Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pitt bull,pig, what's the difference?

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I am not a Republican, and I am not a racist. I will be voting for Cynthia McKinney for president. So don’t threaten me with your post-partisan, post-racial, manipulative, coercive hate mail.

It is official - Obama is the biggest ass**** to ever run for President (by John: south of Melrose Liberal Rapture)
he said it. Why don’t you give them the finger, Barack, as you did Hillary? You are one classy dude.

Your fellow Democrats (by vastleft at Corrente)I’ve never been more proud. This DU [Democratic Underground] thread, which currently has 31 recommendations (5 is the threshold to appear on the page of “greatest” posts of the day), celebrates the implication that Obama specifically had Palin in mind with his “lipstick on a pig” comment. Several other threads avidly deny that he meant it that way. It is a well-worn phrase, and I have no way of knowing whether he meant it to refer to Palin, but after her “lipstick/hockey mom/pitbull” comment it’s a poor choice of wording at very best. But, heck, it’s just words.So, how’s all that nastiness working out for you, Barack?..."

I thought I would open with that little e-mail I got from that crazy ass Carolyn Kay. Carolyn, every time you send me this bullshit, I will be posting it, because I told your crazy ass to stop, and you won't. Honestly, I really don't give a fuck if you are racist or not; you are just one of many dumb ass A-merry-can voters who can be easily manipulated by political gamesmanship. I would post the rest of your dumb ass e-mail, but I don't have the space or the time. I have some other shit I want to say. And Carolyn, I haven't had a good e-fight in awhile, so you and your bra burning friends might want to stop fucking with me.

Okay, now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me address the latest little dust up here in A-merry-ca. I have been all over his O ness throughout this campaign for not being tough enough on his political enemies. But you know what? I might have been wrong all along. People have told me all along that he (Obama) couldn't get too tough because a black man couldn't get away with what a white man could. And I think they are right. Imagine the latest:

Obama said that if you "put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig", and rehtuglicans are losing their natural minds. HE IS A SEXIST,they claim, HE HAS NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN, HOW DARE HE CALLS THIS WOMAN A PIG? And on and on. See folks, it's like this: Mr. Morton can call his wife a "cunt", and not a peep out of the news media. People (All except Obama of course) can call Hillary Clinton all types of vile and vicious things, but not a peep out of the media. That lipstick comment was actually a reference to something Mr. Morton said earlier, but not a peep about that. Why? Because all the dumb mother fuckers in these divided states, like the aforementioned, Carolyn Kay, choose to focus on the "O" man. Why? I will let you try to decide that one. But you only get one guess.

Anyway, since when is pig a sexist term? Didn't she (the beauty queen) call herself a pit bull? Personally, I think pigs are just as cute as pit bulls. If Obama had said that you can put a three piece suit on a hog, and it's still a hog, while talking about Mr. Morton, would that have been considered sexist? No, I think not. But this is the political silly season we are in now, and it is a season where the rethuglicans thrive. See folks, rethuglicans don't want us talking about the issues for obvious reasons, because they have destroyed this fucking country. Between the Dow tanking, unemployment at damn near 6%, a war draining our country of billions of dollars every month, our banks going under, our dollar tanking, and not to mention, Russia about to start world war fucking three (Russian bombers right here in our hemisphere conducting war games and shit). All this while a rethuglican was in power, and while the man running for his office voted with him 90% of the time. SEXISM? I have a news flash for you A-merry-ca: If Charles fucking Manson was running against Mr. Morton, he would be up in the polls. Think about it.

So O man, I am sorry,I guess you can't get tough, you will just have to leave that to us bloggers and all the crazy left wingers out here. I will give you some advise though; leave the pig alone, you can't win taking on the beauty queen, she is still a part of A-merry-ca's most protected class. You need to take on Mr. Morton, and take him on about the issues. Attack his tax plan, and his voting record with the frat boy. Keep hammering him on the issues, and stay on message. To steal a line from a very popular bus company: Go with the issues, and leave the nasty stuff to us.

Now speaking of nasty stuff, I have STILL not heard anything to disprove that story out of Alaska that the beauty queen called Hillary a bitch, and the "O" man a Sambo. Oh field that story again; I thought everyone agreed to leave that story alone since some of the other Internet rumors about Ms. Palin have proven not to be true? I didn't agree to shit! (Why doesn't someone "fact check" that story?) And I will keep talking about this story until someone proves to me that the pig didn't say it. I am sorry, did I call Ms. Palin a pig? I am sorry Sarah, I meant to write pitt bull.

**Thanks for the pic ArtMaggot**


Anonymous said...

This is a sideshow and Obama has to stay on message. They are hoping to distract him because they have nothing to run on. But he still needs to defend himself. As I wrote earlier, I loved the lipstick comment; I only wish they said it earlier. And as far as sexism goes -- not that I in any way sympathize with the Beauty Queen (but I might after it's all over with.)--it's starting to look like what McCain is doing to her is sexist. She's a tool. They wrote her speech, which was full of lies--lies that are now starting to come out; they've sequestered her from the media and won't let her hold a press conference, which only makes her look incapable of being VP; and they're using her as a puppet to attract crowds and draw in women and rob Obama of his message. I find that far more offensive.

Black Diaspora said...

I've said it before: a black man attacking a white woman in this society, even if what he says is true, is like Superman handling kryptonite.

As you suggest, these kind of matters are best left to surrogates, and even they need to exercise care (if male), if they don't wish to be labeled "sexist."

Biden's got his work cut out for him, especially when you have a news media scrutinizing ever word Obama says, and McPain is allowed to say pretty much what he pleases with impunity.

Anonymous said...

She is a pig. And a bimbo. And incompetent. And a serial liar. She is everything this country has seen on display the last eight years, all rolled into one. I have to hand it to the Republicans. Owning the media has allowed them to get away with anything and everything.


SjP said...

"Didn't she (the beauty queen) call herself a pit bull?"

No...actually she called herself a bitch! And NO ONE'S saying anything about isn't that interesting.

rainywalker said...

I haven't had my television on for two days Field. I been listening to Willie Dixon and trying to get my head on straight. This talk about pit bulls, pigs with lipstick and old fish in a newspaper should be left to us. I'm not taking my pig down because Mr. Morton pissed me off with that big lips comment. Sen. Obama needs to stick to the issues because John McCain is one dirty........

Anonymous said...

But at what point do we start treating this woman as a normal politician. Everybody is saying Biden has to be so careful. Why? The Queen of Alaska has been handled with kid gloves ever since she entered the race. Can you remember any candidate running for a national office who has turned down an interview with Meet the Press or 60 Minutes? She not only wants to be treated differently from male candidates, she expects to be treated differently than other females. It's sickening. I don't have a lot of faith in the American people, but at some point I think folks are going to see right through this stuff. And all the rednecks who are suddenly champions of women's rights know it's not sexism.

Kellybelle said...

Barack been done BEEN knew he was going to have to run a different kind of race. He knows America; he hasn't sipped his own kool-aid. If he were to slam that elderly man who was tortured in Vietnam fighting for our freedom or that milky-skinned beauty queen with the special needs baby, the headlines would read "Negro Goes Wild; Hide the Women and Children."

That this race is as tight as it is is a testament to not-so-deep seated racism in this country. A Harvard grad vs. a C-student? In what world do those two compete on an even field? When the Harvard grad is Black.

Barack is doing his best Sidney Poitier/Jackie Robinson imitation. He has to. He's sitting at the lunch counter and they're pouring ketchup on his head. He's walking into the segregated school under armed guard. Anger, even the most righteous anger, will not be tolerated from this brother.

Anonymous said...

Look. Women are the sex class. So are blacks. The only sexually neutral people, ever, are white men. That is a white man can stand there and say what he has to say and on one will remark on his ass or call him a stud.
That is why this is such a nasty campaign going on now.
That Obama is a pedophile ad was the worst thing I've seen so far this season.

Anonymous said...

You know I wish Condi was the veep choice cuz then they could accuse Obama of being sexist AND racist. And you know they would do it with a STRAIGHT FACE. And you know the media would report it verbatim with a straight face, too.

From the ridiculous to the sublime and back to the ridiculous goes the wingnut cavalcade.

Missy said...

Dang...I leave for a little while and just look! LOL

Personally, I think the lipstick/pig comment was on point but come on, in the "real" world there is a double standard and he's on the losing end of the color and gender spectrum to start trying to play that game with her. Someone said it best in an earlier comment: they are going to try to reel him into their BS to steer him away from the issues.

It really doesn't matter whether it is or isn't sexist because it's going to get played that way regardless.

Jibreel Riley said...

Maybe that will teach you Dems' to lay off a grown man and his houses. It sucks... this is the panic from the Leftys.

I swore Keith Olbermann reminds me of the White Benson btw.

All you folks who throw Harvard in our faces remember McCain is a Commander... Remember Satleback?

Why is the press in FULL PANIC MODE when it comes to Obama... Its like WAPO, NYT, MSOSobamaNBC save me, save me

David Sullivan said...

You can put lipstick on a pig, but she's still a gun toteing, moose killing, holier than thou, self righteous, deceptive, robotic, "Tootsie" lookin'...pig!

Is it just me or when they make appearances together is McCain looking at her like "I'd like to get me some of that..."?

west coast story said...

