Tuesday, September 09, 2008

O man, how is that race neutral thing working out for you?

Folks, it's getting ugly out here. And I hate to say I told you so but....well, yeah, I told you so.
Want me to prove it? Let me put on my trial lawyer hat and give you some exhibits:

Exhibit number one:

This clown makes fun of the "O"man's big lips ( of course I will give you one guess which political party he belongs to) something about them being so big that you could float half of Cuba to the shores of Miami on it. In case you didn't notice, he is a leader of the college rethuglicans here in Pistolvania. Now I have a question: it seems that my man called MLK a "fraud" not too long ago. My question to my republican friends would be this: why was he still a leader in your party after the MLK slur? "In hindsight when you read it the second time it's like oops. It was just a dumb move on my part to make a statement like that in public." Nice. It was a dumb move because you said it "in public". Folks, can you imagine what these people are saying behind us in closed doors? Oh wait, I forgot, I saw the republican convention too, it doesn't have to be behind closed doors anymore.

Exhibit number two:

So a U.S. Congressman from the Third District of Georgia, calls the "O" man "uppity". Yes he did. Republican, Lynn Westmoreland, when speaking to a reporter, referred to his O ness as uppity. Do you believe that shit? Even after the reporter gave him a chance to retract his statement, the good ole boy stuck to his guns. Oh, did I mention that he was a republican? I didn't, but you already knew that now didn't you? I mean come on now, I know that they are the party of Lincoln and all, and I am sure that there are some good people under their tent, but......oh, did I mention that Mr. Westmoreland also voted against funding to open old civil rights cases under a bill named after Emmett Till ? What a guy. What a party?

Exhibit number three:

A radio talk show hosts goes off on a local columnist here in Philly, Fatimah Ali, and makes fun of her name; not her article, her name. Now I didn't agree entirely with Ms. Ali's article, because I don't think black folks (with the exception of a few Obamaholics of course) will necessarily lose their minds if the "O" man loses come November. Upset? Yes. To the point of rioting? No. And of course, everyone is forgetting that Ms. Ali said that there would be a "full fledged race, AND class war." But everyone seems to forgot about the "class" part. So thank you Mr. Quinn for confirming what I already knew about those of your ilk. Oh, and did I mention that he is a right wing republican?

Exhibit Number four:

I promise this will be my final exhibit, and then I will rest my case. This one isn't directly related to the "O" man, but please read the comments after this article about my new girlfriend, Condi. Condi happens to be a republican, but I think that she is even starting to think that when it comes time to choose up sides, she just might want to be in another tent besides the one with the elephant logo on it. Just a thought. I know there are some black folks among us who hate themselves so much, that being under that tent wouldn't be as hard as it is for the rest of us. But in spite of her frat boy jones, Condi doesn't strike me as one of them. But you never know, because the last time I checked, Condi was a republican.
I could go on (it's like shooting fish in a barrel), but I will spare you. Besides, you have seen and heard it all before from these folks (the republicans). But hang in there, just a couple of months to go before election day. And then my friends, it will be have a coke and a smile time in A-merry-ca all over again. At least until the next time that race matters.


Anonymous said...

And at the end of this race they will say even worse. Obama camp already knew the racist would bring the drama. Heck, even you this would happen field. I bet $100 by Nov. 4 they call him every racist name in the book.
What I love now about Obama campaign is that it help expose more and more the racist hidden agenda in the open. This race has been a big eye opener for the Black race. Let's know how far we have gone and how far we need to go.

Hathor said...

You have to remember Condi grew up and found she was cullud in Birmingham, Alabama. Her response about the 2nd Amendment, was how owning a gun was helpful against the the white terrorist[my words] in confrontation with father and neighbors.

Anonymous said...

It is getting ugly out there. The crazies have really come out since Palin got picked. You can see it all over the blogs. These people did't really like McCain, but they sure as hell were going to vote for him --just because it was a vote against Obama. I'm not a minority, though it's clear to me that racism will play a role in this election. There are some people that fear a black man running the country. But I also think there is something else at work here. They hated Bill Clinton, though they couldn't bring him down. They sunk Gore and Kerry's bid for the White House, portraying them as out-of-touch tax-and-spend liberals. What makes this campaign so volatile is that you have racism thrown into the culture war that we've seen with the previous white candidates.

Anonymous said...


You missed this one... Think progress has the goods. Basically, a Georgia GOP candidate called black MSNBC host Ron Allen "uppity." It's truly shameful. Here's his quote (I think they get it from the Atlanta Journal Constitution)

I’ll tell you one thing, I think we’re going to have a very, very strong, capable president in John McCain. Last night, Newt Gingrich disarmed a very uppity newscaster who tried to question him on the capabilities and leadership of Governor Palin. There’s simply no comparison between a governor and a community organizer.


Anonymous said...

Capabilities and leadership, my ass. I'll give the Republicans one thing: They know how to win and election.

It's a sad day in America when you have to rely on the National Enquirer and Jon Stewart to do some actual reporting. Many of you, I'm guessing, have seen this clip from Stewart, where he perfectly illustrates the hypocrisy of the Republican party: http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=184086

This hypocrisy reached epic proportions during the RNC convention when Mitt Romney, whose worth about $350 million, got onstage and called Obama an elitist. Unbelievable. Their true colors came out when they mocked and ridiculed community organizers.

