Sunday, September 21, 2008

O Aid intervention and crisis hotline needed.

"The “Bubba vote” and underlying racism will hurt Democrat Barack Obama in key battleground states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“The Bubba vote is there, and it’s very real, and it is everywhere,... “There’s an awful lot of people in America, bless their heart, who simply are not emotionally prepared to vote for a black man."

~Dick Armey~

First of all let me say how disappointed I am with you Obamaholics. After reading your comments which followed my last post, it is clear to me that you live in a serious state of denial. The quote you read above was not from some hick shooting the breeze at the latest Redneck 500. That was a former congressman and a majority leader of his party (the rethuglicans of course) from 1995 to 2003, and the elected representative from the 26th district in the great state of Texas. But all I keep hearing from you Obamaholics is that race doesn't matter. That in spite of what people are telling the pollsters, the end result will be different. Oh field you tell me, those people saying all that negative stuff don't really vote, so why even pay attention to them? People can hate the man's race but not him. They can compartmentalize you tell me, when they see him they don't see a black man, they see their future president......well, that's all bullshit, and you know it. But that O Aid has you living in that state, the one that starts with a big "D". You are like junkies who say that you only get high when you want to have a little fun, and that you can break your addiction whenever you want to. But you and I know that you can't, and no matter what reality throws in front of you, you will just keep hitting that pipe, and pushing that needle.

Look, do you think that the rethugs use ads. like the latest one showing the O man with Frank Raines, by accident? Don't you think they could have used a few other Wall Street types who were close to Obama, besides Raines? Of course they could. But they, unlike you, understand their constituency, and they understand that race matters; especially when they are trying to cover up their own *candidates' incompetence when it comes to the economy, and other issues. (Hat tip Greg Fuller for that link)

But like that drill Sargent, football coach, or ball busting math teacher that you hated in your youth, I only mean the best for you. So I will continue to give you my tough love, because if I don't do it, no one else will.

Now go out and register some folks, you gotta keep trying to offset that "Bubba" vote.

....Wait, this just in: it seems the rethugs have updated that ad. (god forbid they seem like they are a bunch of racist) and it features a white CEO now. Nice! I think they know you Obamaholics more than you know yourselves. See field, I told you, it's not about race. What do you have to say now wise ass?

Intervention sessions will start the first week in December. :)

*Charlotte, thanks for telling me about that broken link. It has been updated.


Anonymous said...

You can take the moron out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the moron.

Jody said...

Ho Hum..... you keep tryin....bless your heart. But, I prefer to live in the rarified air of possiblity. And, on November 5th, if all my hopes are dashed, I will sadly turn to you for solace and recovery.
However, if Obama wins, all of us Obamaholic believers will be standing on Broad (which blocks will you be running?) and not only will we watch you run, but we will be doing our own little told ya so dance to accompany your run.

Anonymous said...

How does race NOT matter when, from a recent poll, we see that Barack would be up about 6 percentage points more if he was white? How does race not matter when terms like "community organizer" and "uppity" have become part of the election zeitgeist? I find it problematic. If Barack gets voted, it'll be despite of, not because of, his race, and that's sad. America isn't totally ready for a Black president. Even 2Pac could tell ya that. Yes, he's galvanized millions of folks of different backgrounds and made so many politically active, but some of these people are scared (SCARED) what a Black man might do as the head of state, for millions of reasons, most of them wrong.

Black Diaspora said...

Thanks for the "tough love" Field, but we Obamaholics don't need it.

We gonna send Paylend back to Alaska, so she can cook moose
pies, and we're gonna retire McPain to an old folks home.

Kellybelle said...

This has been bugging the hell out of me. We really live in a country where there are people so dumb and hateful they're not "emotionally ready" to vote for a Black man. When are we going to stop mollycoddling the morons who are holding us back?

If the cracka-ass-cracka vote (and that is a distinct group, not all white people) keeps Barsack out of the White House, things are going to get ugly. But maybe in a good way. We always suspected they felt that way, but now, we'll know. Maybe we'll have "a day of absence", so they can experience life without Black people. Or better yet, maybe we can secede and start our own nation. Or maybe we'll just get our shit together.

Black Diaspora said...

jose said: "but some of these people are scared (SCARED) what a Black man might do as the head of state...."

