Friday, September 05, 2008

"You Go Girl!"

Ms. O is currently my field Negro of the day. Ironically, it's for something completely different than what I am going to post about.

Now let me be clear; I have killed Ms. O in the past. Primarily for her weak ass book club and the phony picayune authors she has trotted out to us. But today I have come to praise her O ness. Today, I am a fan. Today, l will be like the rest of her millions of adoring subjects, and say, "You go Girl."

Why am I so happy? Because Ms. O (at least for now) said no to the beauty queen. Ms. O stood by her principles, and refused to let this poor excuse for a human being spread her putrid beliefs to her audience, and the rest of A-merry-ca. This, in spite of various outlets and pundits telling her to reconsider her position. Think of the ratings they say, you could win back conservative women who abandoned you after you supported Obama, they say; and on and on.

But so far you have stood your ground. ( I love how you got with [sl]Drudge] You don't need the beauty queen on your couch, or the ratings that her appearance would bring. Honestly, Ms. O, you don't need the money. You could retire and run off to your own private island with your boy Stud-man, and tell A-merry-ca to kiss your rather ample ass. So don't give in. I am sick of people with power and influence in this country selling out. (If I were "like Mike", I would probably shoot myself. What a phony!) It's nice to see someone stand up for what they believe in for once. Ms. O, we all know you supported his "O" ness, so how can you help his opponent get more votes? Hell, I am just starting to forgive you for putting the frat boy on your show and helping him get over the top. Don't make that mistake again. A-merry-ca can't afford four more years of a wise cracking intellectual lightweight. One was enough.


Swiff said...

Word. Drudge hopped off Obama's dick and right onto Palin's. Good for Oprah. Ms. Palin should not be allowed on these soft-ass sweet-as-peach-cobbler promo shows until she actually ANSWERS SOME DAMN QUESTIONS other than "What day is it" and "What color is a fire truck". Everyone's on the Sunday talk shows...except her. And McCain's camp is straight up sayin she's not gonna talk to the press. Give me a fucking break.

I hope she goes on Ellen thinking its all sweet and then gets blindsided by some hard questions from a lady who REALLY doesn't want her elected.

You can bet she'll be on Hannity though. $20 bucks that Hannity stops mid-interview to get on his knees and shine her shoes.

La♥audiobooks said...

Well I'll be.. The Massa's wives allowed her in the house and now look what she's doing. She's really looking "ungrateful" right about now. I could see the stocks falling, and the memberships dropping again. She better start giving away Prada and Oil of Olay on her show.

This is a huge deal for the Queen Negress to pull off. She must really really really like the O'ness. I think she might be coming around. I am gaining new respect for her. Yeah Oprah! Welcome to the porch for now, just a little more steps and you'll reach the fields again.

(damn security code, I could have been number one poster!)

Anonymous said...

Tragic about the suicide rate for the troops (sidebar). But not surprising. During Viet Nam, the tour of duty for draftees was 13 months, and if you can home alive, you were done. Your tour was over.

These poor hapless souls whose only mistake it was to enlist in one of the services to try to better their life or to serve their country, are being sent back to this crazy war over and over and over. Some have had 5 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. The percent that have PTSD is staggering.

The military funeral the repulicans showed in the opening of the convention was not an actual funeral. It was stock footage from Getty Images. The soldiers were actors wearing uniforms.

The reason these poor troops keep getting sent back into battle is Bush and Cheney and the rest of these chicken hawks are afraid to reinstate the draft. They know full well as soon as they do, that people will finally get off their couches and start protesting this endless war in the streets.

As that compassionate Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said, You go to war with the Army you have.

And you know those people at the Republican convention who so passionately support the troops, don't have sons and daughters serving in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

@la msvswan.. oil of olay? you are seriously cold blooded lol.

Anonymous said...

Screw Drudge and Fox News....Oprah was right to tell Sarah Palin to step off. I don't blame Oprah! Palin is weird she wants to stop abortions for even woman that are raped.

If Sarah Palin ends up in the White House then America gets what it deserves. And yes media Oprah said leave her the hell alone!

Anonymous said...

@gwpriester.. I think they should send all the congressman and people who support the war kids in the war, it should be a manditory duty at least one kid.

west coast story said...

