Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Did you hear the one about the Klansman at the GOP rally?

This is a very good rant from Philly Daily News writer, Annette John Hall. It was so on point, that I thought I would share it with you field hands.

"Sarah Palin called it right.

With 28 days left until the presidential election, "the heels are on, the gloves are off."
While the other maverick-in-command (or not) was mixing it up in a town hall debate last night, Palin no doubt was touching up her lipstick, reloading for the smear ahead.

Continuing their own announced strategy of distraction, you know, to take our minds off the financial meltdown. Problem is, as much as we'd like to avoid the kitchen-table issues - like the bills piled up on ours - we can't.

Every day, I look at my 10th grader and wonder whether I can ever get the loan we'll need to send her to college. Even if I get it, I almost certainly will have to work longer to make up for the pension that's draining away each day. And let's not even talk about my biggest single investment: my home. What equity?

All issues that women commiserate about and stress about until it literally makes us sick - not that we can afford to get sick. You would think the woman on the ticket - the woman who supposedly understands working families, moms, the woman who governs a state and raises five kids, would be the one insisting on staying on message.

You would think.

Instead, the newly unmuzzled, self-proclaimed pit bull went on a rampage through Florida and left some of her adoring supporters rabid with hate. Barack Obama is different, downright dangerous, pals around with terrorists, she declared with a wink and a smile as she worked the crowd into a frenzy. Even wearing angelic white at one event - Our Lady of Perpetual Fear-Mongering.

'He doesn't see America like you and I see America.'
At one stop, she was even introduced by a uniformed police officer who referred to Obama by his full name - Barack Hussein Obama - emphasizing his middle name to suggest that he's less than American.

So the great new symbol of progress for women has come to this - being used by men to do their dirty work. And enjoying it."

Yep, Sarah's shindigs have been getting a little out of control lately. Memo to black people: If there is a Sarah Palin rally coming to a town near you, it might be a good time to go and visit the in laws. Just a thought.
"He doesn't see America like you and I see America."
Which is exactly why he might get my vote.


Jackson Brown said...

"So the great new symbol of progress for women has come to this - being used by men to do their dirty work. And enjoying it."

huh, folks in NC say the same thing about Elizabeth Dole.

Anonymous said...

Jackson Brown has said it all.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

The hate McCain and Palin are stirring up at their rallies have a modern day Hilter flavor: "Terrorist!" "Kill him!" While they can argue that they can't control what a crowd member says, they haven't once told the crowd that hate will not be tolerated. This makes them complicit.

We are only seeing the tip of the ice berg. I wrote a thought-provoking piece the other day, based on Rep. McKinney's statement, an article in Army Times describing how thousands of combat soldiers have been stationed here to deal with 'civil unrest' and possible terrorist attacks, the hundreds of empty but manned prisons across the US, and a half-million empty coffins sitting in a field in the middle of Georgia.

Check it out: Were 5,000 Hurricane Katrina Victims Murdered & Turned Into Gator Food?

ch555x said...

trashklan/Kalin rallys coming to your town...ROFL!

Ray Bridges said...

Leave it to a semi-White boy to quote Malcom X, but he said at a rally in Berkeley once that it was easier to fight the wolf of overt racism than the fox of covert racism. I think those fools who want to show their racist ass at rallies ought to be encouraged to do so. They should be acknowledged, too, with their names and faces on the Internet for the world to see. We ought to know who these people are, don'tcha think? I certainly want to know if the guy living next door to me is an idiot or not.

On the other hand, those foxes are more troubling. They sneak around and do mischief.

Cheri said...

Race is such a sensitive issue in this country, and it is absolutely irresponsible for the McCain/Palin ticket to be playing with that kind of fire. Like fire, this race stuff can easily get out of control.

I advise everyone take Donna Brazile's advice, and not be fooled by the divisive race-baiting tactics that have been infused into this campaign.

Thank goodness for Michelle Obama's calm in the face of all this rediculousness. She was on Larry King tonight and made it real clear. She basically said that if it ain't true, don't sweat it.--Cheri

Anonymous said...

