Monday, August 11, 2008

Condi, we need to talk.

While we enjoy the guts and athleticism of our swimmers in the Olympics, and we obsess over where the Breck Boy is sticking his johnson; the world, as we know it, is going to hell in a freaking hand basket.

Many of you poo pooed my recent post about my Condi jones, and you said that I was being flip about my desire to...well, swing an episode with her. But imagine if Mrs. Field had given me permission, and I had been allowed to...well, get to know her better.

Can you imagine the opportunity your humble field Negro would have had to influence world affairs? While pillow talking with Condi , for instance, I would have had an opportunity to give her my humble opinion about her boss and what a colossal fuck up he has been.

For instance, now that the Russians have destroyed the A-merry-can trained Georgian army, and pretty much pimp slapped that entire country, has it ever occurred to your boss that none of this would have happened if the neocons in his administration had kept their damn ambitions in check? While they were busy planning their grand scheme to conquer the Middle East, they forgot that a former *KGB(thanks ac.nerd) agent was leading an increasingly more powerful and proud mother Russia into a new century.

So now our military is tied down in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all the frat boy can do is plead with Putin to pull back his troops. Too late, the red army is hell bent on putting an ass whopping on President Saakashvili's troops, and they will not stop until there is total humiliation, surrender, and regime change. You know Condi, kind of like what we did in Iraq. But field, this is different, this was a sovereign nation with a democratically elected leader. Really? But so was Iraq. And although their leader wasn't "democratically elected", quite a large segment of their population was fine with the job he was doing. Besides, I thought we went into Iraq to prevent them from attacking us with WMD's?

And didn't the Russians go into Georgia because the Georgians attacked one of their states (South Ossetia) which wanted to align themselves with Russia? Don't most of those people in that state consider themselves Russians? If that's the case, couldn't we argue, that Putin, in essence, was coming to the defense of his own people?

So what are we going to do now? The Russians have flexed their muscles, and all we can do is watch. Oh your boss, the frat boy, will make his usual pronouncements condemning what the Russians did; but so what? Putin will just continue doing what he has been doing for the past few days: shaking his dick at us, and giving us his ass to kiss. (Still think you can see into his soul now frat boy?) Putin might be a lot of things, but he isn't stupid.

And Condi, I hear that you yourself had a heated phone conversation with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, after he told you that the Georgian President must go. Then the Russian Ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, said this to our Ambassador: "I'd like to say straightaway that regime change is an American expression....We do not use such expression". See what a mess the frat boy put you in Condi? See how he tied your hand? You can't even do your job anymore. And to think you have a doctorate in this shit.

"Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century.. The Russian government must reverse the course it appears to be on and accept this peace agreement as a first step toward solving this conflict,..."

Yeah whatever frat boy. And somewhere down in a very hot place called hell, a man with a thick mustache and a funny beret is laughing his ass off.


damien said...


Jibreel Riley said...

You people (on the Left) are starting to disturb me tremendously. Out of all they people to blame in the world last I recall its the Russians who rolled into Georgia. The same Russia that has the 2nd largest military in the WORLD Field. What do you want to do Filed, have President Bush re-instate the draft so you can I can be hooking and jabbing with the Ruskies thought Eastern Europe? I'm 27 however I'll go back for the shits and giggles.
Back to the task at hand: What to you want from the Bush Administration. Condi Rice could take over the Philly Eagles, will the Super Bowl w/o McNabb and you will still not be satisfied. You and the Left is busy rushing to the mic to call out another failure of President Bush, like it rained today in my town, I guess I can blame President Bush on that too like Sen Edwards can blame President Bush for him screwing around on his wife, they both ran the train on that chick then brought some blow from Paris Hilton... see how asinine this is starting to sound?
How about were is NATO, the UN and The EU? Looks like America will have to pick up the slack again. I'll be standing by to see you bitch and moan about that one too.

p.s. Thats less money to waist of the City of Philadelphia: Fix your own Damm City!

Anonymous said...

What's that man doing to that woman? Ack! Stop that. It hurts!!!

field negro said...

"The same Russia that has the 2nd largest military in the WORLD Field. What do you want to do Filed, have President Bush re-instate the draft so you can I can be hooking and jabbing with the Ruskies thought Eastern Europe?"

Well for starters; it would have been nice if he wasn't in China looking gleeful, waving the flag (the wrong way I might add) and playing nice with Putin while his army was rolled on Georgia.

