Sunday, October 12, 2008

America's hockey mom gets checked.

Philly is a tough town. The people here don' t have a lot of *patience for bullshit and they have no problem letting you know about it. Forget New York; "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere".

So you have to wonder what Mr. Morton's camp was thinking when they accepted Ed. Snyder 's(The Flyer's owner) invitation to drop the puck at the Flyer's season opener against the New York Rangers. (A dumb move by Snyder to begin with) Our fans have booed Santa and little girls trying to sing the national anthem. What in hell made Mr. Morton think that they wouldn't boo Sarah's phony ass? Well, I am happy to report that they did. And don't even believe the news media when they say that the booing and cheering was split fifty fifty, it wasn't. I heard from a few people who were there that it wasn't even close, and the only reason it even seemed close was the loud music the Flyers played when the booing was clearly drowning out the cheers.

But Sarah was not only here to drop the puck, she was here to raise money as well, and guess what happened at the fund raiser? Yep, her ass got booed again. Memo to Sarah: I don't care if Scott Gomez is from your home state, he plays for the NEW YORK [stinking] Rangers now. Here in Philly the only thing we like from New York is SNL reruns.

And it gets better: while Sarah was here she even tried to tone down her rhetoric, and like her leader, she called for civility and respect for the rest of the campaign.

"'It is not lost on me that here tonight we are in the City of Brotherly Love. And William Penn saw this as a place where people of any color and background could live in harmony,' said Palin. 'This campaign is going to be hard-fought, but we can fight it with respect.' "

Give me a break. Talk about schizophrenic campaigning. So now it's all about love and harmony? Where was that love and harmony when you were getting your base to froth at the mouth at your modern day Klan rallies? They acted like rabid dogs, and you were their ring master. I wonder what tact Mr. Morton's campaign will take tomorrow? Is it me? Or does it seem like every day there is a new one?

"Palin said the campaign would uphold standards of 'tolerance and truth-telling'
'And there have been things that of course that have allowed those standards to be violated from both sides,'"

That's another thing about us here in Philly. Our bullshit meter is pretty high, and we can tell a fraud when we see or hear one.

"Outside the Bellevue, Palin, sitting in her car, gave a little back and forth wave to the protesters, who in return gave her thumbs down and rounds of boos."

Sarah, let me take it one step further than those protesters: Get the fuck out of my town, and please don't ever come back!

*Thanks Makaii


Anonymous said...

I know spell check wouldn't help with this one but in your first sentence it should be "patience" in place of "patients", I believe.

I know you were in a hurry, Field.

Always read your post, keep up the good work right up until your run down Broad Street.


rorysmomma said...

field, she should have known better. Philadelphia fans would boo Jesus, if they felt like it.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Philly, and this just makes me love it more.

Unfortunately I missed the call to go and protest her sorry ass when she was in cinci-sippi friday.

She was here for a private fundraiser and our battle tested troops were waiting for her dumb ass at the driveway of the home it was at.

The message was clear, get the flock out of here.

And BTW you called it right, those rallies over the last 10 days were more like KKKlan meetings.

While I'm at it big ups to John Lewis.

And Everyone be on guard the day after the election. We know enough now that if they say he lost, they cheated. When Barack was here Thursday in Cinci-sippi the turnout from white folks was impressive. As long as we show up he wins.

Turnout like your life depends on it!

Jmee said...

Okay Now I'm confused.... Are we supposed to believe that Caribou Barbie and Old Dude want us to believe that they give a F**k about us?

What is that saying?

Oh Yeah..........Nigga Please.

I'm now looking at every person who votes for McCain giving them the side eye and wondering if they're a racist. Ain't that some shit?????

Now they got me questioning Whitey again. Looking at all there moves, reading all the blogs and newspapers investigating there moves. This sucks!

I'm glad Palin got the Warm Philly Welcome it couldn't have happened to a better person.

Anonymous said...

Field, Ha ha ha ha ha well said...

Jmee so true, so true...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

What did I tell y'all earlier about how McCain will probably in the next few day be twisting what he and Palin did and trying to claim it was Obama.

Whelp, James Harris got his day to be in the spotlight just a few minutes ago on CNN. He is claiming that Obama supporters are threatening his life. Therefore, be prepared to hear a whole different story in the next few days coming from the McCain camp. After observing James eyes and facial expressions on CNN when told that people think he is being paid by McCain, I can say...YUP, He is being PAID. You could see written all over his face.

