Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Poor Fatimah Ali, she is a columnist here in Philly, and she took on the 2 million hits a day man, also known as Matt Drudge, and lost. Drudge, that slimy little rethuglican cretin, who looks like he doesn't wear anything under his trench coat and flashes little school girls, distorted a post by Ms. Ali, and posted it on his site for all the world to see. He flashed the headlines that Philly writer predicts race war if Obama loses (or something like that) and caused all hell break loose for the poor lady. Every racist in A-mery-ca was flooding her inbox with nasty and threatening e-mails.

The truth is, Ms. Ali actually wrote about a race AND "class" war in trying to sum up the mood of the country. ( "If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness - and hopelessness!") But of course Sludge being Sludge, only chose to write about the race part of her editorial. An editorial, by the way, which I happened to disagree with. Not because I don't think there should be a race and class are against the mofos in power, but because most A-merry-cans are too happy and dumb to give a fuck. Poor black and white people who should be uniting around each other, and fighting for common goals, allow slick politricksters to divide them along racial lines to serve their own best interests.

So anyway, now the poor woman has been forced to write this:

"AT LEAST 2 million readers visit DrudgeReport.com daily, and, for the last two weeks, it seemed like most of them were steamed at me.

Thousands of hostile messages flooded my e-mail after my Sept. 2 column that the Daily News called "We Need Obama, Not 4 More Years of George Bush."
Drudge cleverly headlined it: "Philadelphia columnist warns if McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race war."

I stand by the column - but after all of that backlash, I realize I was dead wrong. We don't have to wait until after the election for a race war. We're in one now.
I know that putting the words "race" and "war" together is like hurling an incendiary device. But I wasn't issuing a call to arms, it was a metaphorical prediction.

I hate violence, but I do see a growing wave of intolerance sweeping the nation. And most of the responses were hostile, like one from someone who identified himself as Dennis Van Pelt: "Obama runs like a porch monkey in Alabama during a KKK concert." But, not all white Southerners feel like Dennis. Russ Nelson wrote: "I am a white male who was proud to cast my vote for Barack Obama in the Alabama state primary. He inspires me!"

Nelson sounds more like the liberal whites I grew up with in West Mount Airy, a community that pioneered integration in Philadelphia and kept me wearing rose-colored glasses. I didn't personally experience racism until I was 40, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks...'

The recent onslaught of hate mail I received is a cruel reminder that racism is a like a simmering pot ready to boil over. But it's diametrically opposed to what democracy should represent.

I move in diverse circles and was raised in an upper-middle-class family with parents who exposed us to a wide range of experiences. My family includes several races and religions and a range of political views.

But from what I've been seeing lately, including the reaction to my column, the racial, economic, cultural and religious divides are getting wider. Most of the 2,000 negative responses used language so foul my ears curled...."

More here.

Ms. Ali, I know a little about Mt. Airy; it is one of the most beautiful and diverse communities in A-merry-ca. But Ms. Ali, you ain't in Mt. Airy anymore, you are in A-merry-ca now, and there won't be any race war. The only wars that are being faught are being carried out by people like Drudge and the folks at FAKE NEWS. They are fighting against truth, and they are hoping that the rest of A-merry-cans will stay blind and never see it.


Anonymous said...

As a veteran journalist, Ms Ali should have known, in the feverish pitch of today's sound bytes and the hot and heavy racial climate of today's politics of race, that most anything that has the words "race," "class," and "war," in one sentence, would elicit outrage and be completely distorted. I am not suprised by what the Drudge(ry) man has done. We certainly can expect more of the same for the conservative conservatives that linger and wait in anticipation of any and all things inflamed.

Anonymous said...

clarification on my ^^ post:

"... any and all things that can be inflammed."

Kellybelle said...

I'd just clicked on to the link to her follow up column from Drudge. The responses she received make me shake my head.

Barack's run is really making America's ugly come out. 45 yeas and a day to the date that racists blew up a church and killed 4 innocent little girls, how can that much hatred still exist?

What don't these people have that makes them so angry? No matter what category you breakdown--health, income, education--whites generally come out on top. So where is the anger coming from? Why turn it toward Blacks? Why not get pissed at Bush, with his Ivy League education, ranch, baseball team, businesses, etc? Or McCain and his million dollar marriage?

I'm not talking about all white people, of course. But the way some people are responding to the idea of a Black president--you gotta admit, there have to be some deep psychological problems if they see every step forward as an attack against them.

Hawa Bond said...

Racist Whites with serious personal integrity and psychological problems use Blacks as scapegoats for their own shortcomings. As Deacon Blue (of the Holy Shit blog) and I discussed, if all Blacks left America, Whites would discover that the enemy is within them and quickly start preying on one another.

