Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I swear that Obama guy is one lucky man. Just when it looked like my au natural Broad Street run come election night, was safe, the economy decided to go South. And so, once again, his O ness is creeping up and away in the polls. So much so that he just might get enough votes to overcome the Bradley effect, and make the field Negro eat crow.

But not so fast, Mr. Morton still has some political tricks up his sleeve. I swear this guy has more tricks than a Brazilian soccer player. First Palin,and now this. I wonder if it will work? I used to think I knew my politics, but with these elections I am not so sure. Who knows how the A-merry-can public will react to this latest little.....ahh, ploy. You got to think that the rethugs think it will work, or they wouldn't try it. I bet they have been doing all kinds of polling on this one (I didn't get a call, did you?), and their pollsters must have told them to go for it. Oh field, you are such a cynic, the man cares about his country, he sees that we are in a financial crisis, and he wants to suspend his campaigning so that both he and Obama can go to Washington and try to work this thing out. What's wrong with a little bi-partisanship for the good of the country, field? Nothing, except it's Mr. reach across the *aisle man himself whose party ran the economy into the ground. And just what the fuck has he been doing in Washington all these years except contribute to the problem? I mean give me a break.

Now this latest little Machiavellian stunt might work, and his O ness might be falling into yet another political trap, but if it does, the A-merry-can electorate is even dumber than I thought. Imagine, Mr. Morton wants to suspend campaigning, so that he and Obama can go to Washington and help to try and work out this latest mess we are in. How nice of him. Except there is one little problem; his party put us into this mess in the first place.
But don't go for it O man, I am giving you some advise against my own best interest: They are just trying to slow your mo. You love basketball so let me give you an analogy: You are playing shooting guard and you hit five shots in a row to put your team up. And then, all of a sudden, you are dribbling down the court, and the referee stops the game. He tells you that it will start again at another time and everything will pick up where you left off. Wouldn't that be messed up?That's what Mr. Morton is doing, he is playing referee on your ass.

But I have to give you credit, it looks like you refuse to play along. According to your peeps, the debate is on. Unlike Mr. Morton,apparently you can multi task. This is fun. On again off again, round and round we go. Mr Morton and his O ness, holding their breaths, while waiting to see how the A-merry-can people will react to this one. Of course I know how I would react (this is some bullshit!), but I am not the typical A-merry-can voter.

His O ness was first to try and play the reach across the isle role, apparently he tried to play nice and call Mr. Morton. But Mr. Morton, trickster that he is, wasn't having it, and he called the press to announce his latest little stunt before the O man knew what hit him.

"I thought this was something that he was mulling over,.... Apparently, this was something that, you know, he was more decisive about in his own mind."

Yes O man, he knew it all along. It's called politics. Now folks, if you will excuse me; I have some crunches to do.

*Thanks English prof. AKA "gine". ;)


SouthernGirl2 said...

McCain's old @ss is full of sh%t!

We see you John McCain!


Anonymous said...

John McCain is trying to trap Obama. And slow down the bleeding from his campaign. If I was Obama I'd tell them all were to go. He needs to be at that debate Friday. I think they are trying to bring down Obama poll numbers.

Kellybelle said...

Barack said it when he said The President has to do more than one thing at a time. Good point. You can't stop talking to Iran just because Russia's acting up and the economy's tanking. I think it made McCain look...old and fuzzy-brained.

Field, you're a lawyer. How wd you interview Sarah Palin and expose her ignorance in a way that no one cd deny or spin? Did you see her Katie Couric interview?

La♥audiobooks said...

I don't trust Mcevil, you are right. It's so obvious how they now all of a sudden want to push him off track AND sucker him into their ultra capitalism f-kup. If this money dropping/bail out crashing shit keeps up, it will go down in poor leadership history. Obama does not need to get his name caught up in the middle of this shit. I would keep my energy and resources to myself until I get into the office. Sorry to say.

..."So much so that he just might get enough votes to overcome the Bradley effect, and make the field Negro eat crow."

I thought you said you would run in the street naked wearing red nine inch pumps. What's up with the flip flapping?

SingaporeSwim said...

Oh my...

Couric interviews Palin

Christopher said...

