Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Slave Catcher.

I love blogging for quite a few reasons. It allows me to vent and share my personal views with like minded people, and even people who disagree with me. It allows me to meet and interact with all types of new and interesting people who I would not have otherwise had the pleasure of ever knowing or hearing from. And most of all, it allows me to stay on top of things thanks to the people who read my site, comment, and exchange their ideas and their thoughts with me and with each other.

Well tonight I was especially proud of my field family, because they hipped me to something (or someone) I might not have heard about were it not for them.

Here is the deal: Today at a McCain Palin rally, it appears that a gentleman of color, stood up and begged Mr. Morton to go after his O ness. Please please please he begged, "don't let them get away with this",or something to that effect. Here is the You Tube link. (Please read this post before you go to the link, because after you watch it you will be sick to your stomach, and you won't be able to come back to the site.) Now you all know that I have my regular house and field Negroes, and I like to honor the lawn jockeys among us from time to time, but, believe it or not, I don't like to just label fellow Negroes without knowing a little about them or their history.

But this latest brotha....this sick, self hating, demented brotha, really has me wondering. He has taken this shit to a whole other level. This is beyond house Negro behavior, this shit is slave catching, plain and simple. You see a house Negro simply stayed in the house with massa, and he liked the house and everything in it. He would do everything to stay in the house, and would protect the house at all cost because he had a stake in it. It was where he lived, and it was where he found comfort. He would never speak against massa like the field Negroes, because he didn't want to risk losing all of that. But, even worse than the house Negro, was the slave catcher. This was the Negro who searched hardest to find us when we ran away. It was the slave catcher who the master would give the whip to tear into us when we stepped out of line. It was the slave catcher who ran right behind the blood hounds and in front of the master, when he thought one of us was hiding in the woods. It was the slave catcher who always did the master's most barbarous and sadistic deeds that even the master would not do. The slave catcher hated us even more than the master did. Who knows why? Maybe some sick demented shit in his past, maybe some psychological sickness that prevented him from wanting to be a part of something he has no control over. Or, a sick desire to be accepted by only those who didn't look like he does. Only the slave catcher and his shrink knows for sure.

This brotha (I wish I knew his name), is a slave catcher. Not a house Negro, not a Tom, not an Oreo; none of that. That would be too simplistic and trivial. No, this shit was much deeper than that. This brotha was wallowing in self hatred. The more those kla....I mean republicans cheered around him, the wetter his pants got. And when Mr. Morton hugged him, I actually thought I saw the guy close his eyes as if he had just experienced one incredible orgasm. I don't know, maybe he did. (Gee I guess it's true what they say about you black guys, they didn't have anything like this at the Hanoi Hilton....let me stop) And did you see the look on the faces of those people? It's as if that one black guy had given them their penance for all of their vile racist thoughts and actions.

"Thank you slave catcher, thank you. If you are one of them and you hate them, why can't we?"

If someone gets this brothas *name could you please pass it on to me? I have a bet with Mrs. Field that he is a struggling actor and just wanted to get his 15 minutes by any means necessary. Honestly, if it's just a hustle, and Mr. Morton's camp paid the guy, I would respect him more. At least he would have gotten paid for selling out like some of the other race pimps in modern day A-merry-ca. But somehow I doubt it. The slave catcher doesn't need pay. Just catching those runaway slaves is payment enough.

[*Thanks to the folks who comment here (Thanks "J") I have this clowns name. James Harris huh? Now if I can just get a nice pic. ]


Unknown said...

That was scary. WTF is wrong with that dude? I want to believe that he was just faking, that he was paid to do this. I don't want to believe that he actually believes that crap. My husband always said I was naive. *sigh*

Javier said...


His name is James T. Harris. He's a conservative radio host in Wisconsin where the rally took place.

Javier said...

Pic is in the link.

Unknown said...

So there's no hope for him after all.

Javier said...

field negro said...

Thanks "J". Damn you guys are quick. I just updated my post. His pic will be up tonight. If some of you caught it,sorry about the rough draft that got posted a few minutes ago. Chalk it up to Mrs. Field's 3 year old niece hitting my publish keys. :(

MartiniCocoa said...

I saw him on MSNBC tonight and at first was in shock but then I realized he probably felt the most love he's ever felt in his life surrounded by these 'Christ loving' people.

I wonder what happened to him as a child for him to provide comfort to such people.

Javier said...

Check out his website. He also pays the bills as a motivational speaker. Who he's motivating you can probably guess.

Javier said...


Here's his blog.

Kellybelle said...

OMG. I saw this and was hoping, praying you make him House Negro Emeritus.

I feel a little better knowing he is a conservative radio host. This was a publicity stunt. If it had been the heartfelt ravings of a true believer, I would have just sat down and cried.

He clearly has had identity issues all his life. Not wanting to be indentified with the stereotype of a Black male, he desperately clings to conservatism to give himself some sense of self.

Javier said...

Apparently Mr. Harris has so disdain for undecideds as he makes clear on his website:

"This debate sucked! Tom Brokaw sucks! Somebody call Rick Warren over there at the "Saddle Sore" Church. I bet he could breathe some life back into this sorry-ass forum.

Having said that, I don't know what else to say. If I were undecided, there was nothing in last night's debate that would flip me to one side or the other.

But I'm not an undecided... I have convictions. I can think, reason and discern. It seems to me that in order to appeal to the undecided, one should present a strong ideology.

Moderate Conservatism vs. Socialist Liberalism.


OK... Let's try fear!

I fear socialism. I fear liberalism. I fear a Barack Obama Presidency.

One way or another, things are about to really change. The fate of the free world lies with 20% of Americans who have no convictions.

That's frightening!"

Jmee said...

Ummm......... Yeah, that dude is definitely getting the slant eye from me.

Did he really have to act a fool like that.....did he?

Makes me want to grab my Negro card from him, sucker!

Anonymous said...

It was a stunt to downplay all the stories about the racists getting out of hand at their rallies. Now McCain can say, "See, there are Black folks coming out and questioning Obama's associations."

By the way ... did anyone notice on the video that McCain said that he and Senator Obama had an economic plan to turn the country around? Oh well ... I guess he meant Palin but just hadn't had his afternoon nap yet.


Lola Gets said...

"OMG. I saw this and was hoping, praying you make him House Negro Emeritus."

We all know that some folks have issues...some individuals issues are a little than others...yeah, thats how Im calling this, he.


Javier said...

OH WAIT! James T. Harris has friends! Check this guy out:

field negro said...

Yeah it's on with this Negro. Sheila, I am afraid I didn't notice that. I guess, like everyone else, I was focused on the brotha from a conservative planet.

