Saturday, October 25, 2008

I never usually do this but.....

ahhh what the hell, one more day of gloating.

Folks, please take a minute out of your busy day and go over to this wingnut site, and check out what the clowns over there were saying as Ashley's little lie was growing some legs.

For a real dose of humor, read the comments and notice how they progressively go from pure glee, to cautious scepticism, and then to disappointment. [*Idris Elba is that you in the pic? Were you anywhere near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wendesday night? Lucky for you that you *weren't, because if you were, your 6 foot 4 ass might have been picked up] Seriously, this crap is not funny. If not for the work of Pittsburgh's finest, some poor innocent black man could have been arrested and ultimately prosecuted for this crime. (Not Mr. Elba, he is famous, and he has money. But remember William Bennett?) So I am not laughing. To these wingnuts and their deranged blogger friends, this shit is about politics and ideology. To me, and folks who look like me, this shit is personal.

Oh, and since I am talking about wingnut sites. Please let's not make Michelle Malkin a hero for not jumping on this story like her other wingnut blogger friends. The only reason she held back was because she was smart enough to smell a rat from the jump. The others just couldn't resist playing on the racial fears of their base, and doing anything they could do try to revive the dying campaign of Mr. Morton.

Oh I love the smell of rotting Pajamas Media in the morning.


rikyrah said...

I knew it was a HOAX, FN.

Nobody Black believed this woman. I don't give a rat's ass if she's on 10 medications,

bitch tried to pull a Susan Smith.

Fuck her and put her in jail.

rikyrah said...

Sometimes, you need those calm Black folks like Eugene Robinson to break it down like he did on Keith Olbermann last night.

See, I couldn't have been that calm, explaining what that heifer tried to do.

Anonymous said...

Exactly...that heifer should be lock away and this rest of republicans college student aluma that tried to help her sorry ass...

Yep, she tried to do a Runaway Bride, Susan Smith and countless other that are afraid of the Big Black man...

Those newscasters who tried to climb the corporate ladder with this story can kiss my ass.

That fat obese heifer is not crazy just plain racist...

Lock her up and her parents too for birthing a prejudice witch.

Go Rick Shachez and Keith Oberman for keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

Ace? The guy who once compared a woman's hoo-hah to bacon and Play-Doh? The guy is an asshat, and his commenters are some of the stupidest motherfuckers to ever walk the earth.

Many of which also comment over at Hot Air, Michelle Malkin's money-losing site.

If it weren't for GOP financial support, those PJ Media bloggers wouldn't have more than 30 blog hits a day.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, how are people in Philly and Pa taking this? I want to know...and if anybody here is from western PA, give us people's reaction. Okay?

Angela L. Braden, Writer, Speaker, Professor said...

I am deeply repulsed by this stank cow. I hardly ever wish that I could be physically violent with anyone. But this chick's actions has made me wish that I could punch her right in her ridiculous face. And I'm not biting the mentally ill story. The only mental illness this chick may have is that disorder that Francis Holland came up with. **wink**

But seriously, I don't believe that this woman was supposedly mentally ill. She's just a lying, stupid racist, who wished that her outlandish story could've helped sway the election.

Again, I wish that I could punch her right in her stupid face. I hate the fact that our men, blackmen could've been placed in harm's way because of this lie that she told.

I know that she will probably only get probation. But I definitely think that she deserves some jail time.

How dare she?!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Why is it that when a bigot is caught, they try to make excuses for their behavior?

If you're a bigot, be like James Brown and SAY IT LOUD!

I will not waste any time trying to listen to reasons why this bitch did this. She needs to share a cell with Susan Smith, babykiller.

I'm waiting for the "I was molested by my father/brother/cousin" excuse to come from this silly fat cow just like Susan Smith did.

Anonymous said...

Here's what happens at Ace of Spades: If you give them a run for their money in the comments section, "Ace" comes in and alters your comments in a sexual manner. Then you're banned from posting. Gotta love the right wing!

Donald said...