Check out the level of stupidity at Palin's rallies

And if you want to know why they like screaming "barack HUSSEIN obama"...WELL, here is your answer.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

You know what. Who cares about these idiots and their idiot tactics? It's all been done before. They're speaking to their home crowd. McCain can't confront Obama face to face cuz he is a beeytach! So he sics Alaskan Barbie on him instead!? Puh-leeze. It's weak. McCain might not even make it to the Obama inauguration. Palin will have her MILF on a cracker status revoked now that all her cockroaches have come out. We've got 27 days left. Let's get busy and put Obama over the top. It's going to be a landslide and those Fixed Noise people will be crying on air. I can't wait!!

Cheri said...

@red devil:

Although I am not surprised, I AM speechless.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...]

I thought this video was pretty interesting, but you have to watch it all the way through and listen to it closely in order to hear what the parrot with lipstick future plans are. Palin might be a spy, yeah, I guess that's what you would call her, with plans to overthrow the government. I knew I didn't like something about her.

Susan Gray said...

From about that uniformed officer:
A complaint sent to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel alleges that Scott violated the Hatch Act because his agency receives federal dollars, and Scott was engaging in political activity while on duty and in uniform. Erica S. Hamrick, senior attorney for the agency, said in an e-mail Tuesday that an investigation was being opened. Neither she nor her office could be reached for further comment Tuesday.

Spokespeople for McCain and Palin quickly distanced their camps from Scott’s use of the name.

La♥audiobooks said...
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La♥audiobooks said...

Red Devil, apart from those dumb ass can't even speak english inbred hicks, I'm convinced the average non-black person who's screaming Obama is a "terrorist" DO NOT for one minute actually believe he is a damn "terrorist" in the first place.

All they're doing is hiding behind the word "terrorist" because they can't say nigger. They claim to have a problem with his "name", but they really have the problem with his skin color. They need to admit that's the only reason why they hate and distrust him so much. They sound stupid and discredited with this fucking "terrorist" code name bullshit. The JIG is up, people already.

La♥audiobooks said...

And you know what, anyone that names their kids "track, trig" and any other foolishness like that is not an "American" in my book.

Jmee said...

Awwww. C'mon Peeps Miss Palin was put on this ticket to get all the Moose hunting, NRA toting, N*GGA hating lovers to come on out and put the ever loving fear of Gawd into us.

Don't worry the effect is starting to wear off, because she is starting to scare her own kind the other WP's that want all of us to live in this "We are the World" color blind world.

You know those WP's are about to shut that shit down.

EzMun said...

The Klansman at the GOP rally? Oh, you mean the organizer?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I am shocked to hear myself say this but I think Palin and McCain are worse than Bush. really.

They are playing with fire. Karma is a bitch and all this ugliness they are reveling in might just blow up in their faces. Perhaps someone will run against Palin in Alaska. She will lose her seat and it will be very hard for her to run for President in 2012.

McCain? The day he decided to hire the man who helped run those racist ads (McCain has a out-of-wedlock black daughter!) from 2000 against him, he sold his soul. He's finished.

Anonymous said...

Memo to black people: If there is a Sarah Palin rally coming to a town near you, it might be a good time to go and visit the in laws. Just a thought.

Field, you're going to have a Sarah Palin rally in your own backyard. The Beauty Queen is dropping the puck on Saturday for your hometown Philadelphia Flyers.

And guess what? The puckheads on the Internets in the States and Canada are hoping you guys come up with a hearty Obama chant to drown her ass out.

Killaelphia, please don't let us down. Real hockey fans (and Obamaholics) are counting on you. :)

field negro said...

Damn r.j., I might have to take my own advise. The owner of the Flyers is a big fan of Sarah's (I think he is trying to...well, you know, get with her) so I am not surprised.

nyc/caribbean, she just might be worse than the frat boy. And that's why I am afraid of her getting even close to power.

red devil, thanks for that link.

Anonymous said...

