Friday, October 24, 2008

Another white person cries wolf: Or,in this case, Obama.

You would think poor Ashley Todd would know better. Susan Smith tried it,it didn't work. Charles Stuart tried it; it didn't work. Hell even Lindsey Lohan tried it, but it didn't work. Still, I can't say that I totally blame home girl. It used to be always safe to blame the black man in A-merry-ca. But now in the age of 24 hour surveillance cameras, and polygraph tests, it just might not be so easy anymore. Still, Ashley gave it the old college try.

Ashley Todd said that a big 6 four 4 black man put a five inch knife to her neck, took her money, and when he saw a McCain Palin bumper sticker on her car; he carved a "B" on her cheeks, just for good measure. Well, your first mistake, Ashley, was thinking a black man would rob your ass with a knife. Ain't happening. The weapon of choice to rob poor innocent white women at the ATM machine, is a hand gun. Or, as we call them in the hood; an "Air Mike Tyson". And another thing, no self respecting black robber would see you at the ATM, and just take the $60 you just took out. No Ashley, he would tell your ass to take your card and clean out whatever you had in that bitch. And you being a little white girl, a long way from your Texas home, I am sure there would be a nice piece of change in that old Texas Savings & Loan account....

Folks, I am trying to write this story, but it's so hard. It's hard to type when you are rolling with laughter. This morning the conservative press was all over this story. Drudge led with it, the conservative websites were salivating all over themselves, and FAKE NEWS was about to go wall to wall with Ashley coverage. ("This presidential election campaign will, undoubtedly, go down in history of one of the worst. John McCain supporter, Ashley Todd, 20, was robbed by a knife-wielding man, who etched a “B” into her face, after he saw a McCain bumper sticker on the woman’s car. According to the police, Ms. Todd was using an ATM at Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street in Bloomfield just before 9 p.m. Wednesday when a man approached her, put a knife to her throat and demanded $60. What a scumbag." That, from the conservative blog, "Black Political Thought". Yes, you are right; "what a scum"? But the scum is Ashley Todd and her cohorts in the McCain campaign, who pushed this story to the national press. And this presidential campaign will go down in history as "one of the worst". Why? Because of the desperate race baiting, and politics of fear being practiced by republicans, not because of anything the Obama camp is doing) But a funny thing happened on the way to the town square with the pitch forks, and the rope. Seems Ashley was lying. Back in the day that wouldn't have mattered, they would have found a black man, any black man, and his ass would have become one of those "strange fruit" that Billie Holiday used to sing about.

Now the only strange person in this entire episode is Mr. Morton. Because he has yet to apologize to the nation for the behavior of his campaign worker, and his campaign. A campaign that pushed a story knowing that even if it were true, it would have played on the worst racial fears of the A-merry-can people, and would have contributed to division and even more anger among the masses. Shame on you John McCain. Shame on you republicans.

Now everyone is saying that poor Ashley needs help, that she might have a mental problem, that she might have been under a lot of pressure, and blah blah blah. Listen, Ashley Todd is no different than quite a few people in this country. She is an ignorant racist piece of shit. The fact that she acted out her sick demented delusions, only means that she actually thought that she could get away with it.

Ashley Todd worked for the College Republican National Committee, and her job was to recruit other young people to her cause. Gee, I wonder how successful she has been so far?


Anonymous said...

They've dragged her(ashley Todd) ass to Jail

Anonymous said...

These people could screw up a wet dream.


Unknown said...

I think that she is disturbed. However it does not mean she is not racist. You can be crazy and racist at the same time. She is a true WingNUT (emphasis on the NUT). And more wingNUTS will being coming out of the woodworks.

But here's the zinger. McCain is so caught up in blind ambition and racism that he could not see the Ashley story for the hoax that it is. Others saw the b.s a mile away.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, after i thought the republicans couldnt go any lower, then you have this...what, i ask, are they going to pull out next week?

Nov 4th couldnt come here fast enough.

black magic woman said...

Not one person of color I know who heard the story believed the story as reported. Everyone I know referenced Susan Smith and the asshole in Boston who killed his pregnant wife.

It seems to me that if such a wide group of people instantly were skeptical of this blatant lie, the MSM should have shown SOME skepticism. It is almost as if they want a full-scale war between the races to sell more newspapers!

SingaporeSwim said...

Well, Ashley was arrested today and doesn't understand the firestorm surrounding her actions.

What's funnier, she claims the imaginary big black man told her that he'd "teach her a lesson for being a McCain supporter" and make her into an Obama supporter, or some such nonsense.

rorysmomma said...

field here is a link to the young lady in durham.

Another white woman crying wolf.... Too bad so sad.

Anonymous said...

Field my hit the proverbial nail on the mafukin' head...

"She is an ignorant racist piece of shit"

That's about as eloquently as it could be expressed.

LittleMissSolo said...

My first clue was the (backwards) B that was "carved" into her face... would it not have been easier for the scary black man to make an O?

Anyhoo... I'm convinced I got a parking ticket because of the Obama sticker on my car - but I couldn't prove it. I mean, who gets a parking citation inside an apartment complex???

I voted today. I used a vacation day and 3 hours and 45 minutes of my free time but I can count on one hand how many other things I've done with my time that made me feel that good.

(Like my grandmother says...)
Ashley Todd - the truth aint in you!


EzMun said...

This was a damn shame.

field negro said...

Thanks for that link rorysmomma, I did hear that the found that child, and that she is Okay.

"Not one person of color I know who heard the story believed the story as reported. Everyone I know referenced Susan Smith and the asshole in Boston who killed his pregnant wife."

dc, that makes two of us.

"I think that she is disturbed. However it does not mean she is not racist. You can be crazy and racist at the same time. She is a true WingNUT (emphasis on the NUT). And more wingNUTS will being coming out of the woodworks."


Sharon from WI said...

You would think that the director of communications for the McCain campaign would have had the sense to wait until it could be determined if the allegations were actually true. Instead, the hoax blew up in his and his colleagues faces. Shame on them.

field negro said...

"I voted today. I used a vacation day and 3 hours and 45 minutes of my free time but I can count on one hand how many other things I've done with my time that made me feel that good."

404kim, that was field Negro behavior.

And some of you folks, depending on where you live, just might want to take those O man stickers off your cars.

JP said...

Ashley is sexually repressed. Note how the black guy was 6'4". How many of us are blessed to be that tall. She is teetering be afraid of the big black cock and want to spend a few minutes on her back with one inside her. She should go back to A&M and find herself of black man to act out her fantasy's with and stop the foolish. Her sentence should be she's not allowed to remove that B until she turns 25.