Again what I posted on your last topic: Obama has used the collquialsim "you can put lipstick on it and it's still a pig" on numberous occasions. He was referreing to McCain's policies. There is a clip of McCain saying the exact SAME colloquialism about Hillary's policies.

What Obama said is a commonly used expression that means you can dress it up but it's still what it is. He was not referring to Palin but it makes such good copy to say that he did. MSNBC and my local news station ran the clip of McCain saying the same thing.

I loved Obama's response about manufactured outrage on the part of the Repugs because this is truly a case of much ado about nothting.

Jody said...

Well, my take on this is the msm in general is pointing out he was referring to McCain's policies, not Palin and that the Repubs were trying to make something out of nothing. This, from NY Times, NBC news coverage, ABC news coverage.... and several editorials. And, CBS got pissed because they (McCain camp) cut and pasted a comment Katy Curic made to try to make it sound like Katy agreed with McCain... they called them out on it and they withdrew the internet ad....
I think if McCain and crew push this, it will backfire. Because Obama made the comment and it was videotaped and is being widely played.. people can see for themselves what he said and the context.... they also pointed out that McCain said the same thing about Hillary's healthcare policies and no one accused him of sexism. So, the hypocracy is being pointed out as well.... I think McCain will be backing off of this one really fast.

And, Jibreel... please tell me what is Sarah Palin's position on Iran? On troop buildup in Afghanistan? What is her position on funding for education? How about health care??? Since you are her cheerleader here, maybe YOU can enlighten us... maybe since you are the self professed Republican, you can let the rest of us know if this information was passed out at the last meeting....

classysbf said...

Forget this bullshit about Gov. Palin.
Here's a scary story about how the Michigan GOP is using foreclosures to suppress the black vote in the swing counties of that state:

Black Diaspora said...

@Sheila: "Can you remember any candidate running for a national office who has turned down an interview with Meet the Press or 60 Minutes?"

If what you say is true, she turned down these two powerhouse news programs, Meet the Press and 60 Minutes, then why would Repugnicants get all in a huff, and their panties in a bunch, because Oprah won't have her as a guest on her show?

I think you answered it:

"She not only wants to be treated differently from male candidates, she expects to be treated differently than other females. It's sickening."

The Oprah show, I submit, is considered a non-threatening (or less-threatening) venue for her: as a guest on the show, PayLend can continue modeling her image as a "pit bull" with lipstick, and at the same time sticking it to Oprah, one of Obama's biggest and most influential backers.

Any attack from Oprah will be construed as an attack from Obama, which will hurt her standing with her right-leaning viewers (they're already calling for a boycott), and give the Repugnicants more ammo with which to attack Obama.

Bringing PayLend on her show is a no-win for Oprah, and, by extension, a no-win for Obama.

classysbf said...

Barack is doing his best Sidney Poitier/Jackie Robinson imitation. He has to. He's sitting at the lunch counter and they're pouring ketchup on his head. He's walking into the segregated school under armed guard. Anger, even the most righteous anger, will not be tolerated from this brother.

VERY WELL SAID,Kellybelle!
Excellent visual,too.

Anonymous said...

"And, Jibreel... please tell me what is Sarah Palin's position on Iran? On troop buildup in Afghanistan? What is her position on funding for education? How about health care??? Since you are her cheerleader here, maybe YOU can enlighten us... maybe since you are the self professed Republican, you can let the rest of us know if this information was passed out at the last meeting...."

Don't ask Jibreel to actually *think*. It might cause irreparable damage to one of his two brain cells chasing each other.

I'm glad the Obama camp is refusing to apologize--just say "no" to these retarded shitmonkeys.

Anonymous said...

Check this out...This is when Hillary was running and Palin was saying that Hillary needs to toughen up and stop trippin off of women being scrutinized so closely.

? said...

Huhh. Obama's the ass but Mckinney is the one with the New Black Panther body guards and the jew hating dad she won't correct? Barrack is heads and tails above her and nor do I buy the sexist thing one bit.

? said...

A Harvard grad vs. a C-student? In what world do those two compete on an even field?

Well, the C student beat the decorated war hero last time, so why so surprised?

field negro said...

"@Sheila: "Can you remember any candidate running for a national office who has turned down an interview with Meet the Press or 60 Minutes?"'

Yes, ten days and counting and no Sarah. I guess they will wait until 911 to trot her out. Sad!

Damn David S, and ernesto,why don't you guys say how you really feel?

sjp, she did call herself a pit bull, and yes, I think the "B"
word too.

"Barack is doing his best Sidney Poitier/Jackie Robinson imitation. He has to. He's sitting at the lunch counter and they're pouring ketchup on his head. He's walking into the segregated school under armed guard. Anger, even the most righteous anger, will not be tolerated from this brother."

Kellybelle, that was a righteous rant.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are employing the Bush Cheney approach of throwing so much shit into the fan that their opponents don't know on which topic to focus their response. We saw this with Bush and Cheney's (mostly Cheney's) attack on civil liberties and the rule of law via the so-called war on terror. It worked and now the Rovites are using this successfully to derail Obama.

Obama has to fight back by staying on topic and he has to keep pointing out all the things that the McCain and Bush have done wrong.

He hit a high point in his campaign and it has been downhill since Sara Palin (the Republican's conjurer's trick) came on the scene to misdirect the ignorant American's minds away from the reality of the issues.


Anonymous said...

Barack is doing his best Sidney Poitier/Jackie Robinson imitation, but the Grand Wizards of the GOP are going to paint him as the darkie Gus chasing the pristine Flora in Birth of a Nation. All of these ads are reeking of the worst kinds of sleaze and perversion. Barack is so right, "they take pride in their ignorance." The media woke up today over this pig bullshyt, but overall they have been complicit in the shenanigans of McSame's camp.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are not only on the verge of losing this election but being banished to the basement for years to come. This is their last hurrah before dying.

Anonymous said...

KELLYBELLE said "That this race is as tight as it is is a testament to not-so-deep seated racism in this country. A Harvard grad vs. a C-student? In what world do those two compete on an even field? When the Harvard grad is Black."

That is so true and I'd like to add...When the country is predominantly white.

Anonymous said...

We must stay on target.

Use the same tactic as what we do when some troll hi-jacks this web conversation and spews pages of nonsense. It is manufactured to get us off topic.

Ignore this current hi-jacking. We must ignore Mrs. Palin and the Rove-surrogates who are stoking this fire. Ignore them and get back to our issues.

So, ignore Mrs. Palin and stick to the issues and keep the conversation going strong about what Obama wants to do to change things. Tell the truth and fight hard, and ignore this b___s__t.

Anonymous said...

Obama made a strong speech today in Virginia about the topic and got back on message. Haven't spent enough time talking about this? What a slow news day.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see the McCain ad on sex education yet? If that doesn't piss you off, nothing will.

Jibreel Riley said...

I've been too busy eating ham after smoking my rocks... got the crack munchies however I dont know what is Sarah Palin's views on Iran, Afghanistan or health care (we over fun education in this nation), I missed that meeting because it cut into my Sambo Club meeting but after I drove Miss Daisy I wonder what is Obama's views on Iran, Afghanistan and how about the times he went against his own Democrat Party or were is he going to get all this cash for these programs or his views on energy (that are bleeping realistic) because I hear one more thing about bio-fuels I'm going to switch from crack to smack.

We will see about Sarah these next few weeks but the race is still Obama vs McCain and from the polls it looks like McCain is winning and Biden looks like he is the one that wants a nap. Even today he says Hillary would of been a better pick. Its at ABC News now.

Anonymous said...

As always, you're right on point, Field. Just one thing to note--O WAS taking on Mr. Morton, and talking about the issues. He didn't even mention her name. Here is the full quote, from the NYT:

"John McCain says he's about change, too -- except for economic policy, health care policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy and Karl Rove-style politics," Mr. Obama told his supporters here. "That's just calling the same thing something different."

With a laugh, he added: "You can put lipstick on a pig; it's still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change; it's still going to stink after eight years."

Didn't know about Russian war games, that's some scary shit.

On a side note, Time Wise was on 20/20 talking about white privilege. Unfortunately, Shelby Steele came on after him to say that white privilege didn't exist. :(

Anonymous said...

Field, you have the most AWESOME regulars!!

kellybelle, you got a standing ovation from the peanut gallery in my house!

field negro said...

"Field, you have the most AWESOME regulars!!"

Yes, they are a rowdy bunch. And they talk more shit than I do. I swear I am more scared of the regulars here than anyone else on the www :)

sytgrl, you are right about who Obama directed his comments to. Hell, I am falling into that trap my damn self.

"..I missed that meeting because it cut into my Sambo Club meeting but after I drove Miss Daisy I wonder what is Obama's views on Iran, Afghanistan and how about the times he went against his own Democrat Party.."

Jibreel, you know what I love about you? Your honesty. :)

Donald said...

No you didn't! FN, you are right on point with this post. Yea O man could get dirty and that's what the Rethug's want. But he will stay above that foolishness because the 26th. is coming fast enough. Matter of fact, here is the schedule I found for all the debates.
September 26, 2008 Presidential Debate in Oxford, Mississippi
October 2, 2008 Vice-Presidential Debate in St. Louis, Missouri
October 7, 2008 Presidential Debate in Nashville, TN
October 15, 2008 Presidential Debate in Hempstead, New York

Wonder if Mr. Morten is going to have that black box W had under jacket in Tempe last election cycle.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Wonderful post, Field, and Slimey Sarah can stick her childhood Sambo dolls you know where. I wouldn't be surprised if she had one.

