Thursday, October 16, 2008


If he is anything like the asshole who charged me damn near $120 just to look at my washer, I would say, nothing.

But Mr. Morton is invoking his name on the campaign trail like he is his new running mate. Did you hear how many times he and the O man called his name in the debate? I think it was something like 25 times. And I still can't figure out why. Why the fuck do we hold plumbers or any of these trade union guys to the standard of the everyman in this country? The last time I checked; journeymen plumbers in Philly's Local 690, for instance, earned $40 an hour. So they will be just fine. And here is a dirty little secret about the trades in places like Philly, and I am sure in Ohio where "Joe the Plumber" is from: They don't let too many people of color into their little fraternity. In fact, they damn near go out of their way to exclude us. They are some of the most racist mofos in our fine city. For years the only way to get a union job in places like Philly was to have a family member vouch for you. So given the history of the whiteout here with our high paying trades, I am sure you know what that means. Consequently, the only trade union with people of color here in Philly is the Laborers, and not surprisingly, they are at the bottom of the wage rate totem poll.

Looking at "Joe the Plumber" made me think of some of our own trade guys here in the city. And somehow I got the feeling that if Obama had promised him $100,000.00 the day he got inaugurated he wouldn't have voted for his ass. (Did you hear his little crack about the O man tap dancing like Sammy Davis?) I bet Mr. Morton wished that there were millions of "Joe the Plumbers" out there. I bet he would have been elected for sure. Although, as it turns out, Joe might have been committing voter fraud for all these years in Ohio. Joe, we might have to lump you with those dreadful Acorn people. Yep, Joe is somewhat of a fraud himself. Owes back taxes; and doesn't even have a plumbing license? "Say it ain't so Joe".

I bet if Joe did have his own business he wouldn't give his workers a living wage or provide them with health care. So why should he be able to get his own business? I say fuck Joe. He don't seem so average to me. In fact, he reminds me of a lot of people I don't like too much.


Chris said...

careful buddy..i'm in a union :)

not a trade union, but still

Najmah said...

Speak Field. Speak. my twin brothers are in a trade in VA and oyu would not believe some of the racist horror stories they bring back from the sites on a daily basis! trust and believe the unions are the last strong hold for the good ole boys" boys. anyway get readt to run Field, run!

Anonymous said...

Great deflection piece, Field.

It's not ABOUT Joe the plumber. It's about OBAMA'S response to Joe the plumber's question. It's about "SPREADING THE WEALTH" to make it fair for everyone. It's about taking the money from people who work hard and giving it to people who have less to make sure that there is no disparity in the world even if the people who have less do not work for that money. It's about wiping out the will of the people who work so that they BECOME beholden to the government for handouts. It's socialism and IT'S NOT WHAT AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT!

Anonymous said...

Joe the Plumber it turns not actually a plumber..well...not a licensed plumber....and Joe owes back taxes......and Joe owns no business, not even a business license, not even a business plan...but Joe IS related to Charles Keating.....go figure.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on fukk Joe the Plumber.

So many times today I thought, how is he supposed to represent me as the Everyman? I'm a Black professional living in over-priced NYC, and we had layoffs in my office today and I have spent the last hour emailing my resume with a bottle of chardonnay (maybe not a good idea but it seems ok right now). My job is safe THIS WEEK-but how I am supposed to relate to this joker who is all hot and bothered, worried about Obama's "socialism", tap dancing, etc. because his make believe $250K business will have to pay a measly 3 percent more in taxes if Obama is elected?

And come to find out he does not even have a plumbing license, has tax liens against him and not even registered to freakin vote? I guess McCain figures he didn't vet his vp pick, why vet his media plant?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

One of my baby brothers is an electrician, and he has to deal with a lot of racism in his field. He has told me plenty of those horror stories as well. The thing, my brother has going for him, is he is highly intelligent,knows how to play by the rules, and deal with them.

Blabbeando said...

He IS sorta cute though (you do have to give him that!). BUT I also wonder if from now on ANYONE will stop Barack on the trail and exchange thoughts on policy for fear to be caught on canmera and having every inch of your life investigated...

On the other hand, go Obama!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, expect there to be more plants, nasty campaigning, smears, traps, and BS as this race gets closer to election day. Racist folks play dirty, alway will, and always have. Joe and that sheriff look like they more than likely belong to some white supremacist group.

teach people not books said...

anon, that's just silly. let's resign to reality here. if joe or his business makes more than a quarter mil, he's not going to have any issue paying his taxes.

runaway capitalism breeds class warfare. if it's socialist, anon, to say that the fat cats have no business making millions or even hundred thousands and getting tax cuts while others live in squalor and poverty then i suppose i'd better start wearing red. i didn't realize it was socialist to assume that those who struggle should be treated with dignity and respect instead of expected to wait patiently for the gristle falling from the chops of those who can still afford to go to the butcher--who hopefully hasn't had to close shop or lay off workers or take away their health care benefits in an attempt to keep his own families necks above water.

the unions round my way sound rather similar to the ones you describe, field. i'm not so far away so this isn't too shocking. in particular, the bricklayers/masons and the iron workers are more of less comprised of a hierarchy of wannabe sopranos.

teach people not books said...

mine was for anon 1, btw.

