Saturday, October 04, 2008

Obama the terrorist.

"ENGLEWOOD, Col., Oct 4 - Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin accused Democratic candidate Barack Obama on Saturday of 'palling around with terrorists,' in the latest sign the campaign is turning increasingly nasty.

The comment by Palin, whose running mate John McCain is vying against Obama for president in the November 4 election, was dismissed by the Obama campaign as 'gutter politics' and came shortly after the McCain campaign had already called the U.S. senator from Illinois a liar.

With polls showing McCain trailing Obama in many battleground states, including several won by Republicans in the 2004 election, Palin said 'There is a time when it's necessary to take the gloves off and that time is right now.'

Speaking at a fund-raiser in Englewood, Colorado, she launched an assault on Obama just days after both candidates urged Congress to set aside partisan politics to pass a $700 billion bad-debt securities package in a bid to free up frozen credit markets.

'Our opponent though is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough that he is palling around with terrorists who would target their own country,' Palin said of Obama, also calling him an embarrassment.

Palin cited a New York Times story on Saturday that examined Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers, a former member of the Vietnam-era militant Weather Underground organization who is now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Times concluded they were not close.

Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan said, 'Today, the McCain-Palin team took their discredited, dishonorable campaign one desperate step further, announcing that they were going to try 'turning a page on this financial crisis' and launching more personal attacks on Senator Obama.' 'Instead of offering solutions for working Americans and families struggling through a failing economy, they have offered more gutter politics and false attacks,' he said in a statement."

For those of you (especially the supporters of the terrorist) who think that I have been too hard on the beauty queen for the past few weeks, do you still believe that? Are you convinced now that girlfriend can get down in the "gutter" with the best of them?

As we hit the home stretch of the campaign season, it is nice to see that republicans have resorted to their true colors. I just wonder what took them so long. Now let's see if it works. I am sure the picture of O.J. morphing into the O man is coming soon.


Anonymous said...

She has zero credibility with anyone other than the very dumbest of wingnuts. This is the best Grandpa can do right now? Use a dimwit that no one takes seriously as an attack dog?

They may end up losing all 50 states yet.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

o now she can remember what newspaper she reads...

Anonymous said...

OMG, I simply cannot believe some of the sords that come out of that's woman's mouth. "Embarrassment"? No, she didn't call the "O" man an "embarrassment." I mean, this is simply beyond comprehension. Has SP read anything the major (and minor) papers are saying about her? Well, no, I guess she hasn't because she doesn't read.

I always thought SP was just a high-heel away from her neighborhood trailer park. Lock. Stock. & Barrel. Does she have an inkling just how much of a buffoon she really is. Well, not "really is," just "is"? The woman can't, as I said in a previous post, can't string two comprehensible, conherent sentences together.

I would urge readers of this blog to read NYTimes articles by Bob Herbert, Maureen Dowd, and Frank Rich regarding the ineptitude of SP. Does anyone know how we can get SP to read these same articles as well as others, because obviously, she just doesn't have a clue about the way that knob works.

Anonymous said...

correction on my ^^ post: "... words that come out of her mouth..."

Anonymous said...


"...coherent ..."

& whatever other infractions there are.

rainywalker said...

Vietnam was a long time ago and like people at home here in the US, I did things there that may not have been on the up and up. Who Obama hangs with that did something 40 years ago is not today. McCain is on the ropes and is just using Sarah Palin and she just doesn't see it or doesn't want to. She is likely hot for McCain to die!

Anonymous said...

The smear job has been going on under the radar for a long time. I have friends and relatives that have been sending me emails that have been racist and demeaning to Obama in the worst way. I have even received the CHANGE email. It was just a matter of time before the republicans showed just how low they can go. But, it was certainly no surprise. I am a southern older white male who is proud to have contributed to Obama's campagin and look forward to voting for him.

black magic woman said...

I cannot stand this ignorant White woman.

I love how she will go after Obama for this, when her husband has been a proud member of an Alaska secessionist organization.


I want to see her pack up her bags and take her ass and her moose shit back to Alaska.

Jody said...

Of all people to call Obama an embarrassment!.... she really has no sense of irony!

Knowing how Obama has conducted himself, he will not dignify this bullshit with attacks.... she should be grateful for that.

