Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I am sorry

beauty queen, but I am on that ass again. (Not literally of course; not my flavor) Still, I am going to take back all I said about you being naive and inexperienced. Seems you know the political game quite well.

For example; when you were mayor of your football team sized town, you hired a lobbyist with ties to that crook, Ted Stevens, to get ear marked pork for your town. And apparently you did quite well. Almost twelve million dollars? Wow! Including a one million dollar communications center which local law enforcement people said wasn't even necessary.

Then when you stood beside Mr. Morton you lied about backing the bridge to nowhere. You did support it when you ran for Governor in 2006, but switched your position when it became unpopular. Talk about flip flop. And you pushed for pork for your state too. One hundred and ninety seven million dollars worth. Including two million dollars for crab productivity. Now I love crabs, but......

The irony is that your running mate questioned some of your earmarks for your town and considered the spending "objectionable". Isn't life funny beauty queen? Seems like what goes around comes around doesn't it? Folks, I am not kidding about all of this. [Thanks Dan for sending me this link. ]

Now, finally, you have come out from hiding, and here you are on the eve of your big speech. You are running as the ultimate Washington outsider and the mom next door. You are soaking up all the red state love from your adoring fans. You are their Joan of Arc, their Annie Oakley,and their Belle Starr all rolled into one. You have come to rally the base, and to get the folks excited again. Well, to that end, I think picking you might have worked. I haven't seen the base this excited since they found out about a certain chubby interns stained dress.

But hey, at least you are ethical right? I mean you did take on your state party machine right? Not! If you took them on why did you stay silent and watch the GOP chairman and state party boss get re-elected at the state party convention in 2004? And why are you under investigation for violating the "Executive Ethics Act" right now? We all know the story by now: seems you didn't like how your ex brother in law treated your sister, so you wanted to make sure he hit the unemployment line. Wow, talk about "Hatfields and McCoys". I never want to cross you beauty queen. You play hardball.

And to be fair, the guy very well might have been a scumbag, but isn't there ways to handle scumbags without having your sister, the Governor, circumvent whatever law is in place to deal with such things?

But you gotta love it. I even hear that you wanted the corrupt governor of Alaska investigated....wait you were the governor of Alaska.....sooooo you wanted to investigate yourself? Yes, apparently you did. I swear, something about you isn't right.

Anyhooo, I am going to get some popcorn, get ready for the big speech, and play count the Negroes in the crowd. (I think I got three last night. Not including the band and the staff of course) It should be fun.


Ray Bridges said...

I was perusing some Alaskan blogs when I came across a comment by the guy she beat the first time she ran for mayor of Wasilla. They (obstensibly) were both Republicans, Alaskan, and neighbors. Palin made an issue about the guy's wife being a pro-abortionist AND a registered Democrat. She knows her sleaze and she's not afraid to use it.


Anonymous said...

I can't watch it. My blood pressure is already at the danger level and my bull shit monitor is off the charts.

My wife, a glutton for punishment, is watching in the other room, along with our three republican cats--how can cats be so stupid?

I have my door closed. Someone wake me when it's over.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I'm half-listening to this boring azzed convention and waiting for the new queen in this reality show to continue.

Today I did a post, The Palin Circus Continues. Come check it out if you get a chance. Her husband has been a member of a fringe group that wants Alaska to become it's own country. She gave them a cheerful speech, too, back in the spring. And she has "pastor problems" serious enough that AIPAC blinked.

I swear this entire election has been better than great movie.

Anonymous said...

I think this will play well:

And since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves. I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities

But here's a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion - I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this country

Our opponents say, again and again, that drilling will not solve all of America’s energy problems - as if we all didn’t know that already. But the fact that drilling won’t solve every problem is no excuse to do nothing at all. Starting in January, in a McCain-Palin administration, we’re going to lay more more nuclear plants...create jobs with clean coal...and move forward on solar, wind, geothermal, and other alternative sources. We need American energy resources, brought to you by American ingenuity, and produced by American workers


classysbf said...

I'm with gwpriester;wake me when this is ALL over.
Actually,wake me up around October 25,when I'll send in my absentee ballot for OBAMA-BIDEN.

T. R Xands said...

I know I probably missed the fun already (that and I don't have a TV) but can I just say...this whole election has been a wreck and half with some laughs thrown in, especially this mess with Palin. I can hardly stand it anymore.

...And now I'm best get back to my far, faaaar corner of the field.

Anonymous said...

Field, you said it all when you said something isn't right with her.

Kellybelle said...

I can't watch it. They've had her hidden away, polishing her and filling her head with the party line. She need to be at home raising them five bad-ass kids of hers. Allegedly.

Anonymous said...

Peeps, it get much, much better. CHECK THIS OUT!

Anonymous said...

Two GOP pundit caught on tape: "Palin is political bull shit, it over". Strangely the MSM have yet to broach this juicy

Anonymous said...

We should all watch this as this woman may be your VP in about 60 days...never underestimate the underdog when it comes to American politics...especially with her made-for-TV story...Karl Rove is the smartest operator in American politics like him or not and if he can deliver Bush to two terms he can spin the woman's story into one that will resonate with with the blue collars... this will all come down to the battleground state of OH---with many many families who can relate to the hockey mom...

Field, eat all of the cheesesteaks you want, there will be no streak down B Steet.

Hitman 2 Victor

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media has decided to be completely complicit in this facade as much as they can be without being too obvious. They spent every day in Denver searching for any sign of rebellion and mad protesting from Hillary supporters...which turned out to be much ado about nothing...there was nary a dissent when Hillary put Barack's name in nomination, not nary a ONE. That one foolish black woman that NO ONE CAN FIND now, was the lone idiot that night.....yet in Minneapolis last night, across town from the GOP wake, at the Target Center, 11,000 people, packed house, all disgruntled republicans who are still supporting Ron Paul, turned out to hear him SPEAK.....11,000 people....11,000 DAMN PEOPLE, and I have not seen one reporter speaking to ANY OF THEM YET.

rainywalker said...

