Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who is really being divisive?

When it comes to politrick-sters, I have to be honest, I don't respect too many of them. Most of them are lying phonies, who care more about staying in power than looking out for the interests of the people that they are supposed to be serving. Most of them. Of course there are exceptions.

Take my man John Lewis (D-Georgia) for instance. My man is a true civil rights icon, who speaks with a speech impediment to this day, because he got his ass kicked by racist mobs during the height of the civil rights struggle.

Lewis is a true field Negro, and is a man who I have the utmost respect for. And now, as if I didn't respect him enough, he went and made this statement today, calling out Mr. Morton and his beauty queen, sidekick (who by the way, got her ass booed at the Flyers game in Philly today) for their despicable and ignoble behavior during the last days of their campaign. I know that desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures, but this is ridiculous.

Playing "dog whistle" politics, and playing on the fears of others to win an election in this manner, has got to be a new low in A-merry-can poli-tricks. Notice I said a "new low", because A-merry-can politics has gone down this low road before. But it worked, and repukelicans will keep going to this well until it is dry. It is all they have left.

Of course Mr. Morton's camp is disappointed that Mr. Lewis would say these bad things about them. After all, it's the democrats and not republicans who are injecting race into this campaign.

"The Arizona senator said Lewis statement 'represent a character attack against Governor Sarah Palin and me that is shocking and beyond the pale.'
He said Lewis' comparison between criticism of Obama's record and Wallace's segregationist policies 'unacceptable and has no place in this campaign.'
McCain called on Obama "to immediately and personally repudiate these outrageous and divisive comments that are so clearly designed to shut down debate 24 days before the election"

Why should he? And please O man do not throw John Lewis under the bus like the rest of your former friends. He is right. And for John McCain to accuse John Lewis of being "divisive" --a man he praised as one of his heroes in a previous debate --is like Pamela Anderson calling someone else a slut.

Divisive? A man who spent most of his life trying to being people together by fighting for civil rights in this country? Wow! Talk about hubris, these rethugs have plenty of it.

"What I am seeing reminds me too much of another destructive period in American history....
George Wallace never threw a bomb, he never fired a gun, but he created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans who were simply trying to exercise their constitutional rights. "Because of this atmosphere of hate, four little girls were killed on Sunday morning when a church was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama."

Welcome to the new A-merry-ca Mr. Lewis. I am just sorry that you have to live through this crap again.


Unknown said...

Field -- I agree with you. John Lewis said what others should have said once Sarah Palin started down this terrible path. What exactly do we have as blacks in America to say that John McCain has done for us? Didn't he vote against Dr. King Day. His civil rights record is dubious at best and because he went to Selma, doesn't make him a civil rights champion. I am appalled that it took John McCain several days before he had the guts to repudiate this dispicable display of racism by his nutjob followers. I say bravo to John Lewis and I wouldn't apologize to McCain and that idiot he has for a VP.

Check out the latest racist Barack Obama billboard at Black Political Thought:

Anonymous said...

Hi Field,

John Lewis is right on the money...As I have stated before...McShame VP was beyond crazy...After she opened her mouth (not the written speeches) but her own words...had real Rep conservation like what the hell is she talking about (is this all McClain campaign about)......Now today by McShame trying to check two of his supporters about using the Arab word describing the O man..too little too late (you started this now O man is going to finish it)...

McClain knows what is supporting him now is a brunch of hate morgers.

People are broke, losing their homes and retirement/saving and all he has in Soccer/Pit Bull, racist governor deliver hate speeches (one after another)....


Anonymous said...

A man handling out Obama monkey at Palin's rally. John lewis was right

SingaporeSwim said...

One of McC's operatives appeared on MSNBC just today upholding the "Obie pals around w/terrorists" line even though McC publicly disavowed that yesterday.
I guess McC's position on that, as w/everything else, changes daily.

McCain and his surrogates are so not on the same page but, rest assured, they're using the same playbook.

Ann Brock said...

so now McCain is calling on Obama to condemn John Lewis's statement. What is it that he's not getting?

There are plenty of people on all sides of the political spectrum who have criticized the rhetoric coming from his campaign. What in the world makes Palin think that trying to characterize Obama as an out of control abortionist is less dangerous than calling him a terrorist?