I believe that class will play an equal or greater role in deciding the next POTUS.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what those folks that wrote Ms. Ali are gonna do when their Jesus comes back and he looks just like Pacman Jones before he cut his dreds.

Jody said...

For white America, this election will be telling. If we dont elect Obama, given the current failures in both foreign and domestic policies of the republicans,then Iam going to be profoundly, deeply disappointrd. This election thus far has given me hope that maybe, just maybe, there are more white folks that reject this racist crap than those who want to perpetuate it. We shall see. I still want to believe.

? said...

I believe that class will play an equal or greater role in deciding the next POTUS.

Racial and ethnic divides run deeper than class divides and not just in this country. I understand what she was trying to say but a race and class war is terribly unlikely given the underclass have more racial animus than most.

field negro said...

"I wonder what those folks that wrote Ms. Ali are gonna do when their Jesus comes back and he looks just like Pacman Jones before he cut his dreds."

Tell Jesus that they just cut THEIR dreads.

"..understand what she was trying to say but a race and class war is terribly unlikely given the underclass have more racial animus than most."

Classical one, that's a great point.

"I believe that class will play an equal or greater role in deciding the next POTUS."

But hawa, isn't that dangerous? Especially given the fact that so many uneducated and easily manipulated voters are from...ahem, "red states".

Anonymous said...

In order to have a Race War you have to have people smart enough to realize they are being offended. In this case both the Whites and the Blacks that might throw the first punch are watching the NFL and losing their jobs. No time for a Race War everyone is worrying about losing their house.

brotherkomrade said...

Class war in AmeriKKKa?

Sheeeeit, if you sellin', I'm buyin'!!

While I'm thankful that my sister's lights JUST got turned back on, River Oaks, Westheimer, and the more "higher tax-base areas" in H-Town have been enjoying power much earlier than she - a single mother with three kids who live in an area that was slated as "non-mandatory" for evacuations and did not see one FEMA truck in her gassless (gotta drive to GET to the FEMA lines that snaked for a mile or so) area since the storm ended. Luckily, the weather was unusually cool for early September in Houston.

So class war? This country needs one. Big time.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I just wonder if and how long Fake News, etc. will keep stirring the pot of hate if/after Barack is elected.

Anonymous said...

If she left out "race" and just went with "class" the wingnuts wouldn't have touched it. Race war is good for their divide and conquer strategy. Class war makes them a wee bit nervous.

Anonymous said...

Seems the re-thugs are all ready enjoying their own race and class war in Iraq when you look at who joins the military -- and it aint the Duke Lacrosse team -- they recruit poor kids of all colors, southerners, urban blacks and latinos then ship them off in substandard gear to get their heads and/or limbs blown off while the GOP class rakes in the proftis off their no-bid government issue contacts. My friend's kid in CO returned from Iraq where his detail was guarding Halliburton trucks in convoys driven by guys making 5 times what he made. There's a race/class war nobody even looks at.

Anonymous said...

Race war...maybe....Class war...never gonna happen even though there needs to be one. Too many fat fuckers are used to blaming minorities as scapegoats for their miserable lives instead of realizing how the corporations are ruining their lives. Too many working class white people are wrapped up in their perceived skin color privilege to realize they are on the same sinking boat as their fellow people of color. Divide and Conquer strategy at its finest. This "deep" fear of a "black president" is quite unnerving. When working class people of all colors come together, the people who really run this country will truly have something to fear.

Bob said...

Why does nothing about it surprise me? Good for her, quoting responses with names attached. Despite the white sheets & midnight murders, most of the "old" racism had a face. It was upfront. The typical southern racist was proud to be a racist, proud to be photographed spitting on black schoolgirls, jeering at peaceful demonstrators, waving a baseball bat in front a white only restaurant. Northern racists were more hypocritical, saying one thing & doing another. Now most racists are of the northern variety.

Anonymous said...

If you want to kneecap Drudge, play the pervert card. It'll make you think twice about eggs.

Jmee said...

Poor Fatimah, didn't she know that Drudge believes that people who are "cullard" tend to make a mountain out of a mole hill when it comes to politics? We don't seem to count when he talks about the good citizens of the US of A. Maybe it's that 3/5 compromise that makes him ignore our problems and issues.

The fake wanna be Sam Spade reporter needed something to pump up his biased neo-con website, since the Rethugs have done nothing but lie there way through the last two weeks. She was a good fodder for him.