"What to you want from the Bush Administration. Condi Rice could take over the Philly Eagles, will the Super Bowl w/o McNabb and you will still not be satisfied."

That's not true. If Condi could do that for me I will give her a pass.

JP said...

Maybe Putin wouldn't fuck with Georgia if we didn't have troops in Afghanistan and Iraq at once, fucking with our ability to do shit in Eastern Europe. Who's idea was that Riley. You guys have been pissing on people and telling them its raining for 8 years. Jigs up, don't blame the left. Your boy is a massive fuck up highest order, this should be obvious to even mental defectives like your self.

Jody said...

Jubeel, NATO and the EU are currently working frantically using all the diplomatic means at their disposal to negotiate a cease fire... cause adding more to the body count is NOT the way to end this..... Putin is arguing what Russia has always argued, that they are protecting their buffer borders. They do not want Georgia to join the EU. At this point, what needs to happen is an end to the violence. That is what I hope for the Georgians.... War is FUCKED UP and no way to solve shit. And, last I checked, the images I saw were civilians dyin.
Bush, with his immoral, illegal war against Iraq has cost this country the ability to be a voice for reason, a voice for respecting law, and to call for international cooperation. Remember, Bush went to war without the UN and much of the international community's support. That war criminal has done so much damage in the international milleau... it will take years for the US to recover.

NSangoma said...

Vladimir Putin, is a Russian CAMBO Master. Vladimir Putin thinks less than dog-water of Bush.

Anonymous said...

This is all very nice but the $64k question is still there.... WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE THEM DO??

Even if our army wasnt pre-occupied do you think we would start a ground war with russia? COME ON NOW!

It so easy to sit here and carp about the situation but I guarantee none of you have concrete proposals that will stop Russia from doing exactly what it wants to do.

We have no oceanic access to this place to build up forces. Turkey sure as hell wont give us access to their airspace and put them next on Putins hit list. NATO has no spine and will not risk the oil and gas pipeline that flows to western europe from mother Russia. The Europeans dont have a testicle between them. They wont back any kind of force against Russia.

The UN is ...well...the UN. Hopeless and helpless. They cant make a decision on genocide in Yugoslavia, Rwanda or Darfur. I doubt the UN will even say boo to Russia over this.

To condemn it and try to put political pressure on Russia is the only thing that can be done short of force. Aint nobody gonna step to Russia, NOBODY!

So keep on whining and carping about something none of you have an answer to. After all, its what you do best.

JP said...

Russia wouldn't do this if we're in Iraq. They wouldn't take the risk of us having reason to run up in Eastern Europe. Putin ain't dumb, this shit is happing because Putin sees a vacuum in Eastern Europe with our excellent Mid-East adventure.

JP said...

We whine and carp, but everyday it becomes obvious the American Right has zero answers and only serve to weaken American. The at least we doing something bullshit argument rings hollow the space between frat boy brain.

Christopher said...

Yeah, the irony is, this is the part of the Condosleaza Rice has her Doctorate: Russian Studies.

Of course, Le Rice, always takes a translator as apparently, she's unable to speak or understand a work of Russian. So curious.

It appears that Condosleaza Rice's real area of expertise is finding the shop with the best prices on Ferragamo shoes.

NSangoma said...


Where dey daddy at?

Where dey other daddy at?

Anonymous said...

It's KGB (not KGP).*

*From Wikipedia:
KGB (transliteration of "КГБ") is the Russian abbreviation of Committee for State Security (Russian: Комитет государственной безопасности; [phonetically, Komityet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosty])

{not sure if the Cyrillic letters will actually post; looks OK in preview}

Other than that nitpick, excellent post. It's too bad it won't resonate with the poorly raised, sociopathic fratboys (and their enablers) who rule our world.

Jibreel Riley said...

