Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Us against them.

A couple of recent stories have me really wondering about the A-merry-can political landscape, and the players on it. I mean the O man's campaign has done something to the A-merry-can state of mind that is kind of scary.

Consider this guy, for instance, he really really doesn't want the O man to win, and he has no problem telling the world about it. Hey, this is A-merry-ca, the guy can put what he wants to put on his own lawn. So his neighbors might need to get over it. (Oh field, what are you talking about? This guy is a racist and a bigot, did you actually read the sign? Yeah I read it, and besides the fact that he can't spell like moi, he seems to be your typical old Southern white guy, who won't vote for his O ness, just because. Why not let the guy show his true colors for the world to see? The more the rest of A-merry-ca knows what kind of person is on that side, maybe the more they will realize who their comrades in arms are.

"That's the Democratic Party. They're nothing but a bunch of cutthroats,...Like I always said, you show me an honest politician, I'll show you an honest thief."

I will agree with you there Mr. Lacasse, and as a Korean War veteran you have every right to speak your mind. You and John McCain are kindred spirits, I guess you are supporting a fellow veteran of foreign wars. We just can't have red blooded patriotic A-merry-cans supporting that skinny black guy with the funny name. That is just soooo una-merry-can.

Now the next story has to do with the conservative blogger who has to run around the shower to get wet, and her little smear on respected journalist, Gwen Ifill. Let me get this out of the way right now: Michelle Malkin cannot carry Gwen Ifill's jock strap. She is nothing but a partisan right wing hack, whose only claim to fame is flaming people who disagree with her political positions. Or, translated, people on the left. She sounds a lot like you field. Yes,but I don't pretend to be a journalist, and I am not jealous of real ones. (That would exclude everyone on FOX of course, because they are not real journalist).

So now the folks on the right are all in a tither, FOX NEWS is reporting that McCain's camp did not know that Ifill wrote a book about Obama, and now the rethugs want a different moderator for tomorrow nights' debate. Like who? Britt Hume? Poor Gwen, she tried to write a book about the new black politics in A-merry-ca, and she runs smack into the rethuglican smear machine. Even her fellow PBS colleague, Juan Williams, threw her under the bus.

"..I think Gwen has been a terrific journalist," he told Fox News.
But Williams admitted the appearances could cause difficulties.
"She spent a lot of time with Obama. She praises him in the book," he said. "The book's success [is] invested in Obama. … Suddenly everyone's going to be saying Gwen Ifill is somewhat biased against Gov. Palin...."

Gee, thanks brotha Juan, I am so glad you are there in the house with them, and not out here with us.

"My first syndicated column of the week, filed this afternoon, shines light on PBS anchor Gwen Ifill, who will moderate Thursday’s only vice presidential debate. Try as she might to deflect questions about her impartiality, her biases — and her conflict of interest — are clear. But don’t you dare breathe a word about any of this. You know what will happen if you do…

No Michelle, not "RACIST", just dumb.


Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

The Rethuglicans are looking for anything to excuse their pig, pit bull, or what ever she is of her continual fumbling. So now, they are going to make the black gal take the blame for Palin's deficits.

You're right. It's just plain dumb.

D.J. said...

I love seeing everyone's true colors. I wrote in a previous blog that this election has been good for dry cleaners because everyone who has kept those white robes and hoods that have been in the back of the closet are getting pulled out.

Anonymous said...

Questions raised about moderator's impartiality
By DAVID BAUDER – 4 hours ago

NEW YORK (AP) — PBS journalist Gwen Ifill, moderator of the upcoming vice presidential debate, dismissed conservative questions about her impartiality because she is writing a book that includes material on Barack Obama.

Ifill said Wednesday that she hasn't even written her chapter on Obama for the book "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama," which is to be published by Doubleday on Jan. 20, 2009, the day a new president is inaugurated.

"I've got a pretty long track record covering politics and news, so I'm not particularly worried that one-day blog chatter is going to destroy my reputation," Ifill said. "The proof is in the pudding. They can watch the debate tomorrow night and make their own decisions about whether or not I've done my job."