The media is destroying itself over this woman and trying to blaim it all on us. Karl Rollover is behind this and he's one of McCain's main people. Then he shows up on FAX and lies his but off. Watch out for this woman, she knows exactly what she is doing.

Anonymous said...

"That one foolish black woman that NO ONE CAN FIND now, was the lone idiot that night....."

Chin check--so she is an idiot for passionately supporting a candidate not solely based on the color of said candidate's skin color? Is that your beef? You are pathetic. If you are black you must support the black (mixed race) candidate? WTF? We are not all sheep following the Chicago Dem machine candidate.

Anonymous said...

It's because the msm is complicite in this farce of an election. We all know that there's a double standard in this country and it's playing out before the whole world. So even if McCain does win he won't be respected...he'll just be the next fool to occupy the outhouse.

However that doesn't mean we shouldn't shine a light on this bullshit. But the way to fight this battle is not by getting in the dirt with these hypocrites. But to put out the facts on Palin and letting the shit fall where it falls.

Christopher said...


I have so much damning shit up on my blog about McCandy -- stuff the MSM should've unearthed but didn't.

No wonder the Old Coot's campaign is livid with the bloggers. If he's elected, I fully expect some sort of payback in the form of regulating Free Speech in the blogoshere.

McCandy will have his back. After all, this silly heffa tried to ban books in Wasilla, Alaska and when the librarian refused, she tried to fire the librarian.

We're on the brink of very disturbing times. If the Old Coot is elected, I truly fear for what's left of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

All the more reason Barack Obama MUST be elected in November.

Anonymous said...

This [R]epublican covention is nothing more than a gathering of pigs, and we all know what pigs their own shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Only watched maybe 10 mins of Palin's speech, saw two negroes in that time span.


Anonymous said...

Another one of her daughters got knocked up during the course of the speech. Whole family needs norplant.

Susan Gray said...

Field, that poor kid who got little Bristol pregnant. They panned him and Bristol, who looks more like she is 7 months pregant, before the beauty queen came out. I actually do feel sorry for him. His 15 minutes of fame are probably pure hell for him.

Anonymous said...

I chose not to watch after the comment on Monday about the "Godless democrats". I'm still furious!

I remember commenting to my husband last year about how boring the long election season was going to be. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I used to like McCain until he started pandering to the right-wing fundamentalist crew. And at this point, I would vote for ANYONE before Palin.

Anonymous said...

I thought she did a very nice job especially the mayor/community organizer line..You obamaholics, are in for a real fight..GAME ON!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. This speech was a combination of pass the baby and spot the negro. I am now officially nauseous. I'm not sure what was worst, that or all the blatant lies.

Glad you caught Palin trying to appoint an advisory board of three people (that she appointed) in order to stop the ongoing bipartisan investigation.

This woman is dangerous.

Jody said...

Well I listened to her.... I still don't know where she stands on any of the issues. I just know she thinks Mr. Morton is the shit..... And, I don't think she "wowed" anyone other than the people in the room.

MartiniCocoa said...

Field ...

your movie of the day is so on the movie...i can't stop laughing.

And keep taping that Palin ass (in your way)

She makes the Spears family look like Vanderbilts.

After watching her lying, pandering speech....
I'm so over her....who is going to tell this backwoods hockey mom to back the f**k up?

field negro said...

Yes, I think I have that You Tube of Peggy Noon (former Reagan speech writer) trashing the BQ. I never ever ever do You Tube, but I think I will post this one :)
I tried to watch the BQ ( I caught bits and pieces) but Venus and Serena were going at it on USA Netowrk. I caught a little of Rudy trashing the "O" man too. He really got those good ole boyz fired up, didn't he?

But I am feeling all of you who said that the MSM is on the hook for these clowns. It's unbelievable!

kit, and Chris, I will be sure to go lurking on your sites. I kow Chris has some dirt on the BQ. And yes I heard about the library story too.

LR, I actually counted three Negroes.

field negro said...

anon. 11:19PM, I honestly don't think the Obamaholics are shaking in their boots at the BQ, do you?

i am not star....I will tell her. Every chance I get :)

Okay, that family needs norplant line was cold. Damn you FN's are some harsh folks. But they asked for it.

Husband 0 said...

LOL! Oh, Goddess has truly smiled on all women kind tonight! My cats and I are reeling and dancing happily to Fleetwood Mac as we know who the next victor to te Whitehouse!! Palin has painted little Baracky's wagon purple and we will never have to deal with that sexist empty suit who breaths and owns a pair of nuts ever again.
You may all respond in your hatred but you will never change my womanly mind! The Democratic Party has shot itself in the foot. It sees that the Republican Party has two fruit rollups, but then the Democratic Party wants two grape fruit rollups, and demands that they should have two fruit rollups, but gets pissed and start talking about "periodically speaking" and how black people eat Popeyes chicken...actually, I'm so elated, I don't want to talk about that misogynist fool, Obama. All I wann do is have Jesus wash my soul as white as snow in the glory of Palin! Palin! Palin!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cackle. It looks like that elitist snob, Barack is going to lose, lose, lose. Palin was every bit a great speaker as my beloved Hilary, and then some. I know I'll be voting for her. I bet all you Nobamots wished you never went after my sweet, smart, experienced sister of the Camilla, but hey, our loss will be the McCain's gain. Hear me ROAR like a P.U.M.A!!!

NoBama, Not Ever, Not Never, Ever!!!

