Friday, October 10, 2008



If you have been attending events for a certain political candidate over the past few days, the cries and shouts quoted above are what you were most likely to hear. The mood from the "patriotic" right has been a combination of both grim and angry ( Mr. Morton's wife has even accused her husband's opponent of putting her son in harms way). They cannot believe that this "exotic" unpatriotic, terrorist sympathizer could actually become their president. But the clock is running out, and from all appearances their guy is down by a couple of touchdowns. Not good.

Now, I have to confess, I am not all that patriotic (I know field, you are a "world citizen." Why don't you take your ganga smoking ass back to Jamaica, mon?). If I see two human beings drowning and I can only save one, I sure as hell won't ask to see his or her passport before I jump in. So you know where I stand on that issue. And because of my position on issues of patriotism, I tend to be less sympathetic to these rants about his O ness not being patriotic than the next guy. Honestly, the entire debate is kind of silly. And I tend to view people who waive flags or bibles too much with a cynical mistrustful eye. These are the same assholes who used to gather for social events centered around strange fruits hanging from trees back in the day. And I honestly don't think that they have changed much. The O man just brought out their inner hate.

So why is Mr. Morton doing this? Surely he must know that he is going to turn off independents with this latest campaign of anger and hate (Although, to his credit, Mr. Morton took some steps towards a higher road today). Someone should tell him that he is going to get the red neck anyone but the black man vote no matter what; and that reaching out to these people is pointless. He is just tarnishing his legacy and his reputation by allowing that crazy ass, empty headed, moose hunting fraud, to run wild at her modern day Klan rallies. Another side effect of all this anti Obama madness, is that he has fired up the O man's base, and first time voters have registered in record numbers to come out for his O ness. This is not good for Mr. Morton, and he had better hope for an early November snow storm here on the East Coast to keep these Negroes from coming out (You know we don't like the cold too much).

Today I was heading home and I saw a pretty large anti war crowd around city hall. In the crowd were quite a few enthusiastic young Obama supporters, who were passing out flyers and encouraging folks to come out for his O ness tomorrow.

"You going to the Obama rally tomorrow sir?"

"No, but I will be there in spirit."

"Are you going to vote in November?"

"Yes; are you?"

"Oh, you better believe it, this is the most important election of our lifetimes."

"How old are you," I asked him.

"Twenty four, sir."

"Don't worry, you are young. There will be quite a few more important elections in your future."

"Well, if we elect John McCain, I might not have a future sir."

The wisdom of youth.


Anonymous said...

Wow I get to be first.

I'll be succinct Fuck the Marionette, his mama, wife, and kids.

I've seen the video from Strongsville, Ohio. I was with folks earlier who protested Moose AmeriKa in Cincinnati.Wish I had been there.

I always knew McStupid was dangerous but I didn't realize how much until Tuesday. I haven't seen that much hate directed at one black man since the 60's.

They had better hope no one gets hurt.

Kellybelle said...

I was glad to see McCain try to get back some of his dignity from Karl Rove today. He started shaking his head like, "Even I don't believe the ish I'm saying." Still, he never should have gone there in the first place.

Rachel Maddow had a piece on where someone shouted "Bomb Obama." Rachel took it back to 16th Street Baptist and the four little girls and various other bombing during the '60s. It was a great way to show who the real domestic terrorists were back in the day.

Anonymous said...


I wonder if Palin will be impeached now that she has been found to have abused her power as governor of Alaska.

She's got some 'splainin' to do. Bwahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Why are they doing this?

Because the temptation is too great to see Field doing his streak through the streets of Philly, that's why. :-)

Swiff said...

I don't know about this Obama cat, man.....I read in a spam e-mail that he was a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Swiff said...
I don't know about this Obama cat, man.....I read in a spam e-mail that he was a Muslim.
Yet, he is polling higher or even with the war hero. So, either a large portion of voters could care less about the Muslim angle or enough people hate McCain at this point to vote for the devil. Thanks Bush!

Christopher said...

Now that the Alaska legislature determined McCandy is guilty of abusing her power as governor in the Troopergate scandal, I don't think this bitch will be flapping her piehole in public like she did last week dissin' Obama.

Of course, I could be wrong but I think we will see a more contrite McCandy, speaking on the issues and not fanning the flames of Obama's 'otherness.'

rainywalker said...

