Monday, October 27, 2008

Matt's October surprises aren't surprising anybody.

Poor Matt Drudge. The little weasel who always looks like he is masturbating under his overcoat has been throwing everything at the O man but the kitchen sink. Unfortunately for him, nothing seems to stick. Every day it's a new so called bomb shell written in red, and the little weasel prays that each one will stick. A few days ago it was the poor McCain campaign worker, who got a "B" carved on her mug by the dyslexic black mugger. And today it's an old tape of his O ness saying that we should redistribute wealth in this country (Like that's a bad thing. Hell that would be reason enough to vote for the guy right there). Then he goes back to when his O ness was in law school to find another none story to post on his site. (Matt does it with imagery too. Note the sick picture of poor Sarah hanging in effigy from some psychos home. And the one of the screaming Obama supporter). In fact, if you have been following Drudge for the past few days, you will notice that his site has become even more unhinged and alarmist. Shorter and shorter on facts, but longer on sensationalism. But sorry Matt, it won't work this time. Why? Because A-merry-cans have seen this trick before. And usually they will fall for it, or at least pretend to, but not this time. There is too much at stake here in A-merry-ca now; times are hard. People are really hurting, and all these bull shit distractions aren't going to help them keep their families warm this winter or put food on their tables.

And it's such a shame, because there are some stories out there worth investigating and reporting on. Did someone really say "He's a Nigger" on that video, and Sarah paused but didn't chastise her supporter? Wow! I still don't want to believe it. But if it wasn't for the Internet I wouldn't even have known about this latest happening in the land of Palin. Of course Drudge wouldn't report it. Just like I won't hold my breath and wait for him to report this one. (Update, I take that back, he did report on it, way below the headlines) Now, let me ask you folks a serious question: If a bunch of militant black separatist had planned to kill Mr. Morton and the feds uncovered it, how many nightly news cast do you think would lead with the story? If you guessed all of them please move to the head of the class.

So Matt, I think the gig is up, A-merry-ca is on to your "Chester the molester" looking ass. If this is the "October Surprise" you are going to have to do a whole lot better than that. In fact, the only "October surprise" I have seen this year is my Phillies being on the verge of winning the World Series. All that other crap is just noise. And guess what, it ain't even loud noise, because it is being drowned out by the Obamaholics. Funny what money mixed with passion can do isn't it Matt? Now, even your 15 million hits per day site can't drive the debate like it used to. Sorry Matt, this ain't John Kerry. You won't help to "swift boat" this guy. His Obamaholics won't let you.


Anonymous said...

Is the racist carver dyslexic or was she looking in a mirror when she carved the B?

Placeholder said...

Look at the good news. McNasty is buying TV time in Montana. Now think about THAT one a second. I was in Montana on the day of the primary, and some waitress informed me* that Obama was a member of an African tribal religion and that if he was elected, the U.S. would be sending all of our money to Africa.

McNasty is in so much trouble in that state that he's having to buy TV time there. I know I'm supposed to be worried about everything, but I'm having a hard time been all TOO worried.

* This is one of the great benefits of being white. You learn all the really good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Sad, and to think today is just only Monday...just the begining of the week....the RNC pac are sinking 2.5 million into Jeremiah Wright ads. We've had Ashley Todd, we've had Obama = Holocaust = Black Hitler; Now, we've learned the White supremacist planned attacks. What's next tomorrow? What's about to hit on Wednesday? Man, this coming weekend will be insane as they spinned and spinned for their last Great White Hope(mcCain).

Anybody seen or read Obama closing argument speech today in OH? It was some seriously powerful stuff.

Jmee said...

Drudge or Sam Shady as I call him has so much anger in him its kinda funny he is the Bill O'Reilly of the Net.

As for the Nigger comment you know she wanted to say back "yes he is that too" She looked agitated after that comment paused and went on. We all know that if you throw her off her talking points she becomes discombobulated.

The October surprise is going to turn into the November Thunder from Down Under. The South & Midwest is about to rise up and it doesn't look good for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, i am sure those Racist would-be assassins are the "real-americans".

Nov 4th cant come fast enough.

Here is the closing of the Obama speech today.

rainywalker said...

The people are seeing through the fog, Drudge and Rush are getting no traction. Let them do whatever perverts do to each other.

Great closing argument for the "O" Man!

rikyrah said...

Look at the good news. McNasty is buying TV time in Montana. Now think about THAT one a second. I was in Montana on the day of the primary, and some waitress informed me* that Obama was a member of an African tribal religion and that if he was elected, the U.S. would be sending all of our money to Africa.

Because Ron Paul is on the ballott in Montana.

Because the GOP got caught trying to do some Voter Suppression bullshit a few weeks ago, and the blowback was hard, brutal and swift. Folks weren't having it, and some Montana GOP bigwig had to resign because of it. But, it left a bad taste in the mouth.

So yeah, I could see that blowing back in Country Last's face in Montana.

Anonymous said...

Matt Drudge sounds like he needs to go find himself a carton of eggs. Please don't ask what he'll do with them. Just Google it.

And Gilbert Arenas is a selfish a-hole for not voting. That's worse than voting for McCain.

Blinders Off said...

The RNC October surprise is Obama is not an American citizen. They are demanding that he show the world his birth certificate to prove his citizenship.

The associate who told me that heard it today on one of her right wing radio shows. All I could do was laugh and say (I am being nice on your blog on how I really said it to her), "Obama do not have to show a damn thing, you all thrown everything at him and you are grasping at straws. Now let's talk about those racist your girl Sarah exasperated from the hills, mountains, and delta, you know the same lip stick wearing, gun totting Sarah that wants Alaska to separate from the Unite States."

Conversation was over :)

TrueBlue said...

Oh yes, i am sure those Racist would-be assassins are the "real-americans".