Does this woman ever read a paper? Is she totally oblivious to the violence done by anti-abortion extremists? This campaign is hopeless.

McCain experienced FIRSTHAND the fruits of his and Palin's labor at a rally in Minnesota yesterday, having to repeatedly talk his rabid supporters down from their ignorant and erroneous biases.

John Lewis,
was merely stating the obvious--if you sow the seeds of violence, you're going to reap violence. The McGovern campaign is an historical fact and, apparently for McCain, an uncomfortable precedent. He may not like the comparison, but then he should stop engaging in the behavior.

Hathor said...

I believe it was a comment in your last post that said Deja Vu. It struck me because I had started a post called Deja Vu on my blog. Now this statement by John Lewis. The people who don't recognize this, were either too young, willing racist in the past or too self righteous to feel that racism existed enough for them to pay attention.

There are those who truly think they are above this sort of thing, while supporting thrash in order to have their one issue given a chance; winning in Iraq, less government, lower taxes, or abortion. They will want to make you small and say you are playing the race card. Don't they realize we are not repentant.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blogging!!


SingaporeSwim said...

In the wake of Troopergate, Mooselini [McC's sycophantic sidekick] is temporarily refraining from hitting O on ethics.
In lieu of, she's blasting O as an ultra radical baby killer.

She exemplifies moral hazard.

Anonymous said...

Field, I'm so happy your city's sports fans gave Palin the "Santa Claus Treatment" this evening.

John Lewis is a great American hero that I'm glad is still here for us when we need him the most.

I was very happy that Obama didn't throw him under the bus. In fact, it sounded like he was supporting him.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of having voted for both Rep. Lewis and President-elect Obama already!

I have decided not to expend any more energy on the other "people" (i feel that I am being generous with that classification) running for's hard not to just filth flarn filth filth flarn about the &^%$#! though

Anonymous said...

I guess Strawberry, McShame VP getting booed today is almost the end of her ride......

The heifer was used to bring out and get the women vote, but it backfire....

She is a puppet....She stood up there on those stadiums promoting hate..

What goes around come around....

Anonymous said...


I think you're off on this one - I really think this is a positive - Bill Clinton going Moscow being a secret commie agent, Hillary burning the American flag, etc. I think this campaign is as sleazy as 1992, and that is a sign of progress

I hear stuff I can't stand at democratic rallies - Bush's link to the nazis, etc., etc. Those folks don't speak for me or Obama - and I and Obama don't owe an apology for the 9/11 truthers or LaRouchies who seem to come out every election cycle and say bizarre stuff. Some ignorant fools calling obama osama isn't going to stop me "from exercising my constitutional rights" and shouldn't stop anyone else. John Lewis is trying to get his team elected, no more no less.

EzMun said...


I'll be damned if John Lewis didn't just earn my respect again. Way to go John Lewis, especially after your thing supporting Hillary ... then supporting the O-ster.

ch555x said...


Anonymous said...

John Lewis is an American hero.

John McCain is an embarrassment. He is a spoiled, egotistical, lying, cheating, thieving little man with no morals or character. Until now he has been able to hide behind the "patriot", "POW", "maverick" labels while pursuing his own selfish interests. If there is any good in all of this it is that MCCain is being seen for what he is and his supporters are being seen for what they are.

Seda said...

I feel sad to see McCain jumping on Lewis for what he said - but I feel kinda good for having said basically the same thing as Lewis in my blog earlier this morning. Unrelated, of course.

McCain is scared. And well he should be. He ain't gonna make it.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Well there were (are) still some Black people that supposed to be supporting his campaign. Now that he has to reach for the gutter I hope they wake up. And that cop that was at the Klan rally in police uniform should definitely get fired. Let his savior bail him out. At the least someone should start reviewing his case files as they may find other illegal acts.

Anonymous said...

quote: The Arizona senator said Lewis statement "represent a character attack against Governor Sarah Palin... : unquote

Well technically, she would have to have some moral character in order for it to be attacked. So it's a moot point. She's one of those fake ass Christians that believe that vengeance is hers and everyone else can wait for pie up in the sky.

Damn, three more weeks of this bullshit. November 4th can't get here fast enough. McSame can go to an old folks home and Miss Ethically Challenged can transition back to obscurity and hopefully right on into oblivion. Please let her take her Fascist hate brigades along for the ride over the bridge to nowhere.

