Monday, October 13, 2008

Addie, if you live you can keep your home.

So now we know how to save our homes if we are falling behind in our mortgage payments. Just shoot yourself. Hopefully you will survive the shooting like Addie Polk did. Of course if you don't, it's no big deal. I mean who wants to be homeless in this day and age?

Poor Addie was 90 years old, and she must have figured, what the hell. She lost her husband who she purchased the home with 38 years ago, and she was about to lose the house itself. Can you imagine? All those memories; a place she called home for 38 years, about to be taken from her? I can't. Thank you "Countrywide" and your scum bag executives.

Conservatives will say that Addie got her just deserts. That she should have been in a nursing home. That she shouldn't have taken out a 30 year mortgage at 86 years old, and that she kept refinancing over and over. Yes, but how else was she going to survive? Oh cry me a river. And what did she do with the $11,380.00 she got from the mortgage, field? I bet she blew it on casino junkets and a big screen television. You know those old people love to sit home and watch television. She should have been more careful with her money, has she ever heard of a reverse mortgage, field? Over at FOX they are all over ACORN, but nothing about Addie. Of course not, that would be too.... right.

Fannie Mae spokesman, Brian Faith, said the company will sign the property over outright to poor Addie. "Just given the circumstances, we think it's appropriate.." I guess we should all thank Dennis Kucinich for bringing this to Fannie Mae's attention by mentioning the plight of the poor woman in Congress. But what about all the other people facing foreclosure in A-merry-ca? People who don't want to quite go the Addie Polk route, but who are suffering in unimaginable ways never the less? What about them?

Those are the people Mr. Morton and his side kick should be speaking to as their campaign winds down. But they don't. Instead, all we hear about is how unfit the guy with the Muslim name is to lead us. And how exotic and unknown he is. I bet people like Addie Polk and others facing hard times don't care. All they want is someone in power who really cares about them and looks out for their interest. Someone who will help them save their homes, and ultimately themselves.


D.J. said...

this should help the economy. If we all go out to buy bullets to shoot ourselves. This will increase sales in walmarts and gun shops. The high demand of need for emergency personnel will mean hospitals will have to have more emergency people. And so on and so all you have to do is survive!!! Oh wait were already just trying to survive!

rainywalker said...

Field she is going to keep her home for free while she lives. But lets look at the reason she shot herself 3 times. The low life's in Washington. Hell in 1938 they were jumping out of windows. When she gets better someone should let her run around the beltway and take off a few heads.

gsutiger2 said...

*shaking head* Please get out and vote people.

FriĆ°vin said...

Dennis Kucinich should be president.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo. What about the middle class people who paid their mortgages on time because they made it a priority to pay their bills instead of living beyond their means and now the value of their homes have diminished because of these freeloading fools who want a free ride off the backs of the working class? Who is looking out for those people? No one. They are being taken FROM.

I am so sick of this bleeding heart bullshit. Field, you have a few bucks, don't ya? Why don't you go be Addie's savior?

I wish Mr. Morton would start speaking up about Obama's ties to a socialist party.


Anonymous said...

Red States (nothing in between) Blue States

Anonymous said...

"I wish Mr. Morton would start speaking up about Obama's ties to a socialist party."

Kathy, I don't want to sound too indelicate or insensitive, but in the infamous words of Robert McFarland, Go pound sand! I leave it up to your intellect and imagination to figure out to just where Mr. McFarland was alluding.

vanishing point said...

Hey anon. Kathy,
I am so sick of white collar criminals getting away with their evil deeds, stealing with parachutes and poison pills, while people who have worked hard all their lives are losing their homes.

NSangoma said...

anonymous 9:03 PM
Have McCain speak up about this.

teach people not books said...

no iraqi ever called her an old biddie. with o only leading by 1% when it comes to the iraq war issue (ok that was a sunday morning statistic so it may have changed), i think a little belaboring of the point that this poor lady wouldn't be in such dire straits if some of that $79 billion surplus or some of those billions that went to mercenaries at blackwater and dyncorp went to our own citizens might be a propos.

teach people not books said...

excuse me, some of those billions that go to mercenaries, not went.

Anonymous said...

*whew* anon/Kathy almost made me forget my moratorium on filth flarn!

