Monday, May 11, 2009

I will take Rush over the black guy.

"Well, if I had to choose in terms of being a Republican, I'd go with Rush Limbaugh, I think,"..." I think my take on it was Colin had already left the party. I didn't know he was still a Republican."

That was the devil himself disguised as an old white man named Dick Cheney. He was telling CBS News and anyone who would listen that he would rather have a fat drug addicted [alleged]pedophile in his party, than a genuine "American hero", Colin Powell. Wow!

Now I am no political expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I am guessing that if you asked most A-murder-cans who they would trust more to be their leader, they would say the good general and not anyone from the new "axis of evil"; Cheney,Rush, and Newt. Just a thought.

But I knew the marriage couldn't last. I always thought that my homie, Colin, was too decent to be associated with the party of Lincoln. He has disappointed me along the way and left me scratching my head at times (like when he went in front of the world and announced that Saddam had WMD's), but at some point any human being with even an ounce of decency has to realize who these people are and what they really stand for. What they stand for is themselves and their own selfish interests. They are all about power and how to keep it, and damn everyone and everything else. It's why Rush has no problem making fun of people losing their jobs--even people who work for his own company---on his show while he pockets millions of dollars. It's why Dick Cheney will not lose a minutes sleep, even though, thanks to him, over 4,000 will never wake from theirs. It's why Newt Gingrich had no problem divorcing a dying wife as he kicked the tires on his new model. (What is he on now? Number three?) For the record, Powell has been married to the same woman since 1962.

But Powell represents a bigger problem for the folks in the republican party: They are fighting more and more among themselves with each passing day and they can't decide if they should move to the center, become more moderate, and try to be relevant again. Or, if they should move farther to the right and become extinct.

"The Republican Party is in “deep trouble” because it is “getting smaller” and being led by far right polarizing figures... Rush Limbaugh “diminishes the party and intrudes or inserts into our public life a kind of nastiness that we would be better to do without.”

"Well, if I had to choose — in terms of being a Republican — I’d go with Rush Limbaugh, I think. My take on it was that Colin had already left the party. I didn’t know he was still a Republican."

Hey, way to go there Dick; "stand by your man". Even if he is a lying self centered drug addicted one. Let's just hope, for his sake, that he doesn't like hunting.


Lola Gets said...

Damn. Thats some *ish right there! And thats just sad too. Powell has put in years and years of service to this party, and this is how they treat him? Yeah, he needs to defect right about now.


rikyrah said...

The Evil One can't help himself.

He really can't, FN.

And, I hope he continues to be unable to help himself right into handcuffs.

Jody said...

Of course Cheney is gonna talk up Limbaugh.... He knows damn well that the shit is hitting the fan and he may well end up in a court on trial for war crimes and torture (please, please please!) and he is counting on Rush to rally his minions to his aid. Powell, on the other hand, after having been betrayed by this evil son of a bitch already, will not stand by him. In fact, may testify against him.
Personally, I am ready to pop the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.

Saleema said...

Looking at Cheney gives me the chills.

Collin Powell is my man. I can forgive him for the **ck up on Iraq.

And I really like that axis of evil with Cheny et al. I am going to use it, but don't worry, I'll attribute it to you.

Gregory said...

"— in terms of being a Republican —"

As opposed to being a decent human being. Clearly, in Cheney's case, the two mutually exclusive.

Fans and Friends of Lydia Cornell said...

Cheney is out of control. Why is he allowed on the airwaves? Oh, yes, I know, the same reason our radio show has to raise money from labor untions, while Rush makes 45 million dollars a year. To say that he'd take a zombie disk jockey (as Randi Rhodes described Rush today) drug addict over a General!!

Swiff said...

Ron Christie was crying? HA! That crosseyed fool is loyal to the end.

B# said...

I predict Colin Powell will become a Democrat.

Dick Cheney IS evil. He is Satan's right hand disciple. He never has cared or respected human life. That's why torture is no big deal to him.