GrannyStandingForTruth, thank you for keeping up with the Mudflats blog. Between that post about the AIP and this about the church that Palin has been attending for the last 20+ years,

which makes Rev. Wright look like a lamb by comparison, I am truly truly afraid of this woman. She is the real "Manchurian Candidate," not McCain.

David Sullivan said...

The "sheep" in this country are getting scarier and scarier. What McNuggets and Tootsie are whipping these yahoo's into a frenzy of hate and ignorance at each stump stop. Like I said in my comments the other day, real live people actually believe that "O" is a muslim, that he might be a terrorist and that he is going to "paint the white house black". I've heard it first hand and I've had no problem putting people in their place about the facts, but the truth is not as important to these "sheep" that the self serving, self important, selfish notion that isolating themselves from anything than what they've always known is the key to their happiness and well being. It reminds me of the hicks in the movie "Plesantville". Maybe that should be your movie if the day today.

David Sullivan said...

Sorry for all the typos, but I'm still working on my first cup of the day and the kids are fighting over checkers...aagh!!!

Anonymous said...

What is it about that woman that gives Republican men wet dreams and gives Liberals, men and women, nightmares?

Seda said...

The best way to win when you're way behind and have no traction is to eliminate the leader.

This is the kind of 'friendly' rhetoric that other-izes people and motivates the crazies to do something about it. Transpeople know about it, and I'm guessing, Field, black folks do to.

I just hope that Obama's got a crack security force, and keeps his head down. I hope the intent of this rhetoric is just to get more votes - but I've got no confidence that it is.

Christopher said...

John F. Kennedy.
Robert Kennedy.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

The McCain campaign is playing with fire unleashing McCandy on racist-leaning, rightwing crowds already furious that Obama is going to be elected president.

If anything happens to Obama, McCain and McCandy will be held responsible.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Red Devil,

I watched the video. I am just sick to my stomach. It's unfreakingbelievable. The ignorance is astounding!

Nov. 4th can't get here fast enough!

La♥audiobooks said...

"real live people actually believe that "O" is a Muslim, that he might be a terrorist and that he is going to "paint the white house black". "

Well all people are "real live", and I doubt most of them actually believe in their hearts he's a Muslim terrorist. His name could have been "David Sullivan" and they would still feel he's going to paint the white house black. The word "terrorist" is an open front for not being white.

Anonymous said...

This is dangerous stuff, reminds me when the Nation of Islam was calling Malcolm X a Benedict Arnold and calling for his death and he ended up dead. It's dangerous to stir the murky waters of lower emotions. I guess if they can't beat em, they will kill him!

Karen said...

I can't believe people are tolerating this. Where is the uprising?

On NBC news yesterday morning, the reporter there said, "I can see why people would be outraged over this." (regarding the people who called out violent epithets during McCain and Palin rallies..) And she had not one ounce of rage in her voice. Where is the outrage?

I'm worried half-sick that someone is going to hurt this man. Listening to Bill Press this morning and there was a reporter who was at a Palin rally and asked a participant if they thought Barack was a terrorist. The woman replied, "Yes." And the reporter then asked 'why' and the lady said, "It's in the name, it's in the bloodline." Then, on FauxNews (I don't even know WHY I check that insane place...) there is a thing on the front page about the NRA "unloading" on Obama's viewpoints over guns. What is with this language?? It's going to incite the violent idiots and I'm afraid for the Obama's and our country, I really am.

Well, I actually stopped by to see if you watched Michelle Obama on Larry King last night. She's not going to get the front page of any news outlet because she's too uncontroversial and too rational, but I was hoping you got a chance to see her last night. She's quite a compelling person, which we know, but still...

She makes me want to be a better person.

David Sullivan said...

I hate to correct "Ya" again la~incognita, my comments on Field's post on Sunday...I have had conversations wherein folks TRULY believe he is a "mus-lum" and has secret relations with terrorists. These people are the "sheep" I reference and if you haven't met one live and in person, you haven't felt true dissapointment in the American educational system.

As far as all people being "real live" I was referencing the fact that many people, especially white liberals like myself, deny that these people truly exist and are a fabrication meant to elicit fear, but this election has exposed many people for what and who they really are.