The day before the Joe Biden-Sarah Palin debate, columnist Michelle Malkin wrote in the New York Post about Ifill's book, saying, "She's so far in the tank for the Democratic presidential candidate, her oxygen delivery line is running out."

John McCain, though, spoke highly of the reporter in an interview with FOX News Channel. "I think Gwen Ifill is a professional and I think she will do a completely objective job because she is a highly respected professional," he said Wednesday.

In its online description of the book, Doubleday says that Ifill "surveys the American political landscape, shedding new light on the impact of Barack Obama's stunning presidential campaign and introducing the emerging young African American politicians forging a bold new path to political power."

Ifill said Obama's story, which she has yet to write, is only a small part of the book, which discusses how politics in the black community have changed since the civil rights era. Among those subjects is Colin Powell, secretary of state in the Bush administration.

The host of PBS' "Washington Week" and senior correspondent on "The NewsHour" said she did not tell the Commission on Presidential Debates about the book. The commission had no immediate comment when contacted by The Associated Press. A spokeswoman for John McCain's campaign did not immediately return phone and e-mail messages.

Ifill's resume includes jobs at The New York Times, the Washington Post and NBC News. She moderated the 2004 vice presidential debate between Dick Cheney and John Edwards.

She said it was the publisher, not herself, who set the Inauguration Day release date. It will be released then whether Obama wins or loses.

Although Malkin raised the topic of Ifill's impartiality the day before the debate, the PBS journalist said that Time magazine noted she was writing a book in August, and that it has been available for pre-sale on The book also is mentioned in a Sept. 4 interview she gave the Washington Post.

Ifill questions why people assume that her book will be favorable toward Obama.

"Do you think they made the same assumptions about Lou Cannon (who is white) when he wrote his book about Reagan?" said Ifill, who is black. Asked if there were racial motives at play, she said, "I don't know what it is. I find it curious."

Anonymous said...

This news is only now coming out because timing means everything. It's not so much about the fact that they want to report this as news as it is that they want to take the focus of Palin, and leave a certain (biased) impression on the American population.

Swiff said...


Anonymous said...

Unlike any of the so-called journalists at FOX news, I would trust Gwen Ifell 100% to be straight forward, unbiased and honest. Jim Lehrer, another PBS journalist is a registered republican but I did not catch any sign of favoritism towards McCain in the presidential debate.

But you know, the republicans would be all out of sorts and all grumpy if they did not have something to complain about or someone at whom they could point the finger of blame. That's why they are republicans after all.

Kellybelle said...

I voted for Barack today. I feel all floaty...

James C. Collier said...

Ifill's publisher's desire for a big (and free splash) is what is creating the appearance of a conflict of interest. I say change the publication date by a few weeks and keep moving.

rainywalker said...

Gwen Ifill is a very fair and balanced moderator. My "O" Man sign is in the window, the boot jacks won't allow them outside on the lawn.

Anonymous said...

Did I not catch the joke or is Swiff really in this much need of spell check?

If Palin has another Couric-like performance at the debate, it's over--the McCain campaign completely implodes. They're attacking Ifill to do damage control so they can blame her Palin fails.


classysbf said...


Swiff,you are SO WRONG!! LOL!

field negro said...

kelleybelle, what does "floaty" feel like?:)

"Unlike any of the so-called journalists at FOX news, I would trust Gwen Ifell 100% to be straight forward, unbiased and honest. Jim Lehrer, another PBS journalist is a registered republican but I did not catch any sign of favoritism towards McCain in the presidential debate."

gw...I did not know that Lehrer was a rethug. He did a good job, and I am sure Ifill will too. Do you think she will go out of her way to be harder on the the dem.?

"My "O" Man sign is in the window, the boot jacks won't allow them outside on the lawn."

A person after Mrs. Field's heart. She can relate.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the guy who posted that sign on his lawn doesn't have a spelling problem.