It's time to swiftboat THEM. Karl Rove is a genius because he goes after the eneomy's strengths. What's the Republican party's greatest strength? They sure do know how to convince the masses that they're just like them. Except they don't play by everybody elses rules (See: Palin's knocked up teenaged daughter)I don't know why the Obama campaign doesn't call them on this. If I worked for the campaign, I'd have a commercial starting with George Bush back in 2000, calling himself a "uniter, not a divider," along with all those promises he made to end the partisanship in Washington. Then we'd move to a clip of a conservative talking about how moms ought to stay home and take care of their kids. Remember: These were the same folks that have led a decades-long assault on working moms. Suddenly, these folks have become the champions of the very same women they've been trying to shame. Feminism? What do they know about feminism? Does this mean Rush is no longer usign the term "feminazis"? Move in to Bill O'Reilly, who just a few months ago said he blamed the parents of pregnant teen Jamie Lynn Spears for not controlling their daughter. Now, this smug, arrogant bastard is suddenly singing a different tune. And the list can go on and on and on. Somebody, other than Jon Stewart, really needs to call them on this. Because, unfortunately, there are a whole lot of dumbasses in this country who don't understand what these people are really like. Dumbasses who are gullable enought to think that a man worth several hundred milllion dollars could be calling anybody but himself an elitist.


Jody said...

No question... it IS getting ugly. Which is why I want to not get bogged down in the muck and mire of the ugliness.
No doubt there are some vile, nasty ass and some "polite but stab you in the back" racists out here. No doubt.
In spite of it, I am gonna have faith that Obama will pull this out.
One point.... on the article about Condi... the responses are vile. The good news is that there seems to be few actual people... it is the same five or six people talking to each other. Vile, no doubt.... huge numbers of people responding, no.
Obama's latest Ad is a great... its on You Tube... basically saying you can put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig! He actually said that about McCain and Palin's attempt to portray themselves as agents of change.

Lola Gets said...

No you did not just call Palin "Tootsie", too funny!


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I think I like it when tools like Michael "loves puppies" Steele, get handed their asses like Kerry Washington did when they were on "Real Time with Bill Maher" last week.

If Steele thought Scott McClellan was going to provide him back up, he got played, because Scottie did nothing but help deflect the lame missles Steele was aiming at Washington and missing badly when she came back with facts and socked him between the eyes.

Yeah, Condi might want to be in another tent, but she shouldn't be allowed there before she apologizes for dereliction of duty in not passing that memo that might have very well prevented 9/11 had she thought to give it to Bush and merely say "I think we should head back to DC and put on alerts."

They might have neutralized Osama bin Laden before 9/11 had she done her damned job.

I swear, you brothas tend to think with the wrong head, and wonder why you get into a lot of shyt that could easily be avoided if you just used your brain instead.

(((Rolls eyes, coughs and spits)))

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Of course it's getting ugly. People are people and people can choose to be good....or evil. We're so easily swayed by it you know. It's just a matter of how many will use common sense or not. But we can't just roll over and let it happen. This is a war for the soul of this nation (if it had one to begin with). If the Republicans win we know the end is coming. End of story.

Anonymous said...


It's politics and it does get ugly. However, this is nothing compared to the politics in the 19th Century. This is a love feast. Field, I have a considerable amount of patience as my grandma use to tell that I had the patience of Job.

We need to wait it out with it's ups and downs including it's ugliness. I am not surprised by what's going on right now. I am not surprised that the Congressman from Georgia called him uppity, hell other then the use of the word nigger, uppity comes second. Oh, yes sometimes together, "Who does uppity nigger think he is coming into our store like he owns the place." I lived during the time of eight presidents, and the first time I voted was in then Reagan ran for his second term. This is my seventh election. However, I remember when Barbara Jordan gave a phenomenal speech at the 76 Democratic Convention very much in the same way that Obama gave his speech in 2004. It's unfortunate how people do not talk about Barbara Jordan because she really ahead of time and great orator, but people forget.

I remember I was 8 years old watching the Watergate hearing, and seeing this old guy Mitchell hammering away at witness. What we are seeing at the moment isn't new and I don't see the ugliness anything soon. Granted, I didn't understand what was going on, but realized that it was on TV and interrupted my grandmother's soap opera that it was important. It amazes me how people in the 19th Century elected Buchanan for president when everyone knew he was gay, but we can't elect a gay person now. Well it goes to show that we are devolving as a nation. I am still excited about this election and glad to see some people finally getting excited about the process. There is so much more we can do besides just pulling the level.

This is nothing compared to what to Harold Washington in Chicago when he ran for Mayor, and the council gave him a hard time when he became Mayor. Some blacks thought Washington was too fair while in office, and he eventually won over many of the white people living in the city because he told them that the City Council was preventing them for getting their streets paved. Nothing changes people minds more telling them that something affects their livelihood. I am cynical about human nature and let me you people when they are faced with the choice of survival or extinction, they will choose the former. Most people vote with their pocketbooks unlike the evangelics, but they aren't exactly rationally thinking people.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

And yeah, its going to get ugly and nasty, because McCain's real nickname is "McNasty" (I'm not making this up).

