Monday, October 06, 2008

Bumblebees, terrorists, scandals, and lies


If I started this post by saying that Lark Voorhies called me late last night and begged me to leave Mrs. Field and get with her, I think most of you would question the field. A lie can be obvious and not so obvious. Usually the lie that a politrickster tells is not too obvious; usually. But that isn't the case with the latest McCain strategy.

The beauty queen has been all over the campaign stump talking about how the O man has endeared himself to domestic terrorist, (**And just who the fuck is that brotha in the bumble bee shirt?), and how he launched his political career from the living room of a terrorist. An assertion, by the way, which happens to be false. And that's being kind. Let's keep it real, the trick is lying, plain and simple. But she is doing what she was told to do. What we are seeing from the beauty queen on the stump is a part of Mr. Morton's new strategy.

But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. The McCain camp has decided to launch an all out assault on the character of his O ness, and they are not pulling punches. But I remember hearing somewhere that "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones", and someone needs to tell that to Sarah and the old man. I mean we all know about the Keating 5 scandal, so I won't bore you with that. Let's just say that Mr. Morton has always been somewhat good at reaching across the aisle, even when it comes to doing crooked shit. But he has been good at other things too; so war hero or not, the guy is a typical politrickster, just like all the rest of his crooked money hungry buddies in Washington.

“Well, I was reading my copy of today’s New York Times and I was interested to read about Barack’s friends from Chicago,... Turns out one of Barack’s earliest supporters is a man who, according to The New York Times, and they are hardly ever wrong, was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that, quote, launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol. Wow. These are the same guys who think patriotism is paying higher taxes.”

First of all Sarah, had I been around when Mr. Ayers was doing his thing, I might have been blowing up shit too. All the injustice that was going on in this country? Sheeeet. How soon we forget. But I digress.

Apparently reading comprehension has never been Sarah's strong suit. Now I see why all the mediocre grades in school, and the deer in a headlight stare for the simplest of questions.
Now let us see exactly what that article says, shall we?

“A review of records of the schools project and interviews with a dozen people who know both men, suggest that Mr. Obama, 47, has played down his contacts with Mr. Ayers, 63. But the two men do not appear to have been close. Nor has Mr. Obama ever expressed sympathy for the radical views and actions of Mr. Ayers.”


And no, Lark did not call the field last night. That, like Sarah's rantings on the campaign trail, was a flat out lie. But unlike Sarah's rants on the campaign trail, most of you knew that I was lying, we can't say the same about Sarah because no one would expect that someone running for such a lofty office would get up in front of thousands of people and just tell a flat out lie.

So most of the people listening believe her, because they want to believe. They want to believe that the skinny guy with a funny name is a secret Muslim. They want to believe that he does wish harm to A-merry-ca, and that he doesn't have that funny name by accident. He is too radical, too extreme for the rest of A-merry-cans, he does not have sound judgment---this from a lady who has a witch doctor pray over her fucking head---, and he is wrong for A-merry-ca [que in the applause and the "kill him" chant here].

I still can't get over that brotha with the bumble bee shirt. It's as if the McCain camp said: Tyrone, could you put on a really loud shirt please? We need the people to see you.........

God I love this country.


Anonymous said...

Well, in pHilly, mcCain's surrogate just accused Obama of being a terrorist's best friend.

Anonymous said...

Here is Obama counter-attack... spread the word.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Secret Service doesn't feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

When *I* was eight years old, my mother was dating a pilot, but I don't think that means that I can fly a plane.

This whole "guilt-by-association" business smacks of McCarthyism. How long after being sworn in will President Palin wait before staging a new House UnAmerican Activities Committee? The only thing that bothers me about the Obama camp's counterattack using the Keating 5 mess is that there is really no parallel. McCain was in it up to his neck. He admitted as much. To respond with the Keating documentary seems somehow to give some veracity to the Ayers story.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

These political-turned-hate rallies are enough to freak out any black person. I blame Hillary for planting those seeds and McCain & Palin for not nipping it in the bud today when they had the opportunity to respond, "no people, we're not going there. I don't condone that and you know it. I'd rather lose an election than lose the soul of the American people."

