Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell is a racist.

So Rush Limp-boy thinks that Colin Powell's endorsement of the O man was all about race. Go figure; one of A-merry-ca's most revered figures, a military icon, and a man who just a few years ago, according to A-merry-cans, transcended race, is now being accused of tribalism. Wow! What a difference a few years make.

The fat boy (That's fat boy not frat boy. That title is reserved for a certain President) almost burst an artery today screaming about the Colin Powell endorsement of the O man. "Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race," Limbaugh wrote. "OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates he has endorsed. I'll let you know what I come up with."

Rush, please let me know when you come up with the senile old white guy, with a fucking trailer park trash for a running mate, who Powell endorsed as well. Please! Don't even get me started with this madness.

But Powell should have known that the rethugs would turn on him. See what tokenism gets you Colin? One minute you are their darling.--- The kind of black man every other black man should aspire to be--- And the next minute you are just like all the rest of those niggers in the tribe. Forget those four stars on your chest, and your years of service to your country; not to mention, your service to all those rethuligcan presidents. For endorsing that skinny Negro with the Muslim name, you go straight to the back of the bus.

"I come to the conclusion that because of his ability to inspire, because of the inclusive nature of his campaign, because he is reaching out all across America, because of who he is and his rhetorical abilities -- and you have to take that into account -- as well as his substance -- he has both style and substance,...He has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president."

I wonder if Mr. Morton will come to Colin Powell's defense. I wonder if he will get a fellow military man's back and tell Rush and the people like him in his party to back off? I wonder if he will admonish Rush and the people like him in his party for implying that Colin Powell can't see beyond race, and that he is guilty of playing the race card? "Let me say it louder, and let me say it even more plainly. IT WAS TOTALLY ABOUT RACE!" Let me say it even more plainly: RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A FAT DRUG ADDICT... sorry, I just had to do that. The charge itself is totally ridiculous,of course. I mean does that mean that all the former secretary of states who endorsed Mr. Morton did so because he is white? Of course not....well, ahh, let me stop, I don't want to be guilty of what I am accusing Rush of doing.

But what am I thinking? Rush Limp-boy gets anywhere from 10-20 million listeners per day, and damn near everyone of them will vote rethuglican. There is no way in hell that Mr. Morton will disavow anything that Rush says. None! The republican presidential candidate has made deals with many devils, and Rush just happens to be one of them. Albeit the fattest one with the most listeners. So this is the hand he was dealt. And the longer this campaign goes on, the more the ugly underbelly of rethuglican politics exposes itself, and the harder it is for the faces of the rethuglican party to hide the ugliness that is right below the surface. Fortunately, like the zits that eventually appear in the adolescents face, they can't stay hidden forever. Thank you Rush, for allowing the rest of A-merry-ca to see the zits, too.


black magic woman said...

you know what? I wish Rush Limbaugh ill. He is anti-America!

Leave him in Alaska and allow the state to secede.

Swiff said...

Straight Ether. Remember when these Neo-Con bloggers would say "Hey, I'm not racist...I'd vote for Colin Powell"?

What a difference a week makes.

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch and Republicans will get whats coming to them in the end. I hope and pray that their behavior gets so outrageous and nuttier to the point of alienating a very large portion of America.

Dear God please let the Republicans be branded the Racist party. The End!

rainywalker said...

I told you last night he was a racist nut bag. Gen. Powell is a true American hero who earned everything he has and a great General by every military person I have ever talked to. To us veterans he is like a god. Rush may have 21 million listeneres, but where's the respect......

rainywalker said...

G.G. Liddy, the only American to ask a president, "Who do you want me to kill."

EzMun said...

White people vote for other White people... just politics. Black people endorse or vote for other Black people ... racism. White people vote for conservative Black candidate ... sensible. White people vote for progressive Black candidate ... white liberal guilt. Damn if these White Republican folk aren't losing their damn minds... as if they had minds in the first place.

Ann Brock said...

Rush Limbaugh isn't fit to comment on a distinguished and accomplished person such as Colin Powell yet he has suggested his endorsement of Obama is solely about race.

Limbaugh is frightened, like many right wingnuts, as he observes his rants become more and more irrelevant.

Everyone know,
Colin Powell's endorsement is validation of Obama's qualifications, and it dealt a severe blow to the underhanded of McCain to associate Obama with "terrorism."

I like the way he covered the hateful nature of the Limbaugh-like suggestions made by Miss Sarah and Miss Michele Bachmann that anyone with views other than those they approve must be "anti-American."

I believe this election will give the nation the chance to put to rest the phoniness of the claim that Republicans have pretended to have on patriotism and being pro-American--as if that was their exclusive territory.

field negro said...

I told you last night he was a racist nut bag."

rainywalker, what can I say? you were right.

ezmun, I co-sign. That was some insightful stuff.

"you know what? I wish Rush Limbaugh ill.."

dc, I think he IS already ill.

field negro said...