I am sure that they think they are, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Like the other poster, I can't wait till Nov 4th gets here. I am so ready for this to be done so we can get on to the real matters. I can't believe these nuts..just losing their dayum minds over this election. What will Nov 5th be like? I know on Nov 4th I will be at an Connecticut NAACP sponsored election watch gathering with like minded people to root in our next commander in chief..with "my drink and my two step" lol.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Hudson's family, Nicholas Browning, the reporter that was beaten to death, the NYPD sodomizing yet another, supporters of McCain/ Palin shouting racist remarks, the fucking economy! AAHHHH!!!!!

Kellybelle said...

Ashley "B-face" Todd pulled the same shenanigans when she was a volunteer for Ron Paul--minus the juicy racial angle.

She needs a loooong time in a padded cell. With therapy of course.

Carly Dawn Kickslaw said...

Jmee--you are so right. North Carolina is going to turn blue and we can't wait!

field negro said...

If the O man wins Montana, I wil be making that run for sure.

bean twn chica, you are depressing me.

"This is one of the great benefits of being white. You learn all the really good stuff!"

Thanks charlie,(or should I say Mr. Charlie?) for hipping us field Negroes to what's going on in the house:)

Now back to my Phillies.

LadyLucaze said...

I'm not so worried about the idiot's in the country that are starting to get desperate. What is bothering me now is thae fact that thousands of U.S. citizens have been sent letters from Election and Registration boards saying that they are not eligible to vote due to a mismatch in their personal identification numbers. There were 50,000 people in the state of Georgia alone who received these letters and, according to the NAACP and the ACLU, they are completely eligible and have all of the paper work to prove it. Furthermore, federal law states that these purges can not be done within 90 days of a national election and, since these letters were sent out the second week of October, there is no time to produce evidence to the Election and Registration offices to have the problem corrected.

So, these extra people blowing smoke to distract other people from truths that Obama speaks are the least of our trouble right now (and that isn't saying much for the state of our nation!)

MartiniCocoa said...

and Bush did redistribute wealth to the wealthy.

These Americans who are so afraid of any news media that isn't Faux News and Rush deserve to be pimped hard for not realizing they have been played.

LittleMissSolo said...

Meh, I've never read his site so I don't really have a comment for him...

But, I did see that video of someone supposedly yelling the n-word. I think she paused only to prevent herself from laughing.

I honestly never knew how nasty people could be - and I'm from the south! It blows my mind that some people are so comforted by their flour-esque skin tone that they can just yell some shit out like that! And some of the videos that have been posted here of repubs on their way into the Kla... oops, I mean the McCain/Palin rallies are so vile. It literally makes me ill to watch people - who are completely aware of the camera - yell out the most insulting things about such a respectable person.

I don't know, like someone else said I'll be glad when Nov.5th gets here... I'm sick of all this.

TrueBlue said...

Field, there are all kinds of Little Known White Secrets (TM). Maybe I'll come up with a list of them for the Secret Squirrel website.

The picture of Daniel Cowart, the skinhead would-be assassin, highlights one of the in-crowd's secrets: When you shave all your hair off and hold a weapon that's as tall as you are in preparation for RAHOWA ("racial holy war"), you MUST have a tattoo and wear a black wife beater.

When I'm looking at the size of that kid relative to the size of the gun, I can't help but wonder if he's about 4-foot-11. And is that a trick of the picture, or is he wearing eye shadow?!

These are not smart people. Come on, if they had really been serious about this, they'd wrapped him in a big plastic bag and had him squeeze in through the indoor plumbing. I swear that kid is 98 pounds soaking wet! He'd have been a perfect ferret.

Anonymous said...

Found this to be funny, thought i would pass it along....

Nov. 5th etiquette following an Obama win:

1. No crying, hugging or shouting “Thank you Lord” - at least not
in public

2 No high-fives - at least not unless the area is clear and
there are no witnesses

3 No laughing at the McCain/Palin supporters

4 No calling in sick on November 5th. They’ll get nervous if too
many of us don’t show up.

5 We’re allowed to give each other knowing winks or nods in
passing. Just try to keep from grinning too hard.

6. No singing loudly, We’ve come this Far By Faith (it will be
acceptable to hum softly)

7. No bringing of barbeque ribs or fried chicken for lunch in
the company lunchroom for at least a week (no chittlings at all) (this
may make us seem to ethnic)

8. No leaving kool-aid packages at the water fountain (this might
be a sign that poor folks might be getting a break through)

9. No Cupid Shuffle during breaks (this could indicate a little
too much excitement)

10. Please no Moving on Up music (we are going to try to remain

11. No doing the George Jefferson dance (unless you’re in your
office with the door closed)

12. Please try not to yell—-BOOOO YAH!

13. Just in case you’re wondering, Doing the Running Man, cabbage
patch, or a backhand spring on the highway is 100% okay.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to send Drudge a cartoon of eggs.


La♥audiobooks said...

Oh geez, talk about a gossip site. I'm still trying to figure out how to read it properly. It doesn't seem to have any type of order, it looks angry, way too many caps for one eyeball. How do people read it anyway? Maybe it's just me. Now I remember why I never went back after that one time.

Does this guy have a real job?

Anonymous said...

I also got the impression Mr. Cowart was wearing eye makeup in that photo. And is his name really "Cowart"? How appropriate.

You know they're grasping at straws when they demand to see Obama's birth certificate. I guess the rethugs think that the State Department must have been in on the scam for the last 40+ years, too. Anyone who has ever applied for a US passport knows that you have to offer proof of citizenship. One of the more desperate folks on my local paper's website suggested that Obama may not have been resident in the US for the last 14 years (another qualification in Article I, Section 1). I offered to research all 7 (8?) of the McCains' homes to find out if any of them were not in the US. I have a hunch they have a villa in the south of France that they may have forgotten about.

TrueBlue said...

