Thursday, October 02, 2008

"What a fool believes, he sees..."

I am sitting here watching the debates from a place called...ready for this? "The Field House". How appropriate, because field Negro, Ifill, was all that tonight. She certainly acted as if-- to use a sports metaphor--, she was in her house.

Mrs. Field's three year old niece is visiting from Louisiana; and honest to god she could do a better job than Sarah Palin is doing as I write this post, tonight. Sorry, I can't sugar coat this, I am going out of my way and straining to find positives for the beauty queen, but I can't.

The beauty queen told Joe Biden that he wanted to "raise the white flag" in Iraq, but I wanted to raise the white flag for her ass. Maybe it's the trial lawyer in me. But I look for certain things when people are public speaking that other people don't. And tonight, Sarah broke all the rules: She was rushed, nervous, and her lines were all too rehearsed. Biden cried when talking about losing his family for crying out loud, and she jumped right back on her talking points without missing a beat. Talk about robotic. If there is one independent who was on the fence who will vote for Sarah after this debate, please drop a comment here in the fields; we need to hear from you. And please post a picture of yourself, because I am curious to see what a Martian looks like.

I was watching the debate on CNN, and the cameras cut to a split screen of a GOP watch party. If you have ever been to the "Linc" when the Eagles are blowing a fourth quarter lead, you will get an idea of what those GOP faithfuls looked like. It was, in a word, sad. They looked like a home town crowd watching their team get their ass kicked. It was that bad.

Okay, mercifully for Sarah, it's over. I am going to listen to the pundits now.....

Okay, listened to the pundits, and they are all saying that Sarah pretty much held her own. Over at FAKE NEWS they are having to pass out the wet wipes for all the men on the set. (Multiple orgasms will do that to you). With the exception of one or two of the talking heads (thank goodness for Rachel Madow), folks are calling it a push or slight edge to Sarah. Wow! Now I know I am out of the main stream.

They can say what they want though, tomorrow I will start my two a days at the gym (That au natural Broad Street run looks like it's on come election night). Because I know that my eyes and ears aren't lying to me, even if the pundits are.


Anonymous said...

The question is: How many dumbasses are going to fall for the beauty queen's lines? I thought she appeared scripted, stuffed full of lines and certainly ready to change the subject when she got asked questions she didn't want to answer. But I wonder if all the undecideds got that. I only caught the last hour of the debate, but I thought Biden was great. He had a story about his own humble roots every time she threw in something folksy about her family and upbringing. I especially loved the line where he choked up and said, "The notion that somehow because I am a man I don't know how to raise two kids on my own .... I know what its like to raise a child where you are not sure he's going to make it."


Jody said...

The hype leading up to this debate was if she didn't drewl and run screaming from the room, she won.
But I would prefer to talk about Biden. He was great! He was incredibly knowledgable.. he was not condecending (one of the fears) he did not ramble, no gaffs... and most importantly, he did not debate her record, or lack there of, he stayed on McCain. He did the job, which was to speak to those middle of Ohio/PA voters that supported Kerry and were not sure about Obama. He repeated what he and Obama believed and what they were going to do and he did it forcefully.... he was friggin brilliant in that strategy. He made her irrelevant. He not only did not hurt Obama, he helped him, which in my mind, makes him a winner.

Kellybelle said...

This heffa here.

I found her disrespectful--it's SENATOR Obama, honey, not Barack, he's not your houseboy.

I found her embarrassing to women--winking and cooing, tilting her head and putting on that moose-shooting accent. I was waiting for her to twirl her hair around her finger, then take of her glasses, unbutton her shirt and hump the podium like she was in a Whitesnake video.

I found her to be insulting to anyone with a modicum of intelligence--she refused to answer the questions (hmm...wd she have tried that with a White male moderator?), spouted talking points and showed no capacity for abstract or original thought.


EzMun said...


It wasn't a knockout and she didn't implode. I thought the debate format didn't permit real probing answers and allowed someone an inch deep get away from facing issues. On the other hand, such a format probably also benefitted Biden also, because of his tendency to run longer than needed. Still I thought perhaps putting another minute on the 90 seconds and 2 minutes would have helped to really see what was really there.

Still I thought on "substance" Biden ran circles around her oft repeated talking point. Even on "style" Biden won. He was presidential, vice presidential. He looked liked I could trust him with the important things that government is entrusted with. She looked like she was interviewing for a job at Macy's.

I heard a lot of words, but I didn't hear a damn thing being said. So the win goes to the guy that I could actually understand.


Ann Brock said...

Field Gwen did a great job. Sarah did OK! and I am glad she didn't make a fool out of her self.