I actually had a blow up Sambo doll that my dad picked up for me at a baseball game, and I remember reading the book. Black Sambo is in reality, a cute story that you can still find on the Internet; but the art I saw wasn't so good.

Then along came concern that Sambo was really a racist story and it got yanked from a lot of libraries. It wasn't racist, Negroes weren't calling themselves black yet and ignorant white folks - like Sarah Palin - thought calling someone a Black Sambo was a put down. Hell, the Sambo in the story was a smart kid; he'd make a better VP than the Lipstick Queen.

Swiff said...






Anonymous said...

The Russians have made it clear they will take no orders from the neo-con clowns..this includes Sarah Palin.

Why do these chickenhawks want conflict with MotherF* Russia? Is it because they won't ever serve? Is it that even if called, their rabbi will have them miles from any action?

Whitey wants to be a victim. Whitey wants affirmative action for the incompetent and the unskilled. Whitey wants to never be held accountable...for anything.

If we get President Palin, even Uncurious George will be overshadowed by her utter lack of ability or intelligence. Cripes, she failed at running a very small town. We have one here in Pennsyltucky (well, lots of small, rural 100% white towns) and they are corrupt, venal, and arrogant. Yet, they didn't hock the town's future with massive debt for the Sarah and Todd Memorial Sports Complex and SinglesBar.

Sure, she looks all MILFy and Wifey and businesswench. But, can she actually do the work? Answer is no. Just because some white chick has the outfit, hair and business buzzwords does not make her able.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I have a question. Who is running for President? Is it Palin or McCain? Because the media and GOP act like she is running for President. Biden is not getting that much TV time. In fact, they're acting like he has disappeared out the equation, and it's Palin vs Obama.

Kup said...

Uggg Field. What is going on? This is all so depressing....

brotherkomrade said...

"Don't ask Jibreel to actually *think*. It might cause irreparable damage to one of his two brain cells chasing each other."

Ha, Ha!! Roger. Very good.

Jibreel, you forgot to mention that you were also busy singing, "Ow lawd, wash me white as snow sos I cun get me ah kiss from miss pretty what lady, Miss Palin..."

Oh what am I saying, we don't need to hear Jibreel sing the national handkerchief-head anthem when we can go to Micheal Bowen Cobb's site for that shit.

Anonymous said...

I agree that we need to keep focusing on the issues and not get distracted by Ms P. Every hour spent talking about is an hour wasted. HOWEVER. We can use her to bring the attention back around to Mr M. There is a blog called Women Against Sarah Palin:

They are two women who are soliciting brief statements from women all across the country. Here's what I sent them. (Not so brief, but I am a JD.)

"Sarah Palin does not represent me. We may have the same internal
organs, but that's about it. She is auditioning for the role of the
President's understudy, but she is clueless about the important issues
of the day: health care, banking regulation, energy independence, our
massive foreign debt, and jobs. She is a long-time supporter of the
Alaskan Independence Party, whose leader has professed a profound and
burning hatred of the American government. She has no more notion of
what's happening in the Middle East than does John McCain and, like
most Americans, does not even possess a passport. What's most puzzling
to me is why she would even want the job, unless being in Washington
full-time would make it easier to lobby for drilling in ANWR.

"As for John McCain, he insults all American women with this choice, as
if it weren't enough that he has voted AGAINST Equal Pay for Women,
AGAINST the Violence Against Women Act, AGAINST Title X Womens Health
Care Services, AGAINST the Children's Health Insurance Program-SCHIP,
and AGAINST aid to Children of Domestic Violence. If the GOP had to
have a woman on the ticket, as if to fill a quota, there are any
number of more qualified Republican women: Kay Bailey Hutchinson,
Elizabeth Dole, Christine Todd Whitman, Olympia Snowe, and my own
state's Jodi Rell, just to name a few. John McCain met Ms. Palin only
once before making his selection. Now as more information about her
brief record as mayor and governor come out of Alaska, and as we learn
about her fiscal irresponsibility and abuse of power, we see that his
first important decision as a Presidential candidate shows that the
recklessness that he displayed as a young pilot has not diminished. Is
either of them the person we want answering that red phone at 3am? I
don't think so!"

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this!!!! Sara Palin returned home to Alaska, and CNN, FOX and MSNBC broadcast her welcome home rally, WTF!!!. This election has cause me to become physically ill. I don't think I can take much more of this. My only hope is that she does really poorly during the debate or else it will be another four years of Bush/Cheney/McCain.:(


Donald said...

The election is for the top of the ticket. Keep that in focus while you wade through all the Rethuglican bullshit. The MSM are a tool and I mean that literally and pejoratively.
Liberal media my ass!

Wow, Sharon I peeped that blog and most of the linked sites. I had no idea of the grass roots movement against the BQ.

Admiral Komack said...

(Why doesn't someone "fact check" that story?)

-Silly rabbit, because the media is not interested in fact-checking the story.

Now, if Obama had said something unseemly about Ms. Palin, you can bet the media would be doing the Dateline: Predator treatment (Obama would walk into the room, Chris Hanson would start grilling him, and then Obama leaves the room, only to be arrested, 'cause you do not say THAT about the woman VP candidate).

A.F. said...

Thank you for this post, Field.

Did you hear NPR today, verifying the truth of Obama's statement? They called a farmer who had agreed to put lipstick on a pig, which he did, and the NPR anchor had the farmer verify that the pig was still a pig once the lipstick was on it.

I wonder how this whole thing will play. In my experience, Rethuglicans generally fly into denial when a sexist remark is pointed out to them, even if it is way-over-the-top sexist, so why would they buy that a pig in lipstick comment about McCain's policy is sexist?

On the other hand, I teach critical analysis of language, and a very, very disturbing trend among students of the past decade (and I'm not blaming them as I know that the problem is systemic), but many of them tend to regard language as a Rorschach test, as though a sentence can mean just anything you want it to mean, regardless of context or content. So if somebody tells them something such as "lipstick on a pig" was really a directed toward Sarah Palin, many of them are likely to believe it, regardless of whether the sentence has anything to do with her. These are adults I'm talking about, too, and so it worries me that Karl Rove bases his strategy on the fact that many Americans have trouble understanding language.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that will teach you Dems' to lay off a grown man and his houses. It sucks... this is the panic from the Leftys.

I swore Keith Olbermann reminds me of the White Benson btw.

All you folks who throw Harvard in our faces remember McCain is a Commander... Remember Satleback?

Why is the press in FULL PANIC MODE when it comes to Obama... Its like WAPO, NYT, MSOSobamaNBC save me, save me

"Take this boy out back & kill em" You cant be Real,or are you one a dem funny style niggaz?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Black Diaspora said...

Re: Say-rah! rah! PayLend Homecoming:

On MSNBC the station interrupted a biography on Obama to cover it, so that they could televise it LIVE.

The media is making PayLend an instant celebrity. I guess she's more interesting than McPain, and his fossilization of America by adopting Bush's failed policies.

What was the cry from the right about Obama: "We don't know him!"

If you're hockey Mom, white, with a passel of kids, and the governor of a state--then they know all they need to know about you to celebrate you, and hold you up as the champion of the people.

Obama, despite his bonafides, is still seen as this unacceptable unknown.

Seven percent of registered voters are still undecided....

What do they say about him? Oh, yeah: "He's not one of us."

I believe that there's a code word in there somewhere.

EzMun said...

Field and the Gang,

Where I do believe that the Obama strategists have an opening that they haven't exploited when these inevitable diversions come up. Obama has to get his strategists and speech writers in the room to create a short and tight scripted response that states the top 5 things where the Obama plan beats the McCain "I got nothin'" plan.

To be constructively critical of Barack, he is not a very good ad libber, like e.g. Bill Clinton or mean as she is, Hillary Clinton. Barack takes a day and a half to round the bend. Going back to your piece on him making law review versus moot court, you get the point obviously. Barack seems to be one of those folks who needs to write out his thoughts to get them right.

Since this is the case, he and his team need to write out some of the more obvious differences between what Obama proposes and where McCain either does not propose anything or is defunct... or a disquised version of George Bush.

A response that goes something like:

"I'm not going to waste the American people's time discussing lipstick on a pig. What I do know is that gas is almost $5 a gallon, under my plan we will be free from foreign oil in 10 years. Under my plan Americans would receive about a $1,000.00 tax credit to offset high prices at the pump.... yada.

Too much time and attention is being wasted on this Palin woman when it's quite clear that the media is going to give her a free pass for the next 55 days. Barack has to get his people back on message and not justifying the Republican strategy of smokescreen and distraction.

Black Diaspora said...

@a.f.: "So if somebody tells them something such as "lipstick on a pig" was really a directed toward Sarah Palin, regardless of whether the sentence has anything to do with her...."

It's our perverse human nature: We believe what we see and hear, as surely as we see and hear what we believe.

A circle of sort--a zone of denial that's impervious to facts, reality, and the truth.

Black Diaspora said...


As much as it may pain me to say it--I think you're right.

I try to avoid that "zone of denial that's impervious to facts, etc."