"illegal war against Iraq has cost this country the ability to be a voice for reason"

Typical moonbat lefty... let me get this right... you wanna "talk" your way out of this with out any show of force? That might work when getting bar skank from Center City to go home with you however this is Russia and the only thing they tend to understand is Military Build-up. The rest of those former USSR nations should be a free xpress pass to NATO.
What are you going to do next Field, blame President Bush for that very high murder rate in Philly (as I type 3 more people just was shot alone in North Philly). See were I'm getting at! Russia is going to do what they do when you have a Leader in Putin that is still in power like on some Mayor Rizzo type chit. Yea you miss that one too busy hating on Condi Rice however dont worry Field, I'm still working on that move to Philly to unseat Nutter in 2010 and to give the state to McCain in 2008. Either way "Bambi" Obama has rolled over in a way we all know full well what he will do... After four years of Sen Obama they will be pouring the concrete for the Berlin Wall Pt II while both poor blacks and Europe frezze to death from Liberal Energy policies (HEAP can't save us all).

Anonymous said...

Jibreel and Nsangoma:

I just think the two of you shouldn't drink and use the computer. Don't drink and blog.

There really isn't anything the US can do about between Georgia and Russia as we have lost our moral authority due to the situation in Iraq. I remember Bush saying in a statement about then President Putin that "he look into his eyes (Putin's), and saw his soul." With statement like that, no wonder people call Bush a dry drunk.

The US likes to play both sides because of interest. If we get involved and push Russia's hands, then we are are looking at the possibility of gas prices going upwards to $7.00 a gallon. The US will do what's in our best interests meaning Georgia will get crushed. It will mean that Dr. Rice who is a so-called expert on the topic of Eastern Europe will have to negotiate a deal. Here is an article from the NY Times discussing the economics of the conflict between Georgia and Russia I have this feeling and history indicator that we will be on the side with the country that will have control over the resources.

I have a question how can the US possibly tell Russia when we are doing the something similar in Iraq?

field negro said...

Thanks ac. nerd that has been corrected. It IS *KGB. Why the P? Who knows, maybe I was thinking about something else;)

anon. 10:09PM. See jp's answer to your comment. Do you really think that the Russian army would be so emboldened if we weren't in Iraq? And speaking of the Middle East; The frat boy was so eager to get Russia to help us with Iran (you remember Iran right? A part of that "axis of evil")that he forgot who he was really dealing with. That bullshit about being able to look into Putin's soul was classic.

"Aint nobody gonna step to Russia, NOBODY!"

That sir, is unamerican. Our great army can kick their ass. Don't f**k with A-merry-ca. Where is John Wayne and Ronald Reagan when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Mr Field Thank you for showing the lies of the USA. This maybe Putin way of telling the U S to go shove your so called missile defence system in eastern Europe up their asses before they lay one system on their soil.

La♥audiobooks said...

"Where is John Wayne and Ronald Reagan when you need them?"

Well there's always Rambo.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about that John wayne could beat rambo any day.

field negro said...

and none of you mentioned Chuck Norris. Now there is a bad ass.

La♥audiobooks said...

field negro said...
"and none of you mentioned Chuck Norris. Now there is a bad ass."

Yeah, but I just called Batman.

Anonymous said...

I guess you do need fake heros and fairy tales at this point to keep your sanity cause america is sinking fast.

Jibreel Riley said...

OMG, OMG, OMG... Iraq v USA is no were near Georgia v Russia. This is like Ohio State vs Temple JV in football. Iraq was the 4th largest military in the world until the United States Military came in and liberated the people.

Russia is settling the score with a Georgia military and is grossly undermanned and out equipped. STOP discounting the affords of our US Military and put to bed this "Moral Authority" because that some 1942 France type chit.

szechuanpork said...

There's nothing to do except for verbal warnings and empty threats. Ever heard of the UN security counsel which really protects the economic interests and not the uhh carbon units?

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's much the US can do. Our mideast escapades left a vacuum, with Iran to be the new regional power and Russia, to reassert its old power. George Bush has effectively brought an end to the superpower age. We are the last of the superpowers and it's over. Now, there's a new era with a multipolar world where several regional powers have different sphere of influence.

Anonymous said...

Putin wants to use the Georgian crisis as leverage to keep a Missile Defense Shield out of Eastern Europe.

We have seen this gambit before in the Cuban Missile Crisis:

"President of the United States John F. Kennedy and United Nations Secretary-General U Thant reached an agreement with the Soviets to dismantle the missiles in Cuba in exchange for a no invasion agreement and a secret removal of the Jupiter and Thor missiles in Turkey.[Wikipedia]

Putin has voiced his objections to the Missile Defense System on several occasions, and has only recently offered a compromise.

That the situation in Eastern Europe is analogous to that of Cuba is not lost on Putin:

"Such a threat is being set up on our borders," he said.