EzMun said...

If there was a "moment" it was when Biden responded to Palin's story about her husband working multiple jobs to keep the family fed (kitchen table issues), Joe came back with the story of his wife dying and having his two young sons at the brink of death. That pause where he almost cried was a showstopper. I guarantee you that the moment humanized Joe like no other could.

Anonymous said...

Biden spun circles around Palin.

field negro said...

"That pause where he almost cried was a showstopper. I guarantee you that the moment humanized Joe like no other could."

Unless you are Sarah Palin. She didn't miss a beat and went right back to scripted talking points.

jody and sheila, you are right; Biden was actually very good.

"..found her embarrassing to women--winking and cooing, tilting her head and putting on that moose-shooting accent. I was waiting for her to twirl her hair around her finger, then take of her glasses, unbutton her shirt and hump the podium like she was in a Whitesnake video."

Better you say it than moi kellybelle.

Anonymous said...

Her comment about the land being raped made me scream at the t.v.: "Does that mean that we would have to pay for the rape kits?!?"

She went low when she mentioned that Biden's current wife will "receive her reward in heaven" without understanding that the comment may come off as odd to a man who has lost his first wife.

D.J. said...

Sp field you noticed her little tells as well. My favorite part of the debate, when it was over and Palin and biden approached each other. I thought she was going to pass out from the look of relief that came over not just her face but her whole body. I mean she physically unclenched. WTF!!!! Oh and until Gay Marriage she had not answered a single question......

? said...

I was waiting for her to twirl her hair around her finger, then take of her glasses, unbutton her shirt and hump the podium like she was in a Whitesnake video."

I'd much rather have seen that than heard the nonsense coming out of her mouth.

Anonymous said...

I kept thinking about John McCain working his way through a bottle of scotch. I wonder if he has any important plans for Friday morning, or if he'll be able to sleep in.

Anonymous said...

"I thought she was going to pass out from the look of relief that came over not just her face but her whole body"

Yea, I saw that too, like "Wow it's over and I'm still alive"

Jonne Austin said...

"If there is one independent who was on the fence who will vote for Sarah after this debate, please drop a comment here in the fields; we need to hear from you. And please post a picture of yourself, because I am curious to see what a Martian looks like."

Secondly I just wanted to say that this animalistic, primeval need to punch her the hell out arose in me every time she spoke. I hope I wasn't alone in that.

She was rude, condescending and I wondered why considering she couldn't answer the questions. Then she made some snarky remark to Ifill and Biden. She's just negative and I wonder why she thinks so highly of herself when she's a simpleton?

tuhmeesuh said...

hey field,

i LOVED joe on the debate field. absolutely loved him. as another poster said--he LOOKED trustworthy. i especially appreciated the fact that he showed emotion, and he was sincere with it. yes he choked up and it shows that he does know what it's like to be on our side of the fence. and ole susan (*cough* sarah) didn't miss a beat with her rhetoric and rehearsed lines, lest she be forced to look sincerity in the eye. i especially loved it when she was asked a question that she KNEW she could answer, as if thinking, "yes this was covered in 'vice presidency for dummies: a quick guide'! i know the answer, i know it!"

i also appreciated the fact that joe looked her in the eye and maintained his respect and dignity throughout. he didn't overtalk or correct her on mistakes (which the media is sucking up as i type), but let them slide. he is a respectable man, and he respects the ladies, even susan.

the way he shook her hand and ushered her family to meet his was also very nice.

i have nothing but good things to say about my joe--i am so proud of him, kind of like a mother hen ruffling her feathers over her baby chick LOL.

i was also proud of gwen--she kept her cool, didn't show any bias and kept it on point, professional and all bullshit aside. she did an excellent job.

great debate. one of the best things about it--those of us who are not politically savvy followed it with relative ease i believe.

Anonymous said...


I do not know what debate the pundits were watching, but Sarah did not do well. It would have been nice if she knew how to answer a question. I do not know if she understood the question, or blatantly did not want to answer because she could not. Either way, it's not a good thing. Of course, if she was speaking to me, I would ask her what in the hell are you talking about. There is a huge question mark everything time I see her. I just heard crickets whenever she tries to answer a question.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Field, you need to start broadcasting. I didn't waste my time watching the debate...I came here to get my news! :)

Field News. How does that sound?

I kid you not. I'd rather read what you have to say about it than subject myself to the torture and total waste of time watching what I knew in my heart would be a...waste of my time.

Thank you for bearing the pain for me so I can get my news from a reliable (and entertaining) source.