I guess we are gonna have to hold our collective noses for the next 31 days cause the Rethugs are going to really stink things up!

field negro said...

"I am a southern older white male who is proud to have contributed to Obama's campagin and look forward to voting for him."

anon.10:07PM, it's people like you who might make the field eat crow come election night. Damn!

"Of all people to call Obama an embarrassment!.... she really has no sense of irony!"

True words.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Lawd Jaysus! You mean to tell me that Ms. Softhead herself is trying to label someone in a negative way. Shaking my head! She should go down in Ripley's Believe It Or Not as the parrot with lipstick. Yup, put her brains in a bird and it will fly upside down backwards.

McCain has used her with no respect for her feelings as woman. McCain is cruel to women. At firzt, I was sort of feeling sorry for her, that is, until I heard that put down remark she made about Biden's wife being a teacher, "Her reward is in heaven." That is an old school put down.

Mr. Noface said...

Hmmmm...seems we have entered silly season part deux. Wasn't this already explored during the primaries (and proven to be of no moment). So I guess Jerimiah Wright is gonna come out of hiding in the coming weeks. Funny thing is this might have actually worked 4 years ago, but the situation is to0 serious this time around and the prosepct of Palin being anywhere near the white house is too troubling for anyone to give what she says any credence.

rikyrah said...

About Ayers- Obama was EIGHT YEARS OLD.

The man paid his debt to society.

Now, either we believe in rehabilitation or we don't.

Ayers knows The Mayor and Governor. That's how it rolls. Of course, if his name had been Leroy Jenkins, he'd STILL be in jail, but I digress.

Palin's married to a mofo who belonged to a SECESSIONIST GROUP FOR 7 YEARS...



D.J. said...

Who accused you of being hard on the Moose queen? Some might say you have not been hard enough.

Anonymous said...

I want to know WHO believed you were too hard on Palin? I don't even believe that's possible.

Bob said...

Field, that was the most OUTRAGEOUS smear from a candidate on another candidate I've heard in this entire campaign. It was out of the Tricky Dick Nixon playbook, & I mean Nixon in 1950. It is an act of utter desperation. If she keeps repeating it the blowback on her will blow her to pieces, the truth is just too easy to know, that there's nothing subversive about the philanthropic Woods Fund of Chicago,

Anonymous said...

In some states the process to elect the next President of the United States of America is in motion.

Bloggers to this site have referred to this entire process as a game; I would say at this point we’re at the 2 minute warning.

Politics, some say is an extension of war. For those who agree with that theory, may we also say urban areas in many cities are a microcosm of the world politics? Do whatever you need to do, because the goal is total control.

My virtual friends get whatever comforts you because the next 30 days is going to be outrageous.

In the end of this very long journey (1700), America will once again reveal her true self and if there’s not a happy ending in the words of Joss Stone... we’re bruised but not broken.

Anonymous said...

In the 60s the government was out of contr. There were people who truly felt what they were doing was for the future of a new America or an end to what America was doing. Our country was bombing another group of people half way across the globe. Reasons unknown. Some organizations wwere reacting with insanity to insanity. America had to change due to actions that they found hard to stop. Lessons were learned.. history has revisited America with today's insanity. She is better prepared this time with the many agencies that can control the population very rapidly. Working in distress communities Bro.O may have been curious about some of these social ledgends (good or bad) that the 60s created. I think it such a far reach to "hold his feet to the fire". Who knows some of these bloggers may be microscoped 10-20 years from now. Today's emotions may be tomorrow's regrets. Brother O was NN Badnews VA. today. We were there.

Cheri said...

This woman is not nearly as stupid as she comes off. She may in fact be one of the best actress in the history of American politics. I'm really beginning to think that her shenanigans are by design.

Take a look at this video (that Andrew Sullivan listed on his blog) of her from 2006, and tell me if this sounds anything like the woman we're hearing now. The accent and the fake-folksiness is all a sham.

To me the only thing that can be said with all certainty is that she's not what she appears to be on the surface. She is playing a part in political theatre. Now the real question is why her puppeteers would want her to come off as a babbling fool. There were so many more qualified Republican women who could've fit the bill, so why choose her? This is the question we need to be asking.

I don't believe forone minute that Johnny Mac (and his handlers) just made a bad decision. There's got to be more to it. Only time will tell...

