be getting this much of our attention. Their girl loss the ticket, fair and square, whether they want to believe it or not. What these so called champions of womens rights are doing is challenging the core principles of human rights.

I am so sick, sick, sick of people saying that they don't "who" Senator Obama really is. I am sick, sick, sick of folks saying that he is not qualified to lead the country.
Am I dreaming, or is it true that Obama is a US Senator. Why in the hell are these people acting like he walked off the city streets, off a job at Home Depot, and decided he wanted to be president. Ridiculous!

I'm not saying everything Obama does is right... But are any of us ttotally right? I think that Obama is young enough, smart enough, and flexible enough to learn, to grow, to explore what he needs to do to be a good president. And for that, I can cast my vote in November with confidence.

Tonight, I left to go run a few errands. So, I missed Clinton's speech. I actually heard it was great. And that assessment came from folks that can't stand Hil. I will watch it some time tomorrow.


Bob said...

After Hil's speech, one of the cable network's gave about 10 minutes to a black woman Clinton supporter from PA who was sliding into total meltdown, I mean mental, like at any moment she might begin wailing & gnashing her teeth. She was on verge of babble. I wondered how many disappointed but rational Clinton delegates they had to pass up to find this one.

Black Diaspora said...

Angie B. said..."It's called self hatred. And black folks are the best at hating themselves..."

Black folks hatin' on themselves? No. Tell me it ain't so!

Jackie said...

They need to let it go. Hillary is not going to be the nominee. She has dealt with it and gave a thunderous speech telling her supporters to deal with it and do what's best for the country. The goofy lady crying and saying she is still undecided about voting could maybe use some shock therapy or de-programming.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant orchestration from the 527's. Divide and conquer.

field negro said...

Ct. Man, thanks for the links I thought the rethugs might be behind this crap.

steven w, thanks for the infor on my new lawn jockey as well.

"Angie B. said..."It's called self hatred. And black folks are the best at hating themselves..."'

Black folks hatin' on themselves? No. Tell me it ain't so!"



Kitty please send your e-mail to justice4claire.

r.j., please do not lose your job. I don't want to have to take up a collection from the fields for you :)

Jody said...

I am a die hard feminist. I have, most of my life, worked for Women's organizations at the local, national, and international level, both in grassroots and in academia. I am 50 years old, and so am going to assert, I am an expert on feminism.

A feminist would NOT vote for someone who is not committed to women's rights, reproductive freedom, ending the wars, labor rights, protecting the environment, prioritizing education for all, health care for all, and equal pay for equal work. A feminist understands that all issues are connected and that an injury to one is an injury to all.

Let me assure you, these PUMAs are NOT feminists!Hillary herself said it well last night when she challenged them, "were you in this for me? or were you in this for all the things I said I would do and care about?" Come November, I can assure you FEMINISTS will be voting for Obama (or Cynthia McKinney) but definitely NOT McCain!

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

All I can think is 'smoke & mirrors'...but if they succeed in getting McCain in office, his "REAL" picture will become clear and they'll have their tales between their legs.

Christopher said...

Larry Johnson of No Quarter is one of the craziest (and racist) bloggers out there.

He's invented a backstory of being former CIA (he's not) and he's used his blog to push every anti-Obama, and anti-Michelle rumor you can imagine.

However, when he recently promised to "reveal" a video of Michelle Obama saying she "hates white people," and then didn't deliver (because no such video exists), even many of his blog loyalists started to turn on him.

Larry Johnson at No Quarter uses his blog to appeal to the PUMA kooks and fuel their racist tirades against the Obamas. He's a psycho and arguably, a dangerous individual.

Anonymous said...


I know what you coulda done at the DNC Convention -- get up there in those Puma's faces, ask them why they wont' vote for Obama -- and then at the end of their shpiel, say sympathetically, "It's just cause he's black, isn't it?"

Course, I want to hear sagacious hillbilly askin' the same question.

I think the difference in reaction might prove... enlightening.

Oh, and if you want real, knock-em-down, die hard Hillary supporters, for the love of GOD go HERE:

These are the people who are in it with us, the Obama supporters and folks like you who havne't drunk no koolaid.

vanishing point said...