I see that McCain and Palin are going to have to learn the hard way, that cheaters, liars, and haters never get no where. I'll say it again, like I've said before, it's not going to work!!!!!!!

SouthernGirl2 said...


I noticed it too!! There was a slight pause there but he tried very quickly to cover it. I'm with you Granny....he's getting paid!

I can't say on this board what I really think of him! For now, I'll call him a bootlicking.....

Jmee said...

Okay who didn't see that one coming...

I'm surprised to see he wasn't on DATELINE spreading this nonsense. Next stop for his trifling ass is Hannity or O'Reilly.

You know FOX is licking at his ashy heels to get him on those shows.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Philly gave Mooselini a naked glimpse of what many in the country think about her.


Anonymous said...


I have to say that by looking at the video of Sarah being booed, you could see her face that she didn't know anything else to do but to continue to smile and wave. I want to know why she brought her children to the ice knowing she was being booed. She subjected her children to that kind of unhappy climate. I know it was Saturday night, but didn't school begin, shouldn't they be back in Alaska attending school. I bet that was humiliating. Remind me not to do anything wrong and come to Philly for I would be booed for sure.

Anonymous said...

Jmee, Licking at his ashy heels. I just fell out of my chair laughing and hit my head. You know your just no good.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"licking at his ashy heels"

ROTFLMAO!!!!! Jmee, you got me rolling on that one!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The whole is watching this election process. Yup, McCain and Palin are going to make the word Republican a bad word all around the world. Leaders from other nations are getting to see how dishonest, racist, and evil McCain and Palin are. They will never trust him or her.

I read an article in the newspaper today, I think it was the Washington Post written by Khaled Hosseini. I truly understand what he was saying, because I said the same thing. We have law abiding citizens right here in America that are Muslims, since, this is suppose to be a country where you have freedom of religion and choice in religion.

Yet, we have two political figures making racial slurs against Muslims. Now, I know if I was in their shoes, I would be upset too. They have done nothing wrong, they pay taxes, work hard, etc., and are being discriminated against because of their faith. The majority of them are good decent people.

I understand how they feel hearing insult after insult being thrown out by the GOP candidates. BTW, they vote too and it's a lot of them that are citizens in this country. Whelp, let McCain and Palin do what they do, because the whole world is taking every single word and action in and making a note of it. BTW, other countries are better educated now than the USA, we are way down on the list thanks to Bush and No Child Left Behind.

I read one of Khaled Hosseini's books before, it was pretty good.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Oops, correction *The whole wide world is watching this election process.* Sorry about that, I'm getting tired.

Anonymous said...

Preach on, Field. Tell her to get out of town, and have your Flyers fans come up with a catchy chant like this one for Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin the next time she's anywhere near eastern PA.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

CNN is starting to get on my nerves. They think that they are slick too. They keep highlighting Obama's race, the "Bradley Affect", and throwing in a few sly negatives every 15 minutes. You would think that people DON'T have two eyes and can see that Obama is African American the way they keep bringing it up with the hint, hint laced in it. The games people play.

Anonymous said...


If it's any consolation...even conservative republicans are up in arms against Mr. Morton and his cheap race baiting stunts.

Senior members of the Republican party are in open mutiny against John McCain's presidential campaign, after a disastrous period which has seen Barack Obama solidify his lead in the opinion polls.

And as disputes raged within the McCain camp yesterday, Democrats took another symbolic step towards healing the party after their bitter primary battles, as Bill and Hillary Clinton made their first joint appearance in support of Mr Obama.

From inside and outside his inner circle, Mr McCain is being told to settle on a coherent economic message and to tone down attacks on his rival which have sometimes whipped up a mob-like atmosphere at Republican rallies.

This has all the makings a George McGovern sized failure for McCain, which was actually a turning point for the country. I don't know that the Repub party is going to survive.

In 2004 the republicans looked invincible. Fast changes indeed.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from Europe and it amazes me, but not surprises me now that I see why, how ill informed the US electorate is...the media here is a joke.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Thank you TJ.


You got that right, and I bet ya their keeping a close eye on this election process.

Bob said...