I hope Ms. Ali doesn't let this get her down. Most informed Independents and Liberals could give a shiznit about Fake Sam Spade. Maybe he should trade in the Dashiell Hammett look and get up to date with what's happening in the real world.

We "BROKE" ass folks believe that if Obama doesn't win something is going to happen.

Don't know what but something is.......................

Jhenelle said...

Wow, I feel sorry for Ms. Ali. She merely had a point of view about what is going on in the presidential "race." No pun intended.
I love this blog already, if I didn't have to go to bed now I would read through a few more of your postings. I'll be back in tomorrow.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

All of those people and they do NOTHING to add to society.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I feel for Ms. Ali that her words were taken out of context.

There was a great op ed in the NYTs by Thomas Friedman talking about how much fear and anger is driving this election. McCain, Rove and Co are fueling the flames.

I'm worried about the future.

Anonymous said...

yall were up on druge's tip when he was bashing hillary. hypocrites.

NSangoma said...

As you already know field, the election is in November. Not exactly traditional Negroe rioting weather.

field negro said...

"yall were up on druge's tip when he was bashing hillary. hypocrites."

Really? Link please!

Thanks for stopping in jhenelle, you are always welcome.

bob, you nailed the Northern racist.

r.j., thanks for the link. I knew that clown was a freak. Now I am willing to do some pretty wild s**t myself, but raw eggs?

"Divide and Conquer strategy at its finest. This "deep" fear of a "black president" is quite unnerving. When working class people of all colors come together, the people who really run this country will truly have something to fear."

Preach kat!

Sorry jmee, nothing will happen. As nsangoma said, November is too cool, and Negroes and poor people will have other things on their minds: like getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Anonymous said...

we stupid,uneducated, retards who don't believe the same as ya'll politically aren't worried about ya'll rioting....ya'll are the smart ones....lol you'll tear your own hood up......LMAO

Kup said...

Drudge is a Col. in the Army fighting the War on Thought. I wish their side was losing.

Anonymous said...

Real Clear Politics Wednesday

OH, SHIT!!!!!

Electoral College McCain Obama Spread
RCP Electoral Count 227 207 McCain +20
No Toss Up States 265 273 Obama +8

Anonymous said...

Demwits Doing GREAT Job in Congress!!!

yea, we're going to let you have the White House too.....lol


PRINCETON, NJ -- A new Gallup Poll finds Congress' approval rating the lowest it has been since Gallup first tracked public opinion of Congress with this measure in 1974. Just 18% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, while 76% disapprove, according to the August 13-16, 2007, Gallup Poll.

NSangoma said...

field, the specter rioting Negroes is the least of our problems. If the following is true, dis eoH am knutts:

Munger also asked Palin if she truly believed in the End of Days, the doomsday scenario when the Messiah will return. "She looked in my eyes and said, 'Yes, I think I will see Jesus come back to earth in my lifetime.'"


Anonymous said...

i still thinks it's unbelievable that you can't keep form talking about little ol sara!!!!!

keep up the good work!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: put a name to your inane ramblings--and provide something in the way of proof to support you lunacy.

Christopher said...

Matt Drudge is a real oddball.

A few years ago, it was revealed that he enjoys having sex with eggs.

Please, don't ask me to explain this because I have no idea how this is accomplished but the mind reels at the image of Drudge, nekkid, with a bowl of 3 dozen raw eggs beside him.

Anonymous said...

he eggs you not


Kristin said...

This is so sad, I never understood the fear that some people harbor.

Anonymous said...

Nsangoma, I agree that that's some scary shit, regardless of whether it's coming out of Palin's mouth or anyone else, from the elite to the dirt poor.

I know my Christian brethren and I get knocked on a lot of points of "arrogance," but I think it's the height of arrogance to say you expect or know that Jesus will come in your lifetime when Jesus himself said that no one knows when that time will be but the Father in heaven.

2,000 years ago they thought Jesus' return was just around the corner. Who knows how many years, centuries or millennia we have left.

People who see an imminent end to things are the people who try to "help" along God's plans by accelerating things, and that ain't good.

Becuase IF Jesus DOES arrive in my lifetime, I don't want to be living in a tiny cave near the smoking, nuked out remains of society when he does.

Anonymous said...


I do agree with your seniment that the American people are too stupid to rise and protest. Do you remember several weeks ago when the people in South Korea protested about the safety of beef? More than 500,000 people protested, but we hardly protest about anything. Of course, you might see a few thousand people, but it's not of great significance. It seems with the progress of technology with the use of the Internet, 24-hour cable news, we have become less informed. It's easy to say that I am a liberal or conservative which I still do not know what that means and neither do the people who protest that they are because it's easy. It means we do not have to think outside the box, we can just go with the flow. I see republicans just fall in step with the candidate that they really do not like, but it's their party, and democrats fall in love their candidate as Clinton espoused some years ago.