Late to commenting here, but James
Carville made me sick for two nights in a row now, with his body language, hanging his long head down, and his remark about the message at the convention being hid, and repeating that same thing again, saying pretty much that the convention was boring.
He then went on to say that "Hillary was going to set the table, but Barack had to cook the meal." as if Obama can't deliver. CPL, he's another SHR.

Christopher said...

Fact is, Billary won't be attending Thursday night, when Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination for president.

He will be back in Chappaqua, eating wings and pinching the nipples of some waitress at the local sports bar.

The media has its soundbites and many bloggers are hailing the Borg Queen's speech as "brilliant" but where did she praise Obama?

Her speech, if anything, was just a cynical effort to lay the groundwork for her 2012 run for president.

gsutiger2 said...

Question . . . How do we know this just isn't a media inspired revolt? Sure you may have a FEW folks who refuse to let go and band together for the best of the party. But overall, is this just the media and some rethuglicans keeping smoke going?

Anonymous said...

I still have a very hard time believing that there is a group of Hillary supporters so angry that they will throw away their own, their daughters' and their granddaughters' futures by voting for McSame. The next President will be filling at least 2, if not more, Supreme Court seats. I had no idea there was such a powerful right-wing of the Democratic party. I thought they'd all left when the Southern Democrats and the so-called Reagan Democrats left. Something feels very wrong here.

Anonymous said...

Hillary should have addressed this issue directly last night instead of once again making it all about her (and aren't we sorry she is not the candidate???). (er, no).

She might have said, "Some of my supporters are saying they are going to vote for John McCain. Mr. Obama and I may have had our differences during the primary but that is done and Mr. Obama and I were always basically reading from the same page. Any of my supporters who vote for McCain are not democrats and do not share our liberal views. This is not about me, this is about the future of this nation, etc."

But she didn't say this. Because, it is ALL ABOUT HILLARY!

Actually, a lot of these so-called Hillary supporters for McCain are being pimped by the republicans right there in Denver who have been scheduling press conferences and doing their usual dirty tricks to disrupt the convention. They are either delusional or they are republicans masquerading in liberal clothing.

Donald said...

The MSM has canceled news a long while ago. This crap we get now is ratings grabbing INFOTAINMENT. This is where the web trumps the "old gaurd".

Christopher said...

Mike Barnicle said it best:

"You just know on the back of Hillary’s big, yellow pansuit, it reads 'Vote for McCain.'"

Anonymous said...

Here are the facts about those PUMAs:

1. Their founder gave $600 to McCain in 2000
2. They claimed to have millions of supporters yet barely seem to be able to break a couple of hundred at the MOST when they get together
3. They claimed they raised 6 - 10 million for Hillary but it just came out that she's likely to eat her $13 million debt. I posted the video on my site with some PUMAS claiming they raised millions. In fact they raised $50,000.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgcSvUWrUpQ
4. The media needs a good story so they run around finding these "bitter bitches" (I'm sorry but they are) to make the media's story more exciting.

The one clinton delegate that John McCain has in his ads now...she calls herself a pro-choice democrat. She didn't even know that McCain is for overturning Roe v Wade. Stupidity at that level should mean you have to turn your voter registration card in.

Anonymous said...


They apparently let some Republican former Senator from Missouri into the blogger area -- wonder who they turned away for that??

Woozie said...

Blah blah blah blah blah, talk about sand in the vagina (or foreskin so I'm not labeled a sexist). This shit is exactly like a bad breakup where one half of the former relationship has moved on but the other is still butthurt over what happened three months ago.

U.S. politics is a fast moving game with no room for a long memory. These sandy Clintonistas need to get over their bruised egos and really consider who they want to vote for. A candidate does not need to "reach out" to you and "earn" your vote. You look at them, analyze their stance on the issues and their personality, and then you make a responsible choice. Ain't none of this "he hasn't embraced me so I'm voting for McCain" bullshit. This is how elections work.

