Monday, September 01, 2008

"Beauty And The Beast."


I know that his "O" ness said to back off the beauty queen, and that attacking her family is off limits. But.....sorry "O" man, I can't just yet. Besides, I am not an Obamaholic, so what you say holds no weight with me. So if you don't mind, I am going to talk about the beauty queen once again.

Now folks, I am not big on rumors and innuendos. For days now, folks have been e-mailing me and commenting on this blog about the rumors surrounding the beauty queen's new baby. The word in the lefty blogosphere was that it was really her daughters baby, and that she was covering it up. Now honestly, I never really believed it. Because you have to believe that if it was true, somewhere in A-merry-ca, there would be a vagina mechanic (otherwise known as an OBGYN) or a nurse, willing to come forward and tell the truth about what really happened. And so far, no one has come forward. So for now, I am going to go ahead and say that little Trig belongs to the beauty queen.

Now what I know is true, is that her daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant, (who is the "baby mama" now bitches?) and mommy was keeping quiet about that too. That is until she felt a need to come forward with the truth. ---Thank you left blogosphere for forcing her hand----Now I saw on CNN today where Bill Bennett and company were outraged that some folks on the left would make this a political issue. We should all follow Obama's lead and leave family out of this, he was saying. Yeah right, like if this was one of the Obama's daughters you mofos would be leaving it out of the discussion. I guarantee that you would have found a way to talk about it. See, we really need to do something about inner city pregnancy. Because not even the Obama's daughter are immune from its effects.

Now I could insert all types of jokes here about the beauty queen, but I won't. Because unlike the scumbags on the right, I am above that type of thing.....okay, okay, the truth is, I haven't gotten any really good jokes just yet, but I am working on it.

Honestly, the more I read about this lady the creepier she seems. For instance, I was shocked to read about her responses to the questionnaire for the 2006 governors race in Alaska. This woman actually believes that the founding fathers wrote the pledge of allegiance. (Thanks for hipping me to this nsangoma). Not to mention her scary ass views on the issue of abortion. Yes ladies, even in a case of rape or incest the beauty queen does not want you to touch that fetus. Most reasonable people, even the ones who are against abortion would agree that in extreme cases, the woman should be allowed to do what she wants to with her body. Not the beauty queen; oh no, she leads by example, and she will be damned if she waivers on her principles. Then there is the fact that she wants our teachers to teach creationism in public schools. Maybe you didn't read that; I said public schools. And, of course, she does not think humans have anything to do with climate change. Sorry A-merry-ca, there is nothing beautiful about this beauty queen. Lord please let Mr. Morton live a long and healthy life like his mama, because if this clown ever makes it to the White House, we will all be in trouble. The fact that the folks on the right are in love with this lady ought to tell you all you need to know. I know Mr. Morton is a little unstable, but I don't think he realized what a lunatic he was selecting as his side kick. ---Hell, he only met her once before for crying out loud.--- How could he have?

But I should stop complaining. Because when "beauty and the beast" gets into the White House I might just have to take an early retirement and blog all day long. I was planning on traveling the world, but with these two clowns in office, blogging should be a lot more fun.

Anyway "O" man, you just keep taking that high road. I am going to keep talking about the beauty queen/church- lady, and let the chips fall where they may. Honestly, there is just so much to talk about with her, and most of it ain't good.
*Thanks for the pic ArtMaggot


Anonymous said...

There but for fortune go you or I.

That said, it is the social conservatives who have brought the discussion of unwed pregnancies and abstinence sex education into public forums. Ever since Roe v. Wade passed, it has been a constant verbal and sometimes even a physically violent public topic. And I have rarely heard social conservatives mince kind words toward so-called welfare moms’ unwed pregnancies and it was almost always with racist overtones.

So now that Palin herself has made this announcement public, she cannot put the genie back in the bottle. It is public. And we, the public, have a duty to relate this announcement to her suitability for the highest office.

Social conservatives -- or should I call them rethuglicans -- ought to eat some humble pie because their public judgements towards others in this kind of situation have been harsh for decades.

Anonymous said...

All of this aside, what does it say about McCain's judgement?

McCain has made his experience the main strength of his campaign. And yet not to have properly vetted this can of worms shows extremely poor judgement. He acted impulsively, some say to challenge Rove who wanted Romney.

Is this the kind of thinking we want at 3:00 AM when the phone rings?

rorysmomma said...

Let him take the high road, and we take the low road. I am tired of white women getting a pass. That chick is the Lynn Spears of the Republican party,and crazy as a bed bug. Family values my ass. Leave your 4 month old special needs child to campaign. I freaked out when I had to leave my baby for a week for my job... It was mandatory. Her campaigning is optional. It is obvious she should have had her ass at home and been a little more present in her children's lives because she isn't a fan of teaching sex education. I hear the baby's daddy is twenty something. You can go after your brother in law because he was divorcing your sister, but you let some twenty something dude bang your daughter...., OK she knew about it, and no one can convince me that she didn't. That woman gives motherhood a bad name.

NSangoma said...

ShaNiqua, Trayvont, ShaQuanda, ...,

Son Track, son Trig; come on now Negroe haters, where yall at on these names?

Or, are these names o.k. because they are white.

Anonymous said...

Even your title is not what you think it is...

... in "Beauty and the Beast" the Beast turns out to be a Very Good Guy (just like BO's opponent.)

 Incognomen said...

I'd love to snark about the pregnant daughter, but I'm too busy being excited that she's getting a shotgun marriage. If there's one old time institution I want to see brought back, it's the shotgun wedding.

Actually, there's more than one, can we bring back lawsuits for "Alienation of affection" and "Breach of promise" while we're at it?

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post headline:

Almost Recalled As Mayor... Directed Fundraising For Indicted Senator's 527... Troopergate Scandal... Calls Iraq A War For Oil... Admits She Hasn't 'Really Focused On Iraq'... Alaska National Guard General: Palin Plays No Role In National Defense... 17 Year-Old Daughter Pregnant...