Do you have a crush on me? You remind me of a girl in grammar school who had to be contrary, no matter what I said. She had something to say about everything I had to say, then when I moved she wrote me this heartfelt, profession of her love for me, albeit in sixth grade speak.

Anonymous said...

I hesitated before posting this. Granted, it's from some little backwater of a town in the Ozarks, but still--these are Sarah's "base."

I'm one of those people David is talking about. I don't want to believe that people like this live in my country.

Anonymous said...

I believe the sheriff at the Palin rally violated federal law. I can't recall the law but I think its Hackett. Help me out Field. The sheriff is now under investigation, I don't know why he was CAUGHT on videotape. The fact that he wore his full uniform at politcal event in which he supports illustrates poor judgment, but to act as a keynote speaker is criminal.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

This Sarah Palin at the Rangers/Flyers game is killing me. I live in South America but was born very close to the Garden in NYC and still love the Rangers.

The worst part about it is that the Rangers have two good, interesting players both from Anchorage, AK. An all-star center named Scott Gomez who is the only Colombian ever to play professional ice hockey at any level. A promising 2nd year wing, Brandon Dubinsky, one of the very few Jewish players in hockey. And that harridan is going to make a big deal about these guys, I just know it. I'm glad we don't get the NHL in SA!

So, I'll tell a Sarah Palin joke.

Q: What was the first thing Sarah Palin said when she lost her virginity?

A: Get off me, Dad, you're crushin' my smokes.

La♥audiobooks said...

"Do you have a crush on me?"

Why a crush, maybe you remind me of someone I dislike. Just kidding.

Anyway, if you're talking about the racist toothless uneducated hicks, they don't count, they're just living up to their well known reputation. I was referring to most of the average "educated" white individual who also seems to be throwing around the term Muslim terrorist to guise why they really dislike Obama. Everyone wants to dance around their fear of black uprising, so it's still politically acceptable and convenient due to his name to yell out "Muslim Terrorist" without being called a "full blown" racist.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field! I got a live one for ya!
The smoking gun website pointed me to a hot story out of Louisiana. Seems one white voter wanted his voter registration card and wanted it NOW damnit or he'd shoot up the state election office. Then he started shouting about keeping niggers from voting. Read up on it if you want.

Anonymous said...

Palin'ass is coming to Richmond VA next week.....

Road to Victory Rally: in Richmond, VA with Governor Sarah Palin
What: Road to Victory Rally: in Richmond, VA with Governor Sarah Palin

When: October 13, 2008 Starts at 1:00 p.m.

Where: The Arthur Ashe Center
3017 North Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23230

Show your support by wearing RED to remind everyone to keep Virginia Red this November!

For additonal questions or concerns, please

Doors open at 11:00 a.m.
Program starts at 1:00 p.m.

How ironic the Arther Ashe Center..I know one thing these fools in Richmond don't play. Let "the man" incite some racial shit and see what happens. Where the crowd going to be is not to far away from the hood...

Jody said...

McPalin are becoming unhinged. David Brooks callls Palin a fatal cancer to the republican party. The reactions of most Americans is that McCains tactics are offensive. This shit will not work. I too am praying that these wingnut haters are all bark and no bite. Keeping my thoughts positive... to that end....

My boss, renowned Criminal Defense Attorney, Lawrence Krasner, just told me, after I was reading and showing your blog to him.... That, first, he must advise you against any illegal activity. However if you choose to go ahead with your Broad Street Run that he will personally defend you, pro-bono!
And, when it comes to defending "Free Speech" activity in Philadelphia, he is the number one lawyer in the City for representing activists and others for expressing political statements.

Anonymous said...

I also go to this other blog site and he posed this for Morning Joe, just sent mine off:

For the last 18 minutes, they've been talking about Ayers and Hoo-sane on MSNBC, while also playing the clip of McCain and Palin talking Ayers on Hannity last night. All of this as the economy crashes and burns around us. Very serious!