You may be right. But their fear is displaced: It wasn't a black man that brought our nation to it's knees--economically (trillions in debt, and growing, high unemployment, a jittery stock market, and record-high gas prices), and militarily (our all-volunteer armed forces strained to the breaking point in Iraq and Afghanistan).

No, it was white men that did that. And white Americans are SCARED of what a black man will do?!?

It boggles the mind!

Hell, there's nothing left for Obama to destroy, but a stereotype or two.

Black Diaspora said...

Kellybelle said..."Or maybe we'll just get our shit together....".

Kellybelle, I'd opt for us getting our shit together. It's long overdue!

Christopher said...

Dick Armey

Now, am I the only person who thinks Dick Armey sounds like the title of a gay male porno film?

field negro said...

Jose, great point. One of the biggest reasons for bigotry (besides ignorance) is fear.

"Ho Hum..... you keep tryin....bless your heart. But, I prefer to live in the rarified air of possiblity."

LOL! Jody, I only try because I care about you my chile.

"Now, am I the only person who thinks Dick Armey sounds like the title of a gay male porno film?"

...well now that you mention it...
Maybe god does have a sense of humor.

"..We gonna send Paylend back to Alaska, so she can cook moose
pies, and we're gonna retire McPain to an old folks home"

Let's hoope so black diaspora,and that we won't be smelling cooked moose on Pennsylvania avenue.

Anonymous said...

Field, I swear.

If Obama doesn't win, I seriously think I'm gonna need a tranquilizer.
I keep thinking about the whole racism factor, and I really tried not to let my optimism get the best of me, but it did.

I think I'm gonna need a Grand Marnier intervention.

Anonymous said...

The fact that race is an issue shouldn't surprise anyone. I have had my fair share of the Kool-Aid (pouring myself a glass now), but I am not in denial. Hell, I have met my fair share of older generation African Americans who were pro-Hillary because they felt "safer" with a "seasoned" white woman than a "young whippersnapper" like the O-man. My hopes lie in the fact that the majority of these "fear" polls are still polling via McCain telegraph. As far as I know, there is still no cell phone polling, which fairly eliminats the 18-25 set, which will comprise a much larger demographic than expected this election and which, in many respects, is a lot less "color obsessed" than the older generation. Only time will tell, but although I have NO plans to venture anywhere near Broad Street, I shall be praying they don't taser your azz Field. Run safely!

Anonymous said...

Some folk may not be emotionally prepared to vote for Barack, but they are damn sure not financially prepared to get fucked by Phil "Take it and Like it" Gramm and company. Even dumbasses have their limits of dementia and I believe most rednecks are very close to reaching theirs.

Anonymous said...

Then explain to me Mr Fields that The O man was able to pull in 66 million dollars and make history mind you at that. That money just popping out of thin air.

Anonymous said...

I know this sounds evil, but if Obama loses and some of the melanin challenged people in my 'hood start bitching about losing their homes and jobs afterward, I'm going to remind them that that is what they get for not getting over their latent racism and voting with their hatred.

In other words, it will be my turn to tell them "I've got mine. Fuck you."

Anonymous said...


I always like to read from your links supplied in your articles, but todays blog has a hyperlink called "candidates' incompetence"
that only takes me to a Yahoo page with many stories. COULD you please check it out? The other 2 links work fine. Always appreciate your views and just wanted to follow your story completely.

NSangoma said...

Didn't I done tolded you Negroes that it was more important to have a Democrat elected president than having a Negroe elected president?

Didn't I done told yall dat?

The goal of the republicans since Reagan has been to bankrupt the New Deal, the New Frontier, and the Great Society. We are damn near there!!

McCain is about war; money will be needed to fight the wars, money will be needed to pay off the debt, money will be needed to pay for the social programs.

Something will have to go, and can yall guess what that will be?

No, not war.

No, not paying our debtors.

Yes, the social programs.

I am awakening from an Obama as the democratic candidate nightmare, correct?

Hillary is the democratic candidate, correct?

Black Diaspora said...

NSangoma said..." was more important to have a Democrat elected president than having a Negroe elected president?"

NSangoma, It looks like we're doing both, don't you think?

Let me see if I can snap you out of that bad dream?

OBAMA-BIDEN 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Diaspora said...

Regarding your sidebar entry:

You probably know this already: It appears that the McPain camp has rebuffed Fixed News demands that it remove Major Garrett's voice from their latest ad.

EzMun said...