Wow! :) Did that Negro really say I am "begging" you?

"House Negro Emeritus."

Kellybelle, I like that.

And the more I see of this thing the more I smell a set up.

rikyrah said...

that Negro's gonna get his ass beat, and I have no problems with it. beat.him.down.

Respect Black said...

Field, thank you! I can always come here and see "brass knuckle" posts expressing exactly what I am feeling when I see ignorant shit like this one TV. I thought the lady at the DNC crying over Hillary pissed me off...but this guy is definitely a "slave catcher"!

Javier said...

I don't even know what to say about this one except Mr. Harris says, "This dude is a better me than me."

Anonymous said...

You are right, ole James is beyond being a mere House Negro. He is the worse of our race, perhaps his little stunt today will earn him a honorary white robe and hood since its clear his Black ass don't want to be Black.

If I had it my way I would happily strip him of his Blackness. Like Rikyrah said he need that ass beat. Sorry for the swearing but that video made my blood pressure rise. Its one thing to support McCain, fine its a free country and that's his right. However all that shucking and jiving is coonery plain and simple.

Ann Brock said...

Field, when I witness this n@@ga begging I threw the remote at my TV. He need a beat-down because I know he got paid!

NSangoma said...

Lawd, tuh-day;

LAWD, Lawd, lawd, lawd

Afrodite said...

The sad thing is that at the very same rally...N*gger this and N*gger that was being thrown around like Palin/McCain signs. He probably encountered a few "Go home N*gger's" and Get your Obama lovin ass outta here's" But he stood up and said some shit like this...Palin and McCain are barely hiding their hatred and racist views about Obama...the Co-chair of the campaign calls him "A guy of the streets and a drug addict" Palin says "Obama would diminish the prestige of the presidency" ...i mean come on this pres. race is aboout Old America vs New america and racist ppl are fighting to keep hatred alive while others are fighting to bring "SOME" changes

check out these vieos. This is face of ignorance and hatred:

Anonymous said...

I have never posted a comment before, have appreciated your work and the comments of your astute regulars for a few months now.

I feel a little bad that I haven't given you a big up (well deserved on many occasions) before now but i HAD to say something about this crazy Nword here!

John Mccain can't LOOK at Obama in round 1 or shake his hand after Round 2...but thissorry excuse for a man gets the bear hug?!

Put me down as a vote for ass whooping team...forthwith

Javier said...


they make a nice pair don't they? Amos and Andy!

Anonymous said...

I saw that Uncle Tom speak during the Klan meeting. Pissed me off to the tenth degree. He actually believes McCain is on his side. WTF is he smoking??

Anonymous said...

This does not surprise me. I have seen a few black men similar to James Harris, they are republicans and they either date white women or are married to white women.

Maybe they think they are getting ahead by totally disconnecting from their race, i don't know.


Anonymous said... you know this is some Rovian shit...a misdirection play by an aging quarterback who's needs a little more yardage for the big play in the final quarter.

I'm willing to bet this slave catcher...(a despicable kneegro that Mother Tubman would have shot on the spot) nothing more than a plant to provide "proof" to bailout-blindsided, campaign-worn A-merry-cans that ole Morton ain't no racist.

"Look...even A kneegro don't trust him!"

On the real, this house kneegro ain't no different than Juan "Lawn Jockey" Williams or Rev. Joe "Bootlicker" house kneegros who've perpetuated the distortions and character assassination of Obie throughout the WHOLE PROCESS.

That's alright Obie...we got'ur back!

and Jimmy T...protect ya neck boi.

Anonymous said...

i was sitting at home B.S.'n around the house before I had to go to work, and while watching CNN Live I heard that clown. Field, I was trying to figure out how to get you to make this gem the Honorary House Negro of the Day! I almost went as far as to have a comment flagged to get your attention. I'm just glad you caught what I caught and made it available for everyone here to see. The worst part was what Mr. Morton said to his "Boy". He said, "You're reward, my friend, is in heaven, not here!" I hope I got that right!! I'm at work and can't work the clip. I do know it was something abuot he'll get his reward in heaven, not here on earth. Crack that Whip!

Anonymous said... maybe I don't understand. A black man who supports McCain is akin to a "slave catcher"? Black people can't choose who they want to vote for now? This guy sounded seriously sick and tired of being beat on by other blacks...can you imagine being hounded and derided by people just because of your beliefs?

What's wrong with just accepting the fact that there will be some percentage of black people who will support McCain? What's wrong with a little tolerance? "Slave catcher"? Damn!

Anonymous said...

Dear Geneva,
You will probably never understand this, but a black man supporting MCain is like a chicken supporting Colonel Sanders.

Javier said...


It's the disconnect this man has with reality. John McCain and the Republican party as a whole has parted ways with conservatism which James T. Harris subscribes to. So while he goes on and on through his website about Black people playing the victim card and his conservative values and how Barack Obama is the equivalent of opening Pandora's Box for America he truly believes that McCain's policies will bring American back to small government, fiscal responsibility, and a booming economy ala trickle-down economics. This guy as I said is disconnected from reality if he thinks one person in that crowd including the man he hugged would speak to him on the street. He was cheered for his color not because they agreed with what he said. Nothing he said was so profound that it deserved a standing ovation. He got one because there was a black man telling John "Race-baiting" McCain to go get Barack Obama. If you can't see what the outrage is all about then I don't know what to tell you.

Anonymous said...


Ain't that the racist dude from the Dave Chappell show who didn't know he was Black because he was blind?

Brothas and sista who work in the food industries, if this see this Step n Fetch nigger, please pull a Cicely Tyson and spit in his samich.

He'll probably think it's mayonaise.

Anonymous said...

This house negro look exactly like the one that was featured in today Nyt.

field negro said...

"What's wrong with just accepting the fact that there will be some percentage of black people who will support McCain? What's wrong with a little tolerance? "Slave catcher"? Damn!"

Nothing,wrong with supporting McCain (hell I was seriously considering being one of the ten black people in A-merry-ca who do, before he picked the beauty queen, and before his racist unstable ass was exposed) But if some of your fellow slaves are escaping the plantation, do you have to run the hardest to catch them and bring them back? I am just saying.

"Put me down as a vote for ass whooping team...forthwith"

That makes four!

iebonym, are you an Esq.? The "forthwith" line might have given you away. I am preparing a legal team for my Broad Street run. See jody for further details. :)

afrodite, I gurantee you that this Negro didn't hear any of the die n****r chants. He was too caught up in the love. :)

And can I ask you all a question? Why do the T.V. stations keep playing this clip over and over again?

Javier said...

