Saturday, October 18, 2008

Does sacrifice only come from Pro American places?

Sarah Palin only likes to visit places where they love A-merry-ca. Places that are "Pro-American". I wonder what and where those places are? I always thought that most A-merry-cans love America. Even if they live in left leaning blue places like San Fransisco and Boston. But I am pretty sure I know what Sarah means when she says that; I am pretty sure I know who she really thinks loves A-merry-ca. Yep, the same folks the O man talked about who love their guns, their religion, and their small town way of life. Isolated. A very homogeneous existence far away from "dem dere" big cities and all those nig....ahhh, people.

I bet Sarah wouldn't consider Philly one of those A-merry-ca first places she likes to visit (Thank you for dropping the puck at the Flyers game Sarah, they haven't won a fucking game since). Too many of us here. And too many of those damn secular, progressive, liberals. As you may or may not know, liberals, and people who don't believe in jesus, are not A-merry-can.

But I wonder what Sarah would say to Jean Feggins; a woman who lost her son in Iraq, and a woman who had to suffer the further indignity of her own government covering up her son's death.

Her son's name wasn't Pat Tillman, so you have probably never heard of him. But what happened to another brave patriotic young man, PFC Albert Markee Nelson (Yes Sarah even though he is from Philly, and probably would have voted for Barack Obama, he was a patriot) is worth knowing about as well, and if you don't know about him, you should take the time to find out. Because while he might not have been a big time pro football player, his story is just as sad and compelling.

Sarah has a son in Iraq too, but his service counts for more, because he is from a place where they love A-merry-ca, and his parents aren't bleeding heart liberals. Ain't that right Sarah?

Ms. Feggins, sorry for your loss. I am sure Sarah would tell you herself, but she is a little busy right now, reaching out to the people who really love their country, and whose children's sacrifice really matter.


Anonymous said...

Rep. Michelle "Tailgunner Joe" Bachmann says Liberals = Leftists = Un-American, and calls for an investigation:

Anonymous said...

We saw Obama in person when he came up to NH the other day. He warned us all not to get cocky in the final days, and I'm sure he's right... but it's hard not to juxtapose a ticket that tries to say we're ALL Americans and a ticket that thinks divide-and-conquer is the only way to go.

A McCain adviser yesterday, for example, said northern Virginia is not the "real" Virginia, i.e., not American, too blue, etc.

Yeah creep, and as I recall, in the primaries Northern VA went for your boy McCain, while the "real" Virginia seemed to like Huckabee a lot better.

I can't wait to wipe these jerks out Nov. 4. Keep doing those situps Field!


Anonymous said...

"it's hard not to juxtapose a ticket that tries to say we're ALL Americans and a ticket that thinks divide-and-conquer is the only way to go"

This afternoon I watched Obama's concession speech following the NH primary. I don't think I had heard the entire speech before--I was kinda bogged down with school back in February. Seems like a long time ago. Yeah, there's no comparison really. Obama looks and sounds presidential, while McPalin appears to be running for dictator.

Jody said...

Sarah fuckin Palin obviously is cluesless as to the make-up of these United States.... she keeps alluding to the small towns as being the "real America." But, obviously dumbass doesn't realize that that 80% of people in the country live in urban and suburban areas....
So go ahead with your bad self Sarah.. Keep insulting the majority of Americans cuz come November 4th... we are gonna show you exactly what we urban, secular, liberal, latte sippin, gay supportin, domestic terrorist lovin people think of you!

black magic woman said...

Forgive me, but I am so tired of Sarah Palin, I want her political career to be utterly destroyed. I want her to be devoid of hope and to have her political aspirations and ambitions dashed. I am tired of her intolerant, ignorant, race-baiting ass.

The faster she goes away, the better we will all be.

Leslie said...

Thank you for making me aware of PFC Mark Nelson. My baby brother is serving in Iraq right now, and this story made me so angry.

And Sarah Palin has no clue about what true patriotism and America-loving is. All she knows is fear, jingoistic nonsense and cliches of insecurity.

field negro said...

"A McCain adviser yesterday, for example, said northern Virginia is not the "real" Virginia, i.e., not American, too blue, etc."

Jimbo,I heard about that story. I will give you one guess as to where the "real Virginia" is.

leslie, the more people that become aware of stories like this, the better.

dc, believe me, most of us just wish that she would just go away. Most of us.

rainywalker said...

Anybody listening to Sarah Palin and the things she is saying is one sorry excuse for a human being. I don't even listen to her anymore, she is just an attack dog.

Anonymous said...

What would the republicans do if they could only campaign on the issues and had to have every ad and TV spot approved by before they could run it?