If Obama thought "there was No Black America" he's going to be reminded of it every day of this damned campaign, so he'd best grow a pair and go after McStain and Caribou Barbie, with Joe "Ride or Die" Biden providing the back up or else he'll be sitting in the Senate come January, 21, 2009, watching McStain and Palin preside over the 112th Session of Congress and being called "Sambo".

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Off Topic:

Thank you for mentioning Haiti on the sidebar. I haven't heard Uncle Sam saying anything about sending aid to the Haitians, have you? It must be the skin color.


Now, that's what I'm talking about having faith in spite of what the situation looks like right now. Your an honorary soul sister in Granny's book. Keep the faith!

Anonymous 10:14 PM:

We on the same page. You get to see behind those mask in this election.

Thumbs up on this article you wrote. Keep on speaking the truth to power. Leave no stone unturned.

evole said...

obama is going the way of John Kerry and the democrats are about to lose this election. Please tell me why the dems don't fight?? It is really odd

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You know for some reason, I think the GOP wants what you ask to happen, and it's a setup. After all, that is part of the game they've been playing.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

After watching the RNC, every minority in America, black, hispanic/latino, Asian, and Indian should have caught on that McCain does not represent everyone in this nation. All the comments should open minorities eyes to what McCain's feelings are towards them. Birds of a feather flock together. In McCain's case, it's all racist flock together. He does not intend to represent the whole nation, but he wants all of the different races to vote for him, and they lack common sense if they do.

Anonymous said...


You can see by the Republican convention that it is a dying party. I saw a bunch of older white folks and the men outnumbered the women 2-to-1. They're desperate to hang on to power and they will do anything to win this election. But, like you, I believe Obama will win. That prospect has got to be very scary for Bush and Cheney, because when Obama gets into the Oval Office he's going to get a good look at just how corrupt they are.


Anonymous said...

backtrack and the dnc deserve what they get. barky started the race business by trying to pretend it was not there. he called the clinton's racist. fuck him. maybe now instead of playing a black man for his benefit he will know how it actually feels being a black man.

Anonymous said...

Condi should withdraw a stack of 100's and 50's from the bank and take a look at the guys on them. She doesn't look like them any more than Barack does, remember that line from the rethug primaries ? Well Condi you can have a good cry and wipe your tears with them afterward if it ever dawns on you that you've grown quite rich as a stooge for the party that openly despises your people and actively works against them. Sympathy for this chick is in the dictionary after sh#t and before syphillis.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen Sheila! I agree with you.

Anonymous 12:02AM:

"he called the clinton's racist. fuck him. maybe now instead of playing a black man for his benefit he will know how it actually feels being a black man."

You keep it up and Granny is gone start believing you lack common sense. First of all, Obama never called Hillary a racist, MSM did. Second, what do you mean he will know how it actually feels being a black man? That is really the dumbest statement I've heard in my entire life. Obama grew up a black man, he lived in black neighborhoods, he has already experienced what it's like to be a black man. Any black man/woman living knows what it's like to be a black living in America. I declare if they put your brain in a bird it would fly upside down backwards.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Oh, Sheila I got sidetracked, because I meant to tell you that Biden brought it up that if he Obama win, Bush is gone faces charges.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The more I think about it, the more Palin fits the image of an angry white woman. She could be considered a militant, gun toting white woman who is vindictive towards her opponents. In addition, she is revengeful, vicious, and spiteful.

Anonymous said...

She strikes me as smug, self-righteous and vindictive. But as much as she's galvanized the Republican base, she sure has motivated the Dems because she scares the hell out of us because we know she's George Bush in a skirt!
BTW, did y'all read Anne Killkenny's letter? She's the housewife from Wasilla, Alaska who wrote about what Palin's really like. The letter just shows Palin to be a ruthless opportunist.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Nah, Palin doesn't fit the angry white woman, but she does fit the rest of the description I gave, and I'm adding catty.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I meant to leave out the militant too.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yes, I read Killkenny's letter. Palin is a piece of work alright. You have to excuse me tonight, I'm running back and forth watching Larry King's show. LOL!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I feel like she is more like Cheney with a dress, only difference she smiles. Because she has to have a mean streak to be so vindictive.

Anonymous said...

I am getting so tired of the McCain camp throwing the word "sexism" around. They just jumped all over Obama for calling McCain out when he said, "if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig." He meant that as a jab against McCain, but the old man's surrogates are already accusing of Obama of calling Palin a pig.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Me too, Sheila. In the first place, McCain's camp has a lot of nerve using "sexism" since they are against women's rights. Please Clarence Thomas a Republican is the reason they made that law about sexism in the first place. I guess they forgot about that, but Granny hasn't.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I meant sexual harrassment.

Donald said...

