Saturday, September 20, 2008

40% of you don't think too highly of me: present company excluded of course.

You Obamaholics know I love you right? And I want nothing but the best for you. I try to keep it real with you, and in spite of your convictions and giddy idealism, I try to keep you grounded, and let you know what is happening here in the real A-merry-ca.

I know you all have heard of Stanford University; it is one of A-merry-ca's most prestigious educational institutions, and some of our best and brightest go there to learn. So anyway, seems they came up with this poll, and if it is true (well, I know it's true), it will have a devastating effect on the"O" man's campaign. Seems quite a few dumbocrats have a negative view of his O ness because of his race. And, as a result, they will not be pulling the lever for him in November.

I bet that Mr.Morton and his peeps are doing a little jig right now. Honestly, I can't say that I blame them. I would be doing a jig too if I knew that no matter what I do wrong I am going to get elected, because at least 20% of the people in my opponents party won't vote for him because of his race. And, at least 40% of A-merry-cans have a negative view of blacks. A race my opponent happens to belong to. (Well, at least half of him) Think about that for a minute: 40% of the people in my country have a negative view of me before they even meet me. That's astonishing! Now after they meet me, the negative stereotype might be justified, but I digress.

So please read the article and the link I provided, and tell me if I will still have to go running down Broad Street in the chilly November night, "johnson" fully exposed, for all the world to see. If you still think I do, detox might not be good enough for you. Instead, may I suggest a full lobotomy.


Jody said...

In a country of 217.8 million eligible voters, I am not going to accept the polls of 2,227 voters as the gospel of how this election will turn out.

One of the strategies of "How to Steal an Election" is polling. Explicitly it states that keep telling the public the election is close and that poll after poll shows a close race.... or that this poll or that poll shows that the public refuses to support this guy because of race, or religion, or gender, or ethnicity or he's southern or not southern or he's a governor or a senator or what the fuck ever!

Field, seriously, STOP IT! We will know what the American voters will do on November 5th. Til then, keep your damn propoganda to yourself and get your butt ready to run!

Donald said...

Great point, jody. Polls are biased at best and just not reliable. Why do we care about polls anyways, because some MSM says so? Oh now that STANFORD has conducted a poll..uh hem..we are supposed to believe that, also!?

I've been of voting age for 5 Presidential elections and lived at the same address for 3. No one has ever polled my black ass.I don't buy it not for one fucking second. Not with an electorate this huge.

Clifton said...

This poll was not about Obama it was about race. He was the catalyst for it because he's the candidate but they were talking about "us". I find it amazing that Obama has us all so captivated that we refuse to accept that lots of white people think negatively of us regardless of political party even when they admit it.

This election is going to change history but it won't change the world we live in.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I'm with Jody. Field, I don't know about your city, but out this way in mine, I don't see nothing but Obama signs on the front lawn. In addition, every young person I know of every race, that's eligible to vote, said they're voting for Obama. I even seen an Obama sign on houses that are in the Confederate flag neighborhoods. Oh yeah, and even ex-felons said that they want to do their part as well. Granny has been busy in the during the day getting folks registered to vote. I got a feeling come election day, the poll takers and MSM are going to be in shock.

BTW, yup, Field you get ready for that streaker run down Broadway or whatever street it is. Granny thinking to herself if she should show up with a nice long hickory switch, just in case, you get cold feet. :) (wink)

Christopher said...

This is a ridiculous poll.

It says:

Lots of Republicans harbor prejudices, too, but the survey found they weren't voting against Obama because of his race. Most Republicans wouldn't vote for any Democrat for president — white, black or brown.

"Lots?" What the fuck does "lots" mean? 1%? 10? 50%? 98%? "Lots" isn't a measurement a reputable polling organization would use.

This so-called poll is designed to create doubt among Obama's supporters and at the sametime, give the Republicans a "pass."

I say flush this piece of shit down the commode.