Liberal media my ass! One minute they're outraged at the tone of the McCain-Palin rallies and the next they play into this thinly-veiled attempt to legitimize that very tone.
A shark goes where it smells blood whether it's a human or a dog.

Cheri said...

Y'all got me about to do some Photoshopping tonight. Need to put his pic in a frame with his well-earned title engraved below:

BEHOLD, James T. Harris, The Slave Catcher

(make sure it's a pic of him grinning real hard too)

Just the sight of him BEGGING was too much of a throwback. He has absolutely NO dignity and doesn't even know it. He'll learn the hard way though. Just like Kizzy did. Thought Missy Ann was her friend 'n look what happened...

And you know the news outlets couldn't wait to air his silly behind up there jigging for the camera. Looking like he oughta be singing hambone and slappin' his thigh...

SouthernGirl2 said...

"that Negro's gonna get his ass beat, and I have no problems with it. beat.him.down.


You're right tho!

Javier said...

Lest we get swept up in the same fervor of McMob over James let's not lose sight of the fact that the election is Nov. 4th. Personally I won't feel comfortable until I see Senator Obama with his right hand held high swearing to do what W has made a mockery of the last eight years.

Our constitution is being held hostage!

Unknown said...

He should receive the Uncle Ruckus Award. It is a lifetime achievement award for shucking, jiving, coonery and plain ol' self hatred. For him white folk sh*t have that lemony zesty scent to it. He knows he hast reverse vitiligo. It just that those doggone elitist doctors refuse to diagnosis him properly.

Yeah these folks are the other side of the coin of the hoodrats thugs from the 'hood. Both these type of folks are ignant and proud of it (being intelligent is either acting white or being an liberal elite). They worship corrupted power. They are ultra closed minded. They are personally invested in all white supremacist ideals. They are race hustlers. And they have total disdain and hatred for plain black folk, particular the downtrodden.

Jibreel Riley said...

yooooooooooooooooooooooo, this is right up my alley! Come on Field, you know I gotta chime in on this one. I'm looking forward to see Palin at the Flyers game this weekend. Yea it takes me to be a hockey fan so you know I'm in the tank for the hockey mom but damm, can a brother think for himself? I guess the Obama kool-aide dose not come in a six pack?

Just remember this is were Al Gore was in the polls and we remember how that ended...

Anonymous said...

And right after McSame hugged him, he rubbed his head for good luck.

Let's face it, this tapdancingsambo was reading VERBATIMN a script that was prepared by McTrainwreck's campaign managers. Of course, he had to throw in a little shuffling and grinning to please the crowd.

Hey, I wonder if this was the same dude that was in the bumble bee shirt a couple days ago? Hmmmmm.

Yes, he is lucky Harriet Tubman has passed. He is also lucky this isn't South Africa during the struggle where the ANC would put a tire around his neck and set it on fire. Instead he gets to collect a fat check and live to insult his ancestors another day.

Anonymous said...


In House Negro term: I beees a good n$&&er!

Donald said...

_-*Explicit Language Follows*-_
This motherfucker makes JC Watts look like Jesse Jackson. He is a fucking sell out of the worse kind and yes this son of a bitch was a damn plant. This house negro has been conditioned...trained to suck the penis of his master. To him it tastes good.
FN, watching that clip sent chills down my spine and really makes me question who far would a negro will go for money. Straight up on his motherfucking knees. Better get him some penis sucking knee pads.

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with Jibreel. This is no time to be complacent Obama fans. McSame already has the crazy people and stepnfetchit voter blocs nailed down. Now if he starts making any inroads into the actually SANE people voter groups, things could get a lot more competitive. Don't let up!

Black Diaspora said...

Sorry to hijack this thread, but I wanted to get out this latest effort of Walmart to direct the outcome of this race for the White House.

"The Wal-Mart human-resources managers who run the meetings don't specifically tell attendees how to vote in November's election, but make it clear that voting for Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama would be tantamount to inviting unions in, according to Wal-Mart employees who attended gatherings in Maryland, Missouri and other states.

"The meeting leader said, 'I am not telling you how to vote, but if the Democrats win, this bill will pass and you won't have a vote on whether you want a union,'" said a Wal-Mart customer-service supervisor from Missouri. "I am not a stupid person. They were telling me how to vote," she said.

More here....

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

wow. no words.

He must be getting a check from the McCain/Palin campaign.

Anonymous said...

“If you can control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being told and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one.”

Carter G. Woodson
The Miseducation of "The Negro" 1934
Nuff said

D.J. said...

well it ruined a couple hours of research (thank you very much) I thought that was Armstrong Williams..but I am glad you were able to give me the info.....

Anonymous said...

My God, that was gross. The video. It is true, I got nauseated.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hold up! I can understand that you guys are upset with that man, but come on now, don't let him bring out the worse in you. You're too intelligent to let what he did cloud your thinking abilities.

Anonymous said...

here is another "SLAVE CATCHER" for you...claiming that Obama is trying to START and WAGE a race have to see the video to the end to beleive it.

Rent Party said...

I went to his blog. He makes no sense at all.

Blinders Off said...


I am glad you warned us to read the post to the end before viewing the link. It is his freaking right to support McCain, but to do what he did was WRONG! for many reasons

Anonymous said...

Red Devil, I watched the video and yes, it is scarily unbelievable, and the comments on it are worse!

Bob said...

Reminded me of a character from a lovely novel I just finished, Song Yet Sung by James McBride; the slave who guarded the captured slaves for the slave catchers. He was doubly evil because he used his power to do evil things he wasn't even ordered to do. But he gets his comeuppance in the first chapter.

Black Diaspora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GrannyStandingforTruth said...


There's nothing wrong with a brother thinking for them self in my book. You're entitled to your views, that's your right as a citizen of the USA. Each to their own as they say. Just like it's nothing wrong with an old woman like me voicing my opinion about the Parrot with lipstick.

In my book, Palin is nothing but window dressing or better yet cake frosting. Sometimes that cake frosting looks nice, but it can, also, give you a stomachache. All beauty and no brains.

Palin is not the average hockey mom as she so likes to proclaim to be. She is not even a good mother if the truth be told. Her ambitions override her motherly instincts, and the time it takes to be good at either one, and she has some dangerous views.

Palin is not your average Republican female either, at least, I'd like to believe that not all Republican females think like her, because if they do, it would be really sad to know that all of them are as ignorant, mean-spirited, and low-class as she is.

Her speeches, though written more than likely, by someone else, because her intellectual capacity is below average, which is obvious, and incites people to commit hate crimes. It doesn't require a great intellect to smear and lie on people. A child could do that.

However, Palin is McCain's "Great White Hope", because he is washed up and really needs to retire from politics altogether. His mind is bad and he is, definitely, going through the stages of dementia.