Limbaugh is frightened.."

jjbrock, I think "frightened" is a good way to describe how the right has been feeling these days.

Jody said...

Limbaugh does not deserve my attention.

So on another note.... I want to send positive vibes out to Barack Obama's grandma. I sincerely hope she can hang in there to see her grand-baby be sworn in as the next president of these united states.

Anonymous said...

Brother Field...thanks for the kudos to the great General Powell. He was an inspiration to us (Black soldiers) in Viet Nam. We did not have many high ranking Black officars and he was one of the best. He was a commander when Black ones were scarce as hens'-tooth. General Davis was also. Rainywalker I echo the sentiments. We are getting "short" until the election and I see a lot of pundits and radio people are pulling their "hold card" and Rush was just off the hook today.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Colin Powell didn't shrink from what he knew would make lots of waves. He knew he'd be accused of favoring Obama because of the race thing.

But Powell followed his heart and did the RIGHT thing for himself (and the rest of us). He endorsed the man he believes in most in this race.

We ought to strike another kind of medal for guts like Powell's...the Civilian Integrity Award.

Rush would never qualify.

Bob said...

Gen. Powell understands that Sen. Barack Obama is neither "inexperienced" nor "very liberal." But Sarah Palin is an inexperienced & extremist right wing candidate who puts the nation at risk (therefore McCain put the nation at risk). She was, I think, the dealbreaker for Gen. Powell, who can accept a variety of political viewpoints but not the possibility of Palin becoming commander-in-chief.

EzMun said...

I've said it on other boards, but Colin Powell, a Republican, said in about 6 minutes of his Meet the Press interview what Democrats and Obama supporters haven't been able to articulate in 9 months. He hit all points and left no stone unturned.

To watch him yesterday was to watch a man unable to recognize his party, given the dirtiness of the McCain and RNC campaign.

Truth be told, and Obama presidency means job security for folks like Limp Boy. I'm not quite sure why the fat boy is running so scared.

? said...

Rush Limbaugh is never worth commenting on so..

Colin Powell? What I would ask Powell is why now? Why did you not show this courage when you went in front of the U.N. a lied to get us into a war? You might be upset about Obama being called a Muslim and slanders about Muslims but what about the hundreds of thousands of Muslims you condemned to die when you sold a bill of phoney goods to the country and the world?

burpster said...


You folks have finally jumped the shark.

Powell was the face at the UN that led to the killing untold numbers of Iraqis. Now your calling him an American hero? Give me a fuckin' break.

Powell's a opportunist, he's hardly a person Democrats should look to for an endoresment of Obama.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Colin Powell used to tick me off royally with his "I serve at the President's pleasure" line. However, he didn't have to retire at the end of Bush's first term. HE RAN FOR THE DOOR!

I could see the pain in his face in that interview when his earlier support for the Iraq was brought up. His courage on Sunday was NOT supporting Obama, lots of people are jumping on that bandwagon and he knows how the GOP trashes defectors.

His real courage was stating that in this country, a 7 year old Muslim-American kid should be able to grow up and be President.

Now that took balls.

Anonymous said...

"Leave him in Alaska and allow the state to secede."

The rest of us would love for Alaska to secede ... if it weren't for all that oil.


EzMun said...

Great point Kit. Powell, a Republican, made the argument that the Dems, and even Obama, have been afraid to make. His argument about the 7 year old Muslim kid and Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan took the most guts. And as much as I blame him for his complicity in Bush's War of convenience, he earned back some of his points for his courage to say what he said yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Colin Powell is an honorable man who will regret until his dying day allowing himself to be used by BushCo. I have no doubt that he believed he was telling the truth at the UN in 2003. BushCo lied to him and set him up. What he did yesterday doesn't wipe out the deaths of 4700+ Americans and untold thousands of Iraqis, but I never laid that at his feet in the first place. What he said yesterday does go a long way toward restoring our faith in ourselves, but especially this part: "I'm also troubled by, not what Senator McCain says, but what members of the party say. And it is permitted to be said such things as, "Well, you know that Mr. Obama is a Muslim." Well, the correct answer is, he is not a Muslim, he's a Christian. He's always been a Christian. But the really right answer is, what if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer's no, that's not America. Is there something wrong with some seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she could be president? Yet, I have heard senior members of my own party drop the suggestion, "He's a Muslim and he might be associated terrorists." This is not the way we should be doing it in America."

Unknown said...

Do you know what is fun to watch? The Black Neo-Con, Black Conservatives and Black Republican fighting each other. I've been reading about their implosions all over the blogosphere. It's like watching a train wreck in super slo-mo.

For the most part, the Black neo-cons are calling Powell an ingrate, the Black cons are saying that Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie betrayed conservative values with his liberalism, therefore agreeing with Powell, and Republicans are saying "like hey dude, where's the (Republican)party?

This is better than watching WWF Smackdown.

Mr. Noface said...

