Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Show And Tell.

What the hell is wrong with us? (And when I say us I think you all know who I mean. I am not talking about the Field family) When I see stories like this, I really have to wonder about the heartlessness and crass depravity of some people.

Lamar Anderson has got to get the award for the worst parent ever. I am always imploring brothers to try to keep their families intact and stay home and raise their children, but when I see stories like the one here I seriously have to reconsider my position. This poor child would have been better off if his moron of a father was nowhere near his home. I usually don't like DHS to step in and take over people's lives, but this is a case where I would get on the phone and call DHS my damn self.

Are you kidding me? A second grader brings pot to school? I know Philly teachers are used to seeing all kinds of crazy shit, but I guarantee you that even this poor jaded soul was shocked by what this student brought to show and tell. Thank goodness one of the little guy's classmates didn't have the no snitch mentality ( I guess he was too young), and told his teacher about the good collie weed floating around the jungle gym --a whole bag no less--. What a mess!

But it gets better. When they went to the little guys home the police found weed and crack cocaine. Nice. Jamal, what do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a pharmaceutical salesman, just like my daddy.


? said...

Some people truly should not be able to have children. An unfortunate kid like this faces a double a whammy, a bad genetic profile from the father and a bad environment to reinforce it.

Swiff said...

Hey yay eee yay

Smoke weed everyday.

(and this type of news story pops up every once in a while, the ones where the cousins let the toddlers they're babysitting smoke blunts are way worse)

rainywalker said...

Sick people in this world Field and each day it seems people try to out do each other and children die.

Jody said...

What a moron!

I personally have nothing against the herb and think it should be decriminalized (and no! I don't smoke it).... but, just like you should keep alchohol, guns, and other things that can endanger your child, so should you keep your damn stash put up and away!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Field, I guess you'll have to suck it up and get a new connection.

Lol, just joking.

field negro said...

"I personally have nothing against the herb and think it should be decriminalized (and no! I don't smoke it).... "

Jody, don't tell me you are going Bill Clinton on me. :) Hey, I know I am from the "rock", but I don't smoke the good collie weed either....

Swiff, why do you strike me as a smoker? But it's not even about the weed. This is just what the poor kid could grab to go to school. What if he had swallowed some of the crack in daddy's house?

field negro said...

"Field, I guess you'll have to suck it up and get a new connection.

Lol, just joking."

See, these are the types of jokes us Jamaicans have to endure.

I owe you one kit..

Anonymous said...

I SWEAR TO YOU THIS IS CREEPY. Seriously, this kind of Obama obsession has to stop!!!

Bob said...

I've known a lot of parents who smoked doob, in the bedroom or socially, never bothered me except once, about 20 years ago. A couple I was visiting, friends of friends, a small gathering, had their stash in a can on their coffee table, rolled one & lit up in front of their daughter, who was about 5 at the time. This really ticked me off. I refused the joint, excused myself & left. But I was at a loss how to react. I know people that grew up in homes with all kinds of serious dysfunction. But here was this suburban couple in their comfortable living room, with control over their environment, oblivious to what they were doing.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Chairman Mao(10:55p.m.), how is that any different from praying to George Bush?

Anonymous said...

There's a case near here of a mother who stuffed her stash inside the little guy's socks and his feet were hurting him during playtime at school. Then he gets to go stay with whatever relative is in the mood to take in his imbecile mother's brood of kids while she goes to jail with some pamphlets about effective parenting covering her face during the perp walk... To own certain pets you need a permit but any old set of genitalia can go around calling itself mom or dad...As a repeat offender Dad 6 times you could tell me I suck at anything else but don't let it be

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Another example of kids raising kids. Sad! Kids learn what they see. Some parents need their butt kicked. Did you know that Queen Victoria smoked weed, a fact that is documented? She did it for medical purposes. Does that sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

I hear ya field bout the irresponisble parent and all with that rocky moble, but I you know half of the peeps reading this blog are holding a bag of weed themselves.

That weed looked like some fire shit too!!!

Ms B. =) said...

As an educator there is always a gut-wrenching feeling as well as many question that linger after I report anything! How did the parents react? If, negatively will they take it out on the child? What is going to happen to the child? How about my other students were they affected? Does my school have adequate services so that my other students can if necessary speak to someone outside of the classroom regarding the issue that I've reported? etc
Now, I know this was just a blip on the radar of the philly publication but it's issue number one for me and not just during election time! This nationwide epidemic is a PATHOLOGY that is not being treated!
ps: monsieur field I'm your fan ;)

Anonymous said...

"The hand the rocks the cradle, rules the world." ...or not.

I felt genuinely challenged as a mother of one with two stepchildren. I do not know at what age you can look at your offspring and tell how you actually did as a parent. I think the jury is still out on the youngest one. I feel that we got one out of two of the older ones.

My criteria is are they decent human beings? It would be nice if they are capable ones as well.

Some people seem to be able to smoke the weed and do okay with their kids. I don't know how I would feel at my age if my kids had done drugs, not just sampling. I feel badly enough about trying to kid them out of smoking instead of doing the screaming eagles and two of them smoke and will probably do so, however little, unless and until the effects come home to roost.

My biggest gripe is not the "drug" effect, but that fact that it is illegal and what that says to your respect for the laws.

John "JP" Pickens said...

this shit is terrible

J said...

this is a shame. Regardless of how people live before they have kids, I don't understand why some people can't become more responsible and stop living so much for themselves, and do what they can to ensure their children have a better life than they had.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

The dad is a knucklehead. Why was that stuff laying around so a 2nd grader could get his hands on it?

I too worry about what happened to the kid, after the teacher reported it. Did the dad get mad at his son instead of checking his own behavior?

Anonymous said...