Naturally, Scarborough and Mika will suggest that they're merely reporting on the McCain campaign's fear-mongering tactics. But you can see it on Mika's face -- Barack Obama has run right over her Alaskan puppy and she's angry and disgusted about it.

So here's what I want to know from Sarah Six-pack and John McBush.

-Who is that witchdoctor and what's Palin's association with him? Does she support witch hunts? Does she believe in witches? Does she also believe in goblins or hobbits?

-Why is McCain hanging around with a former Watergate burglar who instructed people how to murder federal agents?

-What is Palin's relationship with the American Independence Party? Are her and her husband secessionists? Do they know about the AIP's ties to Iran?

-Why did McCain sit on a board with a Nazi sympathizer?

-Why is Palin -- the 'pitbull' and the 'barracuda' -- so afraid of the press? What is she hiding?

Ask these questions, Joe and Mika and Chris and Willie and Mike and Cubby. Who are these people and what are they hiding?

Write to MSNBC and send along those questions. And be polite. Seriously.

Joe Scarborough

Mr. Phil Griffin,
Senior Vice President, News
NBC Television Network
30 Rockefeller Plz
New York, NY 10112

Steve Capus,
President, NBC News

30 Rockefeller Plz
3rd Fl
New York, NY 10112
(212) 664-4444

Jmee said...

Just heard that the McCain camp is Pissed that they have to spend money in Indiana, Nebraska & Wyoming typical Red states that they usually don't have to spend Ad money nor spend too much time campaigning in. Now they are digging into funds that would take away from the money they need to pour into places like Pistolvania, Missouri & Ohio

McCain is probably pissed that "That One" was not backing down with his 50 state strategy OldManSane must have gotten Barack confused with Howard Dean. We Field Negro's will work till all the meat is off the bone.

Anonymous said...

"So the great new symbol of progress for women has come to this - being used by men to do their dirty work. And enjoying it."

They can check with black conservatives for tips on how to be really obsequious and hypocritical.

vdubjb said...

finally phone calls work in Florida

Unknown said...

I think what you are seeing is what happened when the Dixiecrats and their Jim Crow worldview infected the Republican Party. They defected from the Democratic party and joined the Republican Party after the President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Acts and other Civil Rights Acts into federal law. The chicken has truly come home to roost.

The old school Republican party (libertarians, fiscal conserv/social moderates, Northeast coast fiscal elites, William Buckleyites, etc.) have been taken over by these reich wing nuts.

This Dixiecratism began to surface with the rise of Ronald Reagan and his support of state rights and his outreach to the religious right. Now the religious right is the Repugnantcan party's base.

Now we see that the old Dixiecrats are the new wingnuts. They are using the same old Dixiecrat tactics that the likes of Republican Jesse Helm and Strom Thurmond (former Dixiecrats) used. Fear and hate mongering to whip the crowd in a emotional frenzy. Sarah Palin is the new Pinup girl for these wingnut Dixiecrats.

But guess what, after the election is over and McKKK/Eva Braun ticket loses, the republican party will slowly begin purging these wingnut dixiecrats out of the party and clamp down on the religious right.

Christopher said...

I can't stomach the Scarborough and Mika Show.

They're so obviously in the tank for the Old Coot and McCandy.

I really detest them.

Jody said...

Heads UP Philly folks (and those near:

1000 Palin March
Because the Lipstick Bulldog thinks that condoms are only for target practice
Hosted by: ACT UP Philadelphia

Where: Bellevue Hotel
When: Saturday, October 11 from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Golly gee, Sarah Palin's coming to Philly. That hockey mom, Joe Six-pack lady who we've all come to know and, well, love. She's friendly, she's just like us, and she's hell bent on pushing her good ol' fashioned faith and
values on the American public. On Saturday, Oct 11th, let's greet her with
all the style and grace she'd bring to the vice presidency.