I knew this was going to happen and I think that General Powell knew as well. I believe that was the reason why he chose Meet the Press as the forum in which he would endorse Barack Obama. He wanted the opportunity to make his endorsement and give a full explanation why he was making an that endorsement.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what a lot of liberals used to think about him and what a lot of neo-cons now think of him, General Powell is a quintisential figure in American Politics and his "seal of approval" if you will, carries a lot of weight.

Rush L. and Pat B. can cry race card and tribalism all they want. That does not mute the fact that an endorsement for Obama from such a well respected Military and Political figure, is essentially a massive gut punch to the McCain Campaign.

Oh their hurting right now...hurting bad!

? said...

The answer's no, that's not America. Is there something wrong with some seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she could be president?

America is a Christian nation and hence the no no idea of a Muslim president. However, there will be a Muslim president before there will ever be an non believer in the white house. America has to have her religion.

burpster said...


Usually you get fairly informed comments in this forum. This is the first time I've actually seen commenters so uninformed. Get a grip on yourselves, maybe read a bit before you "pop a load" all over Powell. Damn!

It's like you all have lost yourselves over a war criminal endorsing the O-man?

Anonymous said...

I think Col. Powell was magnificent. I know it took a lot of courage for him to endorse Obama---the way he did. Col. Powell is such a dignified man. And he loves his country. I like him because he made room for black republicans. His presence created a space for them to be disagreed with but respected nonetheless. To be taken seriously. And no, I'm not republican. But the man opened my eyes in terms of seeing other black people to be something other than my own thought of how I thought we ought to be when it came to sociopolitical expression. He introduced a whole new dimension to the political Black American. He brought a powerful and refreshing sense of stoicism to the fold. No drama. All purpose. All strength of will. A very consistent man even keel man. Obama was smart to guarantee a place for Powell in his Presidential cabinet if elected. That was most certainly a very smart move. The two are a lot alike.

Anonymous said...

Question: Why isn't Fat Boy in jail after being caught with enough dope on him to violate trafficking laws? Any one of us would be doing a stretch in the prison industrial complex for that.

Of course let us also not forget that his fat ass skipped out of service in Vietnam for "anal cysts".

And finally, given his fascination with commenting on Black men (Donovan McNabb for one) and his frequent trips to the Dominican Republic, I think the Bloviating Windbag has a barely concealed affinity for some Black Dyck. Check out the pic you posted up top, Freud would have a field day with that.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I too had issues with Powell over Iraq but I lay most of the blame with Bush, Rummy and Cheney.

I wish people would read/watch Powell's statement. Rush has lost his damn mind. It was one of the most specific and damning breakdown of what is going on with the McCain/Palin campaign.

I don't mind that Powell endorsed now. Actually I think it has more impact coming two weeks before the election. This endorsement was the on the front page of ever major paper in Italy. Powell is very respected overseas. The Rethugs can spins it all they want but this endorsement does not help them.

Powell has had time see how the two candidates run their campaigns. If he had come out early for Obama it wouldn't have been as effective. Like with other moderate Republican's McCain pick of Palin really hurt him with Powell.

Anonymous said...


John McCain was never a favorite of the wingnut right. Those he called "agents of intolerance"... and he was right to lable them as "intolerant". The day he made a pack with these devils he lost controle of his campaign.

So, I'm firmly convinced that limbaugh and the wingnuts within his party never liked McCain, never wanted McCain and always intended to sabotage his campaign.

What I didn't figure on was how willingly McCain would place his campaigns fate, and presidential hopes into the hands of his enemies.

This speaks to his lack of judgement.

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone spoke up for the Muslims in this race !!! I thought were free to practice any religon we wanted in this country?

Black Diaspora said...

If Colin Powell had been white, and endorsed Obama, race wouldn't have been an issue.

I'm "sick and tired" of black people catching hell when we march to a different drummer, or when we use our discretion to think for ourselves without consulting the "powers that be".

McCain is now spinning Powell's endorsement by saying that Powell neglected to notify him before publicly announcing his decision.

McCain will do anything to dilute the impact of that endorsement, making it appear sinister, and undercutting.

Now, Mount RushMore is getting in on the act: Powell is suddenly this ingrate for endorsing Obama, suggesting that Powell is biting the hand that fed him, those Republican presidents that catapulted his career, overlooking his race and color, and making him a four-star general.

I'm tired of having to be a grateful black for every good thing that I have legitimately earned, and I'm sure Colin Powell is, too.

I'm tired of having to show my appreciation for the white man's generosity, because I was the best man for the job.

I'm tired of having to perpetually extend my thanks, because I excelled beyond those whites that competed with me for the same honors.

Whites had the power to give. And I took, not because they were doing me a favor, but because I deserved it, earned in on merit, and was the best qualified.

Colin Powell was not the product of some generous Affirmative Action handout.

Those presidents didn't do him a favor: he deserved everything he got; he earned it on merit, and was the best qualified.