Another democrat voter going to jail.
Obviously part of some Rove plot to get McSame selected for President.

field negro said...

"but I you know half of the peeps reading this blog are holding a bag of weed themselves.

That weed looked like some fire shit too!!!"

And blacknasty, that's cool if they do. But this wasn't about the weed, it was about this so called parent leaving it around and allowing his second grader to take it to school. And then the fool had crack at home. The situation that bob described is wack as well.

BTW, I have seen little Rasta children smoking in Jamaica. Big ass doobies, and they couldn't have been more than five or six. Thing is, they smoked that shit like we drink milk. When the Tafaris say that "the herb is the healing of the nation" I guess they mean it.

ms b.=) I am a bigger fan of yours. You are an educator. That makes you a hero in my book.

rastamick61,where the hell do you live? That's some scary stuff.

anon. 3:27AM he sounded more like a republican to me. Sounds like he had the Palin family values thing down.;)

Swiff said...

Turns out that Gwen Ifill is dropping a book called "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama"

Uh-oh.....you know what that means....

My favorite ig-nant ass reaction of the moment (from the comment section of a Faux Newz blog) -

Comment by Rich

"The Monerator is a Black Women and Racist When 99% of All blacks will vote for Obama with NO Achievents , and dont tell me she is not… Most white People Just don”t get it…Blacks vote on color not Common sense. SHE is the same JURY that was in the OJ Trial. If palin drops out The Blacks will call her Racist but if you have any common sense you would Konw the Blacks are the Raicist ones. And It’s never going to change this is the gun they Hold no the whites.It’s called Black Mail."

Wow, Rich is still mad about O.J? I hope some young brotha wifes up his daughter and moves her out the trailer park. Dude misspelled "racist".

Anonymous said...

this has happened before...so. We are having a drought here, that pic has me yearning. does look fire. I hate alcohol and it's social acceptance, pop's was a mean drunk.

some parents think kids are too small to know what's going on and believe what happens in the house should stay in the house without expressing it to the kids. It would be a shame if the father was the only breadwinner and the kid was taken and put in horrible foster care like so many of our children since crack was introduced to our neighborhoods. I remember when a white child did the same thing, I forget the state it happened in, what do you think was the outcome? you know the hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

All I can say is just damn.

boukman70 said...

Hell Field,

I once ran a literacy program in one of DC's worst elementary schools. I actually had a 4th grader who was a dealer after school because his parents didn't want another strike. I shit you not.

Precious Palette said...

That's horrible... just horrible.

focusedpurpose said...

what an awful story. there are other countless horible stories out there.

for the commenter that asked:
"..Did the dad get mad at his son instead of checking his own behavior?"

if this is a "brotha"---YES! IT IS SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT! it is ALWAYS someone else's fault, responsibility, and doing.


focusedpurpose said...

typo! i meant "horrible".

Anonymous said...

Damn...looks like some jacked-up, "fire" boo weed there. Check out the glistening fuzz; no seeds...damn.
I used to teach third and fourth graders who regularly came to school around 11AM (just before lunch and recess); one second grader even brought $2K in twenties to 'buy' friends. At first I had an attitude - until I learned that many of our little kids (who deserve better in 2008, even!) are caught up in a seemingly endless cycle/spiral of "doin' whatcha gotta do" in order to make money to subsidize "baby's mamma and daddy". I remain concerned about the re/actions of child protective agencies - they tend to "go squirrel hunting with 12guage buckshot", often overreacting and misplacing child victims.
How 'bout a shout out to Sen. Joe Biden...here's hoping that he takes no prisoners and rips paylend a brand new butt-hole.


La♥audiobooks said...

focusedpurpose, I'm surprised. I was actually waiting for one of them to bring the usual absurdity to the table by saying something like "where the motha at, it's her fault too, she made a baby with em".

You know how it goes, this is just way too much blame for one poor ole helpless brudda who's around and tryin to be a "good ole dad". Damn, give a brudda yet another break, would ya.

-sarcasm now off.

field negro said...

"I once ran a literacy program in one of DC's worst elementary schools. I actually had a 4th grader who was a dealer after school because his parents didn't want another strike. I shit you not."


Anonymous said...

Let’s face it humans have always look for comfort or some way to reduce life’s anxiety. So we take part in daily exercise, religion, food, relationships, distilled spirits, blogging, sex and drugs to help take the edge off.

Some humans are living their American dream with includes access to decent jobs, money, computers, networks etc… and the compassion we once had for each others is now archive or cntl-alt-delete.

Everyone journey in this life is different, give these parents favor.

I will agree with the cannabis connoisseur in the fields, it does look like a fabulous batch.

Swiff said...

"I once ran a literacy program in one of DC's worst elementary schools. I actually had a 4th grader who was a dealer after school because his parents didn't want another strike. I shit you not."

geeeeeeeeeeeeyat damn....smfh

Mr. D. said...

not surprising in the least.

I teach elementary school PGC and someone found a baggie of weed in the school.

my sis used to teach in b-more. She found a vial in the playground. She didn't know what it was. One of the KIDS identified it as a crack vial... with crack in it.

Anonymous said...

Field, it's not just the brothers. I was talking with Jim Hutt the other day. His practice is about 98% white folks (Menlo Park is just that way), and he says that there are a lot of parents who use and leave their stash around where the kids can find it. The difference is that upper-middle class white folks just don't get busted as much.



I was staring at that photo wondering WHAT it was!!

What can I say?


Anonymous said...

This goes to show, you CAAAN'T put it ALL on the kids! I hear sooo many adults criticizing kids for not having values and manners, but they rarely ever ask why? Shoot, with the piss poor parenting of some of folks, I see why the kids got problems. I got a new saying, behind every jacked up kid is a f-ed up parent!