"condoms don't work, unless you're using them for target practice"

Come dressed in your best Palin outfit. Bring your field-dressed moose. Got
a big (fake) gun - bring it. Sport your lipstick and hockey jersey. Put your
hair up in a bun and put on some fancy glasses. We'll bring the Palin masks,
you bring your interpretation of what Sarah Palin looks like. We're
gathering outside the fundraiser to show Sarah Palin as she really is - a
far-right wing ultra-conservative governor who believes abstinence-only
works (except for her own family), the profits of big corporations should be
protected more than the lives of millions, and our future should be
entrusted to the guys who got us into this mess. Gosh darn it, she sure is
one of us!

Sponsored by ACT UP Philadelphia, which is commemorating its 20th
anniversary as the nation's largest volunteer-run AIDS activist group led by
people living with HIV.

For more information, contact ACT UP at 215.386.1981 or

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Amen! I turn the channel when those two come on to keep from breaking the screen on my television set.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


If Granny was in Philly, I would come dressed as a Parrot with lipstick. BTW, tell your boss, I'll even donate free hours of typing and research, when he represents Field in his Streaker case. (wink)

vanishing point said...

Here's just one of the
sites that the Alaskan Independence Party links to. The stuff Palin is pulling shouldn't be a surprise after looking at AIP's website. This woman is evil, ok, I said that once before, now I think she's double evil.

Anonymous said...

hey field,
check this out -

David Sullivan said...

rttnkid: Mika and Joe have questioned everyone about Palin more than anyone I've watched. I watch them every morning because I feel they are the most fair show on. I am as liberal as they come and one of the few people on earth more liberal is Mika Prozinski. Same with Mike Barnicle. Even Joe who is a self proclaimed conservative constantly kvetches about the fact that Palin has been hidden from the press and not properly vetted. Watch the show before you go off because this is as false an accusation as Barack being a terrorist.

David Sullivan said...

Christopher and Granny: You guys too? You really should watch that show for more than 2 minutes because they bash McCain and praise Barack more than anyone I've seen this side of Olberman. The only problem I have with that show is that they give Pat Buchanan a vehicle for his nonsense.

Bob said...

Don't need a decoder ring to decipher what Palin is saying. Palin is laying foundation for a 2012 run at President Obama. The religious right has the champion it couldn't find in the '08 primaries.

Christopher said...

David Sullivan,

Praise Obama? ROFLMAO!

I stopped watching because Pig Eyes Scarborough relentlessly pushed the tired and inaccurate, eastcoast media elite meme of "Obama continues to have problems with blue collar voters," and, "Obama has a minister problem."

I wouldn't call this praise.

Helmethead Mika says, "We love Sarah Palin," and, "Sarah Palin deserves our respect."

Mika has a girl crush on Palin.

David Sullivan said...

I guess I'm not watching the same show Granny'cause I ain't seeing it. Joe was right when he said "Barack has a minister problem" back six months ago because he did. And due to the Clinton's Barack did have a problem with blue collar dems, but times have changed and if you have watched the show recently both have said there is no plausable way McCain can win unless there is some sort of miricle or Obama debacle. I have never heard Mika say she respects or likes Palin. Like I said I must be missing something.

David Sullivan said...

Sorry Christopher, I thought it was Granny commenting. Let me ask you, what talking head out there hasn't spread one of McCain's lies thropugh "reporting".?

EzMun said...

I've never gotten the impression that Mika was in the tank for the Ole' Coot. Scarborough... yes, but I'd always gotten the sense that Mike was for Obama (in the general election).

David Sullivan said...

I'm with you Ezmun, Joe leans right, but he doesn't hide it and he tells it like it is as much as a con will.

Anonymous said...

I think La incognita has a point. some people are getting scared to see a black person in power. by the way, Obama is not a muslim name.

field negro said...

Jody, good looking out on the pro bono hook up. As you know a fool has himself for a client:)Still, I think you are helping me for your own selfish reasons.

And thanks for hipping me to the anti Sarah March. I still can't believe the fly boys are asking her to drop the puck. That's why I am a Red Wings fan.

bob, I agree about Palin. She wants to run in 2012.

Christopher said...

Let me ask you, what talking head out there hasn't spread one of McCain's lies through "reporting".?


Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Diane Rehm, Eugene Robinson, Ed Schultz, and EJ Dionne and Farai Chideya, to name a few.

