Friday, September 26, 2008

Chalk one up for the O man.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz, oh, wait, I have to create a post tonight. Forgive me for nodding off folks, I just caught the debate between Mr. Morton and the O man, and if you saw it you will know what had me nodding off. No sparks, no memorable quotes, no knock out punch. I was watching it on CNN, and their little tracker on the bottom of the screen was doing a flat line the entire night.

But still, I have to give an edge to his O ness. And before you folks start calling me a closet Obamaholic, please believe that I am not. Trust me, if our boy had lost, I would have called it that way. But he didn't. He beat the salty one on points tonight.

Speaking of salty: I guess now you see why I call the man Mr. Morton. John McCain, WTF? Could you at least look at the O man once in awhile? I know you just probably view him as an uppity black man, and you have nothing but contempt for the guy, but you have to at least pretend to like him. Try making a little eye contact every now and then. Your body language and obvious contempt for the man was showing, and it was the worst part of your performance. The pundits weren't talking about it that much tonight, but I guarantee you that the people watching noticed. The O man seemed more likable than you, and in A-merry-can politics, that's huge.

And what the hell is a League of Democracies, or whatever you called that crap? You want them to enforce democracy in the world? And how exactly will they enforce it? Especially since Russia and China are not democracies. And the next time you go spouting off names of foreign leaders, you might want to get the name of the President of Pakistan right.

O man, you had some stumbles yourself. I wasn't feeling your ear mark and tax moments when you should have been talking about this fucked up economy, and how it's hurting our pocket books. And you showed just a little too much deference to the salty one, although I get why you did it (The brotha always has to be the gentleman), but pick your spots and throw a zinger at the old guy every now and then, it won't hurt.

Still, I liked your "google for government" reference, and your line about Mr. Morton using a "hatchet" when he should be using a "scalpel"; it almost had classic written all over it. O man, maybe you need to work on your delivery just a little, because it was a good line.

So another debate is behind us. The "O" man looked presidential, and Mr. Morton, finished the damn thing without blowing his lid. But I don't think it was a game changer, and the way the week has been going for Mr. Morton, that's not a good thing.

Oh well, maybe Sarah will come through for him next week. She did it once before, but has the luster gone from the beauty queen? He invoked her name tonight, so clearly Mr. Morton is hoping that there is still a little shine left. For his sake, I sure hope so, because there was no shine 0n him tonight.


Black Diaspora said...

I have to say that we see the debate almost eye to eye.

What I wish Obama had done is respond to the condescending way McPain began every one of his talking points targeting Obama's inexperience: "You don't understand...."

Obama should have countered something like this:"Oh, I understand John, but what you fail to understand, is that I understand."

A variation on that response, I believe, would have forced McPain to try another tack.

Anonymous said...

McCain attacked Obama the same way he belittled Mitt Romney back in the primaries. But one thing McCain did show was that he is an asshole!
Obama did the right thing to keep his cool. If he did go full kick ass on McCain then the Media be label him the next day as "angry black man" who tried to hurt war hero.
Obama know who he has to reach in America and get what votes are needed. I think McCain was his typical crazy ass self in the debate. End of Story!

rainywalker said...

I'm white and I believe the "O" Man won in many ways and looked presidental, not angry and was willing to look at McCain. People many times vote on feelings and I'm sure they are feeling Obama is the right person at the right time.

Anonymous said...

Obama missed a golden opportunity when McCain was pontificating about earmarks. This was the perfect time to throw out his running mate's support for the Bridge to Nowhere. A lot of people may not know what earmarks are (after all this country elected Bush, twice) but they sure as hell have heard about the Bridge to Nowhere. Obama has it handed to him and he let it get away.

Anonymous said...

Obama nailed McBush

Ginneh Akbar said...

I love how after the debate they invited the VP nominees to comment...Joe Biden of course wouldn't miss an opportunity to run his mouth but I guess Sarah Palin was too busy at the Irish Pub tonight here in Philly to comment so instead they send that ignorant ass Rudy Giuliani. (I SWARE if I ever run into him on the street...) How is it acceptable to have a VP who declines talking to the press regarding the presidential debate of her running mate????!!! It can't only be the democrats who think this is completely ridiculous. Oh, and you're right, McCain's contempt for Obama is painfully obvious.

Black Diaspora said...

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: the Biden-Paylend debate will be no contest for Biden, unless the questions are about how to shoot, and skin a moose, how to kill a wolf on the run from a helicopter, or about the latest articles in the Alaskan Hunters magazine.

Biden's biggest problem will be not showing Paylend up so much that she'll garner the sympathy vote.