It's doubtful that he'll opt for the compromise that he suggested (a ploy to distract us from his real intentions), knowing, as he does, our preoccupation in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and with the nuclear threat from Iran.

Putin knows his pieces are better positioned that Bush's.

And he kept it that way by objecting to, and resisting, Georgia's membership in NATO.

He will no doubt continue his incursion into Georgia, and occupy it for a time, until he and Bush can work out a deal whereby (as in the Cuban Missile Crisis) we will give up our ambitions to place a Missile Shield in Europe.

And Putin will get a lot of support from our allies, as they pressure the US to reach some deal with the Russians. Western Europe needs the oil and gas from the pipelines running through Georgia.

"The gas and oil pipelines that run through Georgia are of strategic importance to Western Europe because they reduce dependence on Russian supplies and do not cross Russian territory."

Bush miscalculated Putin's anger over the Shield, and his willingness to go to war with Georgia to cut off this oil/gas lifeline to Europe, as the way to assure that the US wouldn't install the Shield.

Putin has made the first move, using an old gambit. Will Bush concede or bring to the fore a greater force?

Bush had to know (or should have known, especially since he can see into Putin's soul) that Putin would not back down to such a threat on his front steps.

But knowing "W" it caught him off guard, just as 9-11 did, although he had advance warning that al-Quaeda wanted to strike inside the US.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

well now, this blog certainly is attracting the Reich-Wing sellout bruddas lately. I guess they want some of your action Field.

There is a solution to this conflict that keeps Georgia alive, but not happy; they give up their claims on the 2 breakaway provinces. At this point there's no way they're ever going to get them back. But hey, at least Georgia won't wind up as another Russian satellite state.

Shady_Grady said...

1) Georgia is the aggressor in this war. It started shelling and bombing South Ossetia-which had de facto independence. Russia asked the security council for a ceasefire resolution but it was ignored because it looked like Georgia might win initially. Now that Georgia is getting its butt kicked Russia doesn't want to hear anything about a ceasefire just yet.

2) Georgia is hardly a democratic state. It's ruled over by a strongman who sends police to arrest, torture and beat political rivals.

3) As others have noted, with the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, weekly bombings of Somalia and threatened attacks on Iran, the US has no moral high ground from which to lecture Russia.

4) The US and Israel made matters worse by arming and training the Georgian military. If Russia were giving arms and training to a Mexican regime convinced that the time had come to retake Texas, how well would that go over in Washington?

5) The US and certain European countries recognized Kosovo's "independence" from Serbia-something which they were warned by Russia would have consequences.

6) Even the radical right (mostly)recognizes that there is no US military option against Russia. The US doesn't have the troops. Starting wars against nuclear powers wouldn't be very smart anyway. This is why this mess never should have been allowed to get to this point.

7) The US is being forced to recognize that it's not the only nation in the world who sees itself as a superpower with interests abroad.

8) The reckless NATO expansion should be halted and reversed. Given that the Warsaw Pact no longer exists, why do we even have NATO? Expanding alliances across Europe but leaving Russia out is a recipe for new wars.

9) Given the price of oil, the relative weakness of the US economy and the Russian natural gas reserves, it's not at all clear that the US has too many economic sticks to beat Russia with either-at least not those that if used wouldn't wind up hurting the US as well.

10) Russia obviously has some pent up rage and humiliation it's taking out on Georgia. It was looking to kick someone's butt and Saakashvili gave it the perfect excuse. Maybe in the future the US will realize that it shouldn't try to humiliate Russia (NATO expansion, Kosovo debacle, war on Serbia, missiles in Czech Republic and Poland, etc) without giving Russia some way to save face.

field negro said...

"The US and Israel made matters worse by arming and training the Georgian military. If Russia were giving arms and training to a Mexican regime convinced that the time had come to retake Texas, how well would that go over in Washington?"

great point shady_grady, your analysis is dead on.

black diaspora you kicked some serious knowledge too. And I co-sign with what you said about the missle shield, NATO, and your Cuban missle crisis analogy.

"There is a solution to this conflict that keeps Georgia alive, but not happy; they give up their claims on the 2 breakaway provinces. At this point there's no way they're ever going to get them back. But hey, at least Georgia won't wind up as another Russian satellite state."