Anonymous said...

McCain is going negative because he's down in the polls. Obama would do the same in his shoes. With what he has to use against Obama I just can't say this has been a overly negative campaign yet, the Wright angle could be used but I believe Obama will be the next President. I wish him wise decisions.


EzMun said...


I disagree with your comment that Obama would do the same thing if in McCain's shoes. Recent history has already shown your comment not to be true. I not the type of person to defend every thing Obama does, but one thing you can say is that he plays above board and is practically incapable of playing dirty. The man can barely get in a jab without triangulating with a kum ba ya comment.

Case in point, when Hillary was gaining on him in the primaries, trouncing him in Puerto Rico, West Virginia, Kentucky.

I doubt very seriously Obama would have waited a damn week to quell racist talk on his behalf. And he damn sure wouldn't be stoking it. It's not in his blood.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"Obama would do the same in his shoes. With what he has to use against Obama I just can't say this has been a overly negative campaign yet, the Wright angle could be used but I believe Obama will be the next President. I wish him wise decisions."


I like you as a person, but I'm little disappointed in you for making that statement. I disagree with you. I want you to think back a few weeks ago, Obama was down in the polls and McCain had the lead. I didn't see him go and encourage his supporters to "kill whitey" nor did I see him or Biden going out trying to incite violence. Senator Obama has been more than polite and generous in overlooking and forgiving McCain and his racist antics considering how they've tried every thing they could think of to humilate him and degrade him. In fact, he has been so humble, until even his own supporters at times were begging him to just once fight back.

As for Reverend Wright, he and Senator Obama are two different people. Reverend Wright wasn't a racist and he still isn't a racist. MSM made him a racist, and their motives in making a racist out of him with edited snippets wasn't right, that's why it backfired and Obama still moved on to win the Democratic nomination. They even tried to make Obama out of a racist, a man who is half white himself, comes from a multiracial family, who loves his white side of the family, but his skin color just happens to be that of an African American. I can relate to that.

As for McCain's campaign not being overly negative, I really have to beg your pardon on that one, but then on the other hand, I sort of have to overlook your observation, because you don't know what it's like to be black and go through what blacks have went through in America the so-called land of the free, and justice and liberty for all where all men are suppose to be EQUAL. However, that seems to fall short when it comes to people of color as does justice, which is if the truth be told means JUST US.

McCain/Palin have incited the worse of element in the white race. Those people are ignorant and full of hatred toward other human beings because of their skin color. However, McCain and Palin both are showing their true colors. They both represent pure evil in the highest form. They lie, their full of hate, and greed. Palin thinks more of herself then she ought.

I guess, if one of those folks that they've riled up with all of their violent pep talks lately follows through and assassinate Obama, you along with MSM will be making up and excuses for McCain and Palin again. Both of them are a disgrace to this nation and should step down from the election. I agree with John Kerry. McCain's half-hearted attempts at calming down what he has started is a bunch of BS as well. The only difference now is that he is trying to be a little slicker with it. Granny is too old a cat to be fooled by a kitten and I see through McCain and Palin.

There has never been an election in my entire life like this one and with this tone.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Amen Ezmun,

Szpork, you must haven't been following politics this season because--No way in hell Obama would stoop so low as to do what McCain did. Barack Obama has always taken the high road, always relaxed & cool under pressure. There's no dirtiness anywhere. He has ran the most dignified campaign in the history of politics. Obama has set the stage for a new kind of politics. The old way is on it's way out and the door is being slammed on that mofo! Don't let it hit you in the @ss!

Anonymous said...

Brother Field.... people of Honorable John Lewis' age can just smell "Crow". The G-8 summits gonna look real strange{LOL} when Brother Obama stroll out for the picture sessions. That that last ring of the white man's onion. By the way... the "Obama Hustle" can tone up them legs for your devue/:)

Bob said...

Barack should say to McCain, "Don't complain to me about it. Stop whining, be a man, call Rep. Lewis & make your peace with him. He knew Dr. King personally. Obviously there are issues you need to discuss with him."

rikyrah said...

Lewis was on point. And so was OBama's response. Lewis knows a Klan rally when he sees one, and he had flashbacks watching Mr. Morton/Caribou Barbie this week.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"people of Honorable John Lewis' age can just smell "Crow".

