Sunday, October 05, 2008

A new form of voter suppression.

So it's down to crunch time in these elections. His O ness is up in the polls, and he is making the field's nude run down Broad Street look more and more like a reality. But not so fast; the rethugs still have some tricks up their sleeves. They have launched a new negative assault on his O ness, and like the true idiots that they are, they have declared it to the world. The beauty queen is not backing down from her Obama is mixing with domestic terrorist rant, and if you listen to the republican television network, also known as FOX NEWS, there will be more of that to come.

And, as most of you may or may not know, Pistol-vania is a pivotal must win state for the dems, and a victory here for his O ness would pretty much guarantee that the kid's johnson will be flapping in the cool November air. Alright, sorry about that imagery folks, but you get the picture. So what are the rethugs doing? They are targeting black neighborhoods with crap like this. Yep, it's a whole new form of voter intimidation. Go to the polls come election day, and your entire past or any of your dirty little secrets might come back to haunt you. Head out to vote, and you might not make it home, because the police will be arresting your ass if they find anything on you. Of course, it's a lie! And fortunately the powers that be here in Philly are on to this shit. Usually, the racist stuff like this doesn't bother me. This is par for the course in modern day A-merry-ca. But when people with the right to vote are somehow tricked into not voting, that crap bothers me. I sure hope that the McCain camp isn't aware of this kind of crap, because if he is, it would not make him worthy of the office he is seeking.

"It seems to be clearly aimed at lower-income voters that might have had some problems in the past and clearly aimed at discouraging people from voting," said Zack Stalberg, who heads the political-watchdog group Committee of Seventy.
Stalberg said that he feared that there could be more fliers to come.
"I'm a little surprised it appeared this far before Election Day," he said. "It's another indication of how dirty this election might become."

Ya think? The only question now is if it will work. The O man has taken the high road from day one. McCain vowed that he would too. Well, now that we are in the fourth quarter, and the clock is running out, I think McCain has thrown his play book out the window. Now let's just see if the O man keeps his.


Admiral Komack said...

"So it's down to crunch time in these elections. His O ness is up in the polls, and he is making the field's nude run down Broad Street look more and more like a reality."

-Hee, hee, hee!
Field made a funny!
Crunch, Field, crunch!
Run, Field, run!

Zack Raspberry said...

Maybe it won't work because you informed us, Field!

rainywalker said...

The "O" Man is staying on track and I believe we will see that on Tuesday. Mr. Morton is going to fall on his own tax knife.

Ann Brock said...

Field, I agree that McCain/Palin will do anything to stop African-Americans, Hispanics, young voters, and college students. I believe this segment of voters will make a huge difference this time around.

If the Obama campaign is successful in getting these groups to the polls in large numbers, he should win the election handily — and maybe even by a landslide. McCain no this.

On Meet The Press Todd was saying even a small increases in the right demographics in the right regions could help tip the scales in Obama's favor in a couple of key swing states, allowing him to edge out McCain.

I believe just getting them to the polling stations to vote is more important than any thing else.

The problem for McCain/Palin is opposite of Obama campaign's. There's little John McCain or Sarah Palin can say or do to attract the support of large numbers of the demographic groups, so their hopes rest on those groups voting in numbers as low as possible.

The Republicans has a lots of experience with voter suppression going way back. Under the ideas of preventing "voter fraud," a problem no one can prove is much of a real issue, Republicans pass laws and expend significant resources on preventing the "wrong" people from voting.

Peace!...with 2 fingers ;) said...

This is a time of serious desperation for the opposition. We will surely be amazed at what comes up in the upcoming weeks. It's cool though cause they've been pegged and it's bound to back fire. I'm just sitting back waiting on the fire works. As for the voting restrictions, if they do one, they gotta do all and that's looking for trouble. We'll see.

Jody said...

Their strategy is to throw everything they can think of.... here is the latest

They are suggesting he violated campaign contribution rules. They are going to go at him from every angle.
They will fail. People figure Obama has been on the campaign trail so long, that any dirt has been dug and we have moved on.

Field, ok, we know the blocks, now we just need the time, please.

J said...

I believe this isn't the first time this tactic has been used in the state of Pennsylvania. A shame it is being done nonetheless.

field negro said...

"Field, ok, we know the blocks, now we just need the time, please."

Sorry jody, you are too close to home. You could actually show up :)

j.r. bernard, it has been done in Pa. as well as other places before.

brotherkomrade said...

I haven't posted here in a while (or blogged for that matter) but just wanted to tell you that my 9 y/o was in your fair city today as part of a registration campaign (for Obama). She'll be presenting her observations tomorrow at school.


- b

Anonymous said...

Same tactics Billary played and it did not work....McShame and dumber VP knows it is over....All that is playing now is silly skits..

Jody said...

Sorry jody, you are too close to home. You could actually show up :)

Damn straight I will show up! come on now..... On November 5th, I sincerely hope I am celebrating and your run would definitely be a part of that.

rikyrah said...
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rikyrah said...


You're spreading the word. That's how we fight.

I told y'all - ain't nobody going to jail for this woman. Ain't none of them mofos in Alaska got the name Scooter Libby:

BREAKING: Seven AK Employees to Honor Troopergate Subpoenas (UPDATED 2X

Seda said...

There is nothing the Republicans won't try, if they think they can get away with it. We have to fight from now 'til Nov. 4 to counter every one of their lies, and make sure everyone who can gets to the polls. I don't care much about your little jog one way or another, Field, but I sure wanna make it happen! Thanks for the word.

Anonymous said...

Hey peeps, you better help Field find his running shoes because the O-man will have none of that William Ayers smack.

At 12pm EST, go to his web site and take a gander at a THIRTEEN-minute documentary on John McCain and the Keating 5 scandal.

That's right. THIRTEEN minutes long!

Obama is going South Side on Mr. Morton's ass and I'm loving it. :)

Bob said...

Getting in shape for that daring dash is good for you whether or not you have to do it. We knew this Repug shit was gonna happen. But Ms. Joe Six Pack is acting more & more like she, not Morton, is the one running for president. Which means that she expects the VP job is only temp work. It might not hurt our O man to encourage that behavior by baiting the woman to express her opinions more freely.

Anonymous said...

Just a little taste from the GOP of how nasty this election is yet to become.

Expect cheap ass tricks like this to escalate in the next month.

It will only get worse as McCain gets more desperate. Right now, it looks like McCain may have just lost Colorado, which was barely hanging on to the GOP. McCain desperately needs Colorado, Nevada, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida to ALL go his way in order to win.

Obama only needs one of them to win.

Should be an interesting month...

Anonymous said...

Breaking...the O man plans on pushing back.

Obama to hit McCain on Keating Five

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on Monday will launch a multimedia campaign to draw attention to the involvement of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the “Keating Five” savings-and-loan scandal of 1989-91, which blemished McCain’s public image and set him on his course as a self-styled reformer.