Cheney will go down in American history as one of America's most despised men.

old white guy said...

I have mixed opinions on this one. It is well deserved and funny as hell to see the rethuglican party implode. But we need two viable parties for our system to work. The best case scenario would be to have two progressive parties that simply wanted to move forward along different paths. Maybe something will rise from the ashes but I doubt it.

rikyrah said...


The Somali Pirates have gone HOLLYWOOD.

Yep. Hollywood.

For those of you following the Somali Pirate situation , you'd know that the one thing I have found surreal from the beginning, is that the Pirates have a SPOKESMAN.

Just got this over at

the Somali Pirates going Hollywood?

SAMUEL L TO STAR IN FILM ABOUT PIRATE STANDOFFS: Actor's company secures life rights of prominent negotiator.

*Samuel L. Jackson and his Uppity Films are teaming with Andras Hamori's H20 Motion Pictures to secure life rights of Andrew Mwangura, a negotiator between pirates and the owners of vessels hijacked off the coast of Africa.

According to Variety, Jackson intends to play Mwangura, a journalist and ex-marine engineer who runs the Seafarers' Assistance Programme, a nonprofit group that offers humanitarian aid to all seafarers. Mwangura isn't paid for his negotiating work; he makes his living as a freelance journalist.

Hamori flew to Mombassa and negotiated a rights deal as Mwangura brokered the freedom of crew and cargo of the Ukrainian ship V.S. Faina for $3.4 million. The price was high because the pirates discovered a secret cache of Russian tanks.
Where will they have the Premiere? Will they rent a tanker?

Whitney B. said...

Buster the Harley Ridin' Wonder Dog woke me up so I thought I'd peep in to Field.

I disagree with your statement about the Party of Lincoln. Lincoln tried and failed, but the Republicans were not the Repubbas of today.

As for now, Obama made funny (seriously) on Saturday when he said Cheney couldn't make it to the party because he was working on his book "How to Shoot Friends and Interrogate Enemies". Touchet!

These folks are freaks, and I have no idea why Mr. Powell would want to be a party to that PART-tey! He should have switched clothes a long long time ago.

As for Trash and Newty Pettutty, they are just part of the scrum and we should let them dig their own by giving them what they want; "The Golden Shovel".

I, for one, am glad to see the scramble and scrounging that is going on right now. God bless what's LEFT of Democracy!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


This is video Mothers Day greeting is for all of those who are mothers on this blog. A sort of Mother's Day greeting from me. I meant to do this yesterday but my family came before I could post it and it slipped my mind. Anyway, better late than never. Since it was impossible for me to put all of you lady's names,well, you'll see what I mean.

All of you ladies on here with children this is just for you:

Happy Belated Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Granny, that was dang sweet. I sent it along to a friend of mine. Thank you.


Bob said...

I think the General knew he was finished the day he went to the U.N. Because he knew then he'd lost the war of influence in the White House to Cheney & Rumsfeld. & as war plans shaped up, he knew the Powell Doctrine wasn't used. History may come to see him staying as SoS as the sacrifice of a sane man not willing to surrender power completely to lunatics.

Blinders Off said...

Cheney is worst than Hitler!

"Mothers in the field"...THANKS Granny, I hope your Mother's Day was as beautiful as the one I had :)

Charisse said...

"They are all about power and how to keep it".

You are talking about the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Axis of Evil, right?

Let's recap:

- Massive ACORN fraud
- Cancelling school vouchers for minority kids in DC (no, sir, can't let those uppity ghetto kids be gettin' a good edu-ma-kashun. Gott a keep 'em on the NEA-Teacher Union PLANTATION, yes-sir!)
-Uh, Jefferson, $90K cash in a freezer -- hello?
-Charlie Rangel, newly minted Offshore Tax sheriff, crook par excellence?
-Don't know nothin' bout waterboarding no terrorists Pelosi?
-Ship defective equipment on a no-bid DOD contract to Iraq Murtha? 3 passenger a day airport Murtha?
-Choir boy Rezko and Blago?