Hillary was spot the fuck on last night when she asked if her 18 million voters did this for her or for the people she believed in. It definitely puts things in perspective and calls out the women who voted for her just because she's a woman. Which is equally as reprehensible and undemocratic as black people who vote for Obama just because he's black, for the record.

If a former Hillary supporter takes a good, deep look at McCain and Obama and picks John over Barack, then by all means vote for him. I don't get the logic at all, but if it's an intelligent decision then I support it. But if they're not voting or taking the plunge for McCain, not only is it counterproductive to the issues said Clintonista likely supports, it is idiotic, irrational, and downright childish.

Woozie said...

*taking the plunge for McCain because of disappointment over Hillary losing the primary

Mahogany Chic said...

It is amazing that none of these women (the legitimate supporters) acknowledge that HRC ran a terrible campaign. They are delusional, seeing only what they want to see. This always occurs when a Black man achieves something before a White woman does. Instead of looking to Black men when they believe they have been victims of sexism they need to look at their husbands, fathers, brothers, and uncles. It is their own male brothering that victimize them.

RedLipstick said...

Connecticutman1 and black rose thank-you! It's 2008 and you mean to tell me that people still fall for shit like the PUMAs? The republicans have been doing this since FOREVER!!

Seeing a black woman crying over Clinton on CNN just pissed me off! WTF! I wanted to slap the taste out of her mouth? She looked and sounded stupid!

And Clinton's speech was NOT brilliant, it was practical--she doesn't want to be holding the bag if O loses.

Also if you listened closely at the beginning she stated she was proud to be a mother, daughter, senator, dem and supporter of O, but not that she was proud to be a wife!! Now that's the Hill that I know.

Anonymous said...

If these Clinton fanatics are true Democrats, then they should support their party, which means supporting Obama. To say you will vote McCain vs. Obama merely because you wanted Clinton just proves it's political and has nothing to do with issues.

It would make more sense for them to walk away and support an independent candidate like the Green's Cynthia McKinney vs. going conservative.

No logic behind it at all. But is there any logic behind politics? ;-)


west coast story said...

I read a post by a white conservative on another website populated mostly by white folks (and not terribly enlightened but the the site is a hobby) that white liberals are not good at relating to black people as peers and equals. Fighting for civil rights for black people doesn't necessarily translate into treating blacks as equals. I have always believed that too (in many cases, obviously not all white liberals are like this and they have some company with more than a few handkerchief head Negroes). I think that is what you are seeing with the Hillary Holdouts. It is so very apparent that her supporters believed she was entitled to be president. The fact is that she is only marginally more qualified than Barack if you look at their respective tenures in the Senate. Barack has held elective office longer than she has, if you include his state legislative experience.

Barack got to where he is today by hard work. I have not said this out loud for no particular reason but the fact is that Hillary Clinton was a frontrunner for president because she was married to the former president. That is her primary qualification. I find it hard to get all worked up about her candidacy because it isn't like she didn't have a massive advantage going into this race. If a woman in the future becomes the front runner by virture of hard work, then I can feel some sense of accomplishment as a woman. Hillary was handed her status on a silver plattter.

Her line last night about whether her supporters were in it for her or the issues really is the issue. These folks were clearly in it for themselves. They don't care about health care, they don't care about ending the war, they don't give a damn about the econonmy. Their lame excuse that Obama is not qualified pales when you consider what a McCain presidency will do this country.

So let these limo liberals pout and stay home or vote for McCain. The Supreme Court will complete it's reactionary course, and the quality of life as we know it will decline dramatically as we pay for our misadventures in the middle east.

No one ever accused George Bush of not being qualified to be president because white folks don't do that to other white folks. They only do that to us. He had zero foreign policy experienced. He was opposed to environmental iniatives. He let the engery moguls write his energy policy. And it got him reelecte. He dragged us into a war based on iies and he was reelected. Don't talk to me about Obama being unqualifed when you have a near cultural and political illiterate in the white house now that has plundered the wealth of this country for the benefit of his rich associates.