In any event, I will make a point of emailing Stanford on November 5th, 2008 and tell them they can suck it.

Anonymous said...


I was listening to NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered did a focus group of 13 people for York Town, Oh and heard one older woman who still believes that Obama is a muslim. She said that once you are a muslim, you are one for life. I think got that refused with the Mafia, but I digress. I'm 42 and in between the older generation who still harbor racial feelings both black and white, and the younger where race is more of a historical context for them. I tried to explain that observation to an older person who did not understand the younger generation's perspective of racism. It's a matter of not having the same experiences, but they did not ignore class differences because it's becoming more and more about class.

The race is close and race does play a particularly if you have more older white voters. Obama's best strategy is to bring out the youth vote. I have to say that Field's post is not nonsense or off base. The is that 217 million are not going to vote, the number will be between 60 to 65 percent. You are going to have some voters who will not vote for Barack Obama because he is black. Rothschild who was a Clinton supporter is not voting for Obama, but McCain and I imagine part of the reason is race. However, I did not think we will be seeing her much after her redneck gaffe comment as she is not a fan of that group of people either. It's the reason why I go out there and register as many people to vote.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess Obama should give up because no one will vote for him. Whatever! Look is racism played such a big factor in this election he would not be even running as close as he is to McCain.

Of course, race is playing a slight factor in this election give the reason he is not blowing old man river McCain out of the water.But by Obama running this close to McCain it is a testament to how far we have come as a country. Hell, should McCain being doing at least 15% higher than Obama in polls after the man is a White American war hero for goodness sake. Yet, he is trailing behind a guy many in America believes is a Muslim terrorist who is black. Go figure!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

On a serious note, the GOP and those rich folks knows that McCain does not have the chance of a snowball in hell, and that is why they are doing everything they can to discourage people, cheat, lie, and hoping that it will give them an advantage. All they're really doing though is encouraging more people to come out for Obama in stronger numbers.

Have you noticed that Obama is 50% to McCain's 44% and MSM is still claiming that he has a slight edge, but when McCain had the same advantage they were claiming that he had practically wiped Obama out. Listen to the wording the commentators use, they're downplaying Obama's advantage every step of the way. That's why I like Olbermann, Maddow, and Huffingtonpost, because they're not playing that race game the other commentators on MSM is playing.

I can't stand that Candy Crowley on CNN, she is another that words it to look like Obama is failing. The thing is that their all lying, and that words needs to get out among Obama supporters.

MSM and GOP folks really think that they are playing on folks intelligence, but in reality they are making folks upset enough to stop watching and listening to them period. Because they are damaging their reputation as reliable news sources. Think about it, no one hardly believes anything they say anymore. Who is going to pay them any attention if the mistrust of MSM continues to grow. Their jobs are on the line and their so busy being deceptive they don't recognize that fact. American people are not as stupid as they'd like to believe, even those that are uneducated have mother wit.

Anonymous said...

Well I've heard a few times amongst people who share a similar color to my skin which is euro-light (and that's all they share, btw) that Obama is the "wrong" color to vote for. So, I know what you're talking about. It's just a few, but yeah, it's real. All older people, if that's of interest and/or relevant. And honestly, I get the sense that it's people who are insulated and don't know. They are afraid. Dark skinned people get a bad rap in the media. Erm, if you didn't know that already.

Any which way, for the fun of it, get your running shoes on and have Mrs Field take pictures.

Mr. D. said...

couple thoughts on this one...

you can bet the actual results are worse. I mean people are going to self censor themselves when asked about race. So if 40 percent allegedly have negative views, then the real number is probably 60-80 percent.

However, a lot of people have a weird racism about them. Their black neighbor? He's great. But all those black folks in the city? Nothing but druggie criminals. That's the majority of racism in this country. I think people see Obama as their black neighbor.

That's why you saw such venom with the whole rev. wright thing. White america couldn't believe their black neighbor went to a church that sounded different than theirs and they were oh so scared. Most of that has faded, though. Most.