Although, he doesn't want to retire with dignity, because he is stubborn, and set in his ways. In his mind he still thinks he has what it takes, but McCain is stuck in the 20th century and living in the past as a POW. The signs of dementia are there, and he is regressing back into his past, slowly, but surely.

What is so sad about it, is that his campaign people and those behind the scenes know this. But they want to use him as a figure head just like they used Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was in the same condition as McCain. Reagan was senile and they kept that secret until he left office.

Anonymous said...

Field: Miss Runner Up is about to get her ass nailed to the floor on troopergate:


In all, the commissioner and his aides were contacted about Trooper Wooten three dozen times over 19 months by the governor, her husband and seven administration officials, interviews and documents show.

“To all of us, it was a campaign to get rid of him as a trooper and, at the very least, to smear the guy and give him a desk job somewhere,” said Kim Peterson, Mr. Monegan’s special assistant, who like several other aides spoke publicly about the matter for the first time.

Now what was she saying about "diminishing the prestige of the presidency"?

Black Diaspora said...

McPain to his loyal, and submissive supporter: "Thank you for your courage. I believe that your reward will be in heaven, not here on earth."

Is McChanic (Mr. Fix it), with this statement capitulating--suggesting that this black man's loyalty will amount to little or nothing here on earth, as he, McPain, won't be winning the White House?

McPain's statement is curiouser, and curiouser.

Black Diaspora said...

Red Devil said...
here is another "SLAVE CATCHER" for you...

Thanks, but could only watch the tripe about half-way through.

Every attack against Obama was one that applied, almost exclusively, to McPain.

Unbelievable: After listening to that, how could I ever consider becoming a republican, or voting for "that one."

Anonymous said...

To the fool who asked what is wrong with Black people voting on McCain - absolutely nothing - but what is wrong with McCain's game is the problem.

When a person has to stoop so low as to try and destroy a person's character to win that person is not worthy of the highest office in the land. The problem I have with the 'slave catcher' (ROFLMBO) is the fact that he wishes to participate in character assasination instead of a healthy discussion of the issues. Further, you don't have to be that old to ascertain that McCain/Palin have very very questionable associates in their presence.

It is amazing that the republicans want to stoop so low as to try and tie Senator Obama to Ayers a former member of the Weather Underground and now a college professor and activist in Chicago and yet refuse to realize that Palin is MARRIED to a man who is a card-carrying member of the AIP for many years and who neither Palin nor Todd has distanced themselves from. Palin even went so far as to videotape welcoming comments to their 2008 convention as a sitting Governor.

The AIP is anti-america and continues to spew anti-Americanism and has damned the United States continuously yet nothing is said by the GOP about First Dude of Alaska Todd Palin nor his VP nominee wife - so the question has to be America who has the closest terrorist association.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

The aren't enough cuss words and adjectives in the universe to describe how much that sick fugger pissed me off. And yeah, Field, I agree 100% that the servantile puppy looked orgasmic.

Bet that treasonous wanna-be-white-and-GOP-Klan black clown lands a job on Fixed News or some other ultra right wing rag as a commentator. Heck, I wondered when I saw it if and how much he got paid that performance.

The best strategy for us, as a people, is for black comedians, along with Saturday Night Live, Bill Maher, etc. to diss this self-hating fool so White America can see this he was off the chart of sane black behavior.

Dang but I wish Chappelle still had his show.

Mr. Noface said...

I would of had no problem with the dude just being at the rally or even voicing his support for McCain (like it or not, there are some black people that are going to be voting for McCain). What struck me is not what he did or what he represents, it’s HOW he did it. Here we have a grown man begging John McCain to employ dirty politics in order assassinate another mans character in a way that preys upon the racists attitudes of many in "Middle America".

As a person of color, how is one supposed to process this? If you look at the video, you get the image of the house negro begging the mas'sah to whip that uppity field "nigger" for daring to think that he's the mas'sah's equal (or better). What really mad vomit tickle the back of my tongue was when McCain (who was on a raised platform making him appear taller than the dude that just handed his manhood to him) walks over to his house negro and hugs him with that mix of superior bemusement and secret disdain.

Once again, a man (any man) has the right to believe and support what ever and whom ever he wants, so I’m not upset with Uncle James for that. I do however find it hard to respect a man (any man) that puts on a performance for people who will barely tolerate him (and lets face it, are secretly mocking him), like the one Uncle James did.

Pffft…He needs Jesus! I’ll be praying for him.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Senator Obama could lose his life behind Palin and McCain's hate speeches. That is what bothers me the most. A decent young man, husband, and father of two young children could lose his life, behind two crazy low class people. Because a party wants to win at all cost, they would endanger another human beings life, with a bunch of lies.

I pray that doesn't happen, because it will be all bad for this country.

Palin and McCain are not fit to lift a garbage can in my view, because they are lowerer than dirt.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that seeing Clarance Thomas's son today at the Klan Rally must have made him and the other tokens (Ken Blackwell, Armstrong Williams and others) feel real good. The old saying is that when you want something done have someone from the inside do the deed for you.

For this guy to give cover and BEG this racist and his racist queen to please treat the uppity black man real bad.....and call him more names....we can't have this man so sad.

There will always be self loathing haters....and this man is now the KING in the Black Community for LIFE!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure James Harris is going to get KTFOed after this stunt like Javon Walker did in Las Vegas.

Would someone save his soul and tell him that the fly in the milk crack at the GOP convention was for real?

Anonymous said...

Here is a site every one should be made aware of:

Christopher said...

House Negro Emeritus

ROFLMAO! Genius.

I still think the man is a paid plant put in the audience for the Old Coot to use as a prop. It's the only plausible explanation. No one could be possibly act that stupid unless coin is involved.

Anonymous said...

That's it folks keep believing what the MSM is feeding you.....Nobama in going to win this......

1. He has radical assc.s
2. The country's known him 20 months.
3. He's clearly going to raise taxes.
4. His wife has distain for this country.
5. He sat in the church of a racist for 20 yrs.
6. He's an attorney sorry field).
7. He's done absolutly nothing in the senate.
8. Oh, yea like HE said he doesn't look like the other prez's.
9. He said OUR troops bombed and killed civilians...he said it...what an idiot.

people ARE ready for a change...just not that radical of a change....the majority is not going to gamble thier lives on that

Anonymous said...

dems have voter fraud issues all over the country Obama has ties to ACORN...Holy Shit Batman.....oh, where the hell is Joe and Michele???

Washington Times article Obama tried to trick fuck the iraq's and it backfired...hell he's keeping shit form the dem's OMG

Najmah said...

