Saturday, September 13, 2008

A GOP win by any means necessary.

Do you remember how hard it was for black folks to register to vote back in the day? States like Alabama (shout out to the great blog "Left in Alabama"), actually had poll taxes, and "literacy tests" that had to be taken before poor people of color could register. These tests, of course, were often administered by the all white local county officials, and enforced by the local police departments. Can anyone say "White Citizens Council" ? Anyhoooo, that was such a long long time ago, and A-merry-ca has come so far since then, that your friendly neighborhood field Negro is just mentioning it to give you a little history lesson. Right? Wrong! I know the Supreme Court said such things were improper, and that the folks in the old "Jim Crow" South were wrong to do these things. But the new Supremes, made up of....well, conservative republicans, tend to disagree. They ruled, just this year, that it was alright to suppress people's right to vote, in order to do away with fraud. Look up Crawford v. Marion County Election Board if you think I am lying. And read this excellent article in Newsweek Magazine from Jonathan Alter, to understand exactly what is going on here. Voter fraud my ass, that's just a smoke screen to keep black folks from voting. Mr. Alter, of course, thinks it's the GOP being political and not racial; I tend to disagree. (What came first the chicken or the egg?)

Now I am trying to be respectable and not demagogue this issue, lord knows I catch enough flack from my republican friends (yes I have some) for staying on their party as much as I do. But come on now, when they do things like this, how can I? Hey, you rethugs have a history when it comes to this kind of stuff, so don't go crying a river when people call you out on it. Let's keep it real folks: the rethugs are the ones bringing back those days, and they are the ones making my little history lesson seem more like current events.

But I promised myself and Mrs Field that I was going to stop getting so worked up over little issues like the suppression of people's right to vote. It's not good for my pressure. No one else in A-merry-ca seems to give a damn, so why should I? You would think the folks in the democratic party would be making a bigger deal about this, but they are not. I guess they don't want to be seen as the ones crying racism. That is so una-merry-can and so unpatriotic. After all, there are no racist in A-merry-ca anymore, just different points of views as to how to move the country forward.

Anyway, as I did with the last election; as election day draws closer, I will be posting some links to help folks in some of these key battle ground states, so that they can understand their legal rights when it comes to voting.

It's important. The White Citizens Coun....whoops, I mean the republicans know it, and so should you.


JP said...

I have a solution to this. National ID cards. Everyone has one already, your Social Security card. Put a picture on it every 10 years and call it a day. Almost every country in the world has one. It's time.

Mark said...

Hey Field, my wife was working the phones for the Obama campaign, and some cracker tells her that he wishes somebody would put a bullet in the O-man. That, plus somebody threw a trash can through the window of the Obama HQs here in our cozy little southern town. Wow. It's too much for me. All this, plus the realization that Obama's popularity abroad hurts him at home. I'm befuddled and angry and sad, all at the same time. Sorry for being off topic. Although I'm convinced that election fraud, in all its various manifestations, is a big problem. We saw it in 2000, in 2004, will it be even worse in 2008?

Anonymous said...

To be believed?

Anonymous said...

I do not think a national ID card is the solution because it's another way to prevent people from voting. I still have a problem with taking my mother's name off the voter rolls, and she died eight years ago.

Field, you wrote a very good post about this subject and let me expand on that, it's political and racist. I attended a training rally today in New Jersey to elect Barack Obama, and discovered that the state sent out letters stating to people that their names from their driver's license does not match on the voters registration books. For example, my name is Sheri Dingaka Maple on the voting log, but my driver's license my name says Sheri D. Maple, therefore I might not be the same person. Fortunately, I sign my entire name on important documents so that problem does not occur. And let's face there aren't many people in the world with the name Dingaka, and I doubt most people can pronounce much less know how to spell it. This letter was sent out to 300,000 people, and there is something wrong with that picture

Anonymous said...


I think you should read the article because the Crawford decision says that it is constitutional to ask a voter for an ID in order to vote. I do not know think people are just going to appear at the voting booth and use my mother's name. First, you would have to know her name, and secondly you would need to know that she is no longer living for you to use her name. Frankly, if you know that information, you would have to be insider within political machine to do it. The problem with voter fraud occurs with absentee ballots, and again it's an inside job.

Donald said...

Another great post FN. Vote411 is a great voter information web site. Of course the ACLU has great voter information,as well.

Anonymous said...

The White Citizens Council --er, I mean the GOP-- is using foreclosure lists in Ohio to suppress the Black vote, even though it is perfectly legal for voters to vote from their last known address.