You should be one of his advisers. I hope they're reading this blog. You never know.

joy316 said...

Palin is no beauty queen--she lost remember! She doesn't mind calling herself a pit bull so why is she whining about a non-reference to her that speaks of a pig? Could it be that the shoe fits? Her lifestyle has much to be desired, kids totally out of control, cheating on her husband, lying every time she makes a speech, giving a speech after her water breaks than making an eight plus hour trip home. Can anyone say PWT?

Anonymous said...


I've been a lurker here for some time, and after watching and hearing ALL day about this stupid ass non-story, your blog was the first I came to for relief. My initial thought at the beginning of silly season, was that Obama should continue to stay above the fray. Not any more. After watching this election cycle, which looks more and more like a Roman circus as each day passes, I'm really starting to believe that he needs to get semi-live with the McSame crew. He should take the muzzle off the liberal "527" groups and show a little bit of righteous anger. Hell, there's nothing wrong with calling a lie, a lie when/if that is what it is. Varnishing it with bullshit euphemisms like, 'inappropriate', does nothing for him. Seriously, the dumbing down of American society is showing, and as the "rethuglicans" have shown so deftly, the electorate can be persuaded to believe whatever through simple repetition. How scary, and this has been shown true not once, not twice, but now for the third time before our very eyes. Having said that, I think these distractions (bullshit stories, half assed polls) are just out there for discouragement. The 'thugs' have nothing to run on, so yeah, this is all they have. Issues alone would get them nowhere. As for the polls, if enough people think Obama is a sinking ship, then he will be a sunk ship. But no one asks the question, who are they polling? A majority of people roll dolo on cell phones, and the vast majority of folks (like me) are at WORK during the day when they DO make the poll calls. So who are they talking to? And how is it that dem registration is up, but Obama numbers are going down? So on one hand, I have heart that O may make it to be the Pres BEFORE the start of WWIII, but he needs to put the 'pimp hand' down on the bullshit because its getting out of control. Silly season is over.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Okay, I'm gone ask this question one more time, maybe someone will get what I'm trying to say. Who is running for President? McCain or Palin?

Anonymous said...

You Obamaholics need to quit with the b-tching and moaning, his failure to select Hillary was the biggest mistake in recent politcal history. Now you can't win. Should have played ball with the Clinton mafia, stupid. Harvard degree means Jack against a C student if you dont know that polictics is a hustle---he got outplayed by a 90 yr old war vet who trumped him with the historic woman versus the old old dude. Biden is meaningless now.

Now he has to beg Bill for help. Selecting Biden was a stupid move and we will pay the price in Nov---the Dem party will be set back at least twenty years as they will lose Congress as that idiot Pelosi is Biden in a skirt. Unless...Hillary runs in four years...can't knock the hustle.

BTW---Bill O'Reilly owned the O man on TV and it shows that the O man has nothing but yes men in his camp. He should give as good as he gets and had the perfect opp to shut down Bill on his own show---dont go on the show and look like a punk dimwit---show that you got a pair (LOL)! It takes Obama 15 minutes to make any point. If he cant handle Bill's pressure off the cuff, what can he really handle?

Obama has to know that everything that comes out of his mouth will be scrutinized 100x over...he tried to diss and you can hear him stumble over his words...even the crowd knew the context and you can see it in the video---the historic woman just used the "lipstick" remark in what will go down in recent history---(his-story) as one of the most effective politcal speeches of our time..."pitbull/lipstick" thing is now part of the American lexicon people---the word "lipstick' should have been off of his "approved words list".

Jabreel---I got your back for the liberal cowards who want to name-call

brothers and sisters need to start preparing themselves and their communities for an Obama loss---all the blame will be on him and his stupid choice of VP

Hitman 2 Victor

Anonymous said...

Silly Season...who started the season with the "how many houses does he own" campaign? Roffle.

He needs to man up and go down swinging.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Thank you Field and amen kellybelle.

This latest dust up made me so angry I decided I needed to lay off the news for a minute.

I'm going to an Americans in Rome for Obama Italy-wide dinner party the Dems abroad organized. Nancy Pelosi is doing a conference call to talk about what we can to get the vote out.

I'm going to stay focused and work for the ticket I want to win. Enough about dumb ass Sarah Palin She is not at the top of the ticket. She a distraction to take us off message. I doubt Charles Gibson will be asking her any tough questions. This election has become a damn joke.

It's the 7th anniversary of 9/11 where is Bin Laden? Instead we are stuck in a horrible war that has done nothing but inflamed tensions in the region. Way to go're doing a heck of a job.

Nelson said...

"Who is running for President? Is it Palin or McCain?"

Judging by the McCain campaign, it's Palin.

Anonymous said...


Silly season and the McSame house count conversation started because that old clown called O out of touch and "elitist", (read: uppity) but McCain, when asked, couldn't remember how many houses he owns while schlepping around in five hundred dollar loafers, yet a large slew of folks are in danger of losing the one house they do have.

Bob said...

Barack clarified it on Letterman tonight. After explaining that it's an expression around Chicago, he said Palin is the lipstick. I took that to mean the pig must be someone else.

Anyway, the half hour Letterman gave Barack left only five minutes for LeBron on the show, & it was OK by him; LeBron & Barack were probably shooting some baskets afterward then having supper together.

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

Field: Now, you know that I'm down for Obama. But with all of my support for the brotha, I got to keep it real.

Senator Obama is smart enough to know that his comment about pigs and lipstick" would be highjacked and classified as an attack against the women who describes herself as a pit bull with lipstick.

Come on... He heard the speech. We all did. That phrase, "pit bull with lipstick" was scarred into our memory of the GOP production that took place in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. In fact, many of us, myself, in particular, now refer to Sarah as the so called pit bull with lipstick.

So, I would have to agree with whoever said it above; the word "lipstick" should have been on his list of words to stay away from. Of course, any reference to lipstick and a damn animal would be twisted to look like he is talking about her.

Was Obama the first to use the "lipstick and a pig" reference? Of course not... But he's the only candidate that's running that is a black man.
Can you write "double standard" on the wall with that lipstick that's being wasted on hidious animals, such as pigs and pit bulls.?

Because I know how smart Obama is, I am left to believe one of two things:
A. That his comment, his reference, was a slip of the tongue/unintentional/mindless.
Or B. I'm left to believe that he was employing sarcasm/intentional play on words/disguised insult, and he, for one quick moment,didn't give a **** what anyone thought.

Which was it? Who knows...
But what I do know is that Obama has to be careful, careful. If he makes another oops like this, Field, you won't ever worry about dashing down the street in the nude.

What should Obama's strategy be at this point? What it should have always been.
Hit them with the facts, and hit them fast. Don't waste any time. Time lost is a voter lost. Don't let days lapse without responding to their false attacks.
Don't employ sarcasm. (It comes off as being what they describe as "uppity.")
Change the language. Don't talk energy policies and initiatives. Talk about gas and heating bills. That's what the regular folks, which make up the masses, are listening for.
Use those millions of dollards we donate to put some ads on television to counter all of this nonsense being tossed our way from the Rethuglicans.
Get some folks out there on the campaign trails that people will listen to. (Celebrities and Established Political Figures)
Go after the disability vote. They are the largest minority group in this country. Sarah Palin's not the only one that has a disabled family member. Michelle's dad was disabled too. In Sarah Palin's speech, she disrespected adults with disabilities. Jump on that while the disability groups are asking, "What about us?" (From what I understand, Obama is the only candidate that has a comprehensive plan for Americans with disabilities. He needs to get that message out there. I don't need a damn friend in the White House. I need a president that will absolutely protect my right to have access to housing, education, and employment. Check out my post over at my blog: I wrote about Sarah Palin's disrespect for people with disabilities.
Go after our vote. Yes, black folks came out and showed support for Obama in the primaries. But there are still milions of Black folks that are eligible to vote, but are not registered. Let's get them registered.
The "change" speech is good. But now it's time to hammer the concrete plan. Be specific. Be more specific...

Was that long enough. **wink** Sorry for the long post. There... I'm off the soapbox. Well, at least for now.


BTW: Congrats on the award. You won the popular vote and the judge's vote. Good for you!

field negro said...

sharon, thanks for the link to that blog. Who knew?

"Uggg Field. What is going on? This is all so depressing...."

sal, it's called politics as usual in A-merry-ca.

Yes swiff, I caught Olbermann last night, and he went off. Good for him. That's why he is still HFN.

ezmun, you nailed it with your analysis. And you are right, I have been saying this all along: Obama is all law review and not moot court. Great thinker, great mind, and I am sure a great writer. But he has got to learn to think on his feet. His long pauses before answering a question is killing me. That's why he always seems to lose debates.

"Who is running for President? Is it Palin or McCain?"

Judging by the McCain campaign, it's Palin." a way this has been a brilliant strategy by the Rove folks. Change the focus to the person at the bottom of the ticket because the person at the top isn't getting it done.

Thanks angie, and don't worry about the length of your comments, the O man should hire you as a campaign advisor.

black magic woman said...

I disagree that Obama should have chosen Hillary as his VP. Are we forgetting the kind of campaign she ran? A President of the United States needs to be able to trust his VP and I'm not sure Obama can trust Clinton - despite Hillary and Bill's performances at the DNC.