Anonymous said...

Field, let me apologize in advance, for I believe you to be a man of your word, and I shall henceforth be contributing to your au naturale excursion.

The beauty queen has convinced me that I do indeed have to vote for Barak Obama.

I won't rehash it here, but Sarah Palin scares me. There is no way she can be real, so therefore she must be a plant, but by whom and for what?

Doc L said...

Of course this is nothing to be surprised at. These are the signs of desparation, but are typical of the rethugs. They've conceded Michigan, and most of the battleground states are "bluing up". There's nothing left to try. No strategy, just tactics

It was McCain who promised an above board campaign. The O man didn't need to, he was doing it--for better and for worse. The rethugs understand these tactics work, because enough of America is racist and idiotic enough to fall for it. Just like they think Palin did some bang up job the other night. All she did was once again prove that she could cram and regurgitate. She has no real ability to process, integrate, communicate with any coherence.

We ain't seen nothing yet.They will be throwing out every race card there is. They had no idea it would be this difficult, even though he beat the vaunted Clinton machine, coming from nowhere. The way he has raised money and beaten the Clintons in and of itself should be reason to show he knows how to lead, and shouldn't be taken lightly.

It's just a good thing Orenthal James got convicted. Else the O man would pay the price Nov. 4.

boukman70 said...

Oh, you can't be but so surprised. Your peeps over at Fox News has been screaming about this "terrorist" angle for about a year now. I claimed almost 2 weeks ago that the McCain camp had jumped the shark, but now I realize this campaign's actually a slalom course. But you back a bunch of weasels into a corner, they will attack. (Let me see if I can hunt down any more animal references here.) I'm sure the Bullwinkle Slayer will be regurgitating more right-wing paranoia cud before this is all said & done. Just hold onto your hats, people. This filly ain't broke yet. (There, that's enough for now.)

PS. Why does ole girl look like Jar Jar Binks in "Sarah in 2012"?

Anonymous said...

Field you always call 'em how you see 'em. Like you, I think BQ is just getting warmed up. These next few weeks will be interesting.

Woozie said...

You can never be too hard on such an unabashed cunt.

Anonymous said...

The Klanservatives are ramping up the only thing they have left-an appeal to racism. They aim to make Obama himself into their "Willie Horton" this campaign cycle.

Sarahpoleon is the preferred conduit to the Klanservative wingtards. She'll keep them wound up while Johnny tries to scare the Bejesus out of enough extra white people to turn the tide.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

this cannot be real. Obama is an embarrassment? She's joking right?

I fucking hate her. I don't use the word hate lightly. She has no right to question anyone's love for America, not when her husband was in party that wanted to secede from the Union.

She needs to seriously STFU and go back to Alaska. I cannot wait until Nov. 4th, when all these dumb racists mofo lose their minds when Obama is elected President.

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it, peeps. Obama is coming out with his own pre-emptive media strike on Monday. Word in the fields is that erratic in crisis is going to be the new buzzword about Mr. Morton.

And we still have the Witch Doctor and Charles Keating cards to play between now and November 4th. :)

Anonymous said...

This of course from the woman who is using Mr. McCain (is it time to reintroduce the Keating Five--he nods and winks YES!) this from the woman who is using Mr. McCain's connections to fight, no make that stonewall the investigation into her direct involvement in firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan because he would not fire Mrs. Palin's brother-in-law. Seems Palin has been doin' some palin' around herself.

And as for the phony accent and Joe Sixpacks personae? Everything about this woman is BOGUS. Except her base are too pig ignorant to see how they are being played for the fools and idiots they are.

Sigh - What a way to kick off my Sunday day of rest.

Anonymous said...

As an Obama supporter I still have to let you people know that he isn't out of the woods yet. Three exampples. 1. 2004 election 2. 1984 election. 3. Virginia Gov. Wilder's election. Now, number three is special. The first black Gov. of VA, he had a sixteen point lead the night before the election. He won with just about half a point, or a point. Virginia isn't far from the rest of the country. Don't get it twisted!

tuhmeesuh said...

i have really been trying to be nice to susan and john. i'm starting to like john and his bullshit way more than susan and hers...

i'm also trying to curb my potty mouth. but i'm having a bad week in general and it's probably gonna get worse before it gets better so...

screw susan. that cunt needs to go home and kill a few moose, one of the few things she's truly good at.

tuhmeesuh said...