BREAKING NEWS! McCain supporter attacks, mutilates Obama supporter!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I saw that young man's picture and just shook my head. Hal Turner, Rush, Drudge, FOX News, Palin, and the rest of those folks inciting racial violence are trying their best to get a race war started and have been doing it for 8 years. They need to be ashamed of themselves. Pumping those kids up to think that they all tough and bad. All the bad folks is in boot hill.

Anonymous said...

Palin shows every day that she is as batshit crazy as Helen Chenowith was, and with the exact same crowd behind her.

All she needs is a big nappy red q-tip looking wafro, and to go on a few anti-semetic rants that would make Amedinijad look tame, and she would be an exact clone...

Jmee said...

Ya know those idiots actually thought they would be able to roll up to an all black HS and do a drive by without being shot back at??? That is some funny sh*t. I can hear the peeps now at JFK HS in the hood "Them White Boys Shot At Us First We had to protect ourselves"

On the real we need to be careful Danny Boy and his friends the cowards that they are ride in groups, so there is more like him out there waiting to do harm.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

didnt even know this website still existed.... yawn

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Drudge is a piece of work all right. During the "Duke" episode, he plastered the so-called rape victim's picture, address, all known family members addresses, phone numbers, and a picture of her house all over his Web Site suggesting violence be done to her, before the case even went to trial, which in turn lead to a lot of death threats. Yup, he supplied all the personal information he could find on her, which is against the law in those type of cases, but that didn't stop that piece of vermin. I couldn't help but think what if she really would have been a rape victim.

Seda said...

Bill Burton rocks! Calling it to Faux News' face! Go, Obama! Vote - EARLY!

Seda said...

Anonymous - I'm gonna be grinning as big as my face can fit, and high-fiving everyone in sight. I don't know any of those dances, though - I'll jsut do a little jig every other step!

Anonymous said...

"Sorry Matt, this ain't John Kerry. You won't help to "swift boat" this guy. His Obamaholics won't let you."

No, we won't.



Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe but an increasing segment of the dummies in the NRA/Church of TrickleDown Jesus are starting to realize that getting fucked by an elephant kinda hurts after a while. It only took 'em eight friggin years.

The RNC needs to stop wasting money this year. The more they spend, the more they lose. Oh. Never mind.

Jmee said...

seda said...
Anonymous - I'm gonna be grinning as big as my face can fit, and high-fiving everyone in sight. I don't know any of those dances, though - I'll jsut do a little jig every other step

Don't worry Seda by the time the night is over you will have all the dances down when Obama wins :)

TrueBlue said...

It's the final week. Obama can't win without 40%+ of the white vote. He's got 45% right now, but some percentage are on the fence and doing their final gut check.

McCain's peddling fear and Obama's peddling hope. I say the saving grace of white America is that in a contest of fear vs. hope it would rather choose hope. We'll see soon enough, won't we?

Anonymous said...

A preview of November 5th.


TrueBlue said...

Good one, ernesto!

Bob said...

The little secret about Barack hardly anyone remembers is that he's more Hawaiian than South Side. But put those two places together & you'll get a hip cool like Miles Davis playing "Sweet Leilani." If you can imagine that. I can.

It sounds corny to say "the people" but "the people" have to protect Barack so he'll have space & time to choose & do what he has to do. Because if candidate Obama is a magnet for sociopaths, imagine how much those racists will hate President Obama. But first we have to not let the election be stolen.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Drudge still has a website?

Cannot wait until Nov. 5th

field negro said...

anon. 10:41PM That was too funny:)
As for #4, you know you Negroes are going to do that anyway. Any excuse not to go to the white man's job.

ladylucaze, please tell me that stuff with the registration in Ga. isn't true. I never trusted those folks down there. I don't care if the "A" is the new black mecca.

"Does this guy have a real job?"

15 million hits a day? I would say this is his job. He makes a pretty decent living pushing this crap as well.

Yes bob, I can imagine Miles playing "Sweet Leilani." And I can imagine Coltrane playing "Favorite Things". What do you think I have been doing these past 8 years to keep from going insane?

BTW, F%^K Bud Selig! Sorry, I was just thinking about the World Series last night :(

Anonymous said...

Field did you hear what Don King said? well, according to King, George Bush paved the way for an Obama presidency. Not sure what to think about that. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Holy hell! He's actually been at 26-28 million hits/day for the last month or so.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

"Matt Drudge... The little weasel who always looks like he is masturbating under his overcoat..."

That's hilarious.

Karen said...

Omg, bad DNA, that Matt Drudge. A horrible human being.

Drudge, Fox and the their ilk are fearful because once Obama is elected, everything changes. And they know it, that their Burgermeister-meisterburger days are numbered.

Karen said...

Lady Lucaze, not to worry you more and you've probably seen this already (I think we read similar sites..):

Ugh, it's sickening. The more we know though...

Grateful to Howard Dean, and hoping what they've done to alleviate election thieving hasn't been too little, too late.

Anonymous said...

can't wait till bambie's nation widw broadcast hpoe he brings back the styrofoam pillars from the Denver sermon on the mount!!!!!

c'mon said...

did you know those pillars cost over $5 million. But that's nothing next to Palin's clothing.

Hawa Bond said...

Phillies in the World Series = the October surprise?


Am I one of the few watching this World Series like a hawk? The top of my head almost blew off when the game was delayed last night for rain.... as in delayed until it stops friggin raining. The suspense is killing me.

Plus, my immediate supervisor said don't expect her at work if the Phillies win. That could have meant an extra 1/2 hour sleep for me to mosey in a little late today. LOL

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

Anonymous said...

"let me ask you folks a serious question: If a bunch of militant black separatist had planned to kill Mr. Morton and the feds uncovered it, how many nightly news cast do you think would lead with the story? If you guessed all of them please move to the head of the class."