Anonymous said...

I did not get what is so funny about a person being a community organizer. I guess a group of old white hicks and elite (and that one brother with the POW-MIA hat they kept panning over) would be out of touch at the importance of community organizers in large cities ravaged by industrial job losses and governments that are uncaring and unconcerned about the impact on it's citizens. I expect the lies from the rethulicans, their last leader was elected on a lie and went to war based on lies, but to say that they are "Country First" and in the same breath ridicule community organizers who work to organize Americans into programs to receive job training, retraining, education, housing etc. so that they can continue to be productive American citizens is some fucking bullshit(ok I went long enough with out swearing).

It was reported that Republican Tom Delay said that the Democrats are better organized than the Republicans, I wonder if Obama's laughable community organizing experience had anything to do with that.

Liz Dwyer said...

Their line about community organizers was so offensive. I'll let my people who work to shut down liquor stores and advocate for cleaner and safer communities know that the 80+ hours a week that they work for next to nothing doesn't mean a damn thing. Plus, Palin's insulting her own people, not just democrats. Doesn't she know that tons of pro-life people are community organizers? And most churches do some sort of community organizing.

Oh wait, the speech writers must not have put that in for her.

Anonymous said...

kkkarolynkb said...

Cackle. It looks like that elitist snob, Barack is going to lose, lose, lose. Palin was every bit a great speaker as my beloved Hilary, and then some. I know I'll be voting for her. I bet all you Nobamots wished you never went after my sweet, smart, experienced sister of the Camilla, but hey, our loss will be the McCain's gain. Hear me ROAR like a P.U.M.A!!!

NoBama, Not Ever, Not Never, Ever!!!

Your nuts! Enough said!

Donald said...
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Anonymous said...

Game On Palin! Most people have tried to refrain for speaking bad about her family. Even feeling sorry that her daughter's business was put out in front of the world. Tonight changed that! This woman is even nastier than Clinton. So Hillary I apologize for all the names I called you during the primary's. Now I see that you do have some decorum. This woman is a downright lying "B". Obama don't get dirty, we will do it for you.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Oh, Puleeeeese!

You GOP cheerleaders up in here praising her for her speech. A speech she had to be coached on, locked up in a room for a number of days and hours, that she didn't write, and memorized what to say. Mrs. Second Runner Up Congeniality doesn't even know what a VP does and that came out of her own mouth.

Hell, if they had me practicing a speech over and over that someone else wrote, I could memorize it too, and do the same thing. That is as simple as memorizing the ABC's. My three yr old granddaughter can do that. She didn't accomplish no great feat tonight, and she outright lied about a few things. You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig. But in her case a promiscuous slut. Oops!

On top of that, we know that you so-called Hillary supporters were never Hillary supoorters in the first place. You're nothing more than paid entertainment in my book, which is okay, we haven't any court jesters perform in ages.

BTW, when is the next time that Mrs Second Runner Up Congeniality gonna give another abstinence speech. I hope she makes sure that her daughters attend this time. Or at least point them in the direction of planned parenthood. They do pass out various birth control helpers such as condoms and pills for free.

Anonymous said...

@ ABM and Los Angelista, glad you caught that community organizer bullshit too. When I heard that knock several times, I was pissed. As one who has worked in the community most of my life (while currently getting a degree higher than that of the GOP VP nominee), I guess I should have known better and joined the military to "serve" our country instead. Apparently, that's the only service that counts.

As a side note, looks like the Troopers Union is suing Palin's sorry ass:

Anonymous said...

She's so full of mooseshit!!

Anonymous said...

anon- what is Palin's stand on the issues? war? economy? poor? oh they claim Obama is just a good speaker, now in the same breath your praising Palin's oracle style? damn, hypocrites! you are the same idiots that voted for Bush TWICE aren't you? elitist snob huh ?- a man that went to Harvard and actually studied the LAW yeah that's someone we don't want someone that actually studied Constitutional Law

Anonymous said...

So, heres what the republicans are offering speaker after another.

"Vote right, Vote white."

John McCain and company has spent a week blasting liberals, and firing on Barack. He hasn't said on thing about economics, or one thing about foriegn policy. This whole week has been devoid of issues and devoid of direction. Which way are they planning on taking the country...anybody know?

Anonymous said...

First of all, let me say I really enjoy reading your blog. It's been especially entertaining during the last few days with all the beauty queen's redneck family drama.

I watched the speech tonight and my first thought was that she was a lot better than what I expected and this woman might somehow fool a lot of America into thinking she actually has a brain. I try not to ever underestimate the stupidity of most Americans when it comes to voting in this country. However, she came across as a little petty and snarky at times -- something that will no doubt be revealed in more detail when she doesn't have the luxury of reading from a script that somebody else wrote for her. (Yes, the McCain people wrote it for her.)
But I think once Obama's campaign lets the rest of the country, who don't follow politics as much as we do, in on the fact that this woman is an extreme right-wing nut, Palin will be headed back to Alaska.


P.S. There clearly are some trolls on this site. As a white woman who didn't vote for Hillary, but knows many people who did, all I can say is that all the women I know who supported Clinton are determined more than ever to vote for Obama, and even donate, because they think Palin's views on abortion and birth control, combined with her lack of experience, are scary as hell.

Anonymous said...

Win Sarah wins your ass is toast,stupid.
You see world leaders see sex more than color The middle east think woman are nothing it wasn't until 400 years ago that race ment anything.

Iran:Nuke the whore and her country.
putin:Nuke the bitch and her country.

This bitch could very well be The Whore of babylon revelations.