Retaliating for what it calls McCain's “guilt-by-association” tactics, the Obama campaign is e-mailing millions of supporters a link to a website,, which will have a 13-minute documentary on the scandal beginning at noon Eastern time on Monday. The overnight e-mails urge recipients to pass the link on to friends.

The Obama campaign, including its surrogates appearing on radio and television, will argue that the deregulatory fervor that caused massive, cascading savings-and-loan collapses in the late ‘80s was pursued by McCain throughout his career, and helped cause the current credit crisis.

Obama-Biden communications director Dan Pfeiffer said: “While John McCain may want to turn the page on his erratic response to the current economic crisis, we think voters will find his involvement in a similar crisis to be particularly interesting. His involvement with Keating is a window into McCain’s economic past, present, and future.”

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree that it helps the Rethugs to have a lower voter turnout. They will try everything and anything to suppress the vote.

re: the Keating documentary. This warms my heart. McCain/Palin don't know who they are messing with.

Just because Obama doesn't run around yelling doesn't mean he's a punk. People have been counting him out since he started running (Hillary will DESTROY him. He won't recover from Rev. Wright, etc.)

McCain/Palin can't run on the issues so they are going to take the low road. It's going to get ugly.

field negro said...

Wow, his Oness is going Keating on Mr. Morton? I guess he is serious about this stuff.Still, I can't say I blame him, they started it.

In case you Obamaholics outside of this area were wondering: the Boss, AKA Bruce Springstien [sic] played to over 50,000 people on the Parkway here in Philly on Saturday. It was a voter registration push and the concert was free. Talk about the big mo.

Anonymous said...

McCain has no other choice but to go negative.

He's hemorraging at the polls.

I'm glad to see Obama fight back.

no_slappz said...

Whether you care to admit it or not, Obama's history is a history of associations with extremists.

Ayres, Wright, and Rezko in his own way.

Obama believes in a vast redistribution of wealth, whick, soon enough, will look like Reparations.

Meanwhile, it was the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, which forced lenders to give mortgages to people with bad credit, that is the starting point of the current mortgage turmoil.

Subsequently, the standards of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were loosened to allow those organizations to accept mortgages of lower and lower quality. The reduction in credit standards was driven by Democrats.

Obama promises more of the same. In fact, what you fail to realize is his complete dedication to the failed policies of liberalism.

He, like all true communists, wants vast control over the finances of the US. If elected he will have it, owing to the fact that he will be supported by a Democratic Congress.

An Obama presidency will become an economic nightmare because he is so deeply committed to the concepts of centrally planned economies.

? said...


Stop worrying bro, it's over, Mcain is done. The tide of histroy is sweeping the Republicans away and no amount of shennagins will change it. Even racists are ready to vote for Obama.

The question is now where do we go from here? How much will Obama really be able to do? My grandmother is still alive so I've been hitting her up for advice on how she survived the depression, who know? I may need it.

EzMun said...


It's people like you who give the republican party and all things (allegedly) conservative a bad name. You people swear up and down that the Democratic party hasn't really done anything for Black people in American, and yet at every opportunity, you try to push blame on Black people and other minorities for your issues. It's one thing to try to win an argument but you'd have to be a damn fool to try to suggest that the CRA passed in 1977 is the cause for a real estate related meltdown more than THIRTY YEARS LATER.

Let's see, since 1977 we've had five presidents, a total change of power in Congress on multiple occasions, inflation and interest rate hikes of the early 80s, a recession ala Bush I in the early 90s, an economic boom ala Clinton in the late 90s, 8 years of economic downturn and deregulation, and of all things, you choose a statute that took effect more than 30 years ago.

Your racism (not even veiled) makes you look more and more stupid... and that's probably giving stupid people a bad name.

Idiots for sure you are.

Kristin said...

FN you mean to tell me McCain actually had a play book.

no_slappz said...

ezmun, typical of people who cannot separate fact from emotion, you went off on a rant.

You can deny whatever you like, but there was a starting point for the relaxation of credit rules that led to our current situation.

The Big Bang for credit relaxation occurred with the CRA. After that, there was one slow step after another until the 1990s, when credit rules were relaxed somewhat faster, including major changes to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Due to Democratic pressure, both organizations reduced the quality of mortgages they would buy for their portfolios. Frank Raines was a leader in this department.

IF mortgage lending practices of the pre-CRA period had been maintained, THEN virtually all borrowers would have a Good Credit Score, A Good Job History, and a 20% downpayment.

But sticking to those factors excludes millions of blacks and hispanics who want to buy homes.

If we return to those lending standards, then once again, blacks and hispanics will be denied mortgages.

What's your solution?

David Sullivan said...

I'm not afaid of the Bulls or the Bears. I'm afraid of the "sheep". Let me explain:

A woman who bartends at my golf course, where I also moonlight as a bouncer for Umass frat parties, said as we were closing up ther other night. "I love that Palin. She doesn't skirt the issues like Obama, plus how can you trust one of them" I asked "one of them?" expecting to hear the N word. No, she says "mus-lums, he hangs with terrorists, ya know". Me and the owner, who is a Japanese born American gave her a half hour lesson on the issues, but the end of the half hour all she could say is that she isn't going to vote anyway. Me and the owner just looked at each other dumbfounded and he says "Sully, now you know why the world thinks Americans are idiots" I drove home mighty depressed.

LadyLucaze said...

Education is the key!! In the past, scores of black votes were suppressed due to lack of this liberating and riceless commodity -- Education. It is no secret that African Americans are incarcferated at a much higher rate than any other demographic and, if you're uneducated, you would believe that this little blmish on you past is enough to keep you from the polls. But, as Obama climbed in election polls and black people had a cause to stand up for together, we started EDUCATING each other. Take for example Michael Baisden -- when the primaries were held in North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana he had street teams going out to black neighborhoods to let them know that their right to vote was conveniently being withheld from Republicans that knew they would lose if they all showed out on election day by not telling them the steps to be consdidered a fully voiced citizen.

So, Field, Congratulations and welcome to the Truth Bandwagon and keep on keepin on!

Anonymous said...

no slappz,

That's it Jethro.

Blame the credit crisis on blacks and hispanics.

Then wonder why blacks and hispanics aren't conservative.

Test Blog said...

You know, I was pretty thrilled when Obama first launched his candidacy, but started to ask questions about his track record and accomplishments during the primary campaign...questions no one wanted to answer.

So now Obama directs his minions to "get in people's faces". So they did...and trying to silence people.
My car has been keyed, my mirrors broken and smashed.....for being a Hillary supporter and Obama skeptic.

When the Obamtrons call and ask me if I am going to support Obama, I dutifully respond yes so I don't raise their ire, their venom, their irrational jackbooted thuggery.
Yes, I'll vote Obama, yes, yes, yes. No go away, stop getting "in my face" and leave me alone.