LittleMissSolo said...

"You would think that the director of communications for the McCain campaign would have had the sense to wait until it could be determined if the allegations were actually true."

Ehhh, no so much sharon... just ask Joe the Plumber and Bristol Palin about how throughly the McCain camp fact-checks beforehand.


Anonymous said...

Ashley is a p.o.s. no doubt but I was reminded of tawana brawley not susan smith another p.o.s. or the a-hole in boston p.o.s.

i too endured a 10 mile ride in silence from a towtruck guy whose eyebrows went up when he saw my O stickers. he didnt' say a word but then again he didn't have to.

La♥audiobooks said...

Well Field, I thought about you earlier, and lucky for you "he" wasn't bald. To think, some innocent black person would have off to the nearest tree.. I mean jail cell.

Anyway, I won't be surprised if she gets a slap on the wrist. We all know, when non-black people do these kinds of pre-meditated wickedness, like clock work, society always try to rationalize it. Soon "they" will come up with all sorts of "mental illness and disorders" poor chubby face Ashley might have been suffering from. Sigh. I say off with her head.

Anonymous said...

Putting a Monkey in the whitehouse

LittleMissSolo said...

"And some of you folks, depending on where you live, just might want to take those O man stickers off your car"

...thats why I got the magnet :)

"Anyway, I won't be surprised if she gets a slap on the wrist. We all know, when non-black people do these kinds of pre-meditated wickedness, like clock work, society always try to rationalize it."

Icognita, I'm sure you're right about the slap on the wrist. Just like the "Barbie Bandits". Remember them? The 2 teeny boopers who robbed a bank and were laughing the whole time? It happened here in Atlanta but it made national news. They got baby sentences and community service (don't quote me on that) but the brotha who worked at the bank - who was in cahoots with them - got like 25 years or something. White privilege...


La♥audiobooks said...

Sorry Field, I didn't read your entire article before I made my comment. You were dead on. That'll teach me.

TrueBlue said...

Boy, after seeing the video of her being led to jail I've got to say that I'm convinced she's a real nutcase. For that reason, I'm sympathetic and hope she can get some treatment.

To me, the real villain here -- BY FAR -- is the McCain campaign. They are the ones who made this into a big story. To me, the media was doing its job, but the McCain campaign is the one that fanned these flames.

These guys at TPM have some fantastic reporting about how McCain's Pennsylvania spokesman provided a bunch of lies to the media on the Q.T., and whipped it up.

For them, this fit perfectly into their plan to go after the western Pennsylvania redneck vote. So, they took it and ran with it.

All of which begs two questions. First, where is the adult supervision? Second, what sort of racists want to fan these flames? It's not just wrong (from this white man's perspective: immoral, unjust, insulting, embarrassing), but it's plain reckless. Even if I didn't have moral objections, which I most certainly do, the dangerousness of blowing up that little stunt should have caused someone to go, "WHOA!"

One thing I have to say, field negro, is that I don't think it's a good idea to keep her phone numbers in that other thread. I understand that you're pissed off at her, and I don't even begin to blame you for that, but as the one who's responsible for this website I think you ought to rise above that and delete the one posting.

TrueBlue said...

p.s.: I was sympathetic to Tawana Brawley, too. The one who pissed me off was Al Sharpton and the others in that entourage.

Election_weary_blkwoman said...

I knew the moment I heard this story it was made up. As one who has experienced a violent crime I knew her wounds were not real and I was infuriated by her. As the story unfolded my anger grew. This woman put every woman who has been assaulted in a defensive position.

I am not the mother of any sons but I have nephews and a black husband and I don't need any of them harmed because of this type of thing. I shudder to think what could have happened.

I was on the HotAir blog last night observing..lurking and some of the things I read there made my flesh crawl. So many people were willing to twist logic to believe her when the simplest logic says that she made it up. The explanation for the upside down B was the robber was standing over her head carving, even though she said he sat on her chest which would put him facing her feet. Or someone said that the robber did it on purpose to make her look like a liar..or the most popular she was a Democratic plant.

They could NOT believe a white woman would lie. Couldn't believe it. I hope they learned something from this and will look at their actions but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Field, picture-wise, could we have more Ashley Judd, and less Ashley Todd? Please?

Anonymous said...

The part that is killing me about this is now she is saying she does not remember how the backwards B got on her face. But her fat, ugly ass sure didn't forget to blame a Black man and mention Obama's name.

And how the story kept first it was a mugging and then she remembered that wasn't scandalous enough for her ilk, so she added later that this imaginary guy beat and fondled her after carving her face. Because an assault against a lily white fair maiden would not be complete without a thorough ravishing.

Anonymous said...

la incognita you are so right they don't give black people those kinds of [mental problems] excuses. We are only good for being uncontrolable savages. Looks like Asley deleted her blog.

rainywalker said...

I started wondering as soon as I say the picture. Why would someone cut a backwards "B" in someone's face unless it was done in the mirror?

TrueBlue said...

I never believed it.

I couldn't get over the penmanship. I mean come on, in the situation she described, what mugger-turned-political activist would "carve" such a perfect B? Plus there was the matter of the wound's superficiality and evenness. It didn't make sense that it would be so mild and even if the guy was using a 5-inch knife, as she had claimed.

The other thing was the lecture that he was supposed to have given her about supporting McCain and now he'd teach her a lesson. That was just, shall we say, a little far fetched? Does anyone else recall getting a political lecture from their mugger?

TrueBlue said...

la incognita you are so right they don't give black people those kinds of [mental problems] excuses. We are only good for being uncontrolable savages.

I can honestly say that during the Tawana Brawley thing, I never felt anything but pity and sympathy for that girl. I always saved my scorn for the adults in that picture.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for Todd. Texas is filled with people like her. Like these crackers.

Anonymous said...


A white person blaming a black man for a crime?

That's the best they could do?

Anonymous said...

Considering the effort McPalin has been putting into rallying the troops, it's surprising that nothing like this hasn't happened before now. I wonder if she thought this up herself, or if someone put her up to it. A Texas girl, huh? Well, that'll learn her not to leave the safe borders of Texas and go up to the far frozen north of Yankee territory. (You may be thinking that Pittsburgh isn't Yankee country, but when I was growing up, the Far North started in Oklahoma.)

Anonymous said...

Just caught this story today (busy week). I just can't get over one thing. Crazy, racist, or whatever--who is stupid enough to write the B backwards on their face and STILL decide to go to the police with a fake story?