Anonymous said...

she killed your boy tonight with the "zingers"---at the end of the day nobody cares about the state trooper crap--ask Mr. Whitewater, former gov of the state of Arkansas...

the Obama campaign is on its heels and Barack will even be on the Bill O Show as a desperate move to counter the MSM shift to Palin!

The future of the GOP is with Palin and also Jindal---but for Gustav, Jindal would have given a speach that sets him up for at run at POTUS in eight years

we should have more people of color in the GOP, yet all we do is complain that the party does not understand us or care about us...

on a less serious tip, the "White Gold is WhiteGold" commercial for Got Milk is the funniest thing I have seen on TV in years...wait until you see it.

I love my liberal bros and sisters!

Hitman 2 Victor

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Slate Magazine Video has an interesting photo essay on Wasilla.

Check it out. Low key, but you can tell the author wasn't impressed with the town, or the former executives experience...

Hugh O'Donnell said...

'scuse me..."executive's."

Anonymous said...

"Win Sarah wins your ass is toast,stupid.
You see world leaders see sex more than color The middle east think woman are nothing it wasn't until 400 years ago that race ment anything."

Ever heard of Margret Thatcher? Guess not. See had a bigger pair than you, obviously.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 12:40 AM:

Amen, amen, and amen again Sheila. The McCain folks think that women are brainless, but that let's us know he doesn't know nothing about women, except sleeping with them.

Thank you for making this comment right here "she came across as a little petty and snarky at times" because I've been thinking the same thing every since I heard her speak the first time. However, I'd like to add sneaky, conniving, and manipulative to that observation.

Anonymous said...

"However, I'd like to add sneaky, conniving, and manipulative to that observation."

Keep it real---Biden and Hillary said things much worse about your boy.

I cant wait until Biden calls her "sweetie" during the VP debates...

Jibreel Riley said...

You Liberals Got Tweeked Tonight Hard, very hard. Sarah P is cold and calculating and will take out Joe Biden mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin killed herself. She wont get the woman vote that is for sure after this crap.

She came off as a angry bitch no charm whatsoever.

Keep calling this whore hot that will help her.

Anonymous said...

Margret Thatcher...she wasn't a angry bitch.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Donald said...

"Jibreel Riley said...
You Liberals Got Tweeked Tonight Hard, very hard. Sarah P is cold and calculating and will take out Joe Biden mark my words."

So when are the debates....everyone can win a one sided argument!

Anonymous said...

"charm?" Huh? This is chess not checkers--did you watch the speech--she basically referred to herself as a pitbull w/makeup...

see will get the rural, soccer/hockey mom vote, the over 45's in FL, OH, WV and PA...that is why she is here.

Anonymous said...

From Fact

There are 36 black delegates to the 2008 Republican National Convention, the lowest total in 40 years. The black delegates make up 1.5percent of the total delegates, compared with a record-setting 6.7 percent in 2004.

Anonymous said...

But you see, now they get to brag about how diverse they are because they have a woman on the ticket. And not just any woman. For crissakes she's head of the Alaskan National Guard and her state's close to Russia!

Anonymous said...

Does Sarah Miss little christan know that every lie she uttered she must account for come Judgment Day.

Rudy is going to burn in hell.

The devil is the prince of this world.

Swiff said...

Speech was ass.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I just got a little bit of the some of the commentators on CNN, and you know Wasselman brought up a good point and that is McCain doesn't have any Executive experience either.

EzMun said...

Look, let me say first off all in the Fields that I have been on record (on EURweb primarily) saying that the achilles heal of the Obama strategists is that they don't mount a constant and assertive offense. They, like many Democrats before them, seem to lack the will to mount an offensive campaign... and when given a 'gift' of someone like Sarah Palin, mount a deliberate campaign directly and through surrogates define their opponent before their opponent defines herself.

The Palin woman was effective tonight, whether you or I liked it or not. Period. WE, educated voters, know a lot of dirt on the Beauty Queen. But many people do not. Much of it is enough to sink the ship if ADVANCED against the opposition ... let's see, there's the ongoing criminal investigation, the apparent lies about the Down's Syndrome kid, the pregnant teen, said teen's wild parties caught on camera and all over the damn web, the flip flop on the bridge to nowhere, the debt to the town of 8,000 people, etc. All of this stuff, if used, starts to put the opponent on their heals in a defensive mode rather than getting a free pass to come out on stage when a lot of folks are listening/watching and setting the agenda.

Obama's strategy people just made the mistake that every unsuccessful trial lawyer makes at the outset of the case.... they fail to predefine the opponent. Obama and company had an entire weekend and change to predefine this woman with a barrage of assertive attacks that if done tastefully, could have demoralized their opponent. They didn't.

I 'get' the whole gentlemanly way. Frankly, as someone whose mixed it up a time or two in our nation's finest justice system, the gentleman's touch doesn't work with Republicans. You have got to get after them. Case in point, the question and answer by CNN's Campbell Brown's to McCain adviser Tucker Bounds.

I agree with most everyone else about what they observed. But, I disagree about it's effectiveness. I thought that as an intro piece that awakened a certain group her speech along with its delivery was spot on. And despite the fact that this was a prepared speech, the average "pay little attention" American voter heard a stinging barrage against the O man, with his strategists and surrogates barely making a wimper.

And virtually all of her thunder could have been muted or neutered by a frontal attack on the Beauty Queen and company. If the O man is going to win this thing, he and his people are going to have to start making an assertive case BEFORE people get up and start defining them.

The Beauty Queen's speech was big on insults, but short of solutions. BUT 'perception' is BIG in politics... BIG.

Anonymous said...