Miss Addie had already paid off her house when some idiot - who received a commission - got her to take out another mortgage. And then a string of subsequent idiots (who also made money on the deal) said, yeah this is cool. we'll all make money and who cares if some old lady is homeless...or dead? In the words of Gordon Gecko as I suppose your boy Salty would say... "greed, my friends, is good"

I'm glad she survived,so very hopeful that your boy's campaign will not

Anonymous said...

Anon - Kathy:

You are a cold individual as I can just feel chill by reading your comment. I do not understand why anyone would give mortgage to person of advanced age unless the person he or she was out to de-fraud Addie. Kathy, are that self-absorbed in not mustarding up any empathy for this particular woman. She tried to commit suicide. Do you even consider yourself a decent person because what wrote was harsh? I understand that you are angry about the situation because I do not know anyone who isn't, but your decency should remain in tact, geez. For goodness sake, Addie could be you, your mother or grandmother depending on your age, and wouldn't like the fact if someone defrauded her. It's apparent you did not think before you wrote your comment because if you did, then it wouldn't sound so heartless and your comments speaks volumes for your personality and worldview.

Anonymous said...


You are right, Addie was more likely eligible for a reversed mortgage that would have enabled her to stay in her home and use the equity for any expenses she need. Addie didn't have not a monthly mortgage payment and the reverse mortgage isn't paid until she either sold the home or died.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I think it would be best if Granny not comment on anonymous kathy's comment, because I might snap and lose my religion.

Anonymous said...

They're talking about ACORN because they can't wait to declare an Obama victory illegitimate.

And they say WE hate America. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk have done nothing but undermine this nation by spewing hatred and championing the very policies that have almost brought this country to its knees. When will they ever stop?


field negro said...

"Boo hoo. What about the middle class people who paid their mortgages on time because they made it a priority to pay their bills instead of living beyond their means..."

Yeah, I bet old Addie was just buying up a bunch of bling, and jetting down to Miami every two weeks.

"teach people not books", you make a good point about the Iraq war. Which, by the way, rages on as we comment to each other.

Anonymous said...

Hey, check this out, and this one, read them both, and tell me who you would run with

field negro said...

Wow! Thanks for that anon. 10:53PM. I think it's side bar worthy.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the racist billboard in West Plains, Missouri. It reads: "Barack 'Hussein' Obama Equals more Abortions, Same Sex Marriages, Taxes, Gun Regulations. I think Swift posted it earlier, but there was a problem with that link.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Amen! I thought about McCain having the nerve to say that Lewis was insulting Palin. That's another little racist tactic. In a sly way he was trying to sick his racist lynch mob on Lewis by claiming that a black man insulted a white woman. They used to make claims like that as an excuse to hang black men back in the Jim Crow days.

Make no mistake, McCain and Palin haven't given up on inciting their lynch mobs. They are amplifying it by having others in their camp to do it. McCain is going to bring up Ayers at the next debate, but if I was him, I'd leave that alone. However, seeing how McCain and Palin are not playing with a full deck, their elevator is stuck on the 33rd floor, McCain is suffering from dementia, and both are ignorant, he will. Nevertheless, McCain will wish that he never mentioned Ayers.

burpster said...

I get a kick out of people like kathy. Bad news kathy, your house was probably never worth (bad appraisals by mortgage brokers) as much as you thought it was and may well drop a lot more before this mess is done with. The fools who got the free ride are still getting a free ride courtesy of the U.S. gov. Kathy,your family as a whole owes about $250,000 toward the skyrocketting U.S. debt.

Estimates I see say there is $55 Trillion dollars of this fucked-up debt world wide. Many wonder if we even have enough money to stop this bleeding? I'm thankful I've kept my money as far away as possible from these multi-billionaire shysters.

Last time we had a worldwide money crunch we ended up with WW2.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and kathy will probably vote for mccain, go figure!

Jmee said...

Kathy Anon said: I wish Mr. Morton would start speaking up about Obama's ties to a socialist party.
Oh Yeah well I wish Obama would start speaking up about Old Dude's unscrupolous background. Lets not get it twisted McOld Dude is a shady Mfer.

Obama here are a few things you should bring up:

1 Keating Five
2 Gordon Liddy
3 Hagee
4 Parsley
5 Charity "scrips" stealing Botoxified wife Cindy
6 Kemper Marley and the Hensley family connection

Man, it would be hilarious if McCain decides to drop the Ayers bomb at the debate and Barack spits back at him something so tight it rings like a Tupac lyric.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Although McCain stresses in his memoir that he married Cindy three months after divorcing Carol, he was still legally married to his first wife when he and Cindy were issued a marriage license from the state of Arizona. The divorce was finalized on April 2nd, 1980

Jmee said...