BTW, I'm frickin' serious here. :)

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Biden cried when talking about losing his family for crying out loud, and she jumped right back on her talking points without missing a beat.

THAT's what killed her. But of course, the ReThugs will spin it as a victory.

Which McCain will mess up with the next debate against Obama next Tuesday. Book it.

field negro said...

"Secondly I just wanted to say that this animalistic, primeval need to punch her the hell out arose in me every time she spoke. I hope I wasn't alone in that. "

SS, I don't think you were, but we have to watch that "animalistic primeval" know, the whole racial stereotype thing and all :)

"I kept thinking about John McCain working his way through a bottle of scotch. I wonder if he has any important plans for Friday morning, or if he'll be able to sleep in."


Yes d.j., that was a thank god it's over moment.

" was also proud of gwen--she kept her cool, didn't show any bias and kept it on point, professional and all bullshit aside. she did an excellent job."

Yeah Gwen did her thing tonight. I wonder what Ms. Malkin is thinking right about now? Of course we know what she will have for breakfast, since it's already on her face.

Jonne Austin said...

Oh God, I would ask what Malkin said but I don't care. It's all shit anyway.

Jonne Austin said...

I also felt that Joe was endearing and real.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Field, Palin showed that she had a better memory than I thought. Biden showed the results of 30 years of leadership and chairmanship of countless committees.

The only area where Palin was plausible was when she talked about energy. And she could talk rhetoric, talking points remembered from a week of coaching. Biden shared what he has lived-- 30 years of political leadership.

field, this guy is ready to be VP or Prez like yesterday. Obama knew what he was doing when he chose him for VP.

Anonymous said...

I've already said this at a few other blogs tonight, but I'm not convinced that America in general will see through her. We'll see if any polls give us insight into this, but based on what I saw of the debate (the last quarter of it or so), she was able to project more poise than in, say, her Katie Couric interviews.

For the folks on the fence, that may be all they need to see: That she didn't fall flat on her face.

Evasive? Yes. Canned lines aplenty? Sho'nuff. Refusal to answer questions? Yup.

But she did it fairly smoothly, and her plastic charm was solid. She pulled out enough facts and knowledge (force-fed to her though it was) to make a lot of working class and on-the-fence folks who were attracted to her somewhat think that she might actually have a thought in her head.

Still, Field, don't let my concerns dissuade you from those workouts. There is still plenty of time for Palin to unravel again and unless momentum changes suddenly, Obama is still looking fairly good for a win.

Anonymous said...

Please stop giving Michelle Mal-Dumb-kin air time. I get really irate when serious people take any word she said/wrote seriously including "and" and "but." I don't care about the confederacy of jackasses. Just because the donkey brays do people really have to pause to decipher what it said?

Anonymous said...

Biden connected. He nailed it.
Palin didn't.
Happy workout!

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it, peeps. The only people who are going to react positively to Palin's performance are already voting for Mr. Morton. This didn't do anything to sway undecided voters.

And someone please get Field a trainer so he can prepare for his Barenaked on Broad Street run on November 4th. LOL!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I thought Palin performed and pandered surprisingly well. She exceeds Biden in supporting the militaristic aspects of Zionism and she clearly rehearsed what she'd say about her allegiance to the Israeli government. This wasn't even asked, but she found a way to get it in and then belabored her point.

One of the problems with this is she gives the impression she could care less about the capture of bin Laden in the nuclear-equipped Pakistan, yet that Iran is on the top of her agenda. This is disgraceful considering they are interested in diplomacy and talks.

If McCain-Pain get in the WH, I think we can expect another, larger, Hiroshima, this time in Iran. (Remember McCain singing bomb bomb bomb Iran?). With Bush's policy (which both McCain & Pallin follow) of pre-emptive first strikes, and their combined mentalities, such an action may trigger WWIII. If what I've read about her is true, this might suit her b/c she expects to be alive when the Armageddon and the Second Coming arrive.

I wish Ifill had asked her about that.

Bob said...

I had three reactions, Field. The first was that I intensely loathe her; she's like fingernails on the blackboard. The second is that she didn't really fuck up the way she did with Couric. For the third I had to draw on my small town upbringing. Even small town people can sense she's still too small for the job. If you've ever known a small town mayor - most of us have met them - you know they're a long, long way from the White House, if that's even imaginable. & she's obviously only two years outta Nowheresville. This night didn't help McCain at all.

Anonymous said...

Joe brought it tonight -- he straight whupped that ass.

Mayor of Wasilla was just about the right fit for her. Personally I think she's in way over her head as governor of Alaska, but hey, that's up to the good people of Alaska.