Sure Race is and will be an issue. The question that hasn't been answered is how big of an issue it will be in this election. The problem with the polls is that there is very real evidence that suggests the polls are not selecting a representative sample group. So it doesn't matter what they really say, it's just a bunch of guessing anyway.

And I might add, guessing to try to get a certain result. Not convinced Field. You'll have to do better than that.

Brian said...

I've been trying to warn folks Field. But they act as if they want none of it.

18 months ago I was basically saying that Race will be a serious issue... Hillary Clinton showed just how much of an issue it could be.

I warned months ago in "Obama's Uphill Climb" & "Obama's Fading Hope" that race would be a challenge for Obama, especially in places like Ohio. He'll be lucky to even hold onto Pennsylvania.

And the fact that Michigan MICHIGAN... is even in play speaks volumes. Minnesota could slip away too. If he loses any one of those formerly safe Democratic Party States (Penn, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan) it might be impossible for him to win the election.

Folks will have to be placed on suicide watch come Nov. 5th, if Obama loses... Hell maybe even me. Not so much because Obama lost.... but due to what McCain/Palin have in store for us.

But i'm tired of all these folks who say "Oh... racism is a thing of the past... we've transcended that now". BULL....

Even if Obama wins... it will be close...and the win won't mean that race is magically gone and we've transcended everything.

If Obama wins it will be because Americans (including many Whites) want to transcend that crooked Bush/Republi-CON Administration... not because Race has been transcended per se, although the U.S. has made some progress. And yes.. with hard work... Blacks can achieve, like they never could before. But Racism will be a problem for generations to long as we have these racial constructs, as long as the institutional racism continues, as long as people segregate themselves according to race, and as long as the economic and education gap remains.

Anonymous said...

the man is an empty suit. what does race have to do with it. empty suit. empty suit. empty suit.

Ellen Kimball said...

Field, I just found you on the Internet, and linked you to my blogspot. Also, I read the write-up on your personal story in the LA Times last year. My white Daddy was an attorney and judge in North Miami, Florida, a completely segregated Democratic town -- while I was growing up in the 1950s and 60s. Mom, Dad's legal secretary, and I -- their only child -- were all born in Pittsburgh, PA. We migrated to Florida to follow my uncle to a warmer climate.

I was proud to be one of the first women on Miami television in the 1950s, on a local children's show with a live TV audience that aired each afternoon. That was while I was in college. The man who co-hosted the show, Chuck Zink, was from Indiana. After finding out about segregation in our show audience, he demanded that the station management allow BOTH black and white kids in the audience every day. That was in 1957! We took a tremendous amount of abuse for that, but endured and prevailed.

Here's a link to a picture to prove it! It was twins' day, so don't think you're seeing double.

I'm in blue Portland, Oregon, and although I supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries, both my husband and I will be voting the full Democratic ticket in November.

Let's hope that President Obama can break through the racial divide and win the White House.

Peace to you and yours,

Ellen Kimball

PS. Curious about my decades in radio and TV broadcasting?

Visit me at:

Nelson said...

"In other words, it will be my turn to tell them "I've got mine. Fuck you."

Tell them to stop complaining and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

"the man is an empty suit. what does race have to do with it. empty suit. empty suit. empty suit."

Race has nothing to do with it. And Sarah Palin is a woman, not a man.


Field, I think the end of the Palin bounce just has you scurred--you probably haven't even been doing your squats.

*sips O-aid*


Ellen Kimball said...


I wanted you to see that photo.

Here's another try:

Peace, love and happiness,

Ellen Kimball

"First Mate" Ellen on the Popeye Playhouse

Bob said...

That Armey quote slipped by me, he said it three weeks ago. After saying "bless their hearts" he says it's "deplorable." Sure, Dick. He's admitting now that Cheney "B.S.'d" him on Iraq. Well, duh. It isn't the rural "bubba" vote that can sink Obama, It's the suburban "bubbas" who say, "Well, I voted for Al Gore but you know, I'm independent, & McCain is more experienced, & he's not really like Bush, & I'd vote for Obama in 2012 & yadda yadda." They'll give you everything but the real reason.

Anonymous said...

I was with my sister yesterday at a roadrace and we were standing in the back of the line. In front of us were two women carrying the bags of stuff you can collect at races - just crap you'll never use, tracts, brochures of businesses you'll never call, coupons you don't use, but we all pick everything up anyway because it's free and fun.