The Old Coot's protective veneer of "American war hero," and, "Former POW," now lays shattered on the floor and all that remains is an ancient, cowardly, Old Coot, who ducks and hides when his poll numbers begin to tank.

Today is the day the McCain/McCandy campaign died.

Respect Black said...

Field, Field, got some runnin' to do-o-o-o.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, I saw the video of Gov. Palin's video on kellybelle's blog; and it was hard to watch. Her response was repetitive, robotic.

field, why do I get the feeling that McCain's people are coaching her with talking points telling her not to veer from them under any circumstances? Why do I get the feeling they're trying real hard to keep this ill-informed moose killer from making a mistake before the debate with Biden?

-=Topper=- said...

You are probably right about it being a trap field. It wouldn't surprise me should the O-Man and Mr. Morton ( still have yet to figure that one out ) go back to Washington the republicans being who and what they are will probably filibuster because they positively and absolutely have to have their way. I get the same argument from my troll that this democrat congress is to blame.

I ask them, where did the last decade go. Do you think you can throw it away and just blame democrats?

Frankly Field in spite of the right, there is a part of me that wants to give the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives back to the republican party.

Then they'll have no one to balme but themselves when this nation goes belly up into a depression. Not even they will be able to sugar coat it like they try to do everything else. Even their head cheese the W himself ( he isn't my president )has stated ( I think to spite McCain, go fig ) that we are indeed in a recession.

Who can say what the future holds. But whatever Obama may do that could devalue this country further, I know without a shadow of doubt that McCain will.

The O-Man wins, at least I will not hold you to your run.

joy316 said...

When I first heard the "teaser: McCain suspends his campaign" on the drive home this afternoon, I thought that the cancer had returned and that McCain was on his way to the hospital for treatment. But instead McCain wants to solve the financial crisis so he has to suspend his campaign???? A very odd turn of events. So I check the 'net to find out if there is any other possible explanation and here is another odd coincidence:

Jody said...

McCain's stunt is not playing well so far.... most commentary is that it is a political stunt. If he really wanted to promote a bi-partisan effort, he would have reached an agreement with Obama and THEN together they would have announced their intentions to work together in DC to find a solution.
What McCain is doing is try to bully Obama into doing what HE wants to do... this way, it looks like HE is the leader, he has the ideas, etc.... Fortunately Obama aint buying the bullshit he is sellin... It's the same strategy he tried to pull with the town hall meetings.... announce to the media that this is what they should and then go to Obama and say it. Then, try to paint Obama as the one not being cooperative when he decided not to go there.
It is the classic strategy of a manipulator.

field negro said...

"I thought you said you would run in the street naked wearing red nine inch pumps. What's up with the flip flapping?"

la~incognita, I will make the run AND eat crow:) Although I am not sure about the nine inch pumps :)

"field, why do I get the feeling that McCain's people are coaching her with talking points telling her not to veer from them under any circumstances? Why do I get the feeling they're trying real hard to keep this ill-informed moose killer from making a mistake before the debate with Biden?"

Because your gut feelings don't lie.

"Frankly Field in spite of the right, there is a part of me that wants to give the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives back to the republican party."

You know what topper, I tend to agree. They made this mess, they should fix it.

NSangoma said...


Anonymous said...

McCain's an ass. Last week the fundamentals of the economy were strong. This week the house if on fire and he can't hold a debate.
McCain clearly wants to change the narrative-- his tanking poll numbers, a campaign manager getting hefty lobbying payments from Freddie Mac until last month, his whole role in deregulation, etc. And now we see that they want to move this Friday's scheduled debate to the VP time slot--and just reschedule that at some other time (They'd like it to be after Nov. 4 so they continue to keep Mooselini in hiding). I'm glad to hear that Obama, the Commission on Presidential Debates and the University of Mississippi are still planning on holding the event. The president of Ole Miss said today that it would be "devastating" to the school if they didn't have the debate Friday. Ole Miss has set up roadblocks, invited people and spent $5.5 million in preparation of the event. The school president said he didn't think the university would be able to reschedule. That alone ought to force McCain's hand. But, these are people who never back down ... no matter how wrong they are.


Anonymous said...

@ -=topper=-

The Mr. Morton reference is because, as Field said early in the primary season, "he's so salty."