I just wish she'd lighten up on the fake folksy/cutesy stuff. She was working it so hard tonight, I thought she was gonna break out in a chorus of the Good Ship Lollypop.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

You said it well.

She really has no business being on the ticket. I'm glad other people in the field have noticed how unprofessional she is.

She is the Rachel Ray of politics. Lots of ambition but not that much depth or real skills.

Not Your Mama said...

I had the same impressions you did, she was over-rehearsed and robotic. She did not answer the questions posed and instead rambled on with her own talking points. She did quite well in the sense that she managed not to fall on her face or run over and pee on Biden's shoes.

I doubt you are out of the mainstream on this, the pundits nearly always get it wrong when the actual polls start coming out.

SingaporeSwim said...


The MSM set the bar low for SP before the debate so that they could give her some props/high marks afterwards. Everyone knew that she would not be allowed to underperform as miserably as she did for the Couric series.

After a few days of debate camp she was gassed up with the McCain campaign's propaganda to the point of near internal combustion. Look at how robotically she recited and didn't bother or care to, by her own admission, respond to direct questions. A recitation is not a debate.

Pat Buchanan and his depraved counterparts @ Faux just about fell out of their britches in their bombastic praise of her canned-hash performance.

Both Biden and Palin are likable enough but Biden so thoroughly exceeded her in EVERY conceivable metric that it's inane for anyone to state otherwise. She didn't even touch Biden.

Thank you for being upstream of the mainstream.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

She did okay for a parrot. And a parrot is definitely what she is. Straying away from questions, oops I meant dodging them and failing to give an answer. Oh, she is, definitely, McCain's soulmate, no original thought of her own. She does a heck of a mimic though.

Black Diaspora said...

The format favored Paylend. Had the moderator asked followup questions, and Paylend actually responded, it would have spelled disaster.

But Parrot Paylend was prepared for that eventuality as well. If you don't like the questions you get, ignore them, and pose your own, telling the moderator that you would rather answer the questions that the American people want you to answer.

Biden avoided all the traps, not giving in to one, which would have made him look like a bully, and her the sweet innocent beauty strapped to railroad tracks by the big, bad villian.

At least once, Biden should have snapped the Parrot's neck, by referencing some of her recent gaffes: her inability to name another supreme court decision with which she disagreed, or a specific newspaper or magazine she reads.

Rather than come prepared to debate McChanic's (Mr. Fix it's) policies, and positions, she came, rather, to deflect attention to them, and to herself:

Parrot Paylend on Bush: Bush represents the past. Why are you looking back when you say you're for change?

Parrot Paylend on Parrot Paylend: I'm not here to answer the questions of the moderator, but give the answers the American people want answered.

Parrot Paylend on the mainstream media: I will not speak again through the media filter, but directly to the American people.

I took this to mean she won't be doing anymore more one-on-one interviews, but will give tons of irrelevant, memorized talking points delivered in speeches.

As long as Parrot Paylend is given a nonthreatening venue where she can spiel what she's learned by rote, she does well, projects confidence, and can almost convince you she knows what she's talking about.

Biden, on the other hand, speaks with an authority that comes from someone who's been there, as opposed to someone discussing what was read, or heard.

This is what set this debate apart, and separated the men from the boys (I mean girls). Also, Biden was able to delineate the policy differences between Obama and McChanic in clear, direct words.

Parrot Paylend failed to distinguish George Bush's policies from that of John McChanic, in part because there are no difference, and in part because she didn't come prepared to do so.

What I'm undecided about is this: whether to label undecideds as lunatics, masochists, or insufferable, perennial contrarians.

Anyone who hasn't made up there mind yet, one way or the other, will not have it made up by November.

Will someone, right or left, who believes that we haven't won the war in Iraq, please explain what winning will look like; please tell me what it is that we must now do, so that we can declare victory, and bring our military home with honor?

It's my contention that neither George Bush nor McChanic will ever declare victory in Iraq, because it's their purpose to stay in that country and that region indefinitely.

I further contend that we've won the damn war already, and if the American people can continue to be hornswoggled into believing that leaving Iraq is a win for the enemy, and a defeat for our military standing in the world, then we'll be there long enough to throw snowballs in hell.

I think that this whole notion of winning in Iraq is nothing more than an un-American scheme to keep the Repugnicants in office, to keep the American people uncertain as to who can best fight the war on terror, knowing full well that the American people have greater confidence in the Repugnicants than the Dems on this issue.

Yes, I'm that cynical!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Biden speaks with a passion that lets you know his heart is in what he is talking about. The Parrot with lipstick comes across as a little coldhearted, catty, calculating, and malicious. She actually gives me the impression she likes making snide remarks.

