Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah in 2012.

"She then slammed Barack Obama calling him disqualified to be President of the United States, 'Some of his comments that he has made about the war that I think may — in my world– disqualifies someone from consideration as the next commander in chief.' Palin said, 'Some of his comments about Afghanistan and what we are doing there supposedly– just air raiding villages and killing civilians. That’s reckless. So I wanted to talk about things like that. So I guess I have to apologize about being a little annoyed, but that is also an indication of being outside that Washington elite and being outside the media elite also and just wanting to talk and just wanting to talk to Americans without the filter and let them know what we stand for.”

That was an article about the beauty queen, talking to the propaganda arm of her party, also known as FOX NEWS, about his O ness. She thinks he is disqualified from consideration for being commander in chief? Are you fucking kidding me? A woman who went to six colleges in six years? And a person who is so fucking dumb that she can't name one supreme court decision she disagrees with, or name a magazine that she likes to read? She is calling for someone to be disqualified for the post of commander in chief? But hey, at least she has a nice wink, and her calves do look nice in those heels, I guess that qualifies her for the post of Vice President. At least to quite a few of our fellow citizens, whose idea of an intellectual genius is Alex Trebek.

"I would have. But here, again, there have -- there have been so many changes in the conditions of our economy in just even these past weeks that there has been more and more revelation made aware now to Americans about the corruption and the greed on Wall Street.
We need to look back, even two years ago, and we need to be appreciative of John McCain's call for reform with Fannie Mae, with Freddie Mac, with the mortgage-lenders, too, who were starting to really kind of rear that head of abuse.

And the colleagues in the Senate weren't going to go there with him. So we have John McCain to thank for at least warning people. And we also have John McCain to thank for bringing in a bipartisan effort people to the table so that we can start putting politics aside, even putting a campaign aside, and just do what's right to fix this economic problem that we are in.
It is a crisis. It's a toxic mess, really, on Main Street that's affecting Wall Street. And now we have to be ever vigilant and also making sure that credit markets don't seize up. That's where the Main Streeters like me, that's where we would really feel the effects."

Huh? Come again Sarah? 69.9 million watched her say that shit on television, and we are not all in the streets demanding that she quits the race. We get what we deserve.

I heard a very well respected republican here in Philly say that if Obama wins, Sarah Palin will be the GOP front runner for president in 2012. In fact, he says that even if McCain wins, Sarah will be set up for a legitimate run for the presidency when President McCain decides not to run again. Can you imagine? The future of the republican party is Sarah freaking Palin.

"I do take issue with some of the principle there with that redistribution of wealth principle that seems to be espoused by you. But when you talk about Barack's plan to tax increase affecting only those making $250,000 a year or more, you're forgetting millions of small businesses that are going to fit into that category. So they're going to be the ones paying higher taxes thus resulting in fewer jobs being created and less productivity.

Now you said recently that higher taxes or asking for higher taxes or paying higher taxes is patriotic. In the middle class of America which is where Todd and I have been all of our lives, that's not patriotic. Patriotic is saying, government, you know, you're not always the solution. In fact, too often you're the problem so, government, lessen the tax burden and on our families and get out of the way and let the private sector and our families grow and thrive and prosper. An increased tax formula that Barack Obama is proposing in addition to nearly a trillion dollars in new spending that he's proposing is the backwards way of trying to grow our economy."

Did you say that government should "get out of the way and let the private sector prosper"? Good, I guess they don't need government's 700 billion dollars then. Damn this woman is stupid. "Millions of small business people give themselves a salary of $250,000.00"? Hmmm, I must be living in a different country. The problem is that more people might be living in your country than mine.

**Thanks for the pic ArtMaggot.


rikyrah said...


I've been having this same debate with another blogger.

I don't see it. I simply don't.

Mainly because there are so many ambitious GOPers out there that have no intentions of bowing down to the likes of Caribou Barbie. They defend her now, because the WH is their only shot at remaining in power, but once Mr. Morton loses, he'll be a pariah. And, they'll blame the rest of it on her. You already see it being spun: she doesn't help McCain with White Women the way she's supposed to.

That's because every woman has met a woman like Sarah Palin, and we know she has no business being in that position. We all know nasty bitches like Sarah Palin, and no, we're not going to vote for one that's unqualified.

You mean, all those folks who ran this time and gonna bow down to THAT woman?


Mr. Morton will become a has-been. He'll become the GOP's 'Jimmy Carter', because he would have gone a place where no White Man has gone before - as a loser to a BLACK MAN.