Anyhoo, she pointed to them and said to me, "Why do they have those bags?? Are they going to carry them all the way through the race." And I shrugged thinking, "Well what else are they going to do, stash them in a bush somewhere..." We hold onto our freebies for dear life, don't we? I do.

And then my sister whispered to me, "Stupid N******" Deep soul punch and I gasped. She made apologies to me that it would be something her dh would say, and I said, Oh my god....

We moved ahead of the women and didn't see them again once the race started and as we were rounding the corner there was a family in front of a house cheering us on and blaring from boom box music, "I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm..."

And I muttered, "god I hate fake patriotic songs like that" and my sister said to me, "Aren't you proud to be an American?" And after a second I replied, "No... not really..."

When I told my husband this story last night, they ambushed me outta nowhere, the tears just started to flow blubbering to him... "..seeing their two normal human backs who were just standing there in front of me waiting for the race to begin and you know, holding on to their goody bags like anyone would be. Like anyone would be. Holding on to what they get... The epithet thrown at them for no other reason than that they were dark-skinned.."

I'm supposed to meet my sister and the rest of my racist family for breakfast this morning and I'm not sure I can. Anymore. You know?

He has to win, you get it? DO YOU GET IT??

I pray to the unknown for his safety everyday. Because he is risking his only life in this fucking mess to help it all. He is risking everything and so are his wife and children. So, yes, I'm DEVOTED to them.

Black Diaspora said...

CrackerJill said..."He has to win, you get it? DO YOU GET IT??

I pray to the unknown for his safety everyday. Because he is risking his only life in this fucking mess to help it all. He is risking everything and so are his wife and children. So, yes, I'm DEVOTED to them."

Jill, thanks for this. He is risking everything. I, too, pray for him and his family. Daily!

field negro said...

"the man is an empty suit. what does race have to do with it. empty suit. empty suit. empty suit."

Race has nothing to do with it. And Sarah Palin is a woman, not a man. "

Okay, that was a classic comeback by nelson.

AI, as usual, you are dead on it. Thanks for that rant my man.

ellen kimball, welcome to the fields, and I will be sure to check out your blog, and link you to mine as well. You have a great life story. Blogging has helped me to meet such diverse and interesting people. And you are one of them. Thanks for sharing.

Speaking of sharing: crackerjill, that was deep. But I am not surprised. Thanks for sharing that with us, and I hope you can try to educate some of your family members and work things out.

Anonymous said...

These folks must be drinking something. What is interesting to me is that the people who are so sure he is going to win are the same people who just recently attributed every failure in their lives to racism. The very same people who always said "you know the black man can't catch a break".

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Field, Field, Field . . . .

Always trying to save our deluded little old clueless hearts---even if we are just voting for the man because he is intelligent, thoughtful and
a damned tough politician--- DESPITE abounding racism. The republican is a liar and will plunge the country further into the abyss without trying.

And even though most of us might be Obamaholics to you -- I know in your heart of hearts you can't get past your McCainiac love. But I have much love and respect 'cause all the rest of the time you rage in the righteous direction.

Shady_Grady said...

It is intriguing that Michigan is in play for McCain. Most of the yahoos on the west side of the state and the conservative (Klan) strongholds of Livingston County are going to vote Republican no matter what.

It's the white blue collar downriver vote and the more upscale Oakland County vote that's really up for grabs.

Many of these people have no love for Black folks but on the other hand the Michigan economy is just brutal. All Michigan is producing right now is foreclosures and job losses. Many people lay the blame for that squarely on the Republicans. There's incredible resentment of the bailouts of East Coast financial institutions and the seeming indifference to the struggles of the auto industry.

Obama has to hope to overcome these people's prejudices and appeal to their pocketbook issues. I think he's done that and will win a close contest in Michigan.

Of course the Michigan electorate also overwhelmingly outlawed public sector affirmative action so who knows...

Anonymous said...

I could care less if Obama loses the race based on being Black. He still wins by showing a Black man could go the distance. I mean Obama could have done like your average Black pessimistic person and say America is to racist for someone like him to enter the primaries.

But the guy gave it a shot and is trying to win gold. He was able to achieve what most Black politician can only dream about. Racism will play apart in his White House run but it does not stop Obama from having the right to dream.

Anonymous said...