But McCain & Palin could care less about that. Their stirring up Nazi-like racial hatred to win. This hatred for blacks and Muslims is reminiscent of Hitler's stirring up the Aryan race to hate and condone the elimination of the Jews. Our national descent into poverty from impending Great Depression begs for a scapegoat, and our collective vulnerability will be magnified.

I'm also alarmed about Cynthia McKinney's statement last week. A mother said her son was in charge of processing the bodies of 5,000 Hurricane Katrina victims who had been murdered execution-style and dumped in a swamp.

Come read my thoughts about this, in Were 5,000 Hurricane Katrina Victims Murdered & Turned Into Gator Food?

rikyrah said...

Obama was EIGHT YEARS OLD when Ayers was doing his rebellion.


I'll repeat it again:



Anonymous said...

"The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government, and I won't be buried under their damn flag."

"I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions."

~~Joe Vogler, founder of the Alaskan Independence Party.

Todd Palin was "pallin' around" with Joe Vogler until at least 2002, and Sarah Palin recorded a speech for the AIP convention just last March. Why do Todd and Sarah Palin hate America? Why doesn't this make them "domestic terrorists" by association?

Anonymous said...

Field, I swear the Grimace Twins have turned their appearances into flat out Klan rallies the last couple days. I wonder at what point did "Bumblebruh" stop smiling and start hauling ass. Hope he made it outta there alive.

Bob said...

They both sat on the Board of a respectable Chicago philanthropic organization. Are we playing a variation on the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game? Here's a dirty little secret about Ayers from Wikipedia: "Ayers worked with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley in shaping the city's school reform program,and was one of three co-authors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge grant proposal that in 1995 won $49.2 million over five years for public school reform." That ain't a hockey rink, baby.

Anonymous said...

Including all of the comments that the Field has posted, I'd like to add that Sarah "No Reading" Palin now wants everyone to know that she read ONE article in the NYTimes: the one about Ayers & Obama. Now, this woman who couldn't name a single publication when Katie Couric asked her what did she read, now wants everyone to know that she's actually read PART of a damn newspaper: the NYTimes piece, at that! Wow. Unbelievable! And what she says about what she's read is really old news! But not to her! She -- according to her speech -- believes this is "new" news. She's so proud that she can say that she's read one damn paragraph in a major daily, and she wants the world to know! John McCain simply cannot be too bright to have picked this woman, even if he was trying to woo the Hillary Clinton supporters. I mean, at what cost does this man want to win?? This whole thing with McC & Palin is simply too much to bear. And then we know that Palin didn't actualy "read" the article; we know that she probably saw the headline and tried to figure out what the hell the article was about, that or someone told her what was in there. I think the woman's too stupid, quite frankly, to even know that newspapers are online, now. And if she was $%#!@ bright at all, she would read and try to comprehend the entire history of the Weathermen before opening up that stupid mouth of hers. The Ayers story is like, what, 40 years old now. Dang.

Jmee said...

She is getting the WP's riled up Black is not the new White.

Seriously she is wearing a Hood in Sheeps clothing if you get what I mean.

Anonymous said...

jmee, I feel you. I got that dog whistle vibe when the beauty queen started spewing her bile yesterday.

Field, please update the sidebar so your movie of the day has Todd & Sarah Palin with the title "Sleeping With The Enemy". Please? :)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Missy Parrot with lipstick needs to go sit her little lying, conniving behind down somewhere with her mousy self. When they get through with her, she is going to be wishing she had a hole somewhere to hide her secessionist hubby and her in. I suspect that the Obama/Biden campaign has her number.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The Keating Scandal resembles what is going on right now with America's economy. People better pay close attention to it. Because history is repeating itself up in the White House. I wouldn't be surprised if Bush and McCain dirty laundry doesn't get hung out to dry. Whelp, what is in the dark soon comes to the light, and things are getting mighty bright lately.

Go back and do some research and you'll find that Bush brother's have pulled similiar scams at the taxpayers expense. Yup, the dung is fixing to hit the fan. I'm stocking up on popcorn, peanuts, and soda pops. This is going to be a like going to a Hollywood premier.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, anyone who was 15 and older back in the 60's and 70's socialized with flag burners, bra burners, militants, protesters, you name it, etc, because people were upset with the government just like they are now. The people rebelled and started movements. The end results was CHANGE.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I hope Obama knocks it out of the park tomorrow night. It's a town hall debate right?