And on a related note, why is Joe the Plumber actually thinking he can run and win a congress seat in 2010.

I know that there are a lot of ignorant/stupid people in this country, but damn!

black magic woman said...

check this out - from a poster at TPM:

She said it happened in Bloomfield.

See, my mother's side of the family is all from Pittsburgh, from my late great-grandparents to my baby cousins. It is my second hometown. I came to know each part of the city pretty well, especially the North Side, Downtown and East End, where the University of Pittsburgh is located. Just north of the university area is the Bloomfield neighborhood which is, unambiguously, Pittsburgh's Little Italy.

I grew up in the age of Yusef Hawkins, and we Black kids were always told to steer clear of Little Italy - in any city. And we though we have no family in that area, I always knew Bloomfield was not a place I wanted to get caught after hours. Who knows if anything would've happened? But for us, Little Italys were the closest we Northern Negroes would ever come to seeing what it must have been like for my Papa back in Mississippi.

So what in the hell was a 6'4" Black dude doing in Bloomfield at all, let alone to rob a little White girl? My first instinct was that he either had a death wish, or didn't exist.

Damn right he didn't exist.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

More election distraction tactics. Glad the lie was revealed so quickly - thanks to the Internets and true police work. McCain should absolutely repudiate this mess publicly - but he won't. Black people had definitely be careful depending on where they live cuz it's white people that are gonna have a hard time dealing. I'm also glad Tekenya was found - now we need to get her some real help. That Ashley person isn't suffering from a mental illness - she's just racist and is being held accountable. There's a blog written by a white guy that I thought was a bit harsh but his premise is that white women are too pampered and get away with treating everyone like crap and he's not gonna take it anymore. So stuff like this happens and I start to agree with him.

Anonymous said...

What can I say....what the hell is wrong with those people?

This obese fat mental challenge witch.

Where is all those outrage conservative black republicans at? aka J. Harris and the rest of them..Why aint they screaming? Instead of being a Black man who happening to be Black asses at..

When I saw this heifer, it reminded me of Susan Smith, Runaway Bride and countless others (Elisabeth Hasselbit_h from the View) and what happened to make them think the way they do......All I can see, they are blinded by their whiteness...

Perfect backward B on her face just like her backward mind...I dont think she was crazy or disturbed...plain and simple...She hated BLACK MEN OR WOMEN PERIOD..

I also heard McShame and that VP actually call her...That is a pure shame...

Anonymous said...

That Ashley person isn't suffering from a mental illness - she's just racist and is being held accountable.

I agree with Faith on this.

A legal-type question for you, Field, or anyone who might know the answer to this:

What law(s) did she violate in making a false report -- and what are the penalties for doing this? Anyone know?

SouthernGirl2 said...

The story didn't pass the smell test from jump street. I also read from the police release that she stated the imaginary guy fondled her breasts! It's her d%mn fantasy!

The crazy fat ass lunatic could have gotten innocent black men harassed or harmed with her demented lies! I want her punished with hard time because she could have set off a riot!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Justin Zatkoff - he wasn't sure who to cast his lying blame on, so he said it was random black OR gay militants. Turns out it was a (white) "friend" of his.

And around a month ago he was fired from his Republican gig for stealing materials. Seems he gets off on being "controversial" and it keeps getting him into trouble.

ch555x said...

ROFLMAO!!! The fake blackeye is another key to the!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that liberals (I include myself)
tend to talk about this woman needing psychological help. It's true--we tend to go there first. We want people to get help and not just get thrown into jail. But damn--I don't care how sick this woman MIGHT be. She is a dangerous (albeit stupid) RACIST. I want her charged and jailed for hate crimes and made to work with rape victims and hate crime victims for the foreseeable future.

Jody said...

Filing a false report is a Class C Misdemeanor. If she has no priors, then she will most likely get something called ARD.... dont commit any further crimes for a period of time (6 months to 2 years)and her record will be expunged.
And in case you think that is unfair, it is pretty common, at least here in Philly.
But, since this is such a high profile case, they may go ahead and not offer ARD, in which case she will be on probation for 6 months to a year and maybe have to do some community service. People do not go to jail for Class C misdemeanors. They do get probation and they do have to do community service.

Now, if you have a really agressive DA (like we do here in Philly) they might try to charge her with conspiracy to commit a riot, which can be charged as a felony, but if they do, unless she has a really shitty lawyer, that wont stick.

Kellybelle said...

Somebody mentioned to me that I didn't say anything about her mental health. I'm so disgusted. I think 3 years in jail, THEN some mental health care wd be good for this woman.
Hate is not a mental illness. It's a choice.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the "victim" could be racist. But in Florida, houses have been shot up for McCain signs. That just makes the story more plausible. I do think there will be riots if Obama is not elected.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard from Christopher lately?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:39
Take a pill.

Hathor said...

Could these be ordinary vandals who know who to blame after Michell Malkin and Rush Limbaugh now have coined the phrase Obama's thugs. I am sure they gave inspiration to Ashley Todd.

RiPPa said...

Damn I was waitin for the day to see Jesse Lee Peterson's pic on your page man. Good stuff! I hate that guy.

Now this chick?

Well, I know nobody has even thought of this angle, and yes she lied. But I know that chick didn't give herself a black eye.

You know who did it?

The Duke LaCrosse team...

yeah man...

them whiteboys wanted payback!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Ain't no black person spray painted those buildings either. Sorry, but blacks are not into that. Someone is really trying their best to start a race riot. They're pulling every dirty trick in the book to make it look like this is a black person so that they can stop Senator Obama from getting elected, but it won't work. Yup, but it won't work! Just like that young woman's false claim came to the light, so is this too going to come to the light.

s. douglas said...

Field, you forgot to add.

No self-respecting robber, of any color, would stand behind someone using an ATM machine if they were intent on robbing them.

Once a card is inserted, the camera turns on.

The Media needs to take a big hit on this one. It wasn't just Faux News or the Wingnut blogs. I read about it on the AP Wire.

It was obvious from the get-go her story was Bullshit. A black eye with no swelling? And that backward "B?" Shit, the zit on her other cheek was deeper.

The Media's thirst for Sensationalism puts people in danger.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The people who spray painted those buildings are trying imply that blacks are going to destroy America if Senator Obama is elected. Sad but true, if one black person does something wrong or makes a mistake, all blacks are given his label and lumped in one boat. We're not seen as individuals.

Yup, we dealing with some hateful sick cookies, and McCain and Palin are throwing gasoline on a flame. Their still putting that lie out that Senator Obama is a Muslim and pals around with terrorist. That in itself is racist and throwing gasoline on a flame. But this is all they know how to do incite hatred towards their fellow human being who happens to be a darker skin then theirs.