Shrub just made the possibility of Barack Obama.

Mr. Morton would have actually LOST to him- BIG DIFFERENCE.

And, all those who are covering her ass right now in Alaska? They have no loyalty to that woman.

A poster over at JJP has been making these points:

Back in Alaska, before all this, she was pretty much settling in to run a fiefdom, and that's what she did.

The national spotlight did one thing - it brought all her cockroaches to light. At this point, the only thing keeping it all together is the McCain people they planted in Alaska.

You can't unring the bell. She's going to have to deal with the stuff that's been brought up. They can bully folks, but bottom line: only the crazy are willing to risk jail time for her, hence the woman who changed her entire story in Troopergate, once she had to put her hand on that Bible and be personally liable under the law for what she said.

I'm not getting that there are all these people ready to go to jail for Sarah Palin.

So, when she goes back to Alaska, she's going to have to try and close back Pandora'a box, and you can never close Pandora's box. And, she'll have no national help, like I said, because too many of them have no intentions of helping her.

That's why I'm not seeing all this ' bright Alaskan future' as you see it.

Now even from the religious wingnuts, because bottom line, if they had to choose between a good Christian MAN like Huckabee, and HER?

My money's on The Huckster.

A nasty ass civil war is about to erupt in the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is nothing but a MILF to the GOP & followers. Plain and simple. Eye Candy, a Dime Piece. That is where the interest ends. Substance, who cares...she's fucking hot.

Kellybelle said...

Yes, she's dumb. But America's dumber.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 03 08

FN: I don't understand the picture or what it is trying to convey. Humor perhaps? Nevertheless, I tend to agree with you about the debates. She is nice to look at, and seems like a regular every day American, which is what the GOP is counting on. But they could have chosen a far more qualified female like Elizabeth Dole to run next to McCain. I just don't get his choice of Palin at all. She isn't reppin her demographic very well at all.

And I don't tend to lambast people based upon educational credentials. I have met lots of people who are really bright but didn't finish college or went to a few schools over the course of time. Her educational record doesn't bother me. Her lack of fluidity and knowledge of her country, of policy and international comings and goings is what bothers me the most.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

I've been thinking this since the Republican Convention nominated Palin for VP...(and this thought ties in with Jose Vilson's desire not to have a beer with Obama)...

I think the current Republican Party, which I used to be a "member" of (think Eisenhower Republican, please), has indicated its total disrespect for the American people by choosing a VP candidate whose credentials are non-existent, but who can be pimped as hot, and "Main Street."

If that's any indication of what the current Republicans think of us, that we would fall for that hokum, then God help us, especially if they are right.

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it, Field. If the GOP runs Sarah Palin in '12, it will guarantee a two-term Obama administration.

BTW, how are your workouts going? :)

Bob said...

She has problems if Mort loses, because the money in the Repug party will blame her. But that might not lower her popularity in Alaska. She could well come to the United States Senate in a few years. She has no love for Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the daughter of the guy she defeated for governor.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, I could see her running for president in 2012. I see it as part of the dumbing down of America; and, frankly, I think it's working.

field, I swear: After listening to just 30 minutes of Sarah Palin last night, I couldn't remember what magazines I read, and I wanted to shoot something.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

When Morton loses, Palin could run in 2012 but I agree with Rikyah. Most Repubs are keeping their mouths shut. However at some point the fiscal conservative, social moderate wing (what's left of it) is going to fight back. It's going to be brutal.

If Morton wins, Palin will have to do battle with the Clintons. Amerryca won't tolerate a brother "taking" on Princess Malibu but it would be hard for the Repubs to cry sexism if HRC is the candidate.

I don't think Palin will make it through the 2012 primary. She and Huckabee appeal to the same base.

Anonymous said...

At first I couldn't see Sarah Palin heading up a Repub ticket in 2012. But then I thought about it, it actually fits a Repub pattern.

I always felt that there is a cabal of people behind the scenes in the Repub party that actually makes the decisions and tracks the strategies for their own benefit. Ronald Reagan was trifling with Alzheimer's when he was in the Oval office. President Bush is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and Sarah Palin would be just more of the same. The back room boys just want some who can look good and learn their lines, and deliver well. (They must be sadly disappointed in the delivery of their "Decider.")

I still feel that they, the Repubs, cannot in all boldness say that they don't want the Presidency for the next term. The want to let some other party take the heat. Fixing this mess is really going to take some doing.

Freebeema said...

This is starting to smell of Obamaholism.

Get back on the cart.