Fugg all the B.S. We can ruminate, agitate, debate and perpetrate. On Nov.2 I call SCORE BOARD...Obama. Most people have made their damn minds up anyways. I mean, who on this blog hasn't? America will elect a Dumbocrat...they fix shit ReTHUGlicans break.
This election is plain and simple Palin, Biden not withstanding, but we are voting for the top of each ticket. The old white dude vs.the young black man. Can the young suave brother from a different mother who want to change the game beat out the blue blood War hero er uh...former POW er uh...reformer!?!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The media treats Palin like she is running for President. McCain is taking a back seat, and she acts like she is the one running for President. McCain put out a disgraceful ad on Obama today, accusing him of wanting to teach sex education to kids. Obama did respond back quickly and say that he thought the ad was peverse and that McCain should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Mooselini being kept in a hermetically-sealed bubble? She can't be allowed to go off script? Does she even know what the script is? I don't wanna be accused of being quote unquote sexist by the Republican Gods of Fair Play (barf) but this is looking more and more like bimbo city to me. She is the female equivalant of Clarence Thomas. A totally unqualified anti-intellectual token pick meant to humiliate the civil rights movement. Mooselini sets back women a 100 years. Gotta love the cynically corrupt old bastids that run the GOP.

Swiff said...

Shit, I pity the fool (whattup Mr. T!) that DIDN'T see this coming.

Everyone on the right is working themselves into a hot lather over the latest Rent-A-Controversy™ like "lipstick on a pig" isn't a common phrase that MCCAIN HAS USED BEFORE. So of course, the e-klan comes out in full force...

Exhibit # 5 -


I swear, if Obama is a lousy President, he's gonna be the hottest Klan recruiting tool since Birth of a Nation.

Anonymous said...

What’s so exciting …. each campaign is playing to win at this point. John McCain campaign is doing what works for him and Team Obama decided to take the high road …..
I know some say the greatest model of a soul who took the high road, ended with a hanging at the cross and I understand however I think the Obama model will work.

“We can pounce on some gaffe by a Hillary supporter as evidence that she's playing the race card, or we can speculate on whether white men will all flock to John McCain in the general election regardless of his policies.
We can do that.
But if we do, I can tell you that in the next election, we'll be talking about some other distraction. And then another one. And then another one. And nothing will change”
Obama 3.18.2008

It’s starts with us……

RiPPa said...

This race has always been about, well...RACE! But hey, this is supposed to be a post-racial society we live in. Yeah, let them tell us and have us believe it.

It wasn't but just last year the noose hanging stuff made a comeback. But I guess folks forgot.

NSangoma said...

feld, feld, feld; and I got called so many bad names here for saying that Hillary t'was the better candidate. Bill and Hill understand the game, they know how to play ball; and I don't mean round-ball.

He [Obama] aw'ight a'cause he can fire dat pill; phuck that, that ain't worth a good gawd damn.

Now, a little fresh air

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Right now Palin is the celeb of the month. She is a distraction.

Obama has been counted out many times since the day he ran for Senate.

We'll see what happens in Nov.

That said anyone who thought America was race neutral, was tripping.

Anonymous said...

Obama will win. The rethuglicans are losing their minds because of the ground game that gets virtually NO media time. The rethugs realize they can only steal 1 or 2 states, which need to be pretty close...they can't steal 8 states, they can't steal a state where they have to switch (or create) 200,000 votes. They're going all Birth of A Nation in public with their Lillian Gish, but the ground game marches on. The crux of Obama's campaign has ALWAYS quietly been rooted in new voters. That's where the money has been going, and its working. Doesn't matter that the hare woke up and is running for his life, the slow methodical tortoise still won the race.

field negro said...

"I am getting so tired of the McCain camp throwing the word "sexism" around. They just jumped all over Obama for calling McCain out when he said, "if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig."'

Sheila, don't get sick of it,get used to it. That's classic rethug politics.

Most of you seem to be saying that politics is a tough and dirty business..well duh. I come from a place where we kill our political opponents, so I know all about tough politics. Still, it's sad to see the dems sit back and let the rethugs take it to them like this. Not Obama (I know he has to maintain his gentleman like and cool demeanor. But come on O man, put some surrogates out there to fight for you, that's what they are there for.

And speaking of surrogates; nsangoma, why is your girl Hillary being so soft on "Tootsie"?

"backtrack and the dnc deserve what they get. barky started the race business by trying to pretend it was not there. he called the clinton's racist. fuck him. maybe now instead of playing a black man for his benefit he will know how it actually feels being a black man."


Black Diaspora said...

Today's Observation:

Why bother with the truth when you can get more mileage with a lie.

Anonymous said...

I have read the "race war" meme in the comments of my local online news rag. Must be something Karl Rove fed out to his media flunkies.

I don't see that happening again in this country, not if Obama loses. We're beyond that. But we may well see food or gasoline riots before the rethuglicans are through with us.

NSangoma said...

And speaking of surrogates; nsangoma, why is your girl Hillary being so soft on "Tootsie"?
field-negro 6:42 AM

Because Hillary should be the democratic presidential candidate and Obama her veep. We will see what's up after Bill and Barack luncheon tomorrow afternoon. A little tit-for-tat, pay off some campaign debts and the Bill and Hill squad will kick some big-big-ass for Obama.

field, take 2 of these and call me in the morning

grannystandingfortruth 12:16 AM, Obama did not grow up black, living in black neighborhoods. Obama was raised like white boi in Hawaii and Indonesia. The indigenous Negroes of Hawaii live on reservations there (Hawaii). The indigenous Negritos of Indonesia have been forced into the most remote forests there (Indonesia). So I doubt seriously that Obama made it to the hoods in either Hawaii or Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't sleep on the Republicans in believing that they will lose. Right now the race is close and if we want Obama to win, then we can not afford to become complacent and relaxed. One of the reasons why Democrats lose is because they get labeled as liberals, and they have to focus on those voters who are moderate. In general, voters are neither left or right, they are in the middle. Obama cannot allow the Republicans to identify him as liberal or by race because he will lose.