So let these folks vote against their self interest and elect McCain. Black people are used to living in a hostile world. These liberals have a whole new experience before them. They will have earned it, they will deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I really should not have clicked on some of these links.. all I will say is that its time to move the fug on. Clinton, you are not the nominee and your meery band of supporters need to accept that now.

As for that speech, puhleeze, on the surface it sounded ok, until you realized she never praised Obama. Basically as I read here or somewhere else, it was an artful dodge.

I agree that the only PUMAS we should even care about are ones we wear on our feet. Not a group of disgruntled fembots or whatever who would rather this country slide further into 2nd world status than support a man who on paper was almost identical to their candidate.

Anonymous said...

I know a few people out in Denver, two delegates and 2 bloggers...no one has seen this big Clinton revolt, the overwhelming majority evidently are Clinton delegates who have been yelling for Obama at every speech and event and are not in this delusional daze like these PUMA freaks. They just see it as their candidate made a historic run and lost, now move on. The media needs this soap opera. I swear, they scour the floor looking for the one nut every night but unfortunately have only found one or two on the actual floor that registers as bonafide stupid. Like that mammy that you have as the house negro for the day. So appropriate too:

Quote from Mammy to Miss Scarlett in Gone With The Wind:
"I says I gwine with you ter Atlanta and gwine I is!"

Quote from Mammy to Hiss Hillary last night at the DNC in Denver:
"I says I gwine with you ter da wite hous and gwine I is!"

Mammy Syndrome is real indeed.

Anonymous said...


You look at mydd.com. Every person there who ain't a troll will say that Hillary ran a shitty campaign. (best reason to not have voted for her. campaignin' is executive trainin' -- which neither she nor Obama had before they started).

Most of them blame Mark Penn. Hillary can share in that blame.

True Hillary supporters know when they've been beat.

Anonymous said...

On Miss Price-Mills:

a different perspective, from a diarist I respect.

Mahogany Chic said...


I have never heard of that site or read any commentaries by her supporter that were not angry.

These women put their hopes and dream into HRC's hands and when she lost they were devastated. So when she lost, their hopes and dreams were unattainable to them. These same people turned a blind eye when her campaign called BO a drug dealer, compared him to Jesse, and attempted disregard him as someone that was beneath her and JM.

Her supporters should have been let go. Why would it take a speech for them to decide that they would support BO? They have the same positions. I think many were holding out to see if she could steal the nomination at the convention. If the nod were stolen from her it would be 68 all over again.

When I saw that women cry on CNN, I told my husband that she identified as a women before a Black person. There is nothing wrong with this. Black women are in a bad position. They must deal with sexism and racism. They feel like the feminist movement does not care about their specific issues and sometimes feel ignored or disrespected by brothers. When sexism and racism both reared their ugly head during the primaries, I saw a lot of Black women denouncing feminism and various groups because they realized that they were apart of the team as they thought they were.

This has been going on since the day of women's suffrage when White women felt like they should have the right to vote first before Black men and Black women's suffrage was not their issue.

Soujourner Truth gave this speech at a Woman's Rights convention in Akron, OH.

"I want to say a few words about this matter. I am a woman's rights. I have as much muscle as any man, and can do as much work as any man. I have plowed and reaped and husked and chopped and mowed, and can any man do more than that? I have heard much about the sexes being equal. I can carry as much as any man, and can eat as much too, if I can get it. I am as strong as any man that is now. As for intellect, all I can say is, if a woman have a pint, and a man a quart -- why can't she have her little pint full? You need not be afraid to give us our rights for fear we will take too much, -- for we can't take more than our pint'll hold. The poor men seems to be all in confusion, and don't know what to do. Why children, if you have woman's rights, give it to her and you will feel better. You will have your own rights, and they won't be so much trouble. I can't read, but I can hear. I have heard the bible and have learned that Eve caused man to sin. Well, if woman upset the world, do give her a chance to set it right side up again. The Lady has spoken about Jesus, how he never spurned woman from him, and she was right. When Lazarus died, Mary and Martha came to him with faith and love and besought him to raise their brother. And Jesus wept and Lazarus came forth. And how came Jesus into the world? Through God who created him and the woman who bore him. Man, where was your part? But the women are coming up blessed be God and a few of the men are coming up with them. But man is in a tight place, the poor slave is on him, woman is coming on him, he is surely between a hawk and a buzzard."