It seemed so dumb to me. Flyers fans are notorious even among hockey crowds. Rangers fans hate her for showing up at the Flyers home opener. & the spotlight is on the Phillies right now anyway. About the most dumb thing the Harpy believes is that Alaska is a micrcosm of America. Philly ought to dissuade her of that very peculiar notion, but she'll go on believing it.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Dumb move Team Palin. You talk smack about the "east coast elite" and big cities and then think folks in Philly are going to cheer for you? Idiots.

One thing McCain did manage to do last unify the Dems. Way to go Steve Schmidt.

Miranda it is amazing to see how much coverage the American election gets here. Everyone is asking me about it. No one can believe the Palin situation.

field negro said...

Thanks Makaii. "Rushing" AND tired. Spell check is a bitch. Thank goodness I have people like ypu, Liz, and woozie to keep my dyslexic behind in check.

"licking at his ashy heels" :)

"CNN is starting to get on my nerves. They think that they are slick too. They keep highlighting Obama's race, the "Bradley Affect", and throwing in a few sly negatives every 15 minutes."

Granny, CNN is like that messy guy in high school that just loves to start shit so that he can sit back and watch the drama.

Anonymous said...

Where was all lips on pit bull act/aka hockey mom attitude at the hockey game...

She should have known better..this was not a Klan meeting...I guess that people had got used to be embrace by those hate morgers...

hand up to Philly people telling her to get the heck of there...I think we all need her to get the hell of these UNITED DIVIDED STATES....

Anonymous said...

Oooh by the way...Begging conservative (J. Harris) was on CNN...he was definitely paid...he is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame...

he is the straight up coon (sellout)...talking about being a descendant of African hertiage and not a Black darn right you are not a man but you are black...

He is trying to get rating for his show....Don Lemon looked disgusted last night while he was interviewing him...I guess he wanted to say take it to the National Equirer........

Malcolm said...

The McCain camp must not follow sports because if they did, they'd know that Philly fans don't give a fuck about who they boo. I saw the footage over the weekend and the boos far outnumbered any cheers there may have been. The boos were probably even more pronounced in person. Oh and by the way, it isn't just you... the McCain campaign seems to have a different tact every day.

Anonymous said...

The great thing about Conservatives (it's the authoritarian personality thing), is they can never admit they were wrong about anything. As a conservative once told me about his hero, W, OK Bush may make mistakes, but he sticks by them and does not waffle. (WTF?)

Field, I'm glad the McCain campaign's invention, the golly gee whiz soccer-hockey-Josephine Six Packs got her phony as a $3 bill butt booed off the ice.

Have I not said at least once before, that woman is EVIL.

Najmah said...

Gotta love ya Philly!!!

Keep volunteering - voter activiation is key now - if you can, take Nov. 4th off and drive folks to the polls!!!!

Naj in VA

David Sullivan said...

I've worn my Red Sox gear to Yankee Stadium, my Pats gear to seats right above the "Dog Pound", hadx my "Bledsoe" shirt smeared with mustard by thrown Hot Dogs tailgating in Buffalo, twirled my "Bird" shirt above my head in L.A., all without fear. But never truly felt fear till I watched the Pats play the Eagles at the Vet back in '99. Not only did I have my hat snatched off my head and stomped on, but on my way to my seats some guys put their feet up and blocked the aisle to my seats. I kicked one of the guys legs down and they let me through, but showered us with all types of food stuffs the rest of the game.

She was lucky all she got was a booin'!!!

field negro said...

David just described the typical opposing fan experience at a Philly sporting event.

Anonymous said...


Harris is your typical black conservative.


gsutiger2 said...

^^ So right ^^ He will be tapped for a position soon.

HA HA about Sarah. And at a hockey game no less!

Don said...

As vicious as Philly sports fans are, and can be ...thinking back to when they booed Destiny's Child during the 'o1 NBA All-Star game....what in the world did Sarah Palin expect? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that silly Sarah got a "warm" reception. Not...

Time for her to realize this is 2008, not 1968 and outside a few select locales, that racism and fear she is peddling does not play. I'm sorry that her kid had to be there, but it speaks to her Mama's stupidity that she would try to use her kids to score brownie points.

Anonymous said...