Anonymous said...

if Obama wins, Sarah Palin will be the GOP front runner for president in 2012


As much as I cannot stand that woman and hope I never have to see her smarmy ugly smirky face ever again (don't even start me on her voice and her relationship with words -- who should take her down for her disrespect of words alone -- and the fact that there is nothing to her but LIES) ... despite all that, my gut response to reading this was:

Bring it a**-holes.

Go ahead, bring it.

Horror will not concede without a fight.

Watch the ugly squirm and squirm as it dies. It's going to take a long time. This is not a view for the easily freaked out among us.

But my response is: Bring it. Just another round of death for the horror. Good.

Bring it.

(weird, this response, but there you go)

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is the equivalent of the meme most of our parents drilled into our head . . . . Junk food will kill you.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field--as I've said before, she is the reason Rachel Ray is the highest paid "chef" in America, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a star. Sarah and that America isn't living the Matrix. We are.
Is it really so bad/evil? After all Barack and our so-called progressive leaders sold us down the river in going for the b.s. in this Bailout. TYLER PERRY'S shown his true colors (though not sexual orientation yet) by firing black people, retaining whites and trying to bust a union--and yet supports Barack? Oh and OJ's finally going to PRISON. Sarah's ain't such a witch compared to this hot mes...

Black Diaspora said...

I'm really pissed! The Senate tacked $140 billion onto the bail-out bill ostensibly to make it palatable to Repugnicants in the House.

This is insult on injury!

Damn, folks, there must be something we can do to hit back, other than the usual e-mails to our elected representatives.

Any ideas, anyone? I'm sure I'm not the only one steamed over this.

Black Diaspora said...

On second thought, I think that the bail-out bill added a mere $110 billion of pork, but that only reduces my anger by $30 billion.

That's still a lot of pissivity!

Black Diaspora said...

Damn, they think the people of this country are a bunch of suckers: that we'll take anything they dish up.

Yeah, I'm still harping on this madnesss.

They tell us, on the one hand, that the country might go into a deep recession if this damn $700 billion bail-out bill is not passed, and then they show their disdain for us by adding another $110 billion of pork for good measure.

And I heard some congressperson say that this is how business is done on Capital Hill.

Damn, I wish I could recall all of them--those who voted for it, and those who didn't.

Those who didn't are up for re-election, and don't want to be caught within in a roll call of that vote.

If we lack the courage to take back our country now (after we have seen how the stewardship has been abused), we don't deserve it.

Yeah, I'm that cynical!

field negro said...

Christopher, I heard about Tyler Perry witht he union busting thing. And it looks like they are tying it to the O man.

lady-cracker, you make a good point, maybe the rethugs do pick dumb leaders intentionally so that the real powers behind the scenes can control them

"field, I could see her running for president in 2012. I see it as part of the dumbing down of America; and, frankly, I think it's working."

Working? No macdaddy, it has worked. We elected Bush twice didn't we?

mahndisa, I know a college degree doesn't necessarily mean smart. But can we all agree that in Sarah's case, her degree means nothing? And that the fact that she went to six colleges insix years says somthing about her stability. Read the link again: She didn't just leave school because she ran out of money. She went to one school in Hawaii with her girlfriends, and just up and quit after one semester. Girlfriend is flaky.

"BTW, how are your workouts going? :)"

r.j., I am heading to the gym now. And please check the time. :)

"This is starting to smell of Obamaholism.

Get back on the cart."

I lknow Palinitosis will do that to you.

black diaspora, the folks here in A-merry-ca will do nothing. We have too much happiness to pursue.

Anonymous said...

"field, I swear: After listening to just 30 minutes of Sarah Palin last night, I couldn't remember what magazines I read, and I wanted to shoot something."

Thanks, this made my morning!

The New York Times, one of the newspapers that Sarah Palin doesn't read, recently had a story explaining that McCain's role in trying to rein in Freddie and Fannie is being vastly overstated. Long story short, he signed on to a bill 16 months after Hagel, Sununu, and Dole introduced it, and he did so on the same week that the Feds announced the Freddie and Fannie were under investigation. Meanwhile Rick Davis's firm was collecting $15K/month from Freddie and Fannie for doing little or nothing. But I wouldn't expect Sarah to know or care. Her head is stuffed full of talking points and there is no more room for reality-based thoughts.

She really has a thing about "rearing ugly heads", doesn't she? First it was Putin, and now Freddie and Fannie.

Christopher said...

Yes, she's dumb. But America's dumber.

Kellybelle hit the nail on the head.