Biden gave his analysis of the debate on MS-NBC's Keith Olbermann show.

His command of foreign policy, and McPain's voting record is clearly superior to Obama's, and Biden would have been a more able debater on these issues than Obama.

In Alaska, Paylend was a big fish in a little pond. All of a sudden, the little pond has become an ocean, and I'm afraid she's gonna be washed ashore by the tsunami of experience that is behind Biden, backed by his many years in the senate.

Paylend has to read history books to catch up. Biden is the history she's reading, or was there when the history was being made.

field negro said...

ginneh, you meah Sarah didn't talk to the press? Noooooo. Too funny. But they can't gag her forever.

gwpriester, you are right, he should have thrown in that bridge to nowhere. Although his camp might have told him to keep the VP out of the debate, as she still might be Mr. Morton's greatest strength.

"I have to say that we see the debate almost eye to eye."

BD, great minds think alike. ;)

Great points anon. 12:AM, and I think the rest of the country will see it that way.

Bob said...

Let me quote my dear friend Jill at BrilliantAtBreakfast blog:
Watching the mean, cranky, psychotic, puny little man that is John McCain, who even with his wife's $100 million won't get himself a decent set of teeth, playing the POW card, telling outright lies, clenching his jaw as if he were wishing it was still legal to string up black men, and finishing up with a rant about experience, as if his running mate wasn't the biggest embarrassment in American political history, I was once again reminded that this election is a referendum on all of us.

boukman70 said...

Field, I'm with you on this one. Obama won by not losing. The whole, fake narrative was that McCain was a master at foreign policy and Obama's a novice. Instead of stumbling and bumbling like Palin with Couric, we got two men who have two different world visions.

It's like Reagan proving he wasn't a genocidal maniac back in '80 (and Palin proving she's not a complete idiot next Thursday?). I think a lot of people will see this debate and think Obama can handle it after all.

For the true believers out there, I can't see how this debate will change any minds. I don't think either party knocked the other out--or even down for that matter. Maybe a couple of well-timed body blows, but that's about it.

And Ginneh, if you ever see Herr Rudy in the street, you won't do nuthin'. Trust me. Paul Wolfowitz used to use the dry cleaners in my building. I always thought if I'd seen him, I'd have to beat that ass. Unfortunately, the brothers with 50-foot pecs convinced me that they could indeed shove my head through my asshole and make me head butt myself. I couldn't figure out the physics, but I didn't need to. Wolfie was safe to breathe another day.

Anonymous said...

Obama won on points that are not his strong suit: foreign policy.

Field, you better quit eating those Philly cheesesteaks and start doing those wind sprints. You have six weeks until you're running Bucknaked on Broad Street. :)

Jackson Brown said...

wow, obama isn't the only one showing too much deference to mccain.

field, obama had the edge tonight? The edge??? you list no positive points about mccain's performance and then a few minor "stumbles" by obama, and the latter merely had the edge?

mccain showed tonight that he's a smug, condescending liar and a myopic demagogue. he appeals to the worst in our society.

Anonymous said...

McCrusty came across looking like an unfunny Don Rickles. He just doesn't wear well, and I think most people don't wanna see his shtick for 4 days nevermind 4 years, even if he has the advantage of being a (really) old, (really) white guy.

The reason he didn't look Obama in the eye may actually have been more than contempt. It was probably because every damn thing he said was bullshit, and he knew it. And he knew Obama knew it. Even being on the Hill for 26 years, he didn't totally have to sell his soul until he got the nomination, and it can't be a warm and fuzzy feeling. Hopefully, he won't get used to it.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Obama won on the issue where he is supposed to be the weakest? He stood his ground on foreign policy issues. I don't think McCain will do as well when they discuss domestic issues.

On the other hand, McCain acted like the A..hole he is. He refused to look at Obama, he talked down to him and the rest of the world, saying over and over again, "What they need to understand..." That's talking down to folks. That's a warmonger. Now, he has to talk about the economy and domestic issues where Obama will be able to nail him as George Bush with an anger management problem.

By the way, Obama is getting good in these debates. You could see his confidence growing as time went on.

Anonymous said...

I thought Obama should have responded more forcefully to McCain. He blew some golden opportunities.

He should have called the Iraq war what it is: Arguably the greatest foreign policy blunder in U.S. history. And he should have pointed out that despite McCain's 26 years in Congress, he was one of the biggest cheerleaders for this debacle and was wrong about it every step of the way.