David Sullivan said...

Dude doesn't even make 250,000.

Hopes that "someday" he does and is mad that if he does make that money someday he'll get taxed. I will gladly pay more taxes if I made 250,000. What is so bad about paying taxes? Where is the money going to come from to pay for the proposals from both sides?

Anonymous said...

Spreading the wealth. Let's hope it's not to you Anon 7:48.

You think that McCain and the prefabricated and bogus woman from Alaska give a damn about your sorry ass? Get real you moron. Go ask McCain how he was responsible for 23,000 savers of Lincoln Savings for losing their life savings. Maybe he would like to redistribute some of that money to you?

Joe the plumber, who is not a real plumber, does not earn enough to be included in Obama's tax plan, does not believe in Social Security, does not pay his taxes, is about as real as Mrs. Palin. They both are inventions of a desperate McCain and RNC campaign.

field negro said...
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field negro said...

"It's about taking the money from people who work hard and giving it to people who have less to make sure that there is no disparity in the world even if the people who have less do not work for that money. It's about wiping out the will of the people who work so that they BECOME beholden to the government for handouts."



"You think that McCain and the prefabricated and bogus woman from Alaska give a damn about your sorry ass? Get real you moron. Go ask McCain how he was responsible for 23,000 savers of Lincoln Savings for losing their life savings. Maybe he would like to redistribute some of that money to you?"

Teach gw...

Miranda, thanks for hipping me to that story.

Chris, present company excluded on that union thing, of course:)

granny, your brother should be fine. Just tell him not to come to Philly unless he can "pass" ;) Same for you ms_hgrits.

Anon. 7:54PM, go ahead and drink that wine. F&*k it! You only live once.

Sup Andres? How are things in NYC? No,I don't think that will be a problem, I honestly think this guy was a plant.

rikyrah said...

I've been LMAO at Joe ever since I saw the video. Didn't smell right, and I was correct.

It's been funny. Every couple of hours, we find out something new about Joe.

1. He's a registered Republican.
2. He's NOT a licensed electrician.
3. He's not even a licensed apprentice, which is what you have to be at least, to own a business like he says he wants to own.
4. He doesn't like to pay his taxes.
5. Has a lien against him.

This guy was a plant, and it's obvious that he wasn't vetted anymore than Caribou Barbie.

lincolnperry said...

Many of these Unions are exclusive White Male enclaves that exclude people of colour, JOE the plumber is a fraud, another White that feels entitled!

And is threaten by people of color, how is he suppose to purchase 250K business with bad credit, a loan from the local White bankers that the CRA was created as a check and balance against!

Maybe the owner of the business feels Joe is a swell guy, and is going extend him a loan or letter of credit to purchase the business. This is the type of shit that other White men do for one another to maintain the status quo, so f**k JOE, or Samuel Wurzelbacher, and other White Males losing ground!

Anonymous said...

You are so right... I grew up in Chicago and it took my Dad years to get in the Teamsters union and as far as he is concerned it was BS. So by and large unions like to keep out us folks of the darker hue.

Joe the Plumber though is on some BS since this cat owes back taxes and turns out this idiot ain't even a licensed plumber. I heard that according to his 2006 divorce records this fool only made 40K yet he thinks McNasty is his man.. talk about being stupid. Yet like you said, I doubt he would vote for Obama if he was given a bag of money.

Hawa Bond said...


McCain can't win for losing... and that's okay by me. His campaign has been an absolute train wreck - except for his ability to attract hopeless racist rednecks, die-hard Republicans, and voters who think Sarah Palin is the second-coming of Hillary Clinton. And that's not enough to win.

Field, I feel that Broad Street run a'commin. If you don't want anybody nearby to know the details, you better keep me out of the loop. I'm just over the bridge in South Jersey, and I've inspired some in this area to follow your blog.

And since I'm feeling a little sympathetic, I vote that we allow you a good pair of sneakers, leg warmers, a sock and some support string.

There... that should do it. hehe

= = = = = =
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Somehow, Joe the Plumber became the epiphany of the everyday working man and he seems to make more than $250,000 year, go figure. This country as this a face in the crowd mentality where we just make anyone famous for no particular reason. This guy was plucked from obscurity, and all the sudden he is the voice for every other Joe the Plumbers in the country. I do not get it, is the country that desperate for a new hero. Joe the Jackass isn't even a plumber, what a shock. I should have my head examine for even writing a comment about this person . However, I suspect Joe was a plant because this is just coincidental. There is something rotten in the State of Denmark.

zackboston said...

not to take away from the seriousness of the discussion. . . but i like angry asian man's contribution. he says forget about joe the plumber. . .