Would be awfully quiet on the TV, telephone and newspapers and magazines, eh?

The war of course has been largely forgotten because the people in the red states can't deal with more than one issue at a time and even at that they have a hard time keeping focused. No wonder they are so fond of Sarah Palin. She makes it easy for them to understand the issues facing the country. Just a six pack and a wink (d'ya think she winked at Levi when Bristol told her she was preggers?) and a pat answer and they be just fine and dandy. She don't read none and they don't need to either.

In case you missed it, John Cleese (of Monty Python) compares Sarah Palin to a parrot. Brilliant observations as well as funny.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Palin is not an attack dog, she is a parrot with lipstick that happens to lack even a sliver of intellectual ability and is excessively catty.

You must have been reading Granny's mind, because I cross my heart and hope to spit, I was gone write the same thing.

Now, if any of you folks ever need an expertise advice on scientific geological matters just give ole Granny a call, because I can see the dirt in my rose garden,trees lined up and down my street, and the mountains from my backyard. Oops, I'm, also, an expert in astronomy, because I can see the moon, sun, sky, and stars when I sit out my front porch. Nuff said!

November 4, hurry up and get here.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me but I would be willing to bet that Sarey's boy isn't anywhere near the war. Sure, he got shipped to Iraqghanistan. But, then his new orders came and MethBoy now has to serve his hitch at Fort Knox, as the General's gopher.


Anonymous said...

There was a video circulating a few weeks ago where SP responded to a heckler by saying that her son was in Iraq fighting for his freedom so he could come and heckle her. Huh? Wow, I'm so glad we invaded Iraq unilaterally and earned the derision of the rest of the world. I feel so free.

You know the kid's protected 24/7 and is more of a burden on the military. I'm so sick of the idea that you're against the troops if you're against the war.

Anonymous said...

Brother Field.. do you believe Sarah Palin's son will be put in harms way? Think not. It too cumbersome for this due to Secret Service protection. These actions are planned just for political comeuppence. If she was not running for VP he will be at home working at some job. It shameful that these people will do anything to be elected or seem to make some sacrifice that others can't/will not do. All these actions comes too late. This war is 5-6 years old. He is in his late 20s. If he was so patriotic, why didnt he join the Regular Army 5-6 years ago? The bigger question is why a boy/man with a mother who has the means not educated in the best? For those of you who want to challenge my views... I can only say I am speaking from first hand knowledge. Been there, done that. Like spoiled, pampered McCain from my era... these are just fraud for the public because 99 percent of you will never know about war. Field, I hope I didnt jinx the young man, because this war is about being knocked off while in transit, they most likely have him and his crew in some safe area. God bless and protect all our troops. PS.. I really expect them to do like the Brits did for Prince Harry or the other son.

Hathor said...

Today my family in Georgia and North Carolina were able to vote early for Barack Hussein Obama; three generations, from 22 to 84 and 145 years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

I am sure that I had an ancestor on the this soil before there was even a Sarah Palin's birthplace and perhaps before any Palin ancestor had set foot on this soil. I have claim on this country no matter if I live in an urban or rural environment. My existence here is all thats necessary to be American and if there be dues paid it has been done with my ancestor's dust and blood in the dirt.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

" I have claim on this country no matter if I live in an urban or rural environment.My existence here is all thats necessary to be American and if there be dues paid it has been done with my ancestor's dust and blood in the dirt."

Amen, amen, and amen again Hathor. My sentiments exactly. The reason, I wrote that poem, is because we too are Americans. No matter what some may think or say, we are Americans.

Anonymous said...

And while they're sowing the seeds of hatred and division, take a look at the civil war going on in the Republican Party. Much of it over Sarah Palin.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Whenever, I hear McCain brag on his POW status, it grates on my nerves, because there were a lot of service men that went to Vietnam that didn't make it back, and some that made it back, were never the same again mentally. I had many family members that died in Vietnam. I have family members on both sides of my family that are in Iraq today. It burns me up to think that they are over there fighting a war that was based on foolishness, recklessness, and a lie. Their life is far more precious than what Bush and McCain have equated it to be and that's the way I see it.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to quote myself from my blog...

Fuck off, Sarah Palin. Go home and secede from the United States before we settle our national debt by plundering Alaska of its natural resources and then selling the land to the Russians.

That's all I wanted to say. :)

Bob said...

Heck, Biden's son sacrificed a lot to serve. But I bet he understands it's mostly the underclasses putting their lives on hold & on the line. Who are the greatest patriots? A buncha freakin' Repugs who start wars to make themselves filthy rich? Or kids who want to live to come home & use their benefits to go to the state college?

