Saturday, August 09, 2008

The "Hillaryites" blame his "O"ness for some outings.

Now I used to like Carolyn Kay from "". Used to. Because she always sent me some pretty informative shit. And I always knew that she was a rabid Hillary supporter, so I understood when she would send me the occasional "O" man bashing memo. But the latest shit she sent me is troubling. For some reason Carolyn and the rest of the Hillaryites are linking the Breck Boy's outing to the "O" man. Here is what she sent in my inbox: (Sorry Carolyn, if you don't like me publishing this shit on my blog, don't send it to me)

"Q. What do the two stories below have in common?
Edwards admits having affair, says he's ashamed (AP)WASHINGTON - John Edwards says he made a serious error in judgment when he had an affair and is ashamed of his conduct. In a statement, the former Democratic presidential candidate also said he informed his wife about his affair with 42-year-old Rielle Hunter in 2006 and has asked her forgiveness.

Internal Clinton E-mails Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic) The Atlantic’s Josh Green has about 200 of them from the height of the Clinton campaign. Atlantic subscribers should be getting the story in their mailboxes later next week, and we hope to post the story online early next week.

A. They are former opponents of Barack Obama, people that he wants diminished or out of his way at the Democratic Convention in two weeks, so that his light can shine (oops, is that racist) more brightly.

There’s a history of people who oppose Barack Obama having their dirty linen aired in public.
In the 2004 primary for his U.S. Senate seat, Blair Hull was Obama’s only serious opponent.
Hull’s divorce papers were made public just a few weeks before the primary, papers that included incendiary charges of intimidation by his former wife. Hull’s poll numbers dropped, and he lost the primary. It has been reported that he donated to Hillary’s presidential campaign.
In an amazing coincidence, Obama’s first opponent in the general election for Senate in 2004, Jack Ryan, ALSO
had his divorce papers made public, papers that included his former wife’s accusation that he had tried to get her to have sex with strangers at clubs he took her to in New York and Paris. Ryan had to drop out of the race, and the Republicans chose the hapless Alan Keyes to run against Obama. Obama won in a cake walk.

But it’s Hillary Clinton who plays dirty. It’s Hillary Clinton who holds grudges. It’s Hillary Clinton who has an enemies’ list. It’s Hillary Clinton who kneecaps her opponents. I know because the blogger boyz told me so."

Sorry Carolyn, get over it. The Breck Boy fucked up all by his lonesome, it has nothing to do with the "O" man. And yes his opponents were outed, it's called politics, get over it. And no, "light can shine" is not racist. But now I am going to ask you and all the rest of the Hillaryites a serious question: Do you really think that if Hillary and her crew had something on the "O" man they wouldn't have used it against his black ass by now?

Think about. Sometimes we are so blinded by our own political favorites that we fail to see the forest for the trees. Not me, I have no favorites, and I am quite aware of the fact that people (all people) will do anything to get elected.

"O" man, for your sake, I hope there are no sexual skeletons in the old closet. Because no matter what you and your supporters might want to believe, you ain't JFK just yet.


Anonymous said...

Most of Hillary supporters are fucking racist scum.

Anonymous said...

Edwards got caught with his pants down. He's a grown man and it is his and Ms. Hunter's problem. If he was too arrogant to think that someone would catch them then he is one naive individual.

And for any Hillaryites out there. Your candidate has done more to harm our candidate and our party than Karl Rove could ever have dreamed of.

JP said...

I think is silly that this is even something to out publicly. People get horny and fuck people they're not supposed to. It really doesn't affect my opinion of Edwards(I think he's great and would be a good addition to the Obama administration) other than he's human being who falls short and lied about it to protect is career. He didn't steal money, he didn't rape a girl. Plus Obama didn't create an environment where people care about this shit.

Kellybelle said...

That's some ridiculous logic. Hillary supporters are just trying to prevent the obvious comparisons between Edwards infidelity and Bill Clinton's that will dredge up all that Lewinsky drama Hillary had hoped was behind her.

Although Edward's is a dick for cheating, I give him props for being honest in his statement. He admitted his ego and narcissism was the cause. Most politicians just say vague ish like "I cause pain in my marriage." No, you effed another woman because you thought your position would let you get away with it.

OT: R.I.P. Bernie Mac

Anonymous said...

Field, I'm glad you posted this today. I've been racking my brains and storming sites trrying to remember this funny nickname I recently read about for JE. I started thinking it was Wonder Boy.