Thank you agentx, and to think one of our republican friends said earlier that we don't try to give solutions here.

Anon. 4:54AM, why are you yelling so early in the morning? You are waking the rest of the field Negroes:)

Seriously, thanks for your observation. But honestly, I have actually gotten softer as my blog has become more popular, (You need to read some of my older stuff)so I don't think that is a legitimate complaint.

But some things will never change. I have been dlinked on mmany blogs, and deinvited to quite a few main stream media outlets because of my style. But I don't blog to become popular or to make money. I blog to speak my mind and say how I feel. The fact that I can share my thoughts with a few of my friends,like minded folks, and folks who want to challenge me, is just icing on the cake.

As for cursing on the "white folks" radio program; I don't curse anywhere else except here,(This is, after all, a personal blog) or to very close personal friends. But the fact that you were concerned about me cursing on the "white folks" station, might say more about you than it does me, no?

Hathor said...

I guess it is the children's fault.

Of course every black child with both parents knows how to swim. Also that many black parents learned how to swim where there were no swimming pools or beaches for blacks. I guess that to learn to swim with white folks was a better quest than to pursue the vote,

Geoffrey Philp said...

Field, Mr Morton recently said that he'd prefer the roar of Harley's to crowds in Europe, but this is where the crowds in Europe would have helped.

If America had any moral authority--which often translates into economic power--then Russia would have thought twice about this disproportionate action.

All we can do now is wave our tired hands and Russia continues with their oppression.


szechuanpork said...

Granny, I'd go one further and suggest the US resign from NATO, or at least make it known we're thinking about it.

Hathor, quiet woman! He knows more about the African Navy than most. But it was the east coast and NE corner to Egypt with the traditions.

section9 said...

Jesus, Field, where do I begin.

Russia is protecting what it believes to be its National Interests. While I am not surprised that you and other liberals have jumped on Bush and Rice and dragged in the Iraq example to condemn Bush over Georgia, it's a completely fallacious argument.

We would not intervene here had we never invaded Iraq.

Russia enjoys complete superiority in the theater in Air, Naval, and most importantly, ground forces. 58th Tank Army enjoys interior lines of supply back to the North Caucasus Military District. Any American military expedition there would suffer the same fate as the Sicilian Expedition of the Athenians during the Pelloponnesian war: humiliating defeat.

Recall that Russia dealt with fully 70% of the German Wehrmacht, at any one time, during the Second World War, and basically buried the Germans. The United States Army and Marine Corps are the finest fighting instruments in the world, as they have proven over the past year in winning the war in Iraq despite the incompetence of George Bush.

But you would not want to send them into the Caucausus against the Red Army. In 1942, the Wehrmacht was the finest army since Caesar's legionary army in Gaul, and the Red Army just ground them down.

As to the rest of you going on about so-called "Moral Authority"? This is nonsense. Vladimir Putin doesn't care about your moral authority. He's a practitioner of Stalin's philosophy: "How many divisions does the Pope have?"

Rice's philosphy is correct here: we have a lemon, make lemonade. She was actually correct to go to Tbilisi in July and tell Saakashvilli to cool it over the South Ossetia question. He didn't listen to Condi, and now he's getting his ass kicked by the 58th Tank. She'll probably negotiate a ceasefire in place so the Russians can gobble up South Ossetia and Abkhazia (both provinces just happen to border the North Caucasusus Military District). Other than that, there's little we can do: they have the armor in place, and the Georgians can't do much to fight back right now except pull back and protect most of their homeland. And we will not intervene.

Unfortunately for Democrats, this redounds to the benefit of McCain, as rank and file voters are going to start thinking rearmament and not negotiation when they start thinking about Putin, Ahmadhi-Nejad, and those sly Chinese.

One last thing: this may tip the balance as far as the Iranian Atomic Bomb project is concerned. The Russians want to push us out of South Asia as much as the Iranians do. That's why they've been unhelpful at the Security Council. Iran's Bomb Program isn't directed at Russia. However, since Bush has nothing to lose over the next since months, it may be time to cut the Israelis loose.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Moral authority hmmmm... I wonder what was was a part of bringing down South African elites and then the government?

When the people lead, politicians will follow and if this meant a loss of goods and services, then they would stop.

It's money, not bullets that start and end wars

Anonymous said...

Shady Grady and section9 have valid points.