We are all know that race will be a factor in this campaign. I know that the old bigots have not yet died. It's probably one of the reasons why Obama strategic went after the youth vote. However, let me pose this question. Why should racism stop from him being President? I know what the bigots will do and didn't know poll to learn that information. The question is what we going to do. Are you we sit back and do nothing? This is our problem as a people, we allow racism to unsettle us and stop us in our tracks and we have to learn how to go on in spite of it. Never let them see you sweat damn it. Evil exist when good people do nothing. You have about 8 million African Americans who are eligible but not registered to vote, and one guy will tell me that black cannot win with the pen. You can win with the pen, but you have know how to write.

Field You touched on in your earlier post about Josh Howard and him exercising his right to be an American and the definition. I am going to give you my definition of an American. Being American means never allowing anyone else be it an individual or a group to define who you as a person. Exercise my right to free speech and protest. Do not allow anyone to infringe upon my right to vote, nor squander that right by not exercising it. Participate in the process, and realize that damn it we are government who chose to send representatives to advocate for our interests and not hijack them. We should our representatives accountable, and kick their asses out of office when they do not serve our interests. Term limits? Isn't that the point of vote? If we sit back and do nothing, then it's our responsibility and do not reserve the right to complain. There things I see that I do not like in this country, but I have to ask myself what I am willing to do to change. Be informed and make the best decisions possible.

Anonymous said...

Now here is something to put all the bullish that has happened this past week into perspective, asolutely terrifying! Please pass this along:

T in NC

Anonymous said...

I'm with you field. I'll go ahead and vote for Obama, (just to keep my ghetto pass from being revoked) but I have no illusions about what Amerikkka represents.

The poll doesn't prove this country's racial tendencies, 400 years of history + the current racist wars in Iraq, Afganistan and Somalia prove it.

If black folk could get so excited about something that actually benefitted us we'd be on to something.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

1. You aint hearin that shit from me. I know race is going to be an issue in this election. I live among rural white redneck MFers.

2. a) you said that this guy you quoted was not "some hick shooting the breeze at the latest Redneck 500."

b)you then go on to describe him as a republican leader from the state of Texas.

Do you see why some might snicker at those two statements?

NSangoma said...

...He still wins by showing a Black man could go the distance....
anonymous 8:14 AM

Day-Um!!, punk-gott-damn!!

We all then lose, you anonymouse people seem to have no friggin idea of the pain and hardship the republicans have in store full us.

These people want to go all the way back to 17th century Adam Smith economics; with you as their serfs shoveling sheep shit for a living.

Hell-to-the-NO!! anonymice, we needed a winning democratic candidate, not just a Negroe for show and history's sake.

For-Unlawfull-Carnal-Knowledge, FUCK; field where doth thou be getting these people from. As you can read, field, I'm getting my sheep-shit shoveling olde English together.

Anonymous said...

racism..hmm. I went to the UNLV vs Iowa State game on Saturday. Our seats were in the 3rd row with the boosters, we arrived after the game started. The looks I received from the older white folks sitting in our seats, it was like I had asked to borrow money. At first they just looked at me without moving I pushed my way to my seat. Upon sitting two young girls about 12 or 13 were sitting directly behind me, they started using different derogatory statements as they stared at me "gangbanger, why is she sitting there?" and continued to talk about me. I was shocked at how two young girls could be so ignorant and I wondered what adult they were sitting with or there lack of embarrassment at talking so loud. But I'm reading The 48 Laws of Power so I never turned around and told myself I must be looking extraordinarily good for some strangers to focus on me and be disturbed by my mere presence. After ignoring them they focused on talking about other people for the rest of the game. When we got up for refreshments we had to fight for our seats once we returned , oh the looks. I can never understand racism, cheering for UNLV a diverse football team, yet upset because a black person had the nerve to sit in the seats reserved for the boosters and older folk that have been working at UNLV. Racism wears the soul, the economy is wearing my soul, I been seriously thinking of moving out of America. I know I cannot escape racism but damn I'm so exhausted from it.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Hennasplace. I know racism is going to be a factor in this election, but that doesn't mean we just sit back and throw up our hands and surrender. We can't. This election is a fight over the soul of this nation. No offense, Field, but I think you and some of the others on this blog think we're just a bunch of Obamaholics who are drinking the Kool-Aid and don't seem to get it. But here's what we do get: The prospect of a McCain/Palin administration is unthinkable. As much as we like Obama, the fear of these two actually getting into office is downright terrifying because we know who they are and what they stand for. But instead of sitting back on our heels and living in LaLa Land, we've mobilized. Obama is shattering fund-raising records--records that he already broke in the past. There's a grass-roots get-out-the-vote campaign of the likes this country has never seen before. The racism is real, but don't underestimate Obama, whose run a brilliant campaign, and his supporters, who will not go quietly into the night.