Folks - we said a long time ago that this thing would get real ugly toward the end. Listen to Donna B. - STAY FOCUSED!!! Volunteer in the battle ground states. Get out the vote. We've got to work like we are in second place til the polls close on Nov. 4.

Naj in VA

Swiff said...
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Eccentric1 said...

This guy is a young version of Uncle Rufus from The Boondocks. Life imitating art? I wonder if he protested Civil Rights marches, and booed MLK. Maybe he cheered when the police set the dogs loose and high pressured water hoses on black non-violent protesters? Maybe sent hate mail to Rosa Parks. He should see if he can get his show backed and broadcast by the evil empire, BET.

Swiff said...

Its Uncle RUCKUS, Vaughn. And yeah, he'd probably throw a brick at MLK if he was old enough. Maybe he suffers from re-vitiligo.

gsutiger2 said...

*shaking head*

MartiniCocoa said...

he has a blog:

Anonymous said...

I saw a clip of James on Keith Olberman last night, and thought to myself did he not know that rallies in the past few days were turning ugly and calling Obama a terrorist and killing him. Harris is a jackass and that's putting it mildly.

I find the guy's behavior appalling and really do not understand why any black person would be a republican in the current climate. It made sense to be a republican 100 or 80 years ago, but not today because the ideology has changed and it's not an inclusive party.

We are in the middle of an economic recession possibly a depression, and McCain/Palin does have a clue as to do, in addition, no sense of leadership. I am a lover history and fortuitous circumstances does have a habit of showing up in favor of the person who is standing on that side. Believe or not the fortuitous circumstance in the downtown in the economy and it's favoring Barack Obama. McCain missed his opportunity to seize the opportunity to work in his advantage, and now he is using the Lee Atwater tactics and it's providing too little too late.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah Mr Harris is a sorry excuse for a man. No argument here, but, look around you. Black self hatred is very much alive in this nation of ours. Just listen to how Black people speak to one another-particularly our young people.I live in an "inner city " neighborhood and I hear that kind of disrespectful speech every day. Its n----r this and b----h that all the time. It aint't just James Harris!

Anonymous said...

Please, everyone knows who James is, he is a bootlicker!! I bet McSame and Pale-in had the cleanest shoes anyone has ever seen after that rally. And to beg someone to smear another person, that is snake playing handball on the curb low!! But we all know it was going to come to this.


Anonymous said...

The man kiss Sarah Palin hand!

Lord Help Him!

Anonymous said...

ignorance personified anon 7:55

racist ignore the economy and rehash rumors

Brian said...

Lord Have Mercy!! What the....

When I read the message... I thought... this is just Field Again, venting. But my God! Then I watched the video.

Disturbing S....tuff. How deranged do you have to be to get to that point? After all the race-baiting, and racism.... The Calls by Palin folks to have Obama assassinated?
After all the racist nonsense on the part of McCain/Republican Party operatives on TV news and Talk Radio - I encourage any one of you to listen to Drudge, Hannity, or Limbaugh for a week... or listen to Neal Boortz or Michael Savage... Two AM radio figures & Republican/Conservative operatives who are racist to the core..and are in fact openly racist and unapologetic about it. Hell, there are at least 2 or 3 dozen of these folks with a national radio program. Just as many on TV...and we know what they spew day in and day out (some using code...some using more plain language...but all saying the same thing).

And with all the voter SUPPRESSION we have seen over the last decade... against US...he wants to bring up a drop in the bucket problem regarding voter outreach and registration by one group? This man must be crazy!!

I'm just going to go with the theory that he was paid by the McCain campaign...that makes me feel better (lol), because it is hard for me to believe that someone could be this deranged.


Has anyone seen this video?

It's from Strongsville Ohio... at a McCain/Palin Rally.

Copy & Paste:

Dailykos has the backstory:

And this Negro is groveling at the feet of McCain/Palin????
Talking about corruption? McCain has been knee deep in scandals. (check the Keating Five vid from my site if you haven't seen it...). Look at all the caging the Rethugs have been engaging in.

Worse than a Slave Catcher...

It doesn't do me any good to even try to rationalize this stuff. It just makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

C'mon yall.

You knew it was only a matter of time before McCain/Palin propped up a self-hating lawn jockey like Harris to provide cover against charges of racism resulting from McCain's thinly veiled attacks on Obama and Palin's rallies resembling Nazi beer hall gatherings.

Anonymous said...

This is a career move for Harris.

Watch over the next few days he'll be feted and lionized over on Fox TV.

He would've shined McCain's shoes with his ass on stage if they promised him a nationally syndicated radio show.

Anonymous said...

oh for chrise sake FN give the slave catcher a break. he's not the only one been making an ass of himself lately.
white women all over amerikka are begging for McCain to save them from Obama. all men are dogs but JM at least has been semi-trained. you think Obama gives a shit about woman, just cause he wants us to have free mamograms?
we white wimin have our own lawn jockeys too.
Claire McGaskill for example. there's a long list but i won't bother you.
your blog is interesing. tracked you here from sugar n spice.

Anonymous said...

O'Gurl said...
This does not surprise me. I have seen a few black men similar to James Harris, they are republicans and they either date white women or are married to white women.

Maybe they think they are getting ahead by totally disconnecting from their race, i don't know.

Yes. He is married to a white womana and has children.

joy316 said...

Thank you Field for flushing this guy out. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when they aired this clip. He just looked wrong--suit, diamonds in his ears, in the middle of red-neck-ville. There is no amount of $$$$ that is worth what this idiot did.

joy316 said...

To Geneva:

There is NOTHING wrong with being a Black republican. I've voted republican in the past. The wrong thing this man did was to encourage the attack on the person not the issues. It sounds to me that he supports McCain because he is white and no other reason. That is as wrong as voting for Obama because he is Black. James would earn the respect of everyone if he could articulate support of McCain based on issues, values, and platform. Inflaming racism serves no useful purpose.

Anonymous said...


A black Republican is like a fish working the grill at Arthur Treacher's.

Don said...

That was pretty scary. I want to believe this was staged, but since I live in America, sadly, I'm not so sure this isn't slave catching at its finest.

I've tried to understand a person's mentality whenever I witness such mindboggling acts. I figure there had to be an emotional episode dealing with something from the past that forces a person to lose apart of themselves and hate, absolutely hate, the fact they can no longer tolerate those who remind them of their loss.

But I came to find the truth lies much deeper. Still haven't quite place my finger on it, but mad props to those who can answer why my people find joy in catching slaves.....

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Bro Field...

I'm not an Esq, did have those aspirations... occasionally still think...what if?

As it turns out, I will be in Philly 11/4, so I can witness the historic run!!

Anonymous said...