I can understand why the media. probably on orders of the FBI, did not want this story to be a lead story because of the crazy folks lead ( or let loose) by the "white citzens council", would love to attract attention and go down in a blaze of glory. In fact the little devils'brotherhood attached to the two idiots yesterday has denounced them and said they were kicked out, Yeah right.

Overt actions never worry me.

Anonymous said...

Lo ciento, I didn't mean it. My high from voting early has worn off. Just when I began to appreciate different people getting along this election happened and so much ugliness has come to the forefront.

My team is doing horrible, I haven't been checking baseball this season but good luck to your team.

Anonymous said...

Abel Pharmboy said...
Holy hell! He's actually been at 26-28 million hits/day for the last month or so.

Yes, but unfortunately for drudge, those 28 million hits are all by the same 19 losers...

Karen said...

Don't do this on Tuesday:,23739,24557197-3102,00.html

vanishing point said...

field, thanks for the levity, i have been trying to avoid the news lately, the video at the Sarah KlanPalin klanplain trail of is, ...she probably got an endorsement from StormFront.

i went to O's local headquarters the other day, they asked me please, don't call Mr. Morton a moron on the phone. ha ha

Anonymous said...

Colorado threw out 10,000.....they,er starting to fall!!!!

rememeber bush won 2000 nation wide by 537 ONLY.....

hope your boy didn't put a deposit down for his little party nov5....LOL

Anonymous said...

karen said: "Drudge, Fox and the their ilk are fearful because once Obama is elected, everything changes. And they know it, that their Burgermeister-meisterburger days are numbered"

I don't believe for one minute that they are ever going to slink away with their tail between their legs. After the first 100 days of the Obama administration--when neither Al Sharpton nor Jesse Jackson have been offered a Cabinet position, and the White House hasn't been converted to a mosque--there may be a brief lull. But it'll only be until they come up with some new material.

Anonymous said...

anon wrote: "rememeber bush won 2000 nation wide by 537 ONLY....."

Just about every word in this "sentence" is incorrect.

Jody said...

Hello All..... this is my antidote to Drudge, the idiot anon above and for all of you... I am sitting in the Boston Airport, hoping my flight won't get canceled to get me back to Philly... and wanted to share this experience of spending the last few days in Columbus, Ohio with the Obama campaign... It really was inspiring!

I am completely impressed with the incredible organizing the Obama campaign has done in Ohio... and I suspect, across the country. When we arrived, there were hundreds of volunteers, some local and many from across the country (lots from Cali!). As soon as you walked in the door, you were welcomed and given an assignment... canvassing, data entry, phone banking.... and the materials they had ready were efficient and well done. We had a print out of names, comments on each household and maps to neighborhoods where we canvassed. We were asked to collect data, specific questions for our particular canvass, and the methods of reporting back were clear and efficient.... rankings of one to ten for support, home not home, needs... a ride, questions, etc. I spent one day calling people to remind them to get their absentee ballots in by the 31st so they would be counted on election day. A couple of things really struck me...
1. I came across very few McCain supporters in my canvass and calling. At one point, in talking to some folks at their home, I asked if the McCain campaign had been by and they said no. They said at every step of the campaign, Obama supporters had been there... registering people to vote, getting people involved in the campaign, putting out Obama yard signs and passing out window and car stickers... but no one from the McCain campaign.
2. It was a wonderful, marvelous experience to be working with such an amazing diverse group of people on a campaign! There were young, first time voters, old folks, folks in the middle, first timers to electoral politics, veterans of many campaigns, black, white, latino, south asian, gay, straight, all ages.... it was just wonderful... sitting around a table, and in the breaks of our phone calls, sharing our stories and our hopes, with this campaign uniting us all.... really a wonderful thing..... I am so very glad I took the time to do this.
On election day, I am going to be working with the legal teams on the election protection project. Should be fun!

TrueBlue said...

NEWS FLASH! McCain is getting ready to dump Palin and replace her with Joe the Plumber, who is now becoming his foreign policy spokesman!

TrueBlue said...

Hey, check this out. Doesn't look like the State of Georgia is going to keep black people from voting this year!

Anonymous said...

My thanks to the person who posted the link to the New Yorker article about Sen. Chuck Hagel. Hagel should be nominated for a Profiles in Courage award. And then he should be nominated for Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

Anonymous said...

Uhh...I hesitate; but..., I'm gonna go here anyway: How many of us are REALLY armed and mentally prepared for the race war that many want to get started?
BTW, these skinhead neoNazi-aryan nation enuchs have no cajones; are chicken to ride into any one of our crime-ridden neighborhoods - you know - the ones preyed upon by our cousins who are "darker than blue".
But, just in case...come on neos and skinheads...bring it on. Am armed (to the eyeballs, and waiting).

Anonymous said...

Hey, anon 5:20, I worry about Obama's safety. I've actually found myself tossing and turning over that one last night. But not from these kids just uncovered.

TrueBlue said...

They just extended early voting hours in Florida. Night-night, McCain!!

Anonymous said...

Amen, anon 5:28P - am also worried that some nut will do Obama because there is a curious absence of FOI-types dedicated to his personal safety.
BTW...Kudos and honorary Field-Negro status to the Anti-Defamation League for keeping tabs on the neo/aryan-nation/swa types. ADL, at least, takes them seriously because they know that Jews top the lists of these groups, with Negroes next in line.

Anonymous said...


Do inform us of when you will be doing your "run" after the election. I have to be up in Philly the week after the election for busines, and I would hate to miss it.

Anonymous said...

sharon didn't vote for bush in 00'

that my friend is correct.....LOL

Anonymous said...


That's a great story about the campaign. I've always been impressed with the O Man's campaign. It says a lot about his leadership skills and the types of people he picks to help him get the job done. Honestly, I don't know why he doesn't tout that more.

Contrast that with McCain/Palin campaign. It's a total disaster and now it's every man, woman and diva out for themselves.


Anonymous said...