Maybe he thinks Obama is a half-breed lightweight and breathable cloth fabric.

Well, it's sort of a Bizarro world kinda way...

? said...

Field, you don't what your missing with pets big guy, man's best friend for a good reason.

Anonymous said...

First off, for the idiot in Florida, Obama is a half breed sheet?

Wait for it....Oh, I get it!

Now as for that other idiot, Malkin.(damn I feel dirty for just saying its name) Just the last gasp of a dying campaign.

They have been trying for almost 2 weeks to get out of this debate. The whole suspending of the Grampaign was to cancel THIS debate.

They wanted to postpone last week's to tomorrow and cancel the VEEP debate. But the O wouldn't bite.

This is so pitiful I ALMOST feel sorry for them. ALMOST!

John the Evil Marionette and Caribou Barbie can kiss my ass.

Better get in shape bro!

Anonymous said...

Hey...Swiff isn't the only one - joke or no joke; lots of folks here don't/can't use a spell check (or brain check for that matter. Some of us have also actually listened to paylend's incoherence (she is missing the 'monitor' that makes sure the brain is engaged before the mouth opens). Again, let's hope Biden assumes the role of pit bull and shreds paylend - and by extension - mcsame to pieces and spits 'em out.
Sister Ifill, like Michelle Obama, brings an entirely new level of class and dignity - way more than the likes of swiff, bush, malkin, house negro juan williams; way more than your everyday "Joe sixpack" cracker deserves. They have no shame; these crackers don't even blink when they admit that they have lowered the bar/standards, hoping paylend might speak coherently.

burpster said...

Malkin is SO... 2 years ago. She can't even get the neighbourhood dogs to acknowledge her, and she's wearing a porkchop belt.

Anonymous said...


I TAKE EXCEPTION TO YOUR SNIDE REMARKS ABOUT "WHITE FOLKS AND THEIR PETS." I am not white. I am an African American woman who is also a pet lover. I'm a "cat person." I love my two cats, and I would do what I could to save them from the jaws of death. For a lot of people, pets are like children. Believe it. While I won't go so far as to say that my cat is "like my daughter," I will, however, say that if my precious kitty was in danger, then, yes, I, too, might put myself in danger to save my kitty. If you -- and others -- are not animal lovers, then certainly I wouldn't expect you to understand. But I think you're being just plain mean and ugly to sneer at us folks who just happen to love our pets. I reckon you'd just stand by and see your beloved pooch get eaten alive by a shark. Shame on you! I'm going to tell the PETA people on you, Field! (As I type this, one of my cats is in my lap, humming a song!)

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I'll be darned. I thought I was a "typical old Southern white guy."

I haven't seen any signs like you have displayed and have had nothing but positive comments of some sort of interest in response to my Obama bumper stickers and yard signs.
In fact, momentum in West Virginia, of all places, is sailing toward Obama. The numbers have him in striking distance.

Bigotry sucks when it gets thrown in your own face don't it Field?

field negro said...

"..I will, however, say that if my precious kitty was in danger, then, yes, I, too, might put myself in danger to save my kitty..."

Well. I...never mind. I am going to leave that part of your comments alone.:)

"But I think you're being just plain mean and ugly to sneer at us folks who just happen to love our pets. I reckon you'd just stand by and see your beloved pooch get eaten alive by a shark... "

Yep, call me crazy, but fido is pretty much shark meat. Sorry :(

"Bigotry sucks when it gets thrown in your own face don't it Field?"

I don't know, it's never really been thrown in my face. It usually gets me from the back. ;)

Anonymous said...


No matter how Sarah performs in the debate tomorrow the rethugs will say she won, she was great, outstanding, wonderful, etc.

They will find fault in Gwen Ifill. They will throw mud at Biden.

This is just what they do. They suck.

Bob said...