Sarah the Satan Slayer's well written speech was spoken very convincingly. She has earned her supper. It doesn't appeal to real Democrats but may invigorate some of the Rethug base. The corporate media is going to salivate over her and give her all the rope she needs to hang herself with. The mistake would be in thinking people will critical thinkers or check voting records to notice that half of the speech was about bashing Obama and the other half was all lies. She voted against programs for special needs kids and pregnant homeless teens. How nice. But I am concerned because there's so many stupid people in this country who vote with cotton balls between their brains year after year after year. Nobody wants oldy McFarty but Alaskan Barbie looks non-threatening and talks well. She is the Trojan horse to be certain but again, people are STUPID and do STUPID THINGS. Where's Hillary? Obama's gonna need her. Of course she's probably got the phone turned off and cackles with glee as she preps her 2012 run.

Anonymous said...

Exum, I couldn't agree with you more. I think the average uninformed voter is going to buy into the bullshit about this woman actually being a reformer and someone supremely capable of being the commander in chief unless Obama starts defining her. Obama runs the risk of looking sexist if he challenges her on her foreign policy experience. As a woman, I find it offensive that he can't, but he has to be careful in that department. But what he should be doing is barraging the TV and radio with ads about just how extreme these two folks are. There are actually a lot of dumbasses who think McCain is pro-choice. Obama needs to let the world know that Palin doesn't even believe in birth control.
And I love his new adds where he's being using McCain's own words against him. Obama's running an abortion ad right now where there's a snip of McCain telling Tim Russert that he supports a constitutional ban on abortion.

EzMun said...


I'm glad that I wasn't the only one. I'm all for towing the party line, but I know too many uninformed and underinformed voters. And stuff like Palin sold tonight was the stuff that they are influenced by.

Anonymous said...

But let's remember: A lot of the same people who were listening tonight have been paying close attention to her tawdry family drama for the last few days. I never thought I'd say this, but thank God for the National Enquirer. According to the tabloid's Web site, some of its reporters got wind that Bristol was knocked up and the paper was going to report it. That was actually what forced Palin to come clean. According to the Enquirer, she was planning on keeping this all hush hush and then letting people know after the convention. I don't know that I fully trust that rag, but the story makes more sense than her coming out because of what was said on some left-wing blogs. They just wanted to get a dig in at Obama when they blamed the bloggers while making the announcement about the pregnant daughter.

At any rate ... I would much rather see Obama define these people on the real issues. But I'm at least glad that the Enquirer helped do his job for him; otherwise, I think she'd be in a stronger position after that speech tonight.


Jonne Austin said...

WHoever said she could be the whore of Babylon is rign on point.

I didn't watch the speech because nothing that jackass has to say would ever impress me.

It amazes me how many white women feel this woman represents them. So they're basically saying that a lying, thieving, ignoramus with SERIOUS issues controlling her "house" as in her kids is their "representative?" Well ain't that some shit. I'll just start calling dumb, air-headed broads "Sarah Palins" and be done with it.

I am tired of people saying that Barack Obama should thread lightly with this guttersnipe. F*ck that. You want to teach my kids abstinence-only in school but yet still your jezebel of a daughter is knocked up?

I have a bad feeling about this. I believe that they just might win unless more drama comes out about this woman and if they do win, God bless us all. We're going to need it.

Jonne Austin said...

Sorry *right on point

Jibreel Riley said...

We dont give a damm about the clowns in the DNC
The Clowns in the DNC
The Clowns in the DNC
We dont give a damm about the clowns in the Media
The Clowns in the Media
The Clowns in the Media
We're from Ohio (swing state)

Sarah Strikes Back

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

This woman declared her family as a "typical American family." Anyone that knows anything about Christian right-wing rhetoric from the television stations, radio shows, and from the churches know that Christians are taught that they should work hard to live a life and be an example that is far from typical. They are taught that they are to be different, peculiar, set apart/sanctified.
It is hilarious to me that this woman is so conveniently describing her family as "typical" now that her family is facing a social problem/issue.

I'm offended that they had Pistol Bristol on stage with her boyfriend, holding hands, pretending like what her daughter is facing is not a serious issue.
If it were anyone else's family that had a girl that was pregnant while still in high school on stage during a political event, they/the Republicans would be having a hissy fit. They would be screaming about that child not being a positive role model for other girls.
Has anyone from this hypocritcal family and this hypocritcal campaign thought about how Sarah Palin's daughter will impact American girls.
What does this abstinence only preacher have to say about this whole issue (teenage pregnancy) now that is her daughter?

I am so sick of the Rethuglicans being so damn judgmental when it is someone else's family, but turning around and offering an abundance of grace when it is one of their kids.

And if it is so okay for Pistol Bristol to be pregnant as a teen, why are they waiting for this girl to get married at 18? What's the hold up?
Let's get this party started. If they feel that she needs to get married so damn bad, then why wait?
I tell you why... They know that her marriage, this marriage that is being forced on her is only to satisfy Mommy's friends and church members. This marriage has nothing to do with the teen mother and father.

Jibreel Riley said...

p.s. What if Obama wins the Pop vote but lose in the EC?

Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling about it too. And part of it's because I am a white woman. The other part is because a whole bunch of dumbasses voted for George Bush--twice.
But that said, I still think Obama will win. 1. He runs a very smart campaign which will respond. 2. These idiots didn't even mention the economy tonight.


EzMun said...

I agree. What was missing was solutions. But in order for the O man to win, he has to consistenty and assertively make the case that they offer no solutions. It's awful hard to do this after the fact. You've got to do it in advance.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

It's 8:30 a.m. in Italy. I tried to watch Palin's speech. I just turned it off. I couldn't watch it anymore after she lied about the Bridge to Nowhere.

Folks do not underestimate this woman, Rove or the Repubs who are thinking of ways they can steal another election.

The baby issues are a distraction. Let's zero in on her far -right beliefs.

Barack went after them on issues and she's talking about fake columns.