The ReTHUGlicans are taking the quote from Malcolm literally..."by any means necessary."

Kellybelle said...

That she made her assailant Black has me SMH. I just got a call from AP poll people asking lil' ol' swing state me about the campaigns. I know they only wrote down "no" when I answered the question about whehter McCain has run an honorable campaign. But he and his ilk are desperately playing to every awful steretype there is.

I saw the Pittbugh police press conference. Two African American women were the spokespeople. I think our presence on the police force it made a difference whereas someone else might have fell for the okie doke.

TrueBlue said...

I saw the Pittbugh police press conference. Two African American women were the spokespeople. I think our presence on the police force it made a difference whereas someone else might have fell for the okie doke.

I noticed the same thing, and thought as you did. In particular, the police spokeswoman struck me as the sort of lady who doesn't put up with a whole lot of b.s. from anyone.

rainywalker said...

The media will run with anything that stinks including themselves. I can remember a time when there used to be news on at 6 o'clock.

Jody said...

Someone asked how this played in Philly... right now, people are talking about the Phillies who are in the World Series (game 3 tonite in Philly, GO PHILLIES!) This is a crazy sports loving town with the bestest, rabid fans in the country. I think a nuclear bomb could go off somewhere and people here would only wonder if it will affect the start time of the game.... OK.. we aren't THAT obsessed, but close.

Secondly, this is Obama Nation. This is a democratic/union/machine town. And, our motto is "Yo, Fuck You, Im From Philly, Yo!" Which translates to gritty and cynical from day one. It is one of the things I LOVE about this place... so when polyanna white girl, who has a picture of a joke/lame/fake black eye... remember, this is Rocky town too, we know what the hell a black eye looks like... puffy swollen and red.... We all say, getthefuckouttaheah!

Thats just my take on it.

Anonymous said...

YO philly FUCK YOU!!!!

cum down here to Texas we got something fo yo ass.....LOL

wat I thought

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:57pm, Being from Texas...How's THAT working for ya? LMFAO!
Ya yellow-bellied coward. Bring more of that B.S. in here we ain't afraid.

Christopher said...

I just left a nasty comment on the Ace of Whatever site and told them they'd been played by a psychotic little bitch.

Malkin a hero? ROFLMAO! Not in this lifetime.

There were many more people on the left who doubted the veracity of Princess Ashley's saga.

Anonymous said...

I really hope she goes to jail for this.

Anonymous said...

kat, filing a false police report is a misdemeanor and usually doesn't involve jail time. In her case, they stuck her in jail anyway and put her on suicide watch. That ought to tell you something.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

There's a fringe group of White Americans who recognize that they (White Americans) are losing control in all areas of social life: Demographically, financially (We're borrowing money from China!), politically, ideologically (So long, white supremacy), war strategy (like the Soviet Union, the US can't defeat the Taliban militarily); and, instead of blaming themselves, they blame others, like a skinny black guy who communicates with a lawyer's logical mind, speaks like the second coming of Dr. Martin Luther King, and is as cool under fire as Paul Newman on the set doing "Cool Hand Luke."

White racists-- don't be hatin!

Anonymous said...

After Obama wins and is crowned premier and subjugator in chief, do white people get to finally be honest with black people about the need for success and failure to be based on merit? I mean, the black man has won the grand prize, even before the woman, the asian, the jew, the muslim, and many others. Clearly the 'playing field' has been made level if not tilted in favor of the black. Can we look forward to this as a signal of the end of codified skin pigment preferences OR should we assume the worst? A black dominated government which doubles down on special privileges, quotas, jiggets vouchers and other redistributive handouts? Reparations from residents who may not have even had relatives in the USA during slavery? Does President Obama mean we finally get to address each other with facts and honesty? Or does it mean an expansion of social 'justice,' at the expense of the wage earner and the non-dark skinned, to the umpteenth possible degree?

TrueBlue said...

What, pray tell, is a "jiggets voucher"?! By the way, folks, here is a comprehensive article from the Pittsburgh newspaper about the young hoaxster's past.