They didn't mention that her husband has a DUI arrest - but that happened 22 years ago.

Liz Ditz said...

On having a special-needs infant and accepting the VP nomination: What Whitney Hoffman wrote in Sarah Palin as Vice Presidential Candidate and Mom of a Child with a Disability

While I will be one of the first people in line to be empathetic with Sarah Palin and the challenges she faces ahead of her with her son, I think she is deluding herself that she can be both a great mom to a child with a disability and the Vice President of the United States. Heck, most moms I know have enough problems being a mom, holding a job, handling homework, and volunteering with the PTA.

Having a job like Vice President basically is a 24 x 7 type of position. She will be required to sit in the Senate. She will have meetings all over the world. Yes, I have heard of nannies. But her son will require tons of care and attention, consistently, and especially during his early years, to ensure he develops to the maximum of his potential. And I worry that being Vice President means she will miss all of that, or leave it to her other children and/or caretakers to take her place.

On the "Trig is really her grandson" rumors:

My thinking goes something like this: Palin was not a private person during the entirety of her pregnancy -- she was the governor of Alaska, and had a responsiblity to the people of Alaska. In that respect, I found it a bit odd that Palin did not announce her pregnancy until March 5th, 2008.

Trig Palin was born April 18, 2008. The exact degree of his prematurity is unknown, but I believe he was at 35 or 36 weeks' gestation -- not frighteningly early, but he should have been delivered in an advanced - neonatal care hospital.

I also found the circumstances of the several days leading up to Trig's birth to be an indication of Palin's judgment and decision-making style, which is certainly something that the American people should reflect upon.

Let us assume that Trig is Palin's son. The Governor knew in December 2007 that the child she was expecting had Down Syndrome.

Why would an older mother expecting a special-needs baby fly 8+ hours in the 36th week of pregnancy? Andy why would an older mother, expecting a special-needs infant on experiencing amniotic fluid leakage, get on a plane and fly home, rather than going straight to the nearest hospital?

Back in March, when she announced her pregnancy, the thought of actually being nominated as Vice President (and therefore being subjected to the closest possible scrutiny) didn't seem to be really possible to Palin.

I could see the Palin family as a whole sort of falling into the idea of passing off a grandchild as a child. Alaska's a live-and-let-live sort of culture, and it wouldn't have meant much in the big scheme of things.

Now: back to focusing on more substantive things, such as environmental policy, foreign policy, separation of church and state, and access to health care.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Obama. Family is off limit. A persons family especially teenagers should not be used for political gain. But two points. (1) the repugnuts weren't so principled when it came to the Obama's family BS e.g. he's a Muslim and Michelle is a angry Black woman, etc. etc. (2) the issue here is Palin's pro life position. Its great that Palin's daughter is supported by her family. And, the 'Hockey Mom' and her 'hunter husband' have the money to care for there daughters baby. But, thousands of poor Black and Latino teen mothers face the same situation without family help or money. Should the so called Christian right determine that ALL teens regardless of there situation, should have unplanned for babies? Isn't teen sex education another choice? How about it McFraud?

Anonymous said...

And she has now hired an attorney to represent her in Troopergate.

gsutiger2 said...

(who is the "baby mama" now bitches?)

Loves that Field!

Also - How old is the "Baby's daddy”? If he is over 18 shouldn't he be looking at prosecution (don’t know Alaska’s laws)?

Rorysmomma - You are ABSOLUTELY right about white women getting a pass. I am sick of it! The Rethugs on Fox are REALLY trying to spin this.

field negro said...

"... in "Beauty and the Beast" the Beast turns out to be a Very Good Guy (just like BO's opponent.)"

But which one of these two is the beast?

Yes "it's only me", an attorney has been hired. Kinda lets you know that this troopergate thing is serious, doesn't it?

gsutiger, I think the daddy is a twenty something. And now the shotgun wedding.I am not sure about the laws up there in Alaska, but....can you say "Delieverance" anyone?

"Is this the kind of thinking we want at 3:00 AM when the phone rings?"

gwpriester, once again, you have nailed it.

west coast story said...

If Obama was a white man he'd be double digits ahead of McC but he's losing ground even in California. All of his empathy and respect for people who would spit on him is disgusting. I think Hillary was right. He doesn't have the balls for this. If nothing else, he could shut up about it. The public interprets this behavior as weak and wimpy. Stop it already.

This hurricane was a godsend for McC. It reduces the amount of time this lily white party is before Americans and delays putting Palin on the national stage. The pundits are too busy talking about Gustav. All Obama is doing is crying about how he honors Mc's military service instead of putting out an ad about his opponent's judgement. Is biden still in the race?

Why does Obama insist on letting the gop set the agenda so that all he does is react? They should be hammering on Palin's record. Forget about her Laura Petrie hairdo, her pregnant daughter, and all that other bs. She can be nailed on her record but Obama is too busy begging on her behalf. Jesus H. Christ.

Anonymous said...

How about the fact that she went back to work 3 days after the birth of Trig, a baby with special needs. She is so far showing no bonding whatsoever with this child.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama will be fine. People really need to stop watching Fox News, CNN, MSNBC... All those damn polls are stupid. It appears to be driving some folks nuts.

If Obama lose big deal! If he wins great!...We still have two months until Nov. So, McCain and Rove will try every trick in the book to make this race look close or kill Obama off.
If McCain wins that will not change my life. I will still go to work and watch my tv shows every Friday. But I'll have the added bonus of watching McCain start world war III and listen to Fox spin that as good news for America.

Anonymous said...

You won't see a "baby momma" crawl on FNC when they refer to Bristol Palin, even though they dubbed Michelle Obama a baby momma despite the fact that she and Barack were married when Malia and Sasha were born.

Swiff said...

Yo, can you pass the Skittles, Field?

*slurps on big-ass soda*

Anonymous said...

You are 8 months pregnant and your water breaks just as you are about to give a speech. What do you do:
A: Give the speech
B: Go to the nearest Hospital

You are 8 months pregnant, your water breaks, you give a speech (while in labor) What do you do after the speech:
A. Go to the nearest hospital
B. Go to the nearest Airport

Ann Brock said...