I am not fan of Oprah's talk show but I have a LOT of respect for what she has built for herself. Here is a black woman who has built an empire and all black folks can do is throw rocks at her. She has brought people of color into television and her production company who might not have had such an opportunity otherwise. I don't dig the new agey self help stuff but that's just me. I have never believed she was a house negro. She has old school values, as do I, and that hardly makes her a house negro.

She has produced a number of made for television/cable films about black people and that focus on black women in particular. She jumped on the Obama wagon when a WHOLE lot of negroes were pouting about how he wasn't black enough. I have never had a sense that she has forgotten her roots or who she is. Ever. She self references being black almost every time I've ever watched her show, which admittedly, is rare these days. She overcame a lot and has come an extraordinarily long way.

I would like to know why she said "no" to Palin. I have a feeling it has more to do than that she is a supporter of Obama's. It could be she doesn't like what has come out of Palin's mouth against Obama and didn't want her saying the same crap on her show. I'd like to believe Oprah was as outraged about the mocking of community organizers as I was. Whatever, I suspect the reason has more depth than "I support Obama and you can't come on my show."

La♥audiobooks said...

Anonymous said... are seriously cold blooded lol.

Hey! You can't say that to me, that's umm... sexist.


field negro said...

Yes anon. 7:45PM la~msv, is one seriously cold FN. :)

The porch for Ms. O? Okay, I can buy that.

swiff, Drudge has been in the tank for the rethugs ever since Monica.

BTW, I want to follow up on that story you posted the link to in your comments under my previous post. If that's true, that's some scary but not surprising stuff.

gwpriester...I just sent you an e-mail. I am trying to get you to help me with this new header. (Folks, gwpriester.. has some skills; wait until you see this new header he has come up with for your boy)

Anonymous said...

From the desk of Carl Rove:

Dumb move. This is how I spin it: Black woman given show targeted to white women, allowed to make hundreds of millions off siad white women in ads and syndie revenue, refusing to let historic white woman on show---after letting historic black man on show.

Palin sound clip "they wont even let me on the Oprah Winfrey show, that's how much the media and the left fears change!!!"

This plays right into Palins' hands for all you rocket scientists out there and bolsters the GOP argument that the media is elitist and biased, the Barack is a merely a celeb puppet of the elitist blacks and Chicago dems...

The Rovester

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I don't question that Oprah is a fan of Obama's; but I think her keeping Palin off her show indicates that she's a bigger fan of women having reproductive rights and steadfastly standing for many of the things Palin is against, including a democracy.

Anonymous said...

News alert..................

Black guy name, Kevin, claims to be the father of McShame VP, daughter unborn child..

Things going bad to worst in this election.

Anonymous said...

I read that Oprah said Palin could come on AFTER the election. She said that even though she was a supporter of Obama's, she didn't want to use her show for ANY of the candidates. I think she was right. It's a losing proposition for her. Oprah, the former journalist, doesn't always ask softball questions. In fact, I think she's quite good at making some people feel comfortable enought to reveal more of themselves than what they normally would in an interview. If Palin looked bad on the show, the right-wing would be going crazy and talking about how this Obama supporter set her up. She did the right thing.
By the way ... when are we all going to start demanding that Palin give a freakin' interview with the political press? Hillary wasn't afraid to face the tough questions on 60 Minutes, Meet the Press and Face the Nation. Why can't the Beauty Queen?

Karen said...

I never comment, just read. But that Rudy movie pic looks JUST LIKE JOHN WAITE:

Anonymous said...

FN said,"and tell A-merry-ca to kiss your rather ample ass" And you wonder why you're called a sexist.

Anonymous said...


Hillary could appear on news shows such as Meet the Press and Face the Nation because whether you like her or not, she is competent. I do not think Sarah Palin is a competent person. Palin is likable, but that does not mean I want her to VP, the next person in line for the White House.

The McCain camp thought it was a good idea for Palin to be on Oprah's show and get of her having to deal with the press, but probably didn't expect her to say no. Palin should not get an easy pass in the press, and the press should press the issue, pardon the pun.

Good for Oprah, but that is not the first time she said no. She said no to Bush in 2002 when asked her to go to Afghanistan. However, not all of Oprah's book club choices were bad, I am a Toni Morrison fan, lol. Morrison has a new book scheduled to go on sell next month if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...