She was thrown out of the Ron Paul campaign for pulling stunts like calling Huckabee's campaign office, posing as a supporter, and getting "strategic" information. Now think about THAT one for a minute: How weird does someone need to be to be thrown out of Ron Paul's campaign?!

Oh, and the guy who took the pictures of her says he gave them only to the police and to the College Republicans. So, now we know where Drudge got the photo.

TrueBlue said...

This Ashley girl reminds me of a guy named Tom from my dorm in my sophomore year in college. The first night there, we had a meet 'n greet orientation. An hour or two into it, Tom was sobbing about how no one liked him. Truth was, no one had much cared. Until that point, anyway.

Thereupon began the saga of Tom. There are too many stories to tell, so I'll only give a thumbnail sketch. He was the male version of Ashley: chubby, pasty faced, unctuous, awkward. And a member of Air Force ROTC.

Tom had a crewcut, interspersed with patches that were bald, red, and inflamed. You see, he would put his little hairs. And eat them. In front of you.

We'd all make fun of Tom, at least until one particular day. In casual conversation, he mentioned that if he ever committed suicide, he'd make sure to take some people with him. After that, we were all very nice to Tom.

TrueBlue said...

oops, misprint. "He would pull his little hairs."

I've always wondered what ever happened to Tom. I haven't noticed any mushroom clouds, so I guess he didn't stay in the Air Force.

Anonymous said...

"What, pray tell, is a "jiggets voucher"?!"

Housing welfare. Mrs. Jiggets was the african american plaintiff who demanded and won the right to supplemental housing welfare so that she could afford rents in better neighborhoods, all without the need to have a job or use any of her own income. Today the federal government and states pay out over $2 billion per year in rent welfare vouchers and 'Jiggets' supplements to african americans (and a few hundred million more to non-african americans).

A boon to the lazy and to the Landlords who serve these welfaristas. A pox upon the income earning workers who pay the taxes that are handed over for these reparations.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:34pm...Well, today the government pays 10 Billion dollars a month on a war that honestly has no end in sight. Why aren't you outraged about that. 10 BILLION DOLLARS.

field negro said...

"After Obama wins and is crowned premier and subjugator in chief, do white people get to finally be honest with black people about the need for success and failure to be based on merit? "

Yes anon. 5:46PM, you can. In fact, why wait until then, your sorry ass can be honest now. Just WTF has been stopping you for the past hundred and fifty years or so?

BTW, did you know that you conservative republicans and the companies you run get more government welfare than any other entity in A-merry-ca? Dope!

"Or does it mean an expansion of social 'justice,' at the expense of the wage earner and the non-dark skinned...?

Well, I would hope it would mean an expansion of "social justice" for the white skinned too. Now take your dumb ass back to the Ace HQ. It's getting dark out. Aren't you scared to be out in the fields? :)

Jody, good answer about how we are taking this stuff here in Philly. It's "Fightins" time baby, and that is all that matters here now. Besides, it's looking like "O" might win the city by over 350,000 votes, so no worries from this end about some dumb hick from Texas making waves out West.

"YO philly FUCK YOU!!!!

"cum down here to Texas we got something fo yo ass.....LOL

wat I thought"

anon. 3:57PM, been to Texas quite a few times. And you know what? I have never been scared there. Tell me; just what should I be afraid of in Texas? Your food?

grinder, maybe the Mr. Morton campaign can adopt Tom The Psycho, like they did Joe The Plumber. :)

Anonymous said...

"Well, today the government pays 10 Billion dollars a month on a war that honestly has no end in sight. Why aren't you outraged about that. 10 BILLION DOLLARS."

I opposed the war. But what the heck does that have to do with the question?

Will Obama's usurpation lead to an opportunity for frank attitudes by non-Blacks towards Blacks and an acceptance of a level playing field status by Blacks towards non-Blacks? OR will it lead to a expansion of special privileges, preferences, quotas, handouts to benefit the dark pigmented at the expense of the light pigmented and the wage earner?

Anonymous said...