I am just curious about your point #1: About how the people you called or met have seen Obama people before.
This could mean two things.
(1)That the Obama people are not spreading wide enough--that is, they are overlapping each other areas-- they are covering areas they've covered before thereby leading to repeated waste of resources on foci points.

(2)That the Obama people thinks repeated contacts or followups help reinforce/persuade people more to their sides.

Jody said...

Red Devil,
On point one.... what I want to stress is that they identified who their voters were and kept and are keeping support for them to successfully vote. They are encouraging early voting, answering questions about absentee voting... they are on top of broadening the voting base like nothing I have ever seen. Their multi-contacts are in fact paying off as the local paper reported that the overwhelming numbers of people voting early in Ohio are democrats. I do not think they are wasting any resources... they are running a broad strategy, grassroots campaign that, imho, should be the model for all future campaigns.

Any activist will tell you that at least 3 contacts need to be made before you get someone to join your efforts....

Anonymous said...

Damn, Sarah Palin uses and dispose of everything in her way. Damn! This Jack Tapper article from the Political Punch is solid.

"And some Republicans are starting to now say they should have seen this coming, since Palin has a reputation for making friends who can help her and then screwing them over.

The list is long:

* Former Wasilla Mayor John Stein says he mentored Palin during her 1994 run for City Council. Then she decided to challenge him and run for Mayor. “Things got very ugly,’ Naomi Tigner, a friend of the Steins, told “Sarah became very mean-spirited.” Palin allies suggested she would he “Wasilla's first Christian mayor,” even though Stein is Protestant. Palin allies also whispered that Stein and his wife – who hadn’t taken his name - were not legally wed. “We actually had to produce our marriage certificate,’ Stein said. His wife died in 2005 without ever reconciling with Palin. “I had a hand in creating Sarah, but in the end she blew me out of the water,” Stein told Salon. “Sarah's on a mission, she's an opportunist.”

* Former City Councilman Nick Carney also helped mentor Palin in her first city council run. They later had a falling out when Palin accused him of corruptly advocating that the city use his trash hauling business. “The episode might serve as a compelling, if small-bore, example of Palin's reformer instincts,” the New Republic reported. :Except that, according to those who were present, Carney wasn't quite the crooked trash magnate Palin makes him out to be. For one thing, Carney couldn't have proposed the ordinance because he'd recused himself from the matter. The council, in fact, had asked him to appear as a kind of expert witness on the relevant rules and regulations.” Carney endorsed Stein in the 1996 mayoral race against Palin, and news reports say she subsequently as mayor refused to call on him. Carney told Salon that Palin – without council authorization -- spent more than $50,000 in city funds to redecorate her office. “I braced her about it,” he said. “I told her it was against the law to make such a large expenditure without the council taking a vote. She said, 'I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't.”

* State Senate President Lyda Green from Wasilla, is a fellow conservative and was an ally of Palin’s throughout the 1990s. “If you had looked at our résumés, as far as being pro-life, pro-N.R.A., pro-family, pro-parental control, saving taxpayer dollars, keeping government out of our lives, we would have been identical,” Green told the New Yorker. “She traces the chill in their relationship to her decision not to endorse Palin in her 2006 gubernatorial primary. (She stayed neutral.)…

“The animosity became public last January, when Palin turned up on an Anchorage shock-jock radio program, ‘The Bob and Mark Show.’ Bob Lester said that he knew Palin believed Green was ‘a bitch’ and ‘a cancer.’ Palin laughed at the comments. ‘Sarah can be heard in the background tittering, hee-heeing,’ Green said, ‘never saying, ‘That’s not appropriate, let’s not talk like that, let’s change the subject,’ or anything.’ Green was devastated. ‘I worked through it,’ she said. ‘The difficult thing about it was when my children read about it online. They were dumbfounded, because they had known Sarah. I had breast cancer in ’97 and had a radical mastectomy. Sarah certainly knew I had breast cancer, because she sent me flowers when I was ill.’”

* Former Gov. Frank Murkowski made Palin the chair of a state commission overseeing oil and gas drilling. Four years later she challenged him – and beat him – for governor.

* Prominent Alaska conservative talk radio host Dan Fagan was a longtime friend. But he found himself on the outs after he criticized her for raising taxes on oil companies. “He found himself branded a ‘hater,’” the New York Times reported. “It is part of a pattern, Mr. Fagan said, in which Ms. Palin characterizes critics as ‘bad people who are anti-Alaska.’”


Now, I don’t know what happened with all of these former allies. Certainly Murkowski was much-criticized. And certainly Palin views all these publications as left-leaning and hostile to her views.

But that said, all I can tell you is that some McCain allies are now quite suspect of Palin and worried that Sen. McCain is going to become just the latest Palin ally whom she uses – and then discards -- in her rapid ascendance to power.

-- jpt

Anonymous said...


Point taken. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Joe the Plumber strikes again!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how almost all of these Republican mentors the Beauty Queen turns on happen to be men.


Anonymous said...

Just a little ol' middle class hockey mom, huh? Sounds like McCain invited a viper into the tent.

She Draws said...

WOW... people are acting crazy all because Obama is going to be the next president? Don't they know the president is just the messenger for the real people that run America? They should take my advice " Don't shoot the messenger" Literally! They need to get a damn life!


And what's her name Ashley Todd...OMG what an idiot? I'm sure people like O wouldn't want her crazy ass voting for him anyways.. what a loser!

Go B.

field negro said...

Jody, thanks for that update from the campaign trail. Glad you made it back to the city of brotherly "shove" in one piece.

john, I WILL be making that run if the "O" man wins. But the less of you FN and HFN around, the better. Sorry, I can't take the heckling.:)

anon. 7:07AM, I anm not a big fan of Don King. Still, I would like to hear everything he said and its context before I rip him.