Anonymous said...

OK Let's talk about fair.

As we try to educate anon that someone has to pay off the outrageous credit card bill that George W. Bush and his profligate republican congressional enablers have run up let's talk about fair. OK?

As we speak, Mr. and Mrs. Maverick, along with the honorable Republican National Committee are running non-stop robo calls including these discredited myths, half truths and out and out lies:

Robocall: Obama Voted To Let Babies Die
Robocall: Obama And 'Terrorist Bill Ayers'
Robocall: Dems Want Rights For Enemies
Robocall: 'Hollywood Above America'

Now this may suit your republican morals and low bar ethics for free and fair play but it speaks volumes about the character and integrity, or apaling lack of same of the candidate who approved this last ditch desperate act to smear a good and honorable man.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all here who've made strong points about the white male fraternity called trade unions. Both my ironworker...the other, a carpenter...both journeymen and have endured more than most men could tolerate...blatant discrimination and racism in their respective trades...and that's here in California, the so-called progressive state.

Did ya'll know that the're more racist organizations in California than any other state?

And trade unions in Cali are some of the largest "legitimate" ones!

Hathor said...

I hadn't heard of the encounter of Joe the Plumber until it was being mentioned in the news about the debate. The first thing that came to my mind, how he would be taxed on the 250,000 business until it had earnings, buying the business, wouldn't increase his taxes. Then I read that he was considered the average working Joe as a plumber, I had the same reaction as Field.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

It turns out that this Joe the Plumber isn't even licensed. He's lucky he's not black and a Democrat for Obama, or the Right would be all up his business trying running him out of it.

I invite you Field, and the rest of you to read a very funny post I wrote this morning: What About Jamal The Plumber?

Anonymous said...

anon 7:48...GFYA!

Take that lame ass argument somewhere else homeboy...Obama ain't promoting socialism no more than your buttboy bush...who, if you haven't notice fucked you and the rest of a-merry-ca on his way out the door.

socialism for the rich and infamous.

Anonymous said...

On a more positive note, I voted today. I voted for the tap-dancing terrorist, the baby killing socialist, the tax and spend liberal. That's right, I voted for THAT ONE. I voted for the skinny black guy, the one that can pronounce nuclear. It was an honor and privilege to do so. It is just such a great day even Joe the Plumber cannot get me down. Ditto on the unions.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. We don't have early voting here in CT, but I suppose I could ask for an absentee ballot. Then I could make a copy of it as a keepsake.

I belong to AFSCME, AFL-CIO by virtue of being a 20-hr/week employee of the library where I work. So I have to point with pride to this stem-winder of a speech by AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Richard Trumka:

Respect Black said...

Joe the Plumber is an ass plain and simple!

By the way field, I found your missing woman Vicki I guess she got tired of the salt mine.

Anonymous said...

I voted yesterday--the first day of early voting in Tennessee. Even though I live in a red state and it's likely to go to McCain, the more votes Obama gets, the better. The Rethugs are already trying to delegitimize the election results with all this ACORN BS. Obama needs a big win. I look forward to them getting spanked on election day and to Field's run on Broad Street.


Anonymous said...

Joe, the Plumber isn't even a damn plumber. He's just a mf who's enjoying his 15 minutes. Tomorrow, we'll all be talking about some other poor mf. End of Story.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field, they found Vicky Iseman since you have been asking about her.Hmmm, maybe she is buried under a salt mine somewhere.

Anonymous said...

They vetted Joe as much as they vetted Palin.

Seda said...

Amazing, ain't it? Any time the GOP folks pull out a new paragon of middle-America honesty and apple pie, turns out they're what the politically correct call "ethically challenged." Coincidence? Or just that's the only folks who still support 'em?

Well, I guess it doesn't hurt that the major news media won't cover that.

And did you hear McCain calling ACORN's little pecadillo "the biggest voter fraud in history?" After the Bush family cheated 57,000 minority voters out of voting in 2000? etc., etc., etc....

Anonymous said...

You can look at this on a number of levels. What follows is clumsy as hell, but it's my best shot right now.

One is a completely rational level, where you take all of the arguments at face value and weigh them in the traditional fashion. If you do that, then Joe the Plumber fails miserably. After all, we've got a guy without a plumber's license, who made $40,000 last year, with unpaid taxes. This is not one of John McCain's poster children in a rational world. This guy isn't a tradesman, he a faker.

At another level, you can view it as archetypal. You have, quite literally, "Joe Sixpack" (who is white -- Joe Sixpack is NOT a black guy), standing for the (white) working class "Everyman" (meaning every white man who works with his hands).