"Just WTF has been stopping you for the past hundred and fifty years or so? "

The Federal Government, My State, Municipality and just about every institution I ever had to participate in. All of them have codified special privileges quotas and handouts, not to mention speech codes, based on skin pigment.

"BTW, did you know that you conservative republicans and the companies you run get more government welfare than any other entity in A-merry-ca? Dope!"

Keep assuming and generalizing. I guess everyone who questions the logic of special handouts to dark pigmented people must be a CR. Not in my case. try again. By the way, the USSA's corporate tax rate is 38%, the highest of any industrialized country and not lowered by Chimpler Bush.

"Well, I would hope it would mean an expansion of "social justice" for the white skinned too. Now take your dumb ass back to the Ace HQ. It's getting dark out. Aren't you scared to be out in the fields? :)"

Got it. So you see Obama expanding punishment on the wage earner, of any skin color. Can I assume this implies the playing field is level regardless of pigment? (But not level as it comes to ones individual capacity to work and earn a salary?)


PS. Ace of Spades is a sockpuppet and Grampappy McCain is nearly as much of a fiscal and economic twit as Comrade Obama.

Anonymous said...

So you see Obama expanding punishment on the wage earner, of any skin color. Can I assume this implies the playing field is level regardless of pigment?

You really must read The Secret Squirrel's brave expose, The Secret Obama Agenda For A Black Socialist America. I wrote it just for you. It will send intriguing little chills everywhere in your body! Ooooh!!

field negro said...

"try again. By the way, the USSA's corporate tax rate is 38%, the highest of any industrialized country..." ,

Yes, how about that? And if it was up to me it would be 50% until they can get their shit together.

Bob said...

Ashley & her fellow college repug operatives worship Karl Rove, who was one of them. But Rove is an evil genius, this kind of hoax too old school in an era of 24/7 cable news. The most effective way to steal an election now is to figure out how to manipulate the vote totals after they're cast & change the results in one's favor. Worked in 2000 Florida & 2004 Ohio.

Anonymous said...

So nobody noticed that the "B" is backwards, as if it'd been done in a mirror? Or did they assume the dastardly brother was dyslexic as well?

Anonymous said...

Drudge, Hannity and the rest of the right-wing redneck attack squad knew this story was bogus from the start. They just didn't count on the Pittsburgh Police Department actually getting Todd to admit she made the whole thing up. They were hoping to run with this story and stir up enough racial tensions to "drag McCain across the finish line." I think they figured if anybody raised doubt about her story ... well, they'd say poor Ashley was being victimized all over again by the mainstream media and the liberals.

Folks, we've got 10 more days of this drama. Don't think we've haven't seen the last of it this sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

If you read the comments, this story was busted by a reader from the start. I think the reaction from the public is part of the story here. In Florida, a house was shot up for having a McCain sign out front. Anyway, she is an idiot that should go hide under a mushroom.


Hathor said...

anonymous @6:34,
You must think that if corporations aren't taxed you'd have a job and would get a raise. How did that work for you when Reagan cut those taxes? I also don't know how you equate even a housing supplement, with 2 times 5 with six zeros behind it, $10,000,000. 2 times 5 with nine zeros, $10,000,000,000 is how much the government spends for the war. Just how to you suppose that you pay for it, with taxes from your wages? You would have to give up the right to drive that SUV. BTW the government is in hock for 8 with 12 zeros, $8,000,000,000,000. Even if you made $80,000 a year the nation debt is over 10 million times what you make. If your numbers are true what all the Jiggets got in a day 5/10,000 of what we spend on the war. We certainly are not paying the soldiers this money so who do you think is getting more welfare than a person who needs a housing supplement. Such small mindedness and innumeracy by people who think like you, is why this country is in this mess now.

Hathor said...

If you made $80,000 a year the nation debt is over 10 million times what you make.
Should be
f you made $80,000 a year the nation debt is over 100 million times what you make.

Anonymous said...

I'm a white woman who grew up in western PA, and I knew from the start that there was something wrong with the story.