D.J. said...
Who accused you of being hard on the Moose queen? Some might say you have not been hard enough.




Hey there Field Negro!

I don't know WHY anyone is surprised... everyone should know by NOW that Obama will be viciously attacked because he's too much of a good Negro who wants to be non-confrontational and non-threatening to whites to step up to this white woman and read her from A to Z!

Whenever a brotha is scared to kick some ________ then this is what happens...pot shots and insults are hurled his way. I personally am tired of Obama's passivity.

A real brotha would have been taking names by now!!! (He is definitely not a Que!)



s. douglas said...

Come on people, she's "Folksy."

I don't know about you, but when I'm looking at a potential President, the thing I'm looking for is, Folksiness.

Do they say, "Don'tcha know?," and "Darn tootin'?"

Anything else is simply fluff.

Oh, and I really love it when they wink at me like an Exotic Dancer.

That's HOT!

vanishing point said...

Palin's links to the Alaskan Independence Party are pretty clear, and she can try to distance herself from them, but the video of her speaking at their convention and the fact that AIP had to retract their original statement that she was a member, show that she is actually part of an organization that has infiltrated a major political party. AIP's founder, Vogel, said he didn't care about America or her damned institutions, it's still on their website. They link to all kinds of other state parties based on the desire to secede, and the chairman of AIP from Wasilla links to groups like the WACO museum. AIP also links to some confederate hate sites.

She is a professional liar, no one can be on their fifth pregnancy and not show, and have their water break, give a speech and then fly 8 hours back to Alaska.

She is evil.

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

Now y'all.

If there is ONE thing I've learned over this past year, it's "NEVER second-guess the O-man."

The man and his team never seem to get credit for the level of strategic and tactical competence they've exhibited; from striking a "we're all in this together" tone and consistently choosing the high-road approach to the ground assault they've executed in all fifty states, these folks have been nothing less than brilliant.

(after watching this campaign I'm convinced he will make a superb Commander-in-Chief)

So many of us have been wishing for him to get angry and seriously bust on the Republican lie and smear machine, and he hasn't.

But remember-- it's all about the states and the Electoral College, and both Electoral-Vote and FiveThirtyEight show our boy flirting with a landslide win.

It ain't done yet-- break out ya wallets and throw a few more Lincolns at them, maybe make a few phone calls for 'em or go walk a neighborhood for 'em (great weather right now here in Ohio for exactly that), but let that man do his thang.

RiPPa said...

Yo I can't wait for the O.J. connection to come up either. Especially since (as youpointed out)they have nothing of substance to offer the public.

Chris said...

OK, this comment has fired me up to finally contribute some dough to the O campaign.

Ridiculous that the VP nominee on the other ticket would say such a thing. No shame, she should step down 5 minutes ago. I'm so angry right now.

vanishing point said...

p.s. Field, you can never be to hard on Palin, she's a piece of shit, oh wait, that's an insult to shit.

Ms B. =) said...

I'm just suprised she was able to insult Barack coherently...
damn this ill equipped; jill six pack; soccer mom and her poorly written quips!
LOL @ the OJ connection!
Field your such a witty black guy =)

Anonymous said...

I try not to call other women names, but...

This cuntry heifer needs to take her flat ass back to the AK, where hopefully her corrupt butt will be thrown in jail. Do they really want to go there, considering secessionist Todd has been sitting in on AK government meetings? Really? If I never hear another word from this fool again I will be happy.

field negro said...

Read some of the previous comments after I posted about her for a week straight. "Field you must have a thing for her, leaver her alone, she is irrelevant, she is the VP candidate, you should be focusing on McCain."

Nope, we should be also focsing on her. Her job is to fire up the base and scare independents. And I just can't stand the thought of a female version of the frat boy that close to the number one spot. Honest to god I could live with Mr. Morton, but not with her.

cheri t is right, this could all be some kind of act. But why?

fairlane, "folksy" is what they

"She is evil."

Kathy, what if she was our VP? We just had 8 years of an "evil" VP. Can we stand four more?

And if she can piss off nyc/ know she is evil. :)

momo said...