You're so right, Field. The Dems hands are SOOOO clean.

I say throw all the bums out. Time to elect people for the people.

There are good people and bad people, some have (D)'s after their names, some have (R)'s. Some are white, some not.

Quit with the hatorade and the race baiting. Try sticking to the real issues.

FWIW, I liked Powell when he was in uniform and was real proud when he became JCS and SecState. He sold out on the WMD issue and truly sold his sold after he left public service. He tain't nothing more than a hack now.

Anonymous said...

I love watching the GOP disintegrate like the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Playoffs. It's like getting a new gift from Neiman Marcus every morning that you weren't expecting.


MartiniCocoa said...

Dick Cheney is the Herpes Simplex virus of the GOP.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

It's as if Cheney is in denial.

I agree this latest statement is going to bite him in the butt.

I'm going to check out that Newsweek cover story on the Republicans falling apart.

We do need to have viable opposition. Palin, Cheney and Gingrich, are not it.

Say It Loud said...

@Charisse: "Quit with the hatorade and the race baiting. Try sticking to the real issues."

Dems are not Saints, and all Repubs are not devils, but man for man and woman for woman Repubs are some of the most hateful, selfish, self-centered, and mean-spirited people in national politics, bar none.

Reality doesn't bear out your claims; it's your way of slinging mud in both directions. It just ain't sticking on the Dems as much as the Repubs.

It's why I'm not a Repub, and proud of it, and why I will never be a Repub. I want to keep my soul intact. Too many Repubs appear to have sold theirs.

They believe that getting back to their core values will save their party. What will save their party is already lost: they're out of touch with humanity, the American people, and only out for themselves.

Shady_Grady said...

How nice it would have been if the President had called Cheney's bluff and arrested him for war crimes.

Jody said...

As someone who is not a repub, and who has voted for democrtats (and independents and greens) all of my life, let me be the first to say that when one of the dems, or independents or greens fucks up, I and many others are HAPPY to criticize, challenge, and demand that they be brought to justice, or that the policy be changed. No problem.

The difference here is that the Repubs seem INCAPABLE of admitting mistakes, or challenging insanity within their own party. They issue vague "mistakes were made, or we need to change" but they do not call out crazy when they hear it. That NONE of them are challenging Cheney and they all seem scared to death of Limbaugh is a real problem... Unless and until they can rein in crazy... they will grow smaller and become more irrelevant. And, given that they have prided themselves on being the party of business interests over the interests of the people and environment, I got no problem with that.

field negro said...

Granny,thanks you so much for that! That is serious field Negro behavior.

"Dick Cheney is the Herpes Simplex virus of the GOP."

Ouch! And people say that I am mean.:)

Charisse, the dumbocrats have some bad apples as well. But a few bad apples doesn't spoil the whole bunch. The repubs bunch is entirely spoiled,(read what "Say It Loud" said) and the few good apples are falling out of it.

Hathor said...

Could you have not thought of anything more original? Are Talking Points 101 the only meme for conservative bloggers. Surely there must have been more real scandals among Democrats that had an effect upon this nation and the party.

biafrablk said...

Your Blog is the best for this American exile in West Africa!

Please keep a leash on Alicia B. She has issues too numerous to mention. She should be on planet wingnuttery, lol.

Granny, you are a gem! Your comments are dead on

Christopher said...
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ch555x said...

"Why this wasn't on the front page of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, et al, is beyond me."-Christopher

Remember, these are the same cats who were chasing a flu epidemic around the globe. Not to make light of disease/death, but it usually takes them a while to catch on to stuff like this. Plus, since some of them are in financial problems, no wonder they don't cover this as folks go elsewhere for their news*. Good find, by the way!

Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

The corporate-owned MSM, both electronic and print, missed the real news story about Cheney's appearance on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer on Sunday.

CNN, MSNBC and FIXED Noise kept reporting Cheney was critical of the Obama administration. So what?

The real story was Cheney pointed his fat finger at his former boss and said George Bush not only knew about torture but authorized it.