What I think people fail to remember when I hear statements like BO should have chosen HRC is that it would not have changed the major dynamics that are currently at play now: Obama's race and all the GOP coded and uncoded comments about that. McCain STILL would be putting out ads with lies and he still may have chosen Palin as his running mate.

The Republicans HATE HRC, so they would have said some sexist shit while HRC went after Palin.

This is politics. People don't fight fair and the dynamics wouldn't have changed that much if Hillary was the running mate.

rorysmomma said...

I think he meant to say what he said. It put the focus back on him. Think about it. And for once he didn't apologize for saying what he wanted to say.... Say what you want about the O'man, he has got this thing..... He can't pimp slap them all..... He is attacking with the chinese water torture.... It must be working because mccain picked palin.... Let's keep our eyes on the prize and our buts in the gym field.

Christopher said...


I'm beginning to wonder if Barack would've been better served if he had put the Borg Queen on his ticket?

If he had tagged her, Hillary would be out there today kneecapping the Caribou Barbie instead of treating her like a long, lost sister.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Dc... you took the words right out of my mouth about it not being a mistake to have chosen Billary for his Veep choice. She and her husband can't be trusted and you know Bill is not the type to sit and keep his mouth shut.

I disagree with the poster that said Bill O'reilly owned Obama. I thought that Obama held his own against Bill. Bill even came out at the end and said that Obama was not a wimp.

I do agree however that Obama needs to learn to sum up his answers to a few words and not a paragraph or else he will continue to go over the head of some people who just want to hear some real talk. I think he actually thinks about his answer before he speaks but he is going to have to think faster, double up on vitamins, red bull or something. :) In the words of Nike.. Just do it!!

Anonymous said...

angie-nuvision: I think the answer is B: Or B. I'm left to believe that he was employing sarcasm/intentional play on words/disguised insult, and he, for one quick moment,didn't give a **** what anyone thought.

Don't forget Obama is smart and he may know that using this reference will get the GOP all riled up, hence showing them to be hypocritical, petty and off the issues. He can take the high road and say see "America this is what they want to talk about, while we should be talking about the economy, etc..Are these the petty fools you need to run the country"

That what I'm getting from this dust-up

? said...

If he had tagged her, Hillary would be out there today kneecapping the Caribou Barbie instead of treating her like a long, lost sister.

You might have a point there Chris. It will be much harder for Biden to hit her where it hurts because they'll cry sexism all day and it will probably work.

Anonymous said...

It's the economy, stupid.

Jody said...

Congratulations to McCain Camp. We are talking about this bullshit instead of the report released yesterday of the corruption in the Department of Interior (the ones overseeing the Oil Industry).... seems they were figurtively and literally in bed together! This is the kind of policies and access to power that needs to change. McCain is doing a great job of keeping the media and many in this country distracted.
EYE ON THE PRIZE FOLKS! Keep reminding your friends and family and strangers on the friggin streets that this is the kind of thing we cannot allow to continue. These are the republicans in action. ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

anon 2:24 you keeping posting that same bullshit argument, a pig is still a pig... you know the rest.

I know that McSame is running for president and not Palin but he is 72 years old and even though his party has been in charge for the last eight years and run this country into the ground, only represents rich white people lemmings ignore the facts and still vote Rethug. all criticisms of Obama are just veiled racism, just an excuse not to vote for the black guy, "oh did you hear what he said, oh he's just a community organizer". rethugs are straight hypocrites and so are their followers.

I know you've probably seen this:

Palin's office approved a state job for a friend and campaign aide with whom she shared a land investment, financial records and interviews over the past two weeks show. She hired a former lobbyist for a pipeline company to help oversee a multibillion-dollar deal with that same company.

She named a police chief accused of harassment to head the state police. And she sent campaign e-mails on her city hall account while serving as mayor of Wasilla -- conduct for which she later turned in an oil commissioner on ethics charges.

These incidents raise ``some serious questions about her judgment and serious questions about her standards of ethics in public service,'' said James Thurber, director of American University's Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies in Washington. Suggesting a real estate investment partner for a job ``may be acceptable in Alaska; it would not be acceptable in Washington, D.C., a place whose norms she wants to change.''

Palin defeated an incumbent governor, a fellow Republican, in 2006 charging that her party's old guard had committed ethical lapses and become too cozy with special interests, including oil companies. A central theme in this year's presidential campaign has been that Palin's record demonstrates the change a McCain administration would bring to Washington.

Recent statements by the governor may erode that claim. In her acceptance speech last week, she suggested that she opposed the infamous ``Bridge to Nowhere,'' a $223 million earmark for a bridge to an island where only 53 people lived.

For It, Against It

When Palin, 44, campaigned for governor, however, she said she was in favor of the bridge. In 2007, she canceled the project in the face of national outrage. The state never returned the money allocated by the federal government, with some of the funds going toward other state and local projects.

And as mayor of Wasilla, a job she held for six years until 2002, Palin hired lobbyists to get federal funding for local projects. Wasilla secured $27 million in earmarks for the town of about 9,000 that included a rail project and a youth center.

Shortly after she was elected governor, Palin's office signed off on hiring Deborah Richter -- who attended college for a year then worked in bookkeeping and finance jobs -- as director of a division that distributes dividends to Alaskans from the state's oil-wealth savings account.

Richter, who said she's known Palin for 13 years, was Palin's gubernatorial campaign treasurer and ran her inaugural committee.

Sharing an Investment

The Richters and Palins also shared an investment: 30 acres of rural property near a lake in Petersville, Alaska, worth $47,300, according to Matanuska-Susitna Borough data.

``It sounds like a patronage deal for someone who ran your campaign; that's pretty normal,'' said Bill Buzenberg, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity in Washington. ``What's not normal is that they have business dealings together.''

No evidence has emerged to suggest that laws were broken in the appointment, and Richter said she ``didn't go in there with any promises from the governor or the chief of staff or anybody. I turned in my resume'' to the governor's transition team ``and I didn't know if anyone was going to call me.''

``She was qualified,'' said Pat Galvin, commissioner of the Department of Revenue and Richter's boss. Galvin said he also interviewed other people for the job and that Richter has done well. He said Palin's office approved his selection of Richter.

Not Palin's Decision

Palin's gubernatorial spokesman, William McAllister, said the decision to hire Richter was Galvin's. ``I have no knowledge of land ownership or college degrees,'' he said.

Deborah Richter gave up her share of the property last September in a divorce settlement that followed an affair with Palin's legislative director, John Bitney. Bitney and Richter both acknowledged the affair in interviews. Bitney said Palin fired him over it; Richter is still on the job. They are now married.

Last month, Palin signed a law granting TransCanada Corp., Canada's largest pipeline company, an exclusive state license and up to $500 million in subsidies to proceed with work on a $27 billion pipeline, which would carry natural gas from Alaska to other U.S. markets.

Once a Lobbyist

Marty Rutherford, the chief coordinator behind Palin's pipeline effort, once worked as an Alaska lobbyist for a TransCanada pipeline subsidiary, according to state records. Rutherford, deputy commissioner at the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, earned $40,200 as a lobbyist for 10 months in 2003 working for Foothills, the subsidiary.

Rutherford said in an interview that she only did consulting work for the company, including reviewing natural gas legislation. She said the work had no bearing on her future job as coordinator of Palin's pipeline team.

``I intended to leave state government when I went to Jade North, but as time went on I realized my heart was in government,'' she said, referring to the firm she briefly worked for.

Palin told the Anchorage Daily News last December that Rutherford's work with Foothills wasn't a conflict because it had been five years earlier.

Trooper Investigation

The governor already has triggered an investigation by the Alaska legislature into whether she fired the state commissioner of public safety, Walt Monegan, for not removing a state trooper involved in a contentious divorce from Palin's sister.

Palin has denied exerting any pressure on Monegan and said she dismissed him because she wanted to take the department in a new direction.

Since McCain picked Palin, seven Palin aides have declined to be interviewed on the matter by an investigator hired by the Alaska legislature, according to the House and Senate Judiciary committees.

Earlier this year, Palin found herself apologizing for her handling of Monegan's replacement. About six weeks before she learned McCain wanted her to be his vice president, she named Kenai, Alaska, police chief Charles Kopp to replace Monegan.

On July 25, two weeks after being appointed, Kopp resigned amid scrutiny over a 2005 sexual-harassment complaint against him while he was chief in Kenai. The complaint resulted in a letter of reprimand from the city, which Palin told reporters she never knew about and had believed that the allegations were unsubstantiated, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Not a Harasser

In a July press conference, Kopp denied any harassment. ``I've always done every job I've ever done with honor and integrity,'' he said. ``There is one thing I am not. I am not a sex harasser.'' Attempts to reach him were unsuccessful.

Asked about these episodes in Palin's career, McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds lauded her reform efforts. Bounds said Palin has allowed the public to scrutinize state financial information, ``cut wasteful spending by a quarter of a billion dollars just last year and ushered in landmark ethics legislation.''

The moment that crystallized her image as a reformer came when she turned in state Republican chairman Randy Ruedrich after discovering he was using his state e-mail account to conduct party business.

Palin and Ruedrich were serving together as commissioners on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, a state regulatory agency, at the time. Ruedrich resigned from the commission in November 2003, and was later fined $12,000, according to a 2004 article in the Anchorage Daily News.