It'a a damn shame Rick James is no longer with us, because I would love to see him walk up and nail that Negro in the forehead with that UNITY ring he had.

brotherkomrade said...

Wow, I gotta say that this subhuman, James T. Harris has caused such a row among us that even well-known conservative bloggers are tripping on this dude. But I agree with Grannystanding4truth, we can't burn the puppet and ignore who pulls the puppet's strings. We need to understand that these rallies are scripted and the performance is all based in classic political party norms. I've been to a million rallies for grassroots movements and I've seen organizations (yes, leftist organizations) ask certain people to stand up and make statements for the cameras to give the impression that they were 'Johnny on the spot" to drive home a point that a given issue can effect any or all citizens.
I saw these kinds of tactics from some of the smarmier organizations like Workers world and yes, ACORN.

But heres the deal - my theory as to why this stuff seems so familiar to me coming from the right-wing grassroots, is because there are former left organizers to went over to the right. Does anyone remember the Republican convention of '00 or was it '04?
We saw this ridiculous parade of members from every ethnic group in America imaginable walking across that stage. We never saw that before, unless it was a Democratic convention; so you know what's up - the new core organizers of the right are probably old lefties turned inside-out. No right-winger can be that smart.

Anyway, just thought I'd put my two cents in.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me if this posts twice but I wasn't sure if the first one went through:

OMG - He finally made it national. I thought he was our own cross to bear. I’m voting for Obama because I believe he is the most qualified candidate - period. On the other hand I don’t have a problem with people whose beliefs are different than mine. But THIS dude is a self-hating, misogynistic, egotistical idiot. He professes to be Christian, yet he slings insults like a fifth grader — he calls Obama Chocolate Jesus every chance he gets, he calls women “hos” on the sly when he thinks he can get away with it, he keeps bashing Michelle as “not being attractive” which I believe is based on the fact that she’s not as light as his wife who could pass for white. And lastly when he talks about his wife and daughters it's as if he purchased them so they belong to him and they know their role is to speak only when spoken to.

Speculation here in the Mil is that his company specilizes in public speaking (
and his website offers to teach you how to:
1. Know the Desired Outcomes you want your audience to experience.
2. Define an ample time slot to allow us to introduce and unpack the program for those outcomes.
3. Pick a single program or combine multiple programs that fit the allotted time and desired outcomes.”

They think he might have been a hired gun. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid McCain for the opportunity to sell his soul. He is not just a black conservative, he just really and truly hates that he was born black and is trying to do everything to overcome it. That coupled with his lust for hearing himself talk must be one hell of an inner struggle.

Anonymous said...

What a step and fetch it ass negro! Stunt or no stunt, that was just some straight coonery right there. I'm not surprised though, you can always get a coon to do something for the right price, even if its kissing massas ass and selling your people out in front of a live studio audience!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if this posts twice.

What a step and fetch it ass negro! Stunt or no stunt, that was just some straight coonery right there. I'm not surprised though, you can always get a coon to do something for the right price, even if its kissing massas ass and selling your people out in front of a live studio audience!

Swiff said...

We Philadelphians have booed Mike Schmidt, Wilt Chamberlin, and Santa Claus. Don't let us down, Flyers fans....

Anonymous said...


But they cheered Frank Rizzo when he went into a Catholic Church in South Philly in 1978 and gave a racist rant that rivaled anything Bull Connor, George Wallace, or John Eastland ever uttered.

The congregation cheered lustily as Rizzo yelled "They (niggas) wanT to rub your nose in it! They want something for nothing! They want to take whats YOURS!

Rizzo was trying to change the City Charter so he could run for a 3rd consercutive term.

He figured that by riling up the po white folks and convincing them that he was the only one who could stop Philly from becoming darkest Africa, he could get the charter changed.

I was 18 years old and visiting relatives in Philly at the time.

I was watching that shit on TV at my Grandmothers house and wondering.....

Is this Philadelphia......Mississippi?

Anonymous said...

keep doing massa's work. no black man can ever stray from the pact. once a negro always a negro. no chance of becoming his own man with all of you haters begging to remain in chains.

Anonymous said...


I have not watched the YouTube clip, but after reading your entry, I went over to his blog and read five or six of his entries. I may go back and read more.

His criticisms of the left are as fierce as your criticisms of the right, and you know what....I agree with him some of what he has written. I think you would too, Field.

I do not agree with his support of the Republicans for similar reasons I cannot support the Democrats.

The hypocrisy on the left is as deep as it is on the right in the country.

I am going to read more of what this man wrote and report back.

Interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

OK I read about 6 more articles by James T. Harris. If what he is writing is sincere, he holds to a strict conservative ideological framework on politics and social life. (And you are thinking: "No kidding".)

I will give him this, he is a salmon swimming upstream. Like I said, if he is sincere, and given the extremely hateful messages posted on his blog, he does not lack conviction or a set of balls.

I am a moderate...he is a too far to the right for me.

Anonymous said...

Well Field, as a white man it's not my place to say who's a "lawn jockey" or not, but when I saw this guy on TV I just cringed. What a Judas Goat!

Do you remember a guy named Clay Smothers? He was a black "journalist" who was a delegate for George Wallace at the 1972 Democratic Convention. Ol' Clay built a nice little career for himself fronting for George and making racists feel good about themselves (like this doofus James Harris).

I remember during the big contretemps against "forced busing" in Boston during the mid-70s Smothers spoke at an anti-busing rally in South Boston. Before he took the stage rally organizers circulated among the assembled racists to tell them that a "colored guy" was scheduled to speak and to not say or do anything that would "embarrass Southie."

The thing is, I think there's a legitimate place for "black conservatives". I may not agree with everything Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele or James McWhorter may say, but they're often thought-provoking. (McWhorter even supports the O-man).

People like Harris are motivated by self-loathing and greed.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

McCain and Palin are showing their true colors to the world. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." I have some advice for both of them, "When you dig one ditch, you better dig two, because it will backfire on you.

America has hate crime laws, but here we have two political figures that are out giving hate speeches publicity and inciting violence towards their opponent. It sort of reminds me of the days of lynching. When one or two people would get the crowd all riled up in a frenzy to lynch innocent people because of the color of their skin. Palin and McCain are no different. In fact, these two fall into a category of the worse element in our society, because they hold public office. Yup, all those sheet wearing folks are coming out of the closet.

No matter what McCain and Palin pull, it won't work. The only thing that their message of hate is going to do is backfire on them. BTW, the inference that Obama is not American, a man born in a America, an American citizen, because of a name given to him at birth? The name Barack means "A Blessing", but McCain and Palin want to turn his name into something foreign, alien. It makes me come to the conclusion that McCain and Palin don't consider black people to be American. Or if you are non-white in this country according to McCain and Palin you are not American, because your not white like them. Shaking my head!!!!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Do you remember this poem I wrote and sent to you by Kid? I wish you would do me a favor and post it on the sidebar.