Yes sharon, a "viper" is in the rethug tent. And it's even more dangerous over there, because that's a small tent to begin with.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Looks like you need to put a picture of that album "Backstabbers" back up with Palin face on it. Oh, Lieberman's face can be on there too. People tend to forget that when none of the other Democrats would campaign for Lieberman, Obama did, and how did Lieberman repay him by stabbing him in the back and campaigning for McCain. Joe the (Plumber) Liar can be the other face, with his lying self. I don't care what no one says, I'm willing to be that Joe the Liar is an undercover neo nazi. Did he wear long sleeve shirts during his public appearances? I got to go back and check, if he was, he might be hiding his tatoos.

I knew that Palin hussy wasn't to be trusted.

TrueBlue said...

Field did you hear what Don King said? well, according to King, George Bush paved the way for an Obama presidency. Not sure what to think about that. What do you think?

I think there's something to be said for that point of view. I don't think Obama would've been a contender but for the complete breakdown of the Republicans.

In more normal times, Obama would've have been too risky on a number of counts. Obviously, there is the suspicion that attaches to anyone who dares "campaign while black," but there are a bunch of other factors, too, such as being almost completely unknown, being liberal, and being from Chicago, whose reputation for local corruption is legendary.

What bugged me in a big way last spring is when Geraldine Ferraro said he wouldn't be a contender if he was white. Until that point, I had been a Clinton supporter, but then decided that I couldn't live with that kind of racist code talking, especially with respect to the constituency that has been THE single most loyal Democratic group.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, Jody:

I'm glad you had a safe journey and enjoyed yourself. Granny missed you and had been wondering why I hadn't seen any comments from you. When Granny don't see one of the regular folks post on this blog, I keep a prayer going for them that their okay.

Granny wish she would have known you were going, I would have sent you some money to buy one of those disposable cameras so you could take a few pictures for me for my collection.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I miss Whitney!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Look at what their sending out in e-mails, apparently they want to use Oprah to defeat Obama, it won't work:

Message from The National Republican Trust PAC
From Scott Wheeler
Executive Director

Dear Reader:

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In fact, we at the National Republican Trust PAC are using her with great success to defeat Obama.

But before I reveal our "Oprah" strategy, let me remind you that we can win this race.

Barack Obama can be defeated.

The latest AP poll and Investor's Business Daily polls both show the race is neck-and- neck.

Both the AP and IBD poll shows McCain just one point behind Obama!

Yet, the big media continues to tell us that McCain has lost the election!

The liberal media is in full spin mode to help depress the Republican vote, Republican donors and Republican enthusiam.

We here at the National Republican Trust are fighting to win.

So far with your help we have been blanketing Ohio with TV ads exposing Obama as the most radical ever nominated by the Democratic party.

Since we started our ad campaign there, McCain has risen in the polls.

This weekend we are opening up new fronts with more ads attacking Obama in Florida and three other battleground states.

We urgently need more help from you to expand our ad war to expose Obama's radical agenda. Obama is outspending McCain 3 to 1 and in some states 5 to 1 to smear him and steal the election.

Just to show you how much of a difference you can make, if we raise just $25,000 we can buy ads in a major battleground state market for a whole day.

With $25,000 I can order an ad buy that puts our ads on a major network like ABC, CBS and NBC for a full day.

What does this full day look like?

For $25,000 I can buy ads that will show up on the morning news show, morning programs like Dr. Phil, the View, Regis, Oprah, the Price Is Right and others with a heavy female demographics - these are voters we need to sway!

Yes, imagine using Oprah's very own show to defeat Obama!

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In the evening I can then buy the 5PM and 6PM local news followed by entertainment programs like Xtra and Entertainment Tonight.

We can then hit game programs like Jeopardy. We can also buy a major hit series like CSI, Desperate Housewives, Dancing with the Stars and ER.

Finally, we can wrap up the night again buying ads on 10PM and 11PM the local news and the late night talk shows like Letterman and Leno.

All of this for $25,000!

You should know this is exactly what we have been doing in Ohio - and the poll numbers are showing it works!

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The stakes have never been higher for the future of the country.

We either patriotically turn the country over to a man who has proudly served his nation in war time and peace - or we face electing a man who has a checkered past, a man who has counted domestic terrorists among his friends, and a man who spent 15 years in a church where his pastor regularly damned and condemned the United States.

Barack Obama is not simply a risky choice as our next president - He is a dangerous one.

This is why I have taken the helm here at the National Republican Trust Political Action Committee.

Here at the National Republican Trust, we understand our mission. It's simple. It will also drive the left-wing media nuts.

Here's the plan: We will tell the American people the truth about Barack Obama!

Every time John McCain or Sarah Palin tries to tell the truth about Obama, they are painted as mean-spirited and negative.

We here at the National Republican Trust can do the job McCain and Palin can't.

But we need your help. Time is urgent - it's crunch time.

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Millions of dubious new voters with the help of groups like ACORN are being registered to put the most extreme liberal in the history of the presidency in the White House.

But I'll shock you: that's OK!

Let them spend millions in getting new "voters" and millions more in TV ads.

I believe truth is more powerful than lies. How powerful?

Well, so powerful, in fact, that I believe one airing of our TV ads will equal at least 10 airings of theirs.

Expose Obama for the Radical He Is

In the closing weeks of this election, Obama is trying to remake himself as a moderate to win over lower-income, white, Democratic and independent voters.

He wants to hide the facts about his record. He is the most extreme liberal ever to be nominated by a major party.

We all know his 100 percent liberal rating in Congress, his support for the TOTAL gun ban in Washington, D.C., his opposition to protecting babies born alive, and his support for tax increases.

But there is one issue almost all Americans agree on: the 12 million Illegal aliens in the U.S. should not get amnest, should not get driver's licenses, should not get Social Security benefits, should not get automatic Medicaid healthcare cover and other government benefits.

But Obama wants all of these things for illegals.