I agree that he did hold his own. Although, I happen to think that despite McCain's experience, he's not nearly as smart about foreign policy as Obama. And quite frankly, I don't know which is more frightening, McCain in charge of foreign policy or the economy.


Anonymous said...

Obama 1
McCain 0

Anonymous said...

Suit up Field, or is it unsuit...strip, aw what the heck.

Agreed no knockout tonight but he cut him. And he's bleeding bad. Of course most of these are self inflicted.

Oh well, bring on Caribou Barbie!

Unknown said...

so why did obama look so much darker on camera? I thought I was the only one who noticed it until they brought it up on Nightline. bad make up may be?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

McCain is supposed to be VERY strong on foreign policy. I saw no evidence of that. Advantage Obama.

To me McCain's performance made the generational gap seem wider. He's too 20th century in a 21st century world.

I'm glad Obama mentioned how China is all up in Latin America and Africa.

I'm looking forward to the VP debates. I do worry about the bar being set so low for Palin. If she can string together only one coherent sentence, folks will say she won.

Jonne Austin said...

I thought it was a great debate. I too thought Obama could've done better but overall I am pleased. Then again, I would be terrible at debates because I'd be an aggressive son of a gun.

Am I the only one that noticed he called Ahmadinejhad AQUAdinejhad? My brother was here and heard it too. Also when he said that we are SAFER from a terrorist attack on US soil akin to 9/11, I thought he lost. People should really focus on that. We are not SAFER from an attack. WE all know it's going to happen again and quite frankly the question is when. We are not safer, we are in just as much danger as we were in 2001 and prior, if not more. That's how out of touch this little fucktard (McCain) is.

I hope Biden tears that whore of Babylon to SHREDS in their debates and I will not hesitate to watch. After her crappy performance with Katie Couric, Biden has it in the bag. Palin is taking a knife into a gunfight. Let's just say that Biden has an AR-15.

NSangoma said...

Obama needs to step up his game during the next debate, and really grind McCain into the dust during their 3rd debate, in order to win this election.
(good olde fashion whidte supremacy may keep him from winning, but at least he will have demonstrated that, of these two, he is the superior candidate)

The VP debate is a no-brainer and should be cancelled

Third debate
Oct. 15 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.
Topic: Domestic and economic policy
Moderator:Bob Schieffer of CBS
Staging: Seated at a table
Format: Same as first presidential debate, plus each candidate will get a 90-second closing statement.

Second debate
Oct. 7 at Belmont University in Nashville.
Moderator: Tom Brokaw of NBC
Staging: Town hall
Format: The moderator will call on members of the audience (and draw questions from the Internet). Each candidate will have 2 minutes to respond to each question. Following those initial answers, the moderator will invite the candidates to respond to the previous answers, for a total of 1 minute.

First debate
Sept. 26 at University of Mississippi
Topic: Foreign policy and national security
Moderator: Jim Lehrer of PBS
Staging: Podiums
Format: Broken into nine 9-minute segments. The moderator will introduce a topic and allow each candidate 2 minutes to comment, then facilitate a discussion for the remaining 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Morton's "He doesn't understand" = Bush's "the American people need to understand".

It's the same 'ol tired condescending line that has been recycled over and over to try to convince us of something that is not true.

I think it would help if Obama could talk more about the plight of the average worker trying to make ends meet, the escalating unemployment rates, foreclosures, etc. States like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania want to hear about this. Michigan's jobless rate is 8.9%.

Did anyone notice that Mr. Morton wasn't wearing his flag pin on his lapel in the debate? Now if Obama didn't wear his pin he would have been called unpatriotic.

Is this more WP?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know McSame could actually work the nerves of that many demographics of white voters....but he did according to a breakdown of polls everywhere including FoxNews..including voters over 50. Wow. I don't think folks wanted to see a presidential candidate acting like the preschooler they're gonna have to swat on the butt for pouting, or the smart-mouthed teen that's working their last nerve....and certainly not the elderly parent that is just grumpy ALL the damn time. He managed to be all three...however, that does take talent.

LACoincidental said...

From what I saw of the debate (I was at church), it was a snooze fest. Obama couldn't go for the jugular, but he papercut McCain to death.

Funny point, did anyone see Ralph Nader on Real Time bitching how he wasn't included in the debates. Just what the 'O' man need, to bitter old men who a pissed that history is passing them buy. He's more cantankerous than McCain.

Anonymous said...

you people are on CRACK!!!!

did you even watch the same debate i did???

now i see why they call your boy bambi was that really him or michelle up there...

your boy said "Your right John" 8 EIGHT frick'in times.....LOL

the "old man" called him out several times..."you just don't understand"...he just smiled WTF!!!