He talks straight and tough, by contrast with this thinker. Whose race, by the way, isn't much of an issue. At this level, Obama's problem isn't being black. His problem is that he visibly balances competing viewpoints, which translates into "pussy." But even Joe Sixpack has more going for him than this Joe does, because Joe Sixpack has a skill and track record. He's not a common fuckup.

Then there is the (lowest) tribal level, where is where this Joe loves. Plumber Joe is a white skinhead. He stands for every pissed-off, middle aged white failure who is just now finding out that he's no less of a (hey, I'm a white guy and I've got a thing about using that word, sorry) than anyone. But he doesn't think he should be treated that way because he's better.

That's traditionally where the ranks of the KKK have come from. Scared white men on the edge who think that, by virtue of their tribal affiliation, they ought to be treated better because of what they see when they look in the mirror. As fucked up as I know that is, it's a mentality that I understand. It's a cry of despair, no less than the cry of despair that so many black people have seen, heard, and shouted in their own way, in the own time, forever.

At the rational level, Joe the Plumber is a joke and he knows it. But if someone treats him as a member of the rational world, he'll cling to it because, for a brief moment, it makes him imagine that he's not on the edge where he knows he is.

McCain is pulling at tribal heartstrings with Joe. The more the real Joe is exposed for what he really is, the more powerful his symbol will become. This is, for lack of a better image, a classic tar baby. Move away carefully. Joe the Plumber is a trap.

Anonymous said...

p.s.: Another way to put it is this: I am blown away by what McCain is doing. This is ancient crap that goes back 100 years. It's so old that it seems new. I don't know how to fight this. Historians must be consulted. This is powerful stuff. Ancient, evil medicine.

Jmee said...

Someone slap me....... I actually liked Old Dude on the Letterman Show. Didn't agree with almost everything that he said but he had his funny moments.

I'm not going to start with Joe the Plumber he is another distraction and I'm looking ahead to the big picture come Nov 4th we are going to take this thing.

Tomorrow Barack is headed to the red states and we are about to start phone banking those areas. I'm already readying myself for the nastiness I may come across. Gotta make sure I count to ten before I cuss people out for the Obama cause.

Anonymous said...

JOHN Mccain said during the debate that he's "proud of the people who attend" his rallies. I find the comment greatly disturbing. Not surprising. But Disturbing, because what, in essence, he is saying is that he is proud of the racists that come to his rallies and shout out all of these vicious comments. While he certainly could not say this sort of thing in public, the fact that he has not seriously condemed such rants says, as Obama said during the debate, "that says more about you, Senator McCain, than it does about me."

EzMun said...

Americans lost the right to complain about socialism when we let our President give no bid contracts to Haliburton after the Iraq occupation. Americans lost the right to argue about socialism when we allowed (better yet encouraged) the government to dump $700 Billion into a bailout of Wall Street. Same applies to the government taking over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Same applies to Bush and Cheney meeting with energy industry CEOs in secret, and on and on. Be real Plumbing Joe, you just bought the Repub. kookaid.

Seriously this guy Joe is a Republican shill... classic proof of why and how idealogy rarely matches reality. Virtually his whole story (and what he allegedly stands for) is a lie. Few "plumbers" earn $250k. And to suggest that this guy, even in theory, represents the everyday man is ludicrous Republican nonsense.

Plumbing Joe claims the O-man is tap dancing like Sammie D, but me thinks he doth protest too much. Evidently he'd rather bald faced lies spoken "straightly." Any guy who makes up a story about purchasing a mythical business just to argue with a presidential candidate about his tax plan, when said tax plan would benefit that guy in REAL life over the Repuglican's plan is an idiot and doesn't deserve my attention.

RiPPa said...

What if Joe the plumber had a $1000 per week crack habit? What if he was the 1st cousin of Timothy McVeigh? Clearly, the McCain camp didn't do any vetting on this guy. But then again, do they ever? I mean what if he was? Would John McCain be shouting him out like he did?

Anonymous said...

Brother Field... you are so on target about the "members only" trade. They have control certain jobs for ages. Here in the seaport of Newport News. that exclusive club also controls the fire department, the paramedics, all the crafts. But they "let" us have the docks loading and unloading. The only way we will crack these ceilings is by having numbers. Too bad now there is a group that comes with numbers upon arrival. Brother Obama "should" encourage more intergrating into America at this late date. PS I read your site from got a lot of humanity in your presentation.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 11:45:

"This is ancient crap that goes back 100 years. It's so old that it seems new. I don't know how to fight this."

Funny, that you should mention this, because today while I was driving on my way back home. It occurred to me how McCain is using the exact same tactics, that racist used back before and during the Civil Rights movement. This battle can be won, because it has been won before. In fact, Obama is doing a good demonstration of how it will be won right now. Its simple!