Anonymous said...

I believe we saw the best of Palin tonight. She was totally scripted and in a room full of adoring fans. Wait till she gets out in the real world and has to think on her feet.

That said, I think the O man got a good look at how dangerous she can be and there's no doubt that they are planning an attack. I have no doubt that his steam will be relentless until election day. They've come too far.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

DOUBT is a KILLER! It can kill hope, faith, and dreams. Yup, you doubters go ahead and keep on doubting. But me, I BELIEVE and I'm gone keep on BELIEVING.

It doesn't take intelligence or a brains to read from a speech written by someone else for you. All it demonstrates is that she doesn't know what she is doing, They were not her own ideas down on paper, instead they were someone else's. She is what you call a plagarist of ideas. A toddler could do that.

For once in your life try believing in something, instead of doubting and fearing man.

Bob said...

You're coming to the convention, Levi, we're paying your way, stay the hell out of Bristol's hotel room, mind your manners, when we eat don't help the colored man put the food on your plate - that's his job, & for godssake don't talk.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Mrs Second Runner Up Congeniality didn't not move me at all, there was no passion in her speech. When Obama gave his speech you could hear the passion in it. And you could hear the passion in Biden's speech. When she gave her written speech by someone else, it was lacking substance, no issues, just insults. People making a big whoopie doo out nothing, it wasn't exactly what I'd call an earth moving speech.

All they did was praise McCain's POW experience, but he is not the only POW on this earth. My cousin died in Vietnam, and his twin's only son is over in Iraq right now, and so is one of their other brother's daughter. Is he the only man on this earth that ever served in the military and does this some how mean that this makes him Presidential material. Please!

Most men that served in Vietnam don't even want to talk about it, because of the horrors they witnessed, but McCain holds it up likes it's a trophy or a key to the White House.

Facts of business, it was an insult to the Americans people's intelligence, and their ideas didn't sell me one bit, because there were none.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You got them down pat. LOL! I totally agree with you and was thinking the same thing.

Dan Leo said...

By the way, Field, (and speaking as a white dude) I counted one black dude in the audience, and then one black dude in a fucking cowboy hat on the stage at the end.

(I'm not sure if they took the guy out of the audience and stuck a cowboy hat on him and then dragged him onto the stage.)

Anonymous said...


While listening to Mizz Sarah's speech today, I felt like I was listening to a stand-up comedian. That's the way her presentation came across to me. That might be what attracts some ppl to her.

I don't think that Nascar Joe & Jane care what her positions are on issues, they just want an attractive V.P. who they think can relate to them.

Anonymous said...

This was easily the meanest night of speeches since Pat Buchanan's "Amerika Uber Alles" speech at the 1992 RNC. Only thing missing was the robes and burning crosses. America is sick of this shit and I can't wait for the bitches and bastards that make up the Republican party to get their asses handed to them on November 4th. Then the trials can begin.

black magic woman said...

since you and a lot of readers are playing "count the Black people", I thought you might appreciate this article from MSNBC. They apparently are doing the same thing!

field negro said...

I agree with ezmun, it was a well written speech. (by Washington insiders btw)and as many people have osbserved, short on specifics. But since when do A-merry-cans need specifics? Just think, we elected the frat boy twice. So Shiela was spot on with that observation.

dan leo, I thought I had four, but I think I counted the cowboy hat guy twice :)

"She's so full of mooseshit!!"

Obviously this anon was not a fan:)

jibreel, I have thought all along that your boy will win (although, the BQ has made it harder) so don't go acting like you were the underdogs all along. This is, after all, A-merry-ca. Now about your party: Why weren't you and some other people of color up in St. Paul?

"While listening to Mizz Sarah's speech today, I felt like I was listening to a stand-up comedian. That's the way her presentation came across to me."

Yes o"girl, the BQ is full of jokes. Which makes sense, because she is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Well, with last night's Rocky and Bullwinkle show, Sarah showed that she has the one liners down pat. However, in my book, she hasn't said anything until she provides us with some real content behind her message.

Anonymous said...

my last several blogs were blocked by someone????? is fn censoring????

Donald said...

"jibreel, I have thought all along that your boy will win (although, the BQ has made it harder) so don't go acting like you were the underdogs all along. This is, after all, A-merry-ca. Now about your party: Why weren't you and some other people of color up in St. Paul?"
FN, Your now part of the McCain BUMP. I think the BQ got you to believe. She's washed all of you doubts away.

Jibreel Riley said...

This is your problem Field and Friends. You guys are trapped in the fact that American will always keep a brother down. You keep believing this and you can blame it on the Bradley Affect come this fall however the fact still remains: Obama has made it this far however so has Clarence Thomas and Coni Rice. I starting to think its other blacks like you that scare black into going to the GOP. One of the basic fundamentals you fail to understand that progressives ideas (commie ideas) is not coming to the USA anytime soon.
I was to see Sarah take on Obama, I know she would make him dance when it comes to Obama's Mentors/Ayers/Wright/The Chicago Machine. Plus after these 5 days, you people must lose for the common decency for unwed mothers everywhere!
There is a "Beltway" Class and the rest of us: I'm voting for the Hockey Mom... Game On!

vdubjb said...

Good luck, I am moving to Vancouver, look me up, there are only 5 black people up there...

Anonymous said...

House Negro of the year nominee:

Anonymous said...

I've got Dish! (does that translate to you guys? ;-) I sure am clueless enough about some of what FN has to say).

Nothing about wild parties with Bristol -- just about her darling brand spanking new husband...

Who got two other girls pregnant.

No wonder she didn't want to marry him!

He raped her, tugged her off into the bushes and had sex with her. Not that she said no... (bit of human biology taking over there... if you don't give your body what it needs sexually, sometimes it takes it whether you are willing or not. But we all know what these abstinence only people think about masturbation. teehee.).