WHAT A LITTLE BITCH...ya next prez sure

Anonymous said...
"GOP Concern about Palin"

Anonymous said...

I thought Obama did an outstanding job of keeping his cool in the face of the lies that McCain had the nerve to say out loud to his face. (Well, to the camera, anyway.) I thought we were going to get through a whole 90 minutes without a reference to McCain's POW experiences 40+ years ago, but noooooo. He couldn't resist dropping that in at the very end. McCain's message was "I know how to win wars." Obama's message was "there are some wars that should never have been started." I was astonished that McCain would say, not once but twice, that he has never been voted "Miss Congeniality" in the Senate. Wasn't that Palin's actual win?

And damn Obama looked good, too, even after being dragged to DC for the non-meeting on the bailout. McCain just looked like what he is, a tired old man who still hasn't finished fighting his 20th century wars. I just hope enough "undecideds" were paying attention.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Sarah Palin can't even stand up to Cutie Couric. Scary.

McCain is old 'ring knocker'. This means that, to him, blacks are only fit to serve him meals. Check out the ongoing racism among the service academies. Realize that McCain will NEVER accept Barack Obama as an equal.


Anonymous said...


field negro said...

Yes miranda, when FOX can't even make the salty one look good. He was that bad, at least when it comes to presentation.

Seattle slim, he did misrpounounce
Ahmadinejhad's name. AQUAdinejhad?

But I guess folks gave hom a pass. Man he sure uses that age card alot.

"You could see his confidence growing as time went on."

True dat macdaddy, the O man has gotten much better. He has eased up on the long verbal pauses before making his points.

"Suit up Field, or is it unsuit...strip, aw what the heck."

This is not looking good. Looks like light lunches and no late night meals for the kid from here until November.

bob, I am going to have to check out that blogger, that was a hell of a rant.

LOL @ boukman.... wanting to run up on "Wolfie".

Donald said...

Most of Mr. Morten supporters want to count the 'zings' he had as positives, thus conflating that into something presidential. Neither one these guy's are perfect, but Obama has the advantage overall...He's new, he's an different...and he has real answers. Salty is old school and tows the Rethuglican party line. America is tired of the same old party politics Mr. Morten reps.
We know...Mc Salty didnt' win Ms. Congeniality...but as a consolation, he did win the Mr. Pasty look-a-like contest. ROTFLMFAO!

Anonymous said...

“I think Senator McCain’s absolutely right that we need more responsibility…”

“Senator McCain is absolutely right that the earmarks process has been abused…”

“He’s also right that oftentimes lobbyists and special interests are the ones that are introducing these…requests…”

“John mentioned the fact that business taxes on paper are high in this country, and he’s absolutely right…”

“John is right we have to make cuts…”

“Senator McCain is absolutely right that the violence has been reduced as a consequence of the extraordinary sacrifice of our troops and our military families…”

“John — you’re absolutely right that presidents have to be prudent in what they say…”

“Senator McCain is absolutely right, we cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran…”

Anonymous said...


I saw the debate last night, and Obama did well particularly with foreign policy. However, didn't agree with Obama being a bad debater, Americans just do not understand anything pass a sound bit. We live in a society where we need one line zingers, and short attention spans.

What happened when a debate meant you present the best argument? However, TV comes into play and it becomes more about style than substance unless you are listening the debate on the air. McCain lost on the style as he did not bother to look at Obama during the debate. You are right Field, Mr. Potter does come across as having contempt for Obama, and it does not make look good on TV. Viewers will perceive him as an angry crusty old man. Mr. Potter takes things personally and hold grudges and suspect that if he does not control that side of him in the next two debates that he will lose more steam.

I think the Biden/Palin debate will be more interesting as it will not be enough time for Palin to bone up on policy both domestic and foreign. She can not answer simple questions that Katie Couric posed in an interview a couple of day ago. You think that Katie asked Palin to explain Eistein's theory of relativity than the explaining her reason for not getting a passport. I have to admit that I do not have a passport either, but I do not think just by reading about other country is enough. And I do not believe that Palin even reads. One needs to travel. Only 13% of Americans have passports and travel outside the country. She is Bush in a skirt and has no sense of curiosity.

tuhmeesuh said...

i too thought the debate was zzzzz worthy, and i was quite disappointed. i will be the first to admit this is my first time being bonafide honest in politics, and there WERE some parts of the debate that i did not "get" as i heard them, so repeated for the mentally challeneged (like myself) would have been wonderful. but of course that didn't happen. so some one line kickers, some simple yet strongarm tactics would have spiced it up for those of us who have a difficult time following alot of political hooplah but are genuinely concerned about this election.