I could not agree with you more about how unqualified Palin is. She has all the blind ambition of Hillary and less than half the brains. That's why we have to force the press to do their freakin' job! This pick has made me realize McCain is a complete mad man. As somebody on this blog said last night, "I wouldn't trust him near a firecracker." Now they've got her sequestered from the media so we don't know how stupid she really is until AFTER the election. Unbelievable. The press needs to do its job because it's clear that McCain didn't vet this woman. Scary. To think that she could one day be president.

Kellybelle said...

The Oprah is a "free" woman. Hey!

Hennasplace: Can't wait for new Toni Morrison book--A Mercy.

Anonymous said...

First, the rumor isn't true; second, we should be more concerned that Sarah Palin is hiding from the "National Press" not whether she is going to appear on Oprah. We should be concerned that she is somewhere "studying" how to be Vice President. We should be concerned that on the stump today she didn't say anything about what they are going to do about job losses in this country, or the fact that the Dow dropped 300 points or the fact that the unemployment rate is over 6% or the fact that our soldiers are still dying in Iraq. That's what we should be concerned about, not whether she is going to be on Oprah. All Sarah could do today was belittle and disparage Barack for being a community organizer and helping the poor and disadvantaged. It just makes her look like a mean "hockey mom."

John McCain picked a dud in heels and now we may all have to pay for it.

Be well, CF

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. Let her on the show Oprah if she agrees to open up her medical records from last April and come on with the dude she allegedly phucked re the National Enquirer story. Oh and the trooper dude she had fired.

See how quick they stop talking about her O-ness after that.

Christopher said...

Poor Drudge.

He's not too bright. He thinks he can play the real "O"-ness and get away with it but nothing can be further from the truth.

No one, and least of all some weirdo who has sex with raw eggs can push Miss Winfrey around.

Donald said...

Ignorance + Fear = Control. The ReTHUGlicans (emphasis on The Hate yoU Give) have had the market cornered on that formula ever since W was appointed by the Supreme Court. Maybe even since Lewinski and Drudge has been part of this equation. Ms.O is her own H.N.I.C. and ain't web-tabloid gonna tell Harpo Productions what to do. Great choice FN!
It may be time for a Harpo News, Politics & Entertainment TV network.

Black Diaspora said...

I can assure you, Sarah "saint" Palin is getting the GOP's version of Cliff notes, as we speak.

There's so little time to bring her up to speed on international relations, the difference between Sunni and Shiite, the threat from Iran, and Russia's move against Georgia in retaliation, supposedly, against Georgia's move against South Ossetia.

McPain would have done well, himself, to read the GOP's official Cliff notes.

"He said several times that Iran, a predominately Shiite country, was supplying the mostly Sunni militant group, al-Qaeda. In fact, officials have said they believe Iran is helping Shiite extremists in Iraq."

And we want to entrust the presidency to this man, and to a woman who doesn't know what a Veep does, or have much of clue about the Iraq war:

"Palin was asked about the upcoming surge. She said she hadn't thought about it. "I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq," she said."

EzMun said...


Oprah said that her show won't be used as a political platform for anyone. She did have the O man on her show in October 2006. But she defends her current decision on the basis that the O man appeared on her show before he declared his candidacy.

She apparently thinks that the Beauty Queen would make an interesting interview AFTER the election saying, "At the beginning of this presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over."

You gotta respect that serious move. That's some chess going on by Oprah.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Good for Oprah.

I wonder if Palin would go on Ellen? I don't see it.

I assume they will keep her on Fox and maybe do The View.

RiPPa said...

Actually, I'd like to see her appear on her show. Nevermind the ratings, or the presumed boost for Palin. I'd just like to see Oprah beat her brains in like her name was Harpo and she smacked the shit out of her...

then hopefully titties pop out and flap around all over he place like the chicks on YouTube.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

oops forgot to add, it would be strange for someone who has a book club to bring on a guest who wanted to ban books.

Black Diaspora said...

Field, that "her position" link that you provided, and the resultant posts are the reasons that I have never in my adult life, or as a child, been proud of my country.

If those who commented there are a cross-section of this country, or just angry Republicans, this country still has a ways to go to garner my respect.

The vile shit that they spew is probably replicated on a million blogs.

I've got to hope that those who trashed Oprah there don't represent the majority of Americans.

If so, Martin Luther King's dream will always be nothing more than a mirage.

Oprah, just because she was trashed on that site, should never be placed in the house again.

Anonymous said...

If Orpah is for Obama and Sarah is incompetent, why not have her on and set her up?