I could see the torment in this women but I don't agree with voting for someone because of their gender or skin color. See when you do so , you get tunnel vision and disregard their faults and blame everyone else when they lose.

I empathize with her but it is dangerous to put your hopes and dreams in someone else. That woman and the others that I saw last night can do anything. They do not need HRC to get their. But they first must believe in themselves and not anyone else.

Anonymous said...

RedLipstick, you are so right.
"Also if you listened closely at the beginning she stated she was proud to be a mother, daughter, senator, dem and supporter of O, but not that she was proud to be a wife!! " NOW THATS THE HIL THAT KNOWS . I guess she knows that her Hubby out witted her. Bill is to smart to say some of the many things that he said and believe that his wife would not pay for it. FREE DICK WILLY did not want to be back under the microscope much less open his books. 100+ million giving speeches and writing books. MY ASS.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swiff said...


Them PUMA bitches is a nutty tiny minority. Seriously. Sadness among women over Hillary losing is one thing. The PUMAs are a whole 'nother matter.

They did a e-mail campaign to heckle someone, he got about 400 e-mails.

They wanted to load up 500 buses with thousands of people to storm Denver. Couldn't raise enough for ONE FUCKING BUS.

They protested behind MSNBC, there were about 34 of them. Pretty timid too. Brief chants, not that loud, small signs. Then the next day those nutty anarchists showed up several hundred deep and showed them how its DONE.

They had a "conference" in D.C. Tried to get 250 people in a 3 star hotel they claimed was a 5 star (LOL), could only get 60. Had to move it to a Motel 6. Less than 40 showed up, including the 9/11 truthers and LaRouchers. The guy who even started the original "Obama's a Muslim" rumor was there.

Shit's a cult, and not a very popular one at that. Fred Phelps church has more members. Riverdaughter's about 2 steps away from calling for Obama's assassination.

So in conclusion: Fuck dem bitter-ass hoes and fuck the media for gassin' them up. *leaves bumping "Hi Hater"*

Lola Gets said...

Im sorry, but I have to call a foul on you Field: Why is Ann Price Mills both the House Negro of the Day, and the Lawn Jockey? Isnt being a Field Negro worse than a Lawn Jockey? How can she be both...unless I missed something pro-Obama/pro-Black/pro-sane she did cause I aint gots no cable...let a sista know!

Anonymous said...


I think about the PUMAs and one word springs to mind--hysteria.

I am aware of the word's pejorative beginnings so I wince whenever I hear it used to describe a woman's irrational behavior. The uterus (or hysteros in Greek) was once thought to be the cause of irrationality in a woman.

Voting for McCain is irrational and anti-feminist. This much is clear-to me, at least-and ain't I a woman? Snap out of it, PUMAs! Check yourselves!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

"No one ever accused George Bush of not being qualified to be president because white folks don't do that to other white folks. They only do that to us. He had zero foreign policy experienced. He was opposed to environmental iniatives. He let the engery moguls write his energy policy. And it got him reelecte. He dragged us into a war based on iies and he was reelected. Don't talk to me about Obama being unqualifed when you have a near cultural and political illiterate in the white house now that has plundered the wealth of this country for the benefit of his rich associates.

So let these folks vote against their self interest and elect McCain. Black people are used to living in a hostile world. These liberals have a whole new experience before them. They will have earned it, they will deserve it."

amen west coast story. If McCain gets elected I don't think some of these "feminists" voting for McCain will know what hit them.

Anonymous said...

see, there are actual, sane Hillary supporters who are upset that she lost. They will get over it (most already have), and do their time to make sure we get a Democratic President and Congress.

Thanks for the lovely quote -- America should keep on electing black folks -- they know how to speak a lot better than us white folks! (yes, of course that's cultural. no culture that elevates cowboy to greatness really cares about speakin')

Anonymous said...

If you want some grade-A crazy, check out guerillawomentn.blogspot.com. Ten pounds of crazy in a five pound sack.

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