And we got to listen to some hatemongering, fat-ass, big-mouth demagogue tell us that Powell's endorsement was more about race than substance, more about kinship, than leadership.

And, if Obama is this nation's next president, you can rest assured it will be because he earned it, deserved it, and was the best man for the job.

Anonymous said...

So Field, the Republican party is imploding and Obama has much better-than-even odds of being our next President.

And you were skeptical. I bet being proven wrong will never feel sweeter than on November 4, eh?


The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Okay, Field, here's why Rush and his ilk are running scared.


Under an Obama Administration, the Fairness Doctrine gets restored and broadcast licenses start getting YANKED for spewing racial hatred over the air. I'm not talking about suspension of the on-air personality; I'm talking about FCC licenses getting pulled, fines being levied and broadcast stations going OFF THE AIR.

In an Obama Administration, that may very well happen. Under McSalty, business as usual, so long as they wax poetic on his decrepit ass.

SjP said...

In the words of American Gangster, Frank Lucas as portrayed by Denzel Washington, Rush Limbaugh is a "Simple Simon A$$ Mutha F*ka".

But really ticks me off about all this is this: Why was it perfectly fine for 90% of Black voters to support the democratics when the candidate was white and racists now that the candidate is Black? I'm just asking...

Anonymous said...

Okay, peeps. Keep your eye on the prize. Mr. Morton is giving up in Colorado, which basically makes the O-Man's election unofficial. Please behave as if he's down by ten points. Get out the vote, then watch Fucked News Network at about 6pm EST on November 4th so we can watch the hatemongers announce that Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States --and Field run barenaked down Broad Street.


Anonymous said...

Rush Vicodin Limbo ,Sean Hannity and the bunches of canailles on the AM dial are national security treat to the USA.

field negro said...

christian prog. I am actually against the "Fairness Doctrine",but you are right, it is scaring the s*#t out of the folks on the right. I wouldn't be for it, but I would say serve them right.

"It's about time someone spoke up for the Muslims in this race !!! I thought were free to practice any religon we wanted in this country?"

Or not practice any religion.

burpster, I feel your pain. And yes, I too was pissed off at Powell for a ling time. (ICondi too). But I have to give him credit ths time. And Like someone else said; his comments about the way we treat Muslims in this country was right on. It wasn't exactly a profile in courage (He did it a little too late for me. And it would have been nice if he actualy campaigned with his boy) but at least he DID come out for Obama. And he has to know that this is the end of his republican political career.

francis, I must admit, I never thought of the sabotage angle. Interesting.

"Question: Why isn't Fat Boy in jail after being caught with enough dope on him to violate trafficking laws? Any one of us would be doing a stretch in the prison industrial complex for that."

ernesto, the same reason OJ didn't go to jail after killing his wife and her lover. It's called money.

stillpanther2, if I never told you before, let me tell you agai, brother: Thank you for your service!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Rush says it's all about "RACE"? So why didn't Powell endorse Obama six weeks ago when it would have had more impact? Obama was black then and he still is.

Anonymous said...

Colin Powell gave the most brilliant "Fuck You" send off to the GOP I have ever witnessed. What DIDN'T he say? He put it ALL out there. It was so perfect, so efficiently stated. He painted the neo-cons into the smallest, tiniest that their dismissal of his endorsement would look as small and tiny as it is. He made it where they couldn't begin to look credible. Their shrills of "he only did it because he's black" looks even more shrilly than usual. Damn, General Powell....who knew your best strategy would be THIS? Talk about some smooth payback, that was nice. Powell didn't just endorse Obama, he broke it down like he was a calculus professor. He should have yelled "Checkmate muthaphuckers!" as he walked off.

Anonymous said...

College Station is Texas heartland, about 3 hours south of where I grew up. The local paper has never endorsed a Democrat, not even our own favorite son Lyndon Johnson, but it has endorsed Barack Obama:

Seda said...

Speakin' of racism, this post from my friend Terri really lights it up:

Anonymous said...

p.s. favorite quote from the article: "Every 20 or 30 years or so, a leader comes along who understands that change is necessary if the country is to survive and thrive. Teddy Roosevelt at the turn of the 20th century and his cousin Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan -- these leaders have inspired us to rise to our better nature, to reach out to be the country we can be and, more important, must be."

Anonymous said...

I've always felt that General Powell was an honorable man led down the garden path by the Bush Administration. When he was speaking at those hearings he had the look of a man who wasn't sold on the words coming out of his mouth. I also believe that after his term as Sec. State he went home and took a long hot shower trying to get the Bush Administration off of him. With that in mind, I'm not surprised by the endorsement. As you said "Rush, please let me know when you come up with the senile old white guy, with a fucking trailer park trash for a running mate, who Powell endorsed as well."

Anonymous said...

Powell is an idiot. He let the frat boy and his cronies use him up. Now he's reapplying to get his ghetto pass back. When will these fools learn that the Republican party is no place for black folk, or anybody with a conscience for that matter.

I wonder how long it will take Condi to beg her way back into the fold.