If McCain brings up this terrorist lie again, Obama should calmly rip McCain a new one, like Miranda Priestly did to Andy in Devil Wears Prada.

Keep the focus on the issues. McCain's reps have said if they stick to the issues they will lose. That is why they are trying this new "narrative".

field negro said...

r.j., I feel you on the movie of the day:)

"Seriously she is wearing a Hood in Sheeps clothing if you get what I mean."

"jmee, I know exactly what you mean.

"I wonder at what point did "Bumblebruh" stop smiling and start hauling ass. Hope he made it outta there alive."

"BUMBLEBRUH"? Now that's classic!

Sharon, I agree with you, Obama's camp better be careful, the shit could backfire. Maybe letting Mr. Morton continue down this path without responding is the way to go. But who knows? I guess that's why Axelrod [sic?] gets the big bucks. guess.

Jody said...

Best sign at an Obama Rally in Anchorage, Alaska:

"Hey Sarah, I can see you losing the election from my house!"

Anonymous said...

personally i'm glad nobama won't release any of his college papers/trans or his birth cert.....their propably just average grades and nothing wrong with the birth cert.....not releasing them makes him look all the more guilty of

and you think this terrorist thing is bad they havn't even got to the good reverend......getty up

folks this is not personal it's politics 101-Good Day ;=}

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, William Ayers, and Antoin Rezko are not just people who happened to be at the same place at the same time as Barack Obama. They are people with whom he chose to ally himself for years, and with some of whom some serious money changed hands.

Anonymous said...

Hey FIELD. I need a 'favor'.
I want you to stick ALL of Palin's racist ass supporters in the House Negro box for this shit.
Worse, Palin's routine attacks on the media have begun to spill into ugliness. In Clearwater, arriving reporters were greeted with shouts and taunts by the crowd of about 3,000. Palin then went on to blame Katie Couric's questions for her "less-than-successful interview with kinda mainstream media." At that, Palin supporters turned on reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse. Others hurled obscenities at a camera crew. One Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, "Sit down, boy."

Stick 'em all in one house so I don't have to chase 'em around.

Anonymous said...

Palin's attacks may not be playing well in the heartland. Here in central PA, a conservative Republican woman confided in my father yesterday that she was quite annoyed by the "terrorist" smear, which struck her as ridiculous, and she no longer thinks too highly of Palin as a result.

This morning I see a headline in Yahoo News about McCain's ties to the Iran-Contra thugs. Glass houses indeed.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you don't get on law review without the grades. But you just keep right on hopin' that some fresh dirt will turn up. Meanwhile us grownups will talk about the economy.

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, William Ayers, and Antoin Rezko are not just people who happened to be at the same place at the same time as Barack Obama. They are people with whom he chose to ally himself for years, and with some of whom some serious money changed hands.

Anonymous said...

Militant ACORN
At the time, however, that 1995 Chicago newspaper article represented something of a triumph for Barack Obama. That same year, as a director at Chicago’s Woods Fund, Obama was successfully pushing for a major expansion of assistance to ACORN, and sending still more money ACORN’s way from his post as board chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Through both funding and personal-leadership training, Obama supported ACORN. And ACORN, far more than we’ve recognized up to now, had a major role in precipitating the subprime crisis.

Christopher said...

I'm monitoring the hate speech that follows McCandy as she flies around the country inciting followers to "kill Obama."

If I encounter one blog with comments like this I promise to turn it into the FBI and Homeland Security.

This shit will stop -- PERIOD.

Anonymous said...


Swiftboating isn't going to work this time.

All but the most rabid rightwingers have seen how the Rethugs have fucked this country up for the last 8 years and they're tired.

You have no ideas and no solutions.

You're reduced to slander and innuendo.

Not going to work.

Check the polls.

Obama keeps going up.

Leading by 9 points in VIRGINIA!!

Anonymous said...

way to go chris!!!! you da man....oh, you can start with ellen nutsack...she tell us she'll have a bunch (as in bananas)of her black bros rape sara...there you go report that big boy....bunch of winnie babies

Anonymous said...

Joe Vogler, Charles Keating, Pastors Hagee, Muthee, and Parsley, Ted Stevens, and Phil Gramm are not just people who happened to be at the same place at the same time as John Sidney McCain III and Sarah Palin. They are people with whom they chose to ally themselves for years, and with some of whom some serious money changed hands.