The other thing Obama has going for him is there is no way Republicans should win this thing. After how McCain and company ran this country the past 8 years, any white guy would cream McCain. So, that's a pretty big hole McCain has to climb out of and Obama might just be "white enough" to win.

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

Field, my estimable brother-

Fuck that shit.

Here in A-Merry-Ca (did I ever tell you I just love that monicker?) there's this little thing called the "electoral college."

As far as winning the Presidency is concerned, the popular vote don't mean shit.

It's all about the states, baby, and right now Barack's kicking ass.

Take a look at and don't let this booolshyt get to you.

Thanks for the trigger, though-- a few more rubles are going Barack's way from me and the Renkova.

And as far as The Salty One and his Republican backers, supporters and varioius minions are concerned, I have but three words:

Yob t'voyu mat!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I'm taking a break today from going out registering folks to vote and watching MSM. Granny is tired. I said to myself, that if I turn my television on today it will be to watch a movie, if I turn it on at all. Sometimes you have to step back and clear your head from all the dung people issue out in a day on MSM.

Most of the young people that I've came in contact with recently that have just reached the age to vote views on Palin are not great. Most of them see her as ruthless, and they feel like if she were to get in the White House, she would do something to make sure she is President. You'd be surprise the young folks see through her.

Anonymous said...

BTW the debates are coming, starting this Friday.
Just brought a new block of know as finger food for watching the spectacle.

The Mad Bomber said...

The only hope that Obama has to govern effectively, assuming he wins, is to hope that his "Obamaniacs" do NOT look beyond his race. Once they do, they will see just another politician - willing to say, act and do whatever is necessary to get elected.

And to the remaining Obamaniacs, I would also note: Your dreams and aspirations about what the first African-American President will do when he sits in the Oval Office are soon going to have a rude confrontation with reality. Mr. Obama is not thinking about you or your family, and certainly not about 'bringing us together'. He is thinking, simply, about sitting in the Oval Office, and, after that, about the lucrative lobbying career he will likely enjoy post-presidency, and about his ultimate destiny as a Trivial Pursuit answer.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

the public eye:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I guess McCain is just so overly concerned about us, huh? True enough, African American will be proud to see the first African America President in office, but we also understand that he running to be the President of ALL the people, and not just those WEALTHY PRIVILEGED folks. That is the way African Americans see it, we not looking for him to be a discriminating President like some of those in the past were. For instance, those good ole boys President Wilson, President Reagan, President Bush, and need I say more.

Further more, you don't know what Obama is going to do, until he gets in the White House. I believe he'll make a good President, because he has common sense, he's intelligent, and wise. Something those GOP presidents lacked.

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with that article. I think there are a lot of white people saying they are going to vote for Obama so that they don't look like a racist and then will vote for McCain because unless someone is following you into the polling booth, there's no way to check up on that, is there?

Not that I'm one of those people, mind you. I'm white and am voting for McCain because that's who I want as President. Trust me, there are a lot of posers out there who are really racist at their core.


Anonymous said...

I can say for sure that Obama is no Muslim. You Americans have an expression, "He talks the talk, but he does not walk the walk." He allows his wife to appear in public in front of other men without so much as a headscarf. He is 47 years old and has never made the Hajj, even though he could certainly afford to do so. He never shows up for Mosque Clean-Up day, and forget about asking his to teach Sunday School. He is what we call an "Eid al-Fitr" Muslim--he shows up for the feasting and the gift exchange, but disappears the rest of the year. And just last week I saw him pulling into the drive-in window of the Dunkin' Donuts in broad daylight, and here it is barely the second week of Ramadan. I tell you, he is no Muslim. If I were the imam, I would declare a fatwa on him and his whole family. In fact, I may petition my imam to issue the fatwa! They called me a heretic merely for writing a book about Muhammad (pbuh). What Obama does is 100 times worse! How does he get away with it?!

Anonymous said...


Read this:

field negro said...