I agree with ivan: Obama's job now is to keep cool and look presidential; our job is to fight the lies tooth and nail. And I think it's working; the news is getting out. The racism will be more crude and overt, but it will backfire as much as it will motivate. And from stories I read and conversations I have had or read, even some racists (whether self-identified a such or not) are done with McCain and Palin because of: the farm bill (here in MN, my conservative relatives are pissed at him and are voting democratic for the first time in their lives because of... THE FARM BILL), the war, their kids stuck in Iraq for a third tour, their vanishing life savings, their sincere disgust with Palin's failure to answer the questions asked in the debate. It's not that I have naive faith in the voters, but I think the tide is turning.

Anonymous said...

hey, im not a citizen so im not going to vote on Nov. 4th, but living here in the last months and being a witness at what is going on with the politics, nothing could make me believe that the republicans are going to win these elections, these pople are horrible and do not deserve to run this country for another 4 years

Anonymous said...

This blog has a lot of really excellent voices with some very insightful observations.

I also think that most of us would really hate to see that phony reinvented, winkin' smarmy talkin' soccer/hockey mom in the White House. She gives me nightmares that's for damn sure!

So, take a moment and write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and make the case for Obama Biden.

I have been doing this in Albuquerque and manage to get a letter to the editor published about every other week in the Journal. There is a large group of volunteer letter writers here in New Mexico also doing the same thing.

Right now the important thing is to convince the independents and undecided voters that Obama and Biden are the way to go. (How the f**k could anybody be undecided at this point in the campaign???) We have to make this happen.

Anonymous said...

The Founding Fathers did not have much confidence in the "average man" and certainly not in women or people of color. So many people to this post keep saying how stupid America is. (Anyone who does not agree with me is stupid, I know.) It is apparent in the votes and our recent history that people in general or on the average are lemmings, easily frightened lemmings that can get stampeded or attracted to silly things and all rush in one direction. So we get "bubbles" in this and "bubbles" in that. People seem to focus on the inconsequential, I am easily distracted, so maybe I don't get attracted to the popular distractions, but I get hung up on my own hot points.

I vote, have voted, and get my kids to vote. We read the wretched pamphlet that comes from the Registrar of Voters, watch the debates, read a newspaper, the internet and magazines. I still consider myself a political idiot. Reading this blog and following as many of the links as I can find time for have pointed out how shallow my observations are or how poorly I analyze what I just saw or read. For example, I noticed the JM seemed strained in the debate, I did not notice that he never made eye contact. I noticed the cutsies that SP performed, but did not realize their significance, until it was pointed out by the analysts and bloggers.

I wish I could feel more confident about the Repubs not winning the presidency in November, but I don't. In our neighborhood, somewhere beyond "Brigadoon," all I have seen are McCain/Palin signs still after these shocking performances.

I read the qualifications necessary for the executive of the United States that people are discussing; and feel that ordinary people would not be qualified for office. I would like a well educated, well traveled, thoughtful person as President. That leaves most of us out. That is fine with me, but there seems to be some groundswell that we need "ordinary" to lead our country. That would be fine if we really wanted ordinary, average, leadership and results. I get embarassed when people waffle on about the US being this great superpower, leader of the free world and the country reacts like a bunch of ignorant, pouty hicks.

LC Back in the Trees

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

We want Obama to get out the sword and start chopping off heads! But he's not going to do that. He didn't do that to the Clintons and I feel that after what they put him through this latest 'attack' is more like a tap on the shoulder. It is annoying though and that's what we're here for. I expect a Rev. Wright commentary next week. The thing is - everybody's already heard it and McCain is sputtering out of control. This is it and they'll overplay their hand and it'll backfire. Especially because more people will lose their jobs this month even after the signing of that so-called bailout. It's all about the Independents (the hold-outs). It's a testament to having real political clout by waiting around long enough to be so heavily courted. Besides Obama is being set up to take the fall for the economy and all the other skeletons in Shrub's closet that we don't even know about yet. We can't concede anything, but he's very likely to win and then the real backlash is gonna come. We need to be prepared. Shrub has commandos recalled from Iraq on US soil - but for what purpose? We might not get to election night.

LA said...

HAHA! This is the best the republicans can come up with. BS tactics to attack Obama's character. Not only does this display the true colors of Sarah Palin, it displays a urge of disparity for McCain.