This is gone backfire on them so bad, until McCain and Palin are going to leave this election race in disgrace, because they chose the path of evil and put a good man's life in danger and incited hate towards their fellow human beings.

Anonymous said...

The first time I heard this onsense -- and it was when I got home late tonight and jumped right on my favorite web log-- Field Negro -- that I read about this. And automatically, I said, "BS." Now, check out this scenario:

What black man is going to rob some white woman of $60 at an ATM machine in broad daylight -- at knife point, at that, wrestle her to the sidewalk, very neatly carve out a perfect "B" on her cheek -- with the steak knife, no less, molest her (some reports claim that action), say all kinds of crazy, foolish, nonsensical things to her, and then run the F off, down the street? And then, not get caught?? I mean, who the commits this kind of "robbery"? And for what, $60?

When I read it, and then subsequently listened to Keith Olberman rant about it, I just thought it was the absolute most ridiculous thing that I'd heard since the Susan Smith story several years ago.

Obviously, the woman has some VERY serious issues and needs some serious help, but, and obviously, not the kind of serious issues that the John McCane camp has now because it refused to address this nonsense and shut the madness down before it got so ridiculously out of hand.

And all this cheek-cutting & robbing & molesting in public & stabbing & wrestling on sidewalks & talking smack while committing all these things -- all because of a damn sticker on a car?? There's just no end to THIS mad, mad, mad narrative.

Anonymous said...

The repubs are desperate as hell. I guess in her small mind she was going to martyr herself for their cause, suicide bomber style...The question now is how low will McCain and his supporters go in these final few days. I think we all better strap on our seat belts because this is going to be a bumpy ride from here to inauguration day.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

She is sick, but she is not the only sick cookie out there lurking around with that type of mentality. These people are so consumed in their hatred for a black man running for President, until they are blind with hatred and subject to do anything that they think will drum up enough people to jump on their band wagon of hate. Yup, expect more to come in these last few days.

Rush had the nerve to say that Senator Obama didn't go to see about his sick grandmother, and that it was a coverup. Now, how asinine is that, and how much more asinine is it going to get? These people have a black heart of stone.

EzMun said...

One day after the story was reported, I'm find it humorous to go back and read some of the comments on the story before some people found out the story was a hoax. To be fair, there were a few people thought the story was fishy… but here are a few of my favorites on Politico

A skeptic:
“He just robbed her of $60 - with a knife, no less. And then she walks away from him to go to her car. Riiiggght. "Hey, I'll take your car while I'm at it!" This is Tawana Brawley again.”

Riding the Fence:
“I'm of two minds on this: First, if it's true, I hope the woman is okay and gets better soon. But this sounds awfully fishy, though. I agree with the poster who said that this sounds like the Tawana Bradley case... Guess we'll just have to wait and see.”

Another skeptic:
“Hmmmm, I think it would take the robber a great deal of strength, time, and dexterity in order to carve a legible 'B' on someone's face. Sounds fishy....”

Tatiana Hates the “Black Thugs”:
“Wow @ the racist comments here. obvi, this is disgusting and the guy is a freak. my prayers go to the girl! but seriously, "more black thugs will be roaming the streets if obama wins"? SICK.”

In a twist of Irony this person’s screen name is “I Knew A Phony”
“The Obamatons here are truly scum. First you try to excuse the crime by linking it to the McCain campaign, then you claim the victim falsified the crime.
This isn't like some vandalized vans and graffiti. There's an actual human victim here. If evidence turns up that the crime was faked, I'll be appalled and disappointed. But for now, we have no reason to doubt this person.
Really, the fact Obamatons are so partisan they're willing to excuse criminal behavior for their narrow political ends is truly disgusting. I thought we'd started moving beyond the "blame the victim" mentality which ironically the Left was so active in trying to change.”

A Criminalist in Training:
“Muggers usually just want some money and a quick getaway. It is a bit suspicious that this guy shows every sign of being an average mugger, wanting some cash (only 60$)and anonymity, but then because he disagrees with her about the presidential election he risks a much more serious assault charge by carving a "B" into her face. I don't know...”

Double Standard:
“Can you imagine the outrage if this had been a black Obama supporter that was attacked? But ofcoarse she was a white McCain supporter so the mainstream media wont run the story!!”

A Realist:
“A "B" was "carved" into her face, yet she declined medical treatment. This isn't very good reporting. Also, how exactly did the woman see the man catching sight of the sticker if she was walking to her car? How are we to know what the "B" stood for (Bush also comes to mind)? There's a whole lot of conjecture going on here--I wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot clown poll if I were a journalist.”

A Preacher
“Listen to you people! A woman is attacked, and you say 'it's because of those hateful Republicans.' You have got to be kidding me. Doesn't your Messiah preach a more positive message?”

Dems R Classless:
“Is this all you compassionate libs have to say is that it looks fake because the B is backwards? If he were standing over her with his feet above her head, this is the direction the B would be. What a bunch of classless clueless dems!”

“I meant to write something, but all what I can say is : no comment. The actions of Obama supporters speak for themselves.”

A Liar
“The AP has picked up the story and Pittsburg channel 12 is reporting the attack was caught on the ATM camera. Truly disgusting.”

Obvious Olbermann Hater
“Taking bets here for how long it will take the libs to tell us where she lives, her taxes paid, her personal life, and everything about her. I'm sure every woman how has been assaulted will feel comforted by this and will certainly want be on their side....”

Street Smart
“Fake story. Look at her picture. Heavy bruise around the eye, but no damage of eyeball's blood vessels? Unbelievable. Letter B too small, too accurate - SCRATCHED, not carved. Cannot be done with a KNIFE. Most probably done with manicure scissors. Common sense: street robbers do not care about the election. They want their quick buck REAL QUICK.”

Screen name says it all Shut Up If You're Not For Obama:
“This is exactly why I do not have any McCain yard signs or bumper stickers here in the liberal hotbed of Seattle. It is not safe. I wear my McCain/Palin button only when I don't mind people hating me. Free Speech? Not in Obama land.”

A Realist:
“…via DRUDGE...say no more. “

Best Wishes:
“I'm not going to question the validity of this story unless evidence comes out to the contrary. This kind of violence is outrageous and I hope the perpetrator is caught and brought to justice. I send my best wishes out to the victim.”

Obama Thugs:
“Another thug for Obama. My neighbor had his window broken by someone throwing a rock after he put up a McCain-Palin sign.”