Polling shows that when Democratic and Independent voters find this out about Obama, they are much less likely to vote against him.

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Imagine giving driver's licenses with radical Muslim terrorists still plotting to attack us.

Obama does.

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licenses, eight of the hijackers even registered to vote!

Here is the shocking fact: Obama strongly supports giving illegal aliens in America driver's licenses.

He said as much during two Democratic debates earlier this year.

The head of Homeland Security said such thinking was dangerous for national security.

Even Hillary Clinton backed away from Obama's radical driver's license plan.

Obama's position is not a new one: We discovered that Obama has been a major proponent of driver's licenses for illegals since his days as an Illinois state senator.

We have no doubt that, as president, Obama will also champion this radical plan.

With Osama bin Laden still at large, with al-Qaida promising "spectacular" attacks on the U.S homeland, with the threat of them using weapons of mass destruction against our cities - biological, chemical, and nuclear - can we risk putting such a man in the Oval Office?

Doesn't he remember what happened on 9/11? More than 3,000 Americans were murdered.

Doesn't he want to prevent that from ever happening again?

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GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I think we need to call Oprah and tell her what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Charles Barkley left the GOP and now he wants to campaign for Governor...Personally, i am suspicious of Black republicans and ex-black republicans.
Also, there is the danger of some under-qualified black trying to milk the Obama's coattail to get into office and then fucking up.Yeah, i know that Barkley is probably more qualified than Sarah palin, but seriously, the standards and curve by which blacks are graded are obviously different. Just switch Sarah Palin's race to Black republican and you can imagine. But still, will Barkley now demand that Obama campaign for him and not his, say, non-black opponent otherwise Obama is not black enough?!? Or Obama is trying to keep other black down after getting to the top?!? I wont worry about these questions very much if Barkley wasnt a REPUBLICAN before claiming to "leave" the party. and (2)If he was a scholar or something like that, but he is just a basketplayer(who obviously must have sordid stories(true or not)of white woment that must have slept with him--stories that the GOP will launch against him. And then try to use to tar Obama. Barkley claiming to be an ex-republican strikes me as a racial opportunist. And seriously, is he even intellectually qualified for this job? But then, so is Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Stealth Mode,

Hmmm...i guess we are going to have a glut of black "obama-wannabes" running for almost anything now. The pain will come if and when some of them are underqualified for a rough campaign and/or the position that they seek. Some of these black obama-wannabes will probably do it out of envy...i also suspect that the GOP will step recruitment of house negroes republicans wrapping Obama-style around filthy GOP policies while attacking their white liberal opponents with dirty republican tactics. A white backlash possible? All in all, i think if Obama wins, it will be serious good times for house negroes--who else will have the unwarranted license to viciously attack Obama than another black man/woman?

The next four years will be interesting, to say the least.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

stealth mode:

I guess you not really paying attention to what Obama has been saying in his time for change speeches that is inspiring people and the majority of folks agree with. Whelp, let me give you a brief summary of it. "It's not about a black and white America, it's about the United States of America. It's time to end the division, and be ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION and UNITE."

It's time for out with the old and in with the new.

Anonymous said...

Please, granny. There is reality. When Obama wins, the reality is the there will be imitators, wannabes. Black and white. There will always be wannabes for every singular event(and Obama candidacy is a singular event). That is a fact. The sad aspect of it is that, the black imitators will be graded differently from the white ones....and God help us if the black imitators are not up to the task. And i stand by my statement that the republicans will begin recruitment drives for blacks as politicians and commmentators to savage Obama. You think Clarence Thomas is a shame? You havent seen anything yet.

Anonymous said...

This is my type of Charles. You will cry at the end...dont say i didnt warn you.

Anonymous said...

niggers lots of niggers will take over after hussein steal election from mcain. they wil blackmale hussien into geting 'em elected.

Anonymous said...

These are probably white powers friends. If you vote for Obamam, you go to hell! Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what color obama is?

All I know is, once his wacky tax policies are enacted, I need to let go of about 5% of my staff (about 25 people) to account for the higher tax costs and the fact that less projects we could do will be profitable after tax - hence no need for so many people around.

Once I fire people, they earn no income and that means less taxes get paid into Obama's government. How will he afford their unemployment benefits? Darned if I know. Maybe one of his commie buddies can put them all to work in a government gulag (aka US Postal Service mail carriers).

Too bad the first black president has to be such a radical leftist. Wish it could have been someone more in the middle.

Jody said...

hey anon and others.... use the handy dandy tax caculator for yourself and see if you will be better off under Obama.... don't take Anon's statements at face value... and dude, if your are NETTING over 250 thousand a year, I think you can afford a 2% increase in taxes without having to lay off your employees... if you can't then you are not very good at cutting costs... talk to some of us who have been living on the margins for years.. we can tell you how to live on 25 cents and give you a dime in change....

rikyrah said...

Field did you hear what Don King said? well, according to King, George Bush paved the way for an Obama presidency. Not sure what to think about that. What do you think?

I completely agree with this. I said so in my endorsement of Obama in January.

Without George W. Bush going down as possibly THE WORST President in HISTORY...

This country would NOT be open to Obama.

A Black man was NEVER going to have a chance when things were GOOD.

The situation had to get dire enough to where White folks would say,

" Ok, this is so fucked up, let's try the Black man."

So, yes, without George W. Bush, there would be no Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

The tax calculator on the website is spin. We went over the actual proposal carefully with our auditor. Our taxes are going up 18%. Too bad for my employees and for me.

We're holding off until end of year so we can at least give some kind of bonus and then laying off.

What you say makes no sense. If these people have NO job, the 'tax cut' they would have gotten (again this is a spin but i will play along) is meaningless since they will have no income.

I'm not going to blame it on his 'blackness.' It has nothing to do with skin color. The problem is that he's some sort of Maoist Trotskyite.

Oh well.

TrueBlue said...