Field if Malia Obama were 17 years old and pregnant you can bet your last dollar that McCain and his supporters would latch on to that and depict Malia as a baby mama.

They would paint her as a future welfare queen and an example of the lack of morals of black people in general. Some fool some were would be thinking that is what will happen to all children if he becomes president.

No the Right Wingnuts want to play protect "poor Bristol Palin" and her "brave" parents? Give me a break! What kind of mother subjects her teenage, underage daughter to this kind of media scrutiny just for her ambitions?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

All Granny can say is amen to all of the above. Oh, but there is one thing that a couple of people said that I'd like to say something to, West Coast Story, Obama is no whimp by a long shot, he is very intelligent, and an astute statesmen. Obama knows exactly what he is doing. Didn't he beat Hillary? Didn't he deal the GOP a powerful blow with his speech? Have some faith and believe.

Mary Carter, girl you had me waving my church fan and shouting amen, amen, and amen again. So, did the rest of you. I really agree with rorysmom, let Obama take the high road, but that doesn't mean we have to because "Change doesn't come from Washington, It COMES to Washington. Nothing wrong with the citizens of America voicing their opinion, protesting, and spreading the word. Besides that is our right to question the government.

Anonymous said...

C'on folks--play fair--Not one person has provided anything substantive re: the bs rumor that the Downs kid ain't hers---I mean we can all play tin foil hat nonsense--do the math re: her pregnancy and her oldest daughter's...her kid is hers and daughter is pregnant---isn't the truth about her bad enough ????? No need to make up stuff....

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 8:10 PM:

Have you ever been pregnant before?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:10, it's not a rumor that Sarah Palin gave a speech then flew 8 hours on and airplane then drove 2 more hours in a car 36 hours after her water broke.

As for rumors I've got two words for you, John Edwards.

Jody said...

@anon 8:10.... I would LOVE to discuss Sarah Palin's positions on Foreign Policy, Pakistan, health care, education, rebuilding the infrastructure of this country.... making permanent Bush's tax cuts and a whole host of things that are important to me and the future of this country... problem is... She hasn't said anything about these things! Unlike Obama, Biden, and even McCain, this woman has not had to stand in front of a national audience and take a position on any of these things..... yet. And that is the problem I have with her... that she has not had to deal with these issues in any substantive way. And I am sorry, being the governor of Alaska for less than 2 years is not the equivolent!

Anonymous said...

"in "Beauty and the Beast" the Beast turns out to be a Very Good Guy"

McInsane/Quaylin ain't a Disney Movie, it's a damn horror show...that just turned into a farce!

baatin. said...

i just saw tucker bounds trying to "defend" her international cred. even the cnn broadcaster gave up because he had no answers. question: who is tucker bounds? what is HIS credibility? what is his educational background? unless i'm nuts, i cannot find anything on him on google, which is crazy given that he's mccain's talking boy. anyone know anything?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

anon 8:10 PM:

“C'on folks--play fair—“

Having or exhibiting a disposition that is free of favoritism or bias; impartial. That is what fair means. Was the GOP party fair when they smeared Michelle and labeled her militant, an angry black woman, and unpatriotic? Was the GOP party being fair when they smeared Obama and labeled him a Muslim? Was the GOP party being fair when accused him of being an angry black man, militant, a radical? Was the GOP party being fair when their MSM buddies asked him questions that had nothing to do with the issues, but were prejudice and insulting? Was the GOP party being fair when they showed him outright blatant disrespect? Was the GOP party being fair when they invaded a church and interrupted those people’s worship services? Was the GOP party being fair when they labeled Michelle a "Baby's Momma"? Oh, I could keep on going and going about GOP fairness, but I'll stop there.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander don’t you think? You reap what you sow. Lord knows that the GOP has sowed dirty politics, division, racism, and injustice for 8 long years. People have suffered long enough behind their dirty tactics, crooked, and corrupt ways. They have given the GOP party a bad name with their hypocritical and lying actions. Maybe, you’re pleased with them, I don’t know, but speaking for myself—ENOUGH! They need to be flushed down the nearest sewer

Jibreel Riley said...

Field this picture is hott!!! I feel like Carlton Banks right now... you gotta email this fo-real.

Back to business:

Did Load Messiah Obama Told his subjects to lay off the the Ms Bristol?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Excuse me, but Obama is not the Messiah, he is a presidential candidate, and he should be given the same amount of respect of being called a presidential nominee as McCain has been given. No one has called McCain the devil.

Now, I'm well aware that this is part of the GOP's makeup calling people names. However, enough is enough and Obama deserves the same amount of respect that any other candidate receives.

Anonymous said...

Forget Obama....this is our country too...and beside if this was Obama daughter knock up for the second time, it would be everywhere...and PUMUS people would be call over to get Billiary back into the mix...

Let Obama continue to take the high ride as said before, but I am not and going to get everybody and my family know including the website too look at..

MsShane VP is embarassing and so is her family...They say that this girl is 5 months...yeah right...just throw out a number so the dumb people can count backward and say that the other baby is not here...Give me a fu_king break...

All I know, a woman who water break, goes to the hospital not the airport..Plus they are not allow to let you on a plane...too many hospital between TX and her home.

We the people are not that gullible or are we...Why announce the girl pregnancy today of all days?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I totally agree with you, and especially with these comments.

"They say that this girl is 5 months...yeah right...just throw out a number so the dumb people can count backward and say that the other baby is not her"

"a woman who water break, goes to the hospital not the airport..Plus they are not allow to let you on a plane...too many hospital between TX and her home."

"We the people are not that gullible or are we...Why announce the girl pregnancy today of all days?"

Anyway, more than likely, the daughter for some reason will more than likely have a miscarriage, or the baby will be born premature.

FreeBeing said...

I'm just killing myself with the giggles over this mess.