Obama Style:
“You mean to tell me this Dem-partisan FELON couldn't wait for Obama to get into office and do THE SAME THING TO ALL OF US I.E. HIGHER TAXES. This is just a FORETASTE OF THINGS TO COME - LITERALLY. KRYSTALNACHT - OBAMA STYLE IS NOW IN FULL EFFECT.”

Hank Williams Fan:
“I just found a link to the picture and the story. They know for sure that she was attacked. For 60 bucks. Sounds like the song from Hank Jr. Gonna get mugged if you go down. Then one if the commenters on here had so much compasion. That she asked for it by using a ATM in a bad place. Yep she was in the city that is full of violence? Now not many people get mugged at an ATM here in rural missouri. She was beat up pretty good with black eyes. Thank God that the person scratched the letter in sted of carving it. WHO ever did this is an irresponsible thug. Hopefully he will be caught and charged acordingly.”

“We're not saying she wasn't attacked. We just don't buy that her mugger was so politically motivated and adept at knife calligraphy that he decided to risk arrest by holding the woman down and carving a backwards B into her face (because an O is too easy and he wanted to demonstrate how much this statement means to him). For now, our money says she did the "B" herself.”

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Mental health defense? Pffft. Send her racist azz to jail as a deterrence so others will be less likely to do hate crimes and race baiting.

Anonymous said...

...Now, now, Field---be kind...please show some sensitivity to those who are sick...I mean, hasn't it already been legally adjudicated that anyone in the "College Republican National Committee" is Mentally Ill per se ?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Lord Jesus! After reading those comments from the politico blog, Granny is shaking her head, reflecting back to the days of lynching a black man. How far have we really came? Sometimes I truly wonder.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Given the high profile she needs to serve some time. I can't believe McCain/Palin called her! WTF?

I didn't believe the story. What mugger has time to carve a perfect backward B on someone's face?

I don't think she is mentally ill. Just stupid and racist.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info, Jody!

To my eyes, it's not just that she filed a false report -- it's the political context (and who took and leaked that photo to Drudge and contacted the McCain campaign?), so I personally hope she is charged with that "conspiracy to commit a riot" felony you mentioned.

I really really think that would be very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

This woman is an example of the Bush administration No Child Left Behind policy. She memorized the fact that blaming a black man would get you some sympathy but the program didn't promote critical thinking which is why she didn't have enough sense to use an O instead of a B and she carved the B in backwards. Po thang.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, I was just watching CNN, and Anderson Cooper brought upthe question is Rev Wright fair game, and that McCain's campaign is thinking about bringing it up. Okay, so, this leads me to believe that the incident with the young lady that lied about the so-called black mugger was just a sly ploy to find a way to paint Senator Obama as a racist. This is what all of that incident was trying to lead up to, but the young woman got caught in her lie. Nevertheless, be aware that this is what McCain's campaign is up to. They really think that people are stupid. But you can't accuse them of using the race card, now can we? Whelp, get ready for a big fight, because they are pulling out all stops no matter how dangerous it may be to try and keep Senator Obama's black azz out of the White House. BUT IT WON'T WORK and it is going to BACKFIRE on them BIG TIME!

BTW, CNN seems to like to bring up RACE an awful lot. It's like an obsession with them and it is getting to be a bit too much. Why don't they just come on out and say it. They can't see Senator Obama as just another man, they only see the color of his skin, and they refuse to see him as their equal, because heaven forbid, he's a black man.

It is getting to be disgusting and appalling at the length these people will go to try to block Senator Obama from becoming the next President of the USA, but in the same sense it is an eye-opener, but this time the whole wide world is going to get to see how racist America is.

Anonymous said...

Grannystandingfortruth said "...CNN brings up race a lot". I dunno 'bout you but, CNN and FAKENEWS are two sides of the same coin: They (seriously) pimp the kinds of sleaze that makes money (and they been doing it long before now). The real pisser is that they leave us no way to hold them accountable. The lesser of the evils seems to be to change the channel - C-SPAN or radio's NPR, or better yet, turn it off.
Soapbubble: NCLB and education policies pay lots of lip service to "critical thinking". In this real world, however, "critical thinking" is breathtakingly absent - just look around you.
We who identify ourselves as radical progressives and field negroes should: 1. Get out and vote early; 2. Turn up the volume of our righteous indignation - we should be in the streets.
BTW...if we black people can justify, celebrate and glamorize the gangsterism that preys on our community, why can't white people likewise celebrate and glamorize the breathtaking ignorance and fear that fuels their racist parochialism?


Anonymous said...

"Ashley Todd" is an anagram of "Shoddy Tale"

She Draws said...

Wow it took a long time to read all those comments on my well I hadn't heard anything of this story thnks for the info. Wow now I'd like to see how this rolls out(although I already know and you do to.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Obama is like a slave been checked our at the auction yard or something, or like some animal or horses been examined. Here goes a mcCain surrogate, Duncan Hunter, dismissively saying that "obama has great teeth". wtf?

Bob said...

I guess Rep. John Lewis was correct about that George Wallace stuff.

But really, Ashley Todd (name like a character from Gone With the Wind) must be an Obama operative planted in the McCain camp to make Fox News look bad.

Cheri said...


As usual, your commentary is spot on. I personally didn't believe this crap when I heard the story for the first time.

It'll be interesting to see if the "insanity" defense works for her. They really ought to consider making an example out of her.

Anonymous said...

Most of us under estimate the hatred that most racists have towards anyone who does not look like them.

Karen said...

"Why reasonable people go stark raving mad when anything involving a Negro comes up, is something I don't pretend to understand." ~Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

But when I see Ashley, an unreasonable girl, I think also of what Atticus said about ignorance and poverty, and in this case, I think of poverty of the spirit. And that is something intelligent people can all agree on that is something to pity.

I'm sorry this happened, I knew it the moment I saw her, but it still causes me sorrow that I can't even identify. It probably has to do with you and people I know and ofcourse, my kids. And then, it's embarrassing.

Karen said...

This is the woman who should be on the front pages of all news agencies anyway:

Mr. Noface said...

My only response to this whole farse is this... Ha Ha Ha....Ha Ha...HA!

Maybe next time she'll draw a "B" on her cheek from the right perspective (as in not backwards).

This election season has been exciting, hopefull, historic, heartbreaking, worrying, and now I can honestly say...Hilarious!

I guess that backwards "B" on her cheek stands for Bum instead of Barrack!

Cheri said...

@ Mr. Noface:

This article, discusses more possibilities for the meaning of the letter "B" that this woman carved in her own face.