I have to say this, but race and sexism are illusion because at the end of the day it's about economics and who will control it. Race, gender, and sexism appeals to our emotions because it's a physical part of who will are. However, I am more than black and woman. I am with Malcolm when he said we should be thinking more about human rights. So when Westmoreland, calls Obama uppity, he knows that it will get under people's skin. Obama cannot allow people Westmoreland get under his skin and throw him off message. Obama's message has to be the economy.

Honestly, if we want Obama to win, we need to help to get into office other than just going to that booth on election day. The fact of the matter is that Republicans know who to win, and Democrats wear losing like a badge of honor. Democrats have to learn how to win, and I think Obama has it within him to do, but anyone of us living in those battle grounds states will need to volunteer to achieve this goal.

Anonymous said...

Why would Condi Rice prefer to dine with those that consider her inferior? Could it be that sitting with Laqweena Eboni Mfisting Jones might be a tad painful? Body odor, crappy food, and the unending ignorance might be negative considerations for her. Years of effort and you are being told to 'get real'. Sorry but 'acting white' is less about race and more about not holding myself back to ease the feelings of those who won't or can't.

Condi may have made peace with having incompetent bosses, but Palin is a cracker racist b*tch. She is Entitled Whitey. So is her husband. They both exude the "free, white, and over 21" that defines the Ugly American.


David Sullivan said...

I tried telling everyone not to get too fired up over the Clinton's veiled (or not so veiled) digs about race, because when "O" has to fight the Repubs then you will go from watching a JV softball game to a majorleague baseball game. Game on!!!

and if uppity means above the fray, enlightened, smarter than your average bear then uppity it is. How can he not feel and act uppity when most americans are borderline retarded.

NSangoma said...

Prof. Barack Obama needs to leave the Falculty Lounge and start throwing, blow-for-blow with McCain.

Bump tomorrows luncheon with Bubba; Obama should not wait for Bubba and Hillary to do it for him, he needs to start throwing NOW!!

Anonymous said...


It comes down to the matter of do you want to win or you want to be right. It's the reason why the Republicans are able to win elections. Obama has to keep it simple for the simple people. You are right in that aspect.

Anonymous said...

Tom Friedman wrote an op-ed pieces in the New York Times this morning. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/10/opinion/10friedman.html, and think it's spot on. It's Obama winning the election and people are do not want to get into policy during the campaign. I was readind the other day where the Republicans are trying to get Bob Barr's name off of the ballot. We have to remember it's about the electoral college vote that will get Obama into office. I cannot drive this home enough, and we cannot underestimate Sarah Palin and what she brings to the McCain ticket. She is currently the rock star. I think it's copycating, but it's effective none the less.

NSangoma said...

If he (Obama) can't throw, then he needs to learn to throw!!


? said...

This race has always been about, well...RACE! But hey, this is supposed to be a post-racial society we live in. Yeah, let them tell us and have us believe it.

A post racial society is a misnomer, especially in this country.

tuhmeesuh said...

they are determined to get nasty and dirtier than normal because they have nothing else to lose or to say. but i have to admit, it's getting pretty stupid and outrageous--the republicans are making even more of an ass out of themselves than normal.

i wasn't going to vote this election--but i've changed my mind. obama and biden got my vote--if for nothing else, just so the republicans don't get it.

the ugly nasty truth is coming out about folks and it's mud slinging time.

but we all already know the real deal behind the facade of those fake smiles.

Anonymous said...

Here's a fifth to your list

.....The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Rick Goddard, a retired Air Force major general running against conservative Dem Congressman Jim Marshall, referred in a radio appearance to "a very uppity newscaster" who had a testy TV exchange with Newt Gingrich at the Republican Convention. This appeared to be a reference to MSNBC reporter Ron Allen, who is black.

The Goddard campaign didn't deny that he was discussing Ron Allen, telling the Journal-Constitution that Goddard "simply evoked a word -- that by definition -- described the reporter's demeanor as being superior, arrogant and presumptuous."......


Anonymous said...


It's going to be about personality and not the issue. Obama has to say Sarah who? The more anyone focuses on Palin, then personality will trump issues and it's what Republicans do best.

The per diem, bridge to nowhere, and perhaps troopergate aren't going anyway. She isn't going to drop out of the race. However, you can't complain about the Republicans and turn around be gung ho about Obama. Stop sitting on the fence and make a decision. Do you want him to win, or do you want to whine? Whining to doesn't get anyone anyway, but it give you a headache listening.