In summary, if you lose your home in Ohio, you also lose your right to vote if you're Black.

Fucking GOP. We must stop them.

Ann Brock said...

Field there is a guy in my home town of Dothan Alabama who's going around the state of Alabama trying to get ex-felons their rights to vote back. His name is Kenneth Glasgow.

Republican are opposed to it because felons don’t tend to vote Republican. More than 5,500 former felons are having their rights restored, and interest in the November presidential election is running high.

At least 16 states have made it easier for former felons to vote.
But in the South, where restrictions on former convicts are among the most severe and in many cases date to Jim Crow laws, there have been fewer changes.

Field The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit in protest of a 2006 Tennessee law that requires former convicts to pay back child support before regaining the right to vote.

The Republican attorney general, Troy King, has proposed a constitutional amendment that would delete the moral turpitude clause, prohibiting all felons from voting.

Anonymous said...

Yo' field negroes and negresses...this brings home what FN is saying.

Check this out:;_ylt=Atp6PKIywHyZqiefYreCIjJh24cA

and these white folks have the gall to wonder why we're angry.

Anonymous said...

The republicans, specifically the neo-con branch have learned that if they run on the issues or god forbid on their record, that they don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning. So they lie, steal, cheat their way to victory. And the majority of people in this country are so ignorant they don't see this. How else can you explain it.

My long-suffering wife sent me this link to a republican security expert, who is an expert in credit card fraud, who speaks (for about an hour) on the Deibold voting machines and how easy they are to hack. Not only that, he says he has seen some where the candidate (our candidate, not the republican) starts off with a negative number of votes, which she or he must erase before her or his votes even get counted.

This explains why the exit polls and the final vote count were so vastly different in 2004. According to this expert, Kerry won and Max Cleland both won. But the voting machines won for their opponents.

Stephen Spoonamore On Stealing Elections through Vote Tampering - Full Version:

My question, where the hell are the democrats and why aren't they doing something about this fraud?

NSangoma said...

Negroe people, these white folk are not jiving:

Forum sells 'Obama Waffles' with racial stereotype
Published: September 13, 2008
Filed at 4:14 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Activists at a conservative political forum snapped up boxes of waffle mix depicting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as a racial stereotype on its front and wearing Arab-like headdress on its top flap.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Fred Thompson's speech was laced with old school racism. I'm not surprised at all how some white folks are acting like this is a race war instead of a Presidential election, which is sad, because of the speech he gave.

Truth will always wins over a Lie. All this means is that folks are gonna have to roll up their sleeves and work harder than they've ever worked before in making sure Obama is elected. There are going to be obstacles along the way and it might not look good right now, but I believe that Obama is going to be the next President. Pray, pray like you've never prayed before.

Community organizers just need to get out and make sure folks are registered, that they get the ID's needed, and if some of them need a ride, volunteer to give as many as you can a ride to get an ID. Those of you who can and are able if necessary give those who you know are very poor that want to get the ID but don't have the money, help them that way too. You'll be blessed in the end. We might have to make some big sacrifices in order to ensure that this happens but nothing comes easy and sacrificing is always a part of the equation.

Back when they boycotted the buses, folks got together and volunteered their services in giving rides to people. I know it's harder since gas is higher now, but it might take this kind of sacrifice. Where there is a will, there is a way. Chip in a few dollars for one destinated person's gas in order to insure folks have a way to get that ID.

People can be very resourceful when it comes to a righteous cause.

Anonymous said...

The Obama campaign has a Web site for people to see if they are still registered to vote. Go to and pass on this link to everyone. The site tells voters when early voting starts in their state and soon will tell people where to go to vote. It's best for people to check now to make sure they haven't been purged from the rolls. It's clear that we all need to help get people to the polls, but we also need to pass on good information and maybe even help folks get a current state ID so they can vote. It also might be best to call the local NAACP or ACLU office to see if you can help.
There are a lot of convicted felons in this country, but that doesn't mean that they can't vote. We need to let these folks know that they may be eligible. Here in Tennessee, it depends on the date of conviction. Also, the NAACP went to court before the last presidential election and got the voting rights restored for many felons in TN, allowing them to vote in the election.
The Republicans know that there are far more registered Democrats and they're trying to do everything they can to suppress turnout. We must be vigilant.

Anonymous said...


The Republikkkans aren't screwing around.