Anonymous said...

I will co-sign with that Sharon. We know that McCain and Palin have less than average grades during their college careers. However, if Anon ever read any of Obama's writings, it's very obvioius he writes well with a great level of thought.

It's really too late for McCain and Palin to start with the smear attacks, and the economy trumps everything else at the moment. However, it's difficult to discuss the economy when you do not have a plan or know very little about the topic. The reality is that the President does not have great influence with controlling the economy, but people want to hear what the person can do about it. Sarah Palin has a weak argument about Bill Ayers and he didn't kill anyone or defraud and steal anyone's money. Keating Five is a reminder about politicans can be influenced by powerful individuals or corporations and that ties into the current economy debacle.

Anonymous said...


WE ARE TAkING IT UP THE $$$. From the NY daily news; Fuld hearing before congress

"Perhaps the most shocking moment of the hearing came when Waxman unveiled an e-mail in which a top Lehman executive declared himself "embarrassed" about huge bonuses - not by their size, but by a proposal to cut them.

When some lower-level executives sent a memo in June suggesting that "top management should forgo bonuses this year," GEORGE WALKER- Lehman's global head of investment management and a COUSIN of President Bush - sent a remarkable e-mail to Lehman's executive committee. "Sorry team. I'm not sure what's in the water at 605 Third Ave. today," Walker wrote.
"I'm embarrassed and I apologize."

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that link.

I just forwarded it to some black conservatives I joust with.

Since they seem to believe massa and missy luv them so much.

Anonymous said... is website with Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator

Anonymous said... gets better Field.

It seems that the press has come around, and is reminding everyone that Mr. Morton also has ties to Iran Contra as well.

We are less than a month from putting them behind us. McCain and Palin have gone deeeeep into irrelevance. The 24 percenters are all they have left. Hell; He doesn't even have 180 electoral votes anymore, according to today's electoral

So yeah...he's been reduced to empty rhetoric about flags, gays and terra, because that's the only thing that people who still attend his rally's know. And they most likely need to be paid to attend.

Get ready dude...I'm flying from San Diego to Philly just to watch you take that naked lap of yours.

Hawa Bond said...

Hey, field! I nominated you and six others for the Certified Honest Blogger Award. If you’re not into the “tagging other bloggers” stuff, you can let this one ride. LOL If you are, read my post, see your nomination, and grab the rules here.

Christopher said...

On the eve of the second Presidential debate, a new Time/CNN poll shows John McCain still struggling in red states won by George W. Bush in 2004. A sure sign that last week’s vice presidential debate did little to change people’s minds a mere 29 days before the General Election. Some of the findings:

North Carolina: Obama 49%, McCain 49%

Ohio: Obama 50%, McCain 47%

Wisconsin: Obama 51%, McCain 46%

Indiana: McCain 51%, Obama 46%

New Hampshire: Obama 53%, McCain 45%

If you average these five states, Barack Obama enjoys a comfortable 50.8% advantage.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
way to go chris!!!! you da man....oh, you can start with ellen nutsack...she tell us she'll have a bunch (as in bananas)of her black bros rape sara...there you go report that big boy....bunch of winnie babies

10:00 AM

Honey, you must have gone to the same 4 colleges in 6 years as Sarah, it's SANDRA not Ellen who allegedly made those remarks. And I think you meant WHINEY, not winnie.

This election is really pissing me off. Thank God there's only 4 more weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Uptown Steve. I thought that was you. I read the comments on Booker Rising. All I can say is that the discussions are very interesting. (BTW, I don't consider them conservatives, Toms yes, but not conservatives.)

Anonymous said...

bottom line is that when everyone goes behind that curtain their going to vote for "security" and that an't some black dude (named Hussein) no one heard of until last year and ol' Joe who even according to HIM isn't as good a pick as Hillary...

This is hilarious!!!!

watching you guys...."We have a chance" "No wait we up by 3 points" ....look this country is CLEARLY ready for a change, if your boy is'nt any further ahead than 3 or4 points, he an't going to sway anyone on Nov all know it:)

Anonymous said...


"BTW, I don't consider them conservatives, Toms yes, but not conservatives."

True dat.

I've yet to meet a black conservatives with an ounce of character or honesty in them.

vdubjb said...