Amen, we old folks can smell it a mile away.

John Lewis is a good man and has rightfully earned respect. I had to take one of my blood pressure pills after looking at those ads on that other web site. That made my blood boil. McCain and Palin campaign tactics almost made Granny cuss. Enough is enough!

It's time for people to start speaking up, because what they've done is an outrage. Trying to win an election at the expense of another human beings life by giving hate speeches is going too far and way overboard.

I'm curious now and wanting to know what Palin's church teaches, because it sure isn't "Love thy Neighbor As thyself." The pastor that prayed at one of their rallies today, prayer was even out of line. You don't pray curses or for bad things to happen to people. You pray for good things to happen and pray blessings into their life, and that includes your enemies. You bless those that curse you, do good to those who despitefully misuse you.

Palin is the modern day Jezebel, she enjoys giving hate speeches. If things didn't go Jezebel's way, she was vindictative and dangerous. Jezebel was extremely religious too, but she worshipped the god of hate, which was her downfall. Palin is pure evil. McCain is the modern day King Saul, he was jealous of David and tried to have him killed. The people favored David more than they did King Saul and that made Saul so jealous he wanted David dead.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Karen said...

I'm not sure why O should be expected to say anything about it at all? It's so racist for McCain to request that and really reduces the man that Lewis is into just a neighborhood guy that O needs to stifle. And no one in the media is jumping on that, I haven't seen it. He didn't tell Obama to request a retraction of anything any other private citizen has said about the campaign. He's basically saying, "Keep your people in line Barack."

Idiots, god.

This is the hardest thing for the old and creaky boomer generation to realize: that not all black people are the same person.

I'm so glad Palin was booed today, but I feel really sorry for those kids of hers.

Cheri said...


Yes, I feel sorry for those kids too, because it isn't their fault that their parents have decided to thrust them into the limelight.

Unfortunately the sins of the father (in this case the mother) are often revisited upon the child.

Christopher said...

Rep. John Lewis merely told the truth and the Republican machine behind the Old Coot and McCandy can't handle the truth.

There's been much chatter the past 48 hours about the Old Coot "tamping down the character assassination rhetoric" about Obama. Don't anyone buy it for a hot San Francisco minute.

As recently as yesterday afternoon at 4:00PM EST, a McCain surrogate was on MSNBC spinning the William Ayers shit to David Shuster. To his credit, Shuster gave the surrogate three chances to back away from it but, the surrogate was having none of it.

Back to Rep. John Lewis. Didn't the Old Coot once say Lewis is "one of the wisest men I know?"

The Mad Bomber said...

Couldn't agree more with you about the Republicans' desparation tactics, as well as about Lewis. Lewis was absolutely right to call out the Republicans and their Deputy Cheerleader, who have obviously now apparently decided to Go Neg. At least as of now, the polls show it's not working; in fact, it seems to be backfiring on them.

As to how Obama will respond to McCain's pathetic challenge, I submit to you there is one sure way to forecast it: Take a look at the tracking polls. Unlike Lewis, Obama is the quintessential modern politician who plays it by the wind. Like Nixon and Clinton, Obama will toss whoever the American People want him to toss under the bus. Whatever his virtues, Barack Obama is no John Lewis.

field negro said...

This McCain campaing is confusing the hell out of me. He is saying tone down the rhetoric, but his surrogates are in T.V., playing to the worst of our fears. Sad.

noreaster, I agree with you that people at the top cnnot be all held accountable for what all of their supporters do. But when it's the people at the top doing the outrageous name calling and making do whistle claims, it's them that should be held accountable.

"Brother Field.... people of Honorable John Lewis' age can just smell "Crow"."

still panther2,I wonder what crow smells like? I think I have smelled it before.

"Szpork, you must haven't been following politics this season because--No way in hell Obama would stoop so low as to do what McCain did. Barack Obama has always taken the high road,.."

co-sign with justice58.In fact, the O man has been tougher on his own peeps from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Screw much fun as it is to see him reduced to tossing various snotty fits about "mean nasty liberal racists," as he finds his base reduced to only the pitchfork waving morons,the O-man needs to start ignoring cheap assed snipes like what that senile old coot and that worthless running mate of his are spewing out right now.