Hawa Bond said...

classical one said: "America is a Christian nation..."

May I suggest self professed Christian nation? Because my eyes see a nation not much built on the foundations of Christianity - except those twisted to conveniently degrade, victimize, and exclude "others."

If I remember correctly, didn't the KKK emerge as a "Christian organization?" Case closed on that one. Religious, maybe. But Christian nation my ass.

= = = = = =
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Anonymous said...

It's my opinion that Rush Limbaugh is becoming more and more irrelevant, and believe that Limbaugh knows he not apropos for the times. Whether like to admit this or not, the times are changing and we can no longer hold to the past. Rush knows that his time has past and he is making every attempt to remain the voice of the angry white man. However, the problem is that everyone is angry about what is happened to the economy and the affects of greed within capitalism. The problem with capitalism is that there are only the few in control, the few allowed their greed to get the best of them and almost single-handledl crush not only the US economy, but has affected the global economy.

Rush Limbaugh is one of those fat cats literally and figurely, and perhaps his listeners may see Rush for what he is, an opportunist (Lonesome Rhodes) who conned his listeners into believing that the government, a group, or an idea is preventing them from living the American dream. It's taxes that prevents you from becoming wealthy or affirmative action that prevents you from getting that job you deserve. At some point in time the sleeping giant will wake up and become wise, and that will be true and becoming true of Rush Limbaugh.

? said...

If I remember correctly, didn't the KKK emerge as a "Christian organization?" Case closed on that one. Religious, maybe. But Christian nation my ass.

Well, slavery existed in both the old and new testament along with wife beating, patricide, genocide etc. Slave masters in the south and the confederacy pointed to no proscriptions against slavery in the Bible and they were correct. There are verses on how slaves should be treated, but that's it. So, we shouldn't go romancing Christianity.

Unknown said...

I my sister married an ex military Republican who voted for Bush twice. At a barbecue at their home in Do or Die Bed Sty, Brooklyn we had a heated discussion about the Bush administration.

He can not stand McCain. As soon as Barack announced his candidacy he became excited.

Well we had a heated discussion about Georgie Porgie. My brother in law made a distinction between Bush the President and Bush the Commander in Cheif. As Bush the President he felt the it was within our rights to criticize his f*cked administration. However as Bush the Commander in Chief pertaining to the war in Iraq, my brother in law had a big problem with that.

He basically stated that if commanders give orders all underlings it must follow no matter how wrong the commands are . He felt that questioning any commander is to weaken and compromise the integrity of our military force as well as undermine the safety of our nation.

Though he was upset about our criticism of Bush as Commander in Cheif, that courtesy was not extended to Cheney. His comments made me see Powell in a very different light.

I do hold Powell partly responsible for the whole Iraq mess. His decision as a civilian to support Obama does not redeem his actions during the first Bush administration. However I can partially understand his military mindset as the Secretary of State taking his orders from the commander in chief.

? said...

Teddy Roosevelt at the turn of the 20th century and his cousin Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan -- these leaders have inspired us to rise to our better nature, to reach out to be the country we can be and, more important, must be."

Ronald Reagan!?

Anonymous said...

Limbaugh is a washed up ole fat drag addict, f*ck him and anything that comes out of his piehole.

As for Powell, I think he was played by the Bush regime and what he said the other day took courage. He told folks about themselves and they are mad because he told the truth.

Christopher said...

Like this is news?

Limbaugh's entire career has been based on racism and exploiting social issues like gay rights and abortion.

Take these things away and you just have a 400lbs., cigar smoking asshole.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


So, you finally gave Amy a place "in the House", eh?

Thought you once said she was a "dime piece" and some of us, me, especially, advised you to check up on homegirl.

I hope the fact that she's shacking with an old, rich Wall Street white guy didn't help you change your mind about her - although seeing how she continues to flap her yap trying to defend McSalty and Caribou Barbie gives me indigestion and I have other things going on in my life that are more worthy of me getting gas than watching Amy Holmes and all the other Television "Slave Catchers".

Brown Man said...

Powell seemed to be one of the few adults the Republicans have left.

H.N.I.C. Rebukes G.O.P. is my take on the whole thing.

These ex-cracker are acting like wet hens since Powell took away their "model negro" they could point to with pride.

"See, he ain't complaining. What's wrong with the rest of you negroes?"

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Christopher, you forgot to add "four times married, 400-lbs bigoted drug addict."

I wondered why he can't keep a wife. Someone upthread suggested ol' Rush keeps going to the Dominican for "vacations" because he's developed a taste for "black arrows" of the male variety.

Not that there's anything wrong with that except to be the bloated blob hypocrite that Rush is.

I hope he gets busted ala Mark Foley, but the trouble is, unless he goes down like Mark Foley, there is another "Lonesome Rhodes" waiting in the wings to take his place and will probably be worse, if you can get any worse than Rush Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

Colin Powell definitely should have expected this. Even though Rush Limbaugh is a certified asshole whose opinion really doesn't count, Colin Powell should have known that if you roll with them once, they expect you to roll with them forever.