I got this from verifiable sources not the scandal rags (err... that's the people who can steal video tape. You've seen Jesus Camp -- all the right wing keeps video tape of all of their good little girls).

Please, people, can we lock up a boy like that for rape, even if none of the girls said no? I mean, no responsibility! I mind a whole lot less if the boy helps the girls get an abortion each. But... this guy... he ruined three girls lives -- even if he is marrying one of them.

David Sullivan said...

My sentiments exactly!

Read here:

Christopher said...

Did Sarah Palin have an affair with her husband’s business partner?

That’s what the National Enquirer team has apparently unearthed in their investigative work in Alaska. The tabloid recently dispatched the same team to Alaska who unearthed the sordid details of the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair earlier this summer.

The McCain campaign is so worried about the possible disclosure of an affair between his Christian conservative, vice presidential running mate, Gov. Sarah “McCandy” Palin and her husband’s business partner, becoming public that McCain is threatening legal action to prevent the tabloid from publishing their findings.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Flowers...remember her? Next.

Anonymous said...

Drop your sandwich and sit down, Field Negro. This could be big.
Is this man the REAL father of Bristol Palin's baby?
He's a black kid from Los Angeles who says he went to Wasilla for a few months to visit his uncle. While there he had 'relations' with Bristol. He also supports Obama.
If true, then you'll see the racist right-wing melt down like Chernobyl and bye-bye Palin as VP.
If not true, then it's certainly a unique way to rattle their cage, I must admit.
The mother has her own infidelity issues as well, with a business owner or something. Can you say "Pot meets kettle"?

Looks like we'll have to call Jerry Springer to sort this out.

gsutiger2 said...

Anonymous said...
We should all watch this as this woman may be your VP in about 60 days...never underestimate the underdog when it comes to American politics...especially with her made-for-TV story...”


Exum you are spot on as well

I am by NO MEANS a Giuliani supporter- but the Repubs really needed a speech like his to light a fire under the party. It was well executed but full of BS. He held my attention better than ANYONE last night.

gsutiger2 said...

Field - Congrats on your blog! It seems like you got folks stirring. The field hands and masters are growing in numbers.

LOL - They called you BLOGGERS Out!

Anonymous said...

Field, how do you really feel o' objective one? Sounds like your feeings got hurt last night cuz...

"Yes o"girl, the BQ is full of jokes. Which makes sense, because she is a joke."

you have to admit that the O'man is an easy target

All of you gossip girls that want to get into her personal life just allow her to repen, say, Rev Wright, Rezko and the land deal, Ayers, etc. so go ahead and take Rove's bait

Best of all she can quote Joe Biden's ripping of the O'man

You can help but rip the O'man on that fake roman stage crap at the Dem convention---cheesy.

Brack himself peddled the "community organizer" thing in his commericials and as a big part of his bio and to show black folks that he has street cred(even more so than his record in congress) so it is fair game for her to rip into that

fair game to rip him on the time spent on the two books he put out with no real work done in Congress

Chin check---how many of you could have gotten up on the podium and delivered a speech like that without months/years of training...the purpose of her speech was to shoe that she has "balls" not to address the isssues---she is not running for POTUS---Mr Morton will cover those issues tonight

we all know Bill Clinton was laughing his ass off last night---the O'man made another big msitake the way he dissed the Clintons at the convention if Barack only knew how much he owed the Clintons in terms of where he is right now...

Anonymous said...

She is a hack. Her speech was written two weeks b4 she was even chosen. They just changed the more personal parts to fit her.

Anybody else notice how they are now co-opting Obama's policy stances.

They are so full of shit. I say if they want war let's give it to them.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a show pony. I can give a good speech as long as a group of people helping me. However, when she gives a speech on the fly, it's not a great. It will be interesting to see how well she does with the media, and believe you me the McCain will make sure she has limited access. I was listening to one Republican Strategist (eupherism for I am unemployed) say that she did have an interview in People's Magazine and more people read that than the newspaper. It made me think that the woman is calling saying that Americans are stupid to read the newspaper.

RedLipstick said...

Look it's time to go for broke I tell you!

Think Gene Hackman in Mississippi Burning: "These people crawled out of the sewers, Mr. Ward. Maybe the gutter is the place we have to be."

Also FN the Washington Post wrote a story about the lack of diversity at the Repubs convention. Basically it was a "black out"!

And "homeboy" mayor Kwame Kilpatrick just plead guilty! My, my we have turned politics in this country into a freaking side show!

momo said...

Yeah, she's dangerous, because she mobilized the hard-core base that was suspicious of McCain, but she is not a slam-dunk because she alienates lots of other groups. And what about the Ron Paul counter-convention that nobody is talking about? I live in the Twin Cities, and the cops have turned St Paul into a militarized zone and are going crazy.

I think the long-term strategy of the Obama campaign is smart: hit the issues, issues, issues. The National Enquirer, the View, and the rest of the world will dig up the dirt.

Her voice is like fingernails on a blackboard, so I didn't listen to her speech. I DID listen to the "hot mic" moment when Peggy Noonan said "It's over".
FWIW, I know several die-hard Republicans who are crossing party lines to vote for Obama. The Hillary supporters that I know are voting for Obama because they are insulted that the Rove and Co. think that they will vote for anyone with a uterus. They know that Kay Bailey Hutchison and other experienced women were dissed by this nomination. My mother (not a republican, but not a political junky either) called me spitting with outrage about Palin.

Pam Spaulding over at Pam's House Blend has a post about counting black delegates at the RNC:

Malcolm said...