The O-man needs to realize that he is going to be the next President of these (very-un)United States, according to just about every poll outside of those sponsored by fox news.

He needs to have a Renewed Deal ready for roll-out right now.

The fact is, that the U.S. has dual addictions to oil and foreign wars, and we need to start the steps out of those two very nasty addictions that are destroying this country. If we can not kick those two habits, well, there is really no hope for us, and this place is destined to ultimately be reduced to a 3rd world cesspool in the next 50 years.

He will also need to start making it very clear that we will only print money to help create jobs, shore up the flailing small business sector, repair our infrastructure, protect the environment, fix that joke of a public education system, and make sure the basic human needs of shelter, nutrition and proper health care are available for every American.

My humble opinion's time for the O-man to realize that he has his work cut out for him, and he doesn't have the time to mess around with any more McSame/Rove distraction techniques.

You remember the old saying..."be careful what you wish for, you just may get it"? I think it may apply here.

Susan Gray said...

Went to your blog this morning and I was struck by how much space you are giving to house negro, James T hater. Is there not some way to get the point across, without giving him so much space? Hate to see so much given to someone of so little character. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

"McCain called on Obama "to immediately and personally repudiate these outrageous and divisive comments that are so clearly designed to shut down debate 24 days before the election""

My head is going to explode. These people have no shame. Where is today's Edward R. Murrow? Who in the media, besides Olbermann and Moyers, is going to stand up and say "Enough!"

Noreaster, the Bush Family financial and philosophical links to Nazi Germany are very real. There is no comparison between Prescott Bush's associations with financial institutions that profited before and during the war, and Obama's association with William Ayers. If a leftist had been associated with the Soviets the way Prescott Bush was associated with the Nazis, the leftist would have been tried and convicted for treason.

Granny, I realize your question was rhetorical, but I'm going to answer it anyway, for the benefit of anyone who may still not know. Palin's church teaches that they are "warriors for God" and that these are the End Times. Anything that they can say or do that will speed up God's timeline is permitted and encouraged. She is affiliated with an offshoot from the Assemblies of God called the Third Wave/New Apostolic Reformation. This heretical movement believes in 'spiritual warfare' against demons and Witches. Among their named demons are the Queen of Heaven, the Goddess Diana, and the Catholic Mary. (Notice they are all female deities.) And of course by now everyone knows the story about Pastor Muthee the "witch hunter," who prayed over Palin to protect her from "witchcraft." The Woman Who Would Be President holds a 17th century view of the world.

Anonymous said...

@ sharon:

As you poiny out: "This heretical movement believes in 'spiritual warfare' against demons and Witches."

Yeah, a pity they don't actually stick to spiritual methods and instead endorse harrassment and physical inimidation...

Anonymous said...


I was in your hometown yesterday. That's right, I went to West Philly to volunteered at the rally signing up others to volunteer in support for Obama. I also canvased by knocking on doors, encouraging to folks to vote on Nov 4. It is my belief that this something I should, and it's my responsibility as citizen of this country to do more. Sarah Palin is right that this country is imperfect. However, it's up to all of to us to improve it. I do not have this blind faith that this country is great particularly in the wake of a economic and financial crisis as it is evident that we need to change outlook and be realistic to save it. As Bill Maher said the other night that we can no longer live under a repetition that we had over 50 years ago of being a power nation. We are living nostalgia of days long since past, and are no longer conducive today's reality. People who tend live in the past, aren't realistic about the past not being that great in the first place.

Sarah Palin put fear into the crowds by inferring that Obama is a terrorist and he shouldn't be trusted because he my have ties with terrorists who could harm us. The crowd isn't very smart, all they know is that Obama does not have a name like theirs. A good old-fashioned name like Billy Bob, they missed the days when blacks had their place in society and the average-joe could thrive. They felt superior although there are other indictions to the contrary. They are looking for the days of the 50s, and realistically those days weren't so great with the expansion of the civil rights movement, the Korean conflict, McCarthyism, and bomb shelters. They are afraid of losing something that didn't exist, but really a hope of aspiration that never transpired. They believe the Madison Avenue Execs. those liberals who lived on the East and West coast that the created the "American Dream." concept.