However, come Nov 4th there is NO WAY in hell I am marking the box for the "O". The Cult of O has inspired me to get engaged and I am telling MY story and encouraging people to vote AGAINST Obama.

Castro was the darling of the press and incited class warfare, promising free education and medical care for all.

And no one asked any questions.
Those who did were eliminated or fled on boats.

Vote for Freedom.
Vote for Tolerance.
Vote against Class Warfare.
Vote against Gender Warfare.
Vote against using Racism as a smokescreen to avoid the real issues.

Stop this century's Castro.

JustMeWriting said...

Hey Now! I heard about the arrest of people with outstanding tickets and things. It's such a shame that these measures are being taken, but It's expected.

I did door to door voter registrations over the weekend and yesterday a group of "O" supporters from NY came down to help and we talked about the 'Plan B' attacks that will be on the rise; this crap is the first of many.

Christopher said...

A new group of polls came out today that indicate the 2008 Presidential Election is shaping up to be a landslide for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Including in the so-called battleground states of North Carolina, Virginia and Ohio.

Obama Expands Lead in North Carolina

A new Public Policy Polling survey in North Carolina finds Sen. Barack Obama now leading Sen. John McCain, 50% to 44%.

Obama Up by Six Points in Ohio

A new Democracy Corps poll in Ohio finds Sen. Barack Obama now leading Sen. John McCain, 49% to 43%.

Obama Crushing McCain in Virginia

A new Suffolk University poll in Virginia shows Sen. Barack Obama leading Sen. John McCain by a stunning 12 points, 51% to 39%.

no_slappz said...


Is the mortgage problem a result of loosening credit standards? Or not?

If you answer yes, then you have to look into the reasons for the loosening of the credit standards.

If you look, which it appears you will not, you will find that at every turn, steps were taken to ensure that blacks and hispanics were able to borrow money for mortgages. That meant loosening standards.

Of course whites took advantage of the loose credit and easy money too. But the rules were changed to assist blacks and hispanics, not whites.

no_slappz said...


You are right.

Stop the stealth Castro/communist/muslim sympathiser -- Stop Obama.

no_slappz said...


It's always amusing when people such as yourself believe blacks are too ignorant to know they have the right to vote.

Your view expresses your own belief that blacks are less intelligent than others in US society and therefore need help with everything including how to vote.

You are the essence of condescension.

vanishing point said...

No slappz, apparently you have been listening to Diana West a bit too much lately, you sound just like her, and by the way, she thinks waterboarding isn't torture either.
Other than that, you are kinda funny in an absurd sort of way.

Was it you or your cousin Karen here who was talking about Cuba? I am no history expert, but wasn't it the attacks on the educated and elite in Communist China and Russia that caused all the famines?
Oh wait, they killed all the kulaks too, so nobody knew how to grow anything in Russia, well, except those pretty flowers around the statues.
Karen, your thuggery is showing.

no_slappz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
no_slappz said...


Who is Diana West?

Next, despite some tough times, there has never been a famine in Cuba.

Not enough food? Yes. But famine? No. I've been a Cuba Watcher for many years and have never read a word about death in Cuba due to famine. Ever.

Perhaps in the far reaches of the old USSR famines occurred.

You seem to think the cause was the extermination of the educated class. There might be some truth to your conclusion. But not in the way you have imagined.

Good communists, like Fidel and his forefathers in the USSR, believed in central planning. Thus, those on the central planning committees believed they were smart enough to know what hundreds of millions of people needed and wanted.

Unfortunately, they were always off the mark.

Hence, there were years when there was so much excess bread that it was fed to the hogs. Meanwhile, one factor that was a hallmark of the Soviet experience was the empty shelves in stores.

Those planners could never get it right.

Worse, the quality of manufactured products was terrible. Shoes, for example. Those Soviet clowns were incapable of making a good pair of shoes. Thus, Americans in the Soviet Union always gave themselve away by wearing decent shoes.

Or cars. Those clowns were incapable of building a car.

This is a business Obama dearly wants to enter. He wants to put taxpayer money into car companies.

Of course that means the government can dictate how it's spent. Where will that lead? It will lead to more government spending as car companies accept the money and fail to meet Obama's targets. That's how these things work.

Have you ever wondered why the US can find and extract huge quantities of oil and gas from the Gulf of Mexico, but Cuba, just a short distance away in the same body of water, is unable to find a drop?

The problem is the government of Cuba. And Obama is inspired by the same spirit that drives all communists, like Fidel and others. He is a true menace to America. He will, if he gets the chance, create a new soviet-style bureaucracy that will bungle whatever it touches.

If elected, he'll have a Democratic congress to legislate his socialist agenda.

EzMun said...


I'm not overly emotional about this. Your unstated, but inferred, premise is unproven. Your post began with with the premise that minorities were disproportionately affected by the mortgage meltdown. (It's not true by the way). So true to form, you begin an argument based on a false reality.

So all of your CRA doublespeak is just that... noise. Since you seem to get your news from people like Shawn Hannity and Ann Coulter, let me set you straight. Minorities are not disproportionately affected by this mortgage/housing meltdown compared to white people. If you've got contrary data, let's hear it.

People at virtually ALL levels, races, borrowed more than they could handle or were trapped in deceptive loans. I jumped on you not because I can't deal with truth, but because I'm sick of folks like you spouting out arguments out of thin air.

Just because the CRA loosened mortgage standards to include minorities does not automatically follow that it was the cause.

A law passed more than thirty years ago is going to have a lot less to do with a current problem that say... the past 8 years or if you're into the statutes the Gramm-Leach Act. Yet instead of going back to the most recent major legislation affecting relaxation of laws (deregulation) you go back damn 30 years ago to prove a point that was never established by you or anyone else.

THAT's why I said what I said. And I still think that arguing like that gives stupid people a bad name.

So ball's in your court. Prove to me that minorities were disproportionately affected by this financial meltdown before you begin your unjustified racist rants.

Jody said...

@no_slappz..... as much as I WISH Obama and the democrats advocated for socialist policies.... no such luck.

Even his healthcare plan does not call for government funded, single payer health care for all. It does bridge the gap between those that have health care and those that do not.

We have spent the last 8 years with a republican run administration with a republican president that didn't see a war he didn't love and didn't see a social program he didn't want to cut.
As a result so many needs of people are not being met, and we are fed up! We are spending BILLIONS on war while hospitals are closing, roads are crumbling, schools don't have the resources they need, college is getting harder and harder to afford, factories are closing, jobs in the tens of thousands are being lost. Obama speaks to the need to change this. THIS is why he will win. The American people, as much as the republicans wish otherwise, DO NOT CARE if Obama was at a coffee clatch with Ayers, or that he knew Rezko or that he sat in the pew of Rev. Wright's church.....
We are willing to roll the dice and vote for Obama. We want change and we want it now. As much as you and McCain and co. really want us to care about Ayers or Rezko... sorry, it aint gonna happen!