"Field, seriously, STOP IT! We will know what the American voters will do on November 5th. Til then, keep your damn propoganda to yourself and get your butt ready to run!"

jody, I started to get ready,but then I thought about it, and realized where I live, and I said to myself: what the hell am I even training for?

"However, a lot of people have a weird racism about them. Their black neighbor? He's great. But all those black folks in the city? Nothing but druggie criminals. That's the majority of racism in this country. I think people see Obama as their black neighbor."

Paul, that's a GREAT point! But sadly for his O ness, the neighborhood isn't that big.

..public eye, I thought I was cynical. Geeez.

Anonymous said...

After this week's massive transfer of money out of taxpayers' pockets to the Wall Street Socialists, I am simply dumbfounded that anyone who's not making $5M/yr could still be thinking of voting for McPain. And it's not over yet. Next week we will find out what deals have been made for buying up the billions in junk mortgages.

As long as we're nationalizing the banking and mortgage industries, could we please have our single-payer health care system now too please? I understand that AIG, of which we are now the majority stockholder, is in the insurance biz, among other things.

Jody said...

Janet, you say you are voting for McCain... that is who you prefer. Would you please indulge us and tell us why?

MartiniCocoa said...

ron fournier of the AP is in the tank for mccain ...he's got to justify his love of Senator Depends.

if mccain and Ms. I can see Russia from my house Palin get elected after this week,

maybe Russian and China taking us over isn't such a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

we are both carbon-based life-forms and we both like burning spear. but your blog name is much funnier. i'm not sure what you're talking about though. i blame myself.

rainywalker said...

Stanford can kiss the big one. These poles are going to mean nothing come election day. We need to keep talking to people and getting out the vote.

Anonymous said...

So---there's racism in the U.S. What's new? I live in Ohio and that's like saying Saturday falls on a weekend.

Anyway--- anything Ron Fournier has a byline near is putrid, probably slanted, and disgusting . . . .

Now Field--do you really think John McCain's old ass can jig?

David Sullivan said...

I told you a few weeks ago that even in democratic, liberal, bluest of blue states here in Mass. that I have heard white democrats who I know are third and fourth generation democrats not voting for "O" because he is black, straight up.

In spite of that, I think that Barack will win handily due to the electoral college, but it may be a case of him losing the popular vote ala Bush 2000.

The talking heads keep questioning "with the republicans mismanagement of everything since 2000 why is Barack not trouncing McCain?" None of them will say "'cause he's black", but thats what it is. No doubt about it.

vanishing point said...

"In a country of 217.8 million eligible voters, I am not going to accept the polls of 2,227 voters as the gospel of how this election will turn out." Jody, I agree here, the poll isn't much more reliable than anecdotal evidence.
I took a look at some of the electoral voting maps on-line, depending on which site you visit, the answer comes up different, but there are some small states that clearly favor McCain& Unable, I think it's going to be close.
I do think there are Repub's who really wouldn't vote for a Dem, just as I believe that there are Independents( thinks Lou Slobbs) who would never vote for anybody unless they are white.

Anonymous said...


I just came back from registering people, and will be making phone calls tomorrow. A friend and mine registered about 20 people in a couple of hours today. One guy thought he couldn't registered because he had a record. He didn't know that once he served his time and no longer on paroled, he could vote again. There was another guy who registered for the first time at the age of 60. I have to do my part that people register to vote and make sure that Field stays in shape to make his full monty appearance, lol. Hey it could be his second job as well with the state of the economy.

Ann Brock said...

Field keep working out! The young people are going to surprise every body. Because, they are the segment of voters that the pundits has written off as most likely won't come out an vote.

Anonymous said...

Polls ARE bias and this information is nothing new.

Unknown said...

After I read the article and reviewed the poll ... I realized that this poll is deeper than the impact on Obama's chances. This poll said alot about how white folks see all Black folks ... even those of us not running for POTUS.