My eyes are not blue
My eyes are black
My hair is not blond
My hair is black
My skin is not white
My skin is black
Am I American?

If I am assertive
They say I'm belligerent
If I am persistent
They say I'm pushy
If I am confident
They say I’m aggressive
Am I American?

Birthed in America
Took my first baby steps
Not on foreign soil
But in America
Buried my ancestors here
Their blood stains from toil
Am I American?

I pledged allegiance to the flag
And sung patriotic songs
I baked and ate apple pie.
Yet my black brothers were hung
My emotions were suppressed
My black soldier man died
Am I American?

Fought for freedom
But confined to certain residents
Paid my citizen debts to Uncle Sam
I helped vote for Presidents
Yet, suffered disparity throughout life
But because I’m black
Intelligence they say I lack
Am I American?

What others think or say I am
I do not give a damn
I am who I am

Keith said...

Man, I saw this fool on TV last night and it was all I could do
not to jump through the TV and strangle him. I heard a snippet of him on WDAS news this morning and I thought he was white-"I beg
you MR. McCain, please go after Obama and hit him where it hurts."
The "T" in his middle name is for

field negro said...

Granny, you got it!

Adam, thanks for posting a report from my slave catcher friends blog. I was going to leave a link on my sidebar, but I didn't want to give him the hits. But then, knowing how some of these field hands can be, it might have served him right. :)

"Do you remember a guy named Clay Smothers? He was a black "journalist" who was a delegate for George Wallace at the 1972 Democratic Convention."

Oh yes, I remember Old Clay. There is one for every generation.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, just after I posted my thoughts, I happened to go look at the television, and McCain was on confessing to a crowd that Senator Obama is not an Arab, he is a decent man, a family man, and he is not a terrorist.

Another news flash is the report has come out on the Troopergate and Palin did abuse her power as Governor.

Shady_Grady said...

There's always going to be people like that who take those positions out of honest stupidity or need of quick cash. It's nothing new. I always wonder about people like that as the modern Republican party has defined itself in opposition to Blacks. Where does James Harris think he fits into the Republican Party?

But in my experience people like that tend to get off on their self-proclaimed outcast status and assumed free-thinking abilities.

Anonymous said...

Man, McCain is a pussy! He likes to stir things up, but then he doesn't follow through. Trying to backtrack on the vicious things he and his running mate have been saying just makes me feel more contempt for him. And if that's the way I feel, how do you think the Republican hard-core is going to react to this turn of events? They never liked him to begin with!

McCain poses as a macho man of action, but consider the reality: Here's a guy who lives off his wife's inheritance and sends his female running mate out to do his dirty work and take the heat.

Pussy, pussy, pussy!

Anonymous said...

Damn, ya'll don't play! That's why I love my folks, keeping it real!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Milwaukee is as fucked up as it is!

Black Diaspora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Black Diaspora said...

@anonymous 9:01: "Trying to backtrack on the vicious things he and his running mate have been saying just makes me feel more contempt for him...."

McPain's backtracking not because he's suddenly grown a conscience; he's backtracking because he's catching hell from those republican's who believe that he's gone too far, that he's not only hurting himself, but republican's everywhere.

His rabble-rousing tactics are affecting other republican races--what with McPain-Paylend attacks questioning Obama's patriotism, and loose connection to a terrorist, and their firing up the base to believe that only republicans should be running the country. Period.

Yes, that how bad it's gotten--the republican base now wanting one nation under the republican platform.

ruffian96 said...

OMG field. On behalf of all the sane black folks in Wisconsin I want to sincerely apologize for the fact that this coon is from my state. People please note and rest assured that this. . .person, is in the EXTREME minority and is not in any way representative of the opinions of the average AA WI citizen. I have never even heard of this cat before this but after a little research I see he regularly spews his rhetoric on the local radio station known for their 'hard core conservative' (racist) leanings. I just can't believe no one in Milwaukee is speaking out against this fool.

Seda said...


That was surreal.

Not just the .... um ... Mr. Harris - the crowd's reaction to him! My lily white skin never felt so... slimy. Ug. I think I'm gonna go take a shower.

I feel like I just went through a looking glass...

Cheri said...


Hey, I guess I should chime in with my apologies since I live WI too!

I'm originally from Chicago, and I was really surprised how different things here are. This place is VERY racist, so it doesn't surprise me that these slave-catching tactics are used by someblack folk to stay in the good graces of the "powers that be."

RiPPa said...

Field, I blogged about this dude earlier today, and I was just waiting to hear your take on him.

I was actually contemplating sending you a link to his site. I was on his shit all this morning reading the dialogue that he has sparked. Believe it or not, there were quite a few colored folks defending him on there.

You took this shit to another level describing him as a "Slave Catcher". That shit was deep son! Now that you've broken it down like that, I have to say that the title fits.

Its relly good to see people out in the field staying on top of our afflicted brothas out here. I almost wish we could offer a trade, hand over this dude to the white man, and get O.J. Simpson back.

RiPPa said...

This cat has taken the number one spot from Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson in my book. Jesse Lee better watchout before this cat gets his job over at Fox.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Could you imagine him kissing Hannity's hand or feet? Lawd help, a strange virus is on the loose name James Harris.

Anonymous said...

This post reminded me of this:

Anonymous said...

:: steps to microphone:

Uhm, I'll take BUCKDANCING for approval for $300, Alex!

Seriously. He'en hafta go there like THAT. Hell to the nawl!

field negro said...

"..I almost wish we could offer a trade, hand over this dude to the white man, and get O.J. Simpson back."

LMAO!!! Rippa, you are killing me fam. that was some funny shit.

":: steps to microphone:

Uhm, I'll take BUCKDANCING for approval for $300, Alex!"

Another classic from denise. Damn you all are good! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Milwaukee too, and while I agree that this guy James T. Harris is in a small minority in the black community, there are a few more like him.

You see, back in the late '80s & '90s we had a Republican governor named Tommy Thompson who figured it would be prudent to act like a Democrat and buy up a few of these poverty pimps and porkchop nationalists. So he named a few of them to boards and threw around a few bucks down in the Bantustan. We have people like Howard Fuller (formerly "Owusu Sadukai" of Black Nationalist fame) Mike Holt of the Milwaukee Community Journal newspaper and Polly Williams who is a member of the State Legislature. they all more or less parrot the Republican line although not always (I think these three are all supporting Obama. They might be fools but they're not in Jame T. Harris's league).