When my husband (gwpriester) and I had a business, I discovered that my biggest fear is having to make cold calls. Well, after hearing "that woman" inflame those ignorant crowds, I just snapped. I called our Obama phone bank coordinator and volunteered to call throughout the rest of the campaign. I'm much more afraid of ugly crowds of non-thinking clanspeople than I am of making cold calls during this election. By the way: we voted last week by absentee ballot and I even made copies of our votes for our scrapbook. Go Obama!

Anonymous said...

Typical right-wing coward, she takes her kids along as human shields. GTFO here with that.

And you have to love the mainstream media where 99 percent rejection is called "a mix of boos and cheers". GTFO here with that shit, too.

Anonymous said...

here is a video from the mccain campaign rally in ohio. these freakin people are hateful!

Anonymous said...

Of course now Uncle James is all over the tube exhorting America (white folks)to "pray for him" as he claims to be inundated with hate mail and death threats from awful negroes who dare to be angered by his public minstrelry.

Nobody deserves death threats but what I wouldn't give for 10 minutes alone in a padded room with that fool.

vanishing point said...

thank you Philadelphia for booing that bitch.

Maybe the blog world could give her a collective boo on Halloween, she's a witch.

libhom said...

Poor Palin. Everyone is just so mean to each other, especially that state trooper she illegally fired. Why doesn't he just shut up?

Everyone should worship the ground that good Christian woman walks on.

Phil4Real said...

McCain to Palin...The plan worked cutie pie. They took the Jeremiah Wright bait. They hate that blak SOB.

Palin to McCain...Jimmie the crickets John they sure do believe anything we tell them. Obama's inexperience, hahahah. Dammit I barely got a HS Diploma, I finally stopped screwing the Hockey team to concentrate on my books.

McCain to Palin...He gave us a bonus with his middle name, Hussein. Now those good old boys in Texas and Missouri will think he's related to Sadam.

Palin to McCain...He is isn't he?

McCain to Palin...Hahahahaha. You're funnier than an inmate at Folsom on a life term Sarah, hahahah.

Palin to McCain...Now how did we get them to believe the Avery story.

McCain to Palin...Even though the guy only work together on an educational fund raiser, dammit that's terrorism. Raising money kids education is treason and un-American. The American people have to understand that.

Palin to McCain...Wow John you're so smart. Can I do something for you, anything just ask?

McCain to Palin... Can you show me how you blow that flute?

Palin to McCain...Oh geez John I didn't bring my flute.

McCain to Palin...Don't worry cutie pie, I got one right here. Now blow!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!...Am I confused or in need of glasses, but "house negro" J.T. Harris looks a lot like another bona-fide/authentic house negro - to wit - Russell Simmons. And tell me, FN, y'all in killadelphia really have a baldheaded, Gestapo/Storm-trooper looking klanster in charge of public safety??
Get ready for more putrid bottom-feeding dregs from the repuke/pugnicans...there is no depth to which they will sink - including a mini-9/11 redux.


Anonymous said...

Bobby May - Chairman on McCain Payroll gets fired for racist comments

reasontogether said...

I feel for the kids; she shouldn't have taken them into that environment knowing they would boo her.

If Michelle did that, they would be calling her the worst kind of mother for using her kids that way...

Jmee said...

Carl Bernstein you get my "WP Of The Day" award.

He lays the smack down on McCain and his questionable friends in his background.

Check out the link:

Anonymous said...

McCain claiming that he also hears people at Obama's rally shouting out, "terroist, traders" You can't make this stuff up...every time he opens his mouth he lies...

Swiff said...

WTF @ that Obama noose pic. Well I'll raise that with a pic of a racist BILLBOARD that a guy paid to put up.

Just hurry up and lose already.

Swiff said...

Damn, I was watchin Faux Newz......yo, the nigga Juan Williams has more gray hair, more wrinkles, his hairline is 2 inches back from where it used to be....dude has aged 5 years in 5 months. I guessing cooning degrades the body as much as it degrades the mind, huh?

Anonymous said...

Jesus Fucking Christ

ZACK said...

I'm baaaaaack. *devilish grin*

I just know that Sarah Palin definitely doesn't have the South Side of Chicago on her itinerary. Best believe that.

Anonymous said...

We know why she brought her children, because Alaska is footing the bill! She-devil Palin will probably have them listed as "First Family official cheerleaders." I hope they're all indicted.

Royal Model said...