Colin Powell should know by now that once you do anything that even minorly shows that you relate to a black people you are quickly tossed back into the nigger pile!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad he endorsed Obama, and I'm glad he realizes and is willing to say that it is not illegal in the U.S. to practice Islam.

What I do not understand about that last point is that I learned it in ... nursery school ... I do not understand why it is so ballsy to cite the Constitution on a simple matter like that ... but mostly I do not understand why an educated person with access to information would have believed the Bush administration's line on why we had to go into Iraq. Of course they lied, but there was a huge amount of discussion on this and a great deal of information published at the time about the lies, the fake intelligence, etc.
Having had Bush lie to him is no excuse for Powell or anyone - he has to have *agreed* with all that.

Anonymous said...

"Ronald Reagan!?"

Believe me, I was no fan of RR. I closed my eyes clapped my hands over my ears for most of those 8 long years, and the 4 years of Bush I. But you have to admit that Reagan and the whole "Morning in America" schtick did inspire a lot of people. (And remember, it *is* a Texas newspaper. Being compared with RR is high praise indeed.)

Anonymous said...

"See what tokenism gets you Colin? One minute you are their darling.--- The kind of black man every other black man should aspire to be--- And the next minute you are just like all the rest of those niggers"

I hope some of these black conservatives are watching this.

You are only useful as long as you are obedient.

Stray from the script ever so slightly and you're just another nigger.

I wonder what Rush's lawn jockey Walter Williams has to say about Powell's endorsement of Obama or Massa Rush's reaction to it.

Probably nothing.

GaelicVixen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GaelicVixen said...

I'm never surprised when a certain 400lb cigar-smoking a$$ spews whatever filth happens to have reached the #1 spot on the KKK's Top Twenty List of People We Hate, because that's what I expect from that pompous c*cks*cker. (Ernesto, I suspect you're right about ol' Rush)

But I am furious - the kind of angry that sends us Micks to the brick wall in the back of the pub for a few good punches - over the fat, racist windbag's most recent hysterical bleatings about Gen. Powell. And he isn't alone. Gen. Powell's endorsement of Sen. Obama has, apparently, triggered an epidemic of rabies in the wingnut population, given all the foaming-at-the-mouth commentaries we've been subjected to since.

What Rush and his cohorts in slime represent, is not what I consider America. It is 'A-merry-ca.' It is a sham, and a shame, that will end this November when Sen. Obama is elected President of the once and future great United States of America.

(Yeah, I know we're not supposed to get cocky, but I want to send some positive feelings to his O ness this week!)

Anonymous said...

just want to say publicly

AMY HOLMES....sigh

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I just happen to turn on the tv to MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell was interviewing Nancy Pfotenhauer, that woman had the nerve to say that Senator Obama doesn't have good sense and that the robocall are getting out the truth and should continue. Whelp, I wonder what they would say if robocall went out concerning Keating Five or McCain's mafia connections, or better yet the real story of what happened in Vietnam, which by the way wouldn't be a lie and made up BS like the robocalls that McCain's campaign has going out.

In my opinion Obama has more sense than Ms Pfotenhauer has in her baby finger, because she really amplifies the word bimbo.

Anonymous said...

So if a black person votes for a black person it is only because of racism? So then if a white person votes for a white person it is also only racism?

It just makes your head hurt! You are an oreo or a wh*$@r if you support a person who is not your color?

No, No wait I get it! You black people aren't supposed to have an opinion or vote. Run scams that frighten people away from the poles, check the foreclosure lists, can't let those "black" people vote.

Back to the fields...I just love to hear them darkies sing in the fields. No wonder so many people of color have angry faces and attitudes all the time.

P.S. Please don't be so ready to let Alaska succede, it is a beautiful place.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Oops, and I forgot to add robocalls about Todd and her involvement in the secessionist thingee. Patriotic Americans, yeah right! Oh, and that picture of McCain blasted on television of him going on that yacht to celebrate a birthday with that ah hem...gangster.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Everything you said about Rush...IS TRUE!

Anonymous said...

Rush is a douche, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

I have very mixed feelings about Colin Powell. I saw his endorsement of Obama and it was eloquent. The part about the dead Muslim soldier was profound. I am acquainted with a marine who was horribly wounded in heroic action, and I mean heroic right out of Iwo Jima sort of heroism. He's white, gay, and from one of the richest old-money families in America. If there's one thing about war is that it doesn't give a shit who it maims or kills.

But seeing as how we're on that subject of war, there is Colin Powell and Iraq. This is a guy who knew about war, who knew about following orders and the limits of doing that, and who was comfortably part of the establishment. He was the secretary of state, which is one of what they call the "core cabinet." State, Justice, Defense, Tresury. Add in the Federal Reserve, and you've got the people who, along with the president, really have the power in the executive branch. Everyone else is window dressing. Really.