EzMun said...

It's hard to even take seriously someone who decries socialism when our government, a Republican administration, just spent $700 billion to prop up Wall St. investment firms, buying private assets with public funds.

vanishing point said...

the whole point is that the McCain camp, including the nomination of Palin, is strikingly similar to communist take overs in past history.
The whole idea that Obama's education and so called "elitism" is something bad, now doesn't that sound more like a communist take over, by fooling large groups of people, meanwhile being involved with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, the Keating Five, wearing 500.00 shoes?
Get realnow, the GOP's nomination of McCain/Palin is more scandalous than Bush/Cheney.

no_slappz said...


You've already agreed with my point.

My point, by the way, is this: The CRA loosened mortgage standards to allow blacks and hispanics to obtain mortgages.

You wrote:

"Just because the CRA loosened mortgage standards to include minorities does not automatically follow that it was the cause."

The "cause" of a problem is found by looking back at all the events preceding AND contributing to the problem.

If you run the video backwards, you will find that the prime mover of today's mortgage problem was the CRA.

The text of the CRA plainly states that it is intended to put mortgage money in the hands of people who would otherwise fail to qualify for loans on the traditional basis of job, credit score and downpayment.

I did NOT state that blacks and hispanics were the bulk of the defaulting borrowers. However, there is no shortage of data showing that blacks and hispanics were big exploiters of subprime loans.

Google the following -- subprime, defaults, residential real estate, minorities.

You will find a boatload of credible surveys showing the high dependence on subprime loans in minority communities and then the high default rates.

Is it a surprise that people with low credit scores and small downpayments default? Their low credit scores and the usual lack of downpayment cash are two chief predictors of default and the reasons that these borrowers were left with no choice but subprime loans.

To repeat -- I said the CRA was the First Step.

The first step was followed by a number of others -- driven by Democrats who sought further loosening of credit standards.

As I said, whites took advantage of the same loose lending standards. But, the loosening was aimed at assisting blacks and hispanics -- not whites.

When people are given enough credit to buy a house with no money down, those people are speculators, whether they admit it to themselves or not.

Undoubtedly most believed the worst that could happen was owning a house with a value that was sitting still, not rising.

Thus, they reasoned, if the value was not dropping, they could, if necessary, sell the house for roughly what they paid -- and walk away even. Not a bad scenario.

Too bad things didn't go that way.

Meanwhile, I was in a branch of my bank -- Sovereign -- the other day. As I was leaving I noticed a table near the door with real estate information spread over it. One sheet of paper caught my eye.

The page was a brief description about the availability of loans with a 97% loan-to-value ration.

In other words, with this loan I could by a house with 3% down. Still. This bank branch was in lower Manhattan, near City Hall, the courts and Police Headquarters.

In my view the availability of this loan says that the large majority of buyers repay these loans and a small number do not.

The highest percentage of defaulted loans has occurred in Las Vegas. This is amusing. In the gambler's paradise, people even speculate on their real estate.

But anmy way you slice this pie, in relative terms you will find a high percentage of black and hispanic borrowers and defaulters.

Swiff said...

The Right is going insane, even by Right-Wing standards. A whipping is coming. They are about to lose the last piece of power they hold in D.C amd they are scared. Crying "SOCIALISM!" and "TERRORIST!" at anyone who opposes their agenda is all they have left at this point. What else is there? The Bush Legacy? 4 years ago, W was Reagan the Sequel to them. Now, they shriek that he was never a conservative.

So their cause is at a dead end. Backed into a corner. And cornered mad dogs are both dangerous and suicidal.

Exhibit A:

"Who is Barack Obama?" McCain asks.

"TERRORIST!!!" answers people in the crowd.


Exhibit B:

"And, according to the New York Times, he was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that, quote, 'launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol,'" [Palin] continued.

"Boooo!" the crowd repeated.

"Kill him!" proposed one man in the audience.


The strong stay quiet. The weak start riots.

Swiff said...

oh and here's the link for the guy in the crowd yelling "KILL HIM", courtesy of the Washington Post.

? said...

Just an FYI, communism is dead, dead as dreams, this isn't 1960. Considering what the Republicans have done to the economy Obama would have to put allot of effort into doing worse.

vanishing point said...

no slapzist,
your statement about the high percentage of black and hispanic borrowers and defaulters is just smoke and mirrors, the reason the stock market crashed and the banks are bankrupt is because the of the unregulated investments in the derivative market. maybe you might want to take more banking lessons where you work. Perhaps you might want to take some lessons in shadow banking. Most of the people I ever met on wall street were empty headed smooth talking closers with an eye on making the most amount of money possible, without any eye to ethics or morality. Sounds like our present administration, doesn't it.

Swiff said...

Right, no_slappz, its not just the niggers fault - its the spics too.

And you guys wonder why McCain is losing New Mexico.....Bush tried to warn ya'll about scaring away the Latino vote...and what did your side do. Freak out over a Spanish version of the Star Spangled Banner.

no_slappz said...

swiff, you wrote:

"The strong stay quiet. The weak start riots."

Have you ever seen a white riot? No.

Other than a a crowd of drunks getting rowdy after a few football games, they don't happen. Except things did get out of hand at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.

But, bottom line, whites will march in protests. But they don't riot.

On the other hand... Watts, Detroit, South Central, Crown Heights...

no_slappz said...


You really should look at the numbers. One unfortunate aspect of people with your argumentative style is your lack of interest in looking in the development of problems like the one we face today.

In fact, the highest concentrations of subprime loans are found in hispanic communities. The data is public. You can verify or ignore the facts.

I think you will choose to ignore the facts.

no_slappz said...


Obviously you have no meaningful connection to Wall Street and I can tell from your comments that you know nothing about deriviatives.

Derivatives themselves have NO connection to the decision of a borrower to default.

The derivatives are part of a system that was meant to protect the Lenders and Investors from deadbeat borrowers. When the usual percentage of borrowers defaults, the system works just fine.

When too many borrowers default, the system is overwhelmed. But any way you cut it, the borrowers were the ones who defaulted. No one else stiffed the lenders.

vanishing point said...

no slapz

No, derivatives were invented to avoid the regulations that were put in place to avoid another 1929.
NO, derivatives are a part of a system that permits horse racing on wall street, it's a pyramid scam.

no_slappz said...

Here on my desk I have a page of information from Sovereign Bank about obtaining a mortgage in New York City. It states:

Affordable home ownership with a Fixed-Rate CRA Mortgage.

97% Loan-to-Value on 1 or 2 unit purchase.

No Minimum Credit Score.

3% Seller Assistance Allowed on Loan-to-Value greater than 90%.