They need to get this under control bvefore we go back to 1964. The crazies are just waiting for a reason to come out of the woodwork. Palin is throwing gas on the fire and this could get out of hand and a lot of people hurt. This sounds like Hitler in 1932. I'm starting to get affraid for everyone and mostly the "O" Man who is keeping his chin up. I hear he has an 8 point lead in Wset Virgina now, they know where the bread and butter comes from, they are worried about jobs.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

The Crowd Pleaser has been busted by her own state regarding abuse of power.

You can't make this shyt up, Field. You just can't.

Seda said...

Hey, Field, thanks for the backwards bush clock! Got it on my blog now. :-)

This is freakin' amazing. It's hard to believe McSame & Pal-in aren't intentionally trying to incite an incident. I reeeaaally hope it backfires on 'em, big time.

Go, Obama!

Go, Ducks, too - I like that big "O" on their helmets!

Black Diaspora said...

A transplant from the previous blog. It still seems relevant. McPain is toning down his rhetoric, but I don't believe that he's having an attack of conscience. Here's what I said there:

McPain's backtracking not because he's suddenly grown a conscience; he's backtracking because he's catching hell from those republican's who believe that he's gone too far, that he's not only hurting himself, but republican's everywhere.

His rabble-rousing tactics are affecting other republican races--what with McPain-Paylend attacks questioning Obama's patriotism, and loose connection to a terrorist, and their firing up the base to believe that only republicans should be running the country. Period.

Yes, that how bad it's gotten--the republican base now wanting one nation under the republican platform.

Anonymous said...

McCain can't roll back what he started, and he knows it. He gets no pass from me.

I think that they are trying to stir things up so that election day will be deemed to dangerous, and they have it delayed. That way, enough people might get scared and move back towards McCain. But, pure stupidity on McCain's part is completely possible.

And Field, what do they put in the water up there? And here I was thinking that the Ohio video was bad. Rape victims should die? WTF???

(it's the 2nd video)

Did ya'll boo her ass at the hockey game?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I am in a sense, I'm in a daze tonight, after all that has taken place in this election process these last few days. Palin started a troubling fire that may have gotten out of control. I've felt that she had dangerous views. It was just something about her that wasn't right.

Unlike the GOP base, no one, including me, that was supporting Senator Obama has tried to incite folks to do bodily harm to her, or wish any bodily harm to her. Of that fact, I'm thankful, because that would be a total disgrace, discredit, and dishonor to Senator Obama, because his supporters are a reflection of him.

Those people who Palin and McCain have stirred up with thoughts of violence, hatred, and smears are a reflection of McCain and Palin. The thing is McCain/Palin put themselves in that position playing dirty politics. Senator Obama didn't do that to them, they did it to themselves.

Now, we have the troopergate report coming out today finding Palin guilty of ethics abuse of power as a governor. This is a sad day in America.

McCain/Palin and his co-chairman continued to put false accusations of Senator Obama being a gangster/thug, terrorist, foreign, unAmerican, and everything else in the book. What do you call what they've done, fun and games? I got it, they'll label it an unintentional mistake.

Not once has Palin apologized or showed any remorse. McCain made a sorry attempt at trying to put out the fire, but he was forced by his own party to do that. Other than that, I doubt if he would have done it. Palin will get off scott free,and they'll make up some flimsy excuse why she should be, because after all this America.

Well, I've learned that if you're non-white, your not American from Palin/McCain. We're a people that don't belong in this country, because we're not like them or one of them. You know what I don't want to be "one of them" or "like them", because it's no integrity in it. I am proud of who I am and who I was born in this world to be.

All white folks don't hold the same views as Palin/McCain, nor do all blacks hold the same views as James Harris. We have rotten apples in every barrel so to speak no matter what color their skin is. I've lived long enough to witness that with my own eyes and ears.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, here we go again. This time McCain is coming after Michelle Obama. Read this. Granny is giving McCain major eye rollage. I guess, next is the Obama kids. Don't believe his half-hearted defense of Obama today. It was as fake as fried ice cream.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Sarah Palin abused power of the Governor's office! She has abused the public's trust! And she has the audacity to question the character of Barack Obama! How freaking dare her!


Anonymous said...