Anonymous said...

As an afterthought, had it not have been for Bill Clinton's "indiscretion" Al Gore would be finishing his second term. So if you Hillary supporters really have to place blame somewhere, start with Mr. Clinton.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

The Hillaryites are beyond idiotic.

field negro said...

jp, I agree 110%. Unless, of course, it's a lying hypocritical right wing nut. You know, like Gingrich, McCain, Vitter, Livingston, Craig....should I go on?

ro, I am glad I could help jar your memory:)

"And for any Hillaryites out there. Your candidate has done more to harm our candidate and our party than Karl Rove could ever have dreamed of."

gwpriester, you are right about that.

kellybelle, isn't that sad about the Mac man? It just goes to show you, brothers have to stay on top of their health.

Gryphen said...

I tried to understand this Carolyn Kay e-mail using logic. But that just gave me an incredible headache.

Does she REALLY believe that Obama is directing the news media to investigate his political opponents as if they would not think to do that job on their own? And does she REALLY believe that there are not numerous news reporters and Republican operatives working night and day to find the chink in the Barack Obama armor?

Bitch please! If you are going to run for president you might as well strip naked and walk out on the stage prepared to have your every crevice probed for dirt to prove that you are unfit for the job.

John Edwards problem was his dick, and Hillary s problem is her dick (of course we call him "Bill", that is why they are not the Democratic nominee. Get the hell over it.

JP said...

BTW, it makes more sense that Hillary folks would dish the dirt on Edwards. He had to be on the short list of VP candidates being a white southerner, something I think Obama will put on the ticket. Plus Edwards endorsement was of Obama was one of the last nails in her coffins.

Christopher Chambers said...

I agree. They wanted him out of the way.

field negro said...

"John Edwards problem was his dick, and Hillary s problem is her dick (of course we call him "Bill",..."

gryphen, that was some funny shit:)

NSangoma said...

Edwards did lambast Bill Clinton for knockin-nin out the nookie on the side; Monica t'was her name I believe (Who said mouth-nookie doesn't count?).

That makes Edwards a hyper-hypocrite, and more than deserving of his current fate.

Hathor said...


The PUMA stuff got so bad I unsubscribed. I just don't get these women, Taylor Marsh et al.

They also have no understanding of the discrimination of women of color, working class women and women who do jobs that require psychical labor or in heavy male dominated professions. Hillary Clinton has nothing in common with me in her achievements. She would not be my idol.

Anonymous said...

Hathor, I've been telling black women that Hillary's fight for women doesn't include them. If you want to know the real truth about it, it doesn't include no woman, other than Hillary.

Christopher said...

Someone much smarter than me will have to deconstruct and explain Carolyn Kay's email.

You see, I only have a lowly undergraduate degree from a state university -- apparently, Kay's intellectual acumen is far beyond my comprehension.

On the other hand, Carolyn Kay could be suffering from HRS. You've heard of HRS, yes? HRS is an acronym for:

H.illary R.ectum S.yndrome

Those suffering with HRS have had their noses up Hillary's rectum for so long that they're suffering from oxygen deprivation, rendering them brain damaged.

Anonymous said...

@Gryphen - Edwards did always say he believed in standing up for the little guy.

Anonymous said...

I really do not understand why the situation with Edwards' affair is news in the first place. The person(s) it should really concern is his wife Elizabeth and his children. We have this unhealthy interests other people's lives. If he did not steal any money or commit any other crime such as murder or treason, then I really do not want to hear about it.

It is nonsensical for the Hillaryites to blame the Obama camp for the Edwards affair, and it's a farfetched notion to blame Obama for Edwards shagging (from watching British TV) someone other than his wife. Can I blame Obama for eating that cheeseburer from yesterday even though I probably shouldn't have eating something much healthier? Because that makes as much sense as what Carolyn Kay is suggesting.

Of course, the breaking news about Edwards' affair with Carolyn Kay, the FBI had a press conference apologizing to the editors of the Washington Post and New York Times for improperly obtaining phone records of the newspapers' while investigating terrorism four years ago. I am questioning the FBI aptness conerning Dr. Irvins in the anthrax case. We will never know if Irvins was the person because he killed himself before FBI could have proved the case, but they are going close the case in any event because the agency believes he was the person.

In case anymore miss the little tib bit, Condi Rice stated that the country would be safe under an Obama presidency.