At least, I'm pretty sure that's what you were expressing confusion over...the nickname for McCain.

@ Field

Man, I'm not saying Obama is a lock, but you have GOT to start working out at the gym religiously with the assumption that he is a shoo-in. This is too crazy a political season for you to ease up on your workouts and look all sloppy if you end up having to do the nekkid run. I say this out of love, man...only out of love. I don't want to be any more embarrassed on Broad St. than necessary.

Anonymous said...

This is a classic stall, to hide the fact that McCain is unprepared or that Sarah Palin is. Either way Obama should demand that the debates both potus and vp take place.

McCain sends out a feeler about postponing the debate on friday and then reschedules for Oct 2, the day of the VP debate. If you ask me the real intention is to keep Palin from showing up at her debate next thursday.

Letterman is right...if you can't/wont be there on friday to debate, then send in your second stringer. Let's have the vice presidential debate on friday.

She Draws said...

hey field....I'm anxious to see what the trick is as well. I thought I loved politics until this messy campaign....we will watch and see thanks for the update!

Go B.

Najmah said...

That Palin interview was a mess - just a hot mess. I see why they kept this chick under lock and key she can't stammer her way through a lie without licking her finger - LICKING HER DAMN FINGER for pete's sake. And what's up with the hand puppets??? Shock and awe.

BTW, I just got elected as VP for my son's middle school PTA. I guess in a month or so, I should be able to at least run for Governor of VA...

Mr. Noface said...

McCains campaign is a joke right now. The Palin effect is producing diminishing returns with every interview the campaign grants and this new ploy (because that is exactly what it is) to suspend the campaign during this time of economic crisis, is just sad. The truth is there is very little that John McCain would be able to do in Washington right now, that would warrant him suspending his campaign. This is exactly as you put it, a "timeout"! A tool used by many a losing team to re-strategize and figure out how to get back in the game. As I said before its quite sad. I used to respect this man, but now...I don't know...I guess when the pressure is on, you show your true colors!

ZACK said...

I had to come back to roast John McChicken. You know Barry was like, "Dude, I'm black. I eat chicken on a regular basis!"

The economy was a mess BEFORE any debate was scheduled. I think he's crying wolf a bit much for an elephant.

He better suit up before one of those lame actors from SNL substitutes in his place and does a better job than him.

Anonymous said...

Where's all the McMeltdown supporters now?

Next trick up his sleeve is to get Chimpy to postpone the election.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, that just goes to show you, you can not dress up a moose and call it a pitbull with lipstick. It just won't and don't work.

Hollywood should make a new "Shaft" movie and change the title to "Obama" and while they at it change the movie theme song to "Obama".

On a serious note though, I am willing to bet that America is standing on the doorsteps of bankrupt.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Oh yeah, and change the wording on a few verses of that song.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I think McCain's sanity and judgement needs to be questioned. This is the first time in my lifetime I've ever witnessed anything like this before in an election.

I'm glad that Obama is not falling for McCain's trap. McCain is just not up to well... Should I say the job. Palin needs to take up knitting or baking cookies, because she is out of her league. I double dare anyone to call me sexist.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Maybe, Palin should change her handle to a programmed robot with lipstick. Okay, Granny is through gloating, I'm going back and sit in the corner.

BTW, Ms_hgrits:

Congratulation, you go girl!

rikyrah said...

1. You must post the Couric interview with Caribou Barbie
2. You must post David Letterman skewering Mr.Morton
3. This is ALL about that Couric interview. She's had more weeks. More time to cram. And she was fucking HIDEOUS.
4. The CNN commentators nearly burst out in laughter when one of them suggested that, if McCain wanted to postpone the Presidential debate, to then just switch and have the VP debate this Friday. Give them 60 seconds more, and they would have been laughing on the air.

This was all about trying to get rid of that VP debate.

She was horrifying.

Obama looked Presidential today

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Mr. Morton is in free fall.

Letterman went off on him.

What's wrong with McCain...he never heard of multi-tasking?

If he wants to "focus" on the bailout, then he should do what Letterman said. Not postpone campaigning but send his number two in his place. Oh wait, that won't work either because she is a train wreck.

Bob said...