Here's the exact text of what Cheney said:

"I certainly have every reason to believe that he knew a great deal about the program. He basically authorized it. I mean, this was a presidential level decision. And the decision went to the president. He signed off on it."

Why this wasn't on the front page of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, et al, is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Cheney is indeed an evil man and to put Rush over Powell tells us what he is all about. I wonder why Cheney can't take a tip from his former boss and STF up...go on a hunting trip and accidentally shoot himself.

alicia banks said...

dick cheyney, rush limbaugh, george bush, and barack obama are all variations on a themes and cohorts...all of this is no more than deliberate media distractions so that we will all keep believing that we actually do have a new regime in dc...

every single policy that cheyney and bush ever created has only ESCALATED under obama...his blackishness will allow obama to do far more evil than they have ever to HBCUs/poor taxpayers etc...

do not believe the hype,

Jazzy said...

Colin Powell is a cautionary tale. "They hail you then nail you" - Lauryn Hill

west coast story said...

Colin Powell sold his soul to the Rethugs and helped drag us into Iraq. Don't ever forget that. I'm glad he supported Obama but he helped drag this country down a rat hole and he's never stepped up and owned what he did. I had nothing but respect for Powell before the Iraq war. Not anymore.

Being disowned by Dick Cheney should prompt Powell to stay in a hot shower for a week. That Powell was ever in bed with this draft dodging hump in the first place is disgraceful.

alicia banks said...




uptownsteve said...

Cheney is proactively pursuing the court of public opinion because he knows that if there is an investigative commission appointed to carefully look into the Bush Administrations machinations leading up to the Iraq invasion, he may very well face some felony charges and time in the joint.

Darqsied said...

You know I am not surprised by this in the least field. The Ultra-right-wing and religious right of the party are finally culling the herd of moderates. Picking a two-ton chicken hawk over an American hero in the cut of Gen. Marshall and genuine voice of moderation is ridiculous. I talk about on my blog and I damn thankful you are talking about it on yours. Stay raising hell in the Field.

Anonymous said...

The Dick needs to put a sock in it. Every time he opens his mouth the political fortunes of the Republican Party go down 2 points. Hardcore party loyalism has gone from 34% of the electorate to 21% today - a massive drop, considering the dynamics of the electorate.

uptownsteve said...

But those black conservatives are sticking by massa til de very end!

Did you see that clown Ron Christie on MSNBC last night?

I hope he's paid well for all his shuffling and head scratching for Cheney because he sure works hard enough for it.

Whitney B. said...

Per usual I co-sign with you. There are Dems to numerous to fully name here that drive me to distraction. Di-Fi and Reid (mush mouse little bug) head the list! And, right now, I'm none too happy with my party, even the O'Ness.

But, he did a good stand up routine Saturday, 100% better than the Shrubabubba's "WMD" routine in '04! Difference between upper middle class ("elitist?") and "rich white trash" which is what mom calls the Shrubs.

Missed Face The Nation on Sunday (church bidness). Thanks for the info. Yikes! Cheney sold Shrub down the river once again. When will the trials begin?

WC Story,
Very witty second paragraph, "draft dodging hump" (laughing out loud!!!)

Granny's back. Thank goodness! Thank you Granny! You're the best!

Off topic: Did you know that under Rea-gun the insurance co's were allowed to privatize? Prior to, they were non-profit. Hence the problems we have today.

I guess I was too busy making a good living to pay attention to that. Mia Culpa.

Miranda said...

Alicia dear...what color is the sky in your world?

grinder said...

It's hard for me to think of something more specifically offensive to black people, and particularly black people of a certain social strata, that the Republicans could have done at the current moment than what Limbaugh and Cheney have said about Colin Powell. He is a symbol, a powerful one, of black achievement, and he has been treated like, dare I say it, a common house nigger. It is beyond appalling.