Being from Alaska, all I can say is, I sure hope the "baby daddy" ain't a brother. We are the poster state for brothers and lighter chicks.

If this baby ends up being a little choclate-y, I have to paraphrase Obama: If Palin wants to talk family values, THAT'S a debate I'd wanna see!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, we didn't have to wait too long for Dobson's take on this.

"Those who criticize the Palin family don't understand that we don't see babies as a punishment but as a blessing. Barack Obama said that if one of his daughters made a mistake and got pregnant out of wedlock, he wouldn't want her to be punished with a child. Pro-lifers don't see a child as punishment.".

"Being a Christian does not mean you're perfect. Nor does it mean your children are perfect. But it does mean there is forgiveness and restoration when we confess our imperfections to the Lord. I've been the beneficiary of that forgiveness and restoration in my own life countless times, as I'm sure the Palins have," Dobson said.

"The media are already trying to spin this as evidence Gov. Palin is a 'hypocrite,' but all it really means is that she and her family are human," Dobson said.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, we didn't have to wait too long for Dobson's take on this.

"Those who criticize the Palin family don't understand that we don't see babies as a punishment but as a blessing. Barack Obama said that if one of his daughters made a mistake and got pregnant out of wedlock, he wouldn't want her to be punished with a child. Pro-lifers don't see a child as punishment.".

"Being a Christian does not mean you're perfect. Nor does it mean your children are perfect. But it does mean there is forgiveness and restoration when we confess our imperfections to the Lord. I've been the beneficiary of that forgiveness and restoration in my own life countless times, as I'm sure the Palins have," Dobson said.

"The media are already trying to spin this as evidence Gov. Palin is a 'hypocrite,' but all it really means is that she and her family are human," Dobson said.

field negro said...

Lawd free, please tell me Kunta didn't run up in de house:)

But seriously, I agree with Jody. I would LOVE to talk issues, but I really don't know her position on squat. Folks, I am going to say this again: She was the mayor of a town of 8,000 people, who did not get a passport until she became governor of Alaska. Is it me, or are the rethugs f*****g nuts?

I don't ever want to hear another rethug talk about Af. Action again.

"question: who is tucker bounds? what is HIS credibility? what is his educational background? unless i'm nuts, i cannot find anything on him on google, which is crazy given that he's mccain's talking boy. anyone know anything?"

I think the rethugs just liked his name:) Let's face it; "Tucker" does have a certain rethug ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Christian front or baby mama drama.......where is Maury or Jerry Springer when we need them...All these lies kept coming out...Luv to be Joe Bisden att...laughing in his living room..My question would be why say that the girl is 5 months in the headline....MSM is a form of brainwashing...why not in the article of the is so a throw off.....My bet she will have the baby at least two months early....

and I doubt McShane knew about the pregnancy as stated...he was just glad that any woman would accept the VP nomination.

Anonymous said...

Field, I call bullshit. I'm no expert, but if there's no baby bump when Sarah's 7 months pregnant and if Today Show's very slender correspondent Natalie Morales can show one after three months...

I'm just saying.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Try this link for Tucker Bounds.

rorysmomma said...

Field, thank you for posting this particular story. I have been reading and laughing about it all day. High road my ass. If john mccain can use the obama girls in a television commercial, that woman's offspring are fair game. Period.

Anonymous said...

Oh! You just wait until I put my jokes about the beauty queen on the I-net. In the most literal sense, I think of jokes by the minute, and I have to force myself to think about something else (too busy to post anything, YET).



rorysmomma said...

Can you say Harriet Meyers? She is going to go away, and soon.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

and this

Jody said...

off topic.... my "crazy mother fucker" comrades (as field calls them) are in full force at the RNC in the twin cities.... Say what you will... they are expressing the rage that many of us feel! Wish I could be there with them.

Mainstream media's take

In the Indymedia coverage, you will get the whole story... seems Amy Goodman was detained along with other media by the cops....

Kellybelle said...

I applaud Barack's decision to be compassionate about this. I really think he is the change politics needs.

I, however, laughed my ass off when I saw Palin is gonna be Granny McCandy.

And that was wrong.

But what did Chris Rock say? Whatever you hate, it will turn up in your family? Promote abstinence only and your daughter will come home pregnant.

Anonymous said...

After hammering Obama's wife and children throughout the campaign the Republicans then was to scream privacy for Palin's family. PRIVACY, MY ASS. The Republicans are utter hypocrites. There is no doubt if Sasha or Malia Obama had gotten pregnant, the republicans would not hestitate to drag her through the mud. PRIVACY, MY ASS.
F****ing Hypocrites these Rethuglicans

Christopher said...

His "O-Ness" can take the high road all he wants because he knows the liberal blogosphere intends to ride McCandy and her scandals until she withdraws her name for VP resulting in the Old Coot's campaign unraveling.

National politics is a bitch.

west coast story said...

All do respect to my critics but Obama lets the gop set the tone and substance of the debate. He is constantly on the defense not the offense and that is not good. if he loses, he can sit back and believe he lost as a gentleman. Maybe good for him, not so good for the country. I thought this race was about the future of the country, not about him. I'm not suggesting he be unethical. How about going after their records now and put them on the defensive. Why is the savings and loan debacle off limits? Maybe Mc did not do anything illegal but there is certainly a judgement issue there. Obama needs to be waaaay more proactive.

SjP said...

"Lord please let Mr. Morton live a long and healthy life like his mama, because if this clown ever makes it to the White House, we will all be in trouble."

I heard that couldn't agree with you more! I've been saying - even before all the pregnant news hit - that something just ain't right with the Palin selection.

I guess I'm an Obamaholic - but, I'm gonna be all over this like white on sea salt. So, sorry Obama, can't let nobody play me like a harp - not even for you. Like I said - SOMETHING JUST AIN'T RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

"we didn't have to wait too long for Dobson's take on this."

Allow me to translate from Bullshit into English:

"Jumping Jehovah on a Pogo Stick did I screw the pooch by convincing Daddy Warbucks to pick this piece of Trailer Trash. He may never listen to my crazy ass again!"