It's not all to Obama, he can run for President, but we need to vote and volunteer. I can sit here all day and blog, but that doesn't get me anyway. I'm going to volunteer for the registration drive in New Jersey, but the reality is Obama will win the state. I am more concerned about Michigan, Flordia, PA, Ohio, and Colorado because those are states he needs to win. Obama can win by popular vote and still lose the election. That's the point. He needs to drive home the gas prices, the economy, and healthcare. That's it in a nutshell.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Granny understands that Obama was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia. However, he, also, has lived in Chicago for the rest of his young adult and adult years;therefore, he has been exposed to what it's like to be black and definitely should know what it's like to be black. Any black person that has lived a couple of days in America will get to know what it's like to be black in America. America has a habit of introducing you to it quick. :>)

Let me share something with all of you. I went to go get my car smogged once, and the owner of the place was an Arab. Before I could even say hello to him, his first worlds to me were, "America is a racist country. And Bush is a thug."

west coast story said...

I heard Andrea Mitchell state this morning that bloggers had done a good job of making Palin a sympathetic target with the flood of gossip that has been posted online. She said McCain was capitalizing on all the negativity by pouncing on everything that comes out of Obama's mouth and making it something other than what it is. Like the "lipstick on a pig" commment. Mitchell was quick to defend Obama on this one and quoted McCain as having said the exact same thing referring to a Hillary policy. But she thought the McCain strategy was to capitiize on the nasty stuff online about Palin. And, it seems to be working.

Joe Scarborough, who I loathe but only listened to this morning because Mitchell was co-hosting (and doesn't take his shit like that other woman), even said that Obama needs to aggressively fight back and not release these wimply statements in response to McCain's attacks. He said Republicans win because they are willing to fight hard.

The other clear message and the one I've been saying for a while is that he needs to ignore Palin. McCain is happy to have all the attention on Palin and not him. McCain is the presidential candidate. Obama should schedule some face time on Larry King or someplace and say he's less interested in Palin's background than he is in McCain's policies then proceed to attack McCain's policies. He should not apologize. He should not give anyone a headline that says "Obama sorry about lipstick comment" or "Obama denies insult in pig comment." Just ignore it and go after McCain. If pressed, he should say there's nothing to comment on and go back to McCain. This election should not be campaigned around Palin but around McCain. The National Enquirer has dispatched four reporters to Alaska. If there is any dirt to be found, they will find it. Let them do the dirty work.

If anyone is going to take on Palin, it should be Biden. He should be the one challenging her policies.

Mitchell said some female GOP operative called up a bunch of news outlets to express her outrage about the lipstick commment. Mitchell said most of the responding reporters on the conference call were women and she said they were mostly in shock that anyone could take offense at Obama's commment since he'd expressed this colloquialism many times AND SO HAD MCCAIN on one occasion referring to a Hillary position.

Obama may want to be a different kind of politician but the reality is that he will lose if he is not willing to be better at what the GOP does.

And finally, Palin is going to be interviewed by Charlie Gibson on ABC this Friday. I wouldn't miss it. I am curious to see just how deft a politicain she really is and I'm curious to see what kind of interview ABC will conduct. After their disaster with the primary debate, I wonder if they are interested in reinstating any pretext at being real journalists and discuss the issues or ask Palin dumbass questions like can she be a mother and a vice president.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I watched the news early this morning. Obama is talking about the issues, and McCain is stealing every bit of Obama's message and trying to make like it's his own. Yup, this is gonna be a real dirty low down election. McCain is a Liar, thief of Obama's message, and scum of the earth, he has no honor and integrity. He is a disgrace to the military uniform that he so loves to exploit his POW status. He is not worth two dead flies.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of computer space. IS this a real blog? Field Negro? Really?

First of all Obama is racist as well, so for all you calling the race card out to play, maybe you should read his own books and call a duck a duck - as he refers to "whitey" and the "greedy white man" while he's toking on a bong with his college buds.

This is insane. And this is why Rep's keep winning, we can't believe this type of idiocy really exists, but I guess it does.

If anyone is racist, it's Obama and his minions.

RedLipstick said...

Hennasplace you are saying what I've thought all along. O has to take the high road and stay with his original message--changing it to get in the gutter with the Repubs will undermine the strategy that has worked so well.

I do agree that surrogates should do the gutter work instead.

I'm also in a state that O will easily carry, but if I was back home in Texas I might take leave from my job to work on the campaign. I console myself by sending money to the campaign regularly and when I saw the Pitbull w/lipstick I was on my computer in a heartbeat.

McCain is taking public financing but the Repub party is a money making machine so a good way to help O if you can't volunteer is to send him money.

It's gonna be close no doubt but I think O is gonna win.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:03, who ever you are, you make the assumption that some of commenting has not read Obama's book. Let me just say, I have both his books and read them and it doesn't say that. I am going to assume that you have not read his books. Once again, Anon if I were you, you should stick to the issues. I know it's a daunting task for you, but put that brain into thinking and an attempt anyway. Here you are coming on to someone else's blog with the idea that somehow some of us are stupid and not paying attention. Now who is being racist making the assumption that we would have not possibly read anything about Barack Obama. This idea that someone that black people do not read, and we are nothing more than just sheep waiting for someone to lead us. Let me tell you this, I would be voting Obama if I didn't so some due diligence about the manm and dare you insult anyone's intelligence with that dribble you call writing. "You are entitled to your opinion, but not to your own facts." Now look that up and find out who made that statement.

vanishing point said...