Sharon from WI said...

I am African American (and Jewish). I am a daughter of a Navy veteran who served in the Korean War and a niece of thee uncles who served in WWII. A fourth uncle, like daddy, also served in the military during the Korea War.

And guess what? They all come from big cities (Milwaukee and Chicago).

Presently, I have a cousin who is career military who recently served in Iraq. He comes from Milwaukee and now resides in Washington, D.C.

So Sarah Palin should know what she can do with her empty-headed remarks.

Black Diaspora said...

What's McCain's slogan:

"Country First"?

It should read: Country First, But Only Those Parts I Like!

Anonymous said...

"I have claim on this country no matter if I live in an urban or rural environment. My existence here is all thats necessary to be American and if there be dues paid it has been done with my ancestor's dust and blood in the dirt."

This deserves a spot in the right margin. Heck, it deserves to be carved in stone.

On a lighter note, just to show that our next President has a good sense of humor, here is Obama's speech (in 2 parts) at the Al Smith Dinner this past week:

Best line, in my opinion: "I got my middle name from somebody who obviously didn't think I'd ever run for president."

Seda said...

First, for Ms. Feggins, my heart goes out to you. It must be so crushing to lose a child. My prayers are with you.

Second, I watched the video - and was struck by the instant cover-up. They didn't even stop to think about it. Nothing to try to figure out what happened and why, so that it could be prevented in the future; just instant "No it didn't happen" denial. That is cowardice and gross irresponsibility on the part of the military brass, and it discredits the entire military. And they call us unpatriotic? If patriotism means hiding your head in the sand and letting mistakes stand uncorrected, they can have it.

And last, the slow burn of an ongoing rage that our young people are subjected to this shit. Mr. Bush, there is an awful lot of blood on your hands. It would be simple justice to see you spend the rest of your life in a 10x12 cell with videos like that one playing on an endless loop.

Anonymous said...

Prince Harry actually did service, unlike the BushTwins or Sarey's MethBoy. He only left when outed by the Fox media. He wasn't full combat but he was close enough.


black magic woman said...

so, Colin Powell endorsed Obama. Not enough for him to get field negro status, I feel. Apparently when Massa chose Bible Spice, house negroes were not impressed.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

PAlin is just another rube who gives rural America a bad name. While I'm out canvasing for Obama this afternoon up the local creeks and hollers, I'll remember that.

field negro said...

Mold, you are right about Harry. I think dude really wanted to go to battle. Unlike someof our chicken hawk friends here in A-merry-ca.

dc, too late. I gave Colin FNOTD status today. It's not a strong FNOTD; because, like you said, he was in the house for awhile. But even house Negroes can change:)

r.j., straight to the point. I like that:)

Hawa Bond said...

I'm rushing out of the house to make a 2 hour trip to Perth Amboy NJ. And right now, I only have enough time to leave the following comment:


= = = = = =
Give to classroom projects in high-poverty schools via DonorsChoose 2008: Friends of Fackin Truth Blog (Participating via the AfroSpear with Black Bloggers for Education).

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this clueless trick is on SNL but won't do any interviews. Who's the celebrity? It seems she's like Paris Hilton riding the wave of popularity to be seen what's next the red carpet on Project Runway? WTF?I;m so sick of this chick I wish she would secede already.

Jody said...

Colin Powell's endorsement was, frankly, one of the more powerful endorsements I have heard.

And, I am no fan of his.

But, his challenging of the attacks on Muslim Americans and his challenging of the ugliness of the McCain campaign tactics, including picking Sarah Palin, was impressive.

This reflects the potential Obama has to truly unite this country, which will absolutely be required by the next President.

Chris said...

Jody - Completely agree that Powell's endorsement was powerful. I came on here to say the exact same thing about his challenge of the idea that the very fact of being Muslim brands someone as 'anti-american'. It's sickening how Arab/Muslim has become synonymous for terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Stillapanther2-the word is that Palin's son was busted doing some
illegal stuff and was given a choice between the military or jail. And it WOULD look much better for a running
VP to have a son in the military, you know? But I agree, I doubt he'll be put in harm's way.

Anonymous said...

Colin. Powell. Did. That.

He DID that....he left not ONE question confusion here folks....damn...he DID that. I will dedicate tomorrow to watching FoxNews...this will be FUN.

field negro said...

"WTF?I;m so sick of this chick I wish she would secede already..."


Yes Miranda, he did.Jody, I thought it was impressive as well.

"It's sickening how Arab/Muslim has become synonymous for terrorist."

Great point chris.