I don't cut those people any slack. I don't give a shit who there are or where they came from. If you're in one of those jobs there is no grading curve. You are Responsible for your actions. You do not get to blame someone else. Not ever.

So, Powell swallowed a bunch of crap from the CIA and passed it along at the United Nations. If you read the books by people who were there, it's clear that Powell knew it was crap but lacked the personal courage to call bullshit. Had he not known it was crap, then he would have been stupid and/or gullible, and that would have been a different failure. In the case of Colin Powell and the runup to the Iraq War, it was a matter of courage and cowardice.

The guy I know had his Humvee hit by an IED. Thrown from the vehicle without his rifle, sustaining serious brain injury. Lands off to the side. In the smoke, he grabs his knife and cuts a couple of throats. Runs back to the burning vehicle. Rescues some of his marines, but not all of them, suffering serious burns.

Grabs his rifle from the burning vehicle and retreats from the vehicle, deliberately drawing enemy fire to permit others to try more rescues. Hit by bullets, and next thing he sees is his mother looking at him in the hospital. He has nightmares and guilt because he didn't save everyone, and often thinks he'd be better off dead. His face is so burned he doesn't like to go in public. His brain injury fogs him and screws him up all the time.

And you, Colin Powell, were too afraid to tell the truth. I liked your endorsement of Obama, but fuck you.

Anonymous said...

p.s.: As for you, Rush Limbaugh, to say "Fuck you" would grant you too much respect.

brotherkomrade said...


Do you have a blog? If not, the invitation is open for you to write whatever is on your mind or even a memoir or two. I would love to have your perspective featured on my blog as a guest poster.

You can email me directly from my blogger profile.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...this is anything new from el-pigbo? Some people call the fact that limpballs would resort to racism as me it's just known as Tuesday.

Early in his career, pig-boy had a regular spot on his show where he would read off the names of gay men who had just died of AIDS, while a laughter and applause track followed each name that he mentioned. Race baiting, and general political hatred is not anywhere near as despicable and low this sad excuse for a man can climb to.

The sad fact is...that his listeners eat that shit up for breakfast. He has enough listeners, to where advertisers still think that it is worth their collective whiles to keep dumping money in to his shows. Until the unfettered capitalism that has taken this country over actually grows a conscience, it ain't gonna change.

Hathor said...

Came by this explanation via another blog this morning. Booker Rising also made a comment about this explanation.

rikyrah said...

Powell's on the Patio, FN. He's been kicked out of the House. It's hilarious watching the Black Conservatives lash out at Powell for telling the truth. They're like, ' Not me, Boss! I'm still with ya.'

Powell's takedown of the GOP was a thing of beauty.

As for the dopehead,think about this..

He has more money than God, but can't keep a wife. Not even with ALLLL that money, is a woman willing to stick with him.

Doesn't that say it all?

Swiff said...

Holy shit, Field you gotta check this out -

Dear friends:


Minutes ago I spoke with friend Dr. Norman G. Marvin, M.D. and he is so concerned at what he has learned about Barack Obama's family in Kenya that he is calling a special prayer meeting in his home to pray against the witchcraft curses attempted by them against John McCain and Sarah Palin.

You can't make this shit up.

Jody said...

swiff..... that is some funny shit! Almost as funny as Sarah Palin answering the question of a 3rd grader about what is the job of the VP:

TrueBlue said...

You can't make this shit up.

Actually, yes you can. Someone did!

Lola Gets said...

Please come by my blog and check out my post about Al Jazeera English & Colbert I. King - love them both!


PS - I have always loved me some Colin Powell - love him!

Anonymous said...


You know you are having an impact when a white guy like me sips his coffee, watches the news, and thinks, "I wonder if Colin Powell will appear as a Field Negro on Field's site."

Though I am probably just a little more to the right of you (politically), I am starting to think lik you, man!

Colin Powell exercised courage when he resigned as an advisor to G.W. Bush. He has excercised that same courage again. Powell's endorsement of Obama has impacted mebecause he is a moderate like I am.

I am not sure how "in-depth" you have researched Powell, but he tried for two years to dissuade G.W. Bush from going into Iraq.

You have to admit that these are tough days for those of us moderate Republicans who actually care about socio-economic-legal issues of people of all backgrounds. I am probably the only one who blogs on your site.
Thopugh I remain (politically) a liberal Republican, my loyalty has been strained for a long time.
There is a small group of Republicans for Obama...I could take the leap.

My strong distrust of the Democrat party keeps me from stepping over the line though. Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Kennedy, Byrd, Clinton...there are too many individuals in the (D) party that I cannot digest.

Hawa Bond said...

classical one said: "Well, slavery existed in both the old and new testament along with wife beating, patricide, genocide etc. Slave masters in the south and the confederacy pointed to no proscriptions against slavery in the Bible and they were correct."

The Bible documents much of the history of mankind. Although adulterers were stoned, I believe it was Jesus who asked anybody without sin to "cast the first stone" (against the woman found in the midst of an adulterous affair).