Field, you need to read the Charles Krauthammer article about Sarah Palin. You agree with him!!!!


Christopher said...

All I know is, if Sarah "So Sambo Beat the Bitch" Palin and the Old Coot are elected, we might as well flush this nation down the toilet because it's over. There's no hope.

Today the Borg Queen is allegedly making an appearance with her posse in South Florida to chat up Obama and Biden to her angry female and Jewish supporters. Let's see if she knee caps McCandy and her extremist remarks and positions.

My guess is, the Borg Queen will say little to convince people to support Obama and Biden. I personally think she wants him to loose then she can run again in 2012.

daedalus2u said...

On the other hand Field, Ms. O could have a special unannounced guest half way through, a certain other prominent woman politician who was somewhat involved in the presidential campaign. Then they could have a debate with Ms. O asking the questions. Don't all those PUMA's want to see just how close those two women politicians are politically?

Of course Beauty Queen could run away in which case the rest of the program could be spent dissecting the lies she said on the first half.

field negro said...

Black diaspora, those following comments were rather vile weren't they. It kind of makes you wonder.

Palin on Ellen, now there is a thought :)

Don said...

Oprah, Thanks.

I watched a YouTube video last week where Oprah stated how Barack's DNC speech...'changed her life.' She went on to say how we have to do everything it takes to get him elected.

SjP said...

Seems to me that when your name is on the bills and your signature is on the checks that pay them you can invite - or not invite - anyone to your house that you d*mn well please. Palin can go on the View, Ellen or even Tyra where she should feel right at home.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen this???? Romney endorses Obama!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Oprah, so I don't really know how her show is structured, but why not have Palin on? Wouldn't it be a perfect opportunity to ask the questions that the MSM won't ask, and expose her for the extremist she is? Or would the spectacle of non-stop booing from Oprah's audience just get Palin more sympathy votes?

Example of a question that Oprah could ask, taken from a comment on another blog: "Ms. Palin you oppose all abortions, even to save the life of the mother. If your daughter’s doctor had told you that her pregnancy is highly dangerous and will result in potentially fatal complications, would you still advise her to carry the baby?"

Anonymous said...

Everything you ever wanted to know (or not know) about SP and where she stands.

Donald said...

FN. I'm diggin' the logo makeover. See you tomorrrow at (Ctrl+D baby)

Anonymous said...

The saga continues

Anonymous said...

I love the new header and may I add, should have had some whip marks on the back, that's real field negro badge of honor.JMO

NSangoma said...

So Sambo beat the Bitch

Originally a story about an indigenous child in colonial India

Americanized to this

field negro said...

"FN. I'm diggin' the logo makeover. See you tomorrrow at"

Thanks fam. I told you Gary has some skills.

Anonymous said...

Hey Feild, we have to give credit where credit is due. Ms. Field came up with the orignial photo idea. I just made it a bit more dramatic and added some fn type. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's just great watchin the dems crap themselves over Palin.....
O's goin down, as he substance, no experience. No matter how hard the press (including Oprah) try to make it go away, they are rapidly losing ground.

BTW....more people gunned down in Chicago last year, than in Iraq. Maybe O should go "talk" to them....

Anonymous said...

"...more people gunned down in Chicago last year, than in Iraq. Maybe O should go "talk" to them...."

Maybe W should stop draining our pockets and our resources and our infrastructures and our communities in order to finance his war to protect Halliburton's profits.

field negro said...

Nice come back to the loof (that's backwards fool, in case you were wondering)there sharon. :)

Bob said...

Maybe a week on The View would equal one hour on Oprah. Unlike other talk shows, Ms. O doesn't pretend to be "news" program. She has her causes & sticks by them.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though Drudge painted her in a corner by planting a story that wasn't true (that of Palin being on the show), which forced O to make the decision. Her show isn't "Meet the Press", where there's supposed to be a semblance of balance. The hate mail that's been on Drudge is staggering. They call her biased, racist, etc. Of course she's biased, but at least openly. She made no secret about her support for Obama, and that's her choice. Contrast this to the very biased Fox news that calls itself "Fair and Balanced". Her viewers aren't forced to like Obama, just as they're not forced to buy the slimming underwear she likes or the books she reads. n

Anonymous said...

"Nice come back to the loof..."

Thanks, it was too easy to pass up. ;-)

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