Now, I do say that as a white man, so I could be way off in my estimation of how it might play with black people. For all I know, they're similing, rolling their eyes, and saying, "See?" Sure, there are other things that would be worse, but I'm thinking in realistic terms, as opposed to, say, five far right wing senators calling for repeal of the Civil Rights Act of 2964.

What a flaming insult! What strikes me even more is the silence that has followed. Where are the other Republicans stepping up to repudiate Limbaugh and Cheney? Do they not realize that, if Colin Powell does decide to leave, there will likely be a total and permanent break from the Republican Party by black people?

It will go beyond the time of Barack Obama. The only black Republican left will be Little Richard, a/k/a Alan Keyes. Good golly Miss Molly! I think if you have Powell leave, it will be impossible for conservatives from Spellman and Morehouse and the Gold Coast of D.C., etc., to EVER be Republicans. But again, maybe that's wrong. Maybe I lack insight.

The Republicans might be thinking, hell, they all support Obama anyway. That's true. The first black president gets 99% of the black vote. Duh. But what about after 2016? There could be black Republicans. And more importantly, if there are no blacks in the GOP, how does that play with other people of color, i.e. Hispanics, and dare I say it with oh, maybe 20+ million white moderate Republicans who do realize that one-third or so of Americans doesn't look like them and ought to be represented in both parties?

So, why take the risk? That's what I've been asking myself. If's not just with Powell. The Republicans have been parroting Limbaugh all year, even though it would seem plain that it's hurting them. Why in hell do they keep doing it?

Follow the money, I say!

Rush Limbaugh just re-upped with Clear Channel, and when he did it they gave him a $100 million cash bonus. Since then, Limbaugh's been actively courted by every corner of the Republican infrastructure, mostly recently the Heritage Foundation "think tank," which I'm sure would love a slice o'the pie.

There is also the issue of the 2010 primaries, which will attract the far right wing. Gotta throw 'em some red meat. But I think it's mainly the money. Colin Powell is just the latest victim of the Republicans' mad "rush" after Limbaugh's millions. The Republican Party will stop at nothing in its quest for funds.

The way I see it, the ball is now in Powell's court. The man, and the people he represents, have been deeply insulted. Colin Powell ought not only leave the Republican Party, but he ought to, in his own quiet way, burn down their fuckiin' house ("hoozie," is it?) on the way out. Powell, teach them a thing or two about fighting with a general, would ya?

Anonymous said...

Day-um y'all Homos won... might wanta enjoy it while ya 2012 when some Git-mo Parolee flys an Airbus 380 into Yankee Stadium... Old Dick'll be lookin pretty good... OK, I know Dick looks good to you Homos anyways...Y'all Negros won't be able to have babies fast enough to get old pubic hair head re-elected...


alicia banks said...


i posted nothing about the color of skies


Whitney B. said...

Trash Dumbell used to call himself (himself, mind you) "entertainment". When did he go around the bend and start thinking of himself as the mouth piece for the GOP? I guess I missed that part!

I do not understand the fascination many of these blowhards have with The Dickster, Newty Pettutty and Dumbell. It's beyond me, really. Why would anyone with any kind of edumuckation follow the likes of these?

It's not like I am really unhappy about it because I am enjoying the circus! Kinda takes me back to the good old days and Watergate, before FOX Noise and CNNumbness.

Glad to see the blog staying on topic today. Good posts from all.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, politics are the art of compromise, therefore, no matter how good the intentions are of the elected pol, the road to hell is paved with their bones!


(Flame on) Just how much have you given to an HBCU? Did you even attend one? You call yourself a scholar. Will you go teach at one of these schools? I don't mean at a Morehouse, Spellman, or a Howard. Try one of the small schools, like Allen University, Bennett College, or Benedict in SC, How about Paine College or Stillman, huh. There's Edward Jackson and Voorhees, Rust College and Lane College and more. Go make that sacrifice and maybe you'll have credibility. I get real tired of black folks talking about how bad these schools have it but they rarely ever give back either in kind or financially. It's called investing in your community and a lot of our "scholars", "business leaders", and "community activists" need to invest a lot more in the HBCU's. I could tell tales. If every Afro-American gave just $100 a year to the HBCU's, we would have around half a billion yearly in funds. The grant monies that were not funded are peanuts compared to what we could be giving. (Flame off).