McCandy is dumb but, she's also wildly ambitious and with little brains and an average education, managed to claw her way out of the meth capital of Alaska, Wasilla, population 6,500 and become the governor and the Republican's vice presidential candidate.

America embraces people like McCandy because they make them feel a little less dumb and maybe -- just maybe, even superior. I've always said this was Bush's talent: he convinced white trash America they were smarter than him -- he gave Joe Sixpack a sense of superiority.

Seda said...

Thank McCain for warning us? Shit. He's one of the Republicans that have been in charge of deregulating the system, which is what got us into this mess! "I can't hear what you're saying because what you do is so loud it's drowning you out."

rikyrah said...

I'm about to get 'elitist' in here.

I'm not feeling that the GOP would have, as its standard bearer, this piece of White Trash.

Anonymous said...

My prediction: McSame/McPlain go down in flames and she gets a lot of the blame. She goes back to Alaska, is dogged by corruption charges and quits to become a high paid talk show host, kind of a right wing Jerry Springer. Her family are frequent guests on the show.

rikyrah said...

and count me among those who don't believe she graduated college

Jody said...

Now they have her back under wraps.... no Sunday morning talk shows.... curious, if the rethugs think she did such a swell job in the debates, why won't they let her loose on the morning talk show circuit?

Field, I still wanna know exactly which blocks and what time for the run...

On another note, Bruce Springstein is playing for free on the Parkway here in Philly this afternoon for an Obama rally.... Nice, cool, sunny day.....saweeet!

Lola Gets said...

Ok, I know this is off-topic, but I just had to say cannot sit there and tell me that that teenaged girl is 5 months pregnant...she ain't got no belly! I think theres something fishy going on there, and it just might be that durned baby too.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Kellybelle, Sarah is dumb but sadly the average American is even dumber. Too many folks are willing to buy her Barbie actm believe me I just encoutered such a person yesterday. A middle age white woman who in the primary voted Obama but is now leaning towards McCain because she "likes" Palin. People really are that stupid in America.

J said...

Palin either one or lost this debate, depending on what you figure the purpose of this debate was supposed to accomplish.

On the one hand, in the classical sense, Palin lost this debate simply because she could do nothing more than stick to the talking points on which she's been coached. There were even a few times where she outright refused to answer (or stick to a topic) altogether. 'Eff you, moderator, and your silly questions. I'll talk about what I want to talk about."

On the other hand, this election isn't really about who has the best platform to bring about forward progress for this country. It's about who can best relate to the most voters that will win battleground states, and to that effect, Palin did quite well.

field negro said...

"Field, I still wanna know exactly which blocks and what time for the run..."

Jody, I am thinking between Chestnut and Walnut, South on Broad Street. Right in front of the Union League Building. Of course I could change my mind about the route :)

"..and count me among those who don't believe she graduated college"

rykirah, I am a bit skeptical myself.

Anonymous said...

Let's be real...the Palin pick was directed by the right-wingnuts and religious fanatics that forced Mr. Morton to appease their base.

It's pretty pathetic there are A-merry-cans who TRULY believe Palin would be a qualified and capable leader in our executive branch. As someone stated above, and from my personal experience at work and on the golf course (if I'm ever in Philly on business...were could a brotha git the hook-up?), the reactions of most white men who support her are: "I don't care if she knows foreign policy, she's hot!...she appeals to Americans because she's not like Hillary, she wears a dress..." WTF! And this is from grown ass men that make major decision for their companies!

Palin is a superfluous political creation...a political blow-up doll willing fornicate with her party's tricks out of blind ambition...her career is a testament to our nation's dumbing down by system that exploits naivete, ignorance and stupidity.

And just like that blow-up, when that perverted and degenerate old man called the GOP is finish using her...she will be deflated and put back into that dark part of the attic to be forgotten. I personally don't see her going any further in politics after this campaign...from all reports in Alaska, she has some unfinished business that could be her demise could only hope for the folks in Alaska...right.

As a sidenote: What a wonderful day of celebration for white folks in A-merry-ca today...they finally got Orenthal James Simpson convicted!

It took 13 years but ya'll know they was gonna find a way to put OJ's ass away...and let me make this clear, I'm not defending OJ's stupid ass but how many times over the last 13 yrs have we seen him under the microscope in the news for the most ridiculous shit?

I'm sorry Field but you KNOW that this is some bogus shit...I'm no attorney (I'm a parole officer) but this case was pretty flimsy and this is just another way of getting the sheeple's mind off the political/economic shit and place it back on the real problem to most good A-merry-cans...the socio-pathology of black folks.

Anonymous said...