Anonymous said...

Hey yall,

check this new website out......

SjP said...

Oh yeah, read over at Synergistic Pen that the father is 22. Now where I come from they call that statuatory rape even when the sex is consentual. Can't you go to jail for that....

Anonymous said...

and this one too...

Anonymous said...

on the website

they have picture of the baby and Levi (susposed father) and other interesting notes.......

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

West Coast Story:

You got a valid point, and it's something to think about, but for some reason I feel like Obama is laying back, being cool, and plans to hit them with a whammy. He just don't seem like the type of man that acts rashly, he thinks things out thoroughly, before he acts. Obama is a gentleman and smart too. A gentleman can be a person's worse foe. People usually underestimate them.

McCain is brutish and rash. You ever heard that saying " All brawns and no brains"? McCain is using Rove and Hillary's tactics. His game plan is easy to figure out because it's nothing new. It's the same ole tired game plan.
Nevertheless, sometimes if you give a person enough rope they'll hang themselves.

Palin is an unknown and you best believe that the Democrats are doing some digging into her background. The Republicans are not too happy with his pick of her either. Behind close doors they are having a hissy fit.

Unknown said...

The question remains...
What kind of judgment does she have to put her own ambitions before her child's life? By taking this position knowing what her daughter was going through, means that she CHOSE to say forget you Bristol, Momma wants this!
Knowing that her family would be scrutinized when her troopergate issues and hubby's DUI or DWI (whichever one it was) issues came out, She CHOSE to say forget you family, just shut up and get behind me because Momma wants this!

I think her character and judgment is out of whack here! If Old Man Cain dies is this who we want in charge???

EzMun said...

Everything that West Coast Story said above is true. Rather than fielding questions about whether the girl's pregnancy was a campaign issue, the Obama camp could have controlled the conversation with pointed and focused attacks on McCain's judgment for selecting the mom. That way they get the juice from seeming compassionate about the girl's privacy while painting McCain as the imbecile for putting the girl's business out on front street by picking her mom as VP.

Two birds killed in one smooth stone. I gotta say, I thought the Denver speech was the beginning of a revamped and harder hitting Obama. I don't like how they are squandering political opportunity... not at the girl, McCain for his lack of judgment (he claims to have know... thought I have trouble believing he knew the girl was pregnant) AND also for Palin for accepting the gig, knowing that the thing that her daughter needed now was privacy and space and not a national media out to shine light in every dark corner. This issue, while private to the kid, is about poor judgment on McCain and Palin's behalf... Obama/Biden are letting this one slip... and frankly this is exactly the reason why Democrats have not mustered the will the win an election in 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Field you are one cool dude. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

Thanks Hommie

L.A. Dogg
Aka Los Angeles Dogg

LACoincidental said...

I think O and Joe are playing this right -- give the Repthugs enough rope to hang themselves.

Between her faux pregnancy and leaving her sick infant to play Ed McMahon to McCain's Carson is just the beginning. This is typical republicanism, they scream quotas and PC actions are evil -- but go out of their wave to pick the most inept, ignorant jackasses for the sake of diversity. For every Condi Rice and Colin Powell, the rethugs are literally overflowing with Alan Keyes, Armstrong Williams, Alberto Gonzalez, HArriet Meyers, J.C. Watts and Starr Parker -- incompetent, under qualified goobers who happily serve as the window dressing for the GOP. Say what you will about the Dems and even the Greens -- Black people and women this ill-equipped don't typically make it beyond the local school board. There are plenty of women and minorities on the center-left that the Dems and the Greens don't have to turn over rocks just to find a brown person or the owner of a vagina to run for office. (Okay, maybe the Green Party has to scrounge a little.)

In the GOP, they're given plush commentators gigs or (worse) put into the halls of Congress. This of course is made clear by Barak Obama, for the GOP, if you're in trouble, you're on your own.

This is the same party that thought that Alan Keyes had a chance against Obama in 2004 and pick Clarence Thomas for the Supremes.

So good for McCain for putting a woman on his VP slot. Too bad that said woman's only qualification was being able to produce a small litter and still look hot in a Bikini and Fur coat.

pjazzypar said...

Field I read you daily. This is really getting interesting, but I hope you are wrong about a McCain/Palin win. This would be scary because Palin could potential be President. McCain looks like he has already been embombed, he just needs to lay down somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The Dems have not mustered to win an election in eight yrs because the votes were stolen.

I agree with Obama to an extent that this is a private issue but we all know if it were his daughters the sterotyping would be ruthless.

I think she will withdraw her nomination because of all the issues, even on the gossip blogs they are saying it is not D.S. but Fetal A. Syndrome. She needs to handle these matters privatley.

McCain and his group have truly shown that they are "not ready."

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, I have a take on this over at Jack and Jill Politics. "Beware the Double Standard".

Have a look-see and let me know what you think.

Bob said...

I'll grant Bristol her privacy. She & her baby will be well cared for. But I will keep saying any high school student should be able to get free condoms at the school nurse's office (at least) in complete confidentiality. There should be a dispenser by the door, they can just reach in & take a few. Stop kidding ourselves with "chastity pledges" & abstinence BS.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

If my memory serves me correctly, just a few blogs ago, we were having a heated discussion about too many "Baby Mommas" "Teen Pregnancies", and that seem to be a issue with MSM and the GOP, because they were black "baby mommas". Too many teen pregnancies...

Fox New was ragging our children left and right for having no morals and lack of parenting role models. Oh, and their favorite oreo Jessie Lee Peterson was talking about "baby mommas" like they had crawled out the gutter.

Oh, but now the tables have turned, and all of a sudden, it's a private family matter. She made a mistake. It has nothing to do with parenting. She has problems just like any other family has. It makes her human.

Okay, but black teenagers didn't make no mistake. Nah, they just lack morals and their parents are not raising them right. They don't have proper role models. Excuse me, but do I detect a double standard here?