Mark Twain said congress is America's only native criminal class, & I've always believed it was better to have my crooks in office, because when they're not stealing they do get around to doing other stuff. & if "earmarks" are stealing, then I rather the goodies come to my district. They've been replacing some busted up sidewalks in my ward, the money for that is probably trickling down from money Jersey Congressman Payne negotiated into the fine print of a bill appropriating funds to study walruses in California. In which case, he did his job.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if were going to have a dumb ass of the week column. To call this guy a racist is too kind. If you are going to be a racist, you could at least spell muslim correctly. Muslin is fabric I use to make a test garment, but details details. I wasn't aware that muslims were a breed, and all this time I thought was a religion. That is almost as bad as one guy told me he was half jewish, so I guess he was half jewish and half catholic and decided to lend more towards the catholic side.

I do not understand why anyone pays any attention to Juan Williams and wish NPR would not use him. I hate when he substitutes for Daniel Shore for news analysis. Juan is not half the journalist professional as Gwen Ifill, and how does he know that Ifill writes about Obama in the positive light in her book. The book doesn't go on sale until January 2009, and no one has read it. I am so tired of people opining about something that they did not read. How can have an opinion about something which you have not yet read?

Ann Brock said...

Field, Gwen was chosen for this gig way before, we even knew who the vp was.

When there is concern raised about moderator bias there are one or two things that potentially happen. One, it potentially impairs the moderators from asking the tough questions for fear of being seen as biased.

It also potentially opens up calls of "foul" if either side feels that their candidate was treated unfairly.In the end, if moderators are not allowed to do what they do best, which is to put the candidates on the spot,as life will do, we are the ones who end up on the short end of the stick.

Anonymous said...


What do you expect? It's getting down to the nitty gritty and now certain folks are leveling the artillery and calling in air strikes danger close...hell they'll take one for the team about now.

It's like the game of pool. First you knock off all the other colored balls, but the game ain't over till you knock off the black one. If you can't, then you deserve to lose the game. McCain and certain people don't want to be the ones who scratched.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

It really doesn't matter what MSM says, because they've already just about lost their credibility. How many people do you now hear say, "I don't trust MSM or You just can't trust MSM these days"? I hear folks make those two comments all the time now.

When Obama and McCain had their debate last week, MSM commentators were trying their best to find something wrong with Obama, but it didn't work, because the PEOPLE were not having it, and could see through their BS. That is the one thing that the GOP and MSM does, constantly, they underestimate the people and talk to them like they are dummies, instead of intelligent people.

BTW, Gwen is a Republican if I'm not mistaken. I think I recall her voice that back during the Bush/Kerry election. I'm not positive about it, but if I'm not mistaken I think it was her that said that during a discussion. Regardless, if she is or not, she is fair. She didn't show any favoritism when Bush and Kerry were running for office.

When this election is over, MSM might lose a lot of their viewers, and people will start back subscribing to their local newspapers. Because MSM has shown a biases that is outright hard to miss all throughout this election.

The debate between Biden/Palin is nothing more than a snare. The people will not be played for a fool, their smarter than that.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


What state you live in? Granny is feeling pretty good herself, I've been busy getting folks registered. I must say I've never witnessed this much enthusiasm in my entire life from people wanting to do their part and help get Obama elected. Even kids that can't vote that are in elementary school have been doing their part.

Granny has been selling Obama bracelets. I've run out of them faster than you can say Jack Rabbit. I got a back order already.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I met Juan Williams over 20 years ago at a social gathering in DC. He struck me then as a snooty, light-skinned, curly haired idiot who missed the whole point of the Black Revolution and Civil Rights beyond landing his nearly yellow ass in a good job. You should have seen him diss every black woman in the place, looking at us all - light skinned ones included - like nobody was good enough for him to have a simple conversation with. I mentioned this to boyfriend at the time knew him well and he said Juan had issues.

Many African Americans in DC used to be very divided much like South African blacks vs. coloreds, and I after Juan joined Fox News, I had the impression that he never evolved like most of us did in the late 60s thru mid-70s. Harold Ford strikes me as another one cut of this from sick cloth.

As Farrakan once said of people like them, the white in them hates the black in them. People like them have become propaganda and political mercenaries for the Right and are very destructive to the black community.