While I've viewed Sarah Palin step onto the national stage with as much intensity as others, what bothers me just as much is the woman's complete (as opposed to incomplete, I suppose) mangling of the English language.

It's amazing that this woman is being seen as a wonderful orator. While I do understand the difference between oration and intellectualism -- she is, without a doubt, incapable of stringing two sensible, coherent statements together. She rambles, she backtracks, she offers confusing and disjointed sentences, she's disjointed, she's ambiguous, and she is horrendously incoherent whenever she opens her mouth. It's simply amazing. If anyone's interested in studying her spoken words, the web's replete with excerpts and snippets of what she attempts to say as opposed to the silliness that she spews.

She's absolutely worse that the president, which says a lot. One doesn't have to be an English professor -- which I am -- to see that she has some serious "verbiage"
-- her word, not mine -- issues.

The most incomprehensible thing to me, however, is that the woman has the absolute gall to make comments regarding Senator Obama's qualifications. For one thing, I want the VP of the U.S. to at least have a master's degree in "something." It can be in shoelace tying or horseshoe-affixing or moose-hunting or line-dancing or snowmobiling. Anything. Doesn't matter. Just something. The office she might occupy is not a middle school student council seat or a county commission post, even. She's attempting to be the second-in-command of the most powerful nation in the world.

Sarah Palin took, what, SIX years to get one degree? And she calls the "O" man "unqualified"?? Please note that there is a great difference between "unqualified" and "disqualified," which, I believe is what she originally said.

Sarah Palin should disqualified, based on ineptitude, from being on the doggone ticket. Please note that her one degree is in journalism, but she was unable to name a single publication that she reads -- this, after Katie Couric gave her three chances during their interview to respond. Sarah Palin is a very dangerous.

She has reached her level of success in Alaska, because she is perkey, frisky -- remember "the wink" -- and outgoing. The Current Occupant of the White House is all those things as well. And look where he has gotten us.

Anonymous said...

Note regarding my above post ^^

I see all of my infractions, so please don't call me out on any of them. Sarah Palin makes me crazy, and that craziness trickled down to my fingertips.

J said...

I think Matt Damon put it best when he talked about the possibility of Palin becoming President of the USA being like a really bad Disney movie.

Anonymous said...

First thing white girls do in college is have as much sex and drugs as they can tolerate. Many leave after the first semester because the profs don't care that you are hitting it all. Then, everyone knows who you are and who you done. You need to find greener pastures. I exaggerate, but those who went know of what I speak.

Rachael Ray is the Party Girl. Chirpy, perky, loud. She brings energy to the place...unless she brings her zombie, life-stealing boyfriend/husband. Oh, real chefs expect effort. RR only asks us to have happy thoughts.


Swiff said...

Question: Who won the debate? Sarah Palin or Joe Biden?

CNN Biden 51 Palin 36
CBS Biden 46 Palin 21
Fox Biden 61 Palin 39

Seda said...

Off topic, I know, but this is one white woman with no celebration about O.J. I just think the whole thing is sad. Too many black men have been convicted and even executed based on flimsy, false, or framed evidence for me to celebrate the conviction of another, or freak out at one's aquittal.

As a white transwoman who's spent almost all of her life in communities that are 95% or more white, I can't pretend to any real understanding of the experience of being black in America, but I can say I've witnessed the subtle - and sometimes not so subtle - racism y'all live with. I don't pretend to believe we're all playing on a level field. I suffer from the discrimination of the dominant white male culture, too.

I sincerely hope that you will count me an ally in your struggle, and also that you will be an ally with me in mine.

Anonymous said...

Now field, there was no reason to bust on poor Alex Trebek just because he reads answers to questions from his notes like Ms. SP. After all, to my knowledge he never uses "doggonit" or other little folksy words that white people from my Grandmother's generation stopped using 50 years ago.

And as far as I know he isn't bugging out on any subpoenas that have been issued for him to testify.

Of course, I could be wrong. About the subpoena part that is.

Steven D

Oli said...

LMAO at that pic

Susan Gray said...

Field, You probably made Jody's day with that route..and mine by affiliaton. Now, we just need the time. And many people really know what you look like. Maybe you get a stunt double? LOL

s. douglas said...

Forget her stance on the economy, or foreign policy, that's nothing.

The nit thinks the Earth is 6000 years old, and that Adam and Eve used to ride dinosaurs around the Garden of Eden.

Not only is she unqualified to serve as VP, she shouldn't even be allowed to speak in public.

Anonymous said...

Seda -

I'm down with that..;0P