Liked your response to the 24 yr old--like I've posted before, the only way to ensure an Obama victory is for the 18-25 yr old demographic AND African-Americans to register AND vote, no matter, sports, bongs, finals, parties notwithstanding...Obama needs both of these groups to walk, not just talk (remember Ohio in 2004 !)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, I guess McCain/Palin hasn't had enough of their dirty politics backfiring in their face. Some folks never learn. Strike one...strike two...McCain is up to bat again.

Peanuts, popcorn, drinks, anyone? Again, it won't work.

Cheri said...

Field, thanks so much for continuing to bring it back to the fact that McCain and Palin are victims of their own undoing.

As for the pseudoapologetic stance that McCain's taken today, here are my thoughts, I'm just not buying it. He's only changing his tune because of the backlash over the KKK-style rallies.

The bottom line is that these folks will use any tatic to win. As for the Cindy McCain Doctrine, well, it didn't suprise me that she came to Johnny Mac's rescue with a bunch of lies.

You would think that these folks would have learned from Hillary Clinton's undoing, due in part to her camp's divisive use of negative campaigining with race...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

As a former policitco I didn't understand this strategy either. They have the "I hate Negros" base, why alienate the undecideds and the moderates?

That said I'm glad all this ugliness is out in the open. Now people can see what we have to deal with all the freaking time.

I agree the only reason they might dial it back is because the RNC is freaking about how this will impact other races.

Re: Troopergate, I really hope someone runs again Palin. When is she up for re-election? I hope she loses.

I know Steve Schmidt, Rove etc. though they hit a home run putting her on the ticket. Hmmm I think she is actually hurting McCain now.


Black Diaspora said...

"How did he get here?"

Referring to Obama, a man in the audience at one of McCain's gatherings threw this question out as though it was a live grenade, and paused long enough to watch it explode over and appreciative crowd of Obama haters.

The question is at the heart of McCain's run for the White House where he watched his lead in certain key states see-saw, and finally trend in a direction that is favoring an electoral victory for Obama.

The man in the audience clearly understood the process whereby this black, inexperienced upstart was now challenging his party's nominee for the highest office of the land.

He understood, and so did the others in the audience.

But the man wasn't questioning the process, only the outcome of that process.

He understood that Obama, a black man, could not have reached his current pinnacle without the help (and votes) of many whites.

Sure blacks had voted for him as well, but in no way would that have allowed Obama to beat the Clinton machine and capture the biggest plum in politicaldom--the nomination of a major political party, and only a November election away from the presidency.

I believe the man felt betrayed. He felt betrayed by a those whites in society who ignored a longstanding understanding in this country that stated it's okay for a black man to try, but it's not okay for him to be taken seriously; he's not supposed to get this far.

He's not supposed to be competing this sucessfully with a white man (He should have been stopped long before now.), and doing it with the help and support of other whites.

What twist of fate brought this possibility, this calamity upon us--that a black man may win the White House, and do so by defeating a white man, a POW, and war hero at that.

It's almost as though some unspoken agreement had been violated, some tacit rule had been broken, some holy icon shattered--that the likes of an Obama would be allowed to enjoy so much political success in this country.

You could hear the plea in his question: we're the heir apparents; we're the rightful owners; we're the ones this country was made for.

And you knew, whether Obama becomes president or not, something unacceptable, and almost hidden, has besieged this country--a disquieting realization that time did not stand still, that what was true is no longer true, that America has changed, it's not the country of our forefathers, black or white, and not the nation of a privileged few, but the nation of a new generation of Americans willing to blaze new trails, and flirt with new beginnings.

Yes, "How did we get here?"

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Here's a little serious levity:

Sarah Silverman advocates getting the young Jewish vote down to Florida to encourage/coerce the older Jewish population to vote for Obama.

She's serious, but she's Sarah...

Anonymous said...

I've already got my DVR set for the Flyers game tonight. You peeps in Killadelphia booed Santa Claus and tried (and failed) to beat up the Leafs' Tie Domi in the penalty box a few years back. Please don't let me down tonight when the Beauty Queen strolls out to center ice. :)

Cheri said...


Now you just said something right there. THAT was the most insightful window into the mind of the slave catcher that we've seen yet.

He was truly befuddled at HOW, Obama actually got where he is, and so much so that his unabashed BEGGING of McCain to save him from this unforseen reality was repugnant to any self-respecting black person.