All that weekend debate class did was make her appear more rehearsed as if she was starring in a movie. However, when she said that she wasn't going to answer the question like Biden or the moderator wanted her to. Also, the disrespect when referring to Obama as Barack instead of Senator Obama, but on the other hand referring to McCain as Senator McCain. She called Biden Joe, and Gwen the moderator as if these people are beneath her. Yup, she is McCain's soulmate alright.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"I thought she was gonna break out in a chorus of the Good Ship Lollypop."


You had Granny's side hurting on that comment from laughing so hard. The parrot with lipstick is as phony as fried ice cream and pours on that folksy stuff a little too thick.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the Martian comment. LMAO!

She did just well enough to be kept on the ticket. Which is the worst thing that could have happened to McSame's election chances! All in all, a very good night.

Even better news...McNasty's campaign has conceded Michigan and is closing up shop. This means I won't have to see another one of their bullshit-laden TV ads ever again. YES!!!!

field negro said...

black diaspora, great rant. And I am as a cynical as you are.

".. Pat Buchanan and his depraved counterparts @ Faux just about fell out of their britches in their bombastic praise of her canned-hash performance."

"Just about"? They DID fall out of their britches. Or they had their hands in it, one of the two :)

"And someone please get Field a trainer so he can prepare for his Barenaked on Broad Street run on November 4th. LOL!"

r.j.,please be kind :(

La♥audiobooks said...

Field, did you get all those "you betcha, dawg gone, darn right" yadda? Maybe the O-man should bring on the whiteonics, it's sounds more patriotic.

Sorry, I'm not a "hockey mom" she missed me, I can't relate.

Biden was great by the way, I couldn't help but notice that little grin every now and then :)

Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad that is over. We have been knotted up for days dreading whatever that sinister woman was going to come out with.

Well, golly shucks and gee whiz, she's just one of us! Now I feel so much better.

OTOH Biden did us proud. He was articulate, mostly, folksy, in a more believable way, drove his points home with authority and believability and called Palin out whenever she was wrong.

Best of all he shot down the pair of mavericks like a heat seeking missile.

Karen said...

Awoke this morning expecting the pundits (the ones I sort of like) to be offering her kudos for acheiving the expected mediocre performance they'd hoped for and she managed, but to see that they are grading her alongside Joe Biden while they are viewing them as if they were being held to the SAME STANDARDS. They clearly were not.

And I realize she is every old man's wet dream, but to think that they are so enamored with her that they cannot even hear her not answering anything...

Just talk Sarah, we love to hear you yammer's dreamy....

It's like that Partridge Family episode, ok I'm flaunting I'm white, but remember the one where Keith is so taken with the blond girl that he can't hear what a terrible singer she is? Well, it's like that!

Agreed with you on Rachel Maddow, what a smart decision it was to hire her at MSNBC.

Sorry so boring. I hate to be agreed with all the time myself. Wait. No, I don't; I love it. I'm heading over to Huffington now.

Anonymous said...

My mother who is not the least bit politically inclined field called me last night, to talk about how empty headed this woman is.... She said that old girl reminded her of me when I was on the pageant circuit..(that was short lived thank God) Overly rehearsed...LOL

whygodwhy said...

You know how crazy people think they are sane? Well stupid people do not know they are stupid. This allows them to go out in the world and mingle with the likes of Joe Biden unnerved yet get tripped up when a fellow knit whit like Katie Couric asks them which periodicals they read.

Anonymous said...

Lynne in Brooklyn, I've got the car warmed up, the digital camera is fully charged, and I'll bring my laptop--if we can catch an open wi-fi signal we can live-blog the event. What day is this going to take place? I'll need to take a day off.

Monroe Anderson said...

Fear not Field. The instant polls and the America public saw what we saw: She didn't cut it.

The polls have Biden winning the debate by far.

Anonymous said...

The best debate will probably be featured on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

I have to admire all of you who sat through the entire thing. As I noted on the previous thread, I couldn't listen to her for more than 2 seconds.

Black diaspora, you are not the only cynic by any stretch. Perpetual war is a fundamental fascist strategy for staying in power.

gsutiger2 said...

I am all Obama here . . .But I thought she did pretty good trying to rope in "average america". I believe she really helped the Repubs.

Admiral Komack said...

During the VP debate, my sister texted me "What the hell is she talking about?"

I texted back, "I don't know, I don't speak stupid."

Hawa Bond said...