EzMun said...

You know I find all of this Rethug "Ifill is in the tank for the O man" talk strange, since she has NOT written the Obama chapter yet.

"Ifill said Obama’s story, which she has yet to write, is only a small part of the book, which discusses how politics in the black community have changed since the civil rights era. Among those subjects is Colin Powell, secretary of state in the Bush administration."

This election literally has people losing their damn minds.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Gwen Ifill (Caribbean represent!) is a professional. Malkin needs to stfu.

The book is not done and won't be published until next year.

I am so sick of these dumb ass far right lunatics. I wish I could still be alive when their racist asses become the minority in this country (around 2040). I wonder how they will deal with having a President Hernandez?

The world is changing and they refuse to grasp that. It's why they revel in their ignorance and have to nerve to actually rally about an idiot like Palin. I wouldn't hire her to manage a Micky Ds (she is unqualified) much less be a VP on a major party ticket.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I totally agree with jjBrock.

Anonymous said...

I nominate Juan Willaims for Lawn Jockey and "Me Sucky Sucky Malkin" for Honorary House Negress.

Did anyone see this yet?

Ole girl can blow a mean flute.

A.F. said...

Half-breed muslin? Is the writer referring to those Walmart-brand half cotton, half polyester white sheets that his organization now has to deal with? What a moron.

Thankfully, I'm seeing no such signs here in the Deep South, either, just "Obama!" and "GeauxBama."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

You know this lie they have about Obama being a Muslim had me thinking about another lie that America is suppose to represent. That lie being freedom of religion. Okay, we know that Obama is definitely not a Muslim. However, we do have law abiding American citizens that are Muslims. Now let me see if I got this straight. Our country is supposed to be a country where people have the right to choose whatever religion they please, freedom of choice, and freedom to worship as they please. So, because their right as a citizen's freedom of choice in religion is of the Muslim faith we're suppose to mistreat them or treat them different? I don't think so. That's not right according to those government documents written up by the founding fathers and is illegal.

They keep accusing Obama of being a Muslim, but Muslims don't drink, they don't smoke cigarettes, they pray more than once a day. Obama did smoke cigarettes but stopped recently, and he was drinking alcohol at the bar with some voters in different places.

I've come to the conclusion that these people accusing him of being a Muslim know that he is not a Muslim. That this is nothing more than a flimsy excuse to justify their own conscience for their racist views.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, Muslims are not hyprocrits like some of these so-called Christians, not referring to REAL Christians, I'm talking about those racist so-called Christians.

Swiff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swiff said...

"way more than the likes of swiff, bush, malkin, house negro juan williams"

LOL, that gave me a chuckle. For the uninformed, I was just fuckin w/ ya'll in in that "VOAT!" comment. I've seen so much illiterate foaming-at-the-mouth "raicist" garbage hurled towards Gwen by the e-klan in the past 24 that I just had to let off some steam, Colbert style.

The funniest/saddest part is how conservatives kept on talking down to any point I made with responses like "did you know that the republcan party freed the slaves? Its true!" Like who the hell are YOU trying to educate, you non-spelling homeschooled backwater-ass hick muhfucka. Those PSAs we all saw as kids about reading have gone sadly unheeded.

Shady_Grady said...

Malkin is just a low class person.
Williams is as well. He appears to be smarter than Malkin, which in some respects makes him worse.

I think Ifill will do a good job as moderator.

This is just the normal Republican tactic of working the refs, screaming bias. Unfortunately, much of the modern Republican party really does run on fear and resentment. It's who they are. It's what they do.

field negro said...

ezmun and someone else mentioned it, but Ifill hasn't even written that chapter yet.

granny, they must have a bunch of people like you hear in Philly. Because the registration drive here has been crazy. Long lines of people (mostly young bucks) lining up. Let's see if they vote.

I think swiff is officially pissed.

Damn mean Juan is really a HN? Noooooo. :)

BTW, ernesto, nomination seconded. Juan is back on the lawn.