Your suggestion of BUM isn't on the list. Perhaps it should be added... LOL

Anonymous said...

Hot damn man, the McSame campaign even fucked up their Willie Horton October surprise. Can they do nothing right??

Lee Atwater is spinning in his grave!

field negro said...

jody, thanks for answering michelle. I think she will get ARD, and some type of court ordered counseling. Depending, of course, on her prior criminal record.

hathor, is there really a phrase "Obama thug"? Wow!

"I guess Rep. John Lewis was correct about that George Wallace stuff."

Of course he was. But we have this sort of racial denial in this country that is unbelievable.

"Has anyone heard from Christopher lately?"

anon. 10:40PM, I think he commented on the previous post.

"Where is all those outrage conservative black republicans at? aka J. Harris and the rest of them..Why aint they screaming? Instead of being a Black man who happening to be Black asses at.."

Because that would be against the House rules.

And you people have got to check out that You Tube link "jamwithflies" provided in their comments. That is some wild shit. Now we see what some of the folks on the other side of A-merry-ca looks and thinks like.

"Dear Field, picture-wise, could we have more Ashley Judd, and less Ashley Todd? Please?"

LOL! I am sorry, the only celebrity that gets random pics on this blog is Lark Vorrhies. :)

And let me mention another thing: Someone asked me above (I think it's grinder who is a smart person and who leaves some thoughtful comments)to delete a previuos post with r the poor Ashley's phone number. (I think someone else left it on their comments or it might have been on of the links to my post) well, it ain't happening. I do not believe in deleting or censoring other people's comments, no matter who it offends.

We have had some of the most racist and vile crap posted in the comment section on this site, and I say bring it on. I love when these people come out of the wood work because I want you to know that they exist in our beloved country.

As for Ashley, she gets no sympathy from me. If she didn't want her number published she should have kept her damn mouth shut.

lincolnperry said...

When in doubt...Blame the Blackman!

Chris said...

College republicans are CRAZY. Stay away, stay far, far away.

Anonymous said...

OMG it was terrible! He was a big, tall black man with a cock as thick as your wrist, and he made me say, “Fuck me, your majesty, fuck me! Spread the wealth!”

Anonymous said...

McCain’s just sad they spent so much money on “We are all Ashley Todd” posters, sewing needles, backwards-B templates, and waterproof mascara to pass around at rallies.

black magic woman said...

Did you see this youtube clip from Ashley Todd where she discusses a "mean janitor" who (of course) is African American and looks to be about 6'4"?

Her twitter feed apparently set this all up and makes it look premeditated. I would love for her to spend 1-3 months in jail.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field, how did Philly take this?

Anonymous said...

There is no question that there is something wrong with Ashley. She does have a mental illness coupled with the fact that she is ignorant and racism creeps into her already distorted mind. Think about what rational person do you know who would to such an extent as to mutilate yourself by craving a letter B into your face, and no one said that she was very smart because she should at least crave the letter O then no one would have questioned that the letter was backwards as a political pundit pointed out.

The racism and political affiliation only heightened her already mental instability. This is sad state of affairs, and it's apparent that she didn't know anything about Susan Smith or Charles Stuart because she is 20, but she believe that blame the black guy worked. However, as you said Field she gave a very distorted story to the police that was not believable. You are right, the guy would have rob with a gun, in addition, I think should have made the description of the guy more diminutive such as him being 5'9 or 5'10", an average height person. She made him very tall, and quite frankly if he was that tall he wouldn't need a knife or gun, his height alone would have been enough to intimidate her as she is what I call vertically challenged or just plain short.

The story was incredulous, and you could look at the girl and tell that she is a dime short of a dollar. I am glad that have in custody because she has proven to be a danger to herself and can be to others. What I found interesting was the bail amount, and that is somewhat high for filing a false report and if she meets the requirement to get out of jail, she needs to go under a psych evaluation. I think racism is a mental illness, or it is just a way to suspend your logic to think so irrationally.

Anonymous said...

I noticed in my sentence that just didn't make any sense. I what meant to say is that the girl made the description too diminutive. It's easier to say that the guy was average height than to take him too tall as it would more likely that the guy would be more of average height than 6'4". However, her thinking might have been it would take the police some time to look for the tall black guy, or the police would stupid enough to arrest the guy that didn't match the height description which tends to happen.

Christopher said...

About 15 years or so ago, there was another high profile case of a white, female lunatic (Susan, someone -- I can't recall her last name) who drowned her two toddler sons by putting them in the back seat in their seat belts and driving the car into a lake.

She told the "po-leese" that she had been carjacked by an African American male and even went so far as to give them a detailed description.

The real reason this psycho broad killed her boys was her new boyfriend didn't want children so she came up with this elaborate scheme to get rid of them.

My point in bringing up this vile piece of recent social history is, once again, a white woman exploited the archetype of the "scary, Black man," to help buttress her claim of victimhood and in Ashley Todd's case, at least the rightwing media (helped along by the McCain campaign), bought it, hook, line and sinker.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Congressman Murtha call Western PA a racist part of the state and people jumped all over him. Apparently he knew what he was talking about. If this white woman thought she could get away with blaming a black man for assaulting her in front of an ATM machine (which have cameras) and took the time to notice the raggedy McCain bumper sticker on her sedan (the sticker was close to the ground) and then take the time to carve a B backwards on her fat face, there must be something in her surroundings that let her think she could get away with it.

TrueBlue said...

And let me mention another thing: Someone asked me above (I think it's grinder who is a smart person and who leaves some thoughtful comments)to delete a previuos post with r the poor Ashley's phone number. (I think someone else left it on their comments or it might have been on of the links to my post) well, it ain't happening. I do not believe in deleting or censoring other people's comments, no matter who it offends.

Thanks for the good word there, field. I like this blog. Lots of interesting writing, and comments here. Yeah, I was one of the people (along with someone else in the thread itself) who suggested deleting the phone number.

I completely understand your reluctance to make a deletion, and I respect that it's your blog and your rules and therefore your decision. Not only that, but as someone who's something of a first amendment absolutist myself, I can see a solid rationale for keeping the comment.

That said, I still think it ought to be deleted. The girl is bonkers, and if she does herself harm then guess who might be blamed for it? Also, as someone who has seen mental health problems up close and personal (fortunately, nothing of this particular sort), I am inclined toward mercy when someone is as troubled as this girl is.

Now, please don't for a millisecond think that I condone ANY of this. But I save my fire breathing scorn for the McCain campaign, which took this incident and ran with it. They are ones to blame, much as Al Sharpton and his friends were to blame when that poor girl, Tawana Brawley, had her name forever associated with false hate crime claims.