You know that trick ass chick is lying, she doesn't read the Times!

A2daK said...

Uptownsteve and anon @ 12:16

Well, I'm black and definitely a conservative.

I think you guys are mistaking "Republicanism" with "conservatism".

Not all black conservatives are tap-dancing Toms.

Anonymous said...

anaon 1:01,
You are gonna lose, the only question is by how much.

It must be killing you to realize that.


Fuck you! Bwah-hah-hah-hah!

JustMeWriting said...

I couldn't help but LOL at the "kill him" and "Tyrone" comments; man, the truth is painfully funny.

Anonymous said...


"Not all black conservatives are tap-dancing Toms."

Show me one who isn't.

Nothing personal.

Christopher said...

Not all black conservatives are tap-dancing Toms.

Maybe not all but most.

Bob said...

Strange, how much credit the wingnuts are willing to give an unknown young community organizer from the South Side. Now Barack precipitated the current world financial crisis by supporting affordable housing in the 'hood. So we know whom to blame the stock market crash.

Swiff said...

Oh why oh why did we po' black nigras have to ruin the economys by askins for affordable housin'? Curse our ugly brown skin, and the gullibleness that comes with it!

A2daK said...

UptownSteve and chistopher.

I wouldn't agree that most black conservatives are out there "Tommin'". However, the REPUBLICANS ones that the GOP will promote are clearly more loyal to "party" than any ideology. They'll sway back and forth as long as they are carrying the banner.

I know plenty of black conservatives that are now "independents" politically because they just couldn't keep supporting the product that the GOP was producing. Some of them are well known nationally. They just don't get the attention. You never hear about them.

EzMun said...


"I think you guys are mistaking "Republicanism" with "conservatism".

Great point. I suspect that many in the Republican camp don't understand the distinction. It would be laughable to suggest that the Texan in the White House is "conservative" by any stretch of the imagination.

Through his imperialist agenda he has administered the largest expansion of the government since the New Deal, with 6 of those 8 years being done with a "Republican" run Congress.

There a lot of folk who are Republicans in the sense of wedge issue politics, abortion, against gay rights. But few of that group are actually "conservative." They're just big government people on different issues (defense spending, wars, corporate handouts, bailouts).

Anonymous said...


I'm still waiting for your example of a black conservative who isn't a self-loathing fool or a bottom dwelling hustler.

From Sowell to McWhorter, Steele to Star Parker, Walter Williams to Bob Parks, they all would sell their own mothers to the Crips for the weekend for a pat on the head from a white racist and fat paycheck.

A2daK said...


ME!!!!!! My first person example is the best proof that I can provide. There are plenty of names that I can relay. But I will not put them out there; as I don't speak for them.

I've done work for the GOP for years. But, I had to leave when it became clear that I needed to "tap-dance" to stay in their good graces. It didn't affect my philosophy as I still believe in reliance on oneself, your community and your Creator instead of the government. However, I no longer affiliate with the GOP.

Still conservative. No longer a Republican.

Anonymous said...


"I know plenty of black conservatives that are now "independents" politically because they just couldn't keep supporting the product that the GOP was producing. Some of them are well known nationally. They just don't get the attention. You never hear about them."

Name one.

Please. I'd love to hear what they have to say.

Anonymous said...


You sound like Shay Riley of Booker Rising.

You people swear up and down that most black people sit around waiting for their monthly box gubmint cheese and welfare check and you should know better.

You are no more a proponent of self-reliance and initiative than the next brother or sister.

I am a stone cold capitalist. The majority of my earnings are from commission so my middle name is initiative.

Black businesses were growing at a faster pace than any other segment of society before the credit crisis.

Self help and community have been staples of the black liberation movement for 100 years.

What I hear from Riley and probably will from you is a lot of "black victimhood" pablum along with wild anti-government ranting.

She actually said that the government forced white people to discriminate and oppress blacks during Jim Crow.

That's nuts.

Are you a Larry Elder fan?

However there is a

A2daK said...


You're completely right. That's my point. I wrote a column on Townhall a few years ago that used the "Animal Farm" analogy with GW Bush. Just because we were in power, doesn't mean that we have to start acting like "big government" liberals. That was one of the last articles I wrote for them. They didn't like that message too much.