Income Limits: No Income Limits for properties located in low- to moderate-income census tracts.

The 30-year rate offered is 6.125%. That rate was available last Friday when I was at the bank.

As you can see, this loan is a bargain -- a gift -- for someone who lives in a "low- to moderate-income census tract", has no income and a lousy credit score.

Any guesses as to the who gets this loan?

Sure. The customer might be a Russian. Or maybe not.

vanishing point said...

i don't really give a shit what's on your desk, the bottom line is that the derivative market caused the crash.
people lost their homes due to either third party involvement in their mortgagte, credit derivative swaps, and then there's the little problem of out-sourcing and people losing jobs over the past few years, causing people to borrow more to pay for their mortgages,
greenburg kept the interest rates low to avoid this crash for as long as possible.
by now, you give me a headache.

no_slappz said...

kathy, like millions of others, you have no knowledge of derivatives or their role in the current problem.

Like most people who are looking for a boogie-man, you willfully overlook the people who borrowed money and entered legally binding contracts to repay it. Then they walked out on their debts.

If only a handful had defaulted, those small losses would have been absorbed by the financial system.

But millions realized they had no real exposure to any subsequent problems if they defaulted on their mortgages.Thus, they walked.

Clearly you think they are free of the obligation to repay the money they borrowed for the houses they bought.

no_slappz said...


If your goofy scenario were true, then people who actually PAY their mortgages are as likely to lose their homes in foreclosure as people who defaulted.

The ONLY people to lose their homes were those who Defaulted. If you pay your mortgage, you stay in your house.

Thus, it's the borrowers/defaulters who bring everything down on their own heads.

vanishing point said...

no-slappz, that's pretty good smooth talking bull shit, you keeps saying that homes in default caused this crash, and my "scenario" never addresses people who pay mortgages, its about banks and investment firms having enormous investments in useless pieces of paper listed as assets, that have no value.

Swiff said...

"Have you ever seen a white riot? No.

Other than a a crowd of drunks getting rowdy after a few football games, they don't happen. Except things did get out of hand at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.

But, bottom line, whites will march in protests. But they don't riot."

Oh, okay. So you are racist against blacks. Thanks for actually coming clean about it instead of trying to bullshit us with that "I have a black friend!" nonsense like most conservatives.

And whites never riot? Really? And drunken riots don't count? I guess that would rule out when those white college kids looted South Street in Philly a few years back. Not to mention all of the racial pogroms from the 1st half of the 20th know...the ones that left hundreds dead each time.

Man, I knew this Cat 5 racial storm was gonna hit in October. Obama ahead by double digits? Racist whites losin they damn minds....

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

"Have you ever seen a white riot? No."

You could start with Tulsa.

Yob t'voyu mat.


For those of us who have retained at least a nodding acquaintance with reality, consider this-- depending on how you crunch the numbers, there's a chance Barack Obama could take Georgia. (That's the Atlanta kind of Georgia, not the South Ossetia kind)

no_slappz said...


The value of the pieces of paper you mentioned is contingent upon the guy who pays the mortgage.

If he stiffs the system, nothing else matters.

But, as I said, when borrowers stiff the system in small numbers, the system can take the hit. But there is a tipping point -- and the borrowers passed it.

If you lend someone money, do you expect that person to repay you or not?

If you do not, then lend me as much as you can. You won't object if I default. That's great.

no_slappz said...

ivan, I figured someone might reach way back in the Time Machine for the Tulsa story.

"Officially, thirty-nine people were reported killed in the riot, of whom ten were white."

That's the official number.

Then there's the unofficial number:

"The actual number of black citizens killed by white local militiamen and volunteers as a result of the riot was estimated in the Red Cross report[1][2] at around 300; making the Tulsa race riot the worst in US history."

But NO ONE knows if this number is remotely close to accurate.

When the shooting starts, it's tough to know whose bullet killed a victim.

IN any case, you had to go back 87 years for an example. The fact that almost no one alive today was alive at the time of this event is a significant point.

In short -- Times have Changed.

Anonymous said...

I think there will be more racism in the coming days from Republicans soon. There is a price to pay for this route John McCain is taking.

no_slappz said...

swiff, you wrote:

"And whites never riot? Really?"

How about giving me some examples? We can compare group behavior in which groups of whites engage, and the group behavior of blacks.

I'm open to facts. But not your silly conjectures.

You said:

"And drunken riots don't count?"

A bunch of drunks gathered in the aftermath of a sports event may amount to an unruly mob that causes some property damage. But that's far different from a riot aimed at committing massive destruction and killing people -- like South Central, Detroit, Watts and Crown Heights.

You wrote:

"I guess that would rule out when those white college kids looted South Street in Philly a few years back."

Why don't you tell me what you think they did? And tell me why you think the participants were only white college kids. Are you saying blacks don't go to college in Philadelphia?

You wrote:

"Not to mention all of the racial pogroms from the 1st half of the 20th know...the ones that left hundreds dead each time."

No. I don't know those stories. Only Tulsa, and that occurred 87 years ago. Anyone alive then is either dead today or very very old.

If you mean lynchings, well, the number of blacks killed by other blacks EVERY YEAR exceeds the total number of blacks lynched by whites over the entire span of lynching.

By the way, most of the lynchings occurred before 1900 and almost all occurred in the South.

vanishing point said...

no slapz,
no, the value of the piece of paper depends on the value of the financial instrument, wrong again.

vanishing point said...

ha ha ha, you are more stupid then I thought.

"I'm open to facts. But not your silly conjectures."

are you really willing to go there, because i will kick your ass. Tomorrow sounds good to me.

Sorry Field for taking up so much of your blog space.

EzMun said...


You're hopeless. You do like many in your camp, you find the answer and then ask the question. You try to prove that the CRA is the cause of this, because you have on your desk a brochure for a CRA backed mortgage. Yet, instead of actually doing research to see who are the beneficiaries of various mortgages, you ASSume that you know.

Instead of finding out the relative default rates between prime mortgages, Alt-A and subprime mortgages you ASSume which ones defaulted. Instead of finding out the racial makeup of the persons defaulting on their mortgages, you ASSume you know which racial groups defaulted. And you justify an answer you did no research to determine you ASSume you know the right answer, an answer you determined before asking the question... it's the damn Blacks and the Hispanics.

The only thing constant about your posts is that your inability to even do a modicum of research shows yourself as an ASS with all caps.

Dude, before you start trolling here do some research and come with facts. What racial groups defaulted in what numbers/percentages? What's your source. If and when you're ready to answer that question, come on back to the Fields and let's talk. Until them shadaap.

EzMun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jody said...

no_slapz..... I have been in the midst of at least 6 riots of mostly young, white, activists. Granted the violence was initiated by the police, but it ended in property destruction and injuries.