I know that there are believers and nonbelievers that post on this blog, which is their individual choice. This might sound strange to nonbelievers. Nevertheless, think back when Martin Luther King was fighting against segregation, racism, and discrimination. He didn't return hate for hate. Nope, he did it the way the bible taught him to do it. You can't fight hate with hate, because you can't put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it. It is the same strategy that has been used over and over, and it wins every time. Truth always wins over a lie. That's where we come in, getting the truth out, and that is what you can do to help fight this battle.

Notice throughout the debate and throughout this campaign Obama has remained calm, avoided arguing with his opponent, badmouthing McCain or Palin's character. By doing that, Obama shined the spotlight on McCain and let people see the evil in McCain's heart. He lied with a straight face over and over, and that should let you know he is not honest. You got to see that he is full of anger, jealousy, that he in agreement with those people at his klan rallies were shouting, and he told you that out of his own mouth.

Anonymous said...

RIP The Southern Strategy, 1968-2008. Cause of death: acute economic hemmoraging.

Footnote: Joe is actually some wife-beating, tax evading wingnut named Sam. Why is everything McSame mentions a total fraud?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"Joe is actually some wife-beating"

No wonder, McCain thinks highly of Joe the fake plumber, "bird of a feather flock together." I wonder do Joe and McCain exchange stories on how to abuse your wife. Whew! I bet you if they keep digging on Joe the fake plumber they'll find that he has ties not only to Keating but some white supremacist group.

field negro said...

'"Joe is actually some wife-beating"

No wonder, McCain thinks highly of Joe the fake plumber, "bird of a feather flock together."'


jmee, what red state are you in? I think his O ness actually thinks he can win some of them.

anon. 11:42PM, that was a great comment.

Thank you anon. and respect black, I see our friend Vickie has come back from the salt mines. Hmmmm, I wonder why now?

hawa, I am just hoping the weather stays warm for my little run.

old white guy, it's voters like you who might cause the kid to make that run. Damn you :(

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

The only six-pack I'm concerned with is Mr. Field's.

How are those crunches coming along? There are only a few weeks left.

Is the run going to be on YouTube?

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,
Long time since I've been here. You are still refreshing calling bullshit when you see it. Keep the spirit bro

Anonymous said...

Joe doesn't make 250k, he just said he wants to make that much. The reason this is getting so much play is Obama response. Spreading the wealth around to make things more equal is distinctly socialism. Don't blame racism if Obama loses. He's way to the left of Gore and Kerry.


Anonymous said...

By now we all know that "Joe the Plummer" is a phony, he’s not buying a small business ... tax issues.. etc..etc..

My rant, Team Obama, you allowed your guy to "get punked" by america's image of hard-working americans… a white male ….

It’s reminds me of a scene in Godfather when Sollozzo abducts Tom Hagen and tells Tom what happen to the Don.

"Let's face it, Tom, and all due respect, the Don, rest in peace, was -- slippin. Ten years ago could I have gotten to him"? ...

I understand why McCain was laughing at his rally yesterday when he said the real winner was Joe the Plummer…

Team Obama, we’ll see if the spin to break the character of Joe the Plummer, works… 18 days to go.

Shady_Grady said...

Socialism is collective ownership of the means of production. Moving an income tax rate at the higest marginal bracket from 36% to 39% is not socialism.

The people who throw out these sorts of canards are following the same path the GOP took when it came out against Social Security, public education, Medicare or anything else designed for the public and not private wellbeing.

It is possible to be concerned about the public good and not be a socialist.

It is also possible to not give a flying fig for the public good and yet require MASSIVE public dollar transfers to private interests as has been done under the current administration.

Hawa Bond said...

hawa, I am just hoping the weather stays warm for my little run.

Hmmmm... Warm weather in November? You're showing the kind of radical optimism that you accuse us Obamaholics of displaying. Have you had a drink of some kind of koolaid? hehe

= = = = = =
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Anonymous said...

Sarah/Joe 16'

Anonymous said...

your screwed up BIG TIME.....the majority of the public don't want ANYONE spreading their money around!!!! especially sense they don't have much of

Bambo's an arrogant liberal just like the rest and that "My Friend" will cost you this election.

boukman70 said...


You have GOT to name Andrew Sullivan Field Negro of the Day (oh yeah, this Pittsburgher still hates the Phillies). Anyway, he's on the Diane Rehm Show lauding Obama for staying cool under all these racist assaults on him and also calling out the Republicans for being racist with their anti-ACORN campaign. Anyway, he gets my vote--which is like 3,527 votes, since I once worked with ACORN in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when Andrew Sullivan got rhythm.

I remember when he was promoting "The Bell Curve" over at the New Republic.

boukman70 said...