Adding to my list above granny.

7 McCain was a Cheating, Lying Piece of Crap Adulterer

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


add this to your list.

John McCain hero, nope, snitch yeah.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama should bring up McCain's domestic terrorist ties to Phil Gramm because anyone who is for the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich hates America and its citizens.

Two can play that game.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hmmm...does that mean that he is not legally married to Cindy, if he hadn't divorced his wife yet? Are John and Cindy shacking?

Jmee said...

1 Keating Five
2 Gordon Liddy
3 Hagee
4 Parsley
5 Charity "scrips" stealing Botoxified wife Cindy
6 Kemper Marley and the Hensley family connection
7 McCain was a Cheating, Lying Piece of Crap Adulterer
8 POW Snitch
9 Phil Gramm

Looking for # 10 ya'll

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

living in sin? Curious minds want to know.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

What about that picture of McCain getting on that yacht for a little birthday bash with that gangster?

Anonymous said...

How about bringing up the Palins' ties to the Alaskan Independence Party?

The founder of the party, Joe Vogler, said this in 1991: "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government. And I won't be buried under their damn flag. I'll be buried in Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home."


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

What about the first dude, I believe he was behind the scenes running things while Palin was governor, because she is not that bright. It's something about him that just don't set right with me.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"NSangoma said...
anonymous 9:03 PM
Have McCain speak up about this."

That was real smooth NSamgoma, I liked that.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"The thought of McCain being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me." -- Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi, who has known McCain for 35 years.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

When I lived in L.A. there were all these commercials for Countrywide. "Buy a house, no money down!"

True some people bought more house than they could afford but I lay the majority of the blame at these greedy companies. What did they think would happen?

How can someone buy a house with NO money down? The profits these lenders were making were based on sand..nothing. Now we all have to pay the price, including those of us who don't even own property (I'm a broke ragazza). But the senior execs at Countrywide and other companies were making bank and cashed out.

Anonymous said...

McCain loves ACORN

When will his campaign figure out this is the information age?

Anonymous said...

jmee@11:27 - no you didnt say "Barack spits back at him something so tight it rings like a Tupac lyric."

ROFLMAO!!!! Oh God, please let it come to fruition just like that!! Please!!

Woozie said...

Damn field, this happened almost 2 weeks ago. Maybe that's why the upstanding citizens at Fox are all over ACORN and not a two week old story. You know how the msm news cycle is, only *fresh* blood dominates the airwaves.

Black Diaspora said...

@anon: " the value of their homes have diminished because of these freeloading fools who want a free ride off the backs of the working class?"

Kathy, you could use a little bleedin' heart.

On second thought: you could use a heart!

The elderly are easy prey for these predatory lenders and their salespeople.

A little caveat: what you condemn, you will become.

field negro said...

jmee,don't forget his flip flop on immigration. Voting against a MLK holiday in Arizona, his crass racist, sexist jokes, overheard by others not too long ago...I am sure I could go on and find more, but I will have to get back to you on that.

Thanks granny, I almost forgot about that quote from Thad Cochran.

"Damn field, this happened almost 2 weeks ago..."

Maybe woozie, but it is extremely relevant now. And I would just love to see all the links to the FOX coverage when it was a fresh story. I am guessing there won't be many.

"Kathy, you could use a little bleedin' heart."

Well, not quite, first she would have to have a heart.

Anonymous said...

They gassed six year old children in Ohio a week or two ago. Muslim children, some from Iraq, who now don't think -- with GOOD REASON -- that they're safe in America.

To me, this hurts worse than 9-11.

A2daK said...

Here's the deal. I'm as conservative as the day is long. On principle, I don't really approve of taxpayer money being used simply to distribute to others.

However, our government has approved giving $700 BILLION dollars to banks and other companies. That is also taxpayer money that is being used to keep these businesses afloat w/o having to go through the difficulties of bankruptcy. This is complete bull$**t and very hypocritical.

Again, on principle I disagree with government intervention. However if given the choice, I'd much rather support an old lady trying to stay in her home of almost four decades, a struggling family trying to make ends meet and/or those who have been hurt by their jobs being sent overseas.