Son of an HBCU president

alicia banks said...


funny how you rant about 100 v. 85 mil

i promise to give back my obligatory $100.00 if obama's gives back his $85 million...


sick freak said...

When American hero Colin Powell was thought to be running for president he refused to take a stand on abortion for fear his aproving ratings would drop. Some great leader Powell is.

Obama is also a lying self centered drug addicted yet you stand behind him FN.

While your thinking about those 4,000 people who lost their lives please remember all those who have lost their lives during Obama's illegal war.

grinder said...
It's hard for me to think of something more specifically offensive to black people, and particularly black people of a certain social strata, that the Republicans could have done at the current moment than what Limbaugh and Cheney have said about Colin Powell.

Funny to see the left jumping to defend Powell when for the past ten years you called him uncle tom.I guess thats what you get for voting for the Obamessiah.

uptownsteve said...

sick freak sez

"When American hero Colin Powell was thought to be running for president he refused to take a stand on abortion for fear his aproving ratings would drop. Some great leader Powell is."

Here's Powell from the 1996 Republic Convention:

"You all know that I believe in a woman’s right to choose and I strongly support affirmative action. And, I was invited here by my party to share my views with you because we are a big enough party -- and big enough people -- to disagree on individual issues and still work together for our common goal: restoring the American Dream."

Ya know Freak, I often try to see things from your point of view but I can't get my head that far up my ass.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, tho "sick freak" (who Uptown Steve pretty much ass-f**ked in rebuttal) is an anonymous turd, Frank Drachman isn't. I visited his blog. It's worth a visit to see how the "regular" dickheads think. Tho he claims, I think, to be a doctor. I'd love to found out where he has privileges, what's his practice. There may be some patients, colleagues, nurses, administrators who'd raise more than an eyebrow at his comments...especially on this blog. LOL

Homo traitors and niggers...if you add all them up they still don't total the number of folks who voted for Obama--and, pr my more moderate white friends, who held their noses and voted for McCain - Palin out of GOP loyalty, rather than derangement over Obama. Must be something in the water. Drachman might be able to help with our malady. He's a doctor, after all...

sick freak said...

Back in the day[around 1995] the Republicans wanted him to run for president.His aproval ratings were high than Clinton's and polls showed he could beat Clinton.

But the good general waited and waited and waited to declare what party he belonged to. He also refused to answer questions about abortion and other topics.Why?? He was scared his aproval ratings would drop.

Ya know Steve , I often try to see things from your point of view but I can't get my head that far up my ass.

Anonymous said...

I would expect no less from Dick, who voted against a 1986 resolution calling for the release of Nelson Mandela and recognition of the African National Congress.

Zimbel said...

You're far nicer to all three of them than I would be.

I don't view Cheney as being responsible for 4,000 or so dead. He's (partially) responsible for over 1,000,000 dead. With the recent evidence about torture that's out, I think it's very likely he's one of the worst war criminals alive today.

Colin Powell whitewashed the My Lai Massacre, but probably the worst that can be said of him is that he was the Secretary of State during W.'s first term. As documents start to come out from that administration, we'll learn if there was more than the fateful U.N. speech. I hope he kept his nose relatively clean - he was the only W. Bush adviser I liked.

Limbaugh is just a bad clown that far too many people take seriously (like, apparently, a large portion of the Republican party). If you don't like him, boycott every station that carries his show (and, if you're particularly enraged, his advertisers).

As for who Republicans pick, that is (and should be) their decision. If they want to have a good chance in national elections (instead of just hoping that the Democratic party messes up), they're going to need to broaden their party somehow. Perhaps they should look for another sizable block of non-voters to try to integrate into their party.

Christopher Chambers said...