I had grand plans to watch this debate. In the 11th hour, my stomach turned at the thought so I caught a good 5 minutes somewhere in the middle.

And I agree with a sentiment stated above... From that teeny window, I was able to see that: Biden proved that wisdom comes with 30 years of service and Palin proved that cramming works well for somebody with a good memory and a cute smile.

Listen, we live in a country where a talentless rich bimbo (Paris Hilton) can become a beloved celebrity. Palin clearly represents that element on the McCain ticket. And for folks looking for an excuse to not vote for an educated Black man... she'll do just fine.

(Don't go taking that like some kinda reason why you won't have your Broad Street in the Buff run, field. It may be close, but I still believe you and your Nikes have an appointment in November.)

PS: Thanks for giving my blog some love!

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

Global Wire said...

She came off as totally scripted and didn't answer most questions. Biden wiped her dry. At least Biden with his experience provided a breath of knowledge. How many times was she going to repeat that she is a maverick, an supporter of domestic energy and Alaska drilling and her love of Israel???

Unfortunately, there are people who will watch this debate and vote for McCain just because of her personality, and not her substance of on the issues. This is how we ended up with Bush because everyone thought he was the kind of person they would 'ant to have a beer with" and not thinking about the issues he represents.

Anonymous said...

Madeline Albright is hotter than Palin. At least Albright can string together a sentence herself! Palin just ... too polished. Albright's got a sort of effortless charisma.

Hell, Hillary looks hotter than Palin, when she isn't doing that plastic look (Hill photos so poorly! when you see a video, she looks great!)

Anonymous said...

So, field! are there going to be photos of this Broad Street Event? Just to document for posterity, you know.

gsutiger2 said...

One thing though . . .

I was SICK of hearing the word MAVERICK in the debate!

EzMun said...


Re: being sick of hearing "maverick"... judging from his slam of Cain's maverick status, it appears Joe Biden was sick of it also.

Christopher said...

I was taken aback when Joe Biden said the Constitution protects gay relationships.

But this interpretation of equality and our nation's governing document is emblematic of the values and the spirit of the man at the top of the ticket -- Barack Obama.

It was clear such a discussion made the Caribou Barbie uneasy. Once again, she stressed how "diverse" her own family is, leaving out the details that her uncle is gay and lives with his partner in Anchorage.

Well, just think. Barely a month to go and we will be saying President-elect Barack Obama. People said it couldn't happen but I always knew this was destiny. For Obama and for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Reward in Heaven is code for crap wages..see teaching..kept deliberately low so that Sarah can condescend to those with real degrees. See also, slaves.


Anonymous said...

What are you crying about boy?
You people can't take it when a woman stands on level ground with a man and doesn't back down. Palin looked fabulous, didn't she? And I love the heels. Contrast that to some of the photos I've seen of her with muck boots and hunting camo, flying an airplane and riding a motorcycle, that girl has it all going on. She's my kind of gal, authentic!!!
She was fabulous and I'd feel very comfortable with her as the VP.
It was a wonderful debate, I enjoyed every minute of it and I'm happy for her that she did such a terrific job.

National Rasmussen
Obama 51, McCain 44 ( Obama +7 )
Same as yesterday

National GW/Battleground
Obama 49, McCain 46 ( Obama +3 )
McCain gaining ground

Barack Obama - Over the Cliff

NoBama, not ever, not never!!!!

Anonymous said...

Been lurking here for quite a while - thanks, Field - great site great perspective. And you know that Broadstreet run's gonna go viral on Youtube!

Thought you all might want to hear something that put a big smile on my face this morning. Charles Krauthammer has called the race for Obama, saying he possesses a first rate intellect and first rate temperment.

It's a balm to my all-too-cynical heart to hear that at least some of the rightest of the righties still care enough for this country to speak the obvious.

Great day to all!

Jody said...

Dear Carloyn.... this is not a fucking style show or beauty contest! We have already endured 8 years of folksy, gee I can have a beer with this guy crap.

We need someone in these times that understands the complexities of our times and can take on the challenges facing this country with intelligence, calmness and thoughtfulness.

I WANT Ivy League. I WANT someone smarter than me and someone who has a depth of understanding and who has READ the friggin constitution. I WANT someone who gets it that this country is in serious trouble and that sitting back and letting business as usual aint gonna fix it.

So, you and Sarah can go shopping, hunting and shoe comparing to your little authnentically idiotic hearts content. While you go snowboarding and coffee clatching, give me Obama/Biden to fix this fucking mess!!!!

Brown Man said...

I saw some of those pics of Republican watch parties - looked like Georgia Bulldog fans last week after they got that ass cut by Alabama.