Ask yourself what you'd think if, say, the Ace of Spades website (a bunch of vile white trash if there ever was one) were to allow the publication of Tawana Brawley's contact information. It is always a good idea for everyone to force themselves to put the same shoe on the other foot just to see how it fits.

TrueBlue said...

p.s.: Field, let me point something else out. The first amendment gives the right of free press to the publisher. You are the publisher of this blog. You have no duty to keep that comment up there.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Obama is like a slave been checked our at the auction yard or something, or like some animal or horses been examined. Here goes a mcCain surrogate, Duncan Hunter, dismissively saying that "obama has great teeth". wtf?

red devil, It's Duncan freaking Hunter. He's ... like that. Anyone concerned with white nationalism directed at immigrants knows that man's name and what he's about.

TrueBlue said...

Truth be told, he does have great teeth. Being dentally challenged myself, I'm jealous of them chompers of his. But that's not why I'm voting for him. Who knows, maybe Duncan Hunter has dentures?

Seriously, though, I also noticed Hunter's comment and I thought it was well, kinda weird, given the historical background. But if Obama should happen to lose the election, he could make serious money as a Colgate model.

field negro said...

grinder, I hear you, and I respect your opinion, but sorry, I just can't do it.

"Ask yourself what you'd think if, say, the Ace of Spades website (a bunch of vile white trash if there ever was one) were to allow the publication of Tawana Brawley's contact information."

I would say serve Tawana's lying ass right.

TrueBlue said...

I hear ya, field. And after I read the latest newspaper story about this, I'm a little less inclined to a mental health absolution anyway. Let's just hope that girl never becomes a nurse. Misery, here we come!

Still, if there's anything about this that makes me want to pull out the stops and let my white liberal self-righteous nutcase out of the attic for a jaunt on the front lawn and maybe a jog around the block, it's the handling of all this by the McCain campaign in general, and more specifically the actions of their Pennsylvania spokesliar.

Holy Christ, would I love to have supervisory authority over that twit. There'd be nothing left but a little pile of ashes in the corner after our half-hour meeting, and they'd have to bring in scrapers to get me off the ceiling.

Wanna know whose racial ghosts he'd face? Mine. Hell hath no fury like mine toward crackers who appeal to lizard brain white hatred. Angry doesn't begin to cover it.

Anonymous said...

Michael Smerconish also deserves Field Negro status for calling bullshit on the Ashley Todd story as soon as he heard it. I saw him on MSNBC and he apparently ticked off his listeners again by telling them on his radio show that the story didn't pass the smell test. Welcome aboard Smerc.

Black Diaspora said...

(I think someone else left it on their comments or it might have been on of the links to my post) well, it ain't happening. I do not believe in deleting or censoring other people's comments, no matter who it offends.

Posting her number makes just one comment: make her life a living hell.

I've got to side with grinder on this one: As appalled as I am with how this woman's plight was used by the right, I can't justify this invasion of her privacy, or subjecting her to other "sick minds" out there.

If you won't do it for her, do it for yourself.

I swear: what goes around comes around.

Mark this moment. Keep it well in mind.

If I'm lying I'm flying--you will see this one returned unto you.

I don't make the rules, but occasionally I tell how the rules are adjudicated.

Anonymous said...

Wow, niggers can type.

Anonymous said...

That phone number is fake. Belongs to some board member of an Alabaman Scholarship committee.

Sharon from WI said...

Field, suppose someone called this weak-minded, racist twit and convinced her to kill herself? And it was later learned that her phone number was posted here?

Would you really want to have to bother with the harassment and grief that would cause you and the community of posters here?

Sharon from WI said...

Anonymous said...

Wow, niggers can type.

Apparently, so can inbred racists.

Sharon from WI said...

That phone number is fake. Belongs to some board member of an Alabaman Scholarship committee.

Never mind.

field negro said...

"Wow, niggers can type."

"YES WE CAN", Sarah. :)

And, we can vote as well.

TrueBlue said...

On a happier note, here's a clever Obama ad that plays off on the original Budwesier Wazzup ad. I said "clever" but it's actually kind of touching.

Afrodite said...

So let me get this straight not only did she expect us to believe a black man did this but a dyslexic black man too? Silly child. now she'll have a letter b on her face for the rest of her life...(and we thought having a scarlet A on all of ur clothes was bad)...but a b on ur face? forever branding u as a racist lunatic and liar to the world? Also you guys are right...a few decades ago and we would've had a few lynch cases on our hands. smh Ida B. Wells-Barnett would've had a field day w/ this one...

Afrodite said...

No wats even more ridiculous is that on her myspace page..the quote next to her picture says

"Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her cloths off, but its better if you do."

here's the link:

Kay said...

Why is everyone believing that mental illness cop out crap? That woman new right from wrong, but was just to stupid to realize that she'd be caught in her lies. Let me tell you about ugly, fat, lying, white women. I am from Texas, and I know them all too well. They think black people are inferior to them. They feel they are always right and their entitlement mindset gives them the notion that they can get away with whatever they want. Texas is known for its undercurrent of bigotry. It poisons it's culture and prevents it from being a true southern enclave of family values and hospitality. Texans like her are a joke, and the tragedy is that they are all too common.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

anon 4:32 AM:

Thank you for your comment. You are more of an Obama supporter than those of us who support him, because of your comments and actions, you have helped Obama rise up in the polls. Once again, thank you so much for your support. We really appreciate it, keep up the good work in helping us make Senator Obama the next President of the United States of America. When the election is over, I might even send you a thank you card.

TrueBlue said...

I don't know, suburban goddess. I am right smack on the 50-yard line about this Ashley character. Half of me says she's bonkers and deserves mercy, and the other half feels as you do, especially after reading the whole story on the Pittsburgh newspaper's website.

But consider this: Ashley wouldn't have been anything to anyone but for the College Republicans, Matt Drudge, the right-wing websites, and especially, the Pennsylvania communications director for McCain's campaign.

Of all of those, I point the finger at McCain's communications director. He was the guy who hyped these lies to the Pittsburgh media. It's a big country. There are always going to be Ashleys out there, because roughly 2% of us are insane to a significant degree.