If something should happened to Barack Obama, then Sarah Palin will have to live with the thought that she encouraged the behavior through speeches, and people will hold her responsible for her involvement. She will have to live throughout the rest of her life that people will not look at her this attractive, but as an instigator who provoked some mentally deranged individual into a heinous act who heard her speaking and cemented his or her belief that killing Obama is the right thing to do because Sarah placed that final nail in the coffin for the person, and that is a frightened thought. Does Charles Manson come to mind? Who I am kidding so does Hitler.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across a picture that cheered me up immensely:

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, those Philadelphia fans booing Palin has got me pulling for the Phillies to win the world series.

Yes, John Lewis is a good man. And he has spoken out before, even going against the democratic party. Remember: he stood on the house floor and said he will never vote for one dime to go to senseless and illegal Iraq war.

Obama would be crazy to throw him under the bus. Just as the late Paul Wellstone was the conscience of the Senate, Lewis is the conscience of the House. Blessings.

SingaporeSwim said...

That caption does it for me. LOVE IT!

Seda said...

"The fact is, that the U.S. has dual addictions to oil and foreign wars, and we need to start the steps out of those two very nasty addictions that are destroying this country. If we can not kick those two habits, well, there is really no hope for us, and this place is destined to ultimately be reduced to a 3rd world cesspool in the next 50 years."

You got that right. The last thing we need right now is "100-Year-War" McCain.

That picture's AWESOME!

Dark Moon said...

Apparently Rep Lewis had to ameliorate his remarks

Still, Lewis did note before, for all those crazy Republicans who think he betrayed McCain:

"Lewis said in a statement "Sen. McCain and I are colleagues in the US Congress, not confidantes. He does not consult me. And I do not consult him."

Thus, why is MC Cain simulating this shocked outrage.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I'm not surprised by McCain's false claim of outrage. The Republicans always try to blame the Democrats for what the Republicans are guilty of and is the main reason why people who are not gullible don't trust the Republican party. It wouldn't surprise me if in the next few days, McCain accuses Obama of inciting violence and hate at his rallies. This would be typical of a Republican candidate, to expect anything worthy of integrity is asking too much from McCain and Palin.

Anonymous said...

Hennasplace said... "They are afraid of losing something that didn't exist, but really a hope of aspiration that never transpired."
It is a sign of aging when you start to live in the past. It is a sign of folly when you start to live in fastasy.

Someone else said "...the old and creaky boomer generation to realize: that not all black people are the same person."

I am aghast that we "old and creaky boomer generation" seems to have a lot of responsability for how things are in this country in a lot of different areas, but what just blows me away with these old and older farts is the viscious bigotry and hate that they spew.

Thank you to all of you; you who insert links to blogs and videos. I feel that I should not take the time to just wander, you really maximize my computer time. Again thanks, I am getting the political and historical education of my life. I follow almost every link; I am running a reading list of books that are mentioned and referenced.

If Sen. Obama has his work cut out for him. We need to buckle down and figure out what our work should be. I cannot spend any time now, I am maxed out for the next couple of months, but I need to do something to give back.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"It is a sign of aging when you start to live in the past. It is a sign of folly when you start to live in fastasy."

Yup, us old folks can be a mess at times. (smile) My children and grandkids remind me of that all the time.(smile) I've lived long enough to know that human nature can be interesting,at other times entertaining, but sometimes it can be dangerous. McCain and Palin's human nature falls in the dangerous category.

Nevertheless, it's time for a changing of the guards, and us old folks need to step back and let these young people take their rightful places. After all, it's their future, not ours, our future or present, whatever you choose to call it has almost come to an end. BTW, I like this younger generation way of thinking better, because they truly understand better what MLK's dream really meant. I see it daily in how they tend to choose their friends not based on their skin color but on the content of their character, what they have in common, and they see them as their equal.

I pray that I get to hang around for many more years to come and see the realization of their vision come true and put in practice.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, Granny!

EzMun said...

Hypocrisy in the McCain-Palin camp knows no bounds. Don't be fooled for a minute. While claiming outrage over John Lewis' remarks while stoking the racially charged klan atmosphere, the McCain camp is now claiming that Michelle Obama has terrorist connections because--get this--she was an associate attorney in the Chicago offices of Sidley & Austin, a prominent national law firm, at the same time that Bill Ayers' wife Bernardine worked there.