"Oh, the United States will be fine," she responded. "I think that we are having an important debate about how we keep the country safe," she said, pointing to the Middle East and Iraq.

"Those are important judgments for the American people to make."

It was reported on Politico and Yahoo News. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Co-signing with Kellybelle on this one.

That said, I am not surprised some would try to link this with Obama, but that's just silly IMO. Seems Edwards dug his own hole, nothing to do with Obama. I just hope he is telling the truth about the baby, though I am skeptical.

Field, I am with you, Obama better not have any skeletons in the closet, though I do believe that if he did have some, by now somebody would have dug em up.

Anonymous said...

First of all, all ya'll lumping Hillary supporters into one group, just stop. Not all of us are mentally ill. I was a Hillary supporter. Was. I'm a Democrat first however and that means supporting my nominee. Although I'm starting to ask myself exactly what the Democrats have done for me over the years and more and more the answer is, 'Not a damn thing'. But that's another subject.

Anyway, this is absurd, trying to tie this to Obama. The primaries are over. He won. Get over it. The Democrats need to show up at the convention looking united. Not divided. All this shit does with Edwards and Clinton (if the memos are bad) is make the party look bad, fractured, and disorganized. And that's no good for any of us.

A.F. said...

The first thing I thought was that this comes at a time when I truly believe that Edwards was under serious consideration as O's running mate and I kind of wondered if the HRC people had anything to do with the story breaking, but I know that's paranoid. It's just with her insisting on leaving her name in nomination and trying to stir up her supporters again in the name of "catharsis" (?), I just never know what she'll do next.

As for Edwards, if he were Mr. Funk, I would be seriously pissed off at him, but otherwise I don't think any of this is any of my business and I feel sorry for his wife, having to go through all this so publicly. Also, I can't help but think that we make it virtually impossible for our politicians to get divorced without ending their careers, then we turn around and hate on them for having affairs. Just doesn't seem fair. The only time I hold these scandals against politicians is when they're running on some sanctimonious ticket like "anti-gay sanctity of marriage" bullshit and then they themselves get caught. But Edwards, though I never quite trusted him, was not that kind of politician. People say oh but how he talked about how his family was so important to him and all and now this -- he lied! What was he supposed to say, "My family is important to me but I am having an affair right now." ??

Anonymous said...

do you cum when you hate on white women.

white men get free pass.

field negro said...

"do you cum when you hate on white women."

Actually, no. I am strictly a brown sugar kind of guy. But thanks for the offer. :)

szechuanpork said...

What strange logic...

At least Obama doesn't have to waste a staff slot on Edwards. Never liked the guy. He ran for Prez twice and only won one primary.

west coast story said...

I didn't know edwards posed a threat to obama that o had to get him out of the way. The logic used here is a scary look into an unbalanced mind.

I don't know that it is none of our business. Were edwards the candidate, this would have tanked his candidacy. He probably had a shot at something in the o-man's admin but no chance now.
I think he's a hypocrite. He espouse all that family values crap and he is just another lying politician.

And if that kid is his, he should get a swift kick in the ass.

Christopher said...

Actually, no. I am strictly a brown sugar kind of guy. But thanks for the offer.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Field, you're off the hook!

rikyrah said...


You should write back and ask this question:

How come, the only two folks with stories in the National Enquirer during the primary system were EDWARDS and OBAMA?

How come there weren't any stories about Hillpatine in there?


Owns the National Enquirer?

Riddle me that.

They've been looking under every rock they could to find something against Obama.

Say what you want about Obama, but, if the man's been planning to run for political office, he can talk all the ' post-racial' bullshit that he wants.

He knows, as a Black man, that HIS and Michelle's noses have to be clean.

Meaning, all the bullshit allowed for Mr. Morton and the Pill Poppin' Piece-On-The-Side would DEFINITELY NOT be allowed for Obama or Michelle, and they know it.

It's called a double standard, and no, it's not right or fair, but it is what it is, and Obama understands that.

Hillpatine supporters needs to just STFU. If you're not going to vote for Obama, don't. But, go away, cause I don't want to hear their whining, entitled asses anymore. And, I'm going to stop pretending that I care.

rikyrah said...


Remember when Edwards was the ' safe choice', because he was the 'Southern White Male' in the race?

Imagine him being the nominee, and yesterday happened.

Hillpatine supporters should be kissing the Obama Supporters' butts, thanking them for having such ' vision'.


field negro said...


Remember when Edwards was the ' safe choice', because he was the 'Southern White Male' in the race?"