Damn, you really just said soomething right there...

Anonymous said...

He's only toned this down because the polls show it's backfiring and turning off voters. The question is: Will Palin tone it down when she goes out on her own rallies?


Anonymous said...

Why do I not remember Democratic people being quite so crazy when they were losing and lost in prior elections?

I cannot believe how many people are still so racially and religiously bigoted in this the country/world, in this day and age. It is "deja vue all over again."

If it comes down to education the secular world seems to be far to reasonable for the mind washing tactics of most religions. This country seems to be slowly turning into a theocracy whatever the Founding Fathers had intended.

Anonymous said...

Actually I find that the bloggers and commentors have in many cases of many different view points have resorted to name calling and obscene references--better than night riders and hemp fruit, but again we seem to be just two seconds out of the cave. So many of these viscious are old folks like me that I would think would have oldfashioned manners. Respect your elders?

There does not appear to be any rationality or reason to the vile things that come out of their mouths. Can you imagine what is on the inside? Where are my smelling salts?

Anonymous said...

Well, enjoy some of the new bloodthirsty fun at Palin events

Anonymous said...

Chris are dead wrong. And i am betting you $5 bucks on this.
As recently as thursday, she was still talking about her bridge to nowhere. These people are incorrigible. Start monday, she will still be calling obama liar and dishonest. Trust me. In fact, i am betting you $5 she will.

Black Diaspora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Black Diaspora said...

@Red Devil

Yet, more reasons why I'll never be a registered republican.

I don't want to be in the same company as these upstanding, patriotic, loyal, (and probably fiercely Christian) Americans.

These hoary heads represent the old guard. They're a dying breed, literally.

The sand in their hourglass has mostly fallen to the bottom of the bulb, and with it, their hatred, xenophobia, and anachronism.

They don't yet realize that their time has passed. The America that they once knew is disappearing, the way smoke always does after a good cleansing fire.

field negro said...

Yep, the beauty queen has been found to be less than honest by the folks in her home state.

Gotta love it:)

I have to check on the Flyers game to see what happened (happens) with her ass. I hope they booo her right off the damn ice. Of course,I am so through with then Fly Boyz after this. I hope they lose every game this year).

Black diaspora, thats a good read on the red neck mind set. I know they can't believe Obama got as far as hee he got in this election. Honestly, I can't either, but for different reasons.

Cheri T, that was nice read from your site. You do a nice job with your blog.

"McStupid"? Damn you all got some names.:)sickupandfed, that one was classic as well.

Anonymous said...

@ Black Diaspora, you really summed up the situation well. I saw that clip of the man asking how did we get here and I agree he was asking the large question of how did a Black man get to this point.

Christopher said...

The strangest is Gayle Quinnell, 75, telling the Old Coot at a rally in Minnesota that "Obama is an Arab."

I swear Quinnell is related to PUMA loon and Hillary worshiper, Harriet Christiansen.

Some of these old, white ladies are every bit as scary as David Duke.

Anonymous said...

Black Diaspora, that was well said....thanks....and the truth is that the world, especially the US, it is achanging....and really, there is nothing anyone, especially those folks who do not understand it, can do about it.

Our kids today, for the most part, they do not care what "race" someone is....their friends are their friends. The US is becoming browner and it is inevitable. The face of this country will no longer be a white face but it will be a brown face.

Barack Obama is the new face of the US. And that is truly, truly a good thing.

I live in San Antonio....when I was a kid it was a little bit unusual for whites and hispanics to marry. Nowdays, every family every where has a hispanic family member.....and you know what? Once those grandkids arrive the old fogey white folks suddenly start to see that maybe it really wasn't such a big deal after all.

That to me, is our future....let the kids marry whoever they love and start having those we turn browner, we will grow (I hope) and be better people.

We've had 200 plus years of pasty white folks running things and look how it's turned out....maybe it is time to let someone else try for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Black Diaspora. Excellent summary. I'm 100% behind Obama, and even I'm astonished that I lived to see this.

I do not believe we will see any signs of contrition from the ImPalinator. She's not wired that way. Mr. Morton himself does seem to have toned it down a notch in public appearances, but the attack ads with his name on them are still out there, are they not?