Field, I wouldn't cancel that gym membership just yet.


Anonymous said...

"jose said: "but some of these people are scared (SCARED) what a Black man might do as the head of state...."

That's called fear of retributive justice.

The notion that when blacks get into power they will do to whites what whites did to blacks.

Looking at it within that context, they have plenty reason to be scared.

But that is not our nature.

Anonymous said...

On most days I truly enjoy your posts, but when you start spewing negative ish like this you sound more like one of those scared ass slaves that always tried to convince the others not to attempt to run away from the plantation....
"Iz ain't a-goin' nowheres! What a nigga gon' do wit' freedom anyhow? Iz gots me a goood massa! Y'all need to fo'get all 'bout 'dat unnergroun' railroad 'cuz dez here whitefolk ain't neva gon' let us bees free nohow!"
(sighing and SMH)
It's bad enough that we have to listen to those fake azz pundits rub this type of bullish in our faces 24-7 and then to the field and hear it come you is just downright annoying.
Dayum Field you getting to be about a bad as Hannity and 'nem. Why is it exactly that you are constantly hating on BO? I'd be really interested in knowing why you seem to dislike him so much. Especially given the alternative.


Anonymous said...

Dick Armey is right, but the problem is that those Bubbas were already in the tank for McCain and would have been regardless of whom the Dems were running.

Sorry, House/Field, but I'll listen to a better expert on Bubba voters than you this time.
One should be very careful not to confuse a study like this with the Bradley Effect. Of course some people are racist, and will vote against Obama because he is black -- I have met some of them. But the Bradley Effect concerns something different -- whether such people are likely to lie about their behavior to pollsters. There is simply no empirical evidence that the Bradley Effect exists any longer. It did not exist in the primaries, and it did not exist in the 2006 Senate race in Tennessee, which was perhaps the most racially-tinged contest of the past decade (in fact, Harold Ford slightly outperformed the late polls).

PS: Yeah there's a a lot of Bubbas out there. Problem is, their votes are already calculated and Obama's winning the states that lack Armey's voters.

Anonymous said...

Obama is reverse Bradleying the SOUTH. Let me go over that again.

You take out the blacks -- who voted more than they said they would for Obama, and you look again.

White folk down there told pollsters they'd vote for Hillary, but they voted for Obama instead!

(this is Deep south, not Appalachia. There you got the Bradley effect fo sho).

Now do we see why VA and NC are in play?

Yeah, sure, of course there's racism. Always gonna be that.

bean, look at NZ. Nice place to go live, if the shit hits the fan. Get out before they close the borders

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the American flag and carrying a cross"

--Sinclair Lewis

Anonymous said...

Michigan will not waver anywhere close to Republican, no matter what anyone tells you. The economy is soooo far in the toilet. I live in a suburb that is heavily Republican and there is a veritable forest of Obama yard signs. It was not at all like this in 2000 and 2004.

Anonymous said...

are some of you that stupid? the man is an empty suit. cuz he is black that makes him good enough? wtf? he needs to be qualified. he is not. he is using racism. he has never seen poverty. don't know hard times from something in a book. obama shoves shit in negroes faces and negroes say i's want some mo' please.

Anonymous said...


What have the Repubs been shoveling for the last 8 years?

Seems to me that you've got your mouth gaped wide open for some more as opposed to voting for a black man.

Najmah said...


Sorry I have not had time to post lately - I've been out registering the new voters who will put Obama in the WH and you on main street in your b-day suit come November. Now make sure you get a nice fuzzy sock to keep the family jewels from frost-bite...

PS - 40% means the majority of the majority have it right; we just need to make sure an significant majority of the minority get out and vote!

Naj in 'VA WILL BE IN OBAMA's COLUMN 11.4.08'

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:26
Aside from your complete and utter ignorance,
your belly dragging cowardice by posting anonymously, your lack of reasoning and idiotic posturing--you'll probably look real fine in your suit (which won't be empty) because your racist ass will be in it— voting for old John. said...