In 2006, Palin found herself asking forgiveness for a similar offense from her past, according to a July 28, 2006, article in the Anchorage Daily News. She had sent campaign e- mails from her Wasilla mayor's office in 2002, when she made an unsuccessful run for lieutenant governor.

``For any mistakes like that (were) made, I apologize,'' Palin said of the e-mail controversy in July 2006, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Anonymous said...

Republican pig owners and Democrat pitbull owners must be outraged right now. This may cause even more social divisions than we have already seen.

Anonymous said...

Two things-

Where is the real news?
While the Department of Interior is out sexing the oil companies the American people are being distracted by pigs. Whatever happened to healthcare, the economy, foriegn policy? As we speak Russia is in Venezuela, for the first time since the cold war but we are busily talking about the Hockey Mom?
Rome is burning and no-one cares. Ah well, AMERICA will get the President, she deserves. God Help us all.

You know what I think: McCain is trying the Bill Clinton thing. You know the 'let me offend as many people as I can to get into the news cycle and let me bring up race flags'. This is the 'anything to win' policy. Wanna bet that when it is all over McCain will have a barbacue with the press and minority groups and apologise for what a douchebag he has been?
He knows its not right. It was done to him in 2000. But he doesnt care. Once, he wins, if he wins, he will be all contrite and try and say 'Let's let bygones be bygones'

Anonymous said...

Amid today's commemorative acknowledgment of the tragic events seven years ago, where is the conversation about what we learned?
We indeed are a curious lot. As the visuals are repeatedly seared into our collective memory, why no commentary about:
The 9/11 tragedy occurred on the rethug's watch - when they were entrusted with our protection. And, their response? Frat boy told us to "Shop 'til you drop". And we did!!
The escape AND protection of OBL/Al-Quaeda takes place on their watch.

(And, because we have the memory-span of fruit-flies):

Boeing workers protest the outsourcing of aircraft construction!! jobs. (Christ, aircraft maintenance!! is outsourced).
We have yet to see the bottom of home foreclosures.
"Drill, baby, drill!" is our answer to the very real energy crisis and its twin, climate change.
I sure hope his O-ness, Pelosi, Biden; all progressives and radicals loudly raise these issues repeatedly.
We a-merry-cans are indeed a curiously laughable people. That they cheer and glamorize queen pig and mc-vampire-morton...yeccchh. We deserve what we're gonna get.

Admiral Komack said...


"I'm beginning to wonder if Barack would've been better served if he had put the Borg Queen on his ticket?"

"If he had tagged her, Hillary would be out there today kneecapping the Caribou Barbie instead of treating her like a long, lost sister."

"What do you think?"

If Barack had picked Hillary as VP, she would be doing the same thing she's doing now: NOTHING!

Anonymous said...

A pig is still a pig, a inexpereinced Chicago Dem machine stiff who get puts up for POTUS is still an inexpereinced Chicago Dem machine stiff who get puts up for POTUS

Whoever says that the Clinton's cant be trusted have nver heard of the concept of keeping you friends close and youe enemies selecting Hillary as VP she would have a vested interest in Barack success as an extension of the Clinton legacy

"The 9/11 tragedy occurred on the rethug's watch..."

Check yourself---Bid Laden hit the USS Cole and the Kenya towers and all Bill C did was send cruise missles a day late...if anyone is responsible for 9/11 it is Bill Clinton.

Everyone, you can spout all of the Palin troopergate crap you want but the GOP will always counter with Rezko and Rev Wrong---get over it.


Christopher said...

So far, the Borg Queen has done nothing to help Barack Obama.

She's only a little less useful than used toilet paper.

I said before and I will say again, Hillary is sitting on her fat ass, waiting for Obama to lose the election to the Old Coot and McCandy and then, she can fly in on her broom and run for president again in 2012.

Go ahead, Borg Queen, prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

If Barack had picked Hillary as VP, she would be doing the same thing she's doing now: NOTHING!

---put your hate for Hillary aside for one moment---
with Hill as VP a loss for Obama would a loss for the Clintons and their legacy would go down with him---now she can sit back and say "see, we told you he couldn't win"


Anonymous said...

Why would Hillary do anything else at this point? B-O dissed her and he does not deserve her support. He had a chance to make a historic winning ticket and he blew on Biden's old -ss. She lost based on Mich/Florida not being counted and has 18 mil "cracks on the glass celing". B-O did not even formally vet her to be VP. B-O thinks he is smarter than Bill C but he is not, now he "needs" the woman--and her husband.

Daddy said...

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Same Sh*t, Different Day!


By Daddy

It has started.

Barack Obama will not be President of these United States of America. Yeah I said it. Well you can’t argue that if you really step back and take in the whole picture, it looks exactly like this. With just eight weeks until the November elections, the play has started.

This first scene is of the Rethuglican’s smearing Obama with outright lies. Whether they are lying about their accomplishments or doggin Barack Obama about his. And the Democrats keep falling for this shit.

The MSM will do anything to keep the ratings. This bitch and pony show is lying, but Barack Obama gets jammed as a sexist for calling them on their lies? Obama gets called on this lipstick shit, but no one say’s anything about McInsane, and Cheeeeny, or Bush saying the same thing, and they’ve got video? And Cheeeeeny joked about Chelsea Clinton being ugly. But Barack Obama is the sexist. This is bullshit.

For months now the MSM has been on Barack Obama to explain his position on the issues. And now that he’s trying to do that, all we hear are lie’s coming from the mouths of the Rethuglican’s.

The Bridge to Nowhere. But she still spent the money. Firing over brother in-law. Obama wants sex education for kindergarteners. Wants to raise your taxes. Lipstick on a pig. Obama is Muslim. Michelle Obama doesn’t like America. Obama is the cause of higher gas prices. Obama’s Rev. Wright hates America. Obama is a terrorist. He knows Richard Ayers.

These are all lies.

I need some one out there to tell me I’m paranoid. I need someone out there to convince me that I’m just being Conspiracy Brother!

I know I’ve said it before, but they have let Barack Obama have his fun. This novelty of a Black man as the nominee of the Democratic Party for POTUS.

“Yes let’s change history. Well kind of! You know we can’t let this Uppity Nigger think he’s above us. We have to take his ass down a few pegs to remind him just where he is”. And now it’s time to get down to business.

Westmoreland calls Obama ‘uppity'
By Mike Soraghan Posted: 09/04/08 03:07 PM [ET]

Georgia Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland used the racially-tinged term "uppity" to describe Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama Thursday.

Westmoreland was discussing vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's speech with reporters outside the House chamber and was asked to compare her with Michelle Obama.

"Just from what little I’ve seen of her and Mr. Obama, Sen. Obama, they're a member of an elitist-class individual that thinks that they're uppity," Westmoreland said.

Asked to clarify that he used the word “uppity,” Westmoreland said, “Uppity, yeah.”

You thought I was lying dincha?

In August, Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) told reporters, “When I hear the word ‘elitist’ linked with Barack Obama, to me, that is a code word for 'uppity.' I find it extremely offensive and John McCain should know better.”

Political consultant David Gergen, who has worked in both Republican and Democratic White Houses, said on ABC’s "This Week" that “As a native of the south, I can tell you, when you see this Charlton Heston ad, 'The One,' that's code for, 'He's uppity, he ought to stay in his place.' Everybody gets that who is from a Southern background.”

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said that Obama's middle name – Hussein – is relevant to the public discourse surrounding his candidacy, saying in March that if Obama were elected, "Then the radical Islamists, the al Qaeda, the radical Islamists and their supporters, will be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on Sept. 11 because they will declare victory in this War on Terror."

At an April 12 event in his district, Kentucky Rep. Geoff Davis (R) said of Obama: “I’m going to tell you something: That boy’s finger does not need to be on the button. He could not make a decision in that simulation that related to a nuclear threat to this country.”

Huh huh! I told you. While we’ve been bombarded with lipstickshit, the real world has been going on around us. And it’s the same shit just a different day.

Now I certainly hope we can pull this off. But if our peoples keep falling for the bullshit it’s going to be hard. First of all know that the powers that be DO NOT WANT A BLACK MAN FOR POTUS!!!.

But one good thing has happened here. When they have to pull out the poor White woman against the big Black brute, we must be doing something right.

Ya’ll have a great and blessed day. PEACE!

Posted by Daddy at 6:39 AM

Anonymous said...

Clinton gave the playbook to the Republicans on how to attack Obama;
If JM/SP win's in 2008; Even if Hillary manages to win the Demo Primary and become the 2012 canidate; she will not beat Palin/?
or if a 76 year old JM runs again McCain/Palin. Hillary is finished as a presidental, she can forget it. Gov Palin has taken care of that. Her best out is to get off her depression and make sure the O man wins.

Anonymous said...

Give 'em hell Joe!


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Have you notice that everything they are accusing Obama of is what the GOP is guilty of. Reverse stragedy, southern stragedy, a racist stragedy, and Hillary stragedy all wrapped up in one.

I still believe that Obama is going to win. The polls have not counted millions of young people and teens who have reached the age to vote, who by the way do not own telephones, they own cell phones.
Obama is going to win. I believe that.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Friedman had a column in the New York Times this week about how Obama seems to have lost the passion that he once had. I agree.