These hypocritical Republicans can get on a stage in Idaho and whine about the twigs in the eyes of those at the bottom while completely ignoring the freakin forest that has accumulated in their own.

It's easy for those like Kathy to come on here and complain about a 90 year old lady. But, I wonder if she also has complained about the TRILLION dollars that we're giving to these corporations.

Anonymous said...


Bet you're lookin forward to voting for Obama! He'll be the most conservative president of my lifetime. (have you seen his transition team? It reminds me of Lincoln's. That old Midwestern Republican Party, now in Democratic clothes!)

Anonymous said...


We have to make a realization that this is a different world than that of 20 years, and we can no longer rely on a Democratic or Republican philsophy. In the world of Thomas Friedman, the world is flat and we have become interdependent. This is a global economy and the days of being isolationists are over.

I thought the markets should have been changed a long time ago to reflect the current time. We should have continued with some aspects of business such as continue with making things than becoming a service industry. How long did anyone think that the service industry would have last without innovation. Creating a website named put salt on my steak dot com (in the words of Mike Barnacle) is not innovation, you are just selling and servicing a product that was not created. When McCain said that would think about Meg Whitman of eBay fame as a Treasury, I almost laugh and fell on the fall. She did not anything innovative, but just started an online flea market, marketed the site well.

Another reality is that whether Mr. Potter likes it or not, he will have to pull out of Iraq because the U.S. does not have wherewithal to continue the war under the poor economic condition. I know he believes that the U.S. can win the war, but he also believs that would have won Vietnam as well. He is still living in the past, and that is something we cannot afford. It's good to be conservative, but change does come that challenges the old ideas. However, I live with the motto of adapt or die, and it's time for us to adapt and possible create a set of new ideas. I think the situation with the economy is giving us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, correct them, and create possibly a new economy that fits the 21st century. The question becomes are we up for the challenge.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

McCain is suffering from the first stages of dementia, and even his GOP party knows that. They're not coming out and saying it, but you can hear in the comments that are made, "He's not the same McCain I know. He's not the maverick we knew. The John McCain I knew wouldn't do that." Palin scares them as much as she scares any other rational thinking human being. They're trying to let him leave office with his respect and dignity as a Senator in tact.

Think about it, one minute he says one thing, the next minute, he does something entirely different. He has moments of confusion and memory lapses. He lives in the past. At times he acts like a child. Yup, there are so many tattle tail signs that he is going through the first stages of dementia.

Bringing up Ayers will be the worse move he could ever make, because that happened back in time when just about everyone and their momma was protesting about something. The goverment was about like it is now, and "We the People" were very upset about it. All the people were giving peace signs, but it was no peace back then, the USA was in a turmoil.

In addition, Ayers has changed his life around and is respected in his community and Obama was a child back during that time. It would be a foolish move on McCain's behalf.

I remember the massacre at Kent State University by our own national guards, which the government ordered. The unjust investigations by J Edgar Hoover that went about attaching negative criminal and communist labels to different organizations because of the color of their skin. J Edgar Hoover himself was a black man passing for white.

Which reminds me, someone on this blog made a statement that they think Toobin might be passing, and I meant to tell them no he is not passing. I can spot someone passing a mile away. A lot of my family on my dad's side passed for white and some still are to this day. Most of the older black folks can tell, but they won't tell their secret.

Anonymous said...

that sticking of a tongue out is a classic sign of neurological problems, granny.

Probably he's had a stroke (heavy breathing from pacing around a stage??). he certainly doesn't get any more qualified.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Probably he's had a stroke (heavy breathing from pacing around a stage??)."

More than likely, caused by those frequent outburst of temper tantrums he is so well-known for.

Anonymous said...

granny i think you're going through the first stages of dementia.....nobama keeps filp flopping himself almost on a daily basis.

nobama didn't hook up with ayers back in the day it was 5or10 yrs ago which shows VERY POOR judgement...and ayers hasn't changed anything after the 911 attacks he said "we didn't do enough" (bombing back in the day)

nobama is going to have to eat a big ole shit sandwich over this one and he keeps shoving it under the

it an't going away big mamma...sorry bout yo luck ;=}

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

anonymous 5:36 PM:

Nope, I hate to disappoint you, but the Lord has blessed me with very keen discernment, wisdom, and a sound mind.