Yet another racially insensitive product sold at a Republican gathering: Obama Waffles

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree with you more. I volunteered and going to Pennsylvania Oct 11 to get people to vote. I will also be working in my town of Irvington, NJ to get them vote. It doesn't matter what time I go to the polls as the only people are there are the workers and myself. There is never a line when go to vote, and think it's awful.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is what happens when you ask serious qualifications of Gov. Palin:

"Grilled", "out for blood", "double standard", tried to embarrass"

So much for any hopes of her getting hit with real questions by the MSM.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Look, forget what they're talking about because it is only a ploy to get folks to lose focus on the issues and cast doubt. Just do your part and the best that you can do to make sure that Obama wins.

field negro said...

Yes nsangoma and co. I am all over that waffles story. But I am sure you people aren't surprised.

mark, that's a scary story. You Obamaholics (black & white) better watch out while you are on the campaign trail.

hennasplace, the national ID card idea scares me too. A little too big brother for my taste.

jjbrock, thanks for that heads up on that guy doen in Alabama. That is something I am involved with as well.

Kellybelle said...

Granny: "Pray, pray like you've never prayed before."

I'm with you cuz only divine intervention can stop these fools.

JP said...

You don't have national ID card in Jamaica. I know Barbados has them. We already have it with our SS card and number. Why does putting a photo on it and birthdate make it a big brother thing.

Anonymous said...

Granny, I hear you and trust me, I am out there doing my part, but at some point reality kicks you in the behind and you have to ponder just how to approach things. Clearly, we can canvass an register voters, but this is a media society, which has been proven time and time again. I am all behind this campaign and its grass roots appeal, and I wouldn't be scouring the web for stories if I wasn't. Hey, I read The Art of War (twice). All I'm pointing out is that this Palin pick was sweeter than anyone gave it credit for. She is Teflon. I agree with some posts I read earlier declaring a Palin blackout. Obviously, focusing on her is a waste of energy, bu I can't help but blink when the Power of Palin gets MSNBC to sideline its two biggest players, and poor wimpy azz Charlie Gibson, who threw more softballs than the US Women's Softball team in the Olympics gets beaten up for what I can only describe as a minimally aggressive interview. Hell, he didn't even dress up with that ValueCity combo he had on.

field negro said...

jp, we already have state ID cards, and driver's license. The idea is just kind of spooky to me.

Anonymous said...

"The box was meant as political satire, said Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss, two writers from Franklin, Tenn., who created the mix."--AP.

That's a Republican suburb outside my hometown of Nashville, which is a Democratic city where more than a quarter of the population is African-American. Hopefully, the local media will be all over this and these two clowns will have to face some serious questions when they come home. I'll certainly write to my local TV and papers.


Anonymous said...

Oops! My previous post refers to the box of Obama Waffles. Sorry I didn't make that clear.


Anonymous said...

Field, I read your blog alot and think you can handle this sort of humor

"Yes We Klan" video


Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

We already know they're going to try so there is no excuse not being prepared for it. Seriously. Evil always wants to triumph over good but it never will.

rainywalker said...

Your right Field, it's been a rough and rocky uphill road.

rainywalker said...

Your late the fed's have a new program for all states called "Real ID." It's part of Homeland Security. Read the fine print, I don't think you will like it.

Anonymous said...

Seems kind of weak compared to what ACORN does every two years.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I understand. Truth always wins over Lies. Don't stop scouring the web for stories. All I'm trying to say is have faith, and don't let what they are doing cause you to doubt, because it will all work out in the end.

The thing that I don't like is how the MSM seems to take the negative smears and lies that McCain is using against Obama and makes them the topic of the day and week. However, when Obama defends himself or points out something about McCain, MSM puts that on the back burner and make it almost nonexistent.

The only ones that seem to be doing the opposite of MSM is blogs and local newspapers. BTW, that is where it seems to be that people are getting any real news, also, about what is going on in the world during this election. Like for instance the sex for oil scandal and US Arms Sales To Foreign Governments Climbing Rapidly Under Bush Administration.

To tell you truth, I'm about ready to write MSM off as a stage full of actors playing in a soap opera. News ain't what it used to be, objectivity and integrity is fading away into the sun set.

Anonymous said...

FN, you're a lawyer, yes? I posted some links in a comment on JJP a couple of days ago that night be of interest.

Lawyers and people with legal expertise can be a great help with all of this! In addition to what you do here, here are some links I've come across on how lawyers and people with legal expertise can work on this:

1. The Obama campaign is looking for people with legal expertise for the protection of voter rights:

Lawyers Needed for Obama Voter Protection Program

A more detailed sign-up page on the Obama site

2. Another possibility to look into:

National Campaign For Fair Elections

3. A dailykos article that might have additional info/action possibilities

Legal professional? Know any? Interested in Voter Protection? Listen up!