GWB is NOT a conservative. He is more liberal than anyone I've ever seen in national politics. In fact, I say that he left conservatism, skipped over socialism and has went all of the way to communism and totalitarianism with things like the Patriot Act and this new bail-out stuff.

Definitely NOT conservative.

BTW, I define conservatism and liberalism with my political spectrum. The meter is driven by the level of government in your everyday life. All the way to the right is anarchy, no government. People can do whatever they want. All the way to the left is communism where government owns/controls everything.

I obviously believe that we have to have SOME government to provide infrastructure and protect the rights of everyone else. But, not so much that we lose free enterprise and rely on the government to provide everything to us.

Stop shouting... said...

Hey field,
I enjoy your site and have bookmarked it as a favorite. I may not agree with you, but I appreciate hearing different points of view.

I also respect that you don't censor or remove contrarian viewpoints. I am assuming that the few removed posts have been due to foul language or some such.

Keep up the good work.

Stop shouting... said...

Amen. I hear what you are saying.

I also see myself as a conservative, minimal government type of gal. I don't consider myself a Republican and there are many Republicans I don't like, inc. GWB.

Who I choose to support is based on if I feel that their viewpoints and values that I agree with.

I've donated money to Col West and Michael Steele, as well as the late Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.

I disdain Alan Keyes AND Cynthia McKinney.

I also donated $$$ to the Obama school in Kenya that he has completely blown off. I have no respect for him on that count either. Don't go to a very poor country, have them name a school after you and not lift ONE FINGER to make a difference -- not even lending your name as a headliner for a fundraiser. NADA. Obama did NADA for this school.
(via baldilocks blog).

My issues with Obama aren't with the amount of pigmentation in his skin, or if he has, as he puts it, a "funny name", but rather with his view of the role of government and his track record - or "non-record".

I'm a mom of 4. From what I have been able to uncover, how Obama directed money when he was Chair of the board for the Annenberg Challenge and the projects he turned down (math initiative for example) makes me very angry. That's not someone I am going to reward with a vote to the WH.

And, I can not find any real, sincere work he did on behalf of the residents in his district in the south side of Chicago. Isn't there a funded but unbuilt "gazebo" that's being investigated? But he did have money and time to funnel to his friends and family.

I have a problem with that.

If Obama had a track record of success, and had proven himself to be a true leader, he would have had my vote. His involvement with ACORN is a problem for me as well.

I have a problem with McCain too, and swore on Townhall when Ollie wrote a "rally the troops" column, that I would NEVER vote McCain.
NEVER NEVER NEVER. People assume because my husband is military, we were "in the tank" for McCain. Not so.

Now, however, the choices are McCain or Obama. One of them is going to be inaugurated on Jan 20th.

So I guess I have to hold my nose and mark the ballet for McCain.


rainywalker said...

Field its like telling the jury to not think about a blue pig. She's a good attack dog. There was alot going on in the 60's [I listened to the Black Panthers on KGO radio just about every night when I got back from Vietnam, so what, back then they made sense.]and I agree with you, he paid his dues a long time ago and lets get on with life.

Anonymous said...

What we see now is a big, *bankrupt* government. If BushCo had planned to implement Grover Norquist's "drown it in a bathtub" government, this is exactly what they would do. Borrow-and-Spend Republicans are unable to cut military spending, so this is their only alternative: spend it all, so there's nothing left for programs that The People want. Only problem is, they overshot, and now private enterprise can't pick up the slack because it doesn't have any capital, either.

In my opinion, we are watching the death throes of so-called free-market capitalism, but whether it is replaced by democratic ("for the People") socialism or corporate fascism remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

To Sarah B***H Palin,

You are the scum of the earth. Never has a Vice-Presidential candidate been as dangerous and stupid as you. By inciting terrorists feelings in the unstable people of the Republican party, you risk the life of one of America's most beloved political figures. If something should happen to Barack because of your stupid and foolish mouth, I will hold you accountable. You talk about American being exceptional. You ass is even close. Barack Obama is one of the most exceptional people in the world. Sarah Palin you don't deserve to even take step foot into the White House.

field negro said...

Hawa, thanks for the love. I will check it out. But honestly, I am not too good at those things. But just know that I am feeling you too.

mont, I could not have said it better myself.