I think when Bush Babee went all homophobic in '04, it really shook Sullivan. I think it just made him a lot more sensitive to others. The same thing happened to a prominent Log Cabin Republican, David Catania (though he's always been cool with us), here in DC. Catania ended up becoming an independent. I'm just glad he's said something. The mainstream press seems to just not want to really comment on all the racist things that are going on with the GOP. I don't know, either they're scared or they just don't want to admit that America has all this hate still lurking within its soul.

Demetrius said...
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Anonymous said...

Careful here: if the left goes after Joe it could win the election for McCain. All McCain has to do is keep mentioning him, playing you guys like a fiddle. He does that, some over zealous IRS employee leaks Joe's tax returns, Obama is sunk.

I hope you understand this.

Demetrius said...

It seems like the media is trying to aid John McCain in his attempt to win "white votes" with this Joe the Plumber stunt. Nit-picking is a sensible solution for those who like to racially discrminate. Reality is starting to set in for all of those racist bigots out there--an African American man and his family could be living in the "White House" very soon ....LOL

George Bush supporters have showed great ability when it comes to forgiving and forgetting, as we have witnessed over the past eight years. So it would not be that much of a stretch for them to forgive and forget about Barrack Obama's bad answer to "Joe Almighty".

Anonymous said...

I wrote similar sentiments yesterday and it just made me ask..."Do we buy into ANYONE'S bullshit?" Inkognegro blamed it on irresponsible media and their inability to effectively cover this election and I have to agree with that. Joe the Plumber is being used to identify the "every-man" except he's not the every-man he's Joe the lying ass unlicensed plumber who can't vote and is getting way too much press right now. Ridiculous.

Missy said...

...see this is why I come back everyday. I hadn't heard about this!

boukman70 said...

Well, Missy, there's a lot of crap flying around the right wing of the Starship America. I'm trying to keep up with it on my own blog, but it's all going on too quickly. There are all kinds of flyers I'm sure we'll never see, but the internet's scary enough.

The latest ones I learned today were this talk show host in LA talking about the "39 half-truths" about obama:

You know, your usual, he's a terrorist crap.

Then there's the fake Michelle Obama rant about white, racist America from the "African Press International":

Yeah, Politicalassistant, the press is being irresponsible. But I think their aversion to talk about these ugly things allows McCain to act all sanctimonious about John Lewis when he knows he's lying out of his ass. But hell, the press still can't admit that our government condones/advocates torture. They just can't bring themselves to say it, which allows our government to get away with it.

Jmee said...

Hey Field I'm not in a red state I live in the beautiful Golden State. Where living beyond your means is just the way of life ;)

I will be phone banking West Virginia today. They are now being considered a toss-up state along with Nevada. We are trying to turn these states Blue.

Karen said...

I haven't seen a word in the media about "Joe" in regard to the fact that no one, no bank at least, will give him money to buy a business, so besides the entire line of questioning being a moot point, it's a moot point.

We have good credit and no one would touch us when we started out. I'm going to guess that Joe probably has other debt besides the amount he owes to the government. The idea that one could come up with $250,000 to buy a business in this era is almost unheard of.

And ofcourse, this has been discussed, but let's say by some miracle he gets the money buys the business and in a year the buiness is grossing $250,000, certainly we all realize (I hope) this isn't considered Joe's income. And as most of us in small businesses know, the less he shows the better off he is. Well, even the rich guys know that, right Field? :)

(Finger in the air here, making a point) I respectfully disagree with you about high pay trade jobs and people of color (assuming we are talking about people of a African hue...). I'm in Ohio and I'll go out on a limb with a guess that you probably aren't hanging out a lot with people in workman's blues. And since I am, I can offer the argument that these are precisely the places you will see people of African descent (depending on what is considered "high pay"), and I will go off topic here to mention that these are the jobs that will remain safe in our dismantling economy.

(lightbulb) Tangent suggestion: You might want to invest in some workboots Field, after your early morning monty jog on the 5th.

(PS. loving that tender photo of Obama with the baby on your sidebar. Men with babies, I'm pathetic sucker)

Anonymous said...

McCain is still out there milking this Joe the Plumber for all its worth. In the meantime, the GOP operatives are getting really nasty with robocalls and attack ads.


Unknown said...

What ever happened to faking more prestigious jobs? Plumber? Of all things. They must have had the direction of their campaign in mind when they were creating that character. I guess a Doctor would have looked elitist.

A certain anon was on point. This is an age old trick of appealing to the tribe. A professional white collar worker that actually earns $250,000 would never resonate with those back water people.

Anonymous said...

What I am taking away from this election:

1) I will never look at pigs, lipstick, or pitbulls the same way again.

2) I will never look at Joe The Plumber or Six-Pack Joe the same way again.

3) I will never look at Alaska or Illinois the same way again.

4) I will no longer associate the word "Bail-out" with jail.