We're holding off until end of year so we can at least give some kind of bonus and then laying off.

Yeah, and who's in power now, dork?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 11:25:

I'm sorry, but I just for some reason think that you were going to lay those people off regardless of becomes President. Either that or your one of those folks with a greed issue. Greed is what has ruined the economy, but whelp, folks with that problem just don't seem to get it.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Stealth mode:

I deal with reality every single day of the week. As for the wannabees, people are not stupid they can see through phoniness, people seeing through Palin right now, and she is a good example of a fake, fraud, and phony.

On the other hand, what makes you think that there are no other black men who are as intelligent and holding the same standards as Senator Obama? I know a whole lot of black men that are like Obama, they've just been overlooked in the past, but they are out there. I birthed one of them in the world.

I admit there are some black Republicans that fit the category of men you're referring to, but even they might have a few of them that are not like that.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

white power:

Granny gone give you some good advice. Whether you take it or not, I could care less, and facts of business I hope you don't, because the world would be better without people like you.

Someone has filled your head with a bunch of mean-spirited and hateful garbage and got you thinking that you all tough and bad. That person is gone get you hurt real bad in the near future, because you gone write a check that your behind won't be able to cash and gone wind up getting the worse end of the stick. I was getting ready to tell you what I see for you in the future, but had a change of heart. When you fool with trash it'll get in your eyes, and sometimes it can blind you.

Anonymous said...

Granny, i have to respectfully disagree. People dont see through phoniness. Otherwise, there wont be fox news, there wont be george bush, or john mccain the "maverick". The completely bald-faced lies, and stupid, inane, dumb issues that they turn into big issues(e.g. lipstick on a pig,etc) wont have happened if not because of phoniness. This is becuase phoniness works in politics. Phoniness is an essential ingredient of politics.

I do think there are other black men/women that are as good or better than Obama. But they are exceptionally rare to find. Obama is on a completely different level. he is better than clinton. Better than JFK. and FDR. His approach to politics is completely revolutionary. Seriously, there has never been a politician in american history, black or white, that is on Obama's level. As such, there are extremely few people, black or white or asian or whatever, that can do what Obama did given the odds against him. He is one in a million. His intelligence is very sharp, but his emotional IQ must be nearly unparalleled. Not many people are like that.

No, i completely do not beleive you--you dont know a lot of black men or white or asian like obama. If you think you do, you are mistaken. Just as you dont know alot of people that are like mozart or Einstein or Jordan or ellington or beethoven or socrates. These are rarefield humans. Are you kidding? You know a lot of people like albert Einstein? Obama is a political albert einstein. Obama accomplishment borders on the near impossible. that is where genius comes in, in this case, political genius.

And if those men that you claimed were overlooked are actually like Obama--it wont matter maybe they were or not overlooked, they will bypassed being overlooked. That is what makes them special. Obama created this from scratch. He wasnt waiting to be NOT overlooked. He forced it into existence. This is what distinguish fracking exceptional people from the merely very, very good and competent people.

As for black republicans, sorry, i dont trust them. I put them in the same category i put gay republicans. Note, however, there is a different between a black or gay conservative and a black or gay republican.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, and who's in power now, dork?"

Oh please. We ARE assuming Obama's going to win. If we are surprised by some shocking outcome and McCain wins, we will hold off based on an expectation of no change to our tax costs.

TrueBlue said...

Oh please. We ARE assuming Obama's going to win. If we are surprised by some shocking outcome and McCain wins, we will hold off based on an expectation of no change to our tax costs.

Look, I actually have a business background, so you can't bullshit me. It's a flat lie that the results of the November election -- one way or the other -- will determine whether or not you go out of business at the end of 2008.

In the most negative of circumstances for you, no Obama tax plan will go into effect until the 2010 tax year, and any change in the rate will be small enough to be nothing more than an irritant.

I pay the top marginal rate. I know the numbers. So cut the bullshit. Obama's tax plan would reinstate the Clinton tax structure, which would raise your top marginal rate from 35% to 39.6%. That is simply not enough extra to determine the fate of your business, and you damn fuckin' well know it, Republican liar.

When will ANY of you people EVER tell the god damned truth about a single fuckin' thing? No one ever likes to pay higher taxes, and that includes me. I'll bitch when mine go up. But look at the condition of the country. It was one hell of a lot better 10 years ago when federal taxes were higher. We were at peace, with full employment, a budget surplus, and a strong position in the world. If that costs a little bit more, I'd take that deal in a heartbeat, you blind idiot.

TrueBlue said...

p.s.: In my previous comment, I assumed you are an S-corp. If you are a C-corp, I'll be surprised if there is ANY tax increase for you given what's going on in the economy. I doubt Obama could get a C-corp tax increase passed, even in a heavily Democratic Congress, and even if he wanted to.

Frankly, on re-reading your postings, I doubt you're in any sort of business to begin with.

TrueBlue said...

I have spent many years watching the argument over who's best for business, the Republicans or the Democrats.

My attitude is that most political figures don't have a clue, regardless of their party. I think it's usually easier to deal with the Democrats because at least they know they don't have a clue. The Republicans think that they do, and that's often more dangerous.

Democrats regularly come up with outlandish stupidity, but it's so outlandish that business can usually get it laughed off the stage. Republicans will occasionally do some genuinely pro-business things, the Reagan administration being the best example.

But other than them, the Republicans have been one corrupt insider deal after another, always on behalf of big, well-connected financial companies that don't produce a single thing.

Clinton was VERY pro-business, especially considering that he was a Democrat. So he raised the top income tax rate, but income went up like crazy. Bush has been an unmitigated disaster, and McCain shows no sign whatsoever that he'll be any better. It will just be a continuation of insider deals if he gets in.

From a business perspective, I'll gladly take the risks on Obama. I just hope it's not too late.

Anonymous said...

let's see what will happen!