So, shouldn't we be especially looking at the people whose responsibility is to take a step back and do a sanity check on the Ashleys? The McCain campaign did exactly the opposite. Ashley, I might be able to forgive. The McCain people? Nope.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I'm with you grinder that the McCain campaign should be held responsible for hyping it up. Yes, they definitely should be held accountable, but Ashley should be held accountable as well, and shouldn't be let off the hook either. If she is, this will give others with views like hers the greenlight to do something similar or worse, because they know they can plead insanity and get away with it. I think back on cases where folks were legally mentally retarded, and they gave them death sentence, not saying that is what they should do to her, but she should be made to pay for her actions because they could have developed into a dangerous situation and cost an innocent person their life or freedom.

TrueBlue said...

I'm not too high on the death penalty to begin with -- another one of those 50/50 things for me -- but I certainly don't believe in it for people who are mentally ill or retarded. Two wrongs do not make a right. Ashley's a tough one for me. The minute I start feeling sympathetic, I go back and read the story and see that she'd been doing that crap for quite a while.

At least we agree that the McCain campaign should be nailed to the cross for this. As far as I am concerned, anyway, this was the last straw with them. I'll think lots of things about McCain, but "honorable political leader" is not one of them.

No one can take his P.O.W. stuff away from him, but there were a lot of P.O.W.s who suffered, and who acted honorably. It doesn't mean that they're entitled to respect in every other area of their life. To me, McCain is a figure from a Greek tragedy. It's a shame.

TrueBlue said...

Thinking about it further, I think the fatal flaw with him has always been ambition. Some pride and sanctimony too. I think the most insidious of those is sanctimony. A lot of us (certainly me) are vulnerable to that one.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You sort of lost me there, which him are you referring to in your 6:02 pm post? I don't know if your talking about McCain's campaign manager, Drudge, or McCain. If you talking about McCain, well I'd like to add excessive greed to the list.

TrueBlue said...

Sorry about that. "Him" = John McCain.

I don't know if greed is big with him or not. I know that sounds weird to say of a guy who abandoned his first wife for a rich heiress, has more houses than he can count, a gambling habit, and a penchant for lobbying on behalf of every corporate interest that comes down the pike.

I can actually imagine that, for example, he bagged wife #2 because she was hot, and that the money was nice but not the main events; that he doesn't really give a shit about the houses, which is why he doesn't know how many of them there are; that the gambling habit is thrill-seeking rather than money seeking; and that the lobbying was in return not for personal riches but for campaign contributions to feed the ambition.

Not that I'm painting a very nice picture or anything, but I tend to think that the really greedy ones are more inclined to make their way to New York than to stick around in Washington.

Ambition is just one of the faces of vanity. Did you ever see that delightfully cheesy cable TV movie, The Devil's Advocate, where Al Pacino (one of my favorite actors) plays the Devil? "Vanity," he says at the end, leering at the camera. "It's my favorite sin."

You know, all the politicians are vulnerable to that one, including Saint Barack. You've seen my comments on this site so you know how much I like him -- actually, not just "like," but am actually coming to admire -- but we've all got to remind ourselves about the nature of the political beast.

I think McCain is hooked on his own story, and will pretty much do anything to feed his jones. I think I'll truly start believing Obama is actually special when I hear him admit to screwing up, when such an admission entails a significant cost. That would make him unique among the politicians I've seen in my life, anyway.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic shitty ass thing to do...but not at all surprising. Did anyone notice that the "B" is carved backwards? That obviously proves that she did it herself in the damn mirror. She must be either as dumb as cat shit or dyslexic. If someone carved a "B" in her face it wouldn't be backwards.
And as for FOX News, they would probably be jeering, laughing and pointing at a black man's lynching. No surprise there either. When r we gonna learn that white folks ain't never gonna love black folks.

TrueBlue said...

When r we gonna learn that white folks ain't never gonna love black folks.

Excuse me, but you are flat wrong. I don't like to point a finger quite like that and say it like that, but you are flat fuckin' wrong. I won't even begin to deny this country's history and its current reality, but to say that white folks ain't never gonna love black folks is as flat fuckin' wrong as flat fuckin' wrote ever got, ever gets, and ever will get.

I'm not as mad as I sound. I am more sad than mad. But I've got to say what I just said. Someone has to say it, and it might as well be me. It's not true.

Anonymous said...

Just a mirror and some eyeshadow folks, nothing to see here.

Yeah, you see, I live on the East End. I've walked Bloomfield close to midnight -- black people ain't there (They're up in East Liberty at a poetry reading, I'm sure).

Proud to say that I know one of the guys who helped to slam that bitch down hard. As they say in PA -- "if it ain't a local election..." [no, my friend is not on the police force. Citizens are allowed to step up!]


And them Appalachian voters are racist. They're still voting Obama though -- it appears that a common quote is "I'm voting for the nigger".

I don't know what they're smoking, truly. But I figure it's "I don't care what the hell you think about me and mine, my mind's made up!"

Anonymous said...

let's ALL grab a razor and cut some racists' faces. Bam is an opportunist and an imperialist, but the wingnuts are really just dangerous racist crackpots. I hope the guy gets off - and I'm white.

TrueBlue said...

And them Appalachian voters are racist. They're still voting Obama though -- it appears that a common quote is "I'm voting for the nigger"

I think that it's more of a breakthrough than you might imagine when someone says, "I'm voting for the nigger." That statement, apocryphal though it might be, implies a transformation.

Today, it's "I'm voting for the nigger." Tomorrow, it's something different.

black grl #1 said...

To Suburban Goddess: yes i know all about big-haired, pink-almost-fluorescent-colored-lipstick & LOVES Power-Running-Suits, women in TEXAS! Like a pair of CROCS-they should be outlawed. but since they can no longer sit on their wrap-around-porches waiting for their "slaves" to bring them rat-poisoned infested lemonade, they take some Zoloft, join the Republican Party, while their "crazy-kids" cook up shit like this instead of crystal meth. (SIGH) perhaps this is their "come to Jesus" moment...

Moondancer said...

I figured you had to be crazy to vote for McCain, but this woman is a straight up fruitloop. You can be racist and still not willing to carve up your face to get folks to side with your canidate. For now I hope she gets the help she needs, but my focus will return to supporting the only canidate that I have EVER believed could really make a difference in this country.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase someone, they said that Repubs(more like Rethugs but I digress) and the media should have checked the facts before they went with this story. This is a valid point-as far as it goes. Why? In light of the fact that they accuse Obama of being a bleeding heart pinko Islamic orChristian black racist-take your pick- out to tear the fabric of the country to shreads, asking these "nutjobs" to stick with the facts IS PERHAPS-just perhaps -asking for too much! I am almost like some of yall-what next. Except I wonder if it will ever stop.I doubt it will!

Royal Model said...