BTW, I know a young man named Levi, he is black though. I would be shocked beyond belief if it turned out to be him. He does travel alot. If it turns out to be him, the governer can hang it up, because Granny is gone be the one to break the camels back. Lord forgive me, but I shouldn't be praying that it turns out to be the Levi I know.

Granny tiptoeing away from the computer to go pray. Be back shortly.

EzMun said...

It appears that the blogosphere is unearthing the truth... that the baby is really the daughter's. Check this site, apparently with pictures and all (including Governor Palin). This stuff is rich, rich, rich.

And now we know what all the race to disclose was... to cover up the original lie told to countless people, including the synchopants in the mainstream media, that the baby was Sarah Palin's when they knew it was the daughter's.

Whether her daughter is again pregnant, is unknown to me. What I can say is that the evidence that I've seen tends to suggest that the baby is really the girl's and not Sarah Palin.

The site:

Anonymous said...

Obama said to back off because he doesn't want or need to be involved with this. Besides, why shoot your opponent when he's commiting suicide? This story will take care of itself. The National Enquirer and the left wing blogs are already on it. There's blood in the water and they will follow it to it's conclusion whatever it is. That's the best way. The Fundies may love her, but everyone else is saying "what the fuck?". Not even white trash want white trash in the WH. And McCain now looks like an even bigger idiot.

EzMun said...

Anon, I suppose the O-man can say anything he wants. The issue to me is not wether the daughter's pregnant now or in the past... it's the judgment of McCain in selecting this woman to go through this mess knowing the she had a pending investigation against her and a recently or currently pregnant teenager. This is reckless judgment to be sure. But if we all do as Obama instructs and lay off family and this story about whose baby this is, we miss out in the very political issue of candor and credibility of the morality police/Republican Party.

The Repugs trumpeted this woman's pro life stance, ethics reform in the one a half years as governor, the clean up of bad actors in the Alaska state house. Now it turns out that most of that isn't true... the she burned through money as mayor of the little town leaving it $22 million in debt when there was no debt when she started, she actually said "yes" to the bridge to nowhere, before she said "no" ... or before "no" was said to her, the whole incredible story of going into labor and then flying 11 hours and then driving an additional hour allegedly to have this baby... and now no one is suppose to question the truth of this because the O-man wants to live in this lily white world where there aren't angry Rethugs ready and waiting to sink a knife into his back politically and actually... Man please.

The truth of the baby's parentage is legit news if evidence exists that the baby may not be Sarah Palin's... and apparently from the site It appears that the blogosphere is unearthing the truth... that the baby is really the daughter's. Check this site, apparently with pictures and all (including Governor Palin). This stuff is rich, rich, rich.

And now we know what all the race to disclose was... to cover up the original lie told to countless people, including the synchopants in the mainstream media, that the baby was Sarah Palin's when they knew it was the daughter's.

Whether her daughter is again pregnant, is unknown to me. What I can say is that the evidence that I've seen tends to suggest that the baby is really the girl's and not Sarah Palin.

And apparently from the site:

it appears that Sarah P's story is not true.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

anony 10:59:

Hmmm...if it turns out to be Fetal A Syndrome instead of downs syndrome, that would mean that someone was drinking plenty of alcohol while carrying that baby. Shaking my head.

The daughter is only 17 years old and if she is the mother,then she was involved in underage drinking as well as premarital sex. However, if Palin is the mother that means that she knew better than to be drinking being that she is an older adult and she was being reckless and irresponsible while carrying that baby. Yup, it's worth digging to find out the truth.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Let me add one more thing to my last post. That, also, means lack of parent supervision if it is the daughter. Fetal A Syndrome makes it a whole different ballgame, because alcohol is added into the equation.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I just wrote about this issue on my blog. Palin needs to step down and McCain needs to lose. The lack of judgement of his pick and her accepting blows my mind.

None of these fools were putting country first. I could give a flying fu*k about Palin jacked up family. But when someone campaigns as the "family values" candidate and wants to past judgement on other people then their own freaking house should be in order.

NSangoma said...

will most definitely get the bruh-man vote:

will most definitely get the moose-meat eating vote:


field negro said...

You all are all over the beauty queen like flies on s**t. DAMN!!!

granny, you are so right about the double standard. I remember those discussions too, about irresponsible urban dwellers having all sorts of illegitimate children.

George, I am waiting for those jokes; please feel free to post them here :)

exmun, you are so right. I mean I love the juicy stuff, but at the end of the day this is about judgement. And I am going to check out that site you gave.

"Between her faux pregnancy and leaving her sick infant to play Ed McMahon to McCain's Carson is just the beginning. This is typical republicanism, they scream quotas and PC actions are evil -- but go out of their wave to pick the most inept, ignorant jackasses for the sake of diversity.."

Preach cl, preach!!

ernesto, did Dobson really say that? What a f*****g asshole! And I love the translation someone else gave.

Thank you LA Dogg, I have mad love for Cali. Keep holding down out there.

jody, just like I said, your peeps are some crazy ass mofos, but I love it:)

christ. prog. I will check out that post over at Jack & Jill.

Anonymous said...

Bet she won’t be spitting babies out like a freaking pez dispenser or on welfare taking money out of my check for the next twenty years!!!!

Bet she KNOWS the baby daddy….lol

Still wont to talk family's????

Sharon from WI said...

Why is McCain referred as "Mr. Morton"? Is it because his hair is white like salt, as in Morton Salt?


Anonymous said...


The information on Sarah Palin is coming out in a gradual fashion. The RNC has not even begun their spinning and framing. Just wait. I think the real creative stuff has yet to come.

I honestly think they planned ahead for all this.

We may hear something like, "Yes, we make mistakes and we take full responsibility for them"...and..."if you mistakes you can make responsible choices too..." etc.

NSangoma said...

BabyDaddy exposed:
an 18-year-old self-described "f---in' redneck,"

vdubjb said...

Someone on another forum said it first. "There's a lot of pipe being laid in Alaska, unfortunately, most of it is going into Bristol Pallin"

gsutiger2 said...