It's funny because I too was playing "spot the Negro" while watching Gov. Palin's speech last night. I could have sworn that I spotted Lynn Swann in the audience. Although I wasn't surprised, I was still a bit disappointed to see Cowboy Troy up on stage with John Rich and Gretchen Wilson.

Anonymous said...

The reason why there are very few black delegates is that no one wants to be labled a "house negro" or sellout for having conservative beliefs and not follwing the grape kool-aid drinkers who believe that Obama is a messiah and that black folks are required by law to vote democractic---we will make our voices heard at the voting booth.

Cowboy Troy

Anonymous said...


Ok, "Madam know nothing VP shock effect pick" gave a fairly good speech for someone of her ILK!! Yes, I am elitist... the hell with it. She is barely educated, married to an illiterate fisherman and is at the cusp of having an illegitimate grandchild.

Change? What is she going to change????? What does she know.You have to know what you want to change right?
I want change... but the Obama sort. The sort that comes with a Harvard education and transparent sincerity.

I think it is ABSOLUTELY WRONG AND ILL ADVISED for anyone to say that Obama should not VICIOUSLY ATTACK and REFUTE these lies and demeaning comparisons--i.e comparing him with this barely educated University of Idaho, one degree holding neophyte.

The DEMOCRATS need to send out SEASONED FEMALE democrats (surrogates and spokespeople) to expose the ex-beauty queen as an empty vessel who could, considering the worn out senators age, history of cancer and a young hot wife he needs to satisfy: might well be at the helm of affairs sooner than we think.

If the O" dude needs to make a deal with Hillary(who has been deafeningly quiet in the whole Palin thing) then he needs to do so.
Her already well worn sexist card and cries of "ama poor woman" will silence the media and everyone else if care is not taken ..
Dudes and dudettes!! KARL ROVE is running things for the Republicans-that is a MASSIVE DEAL. He will do whatever it takes to put the old wizened, short armed son of Admirals with a sense of entitlement into the WH If DEMS do not act more quickly and forcefully.
For more infor on


Hawa Bond said...

Cowboy Troy:

I don't necessarily have a problem with Blacks who reside somewhere on the conservative spectrum. But I do get a rash when I hear about Black conservatives who believe that McCain should run this country for the next 4 years. Blech...

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

Francis Holland said...

Just what we need! A trailer trash beauty queen for president, when McCain keels over and dies.

Anonymous said...

I was just listening to some show on Air America on Itunes at work and the host of the show brought up something to think about...With all the code words used he gaurenteed that the Rethuglicans will twist the most, "community organizer" to make it sound like a group of angry black folks congragating..I'm like dayam, I can see that..His best offense is too have commercials showing community organizers of all colors and races and in different geographical areas..Also some people of the religous cloth are starting to pay attention to her church affiliation and, here's a good one, the National Enquirer are going to print a story about Palin cheating on her man with his homie..of course the McCain camp threatened with lawyers to not print the story, they said no..and oh yeah, my 60 lb pitbull Cosmo (female) took offense about the comparison between the two - she's no match, I promise you.

Anonymous said...

My wife slammed me. It is our three felines (cats) who are republicans, not her. She is Obama all the way. My bad.

Pay real close attention tonight to see if McCain is getting promted for his speech. He has a very hard time using a teleprompter and his mental state is definitely not as sharp as it used to be.

Unknown said...

Why are we comparing VP candidate Palin to PRES. candidate Obama. This a trick. That is to stop us from comparing Obama to McBush. And that is one of the successful points of putting Palin in the spot light. Also that leaves out Biden in the cold. See how Biden is totally out of the discussion. He his only mention for the purpose of debating her one time. Now two people --McPalin are ganging on one --Obama.

There should be no discussion about experience because they both Obama and Palin cancel each other out thus there is no Democrat ticket (remember Biden is not a part of this Palin/ Obama narrative). We as bloggers have let the Rethugs frame the argument.

Argument should go something like this. McCain is Bush, thus Palin is Bush on CRACK. That argument can be easily made.

Don said...

Happy that I am able to catch this blog post today. What a post, I continue to become more and more informed on Palin's history each and every read.

WHat can I say? Besides the fact that she's a pretty puppet? I honestly could not believe some of the things I heard upon that stage last night, especially from the mouth of Rudy G.

I forgive Palin cause I realize she's only reading the sheet of paper which she was handed, moments before the RNC began.

Good look on McCain's questioned link. Also, I'd love to see you rip '9/11 Rudy.'

NSangoma said...

they gotz tah be jiving

NSangoma said...

No they ain't not:

The picture of a hot young women (above) has been circulating the internet and causing a significant commotion among John McCain Presidential campaign that this may be Sarah Palin nude.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

" It seems that the woman has been promoted her whole life to jobs where she has no previous experience."

That is an interesting statement and made me think that she might be doing a little couch auditioning to get ahead. Especially, if that picture that Nsangoma shared with us is real, it's a possibility. Lord, say it ain't so. Shaking my head.

Nsangoma: Granny had to wash her screen off with some blessed oil to cleanse it. I didn't know that "they gotz tah be jiving" was gone be a nude like in birthday suit picture. I thought it was gone be a news article. Please sugar, the next time warn Granny in advance with (Rated X), so I won't have to be scrubbing my computer down again. Or else Granny gone hunt you down herself with the biggest hickory switch you ever seen in your life.

However, now, I'm interested in knowing what kind of Mother Palin had. I mean the morals of this so-called Christian woman is unbelievable. No More Bush, No More McCain, and definitely NO Palin.

Anonymous said...

It ain't gossip if you've got the videotape. If you get good-as-hand-on-the-bible-in front of the judge testimony, well, that ain't no gossip no more.

Poor Bristol, i feel sorry for her, not for her sad sack of a mother.