You should be questioning your own state of mind, because it is lacking in quite a few areas.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

anonymous 5:36 pm:

BTW, Coretta Scott used to say all the time, "If you gone stand for something, stand for righteousness." You should take that into consideration and try to live by it, it might help your state of mind.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"These hypocritical Republicans can get on a stage in Idaho and whine about the twigs in the eyes of those at the bottom while completely ignoring the freakin forest that has accumulated in their own."

"It's easy for those like Kathy to come on here and complain about a 90 year old lady. But, I wonder if she also has complained about the TRILLION dollars that we're giving to these corporations"

Amen, amen, and amen again! a2dak, you're the type conservative I can respect, because you do have some morals and decency. There are other conservatives like you, but there is another type of conservative within the Republican party that has none of the above I mentioned, and the one running for office now happens to be one of them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:36p:

Then the Annenberg Foundation and University of Chicago showed poor judgement for having Ayers on its board and teaching in a class. By the time Obama meets Ayers, the is reformed and working within and contributing to society. It doesn't matter to me if has a relationship with Ayers or not. The economy is a mess to say the least, and damn it I lost money in my 403B, and you want to play six degrees of separation. People are concerned about keeping their jobs and homes, and want to know what Obama or McCain are willing to do about it. It's the economy stupid.

Black Diaspora said...

A2daK said: "Again, on principle I disagree with government intervention. However if given the choice, I'd much rather support an old lady trying to stay in her home...."

I'm happy to see that you don't allow a principle--usually seen as unerring--to eclipse a stronger inclination to do what is obviously the humane thing to do.

I think your principle is flawed, but I won't challenge it now.

I'm just pleased to know that, despite your conservative leaning, you have a "heart."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"Craps is addictive. ... This is a very, very supersitious game." -- John McCain

For a guy campaigning on family values, John McCain has broken up a lot of marriages. When he met his first wife (a swimsuit model), she was married to naval academy classmate of his. After he broke that marriage up, she stuck by him loyally as he went off to war and was a prisoner for 5 and a half years. When he returned to America, though, he found out that she had been in a car wreck and wasn't as pretty.

"He was being led by his groin into ethical violations. Let's face it, he was 64 at the time and is 72 now. McCain and his wife believe in family values????

"Whether he is still cheating or not, he seems to be led by his dick; witness the videos of McCain checking out Sarah Palin's butt during the speech where he introduced her."

"Cindy was a serious narcotics addict who created a charity for sick children (American Voluntary Medical Team or AVMT), then used it to get fraudulent prescriptions for Vicodin and Percocet. And a whistleblower from her staff says that John McCain and his senate staffers helped Cindy smuggle her ill-gotten narcotics through customs."

"McCain claims he didn't know Cindy was an addict when he got her a diplomatic passport, but that's hard to believe since she had a stretch in rehab back in 1991. Cindy McCain faced 20 years in prison for obtaining "a controlled substance by misrepresenting, fraud, forgery, deception or subterfuge."

"Any regular, much less poor person who had written fraudulent prescriptions, stolen narcotics from a charity and smuggled them around the world would have received several years in prison. Her doctor, for one, lost his license and never practiced again."

Shaking my head!!! That McCain family is a piece of work as my grandkids would say. Think about the family values they would bring to the White House.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Opps, forgot to put the quotes on that second paragraph and at the end of the third one.

Anonymous said...

bottom line is....the vast majority of "decent hard working” Americans can see through this crap about nobama and his ties with ayers and wright…he can't even tell the truth about his ties, that my friend is what's going to cause him to lose the election.....

Anonymous said...

anon- idiot! it's the economy stupid.

Like many humans I have friends and associates, I don't agree with all of their actions or opinions. We are not robots, this isn't Brave New World, it's the economy stupid! I guess amerikka has to fall all the way before idiots stop caring about non issues and care about THE ECONOMY STUPID!!!!

Anonymous said...

The number of food stamps being distributed in the United States approached a new record this summer and promises to reach a new peak with repercussions of the financial crisis starting to bite.

More than 29 million Americans received food stamps in July, an increase of close to one million over just three months earlier, according to the latest figures released by the US Department of Agriculture, which distributes the benefits -- these days most often by magnetized debit cards -- to households living below and just over the poverty line.

It is the highest number since 2005 when, in the aftermath of catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, some four million additional people sought food relief, pushing the total to a historic high of 29.85 million.