Yes rikyrah, I do. And what a difference a primary season makes :)

Anonymous said...

Man these Hillaristas are more fun than a barrel of monkeys. When are they are going to get their story straight? Either Obama's a ruthless vicious Chicago pol who'll cut you off at the knees, or he's "Obambi," a naïf who'll be eaten alive by Karl Rove & the Republican machine.

I'm looking forward to your take on Bernie Mac. Man, I miss that guy!

szechuanpork said...

rikyrah, was directly started by the Clintons' for them to get good press ... was started to benefit the Clintons' after the blue dress mayonnaise incident. They are both solidly backing Obama now. Losing Edwards is good for Obama. He doesn't owe as many favors now.

Anonymous said...

The reason John Edwards' affair matters is not because he had some nooky on the side, but because he had some nooky on the side, paid the ho off with campaign funds, possibly fathered a child with her and decided to play Russian Roulette with the 2008 Election by running for President KNOWING all of this was going to come to the light.

If he had been the Democratic nominee, McCain would be a lock to be President.

If he had been chosen as an Obama VP it WOULD have been used against Obama.

People put their careers and reputations on the line for John Edwards, and all the while he was straight lying to them, taking people's campaign donations and pretending he was a serious candidate for President when he and his wife knew all the while that this was going to blow up on them.

Shame on John Edwards, not for having the affair but lying about it and risking control of the country to get some ugly nooky on the side.

Gryphen said...

szechuanpork, you definitely hit the nail right on its damn head.

As far as the Clinton's are concerned Obama stole the Democratic nomination from them, the Democratic party from them, and even their slavish media outlets from them.

No wonder Bill hates Obama's black ass.

I am surprised Monica isn't sniffing around trying to sign on as Barack's intern.

Poor Bill thought he was the first black President until Obama came along and showed him that he was just another southern fried white guy who likes fast food and fat girls.

LACoincidental said...

Gryphen said...quote:

Poor Bill thought he was the first black President until Obama came along and showed him that he was just another southern fried white guy who likes fast food and fat girls.

Say word!!! Its even sadder that Carlin and Mac are gone, because you know those two would build an entire HBO special over this nonsense.

To this whole John Edwards thing.. JE is no different than Bill Clinton, JFK, Mr. Morton or King David and Samson from the Bible......powerful men who allowed the delusions of power and their penises lead them where common sense should have kept their asses out of. He was wrong, but if my wife was dying of cancer and I could get some quick nookie b/c I'm a good looking politician who is virtual shoe-in for an Obama cabinet, I might be tapping booty too. I'm not advocating, but I'm not going to pretend that the ideas isn't tempting.

(At least Edward didn't pull a King David and arrange to have Rielle Hunter's man's shot after knocking her up.)

I would suggest that the Hilbots keep their mouths closed, as well as the Rethugs. John Edwards manned up and admitted he was wrong..flat out. He didn't pull a Bubba and try to pull legal gymnastics to get out of speaking the truth. And he didn't pull a McCain and leave his wife for his slide off.

Billary, Messy Jesse and the lot are having the same problem...they can't let go of the limelight. Its a new day in the Democratic Party...its an Obama party now. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

I think this yet again reminds those wayward PUMA broads and Hillbots that Michelle Obama has a man that frequently gives her an "its on tonight" look in front of EREbody.

Grata said...

The more Hillary supporters deny their racism the more it shows. I think people should stop being in denial over their racism. It is more insulting when they do that than the actual racism they carry.

Grata said...

"do you cum when you hate on white women."

Actually, no. I am strictly a brown sugar kind of guy. But thanks for the offer. :)"

Poor Becky must be shocked that such black men exist.

Grata said...

"H.illary R.ectum S.yndrome

Those suffering with HRS have had their noses up Hillary's rectum for so long that they're suffering from oxygen deprivation, rendering them brain damaged."

LMAO! Christopher you are truly nuts. Something did come out of that State University.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I have been getting the eMails from the same person (unsolicited) but I hadn't opened many of them. Anyways...

I go over to "make them accountable" today and find that they are crossposting stuff from "No Quarter" (ex-CIA Larry Johnson's Blog), a site that I actually dropped from my Blogroll a while back because they were posting crazy crap that was attracting the most vile and bigoted comments from their readers.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Breck boy doesnt like em pretty, does he.

tuhmeesuh said...

i'm loving it field! of THE best reads yet in the blogosphere!

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