Somewhere about half way through the debate, I just had to ask myself - "how the hell can ANYBODY look at this shit with a straight face?"

It was like playing one of those word games where you have to make a sentence out of the words you pull out of a cup.

When she brought up "No Child Left Behind", I almost dropped my drink.

This was beyond disgusting, when Americans need to do EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to promote EXCELLENCE in learning, not any more of this time wasting bullshit. MASTERY OF A TOPIC should be the only way out of a grade. MASTERY, not this functional, barely literate state we call average.

Sarah Palin better be glad the "No Child Left Behind" program didn’t apply retroactively, because her ass would be sitting in study hall right now, boning up on all the physical science, social studies, and economics concepts she obviously missed. She needs to be running for the nearest library, not the vice presidency of the United States – of MY United States.

And John McCain needs to have his ass hauled back to that prison in Vietnam for even thinking about trotting this fucking college sophomore out as a god damned running mate.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that "reward in heaven" comment was a perfect time for Biden to break out the Jimmy Cliff:

"well they tell me of a pie up in the sky...
waiting for me when I die..."

And Carolyn,
I LOVE Sarah Palin, even more than you do. Because if it wasn't for her McCain MIGHT actually have a chance of winning this year. You go girl! Bwah hah hah hah.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

It was clear such a discussion made the Caribou Barbie uneasy. Once again, she stressed how "diverse" her own family is, leaving out the details that her uncle is gay and lives with his partner in Anchorage.

Christopher, that's probably because Palin and her family disowned the gay uncle when he came out of the closet and moved in with his partner.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I still think that the "powers behind the scene" in the Republican party do not really want to win the next Presidential term in office. The way we average people blame the person in charge when things go bad, not blaming the preceeding people and circumstances that actually created the situation.

So the Democrats win and the stuff that is starting to really go to hell, really gets bad; and they, the Democrats, get the majority of the blame. Four years from now the Republicans are back in office. Really, can you pick a worse ticket for the presidential race? They have an old burnt out man and a young ignoramous? McCain/Palin look plausible,but they were never really going to win. It is a "Springtime for Hitler" scenario.

Anonymous said...


I wondered about that.

Why does McCain want the presidency? If I were a wealthy multi-millionaire with a secured seat in the senate, why would I want a job that would age me considerably, pay me less 500K a year, along with the myraids of problems that come with dealing with a dysfunctional congress and hostile media.

It does seem to me that people will simply throw a fight if the prize is no longer worth it.

God knows I would not want to be president right now - no matter what perks it offers.

A2daK said...

I think that Joe Biden clearly won the debate. However, I think that Gwen Ifill had to be the worst debate moderator that I've ever witnessed in my years following politics.

She did not control the topics, she allowed Palin to pick/choose what she wanted to speak about and when she would do it. It was insane!! She let Palin wiggle out of trouble time and time again. She didn't ask follow up questions. There wasn't a time alloted to rebute what the other candidate was saying. Palin kept talking about "energy" when the topic had nothing to do with energy.

Palin would not answer direct questions and freakin Gwen Ifill tolerated it!! This is a debate for Vice-President of the United States, not high school student council.

I was terribly disappointed. I thought she would be a tough moderator. But, she folded like a cheap suit.

This debate would have been a knock-out if there was a competent person running the show.

Anonymous said...

@ nyc/caribbean ragazza

C'mon now, don't dis Rachael Ray THAT bad. I don't think she takes herself nearly as seriously as Palin does. I think Ray knows she's fluff but milks it while she's got it. Palin thinks she's destined for something.

Black Diaspora said...

Carolyn-KayKKB said...Palin looked fabulous, didn't she? And I love the heels."

Hey, this is not a fashion contest!

Yeah, Paylend won the Miss congeniality contest, and she gets the prize for presenting a better fashion plate demeanor than Biden,
but we're voting for those who're gonna run the country (straightened out the economy, repair George Bush's screw ups, and end a war that should have never been started, and reduce the national debt and our dependency on foreign oil) not who's more fashionable, and likable.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, many people will vote purely off of the likability factor of each candidate, instead of thinking objectively. If they can relate to Mrs. Palin and Mr. McCain, they'll usually vote for them do to feeling 'connected' with them.

fake consultant said...

on a positive note, when reading from cue cards her head wasn't moving from side to side...

NSangoma said...

Nappy and Happy

Anonymous said...

Look...I ain't cuttin' this bimbo no slack...she's dumb as fuck. This just proved to me that America is really in trouble if we have folks like her and Schwarzenegger runnin shit.

God forbid...I'm movin' to Costa Rica.