I have a very strong feeling that Barack Obama will come short of the Presidency. Why?

Because his supporters, the majority of his supporters, will not appear at the polls on Election Day. And they will not influence non-registered voters to get off their lazy and complaintive behinds and VOTE!

EzMun said...

What totally gets me about folks like Anon 2:26 is that they talk about ish like Obama being an empty suit, but when the glare of the light shine on John Sidney McInsane, no one can tell me how he's actually any better for America than the so called empty suit.

The man is practically senile. And even if you didn't see him as such, his policies (the things that his experience are supposed to account for) are all over the freaking map. So how exactly did that 26 years experience in Congress help him? And how is a voter legitimately supposed to take him seriously when he's backtracked on just about everything he stood for. Some of his changes of position have come about this damn year.

Imma call B.S. on you Anon 2:26. Tell me the "real" reason why you are against Obama. I'm up for the debate. But don't start the dumbness. Tell me why McCain or ANY of the other third party candidates are better for America than Obama...

NSangoma said...

McCain-Palin represent a return to the good times

put on your walking shoes, with McCain-Palin we are going back to the future

Anonymous said... @ 3:12pm, what are you basing that on? Your gut? A dream? A voice? What exactly?

rainywalker said...

Race does matter here Field, but I can't beat people in the head with a ball bat and you can't either.

Mr. D. said...

race matters. Obama would be ahead further if he was white; however, he IS ahead.

Just saw a recent poll where Bush's approval rate is 19 percent and ZERO percent of americans think the economy is headed in the right direction. That's right. Zero.

So even if 40 percent of Americans can't vote for a black man (which I think is an overestimation, but hey, for argument's sake), there should be enough left over to vote Obama in.

I'm beginning to be cautiously optimistic about election day. However, what worries me is the shit storm that Obama is walking into. He's going to be handed an absolute mess domestically and foreign policy-wise. I think he'll do a good job, but I don't think people's expectations are realistic and racists/closet racists will blame the O-man.

vanishing point said...

I read your sidebar link about Palin
and the Alaskan Independent Party.
You might find this
article interesting.
i did a small write up about what
I found and what I think about Palin and
the AIP. She's even more scary than I had imagined

vanishing point said...

better link i hope.

field negro said...

"Obama is reverse Bradleying the SOUTH. Let me go over that again..."

Huh? Yes, please do, I don't think I got your explanation.

You Obamaholics, I swear. There must be a cure for this stuff.

Swiff said...

I'm so glad to see Ron Christie's cross-eyed shufflin ass back on the lawn. He was probably the first black member at Hannity's country club.

Swiff said...

LOL @ you gullible brothas thinkin Obama can win The South. If you believe them close North Carolina polls, then I've got an Adjustable Rate Mortgage to sell you. He got a shot in Florida and an even closer shot in Virginia, but that's where it stops.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that a lot (not all) of the naysayers here will get a perverse thrill out of Obama losing (including you, Field)? It's almost like if the worst case scenario happens there will be a gleeful "I TOLD YA SO!" chorus...

Most of the comments I have read here from Obama supporters sound like intelligent people who are well aware of all the factors in this election. I have not read one post where someone claims we live in a color blind society, so all will be well Nov. 4th. There are some smart people on this blog and I have learned some things about this election from it, from posters and from Field-including different perspectives regarding the chaos that has ensued.

but on a side note, maybe you're not ready for a Black president either, Field?

Dark Moon said...

And then my sister whispered to me, "Stupid N******" Deep soul punch and I gasped. She made apologies to me that it would be something her dh would say, and I said, Oh my god....

This is what I am talking about. Two human beings living their life. They are not even bothering anybody, yet they are still psychologically assaulted because they are simply black and whites, et al keep pushing this ridiculous mind numbing mantra that white racism is so passé and that blacks are the true racists because they keep reminding everybody how badly they are treated when all they have to do is shuffle along and keep being happy obliging coprophiliacs?

If Obama manages to ease into the White House, he is still going to face the specter of him being blamed if he screws up even a millimeter and doesn’t clean up the financial miasma that that White men created because of their insatiable soul-crushing greed
and which America is going to pay back for generations-provided China and Saudi Arabia, and Japan hasn’t claimed 100 percent ownership of America, in a mere 4 years. He will be deemed an incompetent Affirmative Action president, but he will still be blamed and roundly bludgeoned to death for not pulling a miracle out his ass, yet all those other moldy, bloated WW2 and baby boomer plutocrats, have been basking in the sun dusting down their shiny golden parachutes.