40% of the white folks that I pass in the streets have a negative view of me before we say a word to each other. That is some deep ish...

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Field, you better start mixing in wind sprints into your workouts. I hear Philly gets pretty chilly in early November. :)

BTW, I don't know if you do web log awards but I was thinking about you and what you do for all of us.

Anonymous said...’s-ron-fournier-racial-arsonist-and-unethical-journalist

Ron Fournier is a racial arsonist. The artcile is a distraction from the economy. Please don't provide any more gasoline to these pigs. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I hate to reference another poll, however, I got a call from one today and answered all their questions truthfully. They did not mention race but did ask if I'm "enthusiastically" voting for my candidate or am I voting against the other candidate. Hmmmm....

Here's the link to said poll:

If that link doesn't work just do a seach for Rasmussen Political polls, interesting reading.

BTW, I'm almost Obamaholic and have been signing up new voters for the County Clerks office here in Hawaii.
Aloha from

Anonymous said...

Even if his O ness doesn't make it, which I think is highly likely, he has accomplished alot more by this election for blacks than he would in the White house.
And the age old question has been settled, RACISM is alive and going no where. And we now know exactly where it lurks and how it hides itself. To me that is a huge accomplishment. The sooner blacks accept the reality the better for them.

Kellybelle said...

Went canvassing today. Going next week. Keep working out Field.

ac said...

Field - keep training baby, keep training. What that poll really showed was Obama was pushing ahead.

The AP article has a hater spin on it because Fournier is still bitter about not getting on McCain's campaign team. Apparently that's where he really wants to be. Watch very closely anything put out by the AP because Fournier's all about doing a hit job on the O man. Others provided the link above but here is the jjp write up of it with embedded links back to Giordano's debunking article.

Bob said...

True poll & yet a crazy poll. What if those questions were asked about Catholics, high school freshmen, people who like cooked carrots, harmonica players, bus drivers, night shift diner waitresses, Samoan sumo wrestlers, next door neighbors. When Americans are polled on congress, congress gets super low approval ratings, but when people are polled on their own representive, he or she usually gets a positive rating.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"One guy thought he couldn't registered because he had a record. He didn't know that once he served his time and no longer on paroled, he could vote again. There was another guy who registered for the first time at the age of 60."

I've came across a few identical situations where people who had prior records, served their time, and are no longer on parole who didn't know that they could vote. My baby brother is just like that man 60 years old that is registering for the first time.

He is 58 years old and recently retired from his job. My brother never trusted politicians and wasn't into politics. If anyone mentioned politics around him, he would tell folks in a minute I don't want to hear that, and make a quick exit.

However, the day of the DNC, he came to visit me, and he listened to Obama's speech. My brother didn't say anything that night, he just got up and left. The next day he came back and told me to give him a registration form, and he filled it out. He said it was something about Obama that was different that made him think. Obama made an impression on him and believe me that is hard to do as far as my brother is concerned when it comes to politicians. His past opinion was always, the Lord giveth and the government take it away.

Black Diaspora said...

The Public Eye said... "I would also note: Your dreams and aspirations about what the first African-American President will do when he sits in the Oval Office are soon going to have a rude confrontation with reality. Mr. Obama is not thinking about you or your family...."

Hey, Public Eye, you got the wrong handle. The All Seeing Eye would be a better description of what you do.

Black Diaspora said...

@anon: "I think there are a lot of white people saying they are going to vote for Obama so that they don't look like a racist...."

Hey, a lot of white folks also said that they were gonna vote for Obama, and millions actually did.

Let me update you a bit: Obama is the presidential nominee of the Democratic party, beating out a field of mostly white candidates, and a white woman to boot.

Now, it wasn't just our black votes, despite the large percentage of blacks voting for him, that made the difference.

It was a whole lot of white votes, Mexican American votes, Native Americans votes, and other ethnic groups votes that has brought him and us to this historic moment.