i believe that barack was treating mr. morton rather nicely, and yes, the contempt that mr. morton has for barack was written all over his pale face.

gotta admit, barack looked the president last night, and mr. morton looked salty--just as his name implies (thanks field for letting me borrow it!).

tuhmeesuh said...

gwpriester (i before e) said...
"Obama missed a golden opportunity when McCain was pontificating about earmarks. This was the perfect time to throw out his running mate's support for the Bridge to Nowhere. A lot of people may not know what earmarks are (after all this country elected Bush, twice) but they sure as hell have heard about the Bridge to Nowhere. Obama has it handed to him and he let it get away."

i totally agree. i myself (as explained earlier) am politically stunted and did not know what earmarks were until i googled the term. but i have known what the bridge to nowhere was since this fiasco began back in august. so had barack brought to the audience attention the bridge to nowhere, we could have used reasoning to figure out what they were for the sake of following the debate. not everyone is going to google what they don't understand about this election, but instead will use basic reasoning skills to come to a decision about who they like the most. and that could sway some votes to barack's side.

-=Topper=- said...

If the debate was judged on who was more adult, that would, hands down go to Obama.

Like I say, par for the course.


Anonymous said...

Even though I don't think Obama delivered the knock-out punch that he could have, one thing he did well was demonstrate that he has foresight to keep problems from boiling over. How many times did he point out that he saw problems down the road with Russia, the banks, Afghanistan and nobody did anything until we got until full-blown crisis mode?

The Mad Bomber said...

These debates amount to nothing more than bread and circuses. When I look at Obama and McCain, I see two sides of the same coin, or two heads of the same beast. One may be more polished; one may have a more socially acceptable "life story" and set of social connections; but both are grasping politicians, eager to exploit others for their own purposes and to wreak their will on other people. In that sense, both men are equally evil, and psychologically, both men are equally maladjusted.

I will say, though, that McCain's emotional volatility essentially guarantees a Watergate-style scandal within two years of his being elected. Obama's one saving grace is that it would likely take a term and a half before we would see his inner despot.

Anonymous said...

No one cares about earmarks, well I do not care about them because it's a small percentage of the budget. Obama should came back and ask McCain what does that have to do with current financial crisis. Earmark did not cause the mortgage scandal or real estate bubble.

Barack will have to hit the point of the economy which he did slightly last night by mentioning that we spend $10Bn a month on the Iraqi war while Iraq has a $79Bn surplus. Obama needs to connect foreign policy with domestic policy. Explain what it means that you can spend money on a war when we can't afford to provide citizens with health care or education. I was watching CNN where one school cut down by having students attend school four days a week. I like when McCain starting talking about how he wears a bracelet from a dead solider, and Obama said I have one as well. I think we are beyond telling stories and pragmatically looking at issues.

Brown Man said...

My buddy called me about the debate - what did I think.

I told him "I think Obama did great."

My buddy started off with, "you know, there were some things he could have done better-"

I interupted him. "Dude, of course he could have done some things better. But if you've been watching Barack Obama all year, you have seen him get better and better at this kind of thing. He didn't have the performance he gave last night in him in January. This man has GROWN during these nine months. This is the most forceful, most direct, most "uhm"-less Obama yet. I mean, what do you expect from him? Does he look like the kind of person who argues all the time? No - he does exactly what you do. He cushions everything, just like you do, because you never want to be forced to say anything bad about anybody."

I know this because I grew up in the same cocoon Obama did, where you didn't have to argue with anyone to get enough to eat, or some private space of your own, or the attention of your parents.

The bad thing about our system is the way the things the pundits tell us become a part of the experience itself, as if their exchanges have to be labeled with color-coded tags to tell us that what we saw might not be what we think we saw.

I don't know about you guys, but my eyes connect directly to my brain. I don't need someone to tell me what I saw, or what it means to me.

Something tells me these all important "undecided" voters feel the same way.

Oli said...

It seems the reason that McCain wasn't looking straight in the eyes of Obama was not because of embarrassment or even contempt, but shame

Anonymous said...

I think Obama did what he had to do "Show he could go toe to toe with McCain". As a black woman it made me proud to see a Black man at the political game level Obama was at tonight.
Who can name me one Black politician in American History who has reached Obama level in this White House game? Jesse and Al could have never made it to the level this man is at right now.

Anonymous said...