Anonymous said...


Field you need to take down any house negro or lawn jockey award photos now!!! There was a story on CNN just a couple of minutes ago. It was a young black guy at a GOP rally asking John McCain how did all of this happen? How did Barack Obama surpass him? Then he had the nerve to tell him to use everything that he has got against Barack. This "brother" BEGGED him to please use Reverend Wright and Tony Resco and anything else to win. All of the white people were cheering this negro on. So Mr. Morton walked over and hugged the guy! I could not believe my eyes and ears! I think that this young man deserves the house negro/lawn jockey award for a year.

Swiff said...

damn ava, i was just poppin in to tell field bout that misguided young brotha -

it was posted up at AllHipHop as "potential nominee for coon of the year", SMFH

Christopher said...

Ava & Swiff,

I wouldn't have believed if I had seen him with my own two eyes.

That brother is fucked up. Could he be a paid plant hired to make the Old Coot look inclusive?

Swiff said...

And after viewing the vid again closely, yeah ava's right - the guy hugged McCain, all misty eyed like. Pretty sure I'm gonna throw up.

"What's the matter Boss, we sick?"

Cheri said...

Simple algorithm that led to the black guy's comments at the McCain rally:

McCain needs to combat accusations of racism after "That One" comment
Black guy wants to be seen on TV
McCain handlers approach black guy
Undetermined sum of cash changes hands
Black guy makes ridiculous comments at rally

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, I know not to watch that video until I after I eat my dinner or should I watch it before I eat? Either way, my dinner will be ruined. I cooked some homemade ox-tail soup and some cornbread today, and Granny put her foot in it.

For those of you on here that don't know what "put my foot in it" means, that's an old folks saying which means it is good/excellent or like the Colonel would say, "finger licking good".

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

cheri t:

That sounds about right. I agree. Nevertheless, I bet election day will be a totally different story.

Woozie said...

Sarah Palin is a sandy, soggy cunt who will hopefully be inextricably tied to the miserable defeat of McCain '08 in November and therefore be stuck in Alaska forever. She'd better dress warm.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I hope they let David Kernell go free and just give him a warning, considering the circumstances and the fact that the victim is a danger to our society. Hmmm...I wonder if he found any of those secessionist comments in some of those e-mails he hacked.

field negro said...

Anon. 6:33PM, who is this brotha? If what you all are saying is true, I need to do an entire post on his ass. And we need to dig deeper into his background.

But cheri t is right, it could be a set up.

This brotha might need a whole new category. Slave catcher of the year maybe.

Swiff said...

What "Undetermined sum of cash" Cheri? That House Negro luvvvvvvvs his Massa. No payment necessary.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Now, I know for sure that McCain and his campaign have lost their ever loving minds. McCain's chairman has labeled Senator Obama "A Guy of the Street" and hinting to drug use. In other words, he is calling him a drug dealer and thug on the sly. I can't laugh at the McCain campaign anymore, because my side is sore already from laughing too hard at McCain and Palin's desperate attempts.

Looks like this is going to be one election race that is going to separate the sane from the insane, the racist from the non-racist, the intelligent from the dummies, the good from the bad, the truthful from the liars, oh fiddlesticks let me just make it brief and say GOOD vs EVIL.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I meant *co-chairman*

McCain is going a little too far in accusing Senator Obama of treason, because basically, that is what he doing with terrorist accusation. You get the death penalty for treason. Whelp, time for me to donate some more dollars to Obama's campaign. McCain the Lurch looking weasel is disgusting.

Javier said...


His name is James Harris. I read he is a conservative talk show host. I smell fish.


Anonymous said...

Somebody who knows that Negro will out his ass to the public soon. If I see him he is getting a size 9 up that ass real quick.

I hope he is indeed a paid plant because watching that Negro repeat "Sir" made me want to toss my dman cookies. Sorry for cussin but that "brotha" was pathetic. Look if he want to support McCain and that broad, fine but all that sir and take it to him stuff was a bit too coonerish for my taste.