5) The words, "Audacity", "Hope", "Maverick", "Hockey Mom", and "Reformer" have forever been changed for me.

6) I do not think I will put Acorns on my fireplace mantles this Holiday season.

Anonymous said...

Field, if you have any plumbing or electrical concerns in the future, I can resolve most of the probable causes over the phone so you have some savvy when the guy you call shows up. I only get to Philly about once every two years to see my daughter.
I think you have my email buried somewhere, if not, at the bottom of your next post, state how I could get it to you. I will look to see if yours is listed somewhere. I don't want to list my info in comments.

A Pop of Color said...

anon 7:48

Spreading the wealth is not about giving handouts to people who don’t work it is about helping those that do work and need a helping hand.

Please let’s not talk about socialism; we have that with the great bailout on Wall Street. That was the best solution the rethuglicans could come up with. For all the money we will sink into Wall Street the American people will not see a return on that investment. They should push Wall Street into the East River.

Most of your American people have lived off the sweat and hard work of other people sine you have come to this country.

Anonymous said...

Shady_Grady reiterated a lot of true things about socialism.

What just blows me away is that so many of these older folks vilifying Sen. Obama for bringing on socialism are probably using Social Security, and would just die if it were taken away.

"Privatize success and socialize failure." gets repeated all over the place. I really like what I think thats says.

I really like "charity" or socialism for people that can't/havn't been very successful. So many of the people that I have worked with and dealt with otherwise appear to be ignorant and unable to deal with solid planning for their own lives. (These are good hard working people of all shades, religous enough, not many guns though.) This in some ways includes me, I was lucky enough to marry a man who was able to do the thinking and encourage the hard decisions. Better schooling please.

Feel sorry for the "Joes/Janes" who have marginal jobs, no credentials and can't plan properly to cover their own costs of doing life. Bet Ol'Joe there has no IRS or 401K, so he will be trying to make whatever SS he can get do or he will be working like a great many people until they die. Glad he's got one kid, who I hope does well enough to help take care of the old man.

As a landlord, I know most people are 2 paychecks away from the street. The next four years are going to be just brutal, we need to develope a little fellow feeling for our fellow citizens.

Anonymous said...

Pop Of Color:

One of the weaknesses of Obama's plan is that it would take from businesses built by Black, Asian, Hispanic, and White people who received NOTHING from the Government to build their businesses.

Is it right to take from those who did not make it by "privilege" or "class". If we are intellectually honest here, the Rethuglicans and the Demokkkrats have and continue to support this.

To be fair, McCain is no better.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to make a little prediction for the anti-union jackasses on here.

When the election rolls around the majority of unionized white males will vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wingnuts and Concern Trolls, the internet now makes it possible to rapidly bypass the MSM and show that Sam the Non-Plumber is a fraud. So good luck with pushing ANOTHER fraud as a means for McSame to avoid a landslide in a couple weeks. Of course, you are trying ANYTHING to get attention off the economy, because green is the one color that trumps all others in this country.

The only down side here is that the idiots complaining about "socialism" will get money back under Obama's tax plan.

Tiki said...

We have and always will pay taxes. If you make more money then you will pay more taxes. If you make less money you will pay less taxes. That's how it's been, that's how it will be.

Anonymous said...


The only concern I have about your latest post is your belief that "green is the one color that trumps all others in this country".

We may live long enough to see a day when the "green" is so worthless that you can wall-paper your bedroom with it.

Gold and Silver will be the colors that may very well rule in the long run.

Even Judas was wise enough to demand 20 pieces of silver rather than the worthless Roman currency when he decided to sell out.

Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

An Associated Press article revealed that Wurzelbacher does not have a plumber's license or apprenticeship.[16] He claimed he does not need a license because he works for someone else. Lucas County, where Wurzelbacher and his employer reside, requires plumbers who perform work including sanitary drainage, water supply, storm drainage, and natural gas piping, to have licenses.[17] Neither Wurzelbacher nor his employer are licensed there, said Cheryl Schimming of Lucas County Building Regulations, which handles plumber licenses in parts of the county outside Toledo.[1][15] Local 50 of the United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and Service Mechanics, whose membership endorsed Obama, indicated that Wurzelbacher applied for an apprentice program in 2003 but never completed the work.[18]

Wurzelbacher is one of two employees of a small plumbing firm, Newell Plumbing and Heating Co. of Toledo.[6] This is the company he described to Obama as making more than $250,000 per year;[15] however, according to Bloomberg News, the company's net profit in reality is between $150,000 and $200,000, and would not see a tax hike under the Obama plan.[19] MSNBC reported an even lower estimate: "Ohio business records show the company’s estimated total annual revenue as only $100,000. Actual taxable income would be even less than that."[20] Wurzelbacher reported that the idea of buying the company was discussed during his job interview six years prior.[1]

In his interview on ABC's Good Morning America on October 16, Wurzelbacher stated that his two current plumbing jobs were for a gas station and for a shopping center, Levis Commons.[12]

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Joe the Plumber is being used to identify the "every-man" except he's not the every-man he's Joe the lying ass unlicensed plumber who can't vote and is getting way too much press right now."