I've been reading with interest how McCain's advisors are saying that Palin is going rogue.

Now I'm going to watch the Nittany Lions win a big one for JoePa.

Anonymous said...

WOW! BACKLASH!This guys got a "J" tattoed on his face!

Anonymous said...

Damn! Like i said two days ago "today it is ashley todd....what are the republicans going to be up to next week?" What do you know, THEY ARE NOW THREATENING and scaring the jewish population of PA WITH THE HOLOCAUST if Obama wins. I kid you not. Nov 4th cant come fast enough.

Anonymous said...

What else will they do? For starters, Palin was out on the campaign trail today declaring that Obama would preside over a nightmarish communist government where freedom itself will be at stake. Nov. 4 can't come fast enough for me either.


Anonymous said...

Brother Field.. you are a much better man than moi. To have to respond to chicken-wits that hide behind "Anonymous". I am so tired of them and I am getting close to finally coming out on top. The same guys been running the show for 400+. IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, these people are genuinely nuts!I mean, seriously fucking crazy! Watching this video#1 and this video#2 makes you realize how somebody like Ashley Todd is possible. Seriously, this is fucked up. I am getting depressed.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

red devil:

Yup, they are crazy and willing to go to great lengths, above and beyond to stop Senator Obama from becoming President. However, all they're really doing is making a fool of themselves and shining a light on their hatred and racism. Let them do what they do. People are sick and tired of that mess. Instead of getting depressed, REJOICE! In reality all they're doing is more damage to McCain's campaign than they are to Senator Obama, because just like God don't like ugly, the majority of people don't either. Every low-down dirty trick they pull is going to backfire on them and it won't work. I've said that over and over again, and I'm not gone take that back. Whatever slides under a snake's belly has to come across his back too!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Palin needs to go sit her tail down somewhere, zip it up, and hush, because when Nov 4 comes and goes her name is gone be dragged through the mud and will become a dirty household name. Those people on McCain's campaign are laying the groundwork for that right now. Whelp, that's life!

It puts me in the mind of little kids in elementary school. Lil Tommy talks lil Johnny into picking a fight with lil David, but when lil David beats the soup out of Johnny, lil Tommy turns on Johnny and starts badmouthing him, but in her case, she did the majority of it to herself.

Whatever you do to others will be done to you, and it's no getting around that. I guess Ms. Soccermom, Joe Sixpack, Parrot with lipstick didn't learn that lesson when she was growing up or better yet going to church. Yup, she must have skipped Sunday School the day that lesson was being taught. Then again, they might not teach that at her church.

Black Diaspora said...

Anonymous said...
"After Obama wins and is crowned premier and subjugator in chief, do white people get to finally be honest with black people...."

No. You started your question with a lie. That disqualifies you.

Unknown said...

bloody hell field.. you put idris on the page that i am supposed to be trying to read..
a cruel and unusual torture..
will go back an cover the picture over while reading..

RiPPa said...

Idris Elba?

Nah Dog, they woulda neva caught him. Nah not "Stringer Bell". He has a british accent. Never would a cultured negro do such a thing, not even if he had gold fronts in his mouth.

field negro said...

"Brother Field.. you are a much better man than moi."

stillapanther2, I am not. It's just that being on the Internet helps me restrain myself.

Sorry about that marci. :)

Naw rippa, dudes A-merry-can accent is better than ours. Besides, those folks in Western Pa. don't watch "The Wire".

Anonymous said...

i hope that 'b' keloids on her face...she has her own scarlet letter now.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Pittsburgh for awhile, East Liberty, Homestead, Wilkensburg, where is Bloomfield? Pittsburgh was the only town I've seen that had only black people and white people, no spanish, no asians. it seemed quite odd. I always loved Penn State until I moved there and found out it was located in the racist part of the state and the University of Pittsburgh was were the town's loyalties lie. It was the most boring town I ever lived in. there were no clubs, everyone hung out at the bars, everyone, teenagers, old people. No jobs just old, abandonded steel mills everywhere.