I remember having a conversation with a black guy who believed that the KKK was endorsing Obama during the primaries. He received an email with the story, but didn't realized that it came from a satrical newspaper in Great Britain. In other words, he was not curious or skeptical about the information he received to verify it was true or a parody.

People are happy in believing what they believe and no evidence no matter how persuasive and disproves that belief, they become more fervent and steadfast. For some reason, people like wallowing in total ignorance with believing in conspiracy theories with the white man is only 6,000 years old and some evil scientist created him in a lab. Or to be fair, how some white people believe that blacks are physiologically and intellectually inferior with some illogical scientific theory that is easily disputed. This information keeps people ingorant and as someone wrote earlier it's divide and conquer at it's finest. In many ways, it's about fear and it will be that fear that will be our greatest enemy.

Anonymous said...

Good Brother Field,
I'm sorry but this just shows you that some good-intentioned, well educated black women(and men) do not get it when it comes to white people.

There is not going to be a race/class war if Obama does not get elected because no matter how bad it gets in America, whites will ALWAYS think they are going better than black people. As long as they keep making sure to announcing the "state of black america" is not looking good, they will always feel that they are doing better than blacks. Hell those racist whites from the midwest( Michigan, Ohio, Penn) are broke as jokes right now but will tell you all day that they are better than a highly educated black person.

Plus, whitey will not war unless he knows he has a 100-1 advantage on whoever he fights. Do you think some band of whites is going to come into parts of DC and start something.. NOPE!!.. They would send the national guard first but they are all in Iraq! And you know black people are not going to take up arms! Hell, look at all those innocent black men who get shot in NY and no one picks up a gun!!

So Fatimah, as well intended as it seems, was mis-educated about who she was dealing with!


jannyd said...

I just find it soo hard to stomach the things we do in God's name. It breaks my heart. These people supposedly follow Jesus, a man who when on earth barely owned anything, united people, counted amongst his best friends prostitutes and lepers, and yet we have the wing-nuts on this 'crusade' to kill everything good in America including its hard earned racial stability.

Christopher said...

...."if all Blacks left America, Whites would discover that the enemy is within them and quickly start preying on one another."

They would just find another scapegoat.

The gays, Mexicans, the disabled, etc.

These people are highly creative in their denial.

Anonymous said...

anon- is so on Black people's dicks he checks this forum several times a day, everyday. I know we are the ish and he/she is so jealous. The devil (CH) always tries to stir the pot

rikyrah said...


Fabulous Voter Registration Diary.

Information about ALL 50 STATES IS RIGHT HERE.

Click on it, please. Share the link. And DIGG it too.


Anonymous said...

I say we deport these White devil lice infeseted crackers to a island. Maybe their is a chance Iran will Nuke them first.

Jmee said...

Christopher said...

...."if all Blacks left America, Whites would discover that the enemy is within them and quickly start preying on one another."

They would just find another scapegoat.

The gays, Mexicans, the disabled, etc.

These people are highly creative in their denial.

So True Christopher, sad but true..

Mike Searches said...

"poor black and white people who should be uniting around each other..." well said. If the poor and middle class would band together and demand health care and demand education and the support system necessary to succeed through the process of obtaining an education and demand it now or face serious consequences, all three brancheof government would listen. Especially if they knew their jobs and welfare were on the line.

Anonymous said...

Will white folks riot if McCain loses?

After all we black folks have already dealt with 43 white dudes.

They're the ones who'll have to make the big adjustment.

Anonymous said...

well, we got a black mayor, black city council, and majority balck electorate I havent seen any race war here, let alone people rising up for better schools, police, social services, trash removal or anything else. that should provide comfort to both sides...

Christopher said...

Will white folks riot if McCain loses?

This "white folk" will riot if Obama doesn't win.

Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

So anonymous,

Where do you live where people don't care about schools, crime and social services?

Christopher said...


I got ahold of McCandy's email account.

Let's send her some 'love.'

Sarah Palin: gov.palin@yahoo.com

west coast story said...

Well, it's not imagination. My posts are disappearing into cyberspace. Oh, well. More bad electronic karma for me.

achoiceofweapons said...

When you speak truth to power You've got to stand your ground. This was a very good post Field Negro! Everybody regardless of race doesn't hate everybody else. But the Demopublicans and Republicrats and the cretins at Faux News will exploit any hate they can find.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field:

I agree with you I don't think not electing Obama will bring about any class or race war. But we will have to have some kind of organized opposition to the direction this government is going or we will all surely perish.