McCain/Palin are spreading outright lies, such as Palin saying Obama never accomplished anything, or the new ad falsely claiming that Obama's plan is for sex ed before a kid can read, and the thing is, ppl are gonna believe that crap, the Rethugs do this smearing and lying because it works. The double standards are not going to work this time, I hope every dem or Obama supporter realizes that we have the opportunity to be surrogates and call the rethugs on the bull.

@grannyspeakingforthetruth, I love you!!!

p.s. whoever called Palin- Mooselini, thank you

Thanks Field for a great post.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


At least you said you think he is gonna win, some folks on here don't even have that much faith. However, speaking for myself, I KNOW HE IS GONNA WIN. YES WE CAN!

McCain and Palin's tactics are gonna backfire. Their riding high right now, but what goes up, also, has to come down.

Unknown said...

The term "Sexist" is a code name for "Black Brute". Obama "the Mandigo Black Brute" that is trying to ravish the "Helpless Pure Lilly White Hocky Mom Palin. And white men like War Hero McCain must protect white womenhood and save us from such brutes.

Notice the whole sex education ad the McCain campaign aired

That is the subtext of "Obama the Sexist" narrative.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Another thing, I keep hearing people say Obama needs to fight dirty, hit them hard. I'm like Obama now. People have for the last 8 years been complaining about the dirty politics, yet when a man comes along that doesn't play those type of politics, people get fickle, flip flop, and start begging for more of the same of it. What has Rove turned our country into? I don't think Obama should play their game and be like them, he should take the high road. What I want to know is what are we the people of the USA gonna do, are we gonna let Rove, McCain, and Palin drag us down to their level or stand up, protest against these tactics, and like Obama said...ENOUGH!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Granny is going to go take her medicine and get back in bed. If I'm feeling better I'll be back later on tonight.

gsutiger2 said...

I have ALWAYS been a Condi supporter. Now that its nearing the end of her term - I find her to be MUCH MORE vocal.

Anonymous said...

The term "Sexist" is a code name for "Black Brute". Obama "the Mandigo Black Brute" that is trying to ravish the "Helpless Pure Lilly White Hocky Mom Palin. And white men like War Hero McCain must protect white womenhood and save us from such brutes.

oh please, pull your head out your ass. now black men cannot be sexist because the very charge is racist? so, backtrack can be sexist and white women just have to take it. you know, like how black men love to say white women will do anything for the black dick. whatever. blackness is no protection from a charge of sexism. i'm afraid black women have been abused so long by black men that they are conditioned to it and allow black men to think it is just fine. OBAMA IS A SEXIST!

Anonymous said...


Do you mean to tell your readers that the Republican Party has nitwits and reality-challenged people?!?! I am shocked and beside myself.

Yes, Condi's statement is interesting. But I would not construe this to mean she is thinking of jumping off the Republican boat, Field. Rather, she may find ways to attract more black folks to the Republican party by way of these mediums such as foreign affairs, foreign language, etc. Besides, she has got it made in the (R) party.

Truth be told, Field, the Republican party holds very lucrative opportunities for any black folks who have solid communication skills, moderate to conservative values, and an appropriate educational background.

If you are black and you want to run for office on the Democratic ticket locally or on a state level (or even congressional level)...be prepared to stand in line. If you are black (or Hispanic) and want to run on the Republican ticket...please move to the front of the line.

west coast story said...

You don' have to fight dirty to fight hard and strong. You stick to the issues and you don't throw out wimpy responses to outright lies. He needs to be on television responding to this nonsense.

I saw a clip of his appearance on O'Reilly and he really gave as good as he got. He has it in him to be tough as nails and we need to see a lot more of that. It isn't fighting dirty to call out these prevaricators in a forceful manner.

Jibreel Riley said...


You know I'm not a troll, hell I even use my real name... give out my email... give links to "facts"

This has become a gateway into the black bloggerspher and plus on the GOP side can get a lil too Homogeneous but that change too will take time. Someday you too will be on the GOP side of things.

And Phlly an't so scary even a SEPTA ride to North Philly

west coast story said...

I just came from the CNN website and I feel so much better. You go, Obama.


Anonymous said...


I tore apart that "Education" ad McCain put out, virtually calling Obama a pedophile supporter, and the entire ad is baloney!


Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Geez, the rethugs have trademarked the word "lipstick"(tm) now? They've all but drained the word "change" of any of its original meaning. What will they think of next?

I'm with granny. I want O to fight strong and hard, but don't get suckered into using rethug tactics. That's just what they're waiting and hoping for. You can't run a dirty campaign and promise to run a clean administration.

Anonymous said...

I'm with West Coast Story and Sharon here...and I agree with Grannystandingfortruth that I don't want to see "dirty" from Obama.

But he DOES need to hit back. You can still fight clean against a dirty fighter if you know where to hit and just how hard to do it.

Obama needs to hit back. Clean but fierce. No more letting Republican lies fester for days or weeks getting traction. He has to respond quicker and with more than just a quick "that's nonsense" response. That won't defuse the lies.

Unknown said...

Anon 2:09

Who said Black men can not be sexist. I never uttered such claim because that claim is untrue. Yes Black men can be sexist and some Black men are very sexist. This is a sexist society and men are conditioned to be gender bias.