Anonymous said...

What was Miss Ann saying in the debate re: "let's not look backwards, Joe! It's negative"-and here they are going so far back to when Obama was in elementary school. Guess he was out throwing molotov cocktails during recess.

And I love how others here have noted her sudden ability to remember a news publication, even if she did not read the entire article. I can just see Karl Rove n'em sitting around asking each other 'what else can we do to vex that uppity so and so..."

Did anyone else see Gwen Ifill's comments today about how Palin "blew me off" during the debates-very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Field & Family,

I was born and raised south of Chicago. I grew up in the shadow of Chicago politics. I still live in Illinois.

The truth is that William Ayers is nothing more than a Timothy McVeigh with elite university garb. Obama has managed a lot of money (hundreds of millions) for so-called "non-profits" with Ayers. Obama has yet to cough up the truth on his real relationship with him.

Secondly, the name "Rezko" in Chicago is like the name "Gotti" or "Gambino" in New York City. He a is mobster who wheels and deals an many different things. Obama has not coughed up the truth on his relationship with him either.

Will Obama tell the truth? That is about as likely as Palin telling the truth about her misuse of power in Alaska!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The Republicans would rather kill their own mother than to raise money to fund projects that help the unfortunate and for good causes. To them a good cause is helping the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

So what do they do, they go around smearing folks and trying to assassinate their character in order to win at all cost. Whelp, Granny for one is sick and tired of their methods. Bush did the same thing back when he was running for office, smeared Dan Rathers a man who had built up his reputation as a journalist, a real journalist, not like those amateur bartenders, strippers, and closet white supremacist they hire at Fox news. And there were many others that got step on and smeared by the Republicans in the process. That black woman that everyone thought was crazy, including me, who claimed Bush raped her. Winded up mysteriously dead after she filed that documents in court. The woman happened to, also, be a successful business owner of not one business but two. Therefore, she wasn't too crazy.

McCain is crazier than a road lizard, one step from dementia, one foot in the grave, another closet white supremacist who, also, is a closet woman abuser, and this is who those who have lost their ever loving mind want to represent America so he can finish flushing this country down the tubes. Instead of a man who is intelligent, calm, respectful, classy, and who wants to put a stop to all of the corruption in the White House, all because they want to hold on to their big CEO parachutes, keep on robbing the taxpayers by keeping a war going on that they are all profiting off of, in the name of GREED.

I'm so tired of the Republican party and their unsavory methods, until I go out daily to get folks to register to vote, because I don't want to see America go down the tubes. I am tired of other countries looking at America with disdain, which I can't say that I blame them, because America has been living a big ole fat lie, since the day it was founded.

What a I like about this younger generation is that they not buying the Republican riff-raff anymore. Nope, their looking for change and they know that as long as the Republicans are in power that change will never come. That this country will go back 200 years to what it started out as, a serfdom colony. Uncle Sam is full of dung and people are waking up to that fact.

Why the rich are more concerned about money than human beings is beyond me, because this country is bankrupt. I keep trying to tell folks that, but well, I guess they'll find out that Granny isn't just talking soon enough. The Republican have robbed the USA treasury and have been doing it for years. That is why they are trying to get all they can now, before it really hits the fan and comes to the light.

BTW, don't think that Obama is going to be blame for it, because he won't be. Nope, because it is going to be so obvious who did the damage, until it will be impossible to blame him for it. Nope, he won't be the scapegoat as some folks think.

Unknown said...


Token White Dude here. Regarding your comment, "I am sure the picture of O.J. morphing into the O man is coming soon."

Has anybody noticed the recent ad from Mr. Morton (last week or so) which starts with a particular full-screen face shot of Obama?

Is it just me, or did they darken the skin tone about 10 shades? The effect was so dramatic that my wife and I both noticed it at the same time.

Didn't Time magazine catch some shit for doing that to OJ back in the day?

Mr. Noface said...

Thank you Mark. I thought I was the only one that noticed how dark Barry's skin is in those ads. He went from his normal caramel to dark chocolate in that ad. Dirty politics indeed.

Anonymous said...

FIELD - you are so wrong for those pictures of the Obamas but hey its your thang - do what you gotta do -I can't tell ya........

Royal Model said...