Obama is now making the mistake of believing the false media narrative that people still don’t know who he is, and he’s giving these small town let-me-tell-you-about-my-policy meetings. Everybody knows who he is. When I hear some white folks—and I’m one of them—say, “Well, I still don’t feel like I know him,” I know what that’s about. And so do y’all. He’ll never get those votes.

I’m all for him talking about the issues because he needs to outline what he would do to turn this country around. But he needs to pound on the Bush regime—and all of the disastrous polices of the last 7 years—and point out that if John McCain were a real maverick he would have stood up to this madness instead of being a cheerleader for it.

The American people have already given John McCain a chance to reform the government, and he failed—miserably.
Bush could not have gotten away with this if John McCain and his fellow Republicans didn’t support him every step of the way. You can’t stand up on the side of corruption 90% of the time and then turn around and pretend to be the agent of reform. It’s too late.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen Sheila! I totally agree. This race is going to be tough and it will be close. Obama will have to overcome a lot of obstacles, but I know and believe that Obama is gonna win.

NSangoma said...

just plain folk

Anonymous said...

When Joe Biden says in publice that Hillary should have been VP you know that B-O's campaign is dead in the water.


"The polls have not counted millions of young people and teens who have reached the age to vote, who by the way do not own telephones, they own cell phones.
Obama is going to win. I believe that."

B-O may win the popular vote, but he will lose the electoral college--plus, his young voter strategy is fizzling and the youngin's will not show up to vote, watch.

His mantra should be "its Bush, stupid."


Anonymous said...

Palin would not have been picked for the Republican VP slot if Hillary was chosen as a VP and had Obama chosen Hillary, the news cycle would be focused on Hillary and not Obama, much the same as in the Palin-McCain fiasco. Hillary would not have added to the Obama ticket, and talking about her as a viable VP choice is an after thought. Notice how nicely Biden fits into the VP role; we know he is running as the VP and we know Obama is running as the head of the ticket, period. This already presents a strong image for Obama, as a leader. Lest not forget, Obama must at all times present nothing less.


Anonymous said...


The Biden comment is out of context; placed in context his comment is appropriate.


Nick Stump said...

What's the difference between Sarah Palin and a pitbull.

A: A pitbull usually won't bite when it's taken to the vet.

Goddamn, I miss Hillary now. She would have cut Palin into little pieces by now. I like Obama and Biden a lot, but JFK knew you have to let go of the grudges and make the smart pick. I worry that one moment of hubris could cost us the election.

Nick Stump said...

Rainywalker. I was listen to Muddy Waters singing Willie Dixon all morning. I think Willie is our greatest songwriter and had the great pleasure to meet him in the days I was playing blues music. I'm coming out with a new record and like every record I've done, there will be at least one Willie Dixon song on the thing.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I've figured it out, PUMA is in the house. All you folks thinking Hillary suggesting that Obama will lose because he didn't pick Hillary I'm talking to you. First of all, Hillary would have brought a lot of baggage with her. She might know how to sling mud good, but the GOP had a folder a mile long waiting on her. Biden is clean and he's been in the Senate longer than McCain and Hillary.

Regardless, your trying to discourage folks by saying that Obama will lose. He is not going to lose. That to me is just another stragedy to discourage young folks from showing up at the polls on election day, but it won't work. All the dirty tricks, lies, and racist politics will not stand in the end. They said he wasn't going to win against Hillary and the other candidates, but he did.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

This might seem like an odd analogy or whatever you call it. However, the GOP are like magicians.

Palin has a corrupt past. According to the GOP she is squeaky clean. Now you see it, now you don't.

McCain has supported Bush 90% of the time and backed the policies that have gotten us into the mess we're in. According the the GOP, McCain is a maverick and agent of change. Now you see it, now you don't

Palin's accomplishments were all bald-faced lies. According to the GOP she accomplishment everything she talked about on her stump speech. Now you see it, now you don't.

Obama birthed by a white mother, has a white maternal side of the family, and has an Asian sister married to another Asian who is also Canadian. According to the GOP Obama is racist. Now you see it, now you don't.

People have lost their jobs, homes, children in Iraq, education is a failure. According to the GOP, the economy is great, the war in Iraq was right, and forget education. Now you see it, now you don't.

The list goes on of all of the GOP magical tricks, but that's just it, their a party of tricks, and not solutions or care of the common good of ALL races, ALL citizens of the USA. Their only concern with how much money they can make off of their next magic trick.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Granny wants to thank you for that link you shared "just plain folks". Thumbs up!

It represented more of this nation than the RNC did, and those are a big part of the people that GOP media has written off in the polls along with the young people.

west coast story said...

The trolls are saying that Obama bombed on O'Reilly because they think none of us watched it. Just like they think none of us actually read his two autobiographies and can't jump on the pathetic lies they put out there about what is in the book.

Did anyone actually watch Palin's rambling last night? She referred to her husband as the "first dude" and she said it was "awwwwsome" to be back home. Palin reminds me of every air head I knew in high school. Even if they made good grades, they sounded like someone giving a speech for a pep rally. Phony. This is what Repugs consider to be authentic? Yeeoooowww. You know what was funny is that her "speech" lasted a long time and neither CNN nor MSNBC did more than mention it this morning. There were no sound bites because the woman didn't say anything worth hearing or repeating. I think one station ran a clip and they taled over it. Gawd, I can't wait for her interview tomorrow night. I bet she'll tell Charlie Gibson how "awwwwwsome" it is to be on ABC in a real political interview.

Oh, how I wish Tim Russert were still with us. He would make mince meat pie out of her in the most respectful way. Maybe that Campbell woman on CNN will have a go at her.

Roger Ebert gave Palin a big thumbs down.

west coast story said...

They "talked" over it (the Plalin clip) not "taled" over it.

Anonymous said...

Is John McCain really Spanky from the Lil Rascals all grown up?

The cadence in his speeches are giving me flashbacks to black and white television.......I'm expecting him to say "Let's put on a play!"

Unknown said...

Has anybody thought that his use of "lipstick on a pig" was a bait for the McCain campaign to highlight that this cynical nature of the Rovian strategists.

By saying lipstick on a pig he knew that McCain and Co. would bite thus Obama can point out that they are employing Weapons of Mass Distractions.

Thus the spot light would be on Obama and he would take that spotlight and talk about McCain Bushism and cynicalism. Maybe they totally understand Rovian strategy and using it against McCain. I have faith that Obama's strategist have studied the Rovian tactics and know how to attack its weak spots.

BTW picking Hillary would totally sunk his campaign. Have people forgot about "Operation Chaos." The Repubs wanted her to win so bad so they could tar and feather her. Remember the impeachment, indictments and pardons of the Clinton Administration. Monica Lewinsky, anyone?

Anonymous said...

chris you would want hillary to bail obama out wouldn't you. he called her a racist, remember. mama must always feed the poor children too sorry to feed themselves.

keep that hate going. you are still a white boy. black men will used you to suck their dicks and beat your ass when in front of their boys.

Woozie said...

Did Sarah Palin call herself a bitch?

Anonymous said...

If Sarah Palin and Gramps are elected on 11/7, I'm going to scream out of my window in agony!

Stupid White folks have commited themselves and the rest of us to four f**king years of misery, I have a question? from another sight I visited....why is it that white Folks write books and films about the apocalypse that they obviously will bring on....and with the exception of Wil Smith, and Tina Turner are always the f**king survivors!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

This is all the more reason to vote for Obama, because people like this anonymous 4:43 person, share Palin and McCain's views. They are sick,depraved, racist people who have the IQ of a flea.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:46 PM asked: "Why is it that white Folks write books and films about the apocalypse that they obviously will bring on....and with the exception of Wil Smith, and Tina Turner are always the f**king survivors!"

You forgot Lawrence Fishburne in the Matrix.

In regard to the rest of your statement...I cannot resist asking you...How much different would your daily life be if the positions of congress and the presidency were filled by people who are poltically different than the Republicans?

west coast story said...

Adam said...

In regard to the rest of your statement...I cannot resist asking you...How much different would your daily life be if the positions of congress and the presidency were filled by people who are poltically different than the Republicans?

5:14 PM

I would answer it this way by comparing what we had under Clinton and what we have today:

*We had a balanced budget with a surplus.

*We were reducing the national debt.

*We had more law enforcement on the street through Clinton's initiative to put 100,000 more cops on the street. This was one of the first things Bush 86'd when he took office.

*No energy policy written by the energy industry. No near bankruptcy of California over engergy costs. No recall of Gray Davis. No Governator.

*We wouldn't have entered a war with no game plan. We went into Bosnia and we left. It was successful in the sense that it ended the genocide and provided assitance rebuilding governments.

*Inflation was in check. No $4.59/gal dollar gasoline.

*Clinton supported the Kyoto Protocol because he undertood ten years ago that that global warming was a threat to the environment. However you interpret the ultimate collapse, Clinton understood environmental issues. In fact, had we followed Carter's lead on this issie 30 years ago, we might well not be dependent on foreign oil. We might have new green industries that provide jobs. The GOP has been WRONG WRONG WRONG on energy and the environment going back to Carter.

Clinton wasn't perfect, but he was certianly better than what we've had for the last eight years.

Anonymous said...

"She knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America," --John McCain speaking of Sarah Palin in an interview today.

Now I want to be sick.