Connecticut Man1 said...

When my youngest daughter was starting to talk she was unable to say the word "brother" and that is how her older brother got the nickname "Bubba."

Bubba would vote for Obama if he were old enough.

Black Diaspora said...

@Connecticut Man1 said... Bubba would vote for Obama if he were old enough.

If I could, I'd let him vote now. He sounds like an intelligent kid.

Shady_Grady said...

Yes, there are a lot of Obama yard signs in some places in Michigan.
But there are also incidents like this.

So I think Michigan is still very much a toss up. It leans slightly to Obama but it's close.

Anonymous said...


'sme. Forgot to log in last time.

Go look at the baseball genius' site ( Scroll down till you hit "allocating the undecideds" -- he's run the numbers, and during the primaries, white folks in the Deep South voted for Obama more than the polls said they would.

Connecticut Man1 said...

"@Connecticut Man1 said... Bubba would vote for Obama if he were old enough.

If I could, I'd let him vote now. He sounds like an intelligent kid."

Just your average kid raised by a very liberal dad. He has even picked up on the habit of mocking McCain when he is on TV. I don't know where he gets that from?

My oldest daughter is going to work for the Obama campaign with me. We will do phone banking and canvassing. Too bad she is too young to vote too! lol

I am an unaffiliated indie because I am more liberal than Dem politicians. It is very likely that I will begin beating the crap out of Dem politicians if they squander the chance they are very likely going to be given.

Anonymous said...

what is this ridiculous argument I keep hearing over and over that Black people are just voting for Obama because he is black? I even heard him repeat this ridiculous argument. have we not voted with the Democrats 90% of the time? yes! no one was claiming when we voted for Clinton, Kerry, Dole, etc that we were just voting for the white guy. Now that there is a brotha running we are all unthinking robots just following the black guy, so I guess anyone white person voting for McSame is just voting for the white guy?

It's just like the ridiculous argument on affirmative action, that it only helps the unqualified get into a position, like slavery, Jim Crow and other segregation never happened. Racist will bring up nonsensical arguments to mask their racism. I once thought amerikka was moving forward until I started reading the comments on blogs where racist cowards spew their evil.

A Pop of Color said...

Anonymous said...
are some of you that stupid? the man is an empty suit. cuz he is black that makes him good enough? wtf? he needs to be qualified. he is not. he is using racism. he has never seen poverty. don't know hard times from something in a book. obama shoves shit in negroes faces and negroes say i's want some mo' please.

2:26 PM
Well anonymous it seems that you have given a perfect description of what most white folks attitude is towards blacks on a daily basis. We have only had the ability to vote for white folks since we have been in America. So what is your beef with one of our own doing to us what white folks have always done?

Anonymous said...

bean twn chica

Great post.

And I likes that name!!!

Anonymous said...

Every Black person who has been elected mayor or governor or senator or congressional representative of a majority white city, state, or district has faced the dynamics that you name... and yet many Black folks have won their elections, despite the overt and covert racism of white voters of all classes and political leanings.

I think that one of the greatest obstacles Obama faces is that many African Americans are afraid that he actually might win. It's as though some Black folks need Obama to lose in order to prove that racism exists in the U.S.

America's choice to elect one particular Black person to office doesn't mean that some of those same people who voted for him aren't racist. It just means that on one particular day, they were able to tolerate the idea of a Black chief executive... just as the fact that a white person marries a particular Black person doesn't mean they love all Black folks. It just means that most of the time, they can handle sharing their life with one particular Negro.

Black Diaspora said...

Connecticut Man1 said..."My oldest daughter is going to work for the Obama campaign with me".

It sounds to me you have a house full of really, really, really, very, smart people!

I thank you both for volunteering on behalf of us all.

Rent Party said...

52-43 OBAMA says the Washington Post poll:

Linda-Sama said...

The Bubba Vote is not limited to the South. It's alive and well in middle class white bread suburbia outside of Chicago.

makes me sick

Anonymous said...

I hope now OBAMA can be competent and help reform our healthcare! I work with california addiction treatment centers and we are almost bankrupt!

Royal Model said...