Coward McCain is desperate. His regurgitations I've heard over and over again, his recycled soundbites, his defensiveness, his faux-forcefulness, have made it clear this man is a weak, spoon-fed individual, seriously lacking in his own ideas and certainly unqualified to lead his own shadow. His one-dimensional war-mongering platitudes just sickened me. And how people fall for these republicans every four years is just mind-boggling to me. I guess most folks are too stupid to understand subtlety. You have to hit them over the head with broad, literal, watered-down statements in an effort for them to understand. Obama is way too class for the majority of dumb Americans. To think he would have to qualify the "scalpel" comment, is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

And mind you, this McCoward is the same man who complained that Sherri Sheppard on "The View" was so mean to him.

How can anyone take this person seriously?

Jonne Austin said...

He sure did! My brother even said, "Did he just call him Aquadinejhad?"

Jody said...

Obama didn't lose, but he didn't win, either. His saving grace was McCain was worse than him.... and what was the deal with the moderator acting as though they were in therapy?... "tell him what you would do..." talk to each other".... my fellow debate party watching friends and I groaned at that and Obama saying too many times Senator McCain is right. Obama needs to stop that. He had a couple of moments of making a nice, sharp point... but he needs to do better next time around. The best that can be said is no harm, no foul.

Lola Gets said...

I watched the debate with a buddy of mine at Al Jazeera, and I have to say I didnt arrive at the same conclusion as you , Field (perhaps because we talked all the way through it). Yes, McCain came across as a crotchety old elitist coot. Yes, Obama was more likable. Yes, yes, yes. HOWEVER...I do think that Obama could have come out a little harder on McCain...Obama was too much of a gentleman, like he always is!

And, while I do like Obama, he is a politician and he does do things like piss me off, and last night was no exception. Al Qaeda is our biggest threat? We need to hunt down Al Qaeda?? Are you fucking kidding me?? AQ is the biggest freaking boogyman in American politics, and I was sorely disappointed to hear Obama falling for that okey-doke. He was right in saying the US needed to improve they way way we are perceived by the rest of the world, and the way to accomplish this is for the US to behave better when interacting with others, but hunting AQ is not the way!

I am very interested to see how the VP debates go. I dont like the Dem choice but he does seem to soar leagues above Palin in both intellect and experience...I am looking forward to seeing that carnage.


Anonymous said...


1. Be a tad "ugly." Not ugly-ugly, but not let McCain just say stuff and get away with it, like, "Sen. Obama's naive. . .", which McCain KEPT saying over and over. I do realize that he kept saying it so that he could dril that phrase into people's psyche. I think Obama should've come up with a real "I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was my friend, and you're no Jack Kennedy" line. Maybe Obama will have one of those memorable zingers in one of the two remaining debates. He had a good line or two in this debate, but not a real zinger.

2. He needed to talk, talk, talk about the state of people's pocketbooks. The average American does not care two twits about earmarks. We do, however, care about the stability of our jobs, the health care crisis, unemployment, rising mortgage rates, etc. These issues resonate more with the public than talk of earmarks, pork-barrel spending, and the bracelet he has, which, I certainly understand needed to be said.

3. He shouldn't have let McCain just completely dominate and talk over him. Plenty times McC cut him off while he was talking, and Senator Obama very politely give him the space. I understand that he, Obama, must be seen as presidential and professional, but I wanted him to jump in and cut the man off more than he allowed it to happen to him. I understand diplomacy, but Obama was a little bit too gracious.

4. I hope Obama's campaign folks tell him to STOP with the "McCain is right" mantra. What the McC people will do --and began doing as soon as Obama acquiesced so many times -- was cut & paste those soundbites. Now, whether they work is up for grabs, but still, Obama should be careful during the next two debates to avoid doing this. If he needs to re-phrase his agreement with McC, then he needs to work on that.

5. Make a smart remark -- one time, and one time only -- about McC's refusal to acknowledge his presence on stage. We all know that the grumpy old man was very, very condescending, contemputous, disrespectful and downright stinky, so Obama needs to call him out on it, without appearing to "need" him to acknowledge him onstage. Then, if McC still refuses to do so, the viewing audience will, hopefully, see that McC is not really being a team player, and if he isn't a team player in this small venue, then he surely won't be one on the larger, global stage, that he'll be a hothead and refuse to acknowledge other people's ideas.

6. Continue to be forceful, but restrict the smiles to one or two. I know, I know. He's got that million $$ smile, but "we" as in Us Black Folks, have to be careful about being too smiley-smiley. We always have to one-million times better, and too many smiles may may him appear not quite as serious.