1. Interesting how they broke the news during the Hurricane.

2. I think the Obama camp is doing just right. It is a strategic move on their part.

3. Do you REALLY think the McCain camp would admit to NOT knowing the girl was pregnant? Especially since they only met Palin once? I DEFINITELY wouldn’t admit it to the public.

gsutiger2 said...

Also, whats the deal with the McCains hiding the adopted daughter? Is it because of her age or choice? Just wanted to know the reasoning behind it.

NSangoma said...

Septober Surprise!!

Christopher said...


Come see Intrade's take on McCandy.

They have her withdrawing before the election. They also predicted Biden would be Obama's VP.

Like I said somewhere, McCandy will be hitchhiking back to Alaska on Ted Stevens' "Bridge to Nowhere" by Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the age of consent in Alaska is 16, so no, it's not statutory rape, this time. Last time it may have been.

I agree with Bob Herbert, who writes in today's New York Times, "Here’s the deal: Palin is the latest G.O.P. distraction. She’s meant to shift attention away from the real issue of this campaign — the awful state of the nation after eight years of Republican rule. The Republicans are brilliant at distractions. Willie Horton was a distraction. The chatter about gays, guns and God has been a long-running distraction. And we all remember the Swift-boat campaign."

The same may be said about her daughter. It's a distraction from the real issues, but only if we allow it to be.

gsutiger2 said...

I guess Cindy's half sister isn't too happy.

Lady Grey said...

When the oil pipeline was being built in Alaska in the late seventies, around Fairbanks everyone was talking about how they wouldn't have to ever pay taxes. In contrast, Alaskan "natives" were second class citizens, with segregated study areas at the University of Alaska, in a native arts program promoted by actor Vincent Price. Alcoholism was high, housing was discriminatory, and rights were constantly being compromised.

So let's talk about Palin's Alaska--demographics and conditions in Alaska, and how it's not like Pennsylvania, or Michigan or West Virginia or New Mexico. How state and local problems compare and what experience government officials bring to solving those problems. How about a look at the state budgets, ( incomes and expenses)and levels of poverty, unemployment,living conditions. Let's compare Alaska's Innuit to Alaska's other impoverished populations, and to the middle and upper class, sources of state incomes, personal incomes for all Alaskans including native americans. Let's look at the Alaska Governor's positions on the 9,000 Gwich'in make their homes along the Yukon and Porcupine Rivers of the Arctic, scattered throughout 15 villages in northeast Alaska, Let's look at Anchorage compared to Newark... to Philadelphia compared to Fairbanks, to DC compared to Juneau.

Noone is bothering to inform or contextualize the info from Alaska. And you know the Repubs won't.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the republicans will do. I listened to Morning Joe today, and they mentioned that if the NY Times and LA Times keep hammering the story about Palin's teenage pregnancy daughter, it could have backlash and cause people to hate the media. However, it's the media's job to report the news and if Palin had made the announcement first before the media getting their hands to the news, then it may not have been a problem.

I think it tarnishes their issues and it also puts into questions that birth control and family planning may not be a bad idea.

McCain is already going after Obama and his interview with Anderson Cooper about Obama having a staff of 2,500 people and a budget of $36MM for the month compared to Palin managing 50 town employees and a budget of $12MM for entire year. Have you ever noticed McCain takes everything personally?

Jody said...

@hennasplace... I would have shot back that is the difference of repubs and demos... McCain's happy she only employing 50 people whereas Obama is employing 2500.... who is gonna bring back jobs for the workers? hhmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother Field:

Let me start by thanking grannystandingforth for hitting the nail on the head. You are so right sister, black children having babies are just immoral, but white children having babies "just made a mistake." What a mean and mean spirited country we live in.

Field I have sat back in the fields for awhile cause you know where I am coming from on the whole bourgeosie elections thing. But it sure is entertaining, meanwhile our children and their children and Iraqis are dying in Iraq, ditto Afghanistan. Universal health care is still off the table and with little hope of a decent livliehood folks are still mistreating one another in the hood, nodding on the corner,or in the suburbs suffering in silence...

Did you or anyone else catch the 20/20 show entitled Babyland about all the black infants dying before they turned one years old. Scary and sad stuff but as one of the old white doctors pointed out it is happening in epidemic proportions because they are black and those with the ability to do something about it don't care.

And Sarah Palins daughter is having a baby out of wedlock. Obama is partly right it is a personal thing it doesn't say anything about her ability to lead but my problem is with her politics. What most of us fail to realize is that all the presidential talk is overblown as Bush has proven over and over this thing US imperialism runs itself the president is a mere figurehead.

But in the meantime this other stuff sure is entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Palin said she'd FORCE her own daughter to have a rapist's baby.

So, tell me, woman -- did your daughter mean to drag your good name through the muck, or is that a rapist you're forcing her to marry?

(just how many girls want to have sex their first time? I'd wager not many conservative "out of wedlock" girls want it...)

You want responsible, I'll give you responsible: If I was to bear a baby (in a country without legal abortion), and I knew that within five years, the baby would be blind, and within ten, dead -- I'd kill it. Bash it's fucking head in. Because, that's responsibility. If you can't give a child a good life, then don't fucking make one.

Damn lady is against contraceptives too.

Anonymous said...

In the last 24 hours, we have learned this woman:
1. wanted to ban books when she was mayor.
2. was a member of a secessionist group - even sent a video message to their convention THIS YEAR.
3. Thinks the founding fathers wrote the Pledge of Alliegance.
4. has a 17 yr old unwed pregnant teen daughter that will be having a shotgun wedding soon.
5. headed up a PAC for indicted Sen. Ted Stevens
6. lied about being Miss Congeniality in the Miss Wasilla Pageant.
7. Did support the Bridge to Nowhere.
8. Her foreign policy experience is proved by the proximity of Alaska to Russia.
9. McCain is obviously in the early stages (or the peak) of dementia.

Not God Bless America...God HELP America.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

anon 7:49 am:

We sure can talk family. First of all, I guess you were sleep or out of the country, or isolated from civilization, because "The Welfare Queen" was a myth.