The love of slavery is not the only legacy of the KKK. Blacks are now legally free in the US, but the KKK doesn't believe that the love of God and basic human rights belong to Blacks. That is not a Christian value, no matter how many ways you try to twist it.

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

Hawa Bond said...

Just in case you aren't too sure about my "KKK" comments, here are excerpts from their 6th era vision:

Do we believe we can have a perfect nation? No. But we do believe as our founding fathers believed that we can have the best possible nation if governed as a White Christian nation. Under a white Christian government the previously mentioned concepts of freedom and liberty flourish.
Yes, we envision a White Christian America just like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Paine, Lincoln, Webster, Madison, etc.
Change will occur when White Christians are in power once again. The struggle now is to gain political power and that brings us to the 6th era of the Klan.

White is right? Whites made this country great (after stealing the land from Native Indians)? If you believe that's a Christian philosophy, then I assume you also believe Jesus was a white man with blue eyes.

::rolling eyes::

(field, I apologize for the link to the KKK site, but I'm making a point here LOL)

Miss Mahana said...

Limbutt is a dumb opportunist, whose probably a closet case due to his obsession with what's going on in gay folks bedrooms. Most of his so called "Pro-America" Conservative friends in Republican land aren't really Pro - American anything, unless we are talking

Pro-drillin, stealin, wheelin and dealin but let's not forget pro-killin.

Now that's more like it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck that douchebag Limpballs! Like some folks mentioned here already, his 15 minutes of fame is long overdue for an end...and thanks you soooooo much FN for putting that house nigro Amy Holmes...she had her nose so far up Bill "abort black babies" Bennett ass I bet she could smell what he ate for dinner the night before...sorry for the gross post but I can't stand the silly conserv-whore! I put this one in the same category as Malkin.

TrueBlue said...

Well, slavery existed in both the old and new testament along with wife beating, patricide, genocide etc. Slave masters in the south and the confederacy pointed to no proscriptions against slavery in the Bible and they were correct.

If I'm not mistaken -- and I very well could be -- wasn't the Southern Baptist Convention born out of a split within the Baptists over whether or not there was Biblical sanction for American slavery?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the day when the Enquirer or some other tabloid exposes why Rush takes those "vacations" to the Dominican and Thailand with a suitcase full of viagra...I can't wait for the photos to be on the front page of some gossip site while they interview the VICTIMS.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Mac is trying to get Osama Bin Ladin to do help him steal the election! (And Faux News is actually reporting it!) *Cue Twilight Zone theme*

? said...

My point about the Bible was nothing to do with the Klan but everything to do with the horrible, homophobic, violent, blood drenched and misogynistic
tales in both the Old and New Testament (which still has the smite rhetoric) and to me that cancels out the good in those books. Why can't we treat each other decently without resorting to some religion to justify it?

Anonymous said...

Classical One said..."Why can't we treat each other decently without resorting to some religion to justify it?"

Our Founding Fathers were all raised as Christians and the colonies/country were most heavily filled with other people nominally raised as Christians. Because of the sectarian differences, the FF's tried really hard to make this a constitutional republic and not a Christian theocracy. No state religion like Britain had.

But since Pilgrims came here to practice religious intolerance they made a lasting impression on the country. There have been religious revivals about every 20 years since. In my opinion this country is slowly sliding into Christian Fundamentalism and I say that living in Southern California.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Rush - we won't paint the whole 'white' house black, just the trim!

The Mad Bomber said...

Good for you. Rush Limbaugh is a dangerous demagogue, a drug addict, and, of course, a hypocrite who in the past has supported getting "tough" on drug crimes. He is also the poster child for conservative denial and desparation. This election rings the death knell for Reagan-Conservative fantasy-land-politics.

I'm far from being an Obama supporter - I'm closer to the hang-em-all view - but I'm inclined to cheer his victory just so I can see the look on Limbaugh's big, fat, bulbous face when he realizes the nation has voted for a black liberal and against a white defence hawk.



What a bundle of prejudiced pricks you Idiotbama supporters are. Powell proved what an ungrateful Black racist he is, and you can't handle it.

You're all pieces of black trash, and I can't wait for Emperor Dumbo to fuck over every single one of you in your mouth after he fucks you in your ass and doesn't clean the shit off of his skinny little black dick before he forces you to take it in your mouth.

May every single Regressive who posted here go homeless. You Leftist pieces of trash deserve nothing but severe punishment. Die, MFs. Just die and benefit the planet.

And yes, I do hate you. So what, cuntface? Do something about it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Colin Powell would endorse Obama again that's my question. I wouldn't vote for Obama again not cause of his race but the fact of him never serving in our military which is about the only thing he has full control of. Now if Colin Powell ran for office I'm sure he'd have every vote from our military and he would most definitely have mine. Onto Rush Limbaugh he is racist just as much as Jesse Jackson is.