Anonymous said...

Yes, send Juan Williams to the lawn, he thinkg it's his job is to hate on any success for other blacks in the public sphere. Someone needs to get him the hell off of NPR, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Juan Williamns needs to go sit down somewhere. I wonder if they'll complain about Tom Brokaw-the self proclaimed liason between McCain and NBC- moderating one of the presidential debates. I highly doubt it.

In a nutshell folks:

Quaylin is obviously failing debate camp and McCain, whose ship is sinking fast, can't even get the best of right wing smear merchants to rally around this farce any longer.

Quite frankly, I'm enjoying every minute of it!!!!!!!!!!

gsutiger2 said...

Umm . . . I agree that Ifill should not moderate (Ifill fan here). It IS a conflict of interest. If it was the other way around we would all be pissy about it.

Now kids we all must play fair.

Jody said...

If anyone has bothered to watch Ifill on her weekly news program, they would know that she is more than a highly capable jounalist.... she does not editorialize and is extremely respectful of the pundits who come on her program each week.

She will treat both Biden and Palin with the utmost respect, while at the same time, challenge both of them to respond to specific issues facing this country. That is what a moderator is supposed to do.

I am confident about this because I have been watching her for years. Hers is the only weekly news program of round table discussions that is intelligent and respectful.... ie they do not constantly interrupt each other and give thoughtful responses.

Christopher said...

Pure, unadulterated, fuckery, bullshit from the right because the Old Coot and McCandy are tanking as Obama and Biden are soaring in the national polls.

About Ifill's book.

The announcement was made last July that she was penning this book. Last July and the announcement was reported in the ROM and the pajamas media. So, if the Old Coot didn't get the news announcement, that ain't Obama's problem.

You know, the Old Coot is morphing into the Borg Queen, where all he does is bitch and moan and piss and holler. If he doesn't like the landscape then I suggest he get the hell out of the race and go back to Phoenix and spend the wife's coin. He's going to have his ass handed to him on Nov. 4th anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Obama is fine woven cotton. Who knew?

Michelle Malkin...I don't know that my dog would stop to lift his leg on her...then again he lifts his leg on most inanimate objects.

Anonymous said...

September 30, 2008 by Ryann Hayman
Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert did not appreciate the nonverbal behavior of Sen. John McCain during Friday9 9s first presidential debate with Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama.
The longtime movie reviewer took personal offense at McCain’s body language, particularly the GOP senator’s failure to even look at Obama.
The following is Ebert’s blog in its entirety:
Guess who’s not coming to dinner - by Roger Ebert
I do not like you, John McCain. My feeling has nothing to do with issues. It has to do with common courtesy. During the debate, you refused to look Barack Obama in the eye. Indeed, you refused to look at him at all. Even when the two of you shook hands at the start, you used your eyes only to locate his hand, and then gazed past him as you shook it.
Obama is my guy. If you are rude to him, you are rude to me. If you came to dinner at my house and refused to look at or speak with one of my guests, that would be bad manners and I would be offended. Same thing if I went to your house. During the debate, you were America ’s guest.
What was your problem? Do you hold this man in such contempt that you cannot bear to gaze upon him? Will you not even speak to him directl y?
Do you think he doesn’t have the right to be running for President?
Were you angry because after you said you wouldn’t attend the debate, he said a President should be able to concern himself with two things at the same time? He was right. The proof is, you were there. Were you angry with him because he called your bluff?
During the debate, Jim Lehrer repeatedly called upon both candidates to speak directly to each other. Obama looked at you. He addressed you as “John,” which as a fellow senator is his privilege. His body language was open. You stared straight ahead, or at Lehrer, or into space. Your jaw was clinched. You had a tight little smile, or a grimace, or a little shake of your head.
I had to do two things at once while watching the debate. I had to listen to what was being said. And I had to process your rigid and contemptuous behavior. If you were at a wedding and the father of the groom refused to look at or speak to the bride, how would that make you feel? Especially if you were the father of the bride?
You made a TV commercial showing the moments Obama agreed w ith you.
Everybody knows he did. Did his agreement show honesty, or weakness?
It is significant that you said it proved he was not ready to lead.
What is the better leadership quality: (1) Willingness to listen to your opponent, and keep an open mind? (2) Rigidly ignoring him? Which of the two of you better demonstrated the bipartisan spirit you say you represent? Was there anything he said that you agreed with? Could you have brought yourself to say so?
I’m not the only one who noticed your odd, hostile behavior. Just about everybody did. I’m sure many of your supporters must have sensed the tension. Before the debate, pundits were wondering if you might explode in a display of your famous temper. I think we saw that happen, all right, but it was an implosion. I have instructed my wife to exclude you from any future dinner parties.