Yeah, racism and race is a factor, but that factor did not favor those whites running against Obama, or we wouldn't be here talking about it now.

Black Diaspora said...

Salman Rushdie said... "What Obama does is 100 times worse! How does he get away with it?!"

Salman, I loved it.

Black Diaspora said...

Grata said..."The sooner blacks accept the reality [racism exists] the better for them."

Grata, I know you mean well, so I'm gonna temper my remarks with that in mind.

I know that racism exists: I've seen the ugly end of it most of my life. And, it was up close and personal.

But, if you're suggesting that because racism exists, that we should some how find a kind of solace in that fact, and accept that we can't win, or that we shouldn't even try, or that it's hopeless--then, count me out.

That's not "better" for me!

Obama was aware of the racial divide in this country before he ran for his party's nomination, yet, he still opted to reach for the brass ring we call the oval office.

And I'm thrilled that he had the "audacity of hope" to do so.

Don't ever admit defeat (regardless of the odds), without first putting forth your best effort to succeed.

And never say that it's "better for them," not to have hoped, and not to have tried.

For my part, I'm gonna fight and hope until the day I die. I will never accept the belief that racism can rob me of my dreams.

Dr. King did not accept it, and I urge you to keep the dream alive.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you didn't read the whole article, Field.
And many whites who see blacks in a negative light are still willing or even eager to vote for Obama.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have won Iowa, Alaska, and so forth in the primaries. That's right, he won Alaska. How many bruddas are in Iowa and Alaska?

But I know you're gonna vote for McCain. Go ahead, but we also know you're not actually gonna run naked in the streetz when Obama wins. No one in violent ass Philly wants to see your naked fat ass running up and down the block. So you'll get put down like 'Ole Yeller as soon as you touch the sidewalk and we'll have to update your Killadelphia toolbar.

Wait till the debates, Field. Or should I start calling you "House"?

PS: Condi Rice went to Stanford as well. And Thomas Sowell works there. That should tell you all you need to know right there.

Anonymous said...

On average, what was the age group polled? Rural or urban or suburban? Employed? Education? Gender? Income?

Sigh. Ron Fournier is the AP chief and can I just say ... he can suck a bag of cocks.

Last of all, Stanford? You mean that great liberal bastion of education? The very same one that is home to the Hoover Institution?

Know your enemies but know your "friends" too.

Somewhere, sometime, I wish Fournier a big, fat case of asscrabs.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I think that Fournier is trying to set the table to explain stolen election results - using the "Bradley effect" as an excuse. Even as a legitimate factor it doesn't add up to a McCain win.

Republicans would like nothing better than to see an argument about race go on should they manage to manipulate the numbers enough to win - in both legal and illegal ways - than to actually look hard at what the real numbers mean.

msladyDeborah said...

I am not surprised that there are folks who are not going to vote for a black man for president. This isn't news. It is what it is...

I am a supporter of Obama but I am a native born black woman. Race does matter and if you have a problem in this area.

So this is nothing new...just another rehash of the same old story.

field negro said...

"No one in violent ass Philly wants to see your naked fat ass running up and down the block. So you'll get put down like 'Ole Yeller as soon as you touch the sidewalk and we'll have to update your Killadelphia toolbar."

Did you say "fat ass"? Stop projecting on me agent X, that would NOT be the kid. Still, you are making me actually want to make that run now, just to shut up the haters.:)

BTW, Center City is as safe as it gets in Killadelphia,-- it's a WSZ-- But I could make that run down Broad & Erie too, and still have no fear. Come on man, this is my city.

lolo, ac, and company.. You guys have got to sop shooting these messengers. I know Fournier is no fan of his O ness, but he couldn't just make s**t up, and lie about the facts. And the folks at Stanford can't do that either, even if is is the home of Shelby and the folks at the Hoover.