I get so tired of uninformed people who go by hearsay claiming that welfare is draining their paycheck. Well, let's take a look at just how much they taking out your paycheck. Look at the education, training, employment, and social services in case you don't know how to read a chart.

BTW, most young black mothers have jobs. The only folks at home in black neighborhoods are old people like me,disabled folks, and felons that no one will give a chance too. However, I'm willing to bet if jobs weren't prejudice against them and would hire those felons, they'd be glad to go to work. Blacks have always been the last to be hired and first to be fired. That's apart of the USA's history.

As for Mrs Palin pregnant 17 year old daughter, it says alot if we go by the same measuring stick that was used for black baby mommas. Sorry, but I don't care how they try to spin that one, she must be one of those parents who needs parenting skills and everything else black baby mommas and their families were accused of, because afterall, blacks are HUMAN too.

Oh, BTW, Jerry Springer and Maury show tells a different story about knowing who their baby's daddy is and spitting them out like a dispenser, and it ain't just black folks. So, we need to come up off that prejudice theory that only black folks are guilty of it. It crosses color lines. And Palin's daughter's baby father is a REDNECK by his own admission, and he uses vulgar language and doesn't sound like the happy proud to be dad to me who wants to take on that responsibility. Did Palin threaten to get his parents fired from their job too in order to suggest a shotgun wedding?

Granny will be gone for the rest of the day, I have business to take care of.

RedLipstick said...

Seems like O and crew don't need to touch this at all. Let the people on the blogs, the media and the 527s swift boat the hell out of this!

My number one problem with the Repub party has always been their hypocrisy. And now the party of "family values" has a VP nominee with a clearly jacked up set of family values--now that's irony in it's purest form.

Anonymous said...

...and the Hates just keep on comin'...

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks as if Caribou Barbie has a bit of a... preacher problem:

Does this take Reb'n Wright off the table?

Don said...

This is the best read I've ever read on Palin, and I've searched everywhere online for information on the woman that hardly anyone really knows anything about. Since I don't see McCain winning the election I wouldn't be worried.

I will say this - if Obama wasn't running, I'd probably vote for Palin on that picture alone. Serious.

Don said...

I was planning on traveling the world, but with these two clowns in office, blogging should be a lot more fun.

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Time Magazine has an article on Sarah Palin.,8599,1837918,00.html

As a soon-to-be full-fledged librarian, this paragraph caught my eye:

"Stein says that as mayor, Palin continued to inject religious beliefs into her policy at times. "She asked the library how she could go about banning books," he says, because some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them. "The librarian was aghast." That woman, Mary Ellen Baker, couldn't be reached for comment, but news reports from the time show that Palin had threatened to fire Baker for not giving "full support" to the mayor."

Baker later resigned. It would seem that the {ahem} "maverick," libertarian flavor of the old Alaska has given way to the Christian brand of neo-conservatism.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting pose chosen for the family picture, particularly for Bristol. The odd placement of the light fixture above her head was also a clue.

Open your eyes, people!!! We are through the looking glass here!!!

Lola Gets said...

Ok, perhaps, perhaps we should stay out of politicians families lives...perhaps...(abstinence only education does not work!). But I do think that Obama-ites, and left leaning folk should point out that this is exactly what the Pro-Choice movement is all about - the right to make choices about our bodies'productivity.

Its obvious that that poor teen did not recieve the education and supplies necessary to prevent a pregnancy, but if she wants to have a baby, that her choice and he right! THATS what talking heads should be focusing on.



Hathor said...

I am beginning to think Palin threw her daughter under the bus, in order to divert attention away from the rumors about Trig. Is her daughter really pregnant?

field negro said...

sharon, Mr. Morton because he is always salty.

"I will say this - if Obama wasn't running, I'd probably vote for Palin on that picture alone. Serious."

don, admit it, you are a dog :)

What's up Lola? Did you get a new car yet?

miranda, I think that list will keep growing.

mellaneous, get your popcorn, this should be fun. Are you voting this time around?

vanishing point said...

McCain picking Palin is his 3am phone call and I am sorry, I just can't stop laughing at this disaster.
The Beauty Queen is an insult to all women everywhere, and I wouldn't be surprised if McCain has the hots for her;-) and that's why he picked her.

The look on Cindy's face as she sneered at Palin's family was priceless.

Field, this post is on target, funny, and I love the comments too.

west coast story said...

I don't believe the US government blew up the twin towers and I don't believe Palin's daughter had a child in April and is faking a pregnancy now. I must say, the right knows the left well. We will spend forever gossiping about this baby or that baby and just forget to discuss that Palin is being investigated for malfeasance in office, that she supported the bridge to nowhere, that she belonged to a group that wants to secede from the Union, that the city she was mayor of had a population equal to 2% the size of the staff of the Obama campaign, that being next door to Russia is no farking qualification for experience on forgeign affairs. Why in hell aren't we ragging on this woman for all those issues instead of a perfectly lascivious speculation about who had what baby when. Yes, it goes to family values but there's enough in her record to hammer her with.

I found a link last week on the Daily Kos that lists all of Obama's legislative accomplishments, which are many Let's stand that up against what she's done. Let's talk about the real issues, fer crying out loud. There just isn't enough beef to keep up on this baby mama stuff. It makes the left look as silly as the right when they go off on their manufactured outrage of the day about the left. The baby mama discussion is a distraction to keep us from talking about the real issues. So let's not let the right control the dialogue in this campaign, AGAIN.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

West Coast Story:

Girl, don't worry, we gone talk about the real issues,
but we, also, gone talk about the baby momma deal as well, because it's part of the GOP's signature "Family Values". This baby issue is an issue, because it has something to do with the honesty and integrity of McCain's pick for VP. If this woman has lied about a baby to cover up her daughter's pregnancy, she'll cover up corruption in the White House. I don't know about you but enough corruption is enough in the White House.

west coast story said...

Sigh. Okay, Granny. :-)