Karen Johnson, 54, explains that the 81 dollars in foodstamps she receives each month is not enough for her and her 17-year-old daughter.

"Sometimes I have to ask somebody to buy me a little food or something," says the Hurst, Texas resident. "I hate to ask people, 'Can I have some bread? Can I have some hamburger meat?' It's kind of rough on me sometimes."

Anonymous said...

hey bean

prime example of the camplaints that MOST hard working Americans have is just what you said "Karen 54 and her 17 yo daughter"

GET A FREAKING JOB...any kind of job and stop begging and living off of others!!

if your such a bleeding heart maybe they can come to your house to eat???

Anonymous said...

I didn't put the whole article, most ppl seeking assistance HAVE JOBS!!!

The beginning of the article states that a certain governor is on food stamps too!!!

I got laid off I'm going to court today to fight an eviction notice, so maybe I can stay with you because the owner of my house lives in another state. He, like others bought up houses in my state causing the rents to skyrocket from an average of $500/mo to $1100/mo.

typical lemming--hate and blame the little guy instead of the Republican backed Congress (since Clinton), deregulation, out of state property owners who wanted to flip that house, companies that moved jobs out of amerikka, AND companies that only used credit as a means to an end. I learned in school about running a corporation, sole proprietorship, or partnership--NEVER HAVE MORE CREDIT FINANCING THAN ACTUAL CASH, BUT I'm sorry to waste my time on an uneducated fool like you, because your argument shows you are like most bigots lacking a high school diploma or basic knowledge of economics and how it functions.

Anonymous said...

BUT I'm sorry to waste my time on an uneducated fool like you, because your argument shows you are like most bigots lacking a high school diploma or basic knowledge of economics and how it functions.

hate to let you down but you don't know my educational back ground oh and I HAVE A JOB...on one has to support me and my family...I work xtra hours what ever i have to do to take care of MY call me names if thats how you deal taking from others :)

Anonymous said...

I like many others are being hit hard by this economy. I graduated with the promise of a better future. I went to a job fair yesterday 300 openings 4,000 people showed up. recently, a Wynn casino began taking applications for 8,000 jobs they received 65,000 applications. I have used my savings, I have no more cash, what am I supposed to do? no one cares if I cannot pay my rent by the first of the month ( it's late after that), my son is sending out applications for college, we cannot afford the fee for the SAT or for college applications. Last month I had to decide if I was going to pay the light bill or the rent. I sat in the dark for 4 days. I need help like many amerikkans, tell me where to find a job, asswipe? Because I have been applying for five months now so has my son.

report- many college students are turning to food banks; less students have applied for college this year than in previous years.

Anonymous said...

A series of financial setbacks left Wanda Dunn facing eviction from the house in Pasadena where her family had lived for generations.

Dunn, 53, told neighbors that she would rather die than leave.

Early Monday, the day of her expected eviction, firefighters pulled her body out of the house as it burned. She apparently had set it on fire before shooting herself in the head, authorities said.

"We knew it was going to happen," said Steve Brooks, who lived across the street. "It was nobody's fault; it was everybody's fault."

As Brooks watched the flames, he noticed that Dunn had left two of her plants on his porch, along with a note: "Please take good care of us or find us a good home." She also had left several inexpensive toys, along with the name and address of a charity organization.

On Sunday night, Dunn spent hours moving boxes and packing her car, said next-door neighbor Scott Harden. He knew about the foreclosure and eviction, and Dunn's suicide threat, so he "was on red alert."

About 5 a.m. the next morning, Harden said he smelled smoke and saw flames in Dunn's house in the 1000 block of North Wilson Avenue, and immediately called 911.

But Harden said he and other neighbors thought Dunn had already left. He said they were stunned to learn that she was still inside.

"When they brought her out, we were all really surprised," he said.

The suspected arson fire engulfed the living room and dining room, but firefighters were able to douse the flames within 15 minutes, said Pasadena Fire Marshall Mark Fasick. Firefighters found Dunn in bed in a back room, with a gun lying nearby.

Firefighters tried to revive Dunn and took her to Huntington Hospital, where she was declared dead, Fasick said.

A longtime friend of Dunn was living in her garage at the time of the fire but was unhurt, authorities said.

The stucco house and garage were crowded with newspapers, books and clothes, making it difficult for firefighters to make their way through, Fasick said.