Stop hating on polls, they are within 2% points every year of being correct. How do you explain that? I know I can't; it must be a science. And I am like most of you, I have never been called by one of these clowns.

scrapple, I loved that "Chocolate Rain", thanks for the education.

r.j., I peeped that shout out over at your blog. Thanks fam! That was nice of you.

david, thank you for bringing your perspective, and telling the folks here in the fields what some folks (even in blue blue Mass)think of their black asses.

"Don't ever admit defeat (regardless of the odds), without first putting forth your best effort to succeed.

And never say that it's "better for them," not to have hoped, and not to have tried.

For my part, I'm gonna fight and hope until the day I die. I will never accept the belief that racism can rob me of my dreams.

Dr. King did not accept it, and I urge you to keep the dream alive."

Damn it black diaspora, you are going to make bme feel guilty for being such a cynic.....naw, I take that back,won't happen. Look,I will work like hell right along with you to change things, but don't expect me to be surprised at all the resistance we are going to get along the way, that's all.

arkhamite, if you are feeling "Burning Spear" we are a lot closer than you think. But you have got to educate yourself on my blog name. And don't blame yourself, quite a few folks in A-merry-ca are clueless when it comes to that moniker.

Jody said...

My lord, I do have great affection for The Field, but that was laugh outloud funny!

Field, See what happens when you suggest We need a labotomy?

Anonymous said...

Thank you FN for this blog/forum; thank you connecticutman1 for the tip on the Fournier/AP article.
In spite of poll numbers, y'all, we A-merry-cans; we inhabitants in the 'belly of the beast' have arrived at only one (of many) destinations/"mountaintops" - we are on the edge of a tectonic/paradigm racial-cultural-political shift. Post-Obama/McCain A-merry-ca will never be the same. This future belongs, rightfully so, to the children and grandchildren of the "baby boomers" (that huge demographic bubble from which poll numbers are derived). I am saddened that my generation is leaving such an economic disaster/legacy in its wake.
We, all of us, are going to have to bite some hard bullets (very real increases in taxes - the death of Social Security, notwithstanding);and make some bitter choices and sacrifices (serious reductions in consumption).
Angels ain't gonna rescue us from us.
And, black people, when are we gonna wake up, make a lie out of willy lynch. You ain't tired of carrying this yoke/monkey of cultural/identity politics? The rest of the world is watching!
Thank you.
ps. FN: do I understand that you are voting for mccain?!! Tsk, I live and learn.


Anonymous said...

Err. How did some new polling results become news to black folks? We've been knowing this for forever. Or maybe that article was meant for mainstream consumption. Whatever.

field negro said...

No Flash, if that is your understanding it is an incorrect one. I think my Broad Street run is safe because I don'think his O ness will win, but it doesn't mean I am not voting for him. :)

And yes jody, for your own good, I have to be tough on you Obamaholics at times; in spite of the jokes that might follow :)

NSangoma said...

... The article quotes sources (black talk show hosts, NAACP officials) who suggest that blacks will be disappointed, even despondent, if Barack Obama fails to win the presidential election – since "there is so much about this campaign that people are taking very personally." Here is Gordon's lament:

If he loses, it will shake the very ground that we stand on mentally as far as what we need to be to succeed. From day one, we've been told to be a certain way, to be neat, intellectual, speak clearly. He is the symbol of what we were told to be by our parents and by society as a whole. If this doesn't work, what does that do to our psyche? What do I tell my sons?

In other words, "Big Daddy White Man promised that if I were good, he would give me the appropriate rewards." Rewards that, apparently, include the Presidency of the United States. Good grief!...

yallz cryin-nin alrea-di-dy

Where's Billary when we need her, oh that's right, yall rejected her.

Gryphen said...

Well yeah I wouldn't like black people either if all I knew about them is what I see on the HBO series "OZ", or FOX's reality show "COPS".

But we are not talking about black "people", we are talking about a "person" who just happens to be black.

We white folk totally understand that it is not Obama's fault that a he is black. I mean if he had set out to become black that would be one thing, but it just HAPPENED to him.