1. Seattle 1999
2. RNC, Philadelphia, 2000
3. DNC/ Los Angeles, 2000
4. IMF/WORLD BANK Demo, DC, 2001
5. FTAA/Miami, 2003
6. RNC, NYC, 2004
7. RNC, St. Paul, 2008

That you did not hear about them, thank you mainstream media, does not mean they did not happen.

I did legal support for most of these events and I can personally tell you of injuries, serious injuries (loss of an ear, concussions, broken bones, fractured sculls, bloodied bodies), rubber bullets, wooden bullets, chemical pellets, tasers, tanks, water cannons, pepper spray, concusion grenades, tear gas, baton beatings, broken store fronts, slashed tires, burning dumpsters, graffetied properties.....

The riots that you refer to were not in a vacuum.... you omit the anger, outrage and injustice that precipitated them, as usually happens in a riot situation.... except for drunk, white, frat boy riots on college campuses.

Najmah said...

Oh laawwwd Field - you sure know how to bring in the nut cases! Granny Standing, where are you?! I need your wise words of sanity!!!

Any how Field, have you purchased the fuzzy sock yet?

no_slappz said...

kathy, you can babble all you want, but financial paper tied to debt that is valued based on the sum of expected cash flows.

The expected cash flows come from the borrower and they are passed along from there.

Once again, when the borrower defaults the wheels come off. After that, the value is based on the expected recovery value of the asset that collateralizes the original loan.

Thus, the value of the paper tied to defaulted real estate is valued on the basis of the potential sale price of the real estate, which, in our current problem, is quite high relative to the purchase price.

EzMun said...

Interesting. The House Financial Services Committee did a whole writeup on the Community Reinvestment Act and debunked all of what Mr. Slappz is trolling about.

CRA caused the current financial crisis? Hardly:
• CRA does not require banks or thrifts to make loans that are unsafe or unprofitable. In fact, the law stipulates that CRA lending activities must be done consistent with safe and sound banking practices. In fact, most high-cost loans were originated by lenders that did NOT have a CRA obligation and lacked federal regulatory oversight.
• According to an analysis of HMDA data in the 15 most populous U.S.
metropolitan areas, non-CRA lenders made a disproportionate number of highcost loans. In 2006, 84.3% of high-cost loans were originated by non-CRA covered entities (overall, non-CRA covered entities originated 69.6% of all
mortgages) and nearly 83% of high-cost loans to low- and moderate-income individuals were originated by non-CRA covered entities(overall, non-CRA
covered entities originated 67.5% of all loans to LMI individuals).
• In 2006, only a few of the top 25 subprime lenders were federally regulated depository institutions with CRA obligations and the vast majority of the top 20 producers of risky interest-only and option ARM loans were not covered by CRA.
• CRA covered institutions, for the most part, did not engage in lending practices that fueled the foreclosure epidemic and subsequent economic crisis.

Argue with the house.

Anonymous said...

I BELIEVE the original subject was voter suppression, and on that topic, there were two interesting stories today. The first is not really news--I first heard this months ago--college students are being targeted with flyers that are suspiciously similar in content to the flyers that Mr. Field referenced.

Also old news is that students are being given false or misleading information abut where they can register to vote.

The obvious goal is to suppress the college vote, which is assumed to be overwhelmingly pro-Obama.

Now the kicker--a story on NPR this morning concerned Liberty University in Virginia. Jerry Falwell Jr, son of the late unlamented Jerry Falwell Sr., announced that classes would be cancelled on election day, so that all of Liberty's 10,000 students could get to the polls and vote. VA is, incredibly enough, leaning Dem, and Falwell's 10,000 could make a difference.

"The university will bus students to the polls, stage an all-day concert complete with food, and lift curfew so they can watch the results on a giant-screen TV."

Lesson: IOKIYAR.

no_slappz said...

jody, you listed:

"1. Seattle 1999
2. RNC, Philadelphia, 2000
3. DNC/ Los Angeles, 2000
4. IMF/WORLD BANK Demo, DC, 2001
5. FTAA/Miami, 2003
6. RNC, NYC, 2004
7. RNC, St. Paul, 2008"

I live in NY City and spent a lot of time at the 2004 RNC. Confrontations between police and morons? Yes. Riot? No.

As for the conflicts in the other cities, once again, questionable call to describe planned destruction as riots.

Confrontations involving police/civilian conflict? Yes.

There's spontaneous quality that defines a true riot.

Anyway, as far as I know, the scheduled police/civilian conflicts you mentioned were free of fatalities.

However, if you want to use your definition of "riot" I can give you a longer list and the perpetrators were black.

no_slappz said...


Well, it didn't take you long to threaten violence. You said:

"are you really willing to go there, because i will kick your ass. Tomorrow sounds good to me."

Jody said...

no_slappz.... your earlier comment was show me where whites have rioted... I just pointed to 6 in the past 10 years..... fatalities is NOT the definition of a riot:
"Riots are a form of civil disorders characterized by disorganized groups lashing out in a sudden and intense rash of violence, vandalism or other crime. While individuals may attempt to lead or control a riot, riots are typically chaotic and exhibit herd behavior.

Riots often occur in reaction to a perceived grievance or out of dissent. Historically, riots have occurred due to poor working or living conditions, government oppression, taxation or conscription, conflicts between races or religions (see race riot and pogrom), the outcome of a sporting event or frustration with legal channels through which to air grievances.

Riots typically involve vandalism and the destruction of private and public property. The specific property to be targeted varies depending on the cause of the riot and the inclinations of those involved. Targets can include shops, cars, restaurants, state-owned institutions, and religious buildings.

Some rioters have become quite sophisticated at understanding and withstanding the tactics used by police in such situations. Manuals for successful rioting are available on the internet. These manuals also encourage rioters to get the press involved, as there is more safety with the cameras rolling. There is also more attention. Citizens with video cameras may also have an effect on both rioters and police.

Weapons found in Riots: CS gas, Plastic bullet, Rubber bullet, Molotov cocktail"

All of my examples fit this description. I am just challenging your premise that riots involving whites do not happen..... Given the description above about riots often relating to conditions where an injustice has occurred... should you be surprised that people of color have rioted? Your original premise was and is racist, period.

vanishing point said...

ha ha ha i threatened violence that is so stupid, where is the laughing gas?what an asshole.

no_slappz said...


I see you read superficially.

The CRA absolutely forces banks to originate unsafe loans. But the CRA does NOT force banks to keep them in their portfolios of retained mortgages. Banks sell the subprime loans to other parties.

To comply with the CRA, banks must ORIGINATE enough loans to satisfy their obligation to provide financing in low- to moderate-income census tracts.

Many of the loans are made to people with low credit scores and no downpayment money. But those loans are often originated through subprime affiliates of the banks. In many cases the mortgage subsidiaries of the banks in the neighborhood originate the loans.

But those subsidiaries are not necessarily regulated by the CRA.