What I still don't understand is why I haven't seen any stories of arrests at these wannabe klan rallies. We've had 8 years of "free speech zones," and people being arrested for merely wearing a t-shirt or carrying a sign that was critical of the current regime. How is it that people can say such hate-filled, violence-inciting things in public without the Secret Service and the local law descending in droves? And I'm talking about the audiences, although it could apply to McPalin as well. If anyone else made the threats that she's made to a federal official, the SS and the FBI would be investigating her.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mob mentality.
Common among the proletariat class. Throw in the corpo-fascist propaganda machine and it's a hard nut to crack.
Ignorant uneducated masses. . .

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell him that he is going to get the red neck anyone but the black man vote no matter what

-- That is a great observation that it seems to me I should have run across a long time ago in all the editorial discussion of the negativism, but I haven't, so much credit to Field for putting this into words.

Seda said...

@Black Diaspora, that was profound.

I'm proud to be one of those white voters who propelled Obama to his current role. And I hope I can claim a place in the new generation you speak of.

After all, we European-Americans are immigrants, too. I'm glad our nation is so diverse. I think it's one of our greatest strengths. I like to see it honored.

My take on McSame and Palin is here:

Seda said...

Black Diaspora, since I don't know how to link directly to a comment, I'd like to copy your piece directly onto my blog. Since I don't know how to contact you directly, I'm going to do it. If you want me to remove it, please contact me, and I'll do so.

BigAssBelle said...

that crazy ass, empty headed, moose hunting fraud, to run wild at her modern day Klan rallies.

Tell. It.

As for the young voter, I'm with him. At 51, this is the most important election of my lifetime. And I don't think a McCain administration will allow us to survive.

Anonymous said...

I see landslide . . . I vote Obama should stay home out of harms way till the 5th.

Unknown said...

I decided to call the McCain/Palin ticket the McKKKain/Eva Braun ticket after their little hate filled rallies. You better believe that they are toning it down because a lot of repubs are calling them on their ish. Like I stated in another blog. The repubs are not happy with the tone that McKKKain/Eva Braun ticket is setting. Michelle Laxalt, a republican, called his campaigning racist. She did not mince any words on the Larry King show. She basically tore McCain another one and told him to "man up". On the website "Republican for Obama" they are calling these campaign stops Hitler Youth rallies and Brown Shirt rallies.

These campaign stops were beginning to look like your garden variety white supremacist groups gatherings. No Republican in their right mind want to be connected to that. Bad enough they have to deal with destruction of their brand via the Dubya legacy. Now they're being connected to this new Neo Nazi/Christian Identity/White Power movement led by Das Palin? No they are not having it.

Repubs have seats to win and right of center Americans are not going to throw their support behind a greedy-corporate-welfare-socialist-benefits-for- the-uber-rich-blood-in-the-face political party.

vanishing point said...

Sarah is a KKKlan-painer for sure.

Field, love the closing of this post about youth and the future.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

abo gato:

"Our kids today, for the most part, they do not care what "race" someone is....their friends are their friends."

I've witnessed that in my own grandchildren, children, nieces, and nephews. It doesn't stop there, my own family is multiracial. In August, we had a family reunion, on the paternal side of my family, at a state park, and a couple of people passing by thought we were having some type of public event.

This is a new day and the young people get it. It's the old folks, Palin/McCain, and ignorant folks that don't get it, because their hatred stands in the way.

The fanatical religious folks don't get it either, but then, neither did the Pharisees and Saduccees, but the real Christians got it, and they died for their beliefs. In the bible, Jezebel was religious too, the only problem was she worshipped the wrong god, which was her downfall. Palin is another Jezebel.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

You got see this.

Anonymous said...

"The strangest is Gayle Quinnell, 75, telling the Old Coot at a rally in Minnesota that "Obama is an Arab."

This to me was a watershed moment. Its racism completely transformed.
The whole concept of hating the black guy, and if there is another group that is now being hated, the black guy becomes one of them. In otherwords a black person can be fitted into any category of a group that is out of favour. Soon Blacks will be called illegal immigrants.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Whelp, blacks have already been called refugees, so I guess calling them illegal immigrants could be next on the agenda. America has always put blacks on the top as number one of any undesirable or negative or anything pertaining to evil list.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Wasn't there a movie out once, where all black people just disappeared from off the earth? Maybe, that is what the rapture is about, huh? (wink)

Anonymous said...