The word that came to my mind was "jiveass" (or is that two words?). But jiveass implies lying with some style, with some wit. His poll numbers dropping, everybody knows he's a lackey for big banks, he's not prepped for Friday's debate, he can't turn his VP loose because everytime she talks on TV another two million people realize she's an idiot. So now he has to stop the campaign to "save the country." As if the other 99 senators will treat him like he's Mighty Mouse.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Did any of you watch Rachel Maddow today? Anyway, a thought occurred to me when her and that guy talked about the Keating Five. This whole deal that is going on right now with our economy is another Keating Five deal. The dung is fixing to hit the fan. Bush and his gang have pulled another Keating Five on the Americans. McCain has close ties to Fannie Mae. Think about it, the Keating Five incident is similar in many ways to what is going on with today's bailouts. Their trying to protect their friends and investments, that's why they are trying to rush this deal through. The Keating Five incident went down exactly like this bailout situation did, what caused it, and everything is identical to the Keating Five.

Palin is dumb and they know it, she is being used in their pawn game to divert attention away from them and what is really going on.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, Bob, you got jokes. Granny is cracking up laughing. I bet you was the life of the party back in the day.

Anonymous said...


Isn't this financial fiasco going to be another loan from China? The U.S./Wall St. cannot borrow its way out of debt. Eventually, the credit cards need to be cut up. This is beyond messed up.

McCain suspending his campaign to go to D.C. is for a White House photo-op...."to appear as tho".

Maybe Mr. Morton is too old, frail, senile and salty to ride the fast rollercoaster the big kids are on. He wants to get off!!!! Waaaahhh.

field negro said...

o'gurl, we are already owned by China. Believe it or not folks,I did not see that beauty queen interview with the newly face-lifted one. I guess I gotta go to You Tube.

granny, I did see that Rachsl Maddow piece on the Keating Five. That was some scary s**t.

bob, I think "jiveass" is a word. If not, we will make it one.

Christopher said...

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tells CNN the McCain campaign is proposing "that if there's no bailout deal by Friday, the first presidential debate should take the place of the VP debate, currently scheduled for next Thursday, October 2 in St. Louis."

Despite Obama's insistence that the debate go on, Graham also says McCain "will not go to the debate Friday if there's no deal on the bailout."

So there you have it.

The Old Coot is so worried about the underperforming McCandy that he's trying to kill the vice presidential debate.

Anonymous said...

This postponement is about Palin. As the interview with Katie Couric shows, ole girl ain't ready to debate a four year old, much less Joe Biden. McCain wanted to postpone the presidential debate till next Wednesday, which is the date for the VP debate, hence giving Palin's handlers more time to get her ready. Doesn't matter. That heifer ain't gonna be ready to actual articulate policy come judgement day! She is dumb as a box of rocks!

Anonymous said...

McCain is not prepared. I suspect his handlers who have been prepping him all week for the debate can see that he is not going to show well. So they are pulling out. Same thing with Palin. The woman is slick and quick on her feet, much more so than McCain, but after a while it becomes very evident that beneath it all there is no there there.

Obama should just show up and if he has to debate himself... I'm sure if he announced that that was his intention, and that he was going to have the public stage for an hour and a half that McCain would find a reason to soldier back to the debate.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Couric interview with Sarah Palin. She's just scary.


Gine said...


(Sorry. English prof in me rose up.)

Christopher said...

McCandy doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about. She's a radical, rightwing ideologue, who had her preacher rid of witchcraft.

She's a lunatic circa' the 14th century.

The Old Coot picked a winner!

gsutiger2 said...

What happened to multitasking?

Anonymous said...

Ok, first it was the Field Negro and now the David Letterman. Fact: No one has ever been elected president while being on both the Field's and the David's shitlist. Game over.

gsutiger2 said...

So does this mean my Debate Party is cancelled?

The Social Reformer said...

lol it definitely seems like a ploy...but i will give kudos to mccains camp. they're playing chess...your move


Missy said...

I just herd that McCain wants to reschedule the debate for Oct. 2...the date of the VP debates.
Coincidence? I think not!
Palin ain't ready. It is my understanding that no questions were allowed in her meetings...

Christopher said...


As I've said all along.

The Old Coot will maneuver this to cancel the VP debates and protect McCandy from going up against Biden.