May I also add the distaste the Russians felt for the neo-con wannabe Georgian government? Since US schools are remiss, we now have the delight of learning why the Russians acted.

Georgians have long been associated with crime in this part of the world. Mayhaps they felt kinship with the current US administration.

Condi Rice may take a more fluent speaker of Russian...but it boggles my mind that anyone could have a degree in Russian Studies and not speak the language. So much is lost in translation. The subtle insights that arise from 'wiring' your brain with the use of other ideas do not occur.

Oh well, I once worked with a crewslut who claimed a degree in German (the language). We went to a facility where the employees spoke German. Let's just say that what they said could get them in heaps of trouble...she had no barking clue. I did and my 'fluency' was based on two years at a rural Pennsyltucky school.


Anonymous said...

I do not think the US will intervene bas we also have an interest. However, image and public relations are important in politics. US has to give the appearance that they are making an effort in resolving the conflict between Georgia and Russia. However, Georgia has not forgotten how Russia attempted to intervene Georgia's election a couple of years ago. There are a lot of factors where one can say that Russia has been trying to put their foot on Georgia's neck for a long time. Condi may have been right to talk to Georgia's President and asked him to cool off, but it isn't because she wanted to protect the country from harm, but it's about natural gas reserves. We are on Russia's side because of our economic interest, however, we have to give the pretense of telling Russia to cool it down.

Shady makes great points, South Osettia asked Russia to come help them against Georgia, Did Iraq ask the US to help them from Hussein? Technically the US does not have anything to do with the situation. However, the Neocons have a different feeling about it. Putin has every right to tell the US to mind their business. I am not fan of Putin, but really is there is nothing that the US can do.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS "ANON 4:54." I was up working online at 4:54, and, as always, I mosey on over to see what you're throwing out there. I've been reading your blog, like forever, and I've read every single post that you've written. EVERY SINGLE ONE, so I know about those earlier blogs. You weren't quite as feisty then. You've gotten beside yourself lately. Anyway, you know what I said about NPR is true! I absolutely love your blog. I was reading it way before that LATimes article was published. I'm a pretty cool sister, I think, though my 20-something daughter would disagree. I like your stuff, Field. No, I absolutely love the blog and come here at least 3/4 times EVERY DAY. I have to get my FIELD/"feel" on. Cause you know you be cussing out folk, and telling it like we all know it is. I just don't want you to be quite as ugly as you were in that first paragraph. No "johnson sticking," ok? That's a bit much. I told my students -- I teach at an HBCU -- about your blog, even though I know you can go way out there, so I'm no fuddy-duddy. NPR? I listen religiously to Chedeya, and have been an NPR listener for 25 years; and they've only been on around 30/31 years or so. You just clean up that tongue of yours, buddy.

NSangoma said...

hathor, you find a phucking buddy yet?

"MAKE A SPLASH" and CULLIN JONES are bullshyt. CULLIN JONES is only auditioning for a portrait on a cereal box, nothing more.

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hathor, you find a fornicating buddy yet?

CULLIN JONES, tell your Negroes to master math, science, English, and to learn at least 2-foreign languages.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Field, clean up that language. I'M supposed to the be the foul-mouthed and dirty-topic'ed blogger of choice.

Jody said...

Nsangoma said:
"My daughter turned 16 this year, took and passed the lifeguard certification test, and has worked as lifeguard this summer. My 13-year old son is a better swimmer than his sister. We did not need Cullen Jones for shyt.

I am old, old, old according to my children, and I am an excellent swimmer. I swim with my face in the water, not this Negroe mess of swimming head up face forward. My mother made sure I learned to swim, and I've made sure my children have learned to swim. I don't believe in waiting own Jesus, and I damn sure don't believe in waiting own CULLIN JONES."

Well, since its ALL ABOUT YOU.... What else should folks not have to concern themselves with because YOU accomplished it?

Dude, you are one arrogant fuck! Cullin Jones should be applauded for what he has accomplished. If he gets a Wheaties Box, so what! He has earned it through his accomplishment. Why you cannot appreciate someone else's accomplishment, just for what it is, is beyond me.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I just saw online that a cease fire has been called.

And yes Putin threw Irag right back in GWB's face.

Anonymous said...

(totally off subject)

to put down Cullen Jones and in the same breath talk about the 70% birth rate for unwed mothers shows your blind jealousy and stupidity.