Field...did you happen to hear Mr.Morton "stick up" for the O-man and get booed at a recent rally?

That tactic was CLASSIC KKKarl Rover. I'm giving it even money on whether or not this it was actually a staged incident as well. It was only after CONSERVATIVES started talking about the fact that he wasn't saying anything about the glorified KKK rallies that his speeches have become, and the videos of them actually started making the talk show rounds, that he conveniently hushed it on that day. Hell, before that, he actually looked like he was ENJOYING the racial garbage that was eminating forth from his crowds.

Listen to the quote..."Obama's not an ARAB"... "You don't have to be SCARED of an Obama presidency"... "Obama's not a TERRORIST"

Classic Rover...get the words out there somehow, and always attach them to the name, so that no matter what they are linked together, even if it appears that you are apologizing or making nice. Hell you're a lawyer. You of all people know the power of carefully placed words...I'm probably not even telling you a damn thing you don't already know.

Meanwhile, they are on and on with the Ayers crap - even today. Not that I'm complaining mind you; the more the right keeps trying to distract voters from the real issues that are going on in this country, the more Obama's poll numbers continue to go up. And them suddenly deciding to start talking about the economy 3 1/2 weeks before the election, after 7 years of repug rule royally screwed the pooch won't work either.

Better get ready for that naked run.

Fuck McCain...he's nothing more than an unprincipled jackass that sold his soul for a shot at the oval office. He gave his principles away when it was convenient, and that is precisely what makes it impossible to call him principled at all. All opportunistic people take a noble stand when it's rewarding; it's when they dare to take that same stand when it results in being punished that the difference appears.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"he actually looked like he was ENJOYING the racial garbage that was eminating forth from his crowds."

tjwash, your eyes were not playing tricks on you, but let MSM tell it, it will be called a sincere effort by McCain to end it. Especially, if some fool decides to follow through on some of those threats, this will in McCain's mind absolve him from any guilt. Because MSM thinks that people are so gullible and lack perception until they won't know the difference and will believe whatever their told, which in some cases might be true.

Anonymous said...

Field, the beauty queen was treated like Santa Claus. I knew you guys would come through. :)

Here's a screen cap

Anonymous said...

Forbes headline on the Net: "Extra, Extra! Palin Gets Booed in Philadelphia"

Loved it.


Anonymous said...

That didnt take long: OBAMA monkey showing up at palin's rally

Anonymous said...

"Wasn't there a movie out once, where all black people just disappeared from off the earth? Maybe, that is what the rapture is about, huh? (wink)"

LOL! I wish them good luck with that one. Even though Africa was colonized it was the least successful attempt. That says something.

Unknown said...

I have been watching the progress of the election with amazement from Manchester UK. I was one who wanted to run vomite into the Thames, but feared the polution it may cause, as the type of stuff that would come out my gut as a violent reaction to hearing that slave catcher beg. would permanantled polute it.

field negro said...

"Wasn't there a movie out once, where all black people just disappeared from off the earth? Maybe, that is what the rapture is about, huh? (wink)"

LOL at that too.

So the O man monkey is back. Thanks for the link red devil.

Cheri said...

@Field re: the monkey

I was pushed over the edge after seeing that fool with the monkey, and just had to put that racist on a WANTED poster for "Blatant Bigotry."

Just couldn't help it...

The Mad Bomber said...

Sarah Palin will likely be historically remembered as the vice-presidential candidate who embodied the basest qualities of Dan Quayle and Spiro Agnew.

Anonymous said...


You stated: "And I tend to view people who waive flags or bibles too much with a cynical mistrustful eye."

Come on now, bro. There plenty of good, decent black folks waving flags at the DNC.

Field, you stated: "And I honestly don't think that they have changed much. The O man just brought out their inner hate."

Perhaps. But put a black or Hispanic conservative as a front runner for the Republican presidenct watch the vile and hate flow from left. The left is just as deserving of your cynicism...and mine.

Field, you stated: "He is just tarnishing his legacy and his reputation by allowing that crazy ass, empty headed, moose hunting fraud, to run wild at her modern day Klan rallies."

Man alive, lots of respect due you, but you are harsh.

ZACK said...

Don't be hatin' on 24 year olds. WE ROCK!