Originating loans that are sold in the secondary mortgage market is profitable and carries little risk. Hence, originating subprime mortgages is a safe business.

Keeping them on the balance sheet is a different matter.

The fact that the CRA did not regulate the some of the loan originators is irrelevant. The key factor was ensuring that sufficient numbers of loans were originated in certain census tracts. It was not necessary for CRA-regulated banks (All banks are regulated by the FDIC and the FDIC requires all banks to comply with the CRA) to originate all the loans.

In any case, without the loosening of credit standards, which began with the CRA, none of the subsequent relaxations would have occurred. The biggest mistake was allowing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to accept low-quality loans into their portfolios. That gave subprime loans government backing.

Big mistake.

Anyway, you really need to understand the true meaning of the text you copied.

no_slappz said...

kathy, you wrote:

"are you really willing to go there, because i will kick your ass. Tomorrow sounds good to me."

The preceding -- your words -- sounds like a threat of violence to me.

vanishing point said...

no slapz
i can kick you ass in a figurative way, or are you just a wus?

no_slappz said...


Based on your own definition of a riot --

""Riots are a form of civil disorders characterized by disorganized groups lashing out in a sudden and intense rash of violence, vandalism or other crime. While individuals may attempt to lead or control a riot, riots are typically chaotic and exhibit herd behavior."

-- riots did not occur in the settings you listed.

Those acts of disorder were well planned and well advertized. Police were informed in advance of those confrontations.

I was amused at how handily the police in NY City defused and hobbled the attempts of would-be trouble-makers during the RNC in 2004.

Locking miscreants in holding pens on the piers for 24 hours, then later paying fines to settle legal action was a great strategy for keeping violence to an absolute minimum during the convention.

Personally, I had a great time during the convention, and I was in the front of a lot of confrontational crowds.

no_slappz said...

kathy, you wrote:

"i can kick you ass in a figurative way..."

Where's the evidence? Your arguments have been devoid of fact but long on attitude.

EzMun said...


Since you apparent read superficially, answer the question that I stated above, but you conveniently ignored.

What racial groups defaulted in what numbers/percentages? What's your source. If and when you're ready to answer that question, come on back to the Fields and let's talk.

I'll add another one that you apparent ignored in every one of your posts. If the CRA is responsible for all of this, why did we feel the effects of the CRA thirty years later? What other factors contributed to get us here?

You do a lot to talk about the CRA but are you suggesting that it took 30 years for the CRA to really screw up the American economy? If it was so screwy, why didn't it have it's effect 25 years ago?

So answer ALL of my questions know-it-all?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

White folks don't riot alright, but it just so happens that 200,000white folks rioted back in 1999 at the Woodstock concert.

"Woodstock '99 is best remembered for reports of violence, rape, fires, and an abrupt closing down of the show."

I guess the rape and violence that occurred at Woodstock was just a bunch of misguided kids having a little fun, huh?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Oh, and just recently one that was kept on the quiet side.

"AP- After Ike, whites have taken to looting and buring the city of Galveston TX. It's reported that whites gangs are roaming the streets, breaking."

Nope, whites don't riot, let you tell it.

As for the mortgage thingee, I get it. The Republican want to go back to the good days when they discriminated against minorities seeking mortgage loans. Why would any minority vote for a party that is known for discrimination and racism who doesn't feel a tadbit shame or embarrassed in this day and age for their outdated hateful and sick beliefs.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, I know a whole lot of black folks that own their homes, some of them own more than one. I know some hispanics that own their own homes and have more than one. Guess what, they still living in them and haven't lost them either. There were many blacks in New Orleans that owned their homes and they were completely paid for.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

My mother and father brought a home right here in California that is still in the family to this day. It's in good shape on a nice quiet block, and all of the neighbors, also, owned their homes as well, and like my parents passed their property on down generation after generation. All of them are completely paid for.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

How did this thread get hijacked by that idiot who trolls so many Black blogs to spew their garbage?


Field it is time to ban this fool - seriously. Or is this a new name for that other idiot Constructive Annoyance or whatever their name was that likes to cause trouble?

Anonymous said...

White folks rioted in Riverside CA when a new school which was to be named after MLK Jr was being built in a white neighborhood.

Attacked construction workers, vandalized equipment and defecated on the property.

Many were older people and women.

Amazing what excites some of yall.

no_slappz said...


Your claims about MLK high school in Riverside appear to be phony.

However, it would not surprise me if some minor vandalism occurred at the construction site. And it would not surprise me if some racist graffitti appeared there, too.

But your claim that older people and women attacked construction workers is laughably ridiculous.

Moreover, almost half of Riverside is hispanic. A smaller precentage is white. If there were concerns over the naming of the school, the friction more likely came from hispanics who felt the school should have been named for a famous hispanic.

no_slappz said...

grannystandingfortruth, you wrote:

""AP- After Ike, whites have taken to looting and buring the city of Galveston TX. It's reported that whites gangs are roaming the streets, breaking.""

I think the only place the preceding story appeared was in your head.

ALL the media reports about Galveston after Ike passed followed the pattern of the story below:

"Sep 19, 2008

"Galveston Quiet As Most Obey Post-Ike Curfew

"(AP) Now that a curfew runs the dark half of this hurricane-battered island's days, the residents who remain can only pass the time sipping cocktails on porches, guarding property and trying to avoid the $1,000 whack of a post-sundown violation.

So far, it seems to be working.

Galveston Police Chief Charles Wiley said Thursday that since Hurricane Ike hammered the barrier island Saturday morning, there have been 11 cases of looting, a figure he called "phenomenally low."

Eleven Cases of Looting!

Anonymous said...

Karen said: ..."Castro was the darling of the press and incited class warfare, promising free education and medical care for all." ... "Stop this century's Castro."

What is wrong with free education and medical care for all? It seems to me to be worthy goals. Unfortunately, no country that my limited exposure to that I currently know of has gotten it right. But that does not mean that it is something that we should not strive for.

Sen. Obama is a respected member of an established political party here in the U.S.A. not an armed rebel. How do you make a comparison to Castro? Sen. Obama has advocated change through our systems, not class warfare. Some of the Republican efforts to intimidate voters strike me as class warfare.

Eight years ago I would have said that a President and his executive could not ramrod a particular agenda through against the wishes of the rest of the country. I thought that our Constititiion had a sufficient amount of checks and balances to keep that from happening.

I quit the Republican party in the first part of 2003 when that illegal war started. I am ashamed that I did not do anything other than that; there were rallys and peace drives.

Everyone moans about the our country going "socialist." Traveling through some of the socialist countries of the world, I really wonder; I see good public transport, clean energy etcetera. Yes, their tax rates are high, but at least they are getting something for it.