"the press is being irresponsible. But I think their aversion to talk about these ugly things allows McCain to act all sanctimonious about John Lewis when he knows he's lying out of his ass."

Amen! MSM is helping McCain get away with a lot of his mess. However, that is not surprising to me, because most of them hold the same view as McCain and Palin do. Therefore, it's up to those who don't hold that view to get the truth out by word of mouth, blogs, telephone, telling others to spread the word, emails, family gatherings, and any other way of communication you can think of. Word of mouth is still a powerful tool in communication, beat the drums. I thought to myself, if we start a serious boycott in watching those MSM programs that are basically backing McCain up by letting him get away with his mess, I bet you they'll come around then, ratings is what keeps them on the air. Like I said before, the truth always wins over a lie, but we got to get the truth out.

Mo said...

Please add this to the House Negro item at the side . . . is this clown for real? Have you seen his site?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

John McCain has run the most dishonest campaign in history. He has told lie after lie about his opponent. Palin and McCain would not be good for this country or this world, because you cannot trust him.

Juan McCain ha funcionado la campaña más deshonesta de la historia. Él ha dicho mentira después de mentira sobre su opositor. Palin y McCain no serían buenos para este país o este mundo, porque usted no puede confiarlo en.

Campaña más deshonesta de la historia de La de funcionado de Juan McCain ha. Opositor de su de sobre de mentira después de mentira de dicho d'Él ha. Palin y McCain aucun mundo serían d'este des país o d'este de Para. de buenos, porque pas usted aucune en de confiarlo de puede.

John McCain a couru la campagne la plus malhonnête dans l'histoire. Il a dit le mensonge après mensonge au sujet de son adversaire. Palin et McCain ne seraient pas bons pour ce pays ou ce monde, parce que vous ne pouvez pas lui faire confiance.

John McCain ha fatto funzionare la campagna più dishonest nella storia. Ha detto alla bugia dopo la bugia circa il suo avversario. Palin e McCain non sarebbero buoni per questo paese o questo mondo, perché non potete fidarseli di.

John McCain funcionou a campanha a mais dishonest na história. Disse a mentira após a mentira sobre seu oponente. Palin e McCain não seriam bons para este país ou este mundo, porque você não pode confiar nele.

Yup, Granny is being one of those you know...Uppidity folks.

Your driver said...

I'm a well paid union member, but I'm in one of those socialist public sector unions. We still have affirmative action programs. There are women and people of color at every level of our union leadership. I'm union through and through and I'll even stand up (albeit with criticisms) for the club members in the building trades. That's not my point though. My point is that McCain's friend, Joe "The Plumber" is obviously the EVIL CRIMINAL MASTERMIND LEX LUTHOR!! I knew McCain was evil but this is shocking.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Joe "The Plumber" is obviously the EVIL CRIMINAL MASTERMIND LEX LUTHOR!! I knew McCain was evil but this is shocking."

Amen, amen, and amen again, I totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...

it was a set up !!!!

the repubs knew bambie would be prancing by (minding his own business) and

BAMM out jumps evil white "Joe the Plumber" evil trade member...


but no wait he proudly answers Joe's evil question that the repubs have been laying in wait for several months and OH, NO the election's over...boohooo


lincolnperry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lincolnperry said...

Its amazing all the anonymous cowards that always want to talk shit on your site Field, Punk Asses!
I just noticed something Field Joe the Plumber kinda looks like that SS/Police officer you have posted LOL!

12:36 PM

Francis Holland said...

"Joe the Plumber" reminds me of Mark Furhman. Maybe that's why John McCain mentioned him over twenty times in the debate?

Saying "Joe the Plumber" a standing for saying "Joe the white man", just as "average American" really means, "average white American".

And like Hillary Clinton, John McCain is hoping the color-aroused voting of that white American will put him over the top in places like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Anonymous said...

i heard the 0man got him a joe....

it's joemamma he's not a plumber or carpenter or fireman,,,,matter of fact he doesn't work he just complains about "the man" holding him down and not GIVING him more

Anonymous said...

You meant to say "Joe the Plant"

Chris said...

FWIW, many plumbers don't have 'licenses', just like carpenters. Doesn't mean they can't work in many areas of the country.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a union in a so-called progressive multicultural blue state, and I'll call out the construction trade unions. They're still pretty racist compared. The racial makeup is more white than the population. They didn't start recruiting new people until their fraction of the market dropped to 15%. On the other hand, they've come out strong for Obama, with money and volunteers.

Unknown said...

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