Christopher said...

Michelle Malkin is dumber and dirtier than a Seoul hooker after she's turned 50 tricks.


Anonymous said...

I agree with granny--most people who are parroting the "Obama is a secret Muslim" know perfectly well that he isn't. But they know they can confuse some folks who aren't sure. And in A-merry-ca, "Muslim" is still synonymous with "Black Muslim" in the minds of our less informed white citizens. You all know far better than I do how scary that is to whites. What's truly bizarre to me is that even the positive message of "self-help, support the black community first, etc." that Rev. Wright preached is being spun as a negative. I guess some white folks are afraid of what might happen if black folks ever became economically independent of them.

As for the bar being set so low for Palin in tonight's debate, Bush's phrase "soft bigotry of low expectations" keeps popping into my head. Listen carefully to everything that the republicans accuse democrats of, because sure as you're born they're doing exactly what they accuse the other side of doing.

? said...

The Ebert article is dead on. I noticed that Mccain did the same with Romney, it made me feel uncomfortable just watching it. Mccain, like Rudy, is just one nasty guy with a nasty disposition, even with his fellow Republicans.

? said...

You know this lie they have about Obama being a Muslim had me thinking about another lie that America is suppose to represent. That lie being freedom of religion.

As Mccain said, "America is a Christian nation" and he's right, it is. Now I'm an atheist, so that does not thrill me but if Muslims ran America would it be any different? I'd invite you to take a tour of the Middle East and you'd find out that it probably wouldn't be. One religion will not tolerate the encroachment of another on its power, nor will it tolerate the encroachment of non believers.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Typical of Juan Williams to pull a "Clarance Thomas" and sling Gwen Ifill under the bus.

Juan can't have too many flies in the corporate buttermilk when he wants to be the only Negro in the House.

Just let Juan take up permanent residence in the House, Field, and stop taking him off the lawn already.

Anonymous said...

This is the "kitty" poster. Now, now, Field. You're being, ahem, ugly again. When I was typing all of the "kitty" comments, I knew very well that if you responded, you'd be a naughty boy. (Now, how did I know you'd respond? Well, I was, at that time, the lone person talking about a danggone pet, when everyone else was responding on-topic.) You fell, Field, right into my kitty trap. Now, review your very last line in that whole response. I could say that your comment that bigotry "gets me from the back" is, ah, ah, a bit "telling"? Can you say Freudian slip, Field? I love you Field, but don't you start no mess -- with me -- up in here on your blog. I'm your #1 fan. Been reading you ever since the LATimes article. Keep up the good jibes and work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,

I know you believe that FOX News has no journalistic integrity. (I honestly do not think they are any better or worse than CNN, MSNC, or Democracy Now for that matter - but I digress.)

Question for you: Did you or your spouse happen to catch Obama on the Bill O'Reilly's show? I saw two episodes and I thought he treated Obama decently. What do you think?

vanishing point said...

I wonder if the guy has a cardboard box spell checker?

The link to Malkin's post doesn't work, but her sites pretty ugly, and I am thinking she's a totally self-hating mental nut job. She put up a mean little race card with Ifill's face on it. She really is a sick bytch, or as my father would have said, crazier than a shyt house rat.
McCain/Carl Rove tactics at work here, to undermine Ifill, or to possibly affect the intensity of questioning, or both. It's white privilege at work here, too, there has to be other moderators who have either had upcoming books or already written books who were never questioned. George Stepanopolus (card board box spell checker) certainly wasn't fair to Obama in the primary debates, nobody questioned his impartiality.