7. Don't be hesitant to cut McC off when he starts running off at the mouth with the figures and names. I think Obama did an absolutely extraordinary job in countering and responding with his knowledge of foreign affairs, but I want the "O" man to ram that knowledge down the grumpy one's old saggy throat.

In watching the debate, I was SO VERY damn proud of Obama. I mean, he was steady on his feet and was holding forth like a, well, we know what he was holding forth like... And McC's strong suit is suppose to be foreign affairs. Well, you certainly can say that Obama had his hand on the fault line and didn't take them off until after the debate.

The "O" man was absolutely brilliant. He's one, smart mf, and I'm loving it. Can't wait until the next presidential debate. And I'm anxious to see how that PWT Palin woman fares against Biden -- who said he would not "go easy" on her. I'd be interested in knowing if the McC/Palin camp is going to try and wiggle themselves out of that debate. It should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Another McCain comparison floating around equates him to Captain Queeg

Ball bearings anyone?

Anonymous said...

Matt Taibbi, writer for Rolling Stone, has an article posted on AlterNet titled "Mad Dog Palin." Obviously it's mostly about Palin, and is worth reading for that alone, but this is what he has to say about Obama, and I think it sums him up as well or better than anything I've ever read:

"So, sure, Barack Obama might be every bit as much a slick piece of imageering as Sarah Palin. The difference is in what the image represents. The Obama image represents tolerance, intelligence, education, patience with the notion of compromise and negotiation, and a willingness to stare ugly facts right in the face, all qualities we're actually going to need in government if we're going to get out of this huge mess we're in."

cw said...

Mr. Obama roasted Mr. McCain. What I like is the manner in which he; stays on point, though is able to link the main points to other subjects. No one "point" is mutually exclusive in our country or the world.
I like the fact that he does not speak in "bumper sticker", the issues are to big for soundbites and we deserve more.
Lastly, he has not gone down the road of disrespecting others or their views.
It sucks that I have to say this: I am a white dude, Mr. Obama is getting my vote. Other "white" folks that I know are inspired as well.
Let's go for "O"!

Great website as well.
Linked to it from the Dead Pelican.

Ray Bridges said...

The next time McCain says "win the war in Iraq" or "lose the war in Iraq," I'd like to hear him called on it. What the hell does "win" or "lose" mean? If we pull out now, there's a reasonably strong Iraqi government in place with an army and police. There may be a few adjustments, but it'll be Iraqis doing the adjusting--as it should be.

Obama did pretty good last night. He held his own and allowed McCain to show his ass.

Field, I'm new around here, but did you promise to run naked down some street if Obama should happen to win? I made sort of the opposite pledge. I said if this country is so goddamn stupid as to elect McCain after being bitch slapped and butt fucked by the Republican Party these past eight years, not to mention the war and the New Great Depression about to be upon us, I would probably be arrested running down Broadway here in Oakland, naked, screaming and pulling my hair. Frankly, I'd rather you do it than I.

gsutiger2 said...

The debates were a bore.

I know many of you feel Obama should have gone harder - But unfortunately, I don't think he is ALLOWED to go harder. He is in uncharted territory and cannot afford to do "what he may feel".

He didn't get this far by not studying what proceeded him.

By far the BUSH/KERRY debates were the best. W kept me laughing with his facial expressions.

Anonymous said...

he should have let meshell debate....she wouldn't have given all the sound bite to mccain....

bambi proved he's a big

"your right Mr. McCain, your right Mr. McCain"

i don't even have the heart to write it eight times.....check out the new McCain aid....

i wonder if he spits or swollows!?!?!?

Lynne from Brooklyn said...


I enjoy reading your daily comments and I will ejoy seeing your Broad St dash. It will be well worth a trip to Philly from NYC. What will be the route and time of your historic run after the election?
I know white supremacy is alive and well in the USA but people tend to vote in their self-interest. Do you erally believe that the majority of Americans believe a McCain presidency would be in their self-interest?

Lynne from Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

I think admitting that Mr. Morton was right about something is an excellent strategy. It makes Obama all the more credible when he turns around and lists all the things Mr. Morton was wrong about: we'll be greeted as liberators, the Sunni and Shia will live together in harmony like they always have, the war will be over quickly, Saddam has WMDs, .... It's a form of verbal jujutsu.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I'm in CT. Maybe we can carpool?

Lynne from Brooklyn said...

Sounds good to me. Don't forget the camera.

Anonymous said...

Field, you're new movie of the day is "Grumpy Old Men" with a picture of McSalty's mishappen mug.