TrueBlue said...

You know, it's starting to dawn on me that this is really going to happen. I didn't think it could. So, for about a week, starting sometime on the evening of Nov. 4th, I am going to allow myself to think that maybe this country is capable of reedeeming itself, and that there might be cause for hope.

Then I'll wake up to the reality. But for one week, I'm going to let myself dream foolish dreams.

TrueBlue said...

And when I wake up, I will realize that it was just my imagination, runnin' away with me. Nice dream, though.

Anonymous said...

Sheila (anon @8:31 pm): IMO your comment is excellent and to the point. Thank you.

Red devil: My feeling is that those mailers about the Holocaust won't work. I think people are going to feel used and attacked -- by the mailers and McCain, not Obama. It's wrong and deeply hurtful to invoke collective trauma like that for shady reasons ... and that is exactly what McCain's campaign did in those mailers. I think the targets (I use that word deliberately) of those mailers will know what's what.

grannystandingfortruth @ 1:43 am: yes! So far, I see this unfolding just as you describe.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I keep telling people that McCain is going through the stages of dementia, but folks tip toeing around that acting like it ain't so. Hint...notice how he is becoming a little confused, strange behavior patterns, and forgetful at times. All these crazy people like that young woman and young man carving initials in their faces are nothing but plum crazy. Palin is not playing with a full deck either. Whelp, when the head is sick the whole body is sick. The leader is the head, and the people are the body. It's the people's choice.

TrueBlue said...

I hope people don't think all white people are stupid hicks just because of Sarah Palin. You'd just hate to have those stereotypes going 'round ...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I don't think that all white people are stupid because of Palin. Just like I don't think that all black folks are thugs, because of one black thug. However, a leader sets the trend of the nations. For example, all of a sudden all Muslims being declared terrorist because this the administration we have now, which I feel is wrong as two left shoes. We have some law-abiding American citizens that are Muslims and their being discriminated against because of a certain thought pattern that that our current leader has. Now, if that ain't stereotyping what is it?

Look at the Palin rallies and what type of negative element it has drummed up. Go over to the huffingtonpost and look at the hate sign the young man is carrying, because of the way a potential leader thinks. One rotten apple will spoil the whole barrel.

TrueBlue said...

granny, I always forget that deadpan humor doesn't translate too well over the Internet. I was joking.

Speaking of jokes, it turns out that Michael Brown, of Hurricane Katrina fame, appears to have a website. I checked to see if maybe it was someone's attempt at deadpan humor, but I don't think so. I think it's the real guy.

Now there is someone to go harass. Ashley Todd is a pure amateur compared to the man whose criminal incompetence killed thousands of people.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Talk about being desperate, this here puts the icing on the cake. Now, 95% of the population is being labeled by those fair and balanced folks at Fox News. Well... I'll just let you read it for yourself. Unbelieveable! It just can't get any better than this.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being labeled an Obamaholic by Field, here's a link to some Obama stencils so you can make your own Barack O' Lantern this Halloween.


Sharon from WI said...

Deborah Lipstadt is a professor of Holocaust history at Emory University in Atlanta. This is what she has to say about these vile emails aimed at Jewish voters.

She also has come out in support of Barack Obama after previously supporting Hillary Clinton:

And how *some* Jews for McCain have lost their minds over her support of the O man:

Anonymous said...


Just head down penn towards the city from 'sliberty -- you pass through Friendship and then hit bloomfield (the place with the best polish tavern in little italy).


I'm another white girl -- my dad grew up in Uniontown. Penn State? I give it a meh. Steelers Rock! (we are more sports obsessed than Philly, I swear).

Somebody talking about FUCKING REPUBLICANS sending out HATE to the JeWs.

I live in Squirrel Hill - center of the Jewish community around here. Can't find a block without an Obama sign (got about ten on our street) -- and a good deal of the cars have Obama written in Hebrew on them.

Fuck, if you're going to find someone to racebait... why not find someone uneducated???

Anonymous said...

yeah it's a hoax!

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