Anonymous said...


You have warped me, man! Up until today, I had never read or seen any Michelle Malkin's work.

I feel like 12 year old who has been introduced to porn for the first time. I cannot stop looking at it because I am fascinated. I have to look over my shoulder to make sure no one sees me reading it.

As if white men did not already have a weakness for scoping out women of Asian extraction - you have got me looking at Political Pornography.

Ray Bridges said...

They (the McCain campaign) do this sort of strategy constantly. First make disparaging remarks about someone's perceived biases, make that person defensive so that when they do encounter the candidate, they are properly sensitive to the accusation of bias and will bend over backwards to make sure they don't seem hard on the candidate. That only works two or three times, or in the case of the O'Bama campaign, about two or three dozen times.

I'm anxiously looking forward to tonight's debate. It'll either be entertaining or simply pathetic. Match on.

Woozie said...



Why doesn't this damn oven go past 600?

Woozie said...

*they are not real journalists.

? said...

Palin hasn't said anything of substance yet. She doesn't want to talk about the cause of global warming but wants to talk about solutions? This woman's ignorance is on full display.

RedLipstick said...

I'm watching the debates now and Gwen is doing what she always does--PBS has solid journalists.

Palin was doing okay at first, but Gwen moved to foreign affairs and she seems to be losing her stride.

BTW--her voice is annoying.

Phil4Real said...

The new Palin dance is call the Robot!

Robert M said...

I want to drop this to you. The Federal court has denied Obama's motion to dismiss a suit to produce a birth certificate regarding his citizenship. I am not a lawyer so I am not sure what the court is asking for. I thought he was born in the USA so there was no question of his citizenship.

Jody said...

Biden won. He was more informed, he didn't gaff, and she says nuuucular, arrrgghhh! That, and her answer on climate change was crazy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Biden did win, but the pundit are giving it to SP:(

Anonymous said...

I was on the way home from school tonight and snapped on the radio for a minute. Biden was answering a question and then the next question went to Palin. I couldn't listen for more than two seconds. And they call Hillary "shrill"? I CANNOT listen to that for 4 years. If--gods forbid--McPain gets elected, she'd better go to the VP's undisclosed location immediately or else ... well, let me just say that I'm starting to picture Buddhist monks setting themselves on fire in protest. Anyone know where I can get one of those nice saffron robes?

Jody said...

Robert m... there is a wingnut lawyer in Philly that filed that suit in federal court here. I am surprised it wasn't dismissed.... but, it has no merit. His birth certificate has been authenticated... but these idiots are saying its a fake.

Anonymous said...

The vice-presidency definitely does not need to be expanded, per Sarah Palin.

She sounds scary (think Cheney II) and she chose not to answer questions that didn't suit her. She answered her own questions. Reminds me of certain individuals who don't want to answer their subpoena(s). Executive privilege? Troopergate?

Her voice just grates on my nerves. Grrrrrr

Anonymous said...

And I absolutely CANNOT listen to someone mispronouncing "nuclear" for four more years.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, Good post. Biden won on content, sheer knowledge and emotional appeal. BTW, Trumpka, the guy on sidebar from the AFL-CIO, is great. He's been talking and writing to union members on behalf of Obama for some time. He's great.

Karen said...


(silent, blank faced me here)

Do you think it's weird that he would have taken time to paint a board white, screw it to a 1x2 and then used a crappy dollar store sharpie to write his epithet?
What a dork! How many times do you think he had to shake it to get all those words on there??

Anonymous said...

Day late, dollar short, but still, this old geezer is representative of what we will get w/ a McCain administration. Alzheimers alert!


Seda said...

I call the Republican Smear Machine the RSM for short. Glad to see I'm not the only one using that term!