Obama played to the undecided voters last night and did a very good job according to the polling data I have seen so far. These are people who look at things like who "looks more presidential" or who comes off as being more likeable. Think like an undecided voter and ask yourself who was more mature and likeable last night?

That's why Obama can't beat Grandpa McSimpson over the head. And I think he's saving the best Phil Gramm and Rick Davis material for later on.

BTW...Biden was on the networks in full attack mode right after the debates. Where was "Pitbull in Lipstick"? Still in obedience school locked in the kennel, and replaced by yapping poodle Ghouliani.

So far, the Republicans could not run a worse campaign if they tried.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I keep feeling like the GOP is trying to set Biden up and catch him off guard, because I watched Palin's debate when she was running for governer. Nonetheless, the Obama/Biden campaign is smart and they're not underestimating her.

Although, I think she is way out of her league, I don't trust her, because she appears to be a little sneaky and conniving.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 7:15 PM:

I sat back and read your comments and felt sorry for you. Your thought pattern obviously has a serious malnufunction.

When in a fight, a person who doesn't and won't use his head has already lost the battle and shouldn't even attempt to fight a gentleman, because he'll wind up getting the worse whooping they've ever had in their life. People like you always come to a fight underestimating a fighter who is a gentleman.

A gentleman doesn't waste his time badmouthing people to make him self look tough. He doesn't have to play elementary games to look tough. In their book it's a waste of time, so juvenile, and ignorant. Instead, he sits back, uses his intellect, plays it cool, and let his opponent make a fool of himself. However, make no mistake they are by no means a whimp physically or mentally.

Frankly speaking, any coward can talk tough and they are usually the ones that do a lot of badmouthing, are all talk, and no action. Usually, they're the neighborhood bullies, who get over scaring people with their mouth, and badmouthing is their only weapon, until they run into the neighborhood gentleman.

field negro said...

"Lynn, I'm in CT. Maybe we can carpool?"...

Sounds good to me. Don't forget the camera."

Ha ha, not funny. Okay, this is getting serious. :)

"Field, I'm new around here, but did you promise to run naked down some street if Obama should happen to win?"

Yes Houston, I did. I think you will be safe come election night, but not moi. Maybe I can come to Oakland and do my run.

"Field, you're new movie of the day is "Grumpy Old Men" with a picture of McSalty's mishappen mug."

ernesto, I might have to go with that "movie of the day" :)

Dead Pelican, thanks for the link love, and for checking in. And as is always the case, I will reciprocate.

That goes for everyone. Folks if you are linking me, and I am not linking you, it's only because I am not aware of it. Shoot me an e-mail at: and I got ya.

sharon,thanks for the link, Matt Tiabbi is one of my favorite writers.

damn anon. 3:29PM, his O ness should have hired you.

Anonymous said...

Johm McCain came off as a mean old coot and a condescending racist. He repeatedly talked down to a fellow senator by telling him "you don't understand". Barack Obama has more education than John McCain and Sara Palin combined. John McCain graduated at the bottom of his class and that was with help from his father. He then selects a dumb broad to be his VP. If I were John McCain, I wouldn't go around challenging other people's intelligence. Obama definitely won the debate bedause McCain lost his mind!

Anonymous said...

"league of democracies" McCain proposed?
I think the other countries of the world have already said "thanks, but no thanks" to that idea.

Admiral Komack said...

"And what the hell is a League of Democracies, or whatever you called that crap? You want them to enforce democracy in the world?"

-"Those sure are some purty oil derricks you got there, Sheik...sure be a shame to drop a nuke on'em..."

Admiral Komack said...


What do you think about this:

Hat tip : Jack and Jill Politics.

How McCain Stirred a Simmering Pot

-Run, Field, run!

momo said...

Some folks might have wanted Obama to get mean with McCain, but he kept to the high road, didn't dumb things down for sound bites, and looked confident, dignified and relaxed. By comparison with Mr. cranky pants, he looked presidential.The folks who've already made up their minds, one way or another, aren't going to change them because of the debate, but some of those folks who were polling "undecided" are now apparently speaking up quite clearly in support of Obama, at a rate of 2:1.

The election happens to be on my birthday. A nice present would be a video of our host's run down Broad St.!

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about Obama's missed opportunities. I am content with the way he responded, he gave McCain time to blow off steam. If he had challenged him harder it could have become pretty ugly. McCain practically bullied him into silence. And that was evident. This gives Obama time to horn his responses in the next debate. Better safe than sorry. He let the old man have his day, poor guy has had a terrible two weeks with his running mate nailing his coffin further and Letterman digging his grave.