You're right, sick freak (appropos name--what's your real name, if you got the scrotum to release it). He is the ultimate tool. And a fool. Rather than feather his own nest, he remained loyal to the GOP, to the Bushes, even to Cheney, until he couldn't take it any longer. That was his training. His creed? Nah, he's a chump. Nevermind my classmate Rich B. with former RNC chair Ken Melhman right there on S. Capital Street confirmed a long time ago that they were going to smear him, his daughter (the actress) and his wife Alma (for her drinking, taking antidepressants) if he tried to run. I mean, that'd give me pause as a practical matter, but no, like a dumb doofus he remained loyal.

Yes, sick freak...he is an undeserving fool. A piece of shit. Cheney, man he is a much better American.

Christopher Chambers said...

PS Field, don't forget to visit Drackman's (Drachman's?) blog.

You too Christopher et al. We need to make it a party.

sick freak said...

Christopher Chambers, what is your obsession with anonymous people??Sounds liek you need to see a doctor.You got a serious case of Penis envy.

Glad to see the left fail in their mission to take out Miss California.

Gald to hear the Don zing Obama-

“It's the same answer that the president of the United States gave,” Trump said.

La♥audiobooks said...

Christopher Chambers,

"Frank Drackman" is really Vernon Albert Richardson III. He seems to have taken up residence here as the blog idiot, or the resident troll dweller (some of us don't even read his droppings, he's simply nameless and insignificant). He doesn't move us really. We know all about him. He's also a greedy stupid criminal.

See Link attached:

Believe it. He has some privileges in the prison library because he's considered a "trusty"...
(why am I not surprised).

cinco said...

It's a disgrace that people still listen to and follow the fearful Limbaugh...he's not worthy of discussion. The people that listen to him aren't open minded anyway. They festor in their warped, hateful, racist, rhetoric and behaviors on their own.

And in terms of Chaney, he sure took an oath of silence when it mattered during his vice presidency; now he has diarrhea of the mouth. Douchebag is too kind to describe him.

Christopher Chambers said...

Well then who's "sick freak," La--his cellmate? Stands to reason...LOL

vanishing point said...

Hey, are Dr. CheneyLove and Sick Freak related? That fake muscle Cheney pulled and the wheelchair act is sorta sick and freaky.

biafrablk said...

alicia banks, christoper chambers, repugnant trolls, etc etc. Please find another blog to spew you venom. President Obama will be re-elected to another full term. So choke on that one!

Nan said...

I've never been able to figure out why Colin Powell is a Republican other than maybe some residual dislike of LBJ for Vietnam. Every time I've read an opinion of Powell's on any sort of social issue, he comes across as more left of center than most acknowledged Democrats.

I had a lot of respect for Powell right up until he gave that UN speech about Saddam's WMDs. Since then? Not so much.

knockoutchick said...

La Gran Esperanza

After many sad teary nights the Republicans will come to the conclusion its just not fruitful to chase after the African American vote. They've hired a few Negroes, they've used slang references, spread a few well placed dollars to black politicians all to no avail.

Maybe they should try having local Republican Fish Frys?

Then they will realize....hey wait a minute..Latinos will soon be %30 of the population and they go the church regularly. They can sell their "Core Values" to an ever growing population and Micheal Steele will be out of a job and the rise of "Carlos Espada" will come.

Mr. Noface said...

Cheney has had beef with Colin Powel since at least 2004, so this move on his part is not really that surprising.

P.S. I chose you for a blog award.

uptownsteve said...

"I've never been able to figure out why Colin Powell is a Republican other than maybe some residual dislike of LBJ for Vietnam."

Loyalty is major component of Powell's character.

Frank Carlucci was his first political godfather who mentored him through the NSA and also saved Powell's career by calling him to Washington to serve as a military attache to the Secretary of Defense during the Reagan Administrationafter Powell received an unfavorable efficiency evaluation by his commanding officer at Ft Carson, Colorado.

The guys who gave Powell his shot at the bigtime were Republicans and I guess he felt he owed them.