Hey, has anyone else heard the internet rumors that Biden will dropout after the debates and Hillary will join Obama's ticket?

gsutiger2 said...

Christopher were did you get that tidbit? I have noticed his VERY subtle attacks on Obama.

Anonymous said...

Obama should walk out on stage at the debate tomorrow night to "Its Hard Out Here For a Pimp"....wait no, better yet Ice Cube's "Amerikkk's Most Wanted".

Christopher said...


About Hillary? The UK media is reporting it and the blogs picked it up.

Here's the link:

Swiff said...

Unless Biden got brain cancer or some shit, he ain't goin nowhere.

And the Philly police is in full Baghdad mode after yesterday. My nicca was freestylin in front of his house with his cousins and they just ran up on them with the paddywagon and 2 squad cars like THEY popped Officer McDonald.

Brown Man said...

This mofo must be taking his wife's illegal drugs by mistake!

J Mac went straight plantation on Obama - must have been the thought of the Ole Miss campus that got to him.

"Negro, Do You Know Who I Am?"

I will be glad when all this shit is over so I can get some damn sleep!

Anonymous said...

It's still the economy, stupid.

It transcends race, age, gender, class, sexual orientation, and ideology.

It's the 800-lb. elephant taking a shit in the corner of the room and people can't ignore the smell anymore. Watching Wall Street go up and down like a speeding, out-of-control roller coaster will do that. Unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, the cost of everything going up, up and away.

What happens when you can't afford to put gas in the ten-year-old car you can't afford to fix? What happens when you can't sell the house, can't afford to pay off your credit cards, can't afford day care, can't afford medical insurance, can't afford groceries? What happens if you can't even afford poverty?

As one of my favorite rap songs goes, "It's all about money, ain't a damned thing funny." In the end, corny as it sounds, the only color that voters are going to care about is going to be green. Translation: "Sure, the n--er, black guy is uppity, but he won't fuck up my 401K." Enlightenment isn't far behind when there's a dollar bill in your wallet dying of loneliness.

American can't afford to be stupid this time.

Anonymous said...

The first I heard of the Biden dropout rumor was on the Fox News headline feed. Tracking it through Google, it went in a big circle back to Fox. It seems to be a right wing male girl-fight fantasy combined with wishful thinking that the Obama campaign will self-destruct.

Unknown said...

Did you hear that Bubba Clinton supported McCain's decision to back out of the debate. WTF!!!!!

Since Billy Boy was our "First Black President", let me say this --"DAT NI99ER AIN'T A$$WIPE"

Good, got that off my chest.

BTW. I'll be sitting in front of my big screen TV with my bag of popcorn and 32- oz. Super size soda watching Friday's debate.

Anonymous said...

As comedian and prophet Chris Rock said on the David Letterman show, Hey, Bill--Hillary lost! Get over it."

Jody said...

HaHa.... Congress cut a deal before McCain could save the day.....
What a friggin idiot!

daedalus2u said...

You know, if McCain is too busy to debate Obama, McCain could send Sarah Palin who McCain has said could step in for him on day one. This would be an excellent opportunity for Sarah Palin to show her stuff. If she could trounce Obama in a debate on foreign policy, she would go pretty far in showing that she is competent.

Anonymous said...

Damn those Clintons! They're still at it. Bill praising McCain (and Palin, by the way) should put all those rumors to bed about Obama putting Hillary on the ticket.


Sharon from WI said...

This is off-topic, but where can I find the story on Ward Connerly's handlers being mad at them?

field negro said...

I finally saw some of that beauty queen interview with Katie (I just got a face lift)Couric, and all I can say is; wow! She was even worse than I thought.

sharon, check out this link:

Christopher said...


I have the YouTube up of McCandy trying again to link Iraq to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The broad is a Cheney clone!

Me said...

all i got to say is this was a bold azz move by McCain. bold azz move.

Anonymous said...

Field, Start training!

When Letterman says you're done on national TV, you're done.

The walking sperm recepticle didn't help, offering his wife to bikers didn't help, hell even this last stunt has white folks holding their heads down.

You call him Mr. Morton, I call him John McSoisgonnagethisasskicked!!

Let me know what the date is for your run, so I can yet my family know I'm coming.

Admiral Komack said...

Fuck Bill Clinton.