What I'm having a hard time understanding is whether they're saying that Sidley & Austin also has terrorist connections for hiring Ayers' wife, because this is getting really stupid now. See

EzMun said...

That link should have been

momo said...

When I read the stories of how John Lewis was one of two men savagely beaten in South Carolina, of how he was arrested 40 times for standing up for his rights, for being a "community organizer" and that McCain's campaign has the unmitigated gall to shriek for apologies when he says what we all know? It makes me mad and scared, but then it also reminds me that McCain is trying to distract us all from the fact that the Alaskan bi-partisan investigation concluded that she abused the power of her office in firing an official who refused to do her dirty work. He's trying to distract us all from the fact that his campaign is sinking in the polls after every debate and with every day's news cycle. But it's not working. With every bit of ugliness, he drives more disgusted Republicans to vote for Obama. He drives more of us to donate, volunteer, and get out and vote. The naked display of racism and the attempts to incite hatred will appeal to some, but they will not be the majority on my birthday, november 4th! One of my birthday presents will be FN's run. I hope there will be a video.

Anonymous said...

The media goes on and on about Ayers, but what about Todd Palin's role in the Alaskan Independence Party? Given what we now know about Todd Palin's role in his wife's administration--the man appears to be a co-governor, if not shadow governor--the MSM ought to be talking about the First Dude's many years in the Alaskan Independence Party.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I read about that on the Huffingtonpost the other day, and had mentioned it in here. McCain is really showing the world what a dirty scoundrel he really is. What upsets me the most is that Ayers is a law abiding citizens that has done a lot for his community in education. That man is older now, and has transformed into a well-respected leader in his community. Who gives a dung about something that happened 40 years ago because since then, that man has turned his life around? If I was McCain, I'd be more worried about Palin the secessionist, which is more recent activity in an organization, because she is a little too overly ambition and look like she has her eye on the Presidency. Palin might pull one of Dick Cheney's hunting numbers. She is not to be trusted.

Back in the 60's and
70's practically everyone of every age was protesting and rebelling against the government about something, because the government wasn't right, and basically, the same stuff is going on today.

Even Granny was a protestor. We had civil rights protesters, bra burners, flag burners, Vietnam protestors, women rights protestors, militants, black power, brown power, and the list goes on. And back then, at one time or another some of those protestors in different organizations got together and and helped each other out by protesting for their cause as well.

That ain't nobody, but Sean Hannity behind that BS, pressing the issue about Ayers and trying to make a molehill out of a mountain. I bet Sean won't make an issue out of his association with Hal Turner, the white supremacist, who wants people to assassinate government officials. Sean gets tie-tongue when you talk about Hal Turner.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen, Sheila! I was thinking the same thing.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I sure hope that they free David Kernell. I'm praying that they do. He might make a good investigative journalist.

field negro said...

"Went to your blog this morning and I was struck by how much space you are giving to house negro, James T hater"

sfd98, believe me it's not even about old James. He simply represents something bigger. A nefarious move by the rethugs and all their minions to show that one self hating black man represents the views of many other people of color. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Even black republican conservatives have self respect. They would not put on a show like that handkerchief head Negro did for all the world to see.

So let's give him his 15 minutes now. And let's hope that is all he will get for the rest of his life.

Granny, I am with you on David Kernell.

Sharon, I haven't had a chance to check out that pic yet. I am almost scared to, though. Looking at it won't turn me into an Obamaholic will it? I know you people have some secret powers.

"One of my birthday presents will be FN's run. I hope there will be a video."

momo, I would much rather send you a nice Hallmark card.

Dark Moon said...

It wouldn't surprise me if in the next few days, McCain accuses Obama of inciting violence and hate at his rallies.
Grannyfortruth, It looks like they are using their hired Gun--that awful, sickly James T Harris to do just that!

Anonymous said...

Nasty politics has been with this country since John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The rhetoric is part if the game.

McCain and Obama will have a nice dinner together after this fiasco is over. Their wives will swap hugs and stories.

While I do not deny Lewis' powerful influence in civil rights and excellent qualities, I think it was irresponsible of Lewis to compare McCain to Wallace - not good.

Keep in mind that McCain will not be out of power if he losses the election. Quite the contrary - he will move power either way the election goes.