White people can absolutely find it in their hearts to forgive Barack for being black, just so long as he doesn't do anything that reminds us he is black.

You know like have a rapper write a popular song about him or argue with an old white guy or.....uh oh!

Anonymous said...

Took a look at the poll an its methodology, and on the surface, it seems very valid, but not necessarily reliable. IOW, did they measure accurately how the 2,000+ people they surveyed felt? Yes. However, can they reach the conclusion that the AP article cited. Not quite.

The poll does a good job of exposing people's racial biases, and does a good job of showing people's political leanings, but does not prove the causality between the two (iow, does having racial biases affect how you vote in the presidential election). One question that addresses this directly, question CQ11, has 82% of those polled (and 84% of whites) of whites saying that Obama being the first black president does not affect their vote either way. I would assume that the level of truth would be relatively high, since these folks have been polled consistently since last November (trust level with polls usually goes up over time).

It's interesting to note that about 14% of those polled are not registered and are unlikely to vote. Also, I can't seem to find Stanford's own write-up of the study, which would explain the strengths and weaknesses of their study (only articles touting their methodology, which probably means they are trying to sell it).

Sorry field, though the poll tells us that people have prejudices (duh!), it's a far cry from determining that these same people will not vote for the black guy because of them--especially in light of the financial woes that occurred after this poll was conducted. Not an obamaholic, but don't give up your gym membership!

Black Diaspora said...

@NSangoma, quoting Gordon: "If he [Obama] loses, it will shake the very ground that we stand on mentally as far as what we need to be to succeed."

Hell, what makes Gordon think that blacks will lose if Obama loses.

I don't measure black success by using some white measuring stick.

If Obama loses, America loses. Obama is a measuring stick for whites, not blacks.

I've said this before: We, as blacks, should define for ourselves what success means to us.

Why in the hell would I use another's definition of success to define my own?

My mental ground will not shake, because, whether Obama succeeds in capturing the White House or not, the ground underneath my feet will be as solid as before.

Nothing will stop me from defining my own success, and knocking over any barriers that may stand in the way of that success.

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were fighters who didn't wait around for the white man to "reward" them by doing, and being, what they believed white's expected of them.

They took what they wanted, not by force, but by a determined will that brought people over to their side, more than willing to aligned themselves with their cause.

Obama, too, has shown that it can done, whether he makes it all the way or not.

I would ask blacks to do one thing: Stop waiting for whites to "reward" you for being good niggas.

You'll have snow ball fights in hell before that happens.

Black Diaspora said...


Satirically funny as hell. That was satire, wasn't it?

Christopher said...

Folks, Obama is going to win.

The longer the American voter gets a whiff of the Old Coot and McCandy, the choice becomes clear.

Even white voters who don't necessarily trust Obama, when confronted with the reality of the GOP freakshow, realize Obama is the superior candidate to lead this nation out of the carnage left behind from 8 years of Bush/Cheney.

Black Diaspora said...

Christopher said..."Folks, Obama is going to win."

Right on!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen Christopher and black diaspora! I totally agree with both of you. black diaspora, Granny's sentiments exactly! I keep telling folks don't let anyone define you. You are who you are, and everyone has differences in opinion, thinking patterns, etc., and sometimes we agree or disagree. Nevertheless, I'll say this once again, DON'T let anyone DEFINE you ever.

RedLipstick said...

Look FN I supported O from day one and I feel like Chris that he's going to win for no other reason than the we are up shyt creek right now because of the Repubs.

As rational folks we already know that some people won't vote for O because he's black--hell I heard several say just that on NPR during the primaries. And likewise there will be some folks voting for him because he is black. At the end of the day I think that enough folks of all colors will get behind him.

Now could you talk about the latest RNC fraud going on down in guess where????---Florida!

These people are really on my last nerves!

Gryphen said...

Of course that was satire.

I could never be a troll.

They type with your foreheads.

Anonymous said...

Chris is right!
Field , See you on Broad Street.

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