Christopher said...

Queen Latifah will play Gwen Ifill in a VP sketch Saturday night.

No word is Tina Fey will reprise her fabulous McCandy character.

Suddenly, there's a reason to watch SNL again! They've done and gone political on us!

The Mad Bomber said...

Palin came off as nothing more than a folksy soccer-mom hick who's still getting used to the limelight. She is extremely convincing . . . largely because she is not acting. I am convinced she is the genuine article

She's accustomed to leading a backward, right-wing state where politicians are not too heavily scrutinized. She's not polished, practiced or poofed-up. She's not "acting" when she uses imbecilic middle-American euphemisms like "you betcha" and "darn right". Palin is the first national politician since, likely, Ralph Nader who is emphatically NOT lying to us. She is who she appears to be on the television screen: bright, energetic, sexy, and utterly, completely unqualified to hold any national leadership position.

Anonymous said...

JR Bernard,

You stated, "Unfortunately, many people will vote purely off of the likability factor of each candidate, instead of thinking objectively."

Yes, you are correct. That is how Reagan, Clinton, and G.W. Bush won their first terms. Likability is huge.

Our nation's best and brightest do not run for office, they teach.

Anonymous said...

Umm - a simple question. Why does "ebonics" = bad, but "ivoryonics" = folksy. I mean really - betcha, gotcha???? The woman never uses the "g" in an ing ending. I'm no apologist for bad grammar and syntax by any group, but why is one folksy and the other just plain old ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden was on his A game last night and Palin came off as exactly what she is--a beauty pageant runner up. I found her "folksy" ways annoying and inappropriate for the decorum and demeanor I would expect from a candidate for national office. I just can't imagine this woman as a leader. She's a JOKE! Can you imagine having to listen to : "Yep", "you betcha!" "Gosh darn it, Joe" for the next four years? Aiiigggh!!

rikyrah said...

Hey FN,

I didn't know that it was supposed to be in November. I thought the big run was going to be in January 2009- that's why I had such sympathy for you.

As for the debate.





Her non-answers - well, I expected that.

I loved that Ride or Die Joe could basically attack Mr. Morton unchallenged, because she wasn't going to go off her script, and she didn't have the knowledge to defend Mr. Morton.

Best moments for me:

The VP answer by Biden.It was so on point.

His emotional moment.

Maybe men looked at that moment differently, but, as a woman, seeing Joe expose himself, and present the most basic of human decency, and then to have that woman act as if he was talking about cat litter - revealed a great deal ABOUT HER - and none of it good.

And, of course, out comes the Downs Syndrome Kid. She pimps that kid as hard as Tyrone pimps his best $10 HO.

Black Diaspora said...

Here's an aspect of last night's debate that's being ignored by the MSM pundits and the posts here.

Without a doubt, Biden held back. He could have demolished his opponent just by saying she avoided answering questions, pointing out her mistakes, and posing a few questions of his own.

But he didn't.

The fear of appearing condescending, sexist, and sending the message that he's beating up on the pretty little VP, made him hold back, something he never would have done had Paylend been a man.

Anonymous said...

Yo Field...what's up with shit.

field negro said...

anon. 828PM, that kind of crap has been going on her for awhile now in the city of brotherly love.

rikyrah, I was going to do the run after the inauguration, but it will be too damn cold. Come on now, won't I be suffering enough?

"Umm - a simple question. Why does "ebonics" = bad, but "ivoryonics" = folksy. I mean really - betcha, gotcha???? "

That's a good question.

a2dak, I think Ifill was going to be toughter until the book story, strawman, was put out there by the rethugs. I still think she played it down the middle. Could she have been tougher on Palin? Of course she could have; but then all we would have heard about was how biased she (Ifill) was.

Chris, Sarah didn't dare talk about her Gay uncle, because she would have lost the religious right vote right then and there.

Susan Gray said...

Carolyn, I read your comments and thought WTF?! Then I noticed your blogger name...KKK...good to know. Now I get it. You obviously fall in that section of A-merry-ca who would rather vote for more of the same disasterious nightmare we have suffered through for the past 8 years, than to vote for an educated, articulate BLACK man who might possibly take this country in a direction which saves our economy, gets us out of the war, and gives a damn about those of us who make less than $250,000.00 a year. I heard racism was going to be a factor in this election....

Robert M said...

You aren't cold enoough. "Ever been to the Linc when the Eagles blow a 4th quarter lead". I know it is more like when Deuce ran the opening kick off back for a touchdown and then got shut out by Carolina for the rest of the game.

Royal Model said...

Call GirlS