I was a Republican because I believed that they were "fiscally responsible." I was told that the Democrats were the "Tax and Spend Party." It turns out that the Republicans are the "Borrow and Spend Party." The debt that has been created and the imbalance of trade payments is going to cause a? Originally I had thought inflation, now we seem to be recessing?

All of us in someway or other are a party to this plight if in no other way than over consuming the world's resources and/or our own personal resources. By the way, I have met some people who have been very forthright that they have messed up. (Probably going to lose their home.) I wish our politicians would admit their culpability too. If you cannot acknowledge a problem how can you deal with it?

Stop shouting... said...

Lady-cracker said:
"What is wrong with free education and medical care for all? It seems to me to be worthy goals. Unfortunately, no country that my limited exposure to that I currently know of has gotten it right. But that does not mean that it is something that we should not strive for."

Except that it's NOT "free". It's very, very expensive, but simple minded people latch on to the concept that it's "free".

"en. Obama is a respected member of an established political party here in the U.S.A. not an armed rebel. How do you make a comparison to Castro? Sen. Obama has advocated change through our systems, not class warfare."

Senator Obama is ALL about class warfare, gender warfare (his misogyny makes me wretch), culture warfare, and race warfare. He believes in an "interventionist" strategy ala Albright, which means MORE military intervention in places we have no business being, and MORE warfare.

AND, Obama's campaign is very much like Castro's. He clearly has studied it well.

If you like WAR then vote OBAMA.

"I quit the Republican party in the first part of 2003 when that illegal war started. I am ashamed that I did not do anything other than that; there were rallys and peace drives."

Somehow I highly doubt you were ever a Republican. Don't make me laugh. I have never been a Republican; in fact, my husband tried to warn people during the 2000 campaign that a vote for Bush/Cheney would be a vote to get us in a war in the mideast. People laughed at him, but he was very prescient.

I've had up to "here" with your claims of "peace" rallies and protests. My "interaction" with so-called peace activists has been people spitting on my car while trying to get my children to appointments at Walter Reed; keying my car; slashing my tires and smashing my mirrors while scrawling filthy, hate-filled notes on my car. Very "peaceful" and "tolerant". Hah.

"Everyone moans about the our country going "socialist." Traveling through some of the socialist countries of the world, I really wonder; I see good public transport, clean energy etcetera. Yes, their tax rates are high, but at least they are getting something for it."

Again, your ignorance is showing. There is a BIG difference between "passing through" and living under a socialist regime. Like being denied medical care, or being denied your the chance to go to university, or being told that you can only go to university if you study what you have been designated by the bureaucrats to study. To be told how much money you can make maximum per year, without regard to your initiative and effort..anything above that is clawed back.

And trying taking some of those "trains" and "clean energy" back in the smaller communities, away from the main tourist areas.

You are a fool.

I am leaving for the UK tomorrow and just got off the phone with a friend who is a banker there. He was the one who brought up the fact that the market is continuing to fall because the international markets are VERY WORRIED THAT OBAMA MIGHT WIN.

Yes....Obama is BAD for business and is giving the international markets the jitters.....

That's the truth. People who are looking to move their capital, don't want to move to a country that may be installing a socialist as President.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"the market is continuing to fall because the international markets are VERY WORRIED THAT OBAMA MIGHT WIN.
Yes....Obama is BAD for business and is giving the international markets the jitters....."

I knew if I set back long enough, I'd catch you in a lie,but surprisely, it didn't take as long as I thought it would. You're one of those people who ate up that BS that Michelle Obama is militant, and you're more than likely a fan of FAUX news. That's what I can't stand about GOP folks, they all make up lies quicker than you can turn on a light switch. Not even worth wasting time with on a snippet of a conversation.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"Senator Obama is ALL about class warfare, gender warfare (his misogyny makes me wretch), culture warfare, and race warfare."

Look at this comment another big fat lie by stop shouting. Another example of a person not worth two dead flies. I can't stand a liar!!!

no_slappz said...


The number of credible research papers on the topic of Mortgage Defaults and Race is a large number. A few are cited below.

Mortgage Default Rates and Borrower Race

Richard Anderson
New Jersey City University

James Vanderhoff
Rutgers University

Journal of Real Estate Research, Vol. 18, No. 2-3, Nov.-Dec. 1999

We estimate a mortgage default model with national data on conventional mortgages that were current from 1986 to 1992. Our analysis confirms the results of previous analyses of Federal Housing Authority mortgages: Black households have higher marginal default rates, controlling for differences in borrower and property characteristics. Further, we do not find that Black borrowers have significantly more home equity. These results do not provide evidence of racial discrimination in mortgage lending and suggest that differences in default costs or transaction costs may explain differences in default rates.

Neighborhood Effects in Mortgage Default Risk

Prepared for:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Office of Policy Development and Research

Prepared by:

Robert F. Cotterman Unicon Research Coporation
Santa Moncia, CA
Under Contract: C-OPC-18484
March 2001

The Consequences of Mortgage Credit Expansion: Evidence from the 2007 Mortgage Default Crisis

Atif R. Mian
University of Chicago - Graduate School of Business; National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

Amir Sufi
University of Chicago - Graduate School of Business

May 2008


We show that an expansion in the supply of mortgage credit to high latent demand zip codes led to the rapid increase in house prices from 2001 to 2005 and subsequent defaults from 2005 to 2007.

From 2001 to 2005, high latent (unfulfilled) demand zip codes experience relative declines in denial rates and interest rates and relative increases in mortgage credit and house prices, despite the fact that these zip codes experience negative relative income and employment growth.

The growth in securitization was significantly higher in high latent demand zip codes, suggesting a possible role of securitization in credit expansion.

Banks, for their part, saw the affordable housing push as a way to placate and/or gratify politicians and community activists, and also to meet visibly CRA requirements for making credit available to minorities.

CRA loans, let us not forget, have 100% loss rates and are functionally equivalent to political campaign contributions.

By the early part of the 21st century, nearly every mortgage lender in the U.S. incorporated the twin messages of “affordable housing” and “creative financing” into marketing, credit approval and product development efforts.

The home builders and realtors were also an important part of the affordable housing push, exerting political influence to gain government support for housing going pack three decades to the 1970s.

Then as now, boosting home ownership and home building was seen as a way to stimulate a sluggish economy.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who can - VOTE EARLY or VOTE ABSENTEE (especially encourage this for the elderly you may know). Vote early to ensure your vote (anything can happen later) and to decrease the number of people in the lines on election day - take a friend!

Make sure not to wear any political buttons, shirts, etc, or they will turn you away from the polls and hope you do not return.

If you are voting the straight ticket ensure that it includes your vote for the president. Some states require you to vote on a president first and then you can vote a straight ticket.

If you are a Democrat and feel that your vote is being suppressed call 1-888-DEM-VOTE.

Whatever you do VOTE!

no_slappz said...

It seems that following website would interest a lot of people here:

Royal Model said...

Call GirlS