"black people are taking over every sport, football, position by position, .. all we have left white people is Nascar..." white Mike, RIP, The Wayans Brothers Show
I just heard this on satellite radio yesterday had me dying!Did you see how we're taking over the world? there were black people in so many countries during the opening ceremonies, except north Africa (Tunisia, Egypt),even in China. did you see how dark those two Chinese volleyball players were?

Did you see what Hillary is doing? she wants her delegates counted during the DNC from Michigan and that other state( I forget, Indiana?) and she wants to make a speech AND have her name on the ballot WTF? Why can't she go away and what's up with Bill stating he would have more to say after the election, like he's waiting for Obama to lose and then say I told you so. Why won't they shut the hell up?

Tennis, swimming, golf, we are talking over

Anonymous said...

From the Times Online (UK), here's a short but informative analysis of the events (starting in 1918) leading up to the current mess between Georgia and Russia. The author, Anatol Lieven, sounds like he actually might know what he's talking about (some biographical information on him here and here).

Anonymous said...

I meant taking over, lo ciento

Anonymous said...

Oh, and here's more commentary, this from Gregory Djerejian on his blog The Belgravia Dispatch, specifically discussing Mr. Morton's bellicose, Cheneyish, ignorant response to the situation in the Caucasus. IMHO, Djerejian knows his stuff where foreign policy is concerned (and anyone who is on Hugh Hewitt's bad side automatically starts out with a point in his favor).

Anonymous said...

Damn, bro, what's your GD problem? Are you jealous because YOU didn't make it to the Olympics, but only to the neighborhood kiddie pool? Who pissed you off? You sound explosive, like a ticking time bomb. I'd hate to be around you. You probably yell and scream at your children for not performing up to YOUR standards. Let the black Olympic swimmer do his thing. If you're good maybe your daughters will get to the Olympics. I doubt it, though, because they probably want to run away from an arrogant mf like you, the first damn chance they get. You probably are one of those parents who go out to the school and yell and berate the teachers and find fault with everyone besides yourself. You need to take a mf chill pill and calm the F down. You probably have high blood pressure and all kinds of ailments. I'd hate to live with you. You're crazy as all get out. Keep going crazy and yelling at folk, and see if you don't wind up with an aneurysm.

west coast story said...

Don't believe that the enemy of our enemy is your friend. Putin is one scary individual. Go back and read some coverage/intervies with him in TIME. He was on 60 Minutes also. He is no longer the president but he is still calling all the shots. This morning's announcement of a cease fire by the Russians was greeted by declarations from Georgians that Russia was still firing away. the cease fire was apparently called very shortly before the French president landed in Russia. At least someone is trying to show some leadership with this renegade in Russia. It certainly isn't the
US. We havne't shown any global leadership in over seven years.

What do the right wing have against diplomacy anyway? Someone up there wanted to know what Bush was supposed to do? He was supposed to do what President Sarkozy did. He was supposed to rally support from other countries to put pressure on Russia to stop bombing and go there to make the case, if necessary.

Putin hates the US. I don't trust his transluscent backside and I would hope no one would look at this as sticking it to Bush. This guy would be happy to stick it to all of us.

Dan Leo said...

You've cut it right to the bone, Field

Dr. Know said...

Hell is ringing with the laughter of not only Saddam, my friend, but you can bet that Osama bin Laden passed away with tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks.

At the dumbest lot of SOBs to ever elect, twice, the miscreants occupying 1600 Penn Ave.

Anonymous said...

Putin looked into Bush's eyes, saw a car salesman being controlled by the same bastards that sent troops to Russia to reinstate the Tsar, and decided that the corporo-fascists could go pound sand.

Russians have had quite enough of American business @ssholes trying to run the world. Now that the Russkies have oil, neo-cons run the US, and the Kagans are playing at being diplomats; it is time to regain the status that was lost in The Great Patriotic War.

You-all should know I get more than tired about the MSM holding up blackmenz and babymommas for public display. How about more stories of the Obama-ites? AfAms that work, pay taxes, and keep their kids in school


field negro said...

"...You just clean up that tongue of yours, buddy."

Okay anon, I will try, because I like you. You remind me of my Mama. (Even though we are probably around the same age)....Ahh hell, who am I kidding, I can't do it. Just pray for me :)

Thanks for all the links and the analysis of what is going down over in Georgia folks. Damn you all are some smart ass people.