The Los Angeles County coroner's office plans to perform an autopsy this week to determine if Dunn died from the gunshot wound, but Pasadena police Lt. John Dewar said that is the most likely cause and that the death is presumed to be a suicide.

"She was made aware of Monday's eviction," he said. "That may have been what precipitated the arson and death."

Police are still trying to determine the history of the house's ownership.

Neighbors said Dunn's grandparents owned the house before it was passed down to her parents and then to Dunn and her sister.

A few years ago, neighbors said, Dunn and her sister took out a loan on the house but couldn't repay it and had to sell.

The new owner, who let Dunn continue to live there and pay rent, lost the home to foreclosure in May, neighbors said. Washington Mutual bank was listed in property records as the current owner.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officials showed up on Dunn's doorstep a few weeks ago and then again Friday to tell her that she had until Monday to pack up her stuff and go, neighbors said.

Though Dunn kept to herself and rarely participated in neighborhood events, she wasn't shy about her financial situation. One day a few weeks ago, she showed up on Brooks' doorstep with a stack of papers about her house and asked for help.

Brooks said he believed that Dunn had previously worked as a nurse, but that she had been unemployed for more than 10 years. He said she didn't have much money and often kept her house dark, except for one low-watt lightbulb. In the past, Brooks said he had helped mow Dunn's lawn and fix her water heater.

On Tuesday morning, yellow police tape was wrapped around the house and the windows were boarded up. Smoke had left black marks above the front door and flames had broken at least one window.

The woman living in the garage, Alicia Suarez, packed up some of her belongings and moved them into a storage area. Suarez said she had known Dunn for 30 years and that Dunn was "desperate."

"She would rather lose her life than lose her house," Suarez said.

The apparent suicide occurred just one week after a Porter Ranch man having financial problems shot and killed his wife, three children and mother-in-law before taking his own life.

Anonymous said...

Richard Pryor used to say of the "starving in afreka"


if there's not jobs where you live's not rocket science...i've had to do so have millions of other people

Anonymous said...

oh, bean i know it probally makes you feel far more superior to call me asswipe hole whatever but if your getting assistance i like other hard working americans are paying for so


and if it's sooo bad get rid of the computer and internet go to the local us all some money????

no want i hear ACORN is hiring

Anonymous said...

move my son out of his senior year in high school? hmm.. away from my classes? how much does it cost.. I already moved from Cali because of the high cost of living..hmmmm. Gas cost .. where are some jobs?what state? I have roughly $400 this is enough to pay for gas, lodging... first month's rent and deposit? your plan as as good as the Republicans vision for our economy how that work out... sorry I shouldn't resort to name calling asswipe is just my new favorite would since Paulson.

umm, I have a part time job where did I say I get public assistance ho right I'm black and you just assumed. Hmm I remember paying taxes too so I thank my damn self

Anonymous said...

apparently you can't hold a job because of your reading comprehension....i never said you were taking gov assisit nor did say you were blk OR female

Look bean no matter who wins this election you're going to have to GET A JOB

and so what if you have to move your son because there's no work there???

do you not have any family or church members that can help before throwing up the white flag and calling for the rest of us to bale you out?????

achoiceofweapons said...

Good Job! Field Hand! Good Job!
Revolution Now!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:32. So many Africans would love to move to where the food is. Unfortunately there isn't much food in a lot of Africa, so they are trying to emigrate, and end up in prison or drowning a fair amount of time. So many of these imigrants will take any job and will live in any kind of squalor just to get be.

Most people want jobs, any kind of a job that will help them get by. Many who have jobs could just use a little extra help, some food, a little health care on a regular basis, maybe a little towards the rent.

Bean Town Chica, you have my sympathy--it gets me in my gut because I am a landlord. In the past, we have been able to carry a tenant for a while, I know that I will not be able to do this this time because we no longer have regular jobs we are living on our "investment" properties. You have no job and cannot pay, the landlord has no rent and cannot pay, now what? Although both of us are probably more than willing to work, could we even get jobs that would pay enough to cover the mortgage, insurance and taxes? At my age with my skill set, I am little more than a walking pair of old lady hands. Best wishes for you and your son.

Internetapotheke said...

Those stories always make me feel sick to my stomach. How cruel can you be? When it comes to money nobody seems to care. Sad, mad world.

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