HOWEVER that does not negate the age old American stereotype of Black men as dangerous sexual beast that prey upon white woman and (white) men must protect their women from these brutes. (Remember I also pointed the sickening Sex Ed ad McCain put out.) This is what is being played out. This stereotype has been use time and time to play white America on fears about Black People.

However I understand that we live in two different states. I live in the state of Connecticut and you live in the state of Denial. But this does not mean that Rove and Co strategist are not using coded racist language (i.e. uppity, community activist, muslim) to fire up the base and get them to the polls

McCain has made the most vile and misogynist statements about women and it's on record. Jokes about Chelsea Clinton, beating his wife come immediately to mind. When did he all of a sudden become a feminist? And Palin is so anti women it is truly frightening.

If you want to talk about Obama sexism, then tell me about policies he supports and have supported that are anti-women. Tell me about policies that were against things that matter most to women, such as reproductive health, education, child welfare, equal pay and workplace discrimination. Talk to me about his hiring practice within his campaign. Talk to me about he appointments he will make when he gets into the White House.

Other then that you are one of the many mindless American who rather vote who for the candidate that play on your insecurities rather than one that serves your best interest.

Unknown said...

Please excuse the typos of the 4:35 post.

Swiff said...

Field, I saw Joe Watkins on MSNBC today pushing that "Lipstick? SEXIST!!!" bullshit lock stock and barrel. House Negro material all day. He'd wake up Massa at 3 a.m to rat out runaways and shit.

Anonymous said...

{waves} Hi redlipstick! I'm another refugee from TX. Hi laura j! I'm also in CT. What you said. McCain running as a feminist? Welcome to the world Through the Looking Glass---"'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone,' it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.'" Well, at least this means we won't be hearing the term "feminazi" from Rush Limpburger anymore.

field negro said...

"Please excuse the typos of the 4:35 post."

Why apologize for them? We don't care about typos on this site. The host makes more typing errors that everyone else combined.

"You know I'm not a troll, hell I even use my real name... give out my email... give links to "facts"'

Please everyone, jibreel..is not a troll. A black wingnut maybe, but not a troll :)

gsutiger2 said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you, Field, for your blog, and for your (mostly) thoughtful commenters. I am struggling so hard to stay upbeat and hopeful w/r/t the election, but it's really, really hard to do.

I'm coming down in the "Don't sink to their level" camp, I think, although ask me tomorrow and I might have a different position! It just seems to me that it's all the worse for Obama to pull any plays from the Rove playbook, because Obama is better than that, and he **knows** he's better than that. Rove is already down there in the dirt - Obama isn't, and I'm just not thinking that he should let the Rethuglicans pull us down to their level.

LauraJ said: "The term "Sexist" is a code name for "Black Brute". Obama "the Mandigo Black Brute" that is trying to ravish the "Helpless Pure Lilly White Hocky Mom Palin. And white men like War Hero McCain must protect white womenhood and save us from such brutes."
YES! Thank you for putting it so well - this whole use of the term "sexist" by the republicans has made me absolutely CRAZY and this has helped me understand what is **really** going on.

Anyway - y'all rock. :-)

Shady_Grady said...

If Obama wants to win he had better quickly come up with a plan to not only counterpunch more effectively but also to hit first, hit harder, and hit below the belt or behind the head every chance he gets.

What was that line from the Lord of the Rings?
"There is evil there that does not sleep"
That's the Republicans.

The Republicans aren't going to stop. They want to win and will do whatever's necessary.

Obama's got to stand up and slay this dragon, not try to reason with it or engage it in even handed repartee.

Ray Bridges said...

They play the way they do because it works. In politics, second place is no place. Did anyone think they wouldn't fight tenaciously regardless of the Democrats's candidate? Power is money to those Republicans. And since the only part of being President John Cain understands is the "I'm the President" part, he'll turn the government back over to the same people who have been screwing us for the past seven years.

I know Obama's smart and he's got a lot of smart people helping him, and I know they've thought this out very carefully, so I'm going to continue to trust their judgment.

I'm also trying to do my part. I'm not always sure what that means, but since I've not been asked to strategize the campaign nationally, I'm concentrating my efforts locally. Out here in California, we've got a nasty little ballot initiative that promises to bring the fundies to the polls in droves. If we lose on 8, the hurt will be local, but the pain is going to be felt nationally.

Obama can't have it both ways in California. He's going to need to come here and speak on the subject. If he doesn't, he runs the risk of the Yes of 8 changing the balance in his race. I can't imagine many people voting for Obama and also Yes, but if there is such a voter, Obama should be speaking to them.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Did you see that commercial where the Correctional Officers are working on a recall for Arnold? Just think, he still hasn't signed the budget, nor has there even been talks of him signing it in the papers lately. Lets see, July, Aug, Sept... Didn't he say in his campaign speech that he would always have the budget signed on time?

Anonymous said...

Whether Obama wins (I think he will. For whatever reason I really do)or loses the onething I am THANKFUL for, in regards to his candidacy, is exposing the racism that resides in the hearts of many white "liberals". He brought it out of the Clintons and out of their backers...Trust me the racial slurs are going to fly. These racist individuals can't believe it has gotten this close. Their worst fear is coming to pass...and it is not Obama dating their daughter. It is Obama running "their" country!

How positively rich! lol.

Royal Model said...

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