EzMun said...


I don't think you caught Chris Chambers' sarcasm.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Cheny should have his citizenship revoke. Kick that mother fcuker OUT of the US!!!

Budd_Majik said...

"It's why Dick Cheney will not lose a minutes sleep, even though, thanks to him, over 4,000 will never wake from theirs."

Why is it that whenever we Americans refer to the needless deaths associated with the Iraq disgrace, I get the impression that it is unacceptable primarily because 4,000 American soldiers lost their lives? With all due respect, it seems to me a rather self absorbed (although well meaning) approach to this tragedy. Consider the fact that before even the first American soldier was killed well more than 4,000 innocent Iraqis had been murdered (Yes. I call it murder).

Sorry about getting off topic, but it is something to consider when voicing your opposition to the BUSHCO policies.

sick freak said...

Its unacceptable because those 4,000 people lost their lives cause of the eeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvviiiiillllllllll Bush.

You will never hear on this blog or any leftwing blog about the death count under Obama.

Just like the Iraq war was illegal under Bush but is legal under Obama.

Jody said...

sick freak..... Obama has pledged to bring the troops home as quickly as advisors agree is possible. If by the end of this year, there are not major troop reduction, this left winger will be in the streets demanding that he bring them home.... he inherited a huge fucking mess. Just about everyone agrees that pulling out the troops will take time... I am willing to give it that, but not more... not more surges, not more deadlines... we do have a deadline you know....
What would YOU have Obama do? Would you have him do this irresponsibly? Would you rather he create more chaos by abandoning the mess we already created? And I agree with Budd.... as horrible as our troop loss of life and wounding, it is equally horrible that we have destroyed a country and killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis all based on BUSHES LIES!
That is indisputable.

sick freak said...

I would like Obama to keep his campaign promise to complete the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops within 16 months of taking office.

Unknown said...

I hate to wish death on anyone, but I not only hope Dick has a heart attack, but it explodes while he's getting reamed by Rush.

mesha said...

Proposed Performance Tax Could Be Black Radio’s Death Knell

Hate is coming in all different directions...

Gregory said...

I see that "sick freak" is using Didier Drogba's photo. This confirms what I've believed about Chelsea fans for years, that they are inbred tweakers. Of course, Drogba will kick your ass if he ever finds out.

field negro said...

Gregory, I was wondering who that was? I happen to love the "C"'s. Shame on you sick freak.

"Why is it that whenever we Americans refer to the needless deaths associated with the Iraq disgrace, I get the impression that it is unacceptable primarily because 4,000 American soldiers lost their lives? With all due respect, it seems to me a rather self absorbed"

Bud_Majik, when in Rome....

Thanks for the love Mr. No Face.

Nan, good point about Powell and LBJ. And yes, Christopher Cambers does have a nack for sarcasm. Which is why I get along so well with my fellow yawdie.

addurrazaq, you will get used to him.

"I would expect no less from Dick, who voted against a 1986 resolution calling for the release of Nelson Mandela and recognition of the African National Congress."

Anon. thanks for reminding me. I knew that there had to be other reasons for me disliking the SOB so much.

Jody said...

Sick.... do you live in some wierd universe where 3 and one half months equals 16???? Why, would you not give him the 16 months to get it done before you attack him for this? As a lefty that has had plenty to criticise about the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Reagan Admins, I usually waited until AFTER they actually did something before I criticized.... Its called REASON.... try it.

The Crow said...

I was rather hoping Cheney would take Rush hunting.

unokhan said...

It's why Dick Cheney will not lose a minutes sleep, even though, thanks to him, over 4,000 will never wake from theirs.wait what.

you should srsly consider hiring someone to keep track of the numbers for you. someone from another country.

icebergslim said...


Gregory said...

OK, I will admit that was a cheap shot on Chelsea supporters. As a Liverpool supporter I am contractually obligated to hate United but I also slag off Chelsea in my free time.

FWIW, I love the blog and recommend it every chance I get.

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