Thank you "stop shouting", and always feel free to check in. These folks in the fields play rough, but they are good people :)

Just ask a2dak, he is a conservative, but he puts it down here from time to time. Now we hardly ever agree with each other, but we are always respectful to each other.

uptownsteve have they banned you from that "rising" site yet? I see you are still hanging in there. Still giving em hell. :)

Damn it tjwash, I almost forgot about "Iran Contra". Yep let's add that one to the Mr. Morton sleaze factor.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"Just ask a2dak, he is a conservative, but he puts it down here from time to time. Now we hardly ever agree with each other, but we are always respectful to each other."

Field, I agree with you about a2dak, because he and I disagree as well, but he is respectful with it.

Jody said...

stop shouting.... where did you get your information on where funds from Annennburg went under Obama's chairmanship? Is it from the CNN Video? Have you ever served on a non-profit board? Do you know that it is not one person's decision about how funds are allocated? Did you know that Annenburg has won acclaim for their educational efforts?

As to how he has voted. I would remind you that on the environment, the Environmental defense Fund has given him a rating of A... meaning he has voted on initiatives to protect the environment 99% of the time. I would think that would be important to a mom of a 4 year old. Did you know McCain supports Peabody Coal's efforts in Arizona to strip mine Native lands? Did you know Obama is pro-choice? That also might matter in your daughter's future. Not saying she would have an abortion, but won't it be nice to know if she grows up she will have CHOICE? Did you know that Obama has spoken out against the War in Iraq since the beginning? When it was not a popular position to take? In my opinion, a part of our economic collapse is because of the HUGE amount of money wasted on an illegal, immoral war that has left hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis dead. McCain supports continuing the war until it is "won" whatever that means.
I respect your right to choose who you want to be president. I just ask you to look at Obama's voting record in the Illinois legislature and in the US Senate.... where it has mattered. If you disagree with him, fine. Vote McCain. But why not vote based on both of their histories as representatives of the people.

vanishing point said...

Hi Stop Shouting.

I am intrigued by the comment you left on the last post, you seem to be saying that the world markets are falling because the world's afraid Obama might win, and on this thread you continue with anecdotal evidence of a friend/banker in the UK.
I think, if anything, the crashing world markets have strengthened the polls for Senator Obama, why the world markets are crashing at this moment in time is very questionable for me at this time, course hindsites 20/20.

Well, on to watch the debates.

west coast story said...

Well, I'm still waiting for an explanation for why my innocuous posts were deleted.


And McWhorter is a democrat.

RiPPa said...

Man you fucked me up with the bumble bee shirt. Forget all that other shit you were talking about. We need to get to the bottom of this. Is this required wear by the good folks over at rent-a-negro??

Anonymous said...

stopshouting manages to include about two dozen freeptard talking points in one post. Please decontaminate yourself from the wingnut websites before you come in here, tyvm.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, William Ayers, and Antoin Rezko are not just people who happened to be at the same place at the same time as Barack Obama. They are people with whom he chose to ally himself for years, and with some of whom some serious money changed hands.

FacingReality says: What you fail to mention 'my friend' is the fact that the Annenberg Foundations current president, chairman and sole director is Leonore Annenberg who is a republican and has donated monies to Mccain's campaign (her husband Walter served as an Ambassador to the United Kingdom under your beloved Reagan)- so the Ayers association game is twofold.

Speaking of Associates how about Charles Keating, Phil Grahamm, Rick Davis, Charlie Black, Arnold R. Weber, advisor to Nixon who is a McCain donor and a member of the founding Board of Directors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in 1995, G. Gordon Liddy who has donated $5,000 to McCain’s campaigns since 1998, including $1,000 in February 2008, Oliver North/Iran Contra - as they relate to McCain or how Salem Bin Laden whose brother is Osama Bin Laden who is a very good friend of the sitting president and his father (Did you know that Salem Bin Laden was in a meeting in New York along with Bush Sr when the Towers were attacked?) Then there is Blackwater and Halliburton..... for Cheney. And Palin's and her husband are affliated with the Alaska Independence Party whose primary goal is to remove the Alaska star off the US Flag.

So please - let's not talk associates because I could retire writing all the names affiliated (in a not so nice way) with Republicans. ENOUGH!

P.S. - My mother always said - when you point one finger out, you have three pointing back at you.