Course you know where I am coming from and its not safe to say those kind of things these days. But the oppressed have got to confront their oppressors in the name of humanity or we are all doomed.

Just an aside, Field I can't wait till this circus (bourgeious elections) are over so we can get back to the practical business of fighting for the least, the left out, and the looked over.

liberation then peace

Anonymous said...

Palin is the symbol of White Whiteness that moved to Alaska to avoid "those people".

You live in a rural area and the TV shows rioters trashing their own neighborhood. It shows Koreans having to bear arms to save their lives and business. It shows the glee of a thug bashing the head of a truck driver with a cinder block.

Many whites have a 'rural legend' of hordes of blacks streaming from the city like roaches. The only way to halt this is extermination.

Never really cared one way or the other on color or ethincity. Until I saw the trucker getting almost killed by dirtbag scum. In that little visual, I found common ground with the rednecks. Then, we have the delightful tale of undermensch murdering the college students and the young couples. Gee, lynching sounds too good for these perps.

Imagine what one must think if you live in a county with less than 1% minority. You can go your whole life without meeting anyone of different hue.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could say that I was surprised by the comments sent to Ms. Ali, but I read this type of vitriol daily on the Web. And I'm not even going to conservative news sites or blogs. I can barely stand to read the comments on Politico because they are so angry and so racist. And I've noticed that it's 100 times worse since Palin was picked.


west coast story said...

Mold: Oh spare me the white fear of the black man. When I was growing up, I got hit with objects, physically assaulted, spit on, and called names (the least of it). White thugs tried to burn my grandmother out of her house. Sorry, I have a limited supply of empathy. And by the way, all the terrorism I experienced was always from white males. For some reason, white females were not threatened by a black girl in pigtails. White men just couldn't stand the sight of me. Judging by a few comments here, nothing has changed all that much.

You act like white people don't kill anyone. Mass murderers and serial killers have one thing in common, they are typically white males, with a few exceptions.

Wonder if this post will survive. Oh, well, if not.

Anonymous said...

Based on a very small sample of my high school classmates from Dallas, I think there are white women who can be just as viciously racist as white men, but they tend to stop at verbalizing it. It's the white men who need to prove their "manhood" by bombing black churches.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I think Sarah Palin is racist. I think she has covered her tracks pretty well on her associations. That is kind of why I asked Field to take a look at the stuff me and some others dug up on her buddy Chryson.

Thanks for the consideration Field!

This is the part that leaves me with little to wonder about Chryson:

"Okay, it appears that web-ak.com is a webhosting company that is owned by this friend of Palin's [mark chryson] . I went to this site and had a look around. Under the links page, we find something called the "Waco Holocaust Museum". Now, note that this is on the links page and is hosted on the same domain. In fact, it appears to be the only thing on the links page on the same domain. At the bottom of this Waco page, there are more links, a big list of them at the bottom. Half the links don't work (archive.org anyone?), but the ones that do work include:

"Seventh Seal" An 'apolitical' history of the Axis (Nazis).

"The Confederate Memorial Association"

"Brasscheck" Appears to be a 9/11 truther site.

"Real History Archives" Assorted conspiracy theories.

"Brood of Vipers" More conspiracy theories.

"Final Conflict" Incoherent website about Nationalism. The page has an article "Did six million really die?"


You want to know more about the Palins? Start looking at the people they associated with, not just the groups she is personally part of. The Palins clearly knew this Chryson (a chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party) guy well enough that she confided in him about nailing the Republican GOP chairman in Alaska.

Chryson was also the chairman and held the meetings in Wasilla for AKIP the entire time Todd Palin was a registered member.

And Chryson is into some scary shit according to his own website.

Anonymous said...

re: uptownsteve

I live in filthydelphia ... FN is NOT a random example of our city's residents ... sorry FN - I can't let anyone get a false view of the city.

Donald said...

anon 5:32a. How could one person NOT BE an random example. Your statement makes no sense. Funny thing about the internet, It allows one person to express him/herself to...well...the world. To engaged in discussions with many different thinkers. How random is that?

Anonymous said...

west coast story,

I wrote the post to give readers a taste of the thoughts roaming around the rural areas of the US. Being a 'pass for' gives me entrance to areas closed to little pigtailed AfAms.

Palin reaches out to these folks as she is truly one of them. Alaska is very white, as are other areas of the US and many prefer it that way. I used the examples to bring out the views of those who may not be racist but can't abide the thought of having neighbors like the rioters.


Anonymous said...

Correction: Drudge flashes little school boys.