We have the Milwaukee School Choice program that is a prime vehicle for the Repugs to buy these people off and for the various ghetto potentates to feather their nests via the Bantu Education racket. They take the school voucher money they get from the state and set up their crappy little Afrocentric "Acadamies" and "Institutes" and use the money to buy BMWs and so forth for themselves. Several of these school have shut down in the middle of the school year leaving the kids high and dry.

The whole idea of the School Choice program was to give low-income parents and students options besides Milwaukee Public Schools. Then according to the Miracle of the Free Market black kids would get their Phds and Milwaukee Schools would improve also.

We've had the program now since 1990 and I haven't heard of any kids from the Milwaukee ghetto going to Harvard as a result, and MPS is in worse shape too.

The only people who have benefited from School Choice in Milwaukee are the self-apponted "leaders" of Milwaukee's black community.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you got your pick for House Negro of the Decade, Field!
Right up there with Former HUD director Alphonso Jackson and Kwame Kilpatrick

blksista said...

This Negro is EXACTLY why I want to get out of Wisconsin.

I mean, I was almost raving at the TV when I saw the clip on the NBC Madison outlet. I knew he was paid at least, and at worst, that he believed everything he was saying. I thought I had seen it all, but this...

This joint is counted the worst place in the country for black people, yet there are black people here...if not in Milwaukee, then in cities like Kenosha and in Madison, where they've been accused, of course, of lowering property values and community atmosphere. But in these small towns, blacks can literally catch hell, because THE CITIZENRY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ACT with their home-schooled, deer hunting, family restaurant-type asses. Particularly around biracial families...!
More black men have more run-ins with the law here than whites.

Someone said that he should be named House Negro Emeritus? True, but it's too easy a moniker with which to tag him, because he's totally brainwashed to boot.

Nick Stump said...

Now you all know how I feel when some Kentuckian steps up and shows his ass on TV. The only difference being--this one black guy is not gonna stand for the entire race. He's the exception. Let one asshole from Kentucky say something racist or just plain stupid, then everyone says he is just another Kentuckian and representative of the entire state.

Anonymous said...

"Black conservatives are really frustrated slaves crawling back to the
plantation, figuratively, letting their master know that they are willing to go back into bondage. One needs to question their words because, as slaves and enemies of their people, they will say what they are told to say and do what they are told to do. The Black conservatives have nothing to conserve except their miserable obscurity and their tragic cowardice. These pathetically lost creatures and avid White-behind kissers don't have the nerve to be African or Black."

Dr John Henrick Clarke

Cheri said...

FYI, the slave catcher has been defending himself all over the media. He will be on CNN with Don Lemon to answer view questions live at 10PM Eastern.

Questions can be twittered to Don at

Anonymous said...

The slavecatcher has his own "company" and website:

Anonymous said...


Harris was all over cable TV last weekend.


He would have bent over and shined McCain's shoes onstage if he was promised a nationally syndicated radio show.

Our best weapon against these black sellouts is to ignore them.

They are not so much self-haters but bottomdwelling mercenaries who will do anything to get noticed and get paid.

Kissing the ass of white supremacy in the media today is very profitable for blacks without a conscience.

Harris just took the minstrelry of Juan Williams, Armstrong Williams, LaShawn Barber and others to the next level.

Anonymous said...

And the winner for the 2008"Yassuh, Boss" Shoe Shiner Award goes to James T. Harris, for his accomplishments in the field of Coonery, Shuckin' and Jivin', and Lawn Jockeying.

In addition to the Golden Fetchit statuette, Mr. Harris will also receive a lifetime supply of Oreo Cookies, Kiwi Extra Black Shoe Polish, and a pair of Limited Edition Clarence Thomas Tap Shoes.

Amber "Bam" Cabral said...

*hangs head in shame.

He had the nerve to respond and say your reward will be in heaven, not here on this earth.


Anonymous said...

You know I had to write something on his little blog. This is what I said:

Yes, Uncle Remus you have arrived. You should be proud that you got a whole room full of white people to stand and clap for you without having a ball or a stick in your hand. Your face must have been shining with pride when Mr. Charlie limped over and hugged you. Don't be dissuaded by us angry black folk, you keep slave catching for the masses!
*thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

It's actually called the overseer, not the slave catcher. The overseer did everything and was responsible for catching runaways, whipping and other sadistic acts as you already said. I agree with everything you said. James Harris beyond anything else is a sorry excuse for a black man. After everything we've been through in this country it shows he lacks common sense and self respect. I couldn't even believe it when I saw it- I was embarrassed for him.

LASANA said...

Notice the end where McCain says "I believe your reward will be in heaven and not here on earth."

That is the EXACT same promise that the slave masters used to make to enslaved Africans on the plantation. I have read of this countless times. It is a documented fact!!

They also used to promise that we'd be delivered to a "land of milk and honey."

Little did we know that milk and honey was an old fashioned laxative. Bottom line: they were promising us a world of shit!

Cheri said...


You know, the first few clips I saw of this guy, they cut the part where McCain says that.

I actually didn't realize that he said that until I saw the actual full clip in prep for our talk show.

I think the irony is that Harris gets an empty promise in return for his bafoonary. Just what he deserved. lol...

Anyway, in case you are intersted in hearing the show about the Slave Catcher, you can find it here. We actually featured The Field Negro in the broadcast.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Harris may have been paid for this, not clear. Here's what he does for fees: He's apparently very effective, of the dynamic, "History doesn't repeat itself -- but it rhymes" type. Sounds engaging. So, was he paid to be at that rally to produce the required "outcome," or was he doing that on his own?

Here's your pic, Field:

Here's the newspiece it's from:

-- Heavenly

Anonymous said...

He says he was not paid:

-- Heavenly

Anonymous said...

When will all of you uneducated "life is bad for me because im black" Negroes get a life. This man has the right to vote for whomever he choses. To vote for someone solely based on skin color is ignorance at its best. Sen Obama is not the messiah that is going to let your ignorant asses out of misery, only you can do that by actually participating in society instead of sheltering yourselves in your so called "blackness". If you want to know who is failing you and black people on the whole, just look in the mirror.

woodsman11st said...

You not only be a racist; you be a DUMB RACIST. DUMBER THAN DIRT RACIST!
You imply that Republicans are the Kay Kay Kay; when history PROVES that the democrats started the Kay Kay Kay, Robert Byrd was a member of the Senate and a well known member of the Kay Kay Kay; as a mater of ract he was a Grand Dragon in the Kay KayKay. Yet in spite of a proven history you in your stupidity try to blame the group on republicans.
I dont know which is worse, your stupidity or your racism

Royal Model said...