So McCain can talk to a Black man when that man is shuckin and jivin, but he dissed poor Oliver the other night. Ugh....

Javier said...

Here's his picture.

Javier said...

I always notice that white folks like those that attend McCain rallies always cheer the loudest when the black man toes the party line. I few years ago I remember coming across a video of a confederate reenactment. The white participants stated the obvious nonsense about preserving "their heritage." The shocking part came when a black "confederate soldier" began defending "their heritage" better than they did. The white guys went ape-shit over this. They loved it! That's what that reminds me of. James T. Harris got a standing ovation for dancing for massa!

Cheri said...


You are so right. Like I said, he got paid in one way or another...

I mean just think about it, with the hatred that's been spewing at those McCain/Palin rallies lately, do you think that a blackman would just walk in there unescorted?

Also, would they ever let a black man get close to the mic if they didn't already know what he was going to say? I think not.

Javier said...

cheri t.

I don't think this guy got paid. This guy is a conservative radio host in Wisconsin. He was definitely doing work for the McCain campaign tonight but I think it was volunteer work. This isn't your average black man who happens to think John McCain speaks to him and his values. That just sounds funny typing it let alone thinking about it. He is the black equivalent of Rush Limbaugh telling John McCain to get in the fight. This was a cynical move by the McCain campaign to show the television viewers that John McCain has cred among average black people.

Liz Dwyer said...

Oh, James Harris... Do I need to have cousin Travon come straighten your bootlicking self out? You look like you need another, different kind of hug.

Seriously, how does any black man stand in a room with a man who has tolerated people yelling "terrorist" and "kill him" about another black man?

Cheri said...


The man makes a living pushing the conservative agenda. So since his presence there was clearly tied to his paycheck, I see that as one in the same.

He was basically paid (in one form or another) to shill for McCain (and also to represent the position other conservatives who think Johnny Mac ain'tfighting hard enough).

Javier said...

And who consistently voted against an MLK holiday.

Javier said...

Is the "Black Man for McCain" McCain's new Clinton supporters coming over to him in droves? Nice try Johnny.

RedLipstick said...

Hugh Hewitt is on Larry King Live saying over and over again Ayers, Wright, ACORN, Rasheed Khalidi and everything else.

The Repubs have one play in the book and they are going to beat the dead horse into oblivion!

Congresswoman Wasserman-Shultz and Paul Begalia are pushing back but these guys are relentless!

McCain is definitely throwing a 'Hell Mary'. He can no longer hide his contempt for O and after the last debate he probably got on the 'straight talk express' and went all out kamikaze!

He needs to calm down before he has a damn coronary!

Anonymous said...

Ava & Swiff,

I wouldn't have believed if I had seen him with my own two eyes.

That brother is fucked up. Could he be a paid plant hired to make the Old Coot look inclusive?

Could be...desperation

Anonymous said...

This is dangerous stuff, reminds me when the Nation of Islam was calling Malcolm X a Benedict Arnold and calling for his death and he ended up dead. It's dangerous to stir the murky waters of lower emotions. I guess if they can't beat em, they will kill him!

That is exactly what is going on. They will try to kill him!

Anonymous said...

This is dangerous stuff, reminds me when the Nation of Islam was calling Malcolm X a Benedict Arnold and calling for his death and he ended up dead. It's dangerous to stir the murky waters of lower emotions. I guess if they can't beat em, they will kill him!

That is exactly what is going on. They will try to kill him!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Don't worry, ava, like I said before in the past, I'm saying again, Senator Obama will be the next President of the USA. McCain will be the next disgraced Senator of the USA with no one to blame but himself. Cindy will go back to popping pills if she isn't already, which I kind of suspect she is doing. As for the Parrot with lipstick, can someone please just click their shoe heels and maybe, she'll just disappear like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz did. Dang, Dorthy where are you when we need you? For heaven sakes there is a witch on the loose.

La♥audiobooks said...

"This brotha might need a whole new category. Slave catcher of the year maybe."


vdubjb said...

This is awesome. America, F&ck Yeah!!

You wonder who those voters are, and here they are..

Royal Model said...

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