If you are interested in signing up or if you know other lawyers, law students or people with legal expertise, please pass the info along.

Anonymous said...

Granny the MSM is making money off the many wars that Cheney/Bush started and that McPain want to keep going:

So don't expect them to report anything that would upset the blood money gravy train they got going.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Thanks for that information.

Blinders Off said...


I should have known you were on top of this. I just sent you an email about this subject.

The New World Order is in full throttle with this administration and party.

Black Diaspora said...

@NSangoma, et al. Thanks for the links.

Satire covers a multitude of pranks meant to demean and do harm.

I wonder if there were blacks at this conservative forum?

Probably not, but I don't think that the vendors would have been apologetic had they been.

And I further doubt that any black conservatives would have voiced their outrage anyway.

They probably would have bought several boxes, one for themselves, and some to share.

Hell, they're making sure we don't join the party of Lincoln.

La♥audiobooks said...

jjbrock, I have mix feelings about giving certain felons the right to vote for several reasons. On the other hand, this coming election I see how it could also be a blessing by design for the repuke party.

You know, I read somewhere that Maine and Vermont allows felons and active felons to vote. Doesn't surprise me how it's the two "whitest" states.

NSangoma said...

FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL, Values Voters: Obama Waffles video; Michelle is on the back of the box

field negro said...

Michelle, thanks for the links. I am involved with some of those groups.

I will pass them on to some of my colleagues as well.

Thank blinders off, I did get your e-mail.

Black Diaspora said...

They've come up with so many hurdles for blacks folks to jump over just to vote, we all deserve Olympic gold medals.

Anonymous said...

the waffle vid is hilarious....lmao

and don't say "omg it's rascist" cuz i've read worse on THIS blog about the mac man...

if your gona make fun of people make fun of everyone inculding yourself :=]

besides i'm believing ben&jerrys story about late nite waffle eating....those 2 look like theyv'e had allnite waffle eating parties....

and this crap about voting....HAVE THE PROPER ID it's not rocket science, if you move change your address i've moved more than a few times in my life & change my id like your suppose it and stop pissing and moaning....jeezzzz

Anonymous said...

Gallup Daily: McCain 48%, Obama 45%

oh, lawd wat wez gona doz?????

Anonymous said...

Anon: 9:36A

I think the whole thing about showing IDs at the polls is nonsense. That is not where the voting fraud is occurring. It occurs with absentee ballots. As I said previously, you would have to privy to information that the person on the roll hasn't voted in the while in order to use that person's name. If you are an identity theft, I highly doubt that you going to vote. Call me whacky on that one.

New Jersey is having a problem now with seven weeks out to the election, and they are sending out mailings information people that their names on their driver's licenses do not match on the voting polls. I think it's suspect because it went out to more than 300,000 voters, and how is it that the state board of election is making this realization now. I am in a blue state. I do not need to show ID, I can simply show a utility bill to prove that still live at the address

Personally, I believe it's way to have lower voter turnout, so Republicans can win. It is just that simple. Republicans win when voter turnout is low. Jonathan Adler is right in his assessment in his article. Thanks to the two-party system, whatever party is in control at the time, will do anything to suppress votes.

field negro said...

"Gallup Daily: McCain 48%, Obama 45%

oh, lawd wat wez gona doz?????"

Run away from the house and come to the fields. I promise the whip won't hurt :)

Anonymous said...

it an't the whip i'm skeerded of's paying 4 everybody else's kids & health care and food....shit i can bearly support my family mustless someone who doesn't want to actully get up in the morning get ass in the field like us and work!!!!

Anonymous said...

field I caught some of that "family research council" mess on C-SPAN. I nominate Star Parker for the house nigra Hall of Fame!

Black Diaspora said...

Anon: "shit i can bearly support my family".

Well, anon 11:59 AM: I guess you'll be one of those unfortunate families that we'll also provide "health care and food" for.

Francis Holland said...

I agree that the G.O.P intends to win "by any means necessary", just like in past elections.

Black people and Obama voters will have to be ready to go and do battle at their local Election Commissioner's offices, to guarantee that our votes are counted, because the GOP will be there rioting, just as they were in 2000.

If the GOP can steal the election with a compliant white-news media ignoring vote suppression and stealing until it's too late, then that's exactly what will happen, regardless of who is ahead in the polls.