And now I am hearing that this was all a play for the oil and access to the Caspian [Sp?] sea by the Russians all along. They were just looking for an excuse to get to those pipelines.

Nsangoma, WTF? Did someone try to drown you in a pool back in the day or something? What is up with your issues with little black kids learning to swim?

rainywalker said...

I want a sermon about Jesus on the Mountain. Come on? We stuck it in and now can't get it out.

Hathor said...

Was I talking about you swimming?
You bash children and you think you are righteous, because you taught your children to swim. Give me a break.
I don't have a sharecropper story, so I am not impressed. I wish you stop running your BS like you are some unique type of Negro. What are you running from or trying to prove?

Anonymous said...

What a mess we're in ...

Got to love it ... frat boy

Your're so cute, Field!

BTW> and on the mark.


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I would have had an opportunity to give her my humble opinion about her boss and what a colossal fuck up he has been.

For instance, now that the Russians have destroyed the A-merry-can trained Georgian army, and pretty much pimp slapped that entire country, has it ever occurred to your boss that none of this would have happened if the neocons in his administration had kept their damn ambitions in check?[/quote]

Filled-Negro - you and other leftists have an amazing ability to pontificate around the world from a BLAME AMERICA FIRST viewpoint. You indeed are one of the "Anti-America Americans".

Now get this - despite the fact that GEORGIA HAS SEVERAL OIL PIPELINES that Russia has focus on EVIL BUSH.

Despite the fact that Russia did not bother to go ask permission from YOUR "International Law" organization - the United Nations - prior to acting - YOU focus on Evil Bush

I had a secret note in my mind that before the week is out EVIL GEORGE BUSH will be blamed for the conflict in Georgia. Filled-Negro - you and a few other leftist web sites win the prize.

I can only imagine if Obama is made president how you will make a 180 degree spin on these type of issues.

It must be nice to be so arbitrary and abstract.

Anonymous said...

"I had a secret note in my mind that before the week is out EVIL GEORGE BUSH will be blamed for the conflict in Georgia."

That's probably because he was! Saakashvili ordered the attack but you can best believe that Shrub, McWarmonger and the Stray Cock Express, and Darth Cheney gave the green light, regardless of whatever Condi said when she was there in July. Someone promised him backup otherwise he wouldn't have retaliated against South Ossetia in such a haphazard fashion.

I'm sure you're thinking of some witty retort where you blame Clinton or liberals, Useless Feedback. But don't bother. I'm not gonna read it anyway.

Lola Gets said...

I have to completely agree with you Field, on your choice of Field Negro of the Day. I am so proud that African Americans finally have a god medal winner in swimming, and Im glad that dude is conscious enough to give back at his young age.

My mother didnt know how to swim, and it was one of the first things she made my sister and I learn. Swimming is a valueable skill, kinda like riding a bike (hehe) that more African Americans need to try to obtain. And it would be nice if cities would help them achieve that parks and recreation departments people!


Brian said...

I missed this post...

After years of being antagonized by the U.S., Russia decided that it had enough.

They are likely going to use Georgia as a bargaining chip.

And it was the Georgian President who engaged in aggression here.... and he gambled and lost. He tried to retake a disputed area that had lived under autonomous self rule for the past 16 years (why isn't this being reported in the MSM?). All we hear is that Russia attacked Georgia. South Ossetia declared independence almost two decades ago...and aligned themselves with the Russia Federation. Russian troops have been there for years.

Of course the latest conflict means that Russia troops have entered parts of previously undisputed Georgian territory.

I agree 110%.... this may not have happened if the U.S. had not meddled in the dispute between Russia and Georgia. Saakashvilli would never have went on his crazy military adventure if he had not been emboldened by the neocons.

What folks should worry about now is the U.S. becoming entangled in the conflict.

Cheney and the hawks have convinced Bush to send "humanitarian aid" to Georgia via the military. That's code for....we want to get further involved.

Things may also get ugly with Poland and Ukraine in the next few months/years.

What really troubles me is that McCain (a pro-war hardliner against Russia) has promised to have a more contentious relationship with the Russians...and even more troubling is that Obama has pretty much signed on the the neocon position as he so often does regarding his foreign policy.

So the next 4 years are probably not going to be much better, no matter who is (s)elected in November.

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