Everything they've said about this woman is a naked LIE.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


That's what bothers me, all of the lies that they are telling. What makes it worse some idiots act like this is a race and gender war instead of a Presidential election. Only in America...

Another thing, that bothers me is how the MSM is playing Palin over and over and acting like she is the best thing since peanut butter, and how the GOP does not want folks digging into her past so they're playing the gender card, because she wasn't vetted.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree. It's up to the media to challenge McCain on what makes her such an expert on energy. At least they've been talking about how she's been lying about the Bridge to Nowhere and about pork, because apparently she's the pork queen. I guess I'll have to fire off a few more letters to TV stations and newspapers and ask them to do their job.


classysbf said...

For those of you who have better things to do when Gov. Palin's interview airs,here are some excerpts from ABC News:

I'm sure this was the result of her crash course on foreign relations these past few days,when she was MIA from McCain's side.

Anonymous said...

West Coast Story:

I will respond (and respectfully) to your answer in just a little later.

Remember...the question I posed is: How would YOUR DAILY LIFE (e.g. daily routine - what you eat, what you wear, your way of life, what you earn) be any different with others in charge?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I think we all should fire off some letters to the television stations and newspapers to tell them that they are not doing their job. I turned my television set off today because I was sick of hearing about Palin's trip home to send her son off and Palin. Her mousy voice grates on my nerves.

Looks like Joe Biden is missing in action, television stations haven't showed him since the DNC, nor are they showing Hillary speaking. Yet, they can show you hour after hour nonstop play of Palin's same memorized speech over and over. I know it by heart now, I could give it for her without the teleprompter. What happened to commercials when you need them.

Not to mention, they show Fred Thompson's old school subtle racist speech. However, they cut Obama's speech off in the middle of it, and go to Palin or McCain. Yup, MSM is pulling strings for McCain.

I'm willing to bet that her son will not be out on the frontline in the war and will be hide away safely from any serious combat. I wouldn't put it past them if they're not even sending him to Iraq, but instead sending him to some military office in the good ole USA.

joy316 said...

I want to say Palin smalin but the fact is that there is a 1 in 3 chance that the old man will leave if elected this fall. I just can't believe that the GOP even remotely considered her but they did and its seems to be working. Just listen:

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, Palin didn't seem to do quite well in her little interview with Gibson. I guess she is not good unless she is memorizing speeches. No wonder they don't want reporters asking her questions. If you thought Bush was clueless, whelp, she makes him look good. Here watch part of the Video.

Anonymous said...

@ Granny, you got that right. Palin makes Bush like a frickin rocket scientist. I only saw a few snippets of that interview and I honestly thought it was a joke.

tuhmeesuh said...

i also say that the republicans have nothing left to say of value (they never had anything to say in the beginning), so now they are resorting to this stupid bullcrap, trying to avert obama's attention from the real issues at hand. turning things into an even worse sh**slinging contest.

obama isn't letting it work, and i hope he doesn't.

excellent blog field (as usual)!

Anonymous said...

This is why John McCain/Sarah Palin doesn't want to lose Obama, check it:

Maryline Blackburn is a European-born African American singer. Blackburn won the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant ahead of Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and represented Alaska in the 1984 Miss America pageant.[1]
She currently lives in Smyrna, Georgia.[1]

Anonymous said...

West Coast Story:

I honestly believe that presidents receive either too much credit or too much slack for good/poor economic conditions.

The truth is that Congress has a heck of lot more do with how budgets are managed and tax funds are allocated.

Yes, president Clinton initiated many ideas that congress, in turn, wrote the legislation for.

And it was a Republican-dominated house and senate (from 1994-2000) that put many of these measures into place. (By the way, we can attribute the success of Reagan and Bush (41)to the Democrat dominated congress. (I am being fair here.)

The congress has an very strong hand on federal budget and national deficit matters.

It is debateable whether the 100,000 cops was even a good idea. Personally, I liked the idea and thought it was good measure. (I am the son a cop!)

Historically...say in the last 30 years...the Democrats have been much stronger on innovative energy alternatives. I will give you that! (By the way, Nuclear Energy continues to get a bad rap in this country while the French do it with excellence - we can too. I would like to see Obama push it more - 15% of Illinoisians (where I live) receive their power via Nuclear Plants. (Heck, I swam in a nice warm lake right next to Nuclear plant last summer.)

Concerning climate change and the natural environment - consumer behavior will be just as much a factor as government legislation. Clinton did support good initiatives - the problem is that his wealthy liberal constituents (particularly in California) who loved their SUVs too much to let go. ; )

Given the number of Dems who supported the war in Iraq, that situation would have been no different no matter who was in office. The same think tanks would have driven a Dem to take action as well. (You may find that tough to believe, but remember it was Kennedy and Johnson who put us in Vietnam - with Republican support of course.

Gasoline - once again that (just like the stock and bond markets) is something the Commander in Chief has little control over. Some have argued that our intervention in Iraq is one reason why we are not paying $7.50 - $8.50a gallon instead. I am not sure if it is true.

The Bosnia-Serbia mess - We have many immigrants from that area of the world concentrated in the Chicago area. I have been told Bill Clinton authorized bombings that killed thousands and thousands of innocent civilians - no press coverage of that...and you won't see it "Democracy Now" (the popular alternative media) anytime soon.

I acknowledged your points. But, I certainly hope you do not think the "manure" would smell any better if the Dems were running the show in the three-ring circus of Washington.

It has been said that there was a Carpenter born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago who caused the lame to walk and the blind to see. The local Democrats of Illinois perform miracles around election time as well - dead people vote.

All The Best to You....

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Last night as I watched Palin's interview, I shook my head in disbelief that the GOP would build her up to be so intelligent and so this and that. Palin reminded me of a high school immature bimbo. God help us all if people are so blinded by smears and slander that they let McCain win. Frankly, third graders would have done better than Palin. Gibson had to coach her, nope, I take that back, he was practically trying to give her the answers.

People who vote for her are not voting for another year of Bush, nope. Their voting for another year of Karl Rove, because that is who would be running things. She would just be a figure head.

Anonymous said...

I am a political blogger and occasional diarist on Daily Kos. Today, I posted a diary on the perception that Democrats cannot win in the 'red' states even though we outpaced the repugs in turnout in 21 of the current 25 listed as favoring McBush/a-Paulin. A commenter to the diary left the following regarding the 'putting lipstick on a pig' debacle that I found most intruging and worthy of reading:

"I believe that their tactics are on target to pick up quite a few Red State voters - not in the polls at the moment, but by the time the actual election comes round.

Some people think the "lipstick on a pig" row came about just by random chance. To me, it all came together so beautifully that I have to believe there is an intelligent designer behind it.

The use of the word "lipstick" had me cringing. Oh Barack, why did you have to give the opposition an opening like that? But as the week has played out, I have become more and more impressed with what they did there. I now believe that this was deliberate, juicy bait that Obama’s team knew the Republicans could not resist.

The context in which Obama used the phrase was very careful. There is no way that any objective observer could have thought that this was a reference to Sarah Palin.

The phrase "lipstick on a pig" is widely used throughout small-town America. So when the Republicans started exploding with outrage, what is the effect? Many small-town Americans, not Obama’s natural constituency, see the skinny kid with the funny name using language they understand, and the Republicans completely misunderstanding, thus appearing elitist and out of touch with ordinary people.

But still it looked as if the attack was going to damage Obama. Then he launched his counter-attack. It was so smooth that I can’t believe it was not pre-prepared. He carefully explains in short order how the comment was taken completely out of context. He demonstrates that the outrage was false. He shows examples of Republicans, including McCain himself, using exactly the same phrase. And then he sticks the knife in. "Why do the Republicans want to talk about this petty stuff, which they have got wrong anyway, instead of about issues X, Y and Z which are your concerns?" And what is the effect? Many independents and moderate Republicans, not Obama’s natural constituency, see the Republicans fighting about smears and trivia, and Obama addressing the real issues of concern to them in statesmanlike fashion.

As the days have passed, I have seen the final element fall into place. They challenged the Republicans on their failure to address the issues. They gave them a few more days in which the Republicans did nothing but lie and smear and avoid the issues. And then they went in hard with the key message: McCain and Palin = dishonourable. He had publicly given them every chance to engage in a debate on the issues instead of rolling around in the gutter. He made sure people were focused on whether they actually started addressing the issues. They did not, and so he called them out on it, not for a single issue but as a major failing of their whole campaign.

Obama’s team know that they do not have to win this thing today. They have to win it in six weeks’ time. There is no knock-out blow like some people seem to expect them to deliver. I wish there was. Had they jumped straight to the "dishonourable" message the people would not have been ready to hear it, and it could well have backfired. By carefully setting the scene, they have got traction for it. They also know that they can’t afford for Obama himself to get down in the dirt in order to make this work, but they have plenty of supporters who can do the dirty work for them, returning the low blows on a knock for knock basis.

This campaign team knows what it is doing. It is subtle, intelligent, and knows how to make the message work. I don’t believe for a second they are disconcerted by the current state of the polls. Why would they be worried about being within the margin of error during the high water mark of Palin’s honeymoon period with the electorate? If I read one more blog post or MSM article saying they are panicking, I will scream. These guys are brilliant strategists with a long-term plan and it is working exactly as it needs to. Trust them. I do."

This being the case - Just maybe Obama can not only take a punch but deliver one smooth one in return.